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#flower illustration

It’s a new year! I took my own advice and tried something new. It’s a simple illustration but I really enjoyed making it 💚 I will keep experimenting 💚 P.S. These are yellow violets. I can’t wait for spring!

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✨Drawing tutorial✨ new step by step process is now live! you can learn how to draw this sunflower with me!🌻watch it here or search: saskolinas on YouTube and you’ll find my channel 🌻

This one took 1.5h to complete and I shared every step, from learning shapes, to shading and inking and I’m really proud of this one. I wasn’t sure if I’ll do it good enough but now it looks so pretty😻

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Just a single viola flower wishing you a great Monday! 🌿💜

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At long last, my colouring book is HERE !!!

A 20 paged colouring book featuring over 45 of my line illustrations, drawings, doodles and sketches!

Although made with adults in mind, this book contains no NSFW images so is suitable for anyone

Printed onto thick matt paper, this book is suitable for colouring with pencils and pens, I suggest avoiding watercolour paints or watercolour pencils as the paper may be ruined.

Colouring-in is a perfect mindfulness activity; inducing a state of calm and relaxation as you focus on the simple task at hand.

If you’re like me and always need something at your fingetips, colouring is also a perfect way to use that energy. It can replace unwanted habits like nail-biting and too much phone/internet surfing.

Colouring is also of course a chance to simply do something FUN and CREATIVE! Feel free to break the rules and colour my drawings as bizarrely as you feel like. You can also, of course, add drawings to this book and also use it as a place for your own doodles.

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I haven’t posted much since I was busy with university projects, but here are some flowers I drew from my project.

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Gouache Flowers Painting, Original Work, House Decor, Vertical, Unframed, on Canvas, Contemporary Impressionist Floral Art

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‘You should not feel guilt,

You made a goal,

You worked to achieve it,

But it was others who

Prevent you from

Seeing it through

That is on them not you.

You have nothing to regret.’

- LiLi


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