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Yes I do!! It is a favourite of mine so be warned there’s 36 fics in this rec!! Isn’t friends to lovers fluff just the best??  💖

Please stay safe and read the tags!!

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Not Alone Anymore.
by AoKoiClem

Hitoshi smirked, “Izu does look a lot better doesn’t he?” Hitoshi’s eyes danced with amusement, “I wonder why that is…” Hitoshi flicked a piece of rice that flew across the table and landed on Iida’s nose causing Hitoshi to snort which he attempted to disguise as a cough.

“Shinsou!” Iida spluttered as he wiped the offending piece of rice from his nose and proceeded to lecture Hitoshi on how flicking food is not appropriate only for Todoroki to fling a noodle towards Iida.

Todoroki kept a straight face but Uraraka was shaking in muffled laughter at Iida’s expression. Iida sighed and pulled his glasses off his face to clean them since the noddle had left a smear on them.

Izuku gets sick and learns to rely on his new family.

Words: 5964, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of A Light in the Darkness

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Author: panpanwuv

Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst

Length: Series

Ratings: Mature

Kinks/Warnings: n/a

Summary: 3-part tell-all MewGulf Exclusive Interview where they will answer the controversies surrounding their relationship and facts about them that have never been revealed before.

Language: English

Source: Ao3

Read here

Note: I really enjoyed this series! It was sweet and made me cry a bit, not gonna lie. -G

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The wonders of gender crises
by denki simpery

basically i wanted a bunch of good rep in a bnha fic and seeing as ive realted to every character at some point in time (every non cis character) this should be easy
- FTM Non binary Denki (they/them)
- FTM Midoriya (ey/em/eir)
- Non binary Aoyama (they/them)
- Questioning Todoroki (he/him and they/them)
- CIS Bakugou but he’s really supportive
anyways this is the friendgroup ive made up-

Words: 687, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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hey! i just published a really soft semi-realistic slowburn Harry Potter fanfic where the OC is a Lovegood and it’s my favorite thing I’ve written and it ive already written about 30 chapters.

It’s on Wattpad and it’s called “The Other Lonegood” by dramaticmalfoy and I’d greatly appreciate if y’all read it thanks 🥰

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Captain Boomerang x OC Suicide Squad new female member on mission together please

i am so so sorry that you had to wait this long for this, but every time i tried to write something out it ended up as a beginning of some 5k+ entry chapter to some 28 chaps long 100k+ words abandoned fic from a few years ago lmao so i had to settle for headcannons because i’d make it long, unnecessarily complicated and boring

hope that’s alright!

Captain Boomerang x fresh blood (female) reader hcs:

  • Boomer is very observant, so he’s gonna be one of the first to notice a new face among the old crowd and you can bet your ass he’s gonna be one of the first to approach
  • you were getting ready like the rest, a little secluded and further away from the group - this was completely new for you, new people, new surroundings, new purpose assigned to you by the government - until you heard a gruff, smug “hey sheila” from behind just as you were putting on the equpiment
  • as a newbie, you had little to know clue about the other member, and you made the mistake to indulge Boomer
  • you two immediately clicked, but not in a way one might expect - sarcastic comments started flying after his first sexist/slightly perverted remark, whenever he said something you always had a rebuttal at the ready
  • unknowingly to you, this only encouraged him - after all, digger is an attention whore, no matter if the attention is positive or negative
  • but you had to admit yourself, you were starting to get fond of those banters of yours, despite the fact that some of the soldiers along with Flag were starting to get annoyed beyond comprehension
  • what sealed the deal for you? when he pulled out two cans of beer from his coat pocket and snuck away with you to see who could chug quicker (spoiler: it was you)
  • and, as it turns out, you don’t make a half-bad team on the battlefield, althought there was a lot to work on still
  • so, your first meeting could be considered pretty eventful
  • you may have winked at him when you parted to be led to your respective cells
  • your cells may have been connected by a vent system
  • you both may have found that out later in the night
  • a beautiful friendship may have bloomed
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Hinata x Fem reader x Goshiki 

