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epic-dragon-hell-99 a day ago
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orb convention
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staticstray 2 days ago
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sorry i will not stop drawing them. happy pride 馃挅
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olessan-lokenosse a day ago
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clan archaeologists trying in vain to explain why one tablet is more significant than the other:
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nebula-fr a day ago
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Happy Brightshine Jubilee 2022! :D
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a-snarling-mimic a day ago
Had a realization that Lightweaver just really, really likes spheres, huh?
-Spheres are all over the Lightweaver鈥檚 Domain scene.
-The new Light Aura apparel is made up entirely of glowing spheres.
-Sunguard Chest, Sun Chaser Jewelry, Luminous Legguards, Luminous Sundrapes, and Solar Blades all have spheres or almost-spheres somewhere in the design.
-The Light sprite, Shining Goblin, Luminous Ambassador, Shining Cancer, Marble Lightweaver, and Lightback Slink are all holding spheres, or have spheres as part of their body.
-The Sunsea Pseudo is a recolor of the Wavebreak Snarler, so both are surrounded by bubbles鈥 which are spherical.
-The Sunbeam soldier has some almost-spheres floating around them.
-Pearlcatchers, one of the breeds created by the Lightweaver, hold pearls that are physical manifestations of their souls, and also spherical.
Lightweaver REALLY loves spheres.
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bakugames-fr 2 days ago
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waning moon and setting sun
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jemrising 2 days ago
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Commission for Valishtu~
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x-unnamedgraves-x 2 days ago
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fr comm for Lerathum
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siltwolf 2 days ago
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finally got paint and鈥 he pretty
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flightrising-news a day ago
Brightshine Jubilee 2022 has begun and from now on festival currency may be gathered in ALL elemental regions. Skin chests continue to only be available from the current festival鈥檚 elemental digging region.
Additionally,聽Summer Swelter apparel, Summer Sphinx familiar, and Vista: Summer now have a chance of stocking in the Marketplace.
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olessan-lokenosse a day ago
oh no this year's familiar theme is SMOL FRIENDS and the apparel is ACCENT pieces, specifically things like ORBS??????
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hungrytundras 2 days ago
Do you think which head has an abberation's fifth eye has any like... arbitrary cultural significance?
Look at a new hatchie or a freshly breed changed dragon like "oh three eyes on the right you know what that means~"
Arrangement of horn shapes and eyes having the same bend as when people believe being born on a certain day of the week says something about you.
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cheesityfr 2 days ago
so so glad to be level 40 in foraging so i can gather five (5) whole entire manaweeds of my very own
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bakugames-fr a day ago
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Workin on some of my dragons without lore. Panapan谩 and Hagabe are members of an artisan circle that travels around Sornieth selling their crafts and services. It is also coincidentally all filled with bug-Esque dragons.
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gimmethemprimals 2 days ago
Hey isn鈥檛 it fucked up that Brightshine is tomorro
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shrine-fr 14 hours ago
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look at this handsome little man. and wouldn鈥檛 you like him? in your lair? eating your snacks? snuffling up a storm?
I bet you would
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siltwolf 16 hours ago
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outfit plans have my wallet crying
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orenbir 2 days ago
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I felt like it was time for me to post something a little bit more realistic, besides the fact that this is a dragon.
This is a headshot of my dragon, Yusuf!
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She's one of my perma babies I absolutely adore. She's one of my cursed dragons. What I mean by that is... She's just a giant ridgie. Like, one step from her, a clan is destroyed.
Her clan permanently turned her into a child.
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