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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
nsfwgray · an hour ago
if im 17 gonna be 18 is it ok to call you names and flirt?
I think it depends on how many months? Like if you just turned 17, probably not. If you’re turning 18 soon, I’m gonna say yes for now, just be mindful that I am an adult and some stuff I won’t be able to say back for now.
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interstellarpumpkin · an hour ago
Queens who the fuck imposed a color heart fucking rule book on emojis
Cant I just message people red hearts and them having to figure out if it’s flirting or friendly instead of assuming it’s flirty
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flirtwithme-us · 2 hours ago
Harness the Skill of Flirting to Win Your Lady’s Heart
Flirting text on an online flirting website in the USA can be a great way for a girl to meet you and go on a date because it allows her to increase her interest in you almost any time she wishes. This means that you will remain in her thoughts and want to hear from them and talk with you increasingly by using timely text messages in the correct way. This will create more attraction between you two, without even having to see it for some time.
Tumblr media
Some important points, however, you need to keep in mind in terms of using an online flirting website in the USA so that you get it right and get it you want instead of thinking that you are a needy type of stalker: 
The first is not to write too much about her. When she texts and answers your message, it is understandable that she is happy and wants to take part in the exchange of texts. Texting her back, in this case, is fine. But if she does not answer that many times and you always text her, it will do more harm to you than good.
Also, if you say something she likes and has it linked to it, it shows that you have paid attention to her and her likes. Furthermore, the added bonus of this technique used in the online flirting websites in the USA is that it will make her feel happy since you mentioned something she likes, and she will start to relate this to you too.
The wonderful thing is that you can even go one step further and send a picture with your messages. It is a lot easier to get to know your point with a photo instead of describing what you saw that reminds you of it. This saves a great deal of time and can impact more. It also gives you an opportunity to take your photograph, so that she can connect your face to what she likes.
Once you know a little more about a girl, you can also get a little bit cheekier with the things you send her and this is a great way to get some heat up and start flirting really. You can even send things with what she doesn't like at this point to be a little cheeky and show her that there's a funny and uncomfortable side to you, though be careful, as it can easily go wrong and backfire.
Follow these tips to successfully make a bond with people you like on the online flirting websites in the USA. All the best!
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svaishya · 4 hours ago
"if vanik is the kind of guy who likes to watch, let him"
captain you realize how kinky this sounds right
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samanthadalton · 5 hours ago
Anyway sorry for flirting with you 🤓 and by working i mean sleeping 😅
don’t apologise for the flirting, i kinda like it 😅 and i’m jealous you’re sleeping rn
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sleepyunic0rn · 6 hours ago
Saw a very tall guy with fluff hair at CVS tonight and I was being reallllllly sweet to him because idk that’s how I flirt. I walked out thinking “HOW TALL ARE YOU TREE MAN!” I’m really into height 😓
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simplygrimly · 6 hours ago
For Isabella please! 🥺
Morbid Diathesis Master Post || Asks Master List
🌾 What is your oc’s favourite food?
So you’re getting another mini history lesson anon.
Food in the 16th century was nothing like it is now, for a few reasons. For one, we have so much processed food in our diets and so much manipulation of flavors that simply didn’t exist back then. But, bigger than that, food wasn’t transported to be sold in other regions (except in very rare and expensive cases that were often reserved for high nobility/royalty who could afford the exorbitant costs, and even then it was still only food that wouldn’t perish on the journey and spices), so really all that was available was food grown or caught locally. So, considering that most of Italy has somewhat easy access to the ocean, fish were a huge part of the diet as well as pastas (although, not quite the same as the pasta you eat now). Most Italian’s diets consisted largely of fish, some game meats, pastas, regional/seasonal fruits and vegetables, and bread. It was also more common to only eat two meals a day (breakfast and supper) which limited the need for more meal variety in most families’ cases as well. People kept themselves full during the day by snacking on breads as they worked and then ended their day with a larger meal. At the most royal tables (in Italy we’re talking the Pope) you could find turkey and pheasant, which were rarer meats, whereas poor families would eat ‘closer to the ground’ meaning turnips, garlic, onions, carrots, etc. typically spiced and cooked to be served with bread and wine. But no matter what household you were having dinner in, no matter how rich or how much status they had, bread and wine and grapes were staples that would be found everywhere. Of course the quality would vary greatly, especially in wine, but these were traditional and easy to make for the region, to the point that they were a bit of a traditional classic that transcended class and wealth.
