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Tumblr media
iwaizumi has never once forgotten a date.
oikawa's always told him it makes him sound weird and robotic—that no one remembers the exact day they broke their first bone or had their first kiss, iwa. that memories pass and days fade and you're not meant to remember the exact date of every little thing, but, if he's being completely honest, iwaizumi kind of likes it.
he's never forgotten a date, and so today, your birthday, is really no exception.
granted, he didn't expect himself to be standing at your front porch with a little piece of paper stuffed in his pocket today—but facetime just didn't seem like enough and he couldn't stomach the idea of you getting your birthday gift from the postman, so here he is.
"hajime?" you hover in the doorway, eyeing him, and for a moment, he thinks this might have been an incredibly stupid idea. "what are you doing here?"
"your birthday," he breathes. "i didn't wanna miss it."
and you laugh, "so you came all the way here?"
"so i came all the way here, yeah." he stands there for a moment, hoping to gauge some kind of reaction out of you, but he's caught between shock and horror, so that isn't really doing him any good.
"you really didn't have to"
"i know, i just," he hesitates, digging around in his pocket for a moment before he fishes out the paper. "i really wanted to hear your voice and i really wanted to give this to you in person and i really didn't want you to think i forgot, so here."
normally, he would curse himself for the word vomit, but right now he's a little busy thrusting an envelope into your hands for him to bring himself to care.
"oh-" you hold the letter between your fingers, twisting the little opening of the envelope in your hands. "what is it?"
and he eyes you.
"okay, yeah, yeah i have to open it to find out. you don't even have to say it," you say, and he chokes out a little laugh.
"at least you figured it out, i guess." he watches you sink your fingers beneath the little cover, unfolding the sheets in your hands and, he really considers telling you to wait until later to read it. he doesn't.
"babe?" you ask, and you look like you could cry. "did you write me a love letter for my birthday?"
he did. it's brief, incredibly so, and he's not sure he said anything that he was trying to say, but it's in his handwriting and it's in your hands, so he's not sure he could take it back now if he tried. truthfully, judging by the way your eyes spill across the words, holding the little letter in shaky hands, he's not so sure he'd want to either.
"something like that," he shrugs. "just—don't make fun of me if it sounds stupid."
"hajime," you start.
"or do, i guess, it doesn't really matter and it's your birthday so whatever makes you happy—"
"haji." he pauses.
"sorry, what?"
and you kiss him. it's a crash of lips and a crinkle of paper and the joining of the both of you on your little doorstep. it's the twisting of breaths and the ache of reunion and happy birthday whispered across your tongue.
you kiss him, and when you're finished, and your lips are sucking in every little twist of air they can muster, you kiss him again. you kiss him until his lungs ache—until his being is as much yours as it is his own, until the rain starts coming down too hard and you're both too soaked to think and you're pulling him inside by the wrist, so you can take him to your room and stare at his handwriting a little more.
you kiss him, and iwaizumi realizes at that moment that really, really likes remembering dates, especially if they're for you.
Tumblr media
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Harry Styles Masterlist
Tumblr media
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Key: [*=smut] [^=ddlg]
Ruin*[2*][3*][4*] - YN goes in for her first gynaecology exam. She doesn’t expect things to end up this way [Doctor!H]
Safe Landing* - Harry is a pilot who has lived in his apartment for the past three years. He’s lived peacefully with a floor to himself until YN came along, who is loud and talks too much, the thin walls not doing much to drown out the noises from her apartment [Neighbour!H]
Too Fucking Far* [2*] [3*] - YN takes teasing way too far, so Harry decides to give her a taste of her own medicine
One Shots
Something New* - Harry is eating YN out and his tongue goes someplace unexpected
Take It Slow* - Just some slow, gentle loving between Harry and his wife
Pinned* - In which YN can feel Harry the deepest she’s ever felt him
Mile High Club* - Harry fucks YN on their private jet, but they're not alone
