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simeon with a himbo boyfriend

note from kin: once again i am writing for the boys because this fandom doesn’t have nearly enough content for them, especially for Big and Beefy Men. let them be in dating sim fandoms too!!!!!! give them more content!!!!!

anyway i’ve made you an angel since i don’t want to have to think about the deeper repercussions of what simeon dating a human would be (i mean we all know what happened to lilith when she tried it)

fandom: obey me!

character(s): male!reader, simeon, luke, belphegor, beelzebub, asmodeus, satan, leviathan, mammon, lucifer, barbatos, diavolo, solomon

pairing(s): simeon/reader but it accidentally becomes everyone/simeon’s boyfriend at some point whoops (this ended up as a pretty big block of text as a result so please let me know if you have difficulty reading it so that i can try to format it better!)

warning(s): nope!

genre: fluff!!!! fluff everywhere!!!!!!!!!

[the art used below is by @/augichii on twitter, so please show them so love if you have the time! i’m not sure if they’re on tumblr or not, but please let me know if they are so that i can tag them here as well! to augichii, if you see this, please let me know if you’d rather i link a different social media profile or if you’d like me to remove the art entirely, i don’t mind! it’s pretty much only here to divide the notes from the piece and provide a bit of visual interest ^^]

  • simeon thinks you’re the cutest goddamn thing in all three realms
  • you may be six foot four inches of muscle but to him that is six foot four inches of ADORABLE
  • you’re very strong so he likes to just run and jump up at you from behind and wrap his arms around your neck because he knows you won’t be fazed by it (physically anyways, emotionally is another story)
  • the other angels always gasp when he does this in public because it’s so far from his usual ‘poised and elegant’ thing but how is simeon NOT supposed to climb all over you like a koala when you’re so big and huggable???
  • simeon just really loves jumping at you like that okay
  • because every time he does you’ll just pause for a second and look very confused as to why your back has suddenly gotten heavier, and then you’ll turn your head, and your smile and excited little ‘simeon!!’ is to DIE for
  • he has to be incredibly upfront with you about what he wants because otherwise you will not understand
  • he has to say, word for word, “i want to sleep in the same bed as you every day” before you actually realise that that’s what he meant
  • the whole exchange kind of went like this:
  • simeon, being sappy at like seven in the morning: “i want to wake up like this all the time from now on”
  • you: “??? do you want me to come lie down next to you before you wake up tomorrow morning?”
  • simeon: “no, for the whole night”
  • you: “you want to wake up like this for the whole night??”
  • simeon: [sighs]
  • he also often has to be the one taking charge when it comes to physical affection  
  • like you’re always willing to give him hugs and carry him around and let him sleep sprawled out on your chest like a starfish and give him kisses but half the time simeon has to ask you because for some reason you just won’t do it on your own???
  • at one point simeon starts getting a little insecure that you don’t actually really like physical affection and are just going along with it for him
  • because he’s a sensible angel, he brings this up with you before jumping to conclusions
  • he was not prepared for you to reply that you always wait for him to confirm that he wants affection because you’re afraid that you’ll accidentally hurt him with your strength if you go for it by yourself
  • simeon doesn’t cry a lot but dear god did he come close that day
  • after that it’s just hand holding and hugs and forehead kisses galore from you and simeon couldn’t be happier
  • now, it’s time for a bit of backstory
  • you were created purely to fight during the big celestial war, which is why you are so Beefy and Stupid
  • the beefy is because they needed you to be both strong and intimidating, while the stupid is because they didn’t create you with anything but fist fighting in mind
  • during the war you were a force to be reckoned with because you could just run at and headbutt a demon and they’d immediately be flung straight out of the skies and back into the devildom
  • and, even better, this meant that you didn’t have to kill anyone! you could just punt them so hard that they’d be flung out of the realm where the battle’s taking place entirely
  • once the war was over though they didn’t really know what to do with you
  • you were basically just this giant baby who didn’t know how to do anything but war
  • so they just dumped you in a garden and told you to take care of the flowers
  • which was how simeon originally met you! he was taking a walk around the gardens and saw you crying over a tree that you accidentally snapped in half with your big clumsy hands
  • now, simeon wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight, but HOLY FUCK
  • if he hadn’t already been an angel in the celestial realm he’d have thought you were some divine being from the heavens
  • anyway long story short simeon consoled you and started helping you take care of the garden, taught you how to live a life in times of peace, spent entire nights just lying awake and thinking about your smile and your laugh and how warm your hands look to hold and how it would feel to hug you, and finally managed to confess to you without you misconstruing it as just a Friendly Act of Kindness, and now you two are the proud holders of the title Cutest Couple in The Universe
  • granted only asmo calls you two that but you’ll take it
  • speaking of asmo allow me to segue this to the rad exchange programme era
  • you get so sad when simeon tells you he’ll have to leave for a year
  • your face falls when he breaks the news and your voice is all lost and quiet when you ask, ‘does that mean i can’t see you?’
  • simeon is absolutely devastated
  • it’s like a thousand puppies and kittens are being murdered right in front of him
  • he nearly cries (when i say nearly i mean he does)
  • but he can’t back out of the exchange program now, and one year isn’t THAT much for beings that live for possibly forever, so in the end, giving you a giant hug and about a million kisses to make up for the ones you’ll miss over the coming year, simeon leaves for the devildom
  • he makes it about a month and a half without you before he starts getting all mopey
  • and you’re not doing much better up in the celestial realm
  • michael actually has to message simeon and ask him how to deal with you because you spend every day dejectedly shuffling around the gardens that you take care of and it’s making everyone sad just looking at you
  • simeon reads that message and immediately decides that either he’s going back to the celestial realm or you’re coming down to the devildom
  • the authorities are a little cautious about it because you’re one of the purest angels they have and they really don’t want you getting corrupted by demons
  • but simeon assures them that the few demons that you’ll actually be having contact with wouldn’t do that, and you’ll be under both his and lord diavolo’s protection
  • so you end up being allowed to join simeon in the devildom for his exchange year!!!
  • honestly with the way the two of you react when you see each other again you’d think you hadn’t seen each other in years
  • simeon runs up to you and jumps straight into your arms and you spin him around in a big hug and ahhhhhhhh it’s like a teen romance movie but with an actually compelling relationship
  • and so you move into his bedroom (because of course you’re still going to share one down here) and take up a temporary position as a gardener to take up time since you can’t really do school
  • pros: simeon now gets to see you every day again and you look very cute bustling around the devildom’s fancy gardens with a watering can and wheelbarrow. also he gets to watch you lift an entire shed and it’s the best thing he’s ever seen
  • cons: the others are all basically in love with you now as well
  • simeon’s torn between ‘why wouldn’t they be, he’s literally the most perfect being ever’ and ‘what the fuck, that’s MY boyfriend’
  • belphie likes you because you are similar to beel and you’re also warm and big and strong so he can take naps on you and you won’t be bothered in the slightest
  • one day simeon sees belphie just jump onto your back and start sleeping there while you’re crouched in the garden doing some weeding and he’s so stunned by the sheer audacity that he forgets to be mad about it
  • honestly you don’t really notice that belphie is sleeping on you until you go to get up and feel something move on your back
  • and then, being the dumb precious idiot you are, you just lie face first there on the lawn so that he can carry on sleeping without being disturbed
  • consequence: simeon nearly cries at your sweetness but is also incredibly jealous and belphie is now having Feelings that he didn’t sign up for
  • beel meanwhile isn’t sure how to feel about you at first because he kind of feels like you’re stealing his twin all the time, but then you make him your special candied fruits (from produce that you grew yourself) and he loves you from that point forward
  • also PLEASE share your workout routine with him he wants to know your secret
  • it turns out that you don’t really have a workout routine?? you were just made like that
  • though the constant exercise and heavy lifting and stuff you do as part of your daily garden-care routine (you take care of basically all of the gardens back in the celestial realm) helps as well
  • he’s a bit disappointed but he does like that you can pick him up without any effort
  • one time he asked if you were capable of it and without missing a beat you went ‘let’s find out!’ and straight up swept him off his feet
  • beel was fucking screaming on the inside but no can’t feel feelings that’s simeon’s boyfriend
  • meanwhile asmo… okay we all know the way asmo is
  • boy took one look at you and immediately started drooling (figuratively anyway. physically his jaw just dropped)
  • kudos to him though, he backs off with the flirting as soon as simeon informs everyone that you’re his partner
  • asmo may be the avatar of lust but he is no home wrecker (he still finds an excuse to hug you every time he sees you though because awooga, muscles)
  • (he does know his boundaries so simeon doesn’t mind too much)
  • asmo also very likes the fact that you have such a green thumb because it means you can grow the prettiest flowers and you’re always willing to trim him a few to use as accessories
  • at some point simeon accidentally eavesdrops in on a conversation between the two of you where you’re just gushing about what kind of flowers he likes and how you’re going to plant them everywhere in the devildom because you like it when he smiles when he sees them
  • simeon is pretty sure he combusts on the spot, while asmo is just squealing
  • thus was the origin of the title ‘Cutest Couple in the Universe’
  • satan on the other hand is mostly disinterested in you at first
  • the two of you live in pretty different worlds even if you live within the a five minutes’ walk of each other. he prefers to stay locked up in his room or the library and just curl up with a good book or ten for hours on end, while you’re always outside, digging flower beds and pruning bushes and cleaning fences and walls and basically doing every other little bit of manual labour that none of the brothers could be bothered to do before
  • he does note that you’re pretty good at what you do but that’s about it
  • until one day
  • you’re just pottering about in the garden outside the house of lamentation doing your angelic gardener thing when the stray cat that satan’s secretly been feeding for the past month or so comes by for its usual afternoon meal
  • satan has the window overlooking the garden so he quickly spots its ginger fur as well as you staring directly at it, and he immediately panics because what if you scare it away with your intimidating stature???
  • (yes, part of the reason satan doesn’t acknowledge you before this is because he was kind of scared of you and your muscles that he heard could punt beings out of entire realms back in your hey-day)
  • so he quickly dumps his book (though not without carefully bookmarking his place first) and rushes down to the garden in hopes of salvaging the situation, only to find you lying face first on the grass once again, though this time it’s not his little brother on your back
  • it’s the cat, who is purring like a little motor and aggressively kneading its paws against your back
  • satan can’t even see your face in this moment but he still basically gets cupid-shot in the heart because this is the cutest thing he’s ever seen
  • he has to force himself to calm down for a bit before he approaches lest he get overexcited and accidentally incur simeon’s wrath in the process
