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Viburnum × bodnantense (var: “Dawn”)

Behold the Dawn

When I walk around my neighborhood at this time of year, I see “Dawn” all over the place. Viburnum x bodnantense is a cross between Viburnum farreri and V. grandiflorum. The original Viburnum x bodnantense cross was made in 1935 at Bodnant Gardens in Tal-y-Cafn, North Wales. Since then, it has become an international best seller and has been awarded The Royal Horticultural Society’s, Award of Garden Merit.

“Dawn” is a mainstay of the winter garden and in addition to attracting birds, “Dawn” smells nice too. If you take good care of “Dawn”, it should bloom for forty years or more. All this good news deserves an appropriate celebration:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose a toast - to “Dawn” - and may you have many more “Dawns” in your future!” 

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<div> —  Columbine - Les Prélis (contribution de <a href="" target="_blank">@managaarm</a>) </div><span>Collier de fleurs du mal, je vois rouge comme le bout de ma lame</span>
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Exposition d'orchidées à Paris #fleurs #photo #HDR #orchidée #violet#Paris (à Grandes Serres du Jardin des Plantes)

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Corte le 23 Janvier 2021

Après la tempête de la nuit et le temps perturbé de ce matin. Nous avons admiré ces Arcs en ciel toute la matinée

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Jazmines de mi casa.
Esta foto la saqué el año pasado, una mañana de diciembre.
Foto/Photo : © Viviana Vetta, 2020.


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photo: @rae.hersey on instagram

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Légèrement secouées !
Cette création numérique, imprimable vous est proposée par l’atelier de Digital Florist «  L’art d’être fleuriste « .
Découvrez les actualités, ainsi que les nouveautés de l’atelier sur le site internet.

* Vous aimez les fleurs
* Vous aimez la décoration d’intérieur
* Et vous souhaitez avoir une touche personnalisée

L’atelier DF est fait pour vous.


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Rhododendron and Musca domestica (Housefly)

First Housefly of 2021

A sure sign that Spring is just around the corner, a fully flowered-out Rhodo hosts the first housefly of the season. Houseflies have prospered with the spread of human beings and are now considered the most widely distributed insect in the world.

Houseflies have complicated sex lives. Females only mate once in their short (two to four week) lifespan but males can potentially mate numerous times. It all begins when a male fly “bumps” into a female fly in a mid-air courtship. If she’s ‘receptive’, they mate: if not, the male searches for another one-night-stand. Some males are real Casanovas  and they do well in this nightclub setting. But, given a normal 1:1 male/female sex ratio, that means a lot of male houseflies die “unfulfilled”. I guess that if you’re a male housefly and you get ‘lucky’ then you should consider yourself very lucky indeed.

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Les myosotis fanent et dépérissent sur ton passage; tu es si ignoble que leurs racines noircissent et meurent dans le sol fertil qui les a pourtant si longtemps abrité.

Pourquoi t'acharnes-tu donc à ruiner mon jardin de fleurs pourtant si joli? Le printemps t'as-t-il écorché de ses grêles au point de détester tout ce qu'il fait naître?

Je suis fatiguée de toi et de tes chrysanthèmes au goût rance et au parfum mort.

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La benoîte rampante, est une plante vivace rhizomateuse formant de longs stolons, de la famille des Rosaceae, originaire des Alpes, des Carpates et des Balkans.

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Hamamelis (Witch Hazel)

Witch Hazel is a classic feature of the winter garden and here is one growing at my local hospital. Witch Hazel is unique because it flowers with last year’s seedpods still developing beside this year’s bloom. In eight months time, these pods will burst explosively, throwing the seeds thirty feet or more (10 m). When this happens it makes a popping sound, earning it the nickname: The Snapping Hazel

Witch Hazel also has a long history in traditional medicine. The Wikipedia entry is so much fun, I’m going to quote it in full:

“Extracts of witch-hazel may be used as a remedy for psoriasis and eczema, in aftershave and ingrown nail applications, to prevent dehydration of skin, and for insect bites and poison ivyThere is no clinical evidence to support witch-hazel as an effective treatment for any of these conditions.

When I was a pimply-faced teenager, (way back in the twentieth century) I tried Witch Hazel for my acne. Clearasil just wasn’t working and I was desperate. Witch Hazel is a powerful astringent and you can feel your pores snapping shut when you apply it. I’m not sure it made any difference for my acne (time did that) but I always smile to myself when I see Witch Hazel in bloom.

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