Bruises* - After putting Sage to bed for the night, Harry and YN indulge in some private time [Dad!H]
Jasmine* - YN is sick and tired of Harry’s temporary secretary [CEO!H]
Interruptions* - Harry and YN are trying to have alone time, but their babies get in the way of that [CEO!H]
A Bad Day* - YN has a bad day and Harry does everything in his power to make it better [CEO!H]
Fix Me* - When YN has troubes with her garbage disposal and her dad doesn't answer, she calls the only other person she trusts [DBF!H]
Filthy* - YN's love for teasing gets her in an interesting situation with her parents just down the hall [DBF!H]
Keep Reading* - Harry fingers YN while she reads to him [Roommate!H]
Sunflower* - In which YN loves little yellow flowers and Harry loves that about her [Bestfriend!H]
One* - After YN teases Harry all day, he puts her in her place. Neither of them know that the night will end in deep passion [Cheater!H]
Right Under Your Nose* - Harry fucks YN in the bathroom of their parents’ engagement party [Stepbro!H]
Roadtrip Rendezvous* - YN and Harry go on a trip in the mountains while his wife is on a business trip [Cheater!H] (coming soon)
Seeing Red - Harry takes care of YN after she gets her period in their bed [CEO!H]
My Assistant? - One of Harry’s employees sexualize and disrespect YN, thinking she’s his assistant [CEO!H]
First Mother's Day - Harry and Sage surprise YN with breakfast in bed for her first Mother’s Day [Dad!H]
Bonding - Harry bonding with his wife and baby [Dad!H]
Soft - Harry gets emotional watching his wife spend time with their baby [Dad!H]
Sweet Creature - Harry helps YN out with a particularly bad period [Roommate!H]
Locked Doors* - Harry fucks YN while her boyfriend is right downstairs [FWB!H]
Knock Next Time* - Harry’s temporary secretary walks in on him and YN [CEO!H]
Irresistible* - Harry can never keep his hands off his wife. Not even long enough to let her cook dinner [CEO!H]
Reflect* - Harry fingers YN in the mirror [CEO!H]
Surprise?* - Harry finds out YN can squirt [CEO!H]
Stuffed* - Harry breeds YN [CEO!H]
Behind The Screen* - Harry has been ignoring YN all day, so she takes matters into her own hands [CEO!H]
Beg* - YN takes on the dominant role for the night [CEO!H]
Good Morning* - Harry wakes YN up by eating her out [CEO!H]
Brat* - YN has been acting up all day so Harry puts her in her place [CEO!H]
Worked Up* - Harry fucks YN in the conference room after an intense meeting [CEO!H]
Reversed* - YN gives Harry a prostate massage [CEO!H]
Bored* - Harry and YN are bored out of their minds at a business dinner. Luckily, they have the perfect thing to spice the night up [CEO!H]
Don’t Stop* - Harry fingers YN while she’s on a phone call [CEO!H]
Behave* - YN doesn’t know how to act, so Harry teaches her [CEO!H]
On-call Room* - Harry and YN indulge in some time alone in an on-call room [Doctor!H]
Filled* - Harry fucks YN in his apartment and cums inside of her [Neighbour!H]
Caught* - Harry catches YN touching herself, resulting in her riding his thigh [Roommate!H]
Tiger* - YN rides Harry’s tiger tattoo [DBF!H]
Fed Up - YN is sick of being disrespected [Mafia!H]
Goodnight, Petal - Harry takes care of YN when she has a bit too much to drink [Bestfriend!H]
Horrible Timing - YN catches Harrys secretary trying to seduce him on a particularly bad day [CEO!H]
How Many? - YN and Harry go to their first ultrasound appointment. They’re shocked at what they find out [CEO!H]
Meet My Wife - An employee flirts Harry him right in front of YN not knowing she’s his wife. She makes sure she knows by the time she leaves [CEO!H]
Always - A sweet, intimate night between Harry and YN to show that their love will never fade [CEO!H]
What’s Wrong? - In the middle of a meeting, one of Harry and YN’s babies call him crying, sending him into panic mode [CEO!H]
Miserable - H takes care of YN on her period
Cover Up - Mitch covers for Harry in an unfortunate situation [Stepdad!H]
Air It Out* - Harry walks in at an unfortunate time but he makes up for it
Pick A Number*^ - “How many times do you want to cum?”
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jealousy | rindou haitani
Tumblr media
a/n: I got multiple requests for Rindou fluff, so here! Enjoyyyv<33
character: rindou haitani (obviously)
tw: cursing, slight suggestive content
Tumblr media
Rindou isn’t one to get jealous.
Sure, he gets pissed off if someone blatantly tries to flirt with you, but that’s it. And frankly that’s very reasonable. For the most part he simply has enough trust in you that he never has a reason to get jealous, at least not unreasonably jealous.