  • anyway after that satan makes a beeline for you every time he sees you and learns that you are an Absolute Idiot, but it just makes him like you even more
  • if satan was intimidated by you at first though, levi is downright terrified
  • you look like you could snap him in half with a single punch
  • he doesn’t try to talk to you at all for the first few weeks because how could he possibly find common ground to talk to you about?? you probably hunt dragons and eat rocks or something in your spare time
  • it isn’t until satan brings you up one day and mentions that you are incredibly dumb of the ass and probably couldn’t hurt a fly even if you tried that levi even entertains the idea of befriending you
  • he’s still not making the first move though
  • but it turns out that he doesn’t have to! one day you just show up at his bedroom door holding a giant crate of his latest akuzon haul
  • turns it got dropped off at the local post office after traffic problems and you volunteered to go pick it up and bring it back
  • anyway levi thanks you and starts unpacking his stuff, expecting you to leave in silence, but then he looks over and sees you just standing in front of his tv and staring at it
  • he’d been playing some battle platformer to pass the time before you showed up, and while levi himself doesn’t consider it particularly remarkable, you’re absolutely fascinated
  • being a gardener in the celestial realm you’ve never really had experience with this kind of thing, and you’re even more tech-illiterate than simeon, so what you’re seeing is basically like magic to you
  • so levi takes it upon himself to teach you as much about the art of gaming as he can in the short span of the next four hours before simeon gets home from a meeting of some kind and you inevitably immediately run off to greet him
  • you learn the basics relatively quickly but you’re still pretty awful at it
  • levi loses count of the amount of times you’ve accidentally run right off the end of the platform and fallen to your death once it reaches thirty two
  • it’s pretty much the most he’s laughed in, like, forever
  • congratulations! you have gained a new member in your party! levi will now follow you to the ends of the earth because you are the first person he feels like he can just be totally at ease around without being judged at all and just have fun with
  • (once, after you leave another gaming session to go cuddle with your boyfriend in the garden, levi catches himself thinking that ‘it isn’t fair that simeon gets to date him’ and has to do some serious self assessment)
  • mammon meanwhile has none of the reverence for you that his brother does
  • the amount of times he’s tried to rope you into his money-making schemes (which never work because he fails to realise that you are incapable of doing anything malicious in the slightest) is honestly just embarrassing at this point
  • simeon has to step in more than a couple of times because honestly mammon could ask you for your wallet and you’d probably just give it to him without another thought
  • that being said your wallet wouldn’t be much use because you never have any money
  • you just don’t understand the concept of exchanging money for goods and/or services so you never see any need for it
  • that being said, simeon does give you some money every time you go out into town on your own because something will inevitably catch your eye and you’ll suddenly realise that you just cannot live without it
  • the thing is simeon spoils you ridiculously so he always gives you way more money than would be considered a reasonable allowance
  • which means all mammon has to do is tag along and ask you nicely and you’ll probably buy him anything he wants
  • he does this a couple of times but then stops because he actually starts feeling bad about it
  • something just doesn’t sit right with him when he’s walking around with a bunch of shiny new things you’ve bought him with money that was meant to be spent on you while the only thing you’ve bought of your own volition is a pack of chocolate lollipops shaped like rabbits to share with simeon and luke
  • he may be the demonic avatar of greed but even he has a line that he won’t cross
  • he makes up for it by buying you things instead
  • nothing too expensive (he’s still mammon after all), just little things like sweets or bulbs for flowers you haven’t tried planting yet or food colouring for you to use for your candied fruits
  • speaking of those candied fruits, guess who loves and would probably kill a man for them?
  • lucifer
  • man may not seem like it but he has a hell of a sweet tooth
  • there was a bit of tension between the two of you when you first met (well there was tension from lucifer anyway) because he’d never met you like he had simeon and luke and had no idea what you were like
  • plus he’d heard about how you’re everyone’s favourite now back in the celestial realm and the little piece of him that still misses his life as an angel is a little petty about it
  • but then he interacts with you more and he realises that that favouritism is absolutely deserved
  • he will not admit it but he has wondered what being carried by you would feel like on multiple occasions
  • figures out how to read you really well which isn’t much of an achievement when you wear every single feeling you have on your sleeve but it still brings him a bit of satisfaction when he notices something that simeon doesn’t
  • he may be a pridey mcprideface but he is willing to give up a bit of that pride by pretending he can’t carry something heavy so that he can watch you do it
  • simeon acts like he doesn’t notice this but he absolutely does and he doesn’t know if he should tease lucifer about it or whack him over the head with a newspaper for it
  • all that aside though, much like simeon,  lucifer also thinks you’re just the cutest
  • he comes across you building a pillow fortress in the middle of the house of lamentation’s living room one day and is understandably like “what are you doing in my house and what are you doing with those pillows”
  • you explain very seriously that satan asked you for help in an apparently pre-arranged pillow fight with mammon and that every warrior needs a well-protected base of operations and offer to show him all the optimised battle features somehow recreated from nothing but cushions and blankets and chairs 
  • lucifer’s heart goes d o k i  d o k i
  • he also has experience with Big and Dumb men from dealing with both beel and diavolo (when the three of you are together it’s just himbo3) so the stupid doesn’t bother him much
  • speaking of diavolo (wow i am nailing all of these transitions from character to character look at me go)
  • this man is basically just a grown up golden retriever boy and you are a big gentle st. bernard so the two of you get along like a house on fire
  • you’ve seen how much this man gushes about lucifer. now imagine that times a thousand
  • that is how he talks about you
  • honestly sometimes you’d think HE’S the one dating you
  • simeon would probably get defensive if he didn’t get so much whiplash from their conversations about you
  • diavolo: “i must say, i never would have pinned [name] as being your type”
  • simeon, ready to Fucking Brawl: “excuse me?”
  • diavolo: “though i don’t blame you, have you seen his page in that book about the celestial war? the illustration does his true beauty no justice, of course, but it’s enchanting in and of itself. to be honest i’d have loved to have seen him in action during the war, i imagine it would have been quite breath-taking to see”
  • simeon: “…what”
  • barbatos is usually just there in the background during half of these exchanges and he has to seriously stiffen up his poker face to resist just bursting into laughter
  • the other half of the time the conversation is just simeon and diavolo going back and forth gushing about you
  • barbatos honestly dislikes you a bit at first
  • not for any personal faults of your own! it’s just that all your garden work + your very forgetful mind means that you’re often tracking dirt everywhere
  • it doesn’t help that diavolo keeps inviting you over to the castle for tea and a chat and half the time you leave these big footprints on the floor and he wants to cry because he just spent four hours mopping that
  • he mentions it to diavolo in passing at one point, who then passes the message on to simeon
  • barbatos kind of gets concerned for himself because he knows simeon does not take well to you being insulted (one time a demon at the r.a.d. called you an ‘unintelligent buffoon’ and he was ready to start a fist fight right then and there)
  • not that it was an insult, but you never know how love can blind you to reason
  • but simeon just assures him not to worry and tells you to remember to clean your shoes as well as changing clothes after doing some gardening
  • normally you’d forget being told these things within a few hours but simeon offers to give you a kiss every time you remember to do this so now you remember every single time you’re about to enter a building after doing some gardening
  • after that barbatos holds no ill will to you at all
  • he teaches you how to bake and is honestly so endeared by how clumsy you get in the kitchen
  • you knock an entire container of salt into the cake mix by accident because your hands are too big and you moved too fast and barbatos is just like 🥺
  • he low-key babies you even though he’s like an entire two heads shorter than you
  • you don’t mind though because getting babied by barbatos means you get given all sorts of cakes and sweets all the time
  • simeon isn’t sure how to feel about it but it doesn’t seem to be the patronising kind of babying (it’s more of an affectionate doting) so he lets it happen
  • what he doesn’t let happen is solomon’s relentless attempts to feed you his food
  • you are both too dumb and too nice to realise just how bad his cooking is, but simeon knows you have a sensitive stomach and are actually a pretty fussy eater - you just tend to stay quiet when something isn’t to your liking because you don’t want to complain
  • having had a sample of solomon’s food himself in the past, he knows that you’ll probably get sick eating it, and he doesn’t want you to be uncomfy so he refuses to let you try even a bite
  • it’s like he has a radar in his head that goes off every time solomon approaches you will a bowl of ‘noodle soup’ that looks more like something he’s fished out of a nuclear waste tank
  • solomon, when he’s not trying to indirectly poison you, is probably the guy you spend the most time with apart from simeon and luke
  • he’ll just hang around nearby with a spell book while you do your gardening and show you some neat little magic tricks every now and then
  • he tries to help with the gardening but he’s not exactly physically strong and he nearly breaks his back trying to lift a giant bag of compost
  • so he decides it’s probably better for him to just watch from afar
  • kind of wants to conduct an experiment to see just how much weight you can lift before you start getting tired
  • one time he sees you cut down a whole tree with one hard swat of your hand and just walk off carrying it over your shoulder and he has to take several deep breaths
  • luke knew you already, so not much changes while you’re in the devildom
  • he really wants to learn to make candied fruits the same way you do but he can never get the hang of boiling the sugar mixture to the right heat and consistency (plus he’s kind of scared of how hot it gets)
  • you like to just carry him around on your shoulders and while luke would normally bristle at being treated like a child, you act like this with nearly everyone
  • (once he sees you running around the garden with diavolo of all people perched on your shoulders, arms raised in the air like he’s on a rollercoaster ride, and he nearly passes out on the spot)
  • he seriously adores you and acts like a guard dog whenever he feels like any of the others are trying to take advantage of your dim-witted naïveté because NO demons are allowed to harm his big brother like that
  • he will also chase them off with a stick if he has to if they get too close because no being is allowed to even remotely try to disrupt your relationship with simeon 
  • simeon himself is no fool, and he’s well aware of the effect you have on pretty much everyone you come across, but he trusts them because they’re his friends
  • besides (and he isn’t being cocky or anything), it’s not like the relationship you have with them even holds a candle to what you have with him
  • they’ve all known you for less than a year, he’s loved you for nearly two millennia
  • they might be allowed take naps on your back while you work or be carried about on your shoulders, but do they get to spend every night snuggled up in your arms, feeling your chest rise and fall with every breath you take? no, he doesn’t think so
  • in conclusion: one day himbos like you will probably take over the world with their big muscles and unwavering loyalty and clueless grins that could make anyone’s heart skip a beat, and simeon’s pretty sure he’d be okay with it

