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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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3.5 inch note pad
Griffin oaks job almost complete, drywall is in progress & will be completed tommorow. We will finish on saturday. #donerightthefirsttime #create #masterclosetdesign #drywall #pros #space #centralpointoregon #jobs #keepmovingforward jobsite flow is important be sure to allow each trade enough time to finish. They need time to perform there part. #flowchart #schedules (at Medford, Oregon)

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North was laying down staring at the night sky. She hummed to herself while trying to look for the stars behind the light pollution.

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(idk if requests are open but this is more like a question does it count as a request? not sure!! sorry if they are (though im not sure what im sorry for-) but i really have to know) batfam: best to worst sense of fashion? i need to know: whos the fashion icon and who’s the fashion disaster, bane of the wayne family, not allowed to dress themselves in fear of what destruction may come. (sorry for rambling am kinda high on no sleep) (and coffe) (oh gosh am i tim drake)

does this help or no

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