Angst for Hinata and fluff for Goshiki and Reader

And yes this will mention the match between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa

Y/N=your name

H/L=Hair length

N/N= Nickname

Back story

Y/n was waiting for Shoyo and the others after the volleyball match between Kitagawa and Yukigaoka. Knowing how much this meant to Shoyo she went to watch the game. Sadly the game with ended with Yukigaoka losing to Kitagawa. Looking everywhere for the boys she saw them down the steps, with Kageyama leaving following his team. Y/n went down the steps to congratulate them on their hard work. “Sho-Kun!!” Hinata turns around to see y/n smiling in front of him. Izumi and Kouji knew about your crush on their best friend. So they said they will wait for him at the entrance so you two can talk. Face suddenly turning red because the way the sunset reflects against Hinata. “I wanted to tell you, you did great today.” “Thanks…” Mustering up all the courage she had in her, she was going too tell Hinata two important things 1.)Is her crush on him and 2.) Is that she is moving and switching schools. “S-Sho-Kun I’ve been meaning to say this for a while..” “What is it Y/N?” Hinata asked but he seemed to be not paying attention and in a rush. “I wanted to tell you that I like you…more then a friend and I-” “Yeah yeah thats great y/n. I really need to go to the park and practice volleyball some more!! Later!!” Hinata runs past the entrance where Izumi and Kouji heard everything, they felt sorry for you. Tears starting to fall down her face she puts on a smile and say’d her good bye to the boys. The when the school week started Hinata looked all over school for y/n but he couldn’t find her anywhere.He decided to go to one of her friends and ask them. “Hey F/n. Have you seen y/n??” Y/n’s friend had a look of confusion when Hinata asked that question. “Didn’t she tell you?? She moved over the weekend, she is going to Hitoriniikawa Junior high now. With a shocked face Hinata suddenly remembered what you said to him. Y/n confessed and he shut her down without a care in the world. He left f/n to go somewhere private, he tried calling y/n and texting you to no avail. Y/n switched numbers and he had no other contact to reach out to you. He tried to forget y/n but he couldn’t seem to get hrt out of his mind, until one night he had a dream about y/n and what she said to him in the past. 

“Sho-Kun, your the sunshine in Everyone’s life” 

Remembering that made him realize he loved y/n all along, but it’s too late.

Months passed and your barely still in his mind, he pushed you out because he finally realized y/n is gone…

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Children don’t know the ways to pull people apart and find the ways that make them different, wrong, untenable in the ways of the world. They don’t understand the ways that people come together and fall apart and break and make each other better, stronger, kinder, but they know this: being kind is important. Being friends is important. Being here, right now, is important. 

Happy @felinettenovember​, y’all! Welcome to part I of a six-part series. I promise absolutely nothing except that for once, I will have the same title for all six parts!! This is not laziness, no, not at all. @eat0crow​ has… practically drafted this entire story for me, or at the very least held my hand through the whole process, without which I would not have done it. @emzurl​ is bullying me by drawing gorgeous art which I cannot write about. That is very valid of her though. 

Part 1 below. Part 2-6 coming. 

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SDV {Sebastian}

(Fluff, Drabble)                                                                        {Gender Neutral Reader}                                                      *Mentions of drugs(cigarettes)*                                        “You look really beautiful in the rain…”        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     Autumn rain painted the valley in hues of grey and blue, with cobblestones dipped in several inches of water. You, Abagail, and Sam splashed in accumulating puddles while Sebastian stood under Pierre’s’ awning. He took a drag from his loose-hanging cigarette, the faintest smile playing on his lips when you giggled. His heart swelled watching you play in the rain with his friends-well, your friends as well. 

     All his life, Sebastian had been content with riding away on his bike and never looking back. But Zuzu City didn’t have such a massive appeal anymore; the valley truly started to feel like home. Now that you’re here, he feels like he actually belongs. 