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What Kisses Can (Not) Heal

Title: What Kisses Can (Not) Heal

Author: bluemoonthree

Rating: Teens

Tags: non au, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, established relationship

Status: Completed; 1/1 chapters (1,217 words)


Where Reki is hurt and all Langa wants is to make him feel better.

Or the sequel to Kiss It Better where it’s Langa’s turn to do the kissing.

1 notes

Summary: Y/N’s father loves her - maybe too much given how sheltered she is - but he’s always absent. He’s either busy with work or busy entertaining women. Y/N thinks she’s finally found a way to get him to notice her, and with a little help from Uncle Sam, she finally gets some quality time with Daddy. But for how long can she keep his attention?

Pairing: Dean x daughter!Reader / (scenes of) Sam x niece!reader / (scene of) Benny x Reader

Rating: 18+ (Smut, Angst, Fluff)

Chapter Tags: major angst, flirting, seduction, mentions of daddy kink, fem masturbation, male masturbation, voyeurism, mentions of neglect, rejection

Chapter WC: 3236

A/Ns: Please send an ask to be tagged in this series. 

Chapters 9-24 are available now on Patreon

Absent Masterlist // Sister/Daughter!Reader Masterlist

< Previous Chapter


Chapter Eight - Normal

Your POV

You’d barely slept all night, too busy thinking about that girl that had had the nerve to call your Daddy ‘Daddy’. But the more you’d thought about it, the less you thought about her, and the more you’d thought about how your father had responded, all the grunts and groans you’d heard.  

That’s it baby, cum on Daddy’s cock.” At first that had made you angry, but now the sound of him gasping that has echoed around your mind on repeat for several hours, there’s a wetness between your legs as you imagine he’s saying it to you. And then you imagine how it would feel if you did cum on his cock. First, you had to imagine how his cock would feel inside you. You imagined the stretch as you struggle to fit him inside, the burn around the edges, thinking about him throbbing inside you, fucking into you so fast and hard it makes your breasts bounce and your eyes roll. And then - that intense feeling, only better because you’re stuffed full of cock and not just anyone’s cock - your father’s cock - and you’re about to cum so hard around him that it even makes him moan and grip your waist harder, fingertip sized bruises tainting your delicate skin for you to marvel at afterwards. 

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summary: two teens, one detention. what could go wrong?

pairing: Harry Potter x Ravenclaw!Muggleborn

warning: fluff, talking back

word count: 1382


“For a Ravenclaw your potion making skills are absolutely treacherous,” Snape’s nose twitched smelling the liquid luck boiling in the cauldron.

“And for a teacher you love to antagonize children more than being good at your job,” She snapped back.

It was the the fifth time that he had gotten on her back for a mistake that wasn’t even as big as he had made it seem. ‘You’re not crushing it hard enough, five points from Ravenclaw.’ 'Your back is slouched, straighten up or that potion will come out even worse than I’d expect.’ 'Five points from Ravenclaw for copying.’ And she hadn’t even been copying.

“Ten points from Ravenclaw for cheek and detention for a week with me Ms. L/N,” Was all he said with a dramatic spin of his cape.

She rolled her eyes and bit her tongue. If only she could take Ten point from Professor Snape because he acted like a complete arse.

“It’s alright Y/N, twenty points isn’t the end of the world.”

Luna patted her shoulder with a dreamy looking smile. Y/N relaxed. Luna was known to have that effect.


