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fellas if this dude approached u and said they would promise u immense riches as long as u followed them down to the clans treasure vault would u trust them y/n, 100% not a cask of amontillado /j

anyway this is midas, sornieth’s worst banker, local monster tasked to guard the lair’s treasure keep

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I enjoy selling dragons with deity colors for dirt cheap as I knew what a struggle it was to get some of the breeding couples (Lightweaver Imps costed me a fortune), so I planned on selling Shadowbinder Veilspuns for 5G a piece so others could have them quickly. Within about seconds, they were picked up and I thought “Ah, strange, but maybe people were really looking for Shadowbinder colored Veilspuns, but I should still check the Veilspun pric- WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THE AUCTION HOUSE”

I’m not mad someone likely fodder flipped them for tons of more gems as I want to sell for cheap, but now I really understand the rant posts about the Veilspun prices jfc

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Alright I got Vivid for Cirro! Here’s what he’ll look like when he’s all grown up!


He fits in perfectly with the Neon Alley Mafia. I think I’m gonna make him the loan shark

And this is his debt collector, Kald: 


An ex-pit fighter who now uses their ‘talents’ (as Amunet calls them) to make sure deadbeats people pay what they owe. Very few dragons willingly choose to pick a fight with them.

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Why do people feel that they’re entitled to free ancient breed scrolls or eggs? Just be grateful we’re even getting new breeds to begin with. Yes its in the gem marketplace, but they’ve gotta support their site and artists somehow and that’s okay. Its more than okay, they deserve it. 

1kg isn’t even that hard to make. Flightrising has been one of the easiest games I’ve played to earn premium currency. You can either save up to have one, or just wait a little bit until they’re fodder priced. The scrolls aren’t going anywhere. You’ll have time. Fucking relax.

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We’ve got some exciting news to share with you! Over the next week, and ahead of the Frigidfin Expedition and Night of the Nocturne events, we’re upgrading our servers!

Some of you might remember the last time the site had to transfer to new hardware. That was due to our current host acquiring our original host. We had a limited amount of time to prep and the transfer had to happen on the host company’s schedule. This time we’re upgrading our hardware and it’s happening on our schedule. What this means for you is that instead of us taking the Flight Rising site down for an entire day (or days!), this migration will happen over the course of multiple maintenance periods.

Some important points to keep in mind as we move forward with the transfer:

  1. We’re moving the Flight Rising website to new server hardware.
  2. This hardware has better specifications for Flight Rising’s infrastructure needs.
  3. This will happen over a series of maintenances to prevent taking the site down for entire day(s).
  4. Some maintenances will be of an indeterminate length.
  5. We’re doing this over a period of time instead of all at once, because we can.
  6. Shortly before and for a short while after each maintenance, gem purchases will be disabled to avoid gem delivery issues or dropped purchases.
  7. The first maintenance will start on Thursday December 3rd at 06:00 server time.
  8. The second migration maintenance will be on Monday December 7th at 06:00 server time.

If another maintenance is needed, it will be on either Tuesday the 8th or Wednesday the 9th ahead of the mini-holiday. Should a migration maintenance be needed after that—barring an urgent or emergency issue—it will happen in between the Frigidfin Expedition and Night of the Nocturne.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the server migration as we go. Thank you for your patience while we work to get the site up, over, and running on the improved hardware!

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Gonna try to be more active soon but wanted to pop in real quick to ask if it’s been long enough since veils were released that offering accents wouldn’t be too overwhelming. I’d really like to get preorders going for those hoodies!

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