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#flower crown


I haven’t drawn anything in ages and figured this was the perfect occasion! I love this dragon man so much 🥺❤️

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One of the most magical shoots I’ve ever done ✨

I will be a boho bride one day 🥺

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Has anyone drawn any Eliksni wearing a flower crown yet?

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Have a wip. I’m personally not into the mcyt, but this was a gift for my sister who is and who loves Technoblade

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Been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins for my YouTube channel and I thought I’d draw my favorite boy/current love interest, Alistair Theirin. Originally wanted to draw the famous scene where he gives the Grey Warden a rose, but that proved to be a pain to draw as I’m still not that great at drawing hands, so I said screw it, flower crown Alistair instead.

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☘ Celtic Princess ☘

Hi, guys! This is a #drawthisagain I’ve done of my 2015 drawing. I liked how this turned out! ^^ What do you think? I really hope you like it! 

⚠ Please, don’t repost or use my art! Reblogs are always appreciated though! ❤ Thank you!! 

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