After class had ended she stayed behind per request of Snape and sat doing potion work until another guest would arrive completing the detention for the day. Who she didn’t expect was Harry Potter who’s face looked as if this was the last thing he wanted to do and she could agree with him on that.

“Splendid that you’ve finally decided to join us Potter,” Snape stood up with a face of utter disgust.

“You and Ms. L/N will be cleaning this classroom from top to bottom without using your wands.”

Y/N’s jaw ticked but all she did was roll her eyes. A habit she hadn’t left since being in Snape’s class.

“But sir-”

“Would you like to go and collect me more slugs instead?” Snape offered although Y/N knew he didn’t mean it.

Harry shut his mouth. He hated slugs with a passion.

“That’s what I thought. I should expect it to be finished by lunch with gives you no more than two hours to complete this task,” Snape swept out of the room with his cape billowing behind him.

She sighed and placed her wand in her pocket. Might as well get this over with. Harry was still standing very still looking at the room with nothing short of boredom.

“Will you please get moving? I’d rather not have to be here any longer then needed,” She turned to face the shelves of potion ingredients once more.

“What I do with this time isn’t any of your concern.”

“When it’s between you and my freedom then it most certainly is,” She glared at him and he shot her a look back.

“Well maybe you wouldn’t have to complain if you didn’t do whatever it is that got you here in the first place,” He snapped back.

Y/N clenched her fists.

“What about you? What got the Chosen One in here in the first place?” She stepped closer towards him.

He swept his wild hair out of his face.

“Again, none do your concern.”

“I reckon it has something to do with Snape’s distaste for you. The old bat just has to target everyone but Slytherin’s,” She muttered the last part to herself chewing her lip in thought.

But Harry heard and it pulled a small chuckle out of him.

“Listen I’m just really agitated right now so I apologize for snapping at you,” Y/N said.

“I’m sorry too.”

She held out a hand.

“Y/N L/N. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Harry slipped his fingers in hers and instantly found that he liked the feel of them.

"Harry Potter. The pleasure is all mine.”

They smiled at each other.


And that was how they became nothing short of friends in their week of detention. They had quite a bit in common.

Harry liked Quidditch and surprisingly so did she. She did like to read and although he didn’t, they both shared a mutual dislike for History Of Magic. And last but not least they both despised Malfoy with a passion.

Harry was ashamed to say he had acquired a bit of a crush on the bold Ravenclaw and but she could hardly admit that his presence did cause a bit of a stir in her tummy.

“Well here it is I guess. The last day of boring old detention,” Y/N spread her arms out spinning in a circle and flopping on the cold floor.

Shivers curled up her spine but she sucked it up knowing it would pass.

“Aren’t you cold?” Harry asked laying beside her.

“No. I’m absolutely freezing,” He grinned at her.

She turned to face Harry, laying on her side.

“What did get you in detention in the first place?” Y/N wondered circling her fingers on the floor.

“I exploded a potion accidentally.”

She giggled, then full on chuckled. Harry shoved her arm playfully.


“Well he was being horrible to me all class but I had finally have enough of it when he said 'For a Ravenclaw your potion making skills are absolutely treacherous.’ So I told him 'And for a teacher you love to antagonize children more than being good at your job.’”

Harry let out a laugh so great and loud she was sure it could be heard from even the end of the corridor.

“You really said that?” He said between wheezes.

His laughs were contagious and she once again found herself caught her between catching her breath and speaking.

“It’s what he deserved,” She replied between spaces of air she breathed in.

It took a while for them to finally settle down as they looked around the shining room and new ingredients in jars.

“Y/N” Harry asked after a while.

“Hmm?” She mumbled with her eyes closed.

Harry dug his nails into his hand. If he was brave and he was courageous as people said so surely he could do something as simple as this. Right?

“Well erm…I-.” He stuttered.

Y/N opened one eye, glancing at him from the corner of her vision.

She opened her mouth to speak but thought better of it. She’d let him say whatever it is that was so bad.

“I was uh- w-wondering if you would erm like t-to go to Hogsmeade with me n-next week.”

He managed to finish the sentence without as much stuttering as he expected.

She sat up completely looking at him with her eyes wide.

“You’re asking me to go to Hogwarts with you?” She said exaggerating pronunciation on certain syllables.

“Well if you didn’t want to go you could have said so instead of me making a bloody fool of myself,” He angrily stood up heading for the door.

Y/N dusted off her skirt and made a grab for his shirt.

“Harry that’s not what-”

But he still refused to listen slamming open the door and marching down the corridor. She struggled to keep up with his longer legs.


She was sure everyone could’ve heard them if they weren’t all at the Hogsmeade they were forbidden to go to because of detention.

“Go away L/N.”

“Harry Potter!” She grabbed his shoulders, spun him around and backed him into the wall, before placing her lips against his causing him to completely stop.

The movement was smoother than the polish that coated the wood floorboards.

He stood still for a moment and just when Y/N was starting to pull away he grabbed her by the hips and pushed her flush against him. She could feel his heart beating steadily fast and she was wondering if it was because of her. She could feel his warmth against her body like he was just a cozy fire. And she could feel his lips against hers as if nothing else in the world mattered except for them.

She pulled away from him and his hands stayed glued to her sides. His hair was a mess from the way her hands held onto it for dear life. His lips were slightly swollen and his face was awfully flushed.

“Of course I’ll go to Hogsmeade with you Harry.”


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Rager Teenager


Word count: 12,152

Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha/Omega, Alpha Park Jimin (BTS), Omega Jeon Jungkook, Bottom Jeon Jungkook, Top Park Jimin (BTS), Friends to Lovers, Alternate Universe - College/University, Kissing, Making Out, Love Confessions, Fluff and Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Domestic Fluff, Idiots in Love, Not Actually Unrequited Love, Jeon Jungkook is Whipped, Jeon Jungkook & Park Jimin are Best Friends, Park Jimin is a Panicked Gay (BTS), Trans Park Jimin (BTS), Trans Male Character, Horniness

Summary:“I brought food!” Jungkook greeted with a smile and god did Jimin miss the lovely sweet smell the younger brought everywhere he went. Like a warm hug, it surrounded his entire being and his restless alpha was finally sated and calming down by the second.

“Did you make the food?” Jimin asked as he peeled open the container of soup.

“No, my uh,” he shuffled nervously, “I asked my mom to make some”

Jimin beamed at the thought of Jungkook calling him up his folks just to get Jimin some soup. Not just any soup, one you’d give a sick child. He felt taken care of.


Jimin gets sick, his best friend and the love of his life, Jungkook comes to take care of him. Panicked gay moments ensue.

(Link Here)

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A FanFic set in Moominvalley |

As He Goes Away

At times, Moomin always wonder why Snufkin always go in the winter, he wonders why he loves his freedom so much. Moomin respects him nonetheless but he always wants to ask what’s out there that makes it so Snufkin wants to go somewhere.

The white creature proceeds in his train of thought he didn’t see the aggressive mymble by his side as he stare at his reflection by the water flowing in the stream.

“What you got there?” Moomin let out a shriek, like the ones in the movie. When he saw the Little My his heart began to slow down, replacing fear with annoyance.

“Don’t freak me out like that, what if I fell on the bridge?!”

She shrugged, “Then Mama’s gonna scold you.”

Moomin let out an annoyed groan before standing up and going to wherever Snufkin is right now. His thoughts earlier were completely gone, as the warm cozy breeze filled the air since it’s already the twentieth day of autumn. Just in the few days his beloved friend will go away again and he just sleeps through the season as he dreams about the day of his return.

Moomin saw the green hat lying on the ground as he searches for the owner he picks it up and hold it tightly to his arms.

“Snufkin?” He calls out, but instead with a response he hears a small rustling..


“Oh, Moomin!” The familiar voice calls his name. “Up here!”

“Snufkin, what are you doing up there?” His eyes trailed up as his friend sits at the thick branch, he begins to worry since he got in to an accident when he was a child that he has fallen in a tree and worries it might happen to Snufkin. “Please be careful!!”

“Don’t worry, Moomin. I’m just helping the little squirrel find it’s way back home.” He looked at him with awe with a small smile in his face.

Snufkin took his time as his friend watch him over, holding the hat tightly. After that, he swiftly got down from the tree landing with his feet on the crunchy leaves in the ground. Everywhere they go is full of dead leaves with warm breeze in the air.

