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Sam: *Someone was mean to you today, but you don’t want to confront them…

Flowey: I’ll hide the body!

Sam: *Wait, what?! That’s not what you meant!

Flowey: Oh, okay. I’ll do it myself.

Sam: *No, he won’t…

Flowey: You’re right. I’ll have to ask Gaster-

Sam: *Flowey, please don’t…

Flowey: Alphys owes me a favor.

Sam: *Flowey, no!

Flowey: I’m pretty sure Undyne would do it if I paid her enough.

Sam: *Flowey!

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edgy art i guess. au where instead of asriel dying and his soul being transferred into flowey, flowey is the result of an experiment on a catatonic asriel after chara dies.

asriel can’t do anything voluntarily (except cry and flinch in pain, maybe, if one considers that voluntary). flowey controls his body completely. think rose with in new earth - cassandra controls her body but rose is still there under the surface

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hAha- fiRst time usin medibang B) (ya I’ve been usin IbisPaint)

Bill iS mOstly the flirty/diRty talker, but Flowey, moSt of the timE, does get back at him with the same kind of talk. Flowey also love/sofT talks to Bill, making them say sweet/soFt flirts to each other B”)

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Note: Yay! More Yandere!Gaster! Because who doesn’t love it when this skeleton turns yandere? Anyway, onto the fic!

Handplates belongs to: @zarla-s

Requested by: @randomstuff7739

Summary: Sans and Papyrus knew how much their dad loves Sam. Lately however, his behavior has been borderline weird. Will the brothers get to the bottom of this, or will it end in them having a bad time?

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Here comes another one, the one you love and hate! XDDDD (For me its complicated lmao). PHEW! if i will get around all of them like i did with Flowey then i will NYOOM over all the characters but i doubt tho, rest will have more details XD I wonder who i should go next. Generally i think i should go with Sand and Papyrus, how you kinda meet monsters but then.. when should i draw Frisk? XD ( i might leave them for the end altho i drew them few times already) I will think what to do when time comes ;) ENJOY

Flowey/Undertale © Toby Fox

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For MissJulyFarraday on Deviantart, who asked, “Hey Flowey! What do you like the most in Frisk? ^^. Here’s his answer. :)

If you have a question for Underfell Flowey and want a little Underfell Flowey comic drawn for you, please submit an Ask or just ask your question in the comments section below! We’re looking to answering your questions!

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