Isabella was born to a poor family, they survived on what they could manage while they traveled, so I don’t think she was eating fancy foods all that often. I think she was fond of bread and cheeses, and maybe simple wines. She’s not the time to require or even desire decadence so I think that even some sweet grapes and maybe a dish with olives would be a great treat for her. I think that the way that Katherine’s manor lavishes food on the pets is incredibly hard for her to get used to and she never quite grows completely accustomed to it. To be frank, I’m not sure she would have an actual favorite dish, I think she appreciates what she has and finds enjoyment in everything for different reasons.
🌹 How is your oc with flirting? Either receiving or the source?
Lol Isabella is absolutely not a flirt. She may have been somewhat silly as a young teen but her family really impressed the need to be incredibly serious and isolated upon her and that lasted in a lot of ways, and Vincenzo drove that home even farther. When she’s exposed to Katherine, some flirting happens but it’s often laced with Isabella feeling insecure and incredibly unsure and she doubts herself an incredible amount. Add to that she truly doubts that what she feels from Katherine is real because in her mind, how could Lady Katherine possibly want to be flirting with her when she has Flo and all the other amazing pets at her beck and call?
🌸  Who is the most innocent of your ocs? The most guilty?
I’m not sure I like to really quantify any of them as ‘innocent’ or ‘guilty’. Every single one of them has demons, faults, things they wish they could undo, they all have moments of cruelty in their pasts. So, truthfully none of them are innocent and I can’t even say one simply closer to innocent to the others because the ripple effects of small actions is massive and no one knows how far that will go or how traumatic it may be for someone ten steps away from them.
However it’s easy to say that, at this point, Vincenzo is absolutely the most guilty.
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me at age 14: why do people play matchmaking games? it would be impossible for me not to win a "don't catch feelings" challenge. i am a fully normal, allo teen... i'm too cool to lose. there can't be any other explanation,,
me, now an established aroace: oh so that's what it was huh
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agentskyehawkins · 7 hours ago
A Male coworker of mine and I were talking about DC shows, because I used to love them for the sole reason of Arrow. And as our convo is wrapping up he goes and says something stupid.
Coworker: I wish i had a girlfriend to rewatch them with.
And my ace ass literally almost went: bitch me too.
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cinamonbaby · 7 hours ago
i don’t think i’ve wanted to impress a man in like 5 years this feeling is usually reserved for women
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vjestyca · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
@antibullyng​ said:  “sorry–are you okay?”
Tumblr media
—          SHE SHOULD’VE EXPECTED this when training with steve.  still, she’s out of breath, staring up at the ceiling after getting knocked down again.  she hadn’t expected her own magic shield to slam back into her; crack maybe, but not send her toppling.  her arms were numb with the aftershock, a twitch in her fingers as the red magic disappeared.  she’s breathless, but she still laughs when steve kneels next to her, concern creasing his features.     ❝ i knew you could pack quite a punch, but  -  ❞     another laugh as she rocks to sit up,     ❝  -  i was not expecting that. ❞
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Me during the first four episodes of tfatws: oh god I hope they don’t add a pointless love interest, this show is about Sam and Bucky learning to cooperate, bond, and be friends with each other, a love interest would be so distracting
Bucky Barnes, smiling and flirting with Sarah Wilson: Hey :) I’m Bucky :)
Me: 🥺🥺🥺...oh ok.
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hiraethflower · 8 hours ago
if you decorate them with a heart, they'll be too cute to eat ;;; i'll melt into a puddle if you too too !!! aaaa!!! but i need the stars! they are the witnesses to our love and are the only ones that understand the undying affection i have towards you! you hold the heavens in your eyes, yes, but the heavens above also know of my sincerest affections for you and for that they must stay <3 (look at me trying to be sweet and not just 'haha yea lets totally make out under the stars')
for you, darling, it's from my most recent batch <3
Tumblr media
if you insist, then i suppose they will stay. but even if the stars collapse and die off, the wind will still sing the melodies of our love, and i'm sure it will resonate in others' hearts as evidence of my undying devotion to you. even if we cannot see each other, i hope the breeze caresses your face for me, and murmurs the words i long to say to you as i hold you in my arms. but alas, even if the wind carries my messages to you, i wish i could do it myself (totally not suggesting that we cuddle under the stars <3)
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ibitedoctors · 8 hours ago
that one uquiz that calls catradora a queerbait ship... they literally kiss onscreen what do you think queerbait means
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three-quarts · 9 hours ago
he did not win this faceoff
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