“What seems to be the problem?” Snufkin asks, patting his clothes to get the dirt off. But his friend just stare at him, making his head tilt.

'It’s not like it’s the first time I saw him without his hat on, but he looks really pretty.. with the colors of the background fits his looks.’

“Min.. Moominnnnn.”


Snufkin softly laughs when he saw how his friend looks disheveled with a blush in his cheeks. “What are you thinking up there?”

Moomin stuttered, before hiding behind his paws and started blushing furiously. His friend just smile taking his paw with his own as they walk together, going back to the 'Moomin House’.

As they go along the trails, Moomin noticed once again how the leaves fall in the ground, there were no flowers anymore. He noticed once again that this person who holds his hands tenderly is going away again. Just like that a pang went through his heart and then he stopped walking. Snufkin was taken aback, looking at Moomin who was looking down.

'I can’t show him my face… he doesn’t like it when someone cries.’


'Please, stop calling my name like that.’

When he didn’t respond, Snufkin lets go of his paw. On instinct his eyes shot back at his friend, and at the same time Snufkin cupped his cheeks. When he gaze at his black eyes, Moomin saw the caring tender eyes his friend always hold for him.

Big fat tears were now flowing in his cheeks, sniffling quietly, as he felt the warm hands on his cheeks. “Why do you have to go away?”

Now, it’s Snufkin turns, his eyes watered. No matter how many times they discussed as to why he needs to leave, Moomin never cried in front of him when he was leaving. When Moomin asked the same question, he just gave him back the same answer, but he knew his friend wants to ask more.

“I need my freedom, Moomin.” He thank himself his voice didn’t crack.

“Can’t you have your freedom here?” Moomin asked again.

'Oh, poor Moomintroll..’ Snufkin sighed.

“Moomin, it might be hard to understand but.. the feeling of going in an adventure alone is exciting.. for me. Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely. And like I always tell you— I promise you I will never miss spring time in Moominvalley.”

The tears in Moomin’s eyes are now dry but he still had a sad look. He just doesn’t want to see him go. What’s so wrong with him today? It’s not like it’s their first goodbye, Moomin thought he got used to it, that he won’t be whiny about it. So, why now?

“Moomin..” Snufkin called out.

“Moomintroll.” He felt a hand lift his chin, and he doesn’t have a choice but to look at Snufkin. “It’s alright. No matter how far I am, I’m always right here with you whenever you think of me.”

Snufkin never hug anyone in his entire life, but maybe for today, he’ll give in for Moomintroll.

His hands that was on his face, reach out for his sides and pull him closer.

'He’s warm.’ Snufkin thought

'He’s cozy.’ Moomin thought.

They’re hands on each other’s backs as they basked in the warmness of their company, like how it’s always been. They’re not just friends anymore, they know.. they’re soulmates, it’s always has been. They didn’t have to say it, no matter what they are to each other— they both feel it, and they are the only ones who knows.


The first day of snow.

The inside of Moomin House is now draped with white thick cloth all over the funitures, their furnace no longer emit a fire. Moominpapa and Moominmama already headed to bed, but Moomin begged them to say a last goodbye to Snufkin.

When he opened the door, a cold breeze goes inside the house. He immediately close it preventing snow entering. Moomin shivered but when he heard a faint music coming from the bridge.

“Snufkin!!” he called out as he ran towards him, the cold winter he felt already left his body. When he saw Snufkin sitting at the edge of the rail, he took a couple of deep breaths. “As I thought you’re leaving.”

Snufkin looked back at his harmonica with a soft reply, “Yeah.”

Moomin stared at below, a sad expression never leaves his face. He knew if he asked Snufkin, he would say 'no’, but nevertheless he still want to say it.

“I wanted to go on a journey with you this year, too.”

Snufkin sighed softly, he replies, “You have to hibernate.” He swiftly jumps down to face Moomintroll.

Moomin immediately looks at Snufkin’s eyes, “I know. That’s why I wanted to say goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Moomin.” Tenderness fills Snufkin’s eyes.

“You’ll definitely return this spring?”

“Of course, I’ll promise you.”

Snufkin looks at his harmonica— it’s been with him since the start, that’s one of his things that he use to convey his feelings to others. He softly smile before handing it to Moomin.

“This.. for me?” He looks at the harmonica and back into Snufkin, disbelief is written on his face.


“But, Snufkin this is your most precious belonging.”

“That’s why I’m leaving it to you. When you remember me, play it.” He pushed softly the instrument to Moomin, before his paws white as snow reach it for it carefully, like it’s a diamond that shouldn’t be damaged.

Both of them smile as Moomin promised that he will play it. Snufkin reached for his bag, “Well then, I should get going.”

“Goodbye Snufkin.”

Without another word, their hearts bid goodbye with each other. The Moomin holds a longing expression, as the boy with a green hat fades into the white snow.

Moomin went back and go upstairs, to his warm bed holding Snufkin’s harmonica. Gently placing it on his bedside as Snorkmaiden sleeps peacefully.

His eyelids are closing and his body felt light. He feels sleepy.

'I know in the spring he’ll return. But just for this season I won’t see him, I’ll just dream of him as he goes away.


Yey!! I finished it!! It’s not the first time I wrote a fic, but it’s my first time posting one. So I hope you like it

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shinsou hitoshi is a very smart boy
by Smellslikezombies

Shinsou Hitoshi is a very smart boy. Yeah, sometimes he forgets to put a comma or semicolon in his essays, and sometimes the right characters for words slip his mind, and sometimes he spends way longer on a math problem than he should because he forgot to carry a one. Other than that, he’s pretty smart, or at least, he likes to think so.

He is completely, absolutely, incredibly fucking stupid around Kaminari Denki. And no, not in the book smart way; he has to keep those wits about him because he’s practically the guy’s tutor. No, when Kaminari is around him and they’re not really doing anything, he just has a way of making Shinsou lose any common sense whatsoever.

Words: 3596, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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I just… You know that thing cats do where they flop on top of eachother? I want cute monster lover to do that to me. Rest their full body weight against mine. Being gentle with every movement because they don’t want to hurt their fragile little human. Kissing my lips tenderly as we both fall asleep from the warmth of our embrace.

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Twerking with a Prince

Diavolo Learns to Twerk sfw

Will make a nsfw later

Since a lot of you liked the Wap one I thought i would add in a F!Mc that teaches Diavolo to twerk poor boy needs a friend.

You happened to see Diavolo sadly sighing at his phone, in the hallway in R.A.D walking up to him you smiled.

“Hey Lord, Diavolo…is something wrong?”

Lord Diavolo, looked down to the small woman, and showed her his devilgram feed. 

“I just, wish they invited, me along for once….I know I am the Prince, but I also want to have fun.”

Your heart melts and aches, thinking soon looking up to Diavolo.

“Um..if you want maybe we can schedule a girls night out? no.. um a friends day out?”

This boy just died on the inside, and felt like he was reincarnated as an angel.

“Really?! MC! yes… I will have Barbatos get everything ready, and you can educated me on what a human friends day is.”

You were soon englufed into a hug, soon interrupted by Lucifer.

“My Lord?”

Lord Diavolo smiles to Lucifer beaming putting you down.

“Lucifer, Mc is going to teach me about friendship days they have in the human world!”

Lucifer death glares you but, could not deny Diavolo.

“Fine..when will this be?”

Diavolo smiled, as he knew this weekend he was free and knew he could pull some strings for you.

“This weekend! Barbatos will come pick Mc up, and she will come stay the weekend and we shall commit the day of friends!”

You had packed your bag, not listening to the boys, as you stayed over you were talking to Diavolo about dances you did in your old school and the subject of twerking came up. Diavolo, wanted you to show him so you did he got really turned on but asked if it was a mating dance.

You laughed and told him it was a dance, and you told him you were going to teach him.

Diavolo soon stood beside you, as you taught him how to bend his legs and slowly roll his back and pop his butt.

You: “ Diavolo, I’m sorry but why do you have a thicker ass than me and do not know how to twerk.”

Diavolo snickered as you soon picked up the pace, and showed him how to drop it low and twerk, the lazy twerk, and soon you taught him how to just booty wiggle .

