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Big Birds 3I3603 by Daniel D'Auria
Via Flickr:
There’s nothing better after a long day at work than having the time to interact with some of nature’s creatures. I’ve heard the great crested flycatchers for weeks but really haven’t had the time to search them out. This evening I could see them from the comfort of my deckchair, while listening to their “breeps” and whistles. For flycatchers these are fairly big birds, but you’ll never see these insectivores at your feeders. They tend to keep to the canopy and so you’re more likely to hear them. They frequently take their prey on the wing. An astounding phenomenon considering the size of these large flycatchers. #GreatCrestedFlycatcher

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Speciálisan szervezett charterjárat német VIP-knek, speciális vízummal, felszálláskor PCR teszteléssel, menet közben folyamatos hőmérőzéssel - és leszálláskor az újabb teszteléskor mégis van egy pozitív eset. Lehet persze, hogy false positive, de ez azért nem annyira bíztató jel a nemzetközi közlekedés újranyitásával kapcsolatban…

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The cityview
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This is an awesome question! I am a huge fan of past tense. Present tense can sound strange to me most of the time and can throw me off for some reason.

I love third and first person. A lot of times it’s fifty fifty on this one. Second person is fun to write in sometimes though. My favorite way to write is have the main character be first person and sometimes switch to third person when I want to follow another character for a bit. Dunno if that’s a very good idea, but I really enjoy doing it. I’m probably most comfortable in third person though.

Since those were just the examples, I’ll do one more preference that I thought of. Computer vs handwritten. I like writing stories on the computer because they’re easy to fix and edit. I hand write when I just want to feel the flow of words under my fingers and it’s easier to get to so I guess it depends on the day for that one XD

Thank you for the ask.

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Ring-billed Gull – Adult Breeding (Larus delawarensis); Naples, FL, Delnor-Wiggens State Park (Lou Feltz) by deserttoad Most seabird guides include illustrations like this that show the wingtip spots… they can be a diagnostic clue to the Gull’s ID. This shot, however, shows well the feature that is diagnostic for the species when adult, and in full breeding regalia: the ringed bill. However, the clear white wing feathering also indicates that this bird has achieved full adulthood.

IMG_9951; Ring-billed Gull

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Bugün bir hayalimi gerçekleştirdim ve bu anı günlüğüme eklemek istiyorum. -29.05.2020-📍İzmir

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Find Your Happiness 3I3413 by Daniel D'Auria
Via Flickr:
It’s a wonderful time of year to watch the wildlife in the yard. So often it isn’t necessary to travel any distance at all. A simple walk to the back porch can be all that it takes to observe the day unfold. It’s only May and this downy woodpecker has already fledged! Mom still carefully places food in the mouth of her growing baby. While waiting for her, however, it frequently does a bit of searching on its own. These are happy, cheerful moments that you won’t see unless you look. Let’s faced it… Most of us could use some happiness and cheer in these days of woe. Step outside and find your happiness! #DownyWoodpeckers

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Ann Dodgson- Stanford

-Real name: Ann Dodgson-Stanford

-A.k.a.: Captain Universe


-Type: Human (Uni-Power user)

-Afilliations: -

-Powers: Agility, cosmic awareness, danger sense, density control, dimensional manipulation, divine powers, empathy, flight, hypnosis, intellect, mesmerize, psychic, reality manipulation, stamina, super strength, unarmed combat.

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