     He blew a puff of smoke, feeling less inclined to stand aside as you approached him with a smile that shone brighter than the moon and eyes that twinkled like starlight. Clothing hugged your figure, hairs framing your face. You looked effortlessly stunning. He couldn’t suppress the emotions he felt as a string of words fell from his lips in the tiniest whisper,

     "You look really beautiful in the rain…“


I have reappeared once more to offer you all a Stardew Valley imagine(that was the tiniest bit self indulgent, lol). I apologize for it being so short, but I am starting to get my inspiration back, so feel free to request something

Much love, SS~

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Corpse x reader

A fluffy corpse (gender neutral)

You and corpse were just video chatting since you weren’t allowed outside. You loved his laugh and sweet jokes he made. His screen was black since he didn’t wanna show his face. You loved his face. You didn’t care about any of its imperfections or what of he thought of it but you respected that he didn’t wanna show it

You guys talked a bit about your days and how you were feeling. he mentioned that he didn’t get enough sleep. You frowned and looked at his black screen.

“take better care of yourself…I love you” you mumbled out

Corpse didn’t say anything making you more worried. Some seconds passed. “I…love you too” he grumbled out. You felt yourself blush. “Let’s get something to eat when things get better ok? I know it’s hard but everything will be just ok” you told him while smiling into the camera. Corpse stayed quiet…but you swore you heard him chuckle.

You both stayed up sleeping with your call still going on and texting each other.

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lee donghyuck the type of bf to tease u for taking selfies but secretly sends them to himself so he can set it as his wallpaper and show off how cute u are to his friends. and when he sees his pic as your wallpaper he says “oh what should i do y/n youre so in love with me”


Originally posted by haenyan

also mocks you alot but in an endearing way so you dont get mad. calls you weird petnames but you tell him to stop and he just says 응아니야ㅑㅑ and continues

jaemin the type of boyfriend to cook for you alot because he likes to see u eat and he makes those baby noises when you eat you know the sound he makes when hes feeding jisung. also plays games with you and makes bets so the loser has to do forfeits, you always lose to him so he makes you give him kisses as a forfeit. also calls u 애기 KEJDOEJEKSJSOEJDO


Originally posted by jaehyunz

jisung the type of boyfriend to forget what time your date is so he ends up being really early or really late. if hes really early, he buys ice cream at a convenience store while he waits for u and when you get there you see him and some kids playing with the claw machine and you find out he wasted $10 just to win the toy and he gives it to you hehe


Originally posted by hyunlixes

renjun the type of boyfriend to prank you on your birthday by giving you a card that just says 생축 (happy birthday in shortform) with a sign off like “from your cutest, most handsome, bright, shining, charming and lovely renjun” and when he sees your disappointment he pulls out the real card which is 6 pages and gives u a kiss on the cheek. <3


Originally posted by winren

lee mark the type of boyfriend to absolutely adore your laugh and smile ( because your dimples come out and he thinks its reallllyy cute, just pretend you have dimples ok ) so he tries his best to make you laugh but ends up laughing at himself instead and you find it cute so you laugh along with him and he just looks at you with heart eyes like *💓👄💓* and he pinches ur cheek and pokes you dimples 👉🏻☺️👈🏻 like this.


Originally posted by defenestratedpotato

lee jeno the type of boyfriend to be surprisingly up to date with all your plans (opp of jisung park) so hes always on time and even surprises you at your house to pick you up. also protective of you and wants to make you comfortable so he gives you his jacket to cover your legs when youre sitting and gives u the signature jeno smile like ( ◠‿◠ )


Originally posted by baekthecorgi

zhong chenle the type of boyfriend to be really cheeky and teases you but spoils you so much at the same time. if someone else teases you or says something bad he gets super heated+sassy and starts defending you like “do you not have eyes?? did you just say she doest look good??? are we looking at the same person?? the person in front of me is so gorgeous i think you need glasses.” and even if you get over it he stays mad for the whole day and is extra loving towards you.


Originally posted by chokemewinwin

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