You smiled at him eagerly doing dances, even stopping to order Barbatos to make you both matching booty shorts.

Barbatos had to ask you what the hell he was taking about? Once you told him he would just leave soon coming back with purple booty shorts yours saying “Best” his saying “ Friends” in gold letters.

Diavolo: “ M/c ?, What if we take a video of us doing our new friend ship dance and shows everyone !”

You giggled and would put on some Get Low by Lil. Jon, once your dance partner was ready you let Barbatos record you two. The song ended and you chuckled at Diavolo throwing i back giving anyone who watched a whole banquet to look at next to your bubble butt.

Barbatos smiled at the Prince, yet told him no he cannot order everyone in Devildom to make that the new national dance.

You soon took sent the video to Devilgram as Diavolo wanted to show everyone the dance, once sent. you and Diavolo sat down to watch the Titanic together.


Back home

The house was quiet, as they kind of went back to their old return before you showed up. Mammon was pestering Levi about selling his collection, Beel was helping Belphie find his good pillow, Lucifer in his office and Satan reading.

The silence was interrupted by Asmodeus screaming ,everyone running to his room for once he tried to hide his phone not wanting to share because DAYUUUM YOU TWO LOOOK HELLA FINE!

(Asmo can be greedy too but we love him 💕)

Lucifer walked up to him slowly, noticing his brother was bright red.

Lucifer: “Asmodeus? Did another demon send you an unsolicited picture of their ..”

Asmodeus smiled showing him his phone of the video of you two: “ No…but i did get video of two glorious cakes on display!”

Soon everyone saw you and Diavolo twerk to Get Low.


Back in to The castle.

Your phone went off with several text and call, you did not want to ruin you and Diavolos night. Diavolo heard it and wanted you to tell him what they thought.

You smiled:

“ Lucifer, said I am going to be hung from the ceiling when i get home…and ask why you never made him a pair of those shorts?!”

“ Satan, said nice shorts and a picture of applause for us getting Lucifer to have a stroke.”

“ Asmodeus says, he will make us all the shorts we need if we give him a private dance…you know ignore him ..”

“ Mammon, says I should not dance that way around demons or succubi, or anyone except him..he sent a sticker then said actually just never dance like that again.”

“ Leviathan, said good moves for normies , and if i will dance in anime girl costume like that…. and i think Asmodeus stole his phone so nevermind the last comment..”

“ Belphie, just sent a confused sticker”

“ Beelzebub just said good moves and wants me to bring home one of Barbatos cakes back home.”

Diavolo laughed and you soon went back to ignoring your phone, as you showed the prince the wonderful world of Disney movies.

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He knew he was in love. 

It scared him. 

As he gazes into the blue eyes of his best friend he begs, “please don’t let me fall.” It comes out rough and quiet, but loud enough of the older to hear. 

Louis looks at Harry and has to keep himself from sobbing. “Never,” he answers and drops down to take the younger boy into his arms. 

Harry wraps his arms around Louis’ waist and nuzzles into his neck, met with the familiar smell. He took a deep breath. “And if I do fall… you’ll catch me?” He’s so un-fucking-certain about this. How he feels. 

He knows he loves Louis, always has. But it’s more than that, he’s in love with him. Louis closes his eyes, arms wrapped around Harry’s shoulders. “Always.”

Harry sobs gently and tightens his hold on Louis, “okay.”

I wish he knew.

Louis sets his chin on the top of Harry’s head. “I know how you feel… I think. And whether or not you mean ‘falling’ literally or figuratively, I will always catch you. I’ll always be there, even if you don’t want me to be-”

“I’ll always want you there.”

Louis lip quirk up slightly, “-trust me, there will be a time you won’t. But I’ll be there. Because you’re my best friend-” ouch, “and even though I know you don’t mean what I mean when I say this, but I love you.” 

Always in my heart, @Harry_Styles
Sincerely,  Louis

“I’m in love with you.” And there it is, Harry thinks. He’s said it. Louis knows. 

Louis’ eyes widen, “I’m in love with you, too.” 

They pull away from each other slowly. When blue meets green, both colours are filled with something vulnerable. Fear, love, trust. Louis cups Harry’s face and traces his cheekbone softly. Harry moves his hand from Louis’ waist to the back of his neck, fingers gently tangling in the air at the nape of his neck. “Can I kiss you?” Harry asks. 

Louis leans forward and gently presses his lips to Harry’s, then pulls away. Harry follows after him though and the kiss is firmer, more sure. 

There was no spark. 


It felt as if the world was spinning around them, years of unanswered questions, answering themselves. Puzzles with one piece missing found and finished. Everything clicked. Completed itself. And the only thing that mattered in the universe was HarryandLouis. All happening in less than a second. 

Louis pulled away, smiling like an idiot. He didn’t open his eyes, however, but did rest his forehead against Harry’s and gently shake his head back and forth, bumping his and Harry’s noses together. 

Harry giggles, cups Louis face with both hands and kisses Louis’ nose. They both laugh, eyes sparkling as they stared at each other. 

“I love you,” Louis whispers. 

“I love you, too.”

Falling in love with someone is like jumping off a cliff. You either jump together or land alone and broken. It’s a risk. A huge risk.

But sometimes the risk is worth it. 

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So…I had this idea for a story that I might never write.

So, this could take place during season 1 or 2, as long as everyone is together. I was thinking after season 2, when their still adjusting to the weird new version of reality.


But basically it involves Klaus getting hit by some kind of thing that turns him into his younger self. Like physically and mentally he’s at some point between 12 - 14, after Five disappears but before Ben dies.

Basically, everyone gathers around when it first happens because their worried about him, he then starts panicking. Maybe some ghost soldiers get summoned to protect him or something. I have a head cannon that before the drugs, Klaus actually had an amazing grasp on his powers but since his dad kept pushing him, he gave up to drugs.

Five, being the only one he would actually recognise, jumps in to calm him down. 

Over the rest of the day, Klaus is trying to wrap his head around what’s happening and he’s still not talking to any of the other siblings.

Eventually, Vanya gains his trust by convincing him by doing something they did when they were kids (Handshake, song, something like that). This gives Five a break as Vanya volunteers to keep an eye on him.

When Luther and Diego try to befriend him, they discover that they practically bullied Klaus when they were kids when they didn’t mean too. This is one of the reasons he was so quiet as a kid, he thought half of his family hates him.

Over the next week, they all slowly gain Klaus trust, the others realising how much more Klaus was abused then the rest of them.

This causes all of them (Except for Vanya and Five because they already knew) to feel extremely guilty for calling him stupid or childish.

It ends when one day, Klaus wakes up as his normal self, very confused as to what’s happening and why everyone’s crying and hugging him.

I just feel like it has so much angst and fluff opportunities. 

So much family interaction that could happen!!!!! 

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😩 I just read the cutest George Weasley Valentine’s-ish fic ever. It’s not too heavy on the Valentine’s theme so can really fit whenever but it’s so adorable and made my heart skip a beat so here you guys go

Part 1 and Part 2

@weasleyh0e It’s amazing

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third impression | housemate!jake

▸ in which, after your first two not-so-great impressions with your new housemate, jake, maybe the third time’s the charm?

✎ 1.4k words


Originally posted by penghypen

“you’re gonna love him.”

“you two are gonna get along so well.”

“jake’s the best, you’ll love him.”

“jake’s gonna love you, i can’t wait for you guys to meet.”

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A/N: Click here for previous chapters or here if you’d rather read on AO3. Thank you so much once again to @saiphl for being a fabulous beta! xoxo!

Chapter Summary: Just when Courtney thinks her year can’t get better, a new girl arrives who immediately captures Adore’s attention.

TW: Underage sexual activity (implied)

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First Kiss

SUMMARY: You share your first kiss with Henry

WARNING: This is pure fluff

A/N: This is unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine! I hope you all enjoy this! Let me know what you think of it! Thanks for reading!


