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#flora and fauna
honeythistledesigns · 2 years ago
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A new mini scene my dudes :P
These are going to be incorporated in another project, but I thought that they made a cute scene for now ^_^
I’ll probably have some (if not all) of them listed up in my shop in a month or so, once the project is over!
Have a great long weekend y’all ~
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inky-duchess · 2 years ago
Symbols and Signs: Flowers
Sometimes by using flowers we can convey messages about a character and their motives. Meanings behind plants can differ by country or region and some can be completely different. Using flower symbols is a subtle and poetic way to say things. Like instead of saying Trump is wanker, you can describe him as holding Aconite, Begonias, tansy and hollyhock. (See below for meanings)
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Positive Flowers
Aloe Vera: Healing, protection, affection
Amaryllis: Pride
Anemone: Forsaken
Angelica: Inspiration
Apple blossom: Preference
Arborvitae: Unchanging friendship
Aster: Symbol of Love, Daintiness
Basil: Good wishes
Bay: Glory
Bluebell: Humility, kindness
Red carnation: admiration
White carnation: Innocence, pure love,
Pink carnation: Rememberamce
Yellow carnation: rejection
Chamomile: Patience
Cumin: Fidelity
Daffodil: Regard
Daisy: Innocence, hope
Forget-me-not: memories
Gardenia: Secret love between loves
Holly: Hopefulness
Honeysuckle: love
Hyacinth: play, rashness
Blue: Constancy of love
White: Loveliness
Ivy: Friendship
Lavender: virtue and loyalty
Lily: Beauty, freedom, death, purity, Motherhood
Oak: Strength
red: love
pink: Happiness
White: purity, innocent, worthiness
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Rosemary: Remembrance
Valerian: Readiness and calmness
Rue: Grace
Sunflower: Adoration
Thyme: Courage and strength
Violet: Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness, modesty
Yarrow: Everlasting love
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Negative Flowers
Aconite (Monkshood): means ‘hatred’ and ‘be cautious’. Also poisonous.
Butterfly weed: ‘Leave me’.
Orange lilies: symbolize hatred, pride, and disdain.
Petunia: symbolizes resentment and anger.
Begonia: Beware
Cyclamen: good-bye
Hollyhock: Ambition and pride
Purple Hyacinth: Sorrow, forgiveness, regret
Yellow Hyacinth: Jealousy
Yellow Rose: jealousy, decrease of love, mourning
Dark Red Rose: Mourning a lover
Tansy: anger and hostility
Willow: Sadness
Yew: Death
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roses--and--rue · 7 months ago
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Illustration of a child’s dream from “The Ladies’ Floral Cabinet,” 1874.
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Succulent Plant "Kalanchoe"
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