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Old study work with the element of Zhostovo painting (Russian decorative folk painting) from the second year of my studying at an art college


21.0×29.7 cm

Wood, primer for oil paints, oil paints, lacquer


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Delphiniums, 2020

Oil on paper

56cm x 78 cm

When I sat at work, my mind’s eye often had drawn one landscape of delphiniums on pieces of paper with a simple ballpoint pen, and it is nowadays I deeply regret that all those countless pieces disappeared. I want to have a few more. There is something special about the sparkling landscape. To create means to express what is inside of you. Composition is the ability to put in order different elements of a vision to express your feelings. The main task of colour, meanwhile, is to serve ‘eloquence’. This ‘eloquence’, for me it lies in passions, which suddenly shine on my face or usher themselves in a violent emotional movement.

Mishima Yukio wrote, “It is one thing if an artist fakes reality, and it comes a completely different one if a common dweller deceives, because the artist leads astray to reveal the fullness of truth, and a common dweller — to hide it from others.”

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Painting process

Hi, I’m Lily Kilpatrick. A young 22 year old college graduate. Due to COVID-19, I lost both of my jobs and lost my funding for graduate school. As a sexual assault survivor, I needed a healthy outlet to cope with the struggles of the trauma and thus I turned to painting. Combined with my financial struggles and new found love painting I started my own little online art store to help pay for the upcoming academic year. Thank you so much for investing in my artwork and my future!

All the Blessings!


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