PAIRING: Henry Cavill x female reader

RATING: 18+ (fluff)

TAG LIST: @viking-raider @angryschnauzer @wendimydarling @henrythickcavill @raspberrydreamclouds @mary-ann84 @demivampirew @angreav @la-rousse-folle @hell1129-blog @inlovewithhisblueeyes @foodieforthoughts @madbaddic7ed @beck07990 @oddduckthatgirl @sparklesmolwarriorprincess @monstersnmoney @cheyentjj @feelmyroarrrr

If you would like to be added to or taken off the tag list, let me know!

I do not give permission to post my story to any other social media site. I don’t give permission to use my story in any way other than to read it and enjoy it.

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I have decided to post my fanfiction here as well as ao3 and wattpad.

When William spends the night at his grandmother’s house, Scully completely unravels. Who does she call? Read on friends!

I’m hoping this might be a series of short stories focusing on the relationship between Dana Scully and Monica Reyes. For now it’s friendship but it might turn into something more. I really like them as a pairing.

Postpartum Friendship

Shortly after William’s birth, Scully was given a mandatory day to herself by her mother. There was no use in protesting, Maggie Scully got what she wanted from her children, and what she wanted was a day to spend time with her grandson. And she thought her daughter could use a break.

When her mother came to pick William up, Scully felt a little nervous handing his car seat over. William was spending the night as well, her mother had insisted that Dana get some relaxing time and a good night’s sleep. What she didn’t know is that Dana’s soul was heavy with emotion and the thought of being without William, or even just alone, sent her into panic mode. She trusted her mother, and truly was exhausted. As the door shut, she began to tremble. Scully hadn’t really gathered a lot of coping skills in regards to stress, and the few she did have were tainted by bad memories from cases. Donnie Pfaster completely took away her desire to take a bath, and Padgett still had her freaked out about running. It was also hard to take a deep breath when Mulder had it ingrained in her head that someone could be coming to hurt her at the sound of every bump or creak in the house. Walking without direction, she ended up in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of wine.

Walking to the living room to sit, she sort of got… stuck. She could feel her feet on the carpet and the glass in her hand. She could hear the silence in a way that hurt. Stuck in a time rift. The thought of alien abduction and time loss quickly passed through her head, and if she wasn’t so scared for some reason, she would’ve laughed. as her breathing sped up, her eyes darted around the room to find something-anything— that could snap her out of it. The phone sat blinking on the side table and before she knew it, Scully was at the phone. Who could she call? There’s no way Mulder, wherever he was, would step foot near her apartment (too obvious, he’d said), and leaving the apartment seemed like the end of the world. Quickly, she dialed the one person she felt might be able to understand.

“Hello?” Said Monica Reyes.

“Hi… it’s uh… Agent Scully” she choked back tears she didn’t know were in her.

“Dana, hi, is everything ok? Are you ok? William?” Monica heard the panic in Dana’s voice and was already looking to grab her things.

“Yes I’m fine, it’s ok, I’m sorry—“

Monica cut her off, “You don’t sound ok, can I come over? Just to do a wellness check. You’re worrying me Dana.”

Scully was shocked at her concern and replied in almost a whisper, “ok Monica”.

Before hanging up, Monica added “thank you for calling me Dana, I’ll see you soon”.

Monica had already grabbed her purse and sweater before she even hung up. Her mind was racing with all the bad things that could be happening as she got into her car. Dana sounded terrified, but not in any immediate danger. She would’ve said something different if someone had a gun to her or Williams’ head. Oh Jesus, why did she let that image exist! Monica was a very empathetic person. She always felt like she could be a beacon of compassion for people, and she tried her best to live up to that self expectation. As she pulled up on Dana’s street, she sent a little message to whoever is out there in the universe for their safety. Up to the second floor, she walked to Dana’s door and knocked. There was no answer.

“Dana, are you in there? Are you ok?” Monica asked through the door. Still nothing.

Monica’s thoughts ran faster. She turned the knob, and it was unlocked. Opening the door, she walked inside to find Dana standing with a glass of wine in one hand and her phone in the other. Closing the door behind her and locking it, Monica slowly walked towards her.

“Dana?” She said in a low, soft voice. “It’s me, Monica. You called?”

Dana turned towards Monica, eyes filled with tears and a scared expression on her face. “Hi. I’m fine.”

Monica sensed something was about to happen. She made eye contact with the clearly distressed Dana Scully and took the glass of wine gently out of her hand to put it on the table. Next she took the phone and hung it up. Turning her attention back to the petrified Dana, Monica went to lightly touch her forearm. With that touch, Dana emotionally collapsed. Huge sobs shook her as she sank into Monica’s arms. Monica held her while she continued to cry. After a while, when things seemed to be letting up, Monica said softly to her

“I’m going to walk us over to the couch now, and you can tell me what’s going on.”

A squeaky “mhm” came between the crying, and Monica moved herself and Dana over to the couch where they sat down. Still clutching onto Monica’s sweater sleeve, Dana realized for the first time what was going on. Her sobbing stopped suddenly, and embarrassment washed over her. She pulled away, eyes wide and face turning red.

“I’m sorry you don’t need to be here I’m fine I promise” Dana said in one breath with tears still streaking down her face.

Having anticipated this response, Monica replied with, “Dana, I don’t think you’re ok. When I got here you were completely frozen in the spot you called me from. When I got your wine out of your hand and hung up the phone, you completely broke down. You called me for a reason, and I’m glad you did. Let me get you some water and a facecloth. I’ll be right back.” punctuating it with a squeeze of Dana’s hand.

In awe, Dana’s head hurt. It felt like time had warped. She barely remembered calling Monica, and had a hard time figuring out how she got to the couch. her face was puffy from crying, and her eyes stung with even more tears yet to fall. Monica came back into view with a glass of water and a cool face cloth.

“I hope this is ok, it’s what I try to remember to get when I break down every once in a while” Monica said with a sweet smile. “And it’s what my mom always got me. Works every time!” That last statement subtly turned her smile to a grimace.

Dana nodded and sat alternating between drinking water and pressing the face cloth against her face. Monica was sitting next to her, and though normally Dana would expect her to be uncomfortable, Monica looked right at home, though looking concerned, on the couch.

“Dana, you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to, but I’d be honored to hear. I really care about you and your well-being. Is there something you want to talk about?” Monica said as she turned her body to face Dana.

“Monica, I don’t know where to start. I think all of it, my sadness, anger, grief, fear, is coming out right now. I don’t even know why I’m telling you this, but I think you’re the only one I’m ok with seeing me like this. You’d never think I was a bad mother, even though that’s how I feel right now.” Dana said, confidence and control fading with every word. Her breathing was speeding up.

“Dana, I could never think you are a bad mother. I have seen you give so much love and dedication to William, far more than I myself was shown. You prayed and worked for this miracle baby, and no one else could love a child more than you love William. It will always be that way. I wish you could see that.” Monica slowly and steadily said to Dana so she could hear her, now holding her hands for comfort and emphasis.

“I let him go with my mom overnight! He’s not with me and that’s dangerous! They might take him and hurt my mother! I can’t lose anyone else. Too much has been taken from me and I… I…” Dana was overtaken by sobs again. “How are there so many tears in me?”

Monica took Dana into her embrace again, rubbing circles on her back and rocking them.

“Dana, I’m sure it is extremely difficult to trust anyone after everything you’ve been through. But just for tonight, I’d like you to push Mulder’s paranoia out of your brain. I’ve met your wonderful mother before, and if she is anything like you, William will be safer than any of the government’s deepest secrets.” Monica spoke into her hair.

Dana continued to cry, but seemed to have calmed after what Monica said. It was so hard to push Mulder’s thoughts out of her head because he had become a part of her— so much so that she thought they may have the same thoughts sometimes. But Monica was right. She needed to separate her thoughts from Mulder, even for just one night. And her mother would never let anything happen to William.

“Dana, do you want to order something to eat? Crying usually takes a lot out of me and makes me very hungry. Is there a medical doctor explanation for that?” Monica asked with a smile.

“Monica, I cannot think straight enough to answer medical doctor questions right now” she said and returned the smile. “You can order what you like, I’ll eat anything.”

Monica called a pizza place and ordered the basic cheese. It was going to be here soon. She moved back to the couch and sat down facing Dana.

“What do you want to do? Movie? TV? Music? Just good old girl talk? I’m game for anything. We could sit here and stare at walls, too, if that’s what you want. I’d be happy to join.” Monica asked genuinely.

“Well, I think we could turn on the tv and just talk. I don’t think I could really follow a plot right now. Plus, I don’t really know a lot about you, and I’d like to be aware of who the woman who delivered my baby really is.” Scully suggested.

“Dana, that sounds wonderful” Monica said with a smile and excitement behind her eyes. “What would you like to know?”

They chatted on, only breaking for Monica to receive the pizza at the door. As they ate and sipped on the wine from the bottle Dana had opened earlier, Monica talked about living in Mexico City, being adopted, her days at Brown, her favorite music and movies, dancing at jazz clubs, her time at the FBI so far, New Orleans, being bisexual, and doing peyote in the desert. Dana was shocked throughout all the fun stories she told. They laughed at the silly things, but Dana could see in Monica’s eyes that there was something else about her past laying under the surface. That was for another day, though. She didn’t want to talk about it.

“Dana, now that I’ve spilled my guts, anything interesting about you?” Monica asked as she was doodling on a notepad.

Dana went on about her life traveling around with her navy family, the strict rules at home and acts of rebellion she committed to rebel against them, her sister Melissa, her life as a party girl in college (met with a gasp and a “no way!”), how her size makes her great a keg stands, her secret girlfriends of the past, and her sweet dog Queequeg.

As it got dark, it began to rain. Really rain. Monica and Dana were both getting drowsy. The wine they had been drinking this whole time delivered them to giggly status and not physically sick status.

“Monica, thank you for being such a wonderful friend. I really appreciate it soooooo so much” Dana proclaimed with a smile as they were sitting next to each other on the couch again, a similar image to earlier but a lot happier.

“Right back at youuu Dana!” Monica said as she yawned.

“Don’t go home. It’s rainy and you’re tipsy and it’s late.” Dana said in an alarmed tone.

“Ok.” Monica whispered “goodnight Dayyyyna. Love youuuuuu”

Dana laughed at the way Monica said “youuuuuuu”. It reminded her of the whale noises she made in that abandoned building in that ghost town where she had given birth to William. She thought that Monica was so crazy. But now she sort of thinks she might be the most sane.

Monica realized she was drunk. She thought of herself as a “medium weight” in terms of drinking, but apparently not tonight. things were shifting side to side.

“Enigmatic Dr Dana Scully, where do I sleep?” Monica asked.

Seeing how clearly wasted Monica was, Dana wrapped her arm around her and pulled her towards her bedroom. Sitting her down on her bed, Dana said,


Monica looked shocked and protested “noooo! I can’t that’s rude!”

Dana pulled down a sheet and Monica looked. At the sheet. Back at Dana. And then got under the covers. She looked up at Dana and said

“Where are you though?”

“I’ll be next to you, I’m not sleeping on the couch. Don’t try anything!”she said jokingly. Monica giggled until she fell asleep.

As Dana got into her pajamas and slipped under the blanket, she heard Monica’s even breaths. The same ones she had heard earlier during her emotional crisis. Turning off the light, she laid down and got a good night’s sleep.

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Word Count: 1,071
Prompt: Modern AU
Day: 25/28
Note: This is a non-COVID modern au cause… I think we all need that, to be honest. Feeling a little nostalgic for campus life right about now. Fo4F is almost over! Time flies.

It was late, the surrounding area covered in a thick fog that made it hard to see where any buildings were. Sole was lucky they had memorized the area. They clutched at the warm drink in their hands like it was a lifeline as they took careful steps, desperately afraid they were going to trip and fall on their ass. There were stones coming loose every other step in the path just waiting to take them down.

They nearly stepped dead in their tracks when they heard footsteps behind them. It wasn’t too uncommon, considering this wasn’t exactly their property, but God was it unnerving, considering the fact that they were practically blind in the weather. They shifted the strap of their bag higher on their shoulder and glanced around before they forced themself to walk a little faster, despite the dread. Their destination was so close, yet so far.

By the time they got to the main plaza of campus the footsteps were speeding up and finally caught up with them. In the overhead lamplight, the mist cleared and revealed a familiar face. “God, were you trying to give me a heart attack?” They yelled under their breath, sighing at the sight.

Piper smiled back at them sheepishly. “Sorry. I was trying to catch up but you walk fast.” She greeted them with an apologetic shrug.

Sole wanted to pretend to be keeping a grudge, but they simply couldn’t. Piper was too sweet to them; they were taking night classes at the local college together and with the overlaps in their schedules they seemed to be getting closer every day. Sole rolled their eyes. “Not my fault you’re short.” They teased back.

Piper let out an exaggerated, offended gasp and pressed a hand against her chest. Always the comedian. She was clutching her own thermos, Sole noticed, tea presumably. “Did you get the midterm update?” 

Sole froze with their cup in front of their mouth. Had they checked the app lately? They should’ve, somewhere between rushing their essay last minute and shoving half a stale muffin in their mouth to pass as dinner before they forced themself to face their upcoming evening class. No, they hadn’t checked. Piper guessed this by the way they were staring at her in horror. “Don’t worry, it got moved back a week. Maybe you can actually study that way.” She started walking, continuing to class.

They were quick to take a few long strides and catch up. “Yeah, sure, look who’s talking. Besides, last minute is my superpower. It gets done, doesn’t it?”

“By some miracle.” 

Sole couldn’t help but glance at Piper a little too often. She was bundled up in her burgundy coat, scarf wrapped tightly around her neck to hide her skin from the cold. Her fingerless gloves barely covered enough of her hands to keep them warm, but it seemed whatever was heating up her thermos was compensating for that. They wanted to reach out and peel her hands away to warm them up with their breath, but they weren’t sure if that was weird. Definitely not the time to overthink. Instead, they buried themself further in their own scarf and followed quietly in Piper’s footsteps.

The walk to their building was shorter than ideal and they climbed the stairs together, sharing glances to silently complain about how ridiculous the steep steps were getting. They trailed in, one after the other, to their English composition class and settled in the back, spreading out their notebooks and homework, the quiet shuffle of sheets of paper filling the silence in the room. 

Piper unravelled her scarf from around her neck with a sigh and slung it over the back of her chair before kicking her legs up onto Sole’s lap. Sole rolled their eyes but caught her legs by the ankles and propped them up properly, long used to Piper’s antics during their evening classes; she was exhausted from her internship at the local newspaper and needed what rest she could get. If that was ten minute naps when they arrived early to class, so be it. They settled into their usual rhythm, organizing their work, as time ticked by to the start of class.

The room emptied with a bustling movement, everyone shoving their work back into their bags, minds fretting over the lack of time and the new assignments. Piper pulled her legs off Sole’s lap and they nearly missed the weight until they thought about the fact that they could go home. They’d already quietly packed their stuff, not trying to draw attention to themself with the process, but bored by the last few minutes that were crawling by and made an attempt to keep busy. Therefore, they simply watched as Piper gathered her stuff and pulled her scarf and coat back on.

The walk back downstairs was oddly tense for the pair. Usually, they would chatter about the new work they had and how college may be a struggle but at least it was fun sometimes. Instead, the silence took over, louder than any of the conversations the other students were having. When they finally made it to the bottom of the staircase, Piper broke the silence. “So, um. I don’t know if I really got what he was talking about today.” She laughed, scratching the back of her neck.

Sole looked over at her in surprise. Usually, she was the one dragging them through the class by teaching them everything all over again. “Oh. Do you wanna talk about it?”

“Um, yeah!” Piper seemed to jump on that. “We should get coffee or something and study together. I think I’ll get it better if you explain it to me, y’know?”

They suppressed the flustered smile that was emerging on their face and looked down at the ground, biting their lip hard. They nodded for a moment before looking back at Piper, rocking on their heels nervously. “That sounds great. Are you free tomorrow?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect. It’s a date! Uh-” She seemed to realize what she’d said a little too late. “A study date. Or not a date. Um, if that’s weird. We’re studying.”

Sole laughed quietly and stepped forward, reaching up to adjust how Piper’s scarf sat over her shoulders. When it was shifted to their liking, contrasting nicely with the way her cheeks flushed, they met her eyes again. “It’s a date.” They replied softly.

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