But something about the way you were talking about this guy really pissed him off…
“My god! His arms are just so hot! They’re just so defined” Rindou listened to you say to your friend who you called just to talk about this guy.
“Defined?” Rindou muttered, looking down at his own arms. “I think my arms pretty defined!”
Frankly, Rindou was getting rather annoyed. You were absolutely fawning over this guy, whom he didn’t even know. You were blushing and gripping onto the part of your shirt where your heart was. You went on and on about this guy, and Rindou was not having it.  He just hated that look in your eyes, the very look you give when you talk about him to other people.
Why weren’t you talking about him?
Of course, the moment your phone call ended, Rindou dramatically entered the room, pointed at you, and asked DOZENS of questions regarding this mysterious man.
“Who is he?! Why does he have such nice arms?! What does he look like?!” Rindou asked over and over again.
It was only natural you answered, and well…that only made things a billion times worse. You went on for ages about this guy, which only pissed your boyfriend off more.
“He just has really nice arms!” you replied. “They’re super veiny, muscular, and strong. God, his s/o is a really lucky, they get to sleep in those arms every night!”
By this point, Rindou was fuming. You couldn’t help but crack a smile at the face he was making. His lips were pressed into a thin line, and his eyes glared at you, and the wall as you continued. Hell, you could practically see smoke come out from his ears.
“What’s so special ‘bout him?” Rindou practically growled.
“He has luscious blonde and blue hair that fall perfectly around his face, and he’s got one hell of jawline” you continued, gushing. “He’s got these beautiful violet eyes, and the looks he gives…they make me melt!”
You glanced at your boyfriend again, only to see a look that screamed ‘I’m gonna kill someone’. You on the other hand, were trying to keep yourself from laughing. You were shocked that he hadn’t picked up on who you were talking about.
Either he was so mad that he wasn’t processing things right, or he wasn’t as smart as you thought.
You continued, hoping he would catch on. “He seems kinda cold, but deep down he’s really generous and kind. He’s so mysterious too, and you know how much that turns me on”
Rindou only rolled his eyes, crossed his arms, and turned away from you. Clearly, he was shunning you.
“He’s plays a huge roll in a gang too! How badas-“
“I’ve heard enough” Rindou finally cut you off. Your smile only widened as he still didn’t realize who you were talking about. It was hilarious!
Rindou didn’t think this whole thing was so fun though. He thought the complete opposite. In fact, he was getting ready to storm off, but you ran up to him just in time and stopped him.
“Rin…don’t you at least wanna know who I’m talking about?” you questioned, grabbing and leaning your head against his arm. Innocently, you looked up at him, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist that.
Once again, he rolled his eyes and groaned. “Go ahead”
Walking in front of him, you grabbed his hand and rubbed your thumb across it. Then, you entwined your fingers through his and led him to the large, full body mirror in your bedroom.
You pointed right at him and whispered in his ear. “He’s right there dumbass”
Then, you kissed the side of his mouth and walked away, leaving Rindou standing in front of the mirror, covering his mouth while he tried to pretend, he wasn’t blushing. He couldn’t help but let a smile creep through, and he was already coming up with ways to trick you too.
After all, you won this time, but you wouldn’t win the next. Rindou would be sure to get back at you!
Until then, you got to bask in the sight of Rindou smiling and blushing at his words, like he was a little girl with his first crush.
He must really love you, huh?
Tumblr media
masterlist || reblogs are very appreciated <33
Tumblr media
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Honey Flower
Floriography – The Language of Flowers 
Andy Barber x Fem!Reader 
Summary: You knew that getting involved with a married man wasn’t the smartest choice. But the love you held for Andy made all the pain worth it. Wasn't it? 
Word Count: 7k 
Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Smut (P in V, Fem receiving oral), Cheating (Not on reader), Swearing, Drinking, Marriage problems, Divorce, Age gap (Specific ages not mentioned), Mention of pregnancy. I think that is all but let me know if I missed anything. This is 18+ only. Minors DNI. 
(A/N: This is my entry for @starryevermore's Welcome to Angst City™ Writing Challenge. I honestly don’t know how good this I so any feedback is welcome. Please do not copy my work. Reblogs are welcome. 
Prompts: How Do You Say ‘Fuck You’ In Flowers? + Fifth Floor + Chris’ Pretty Boys: Andy Barber) 
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Tumblr media
You have always loved flowers. Believing that there is more to them that then actual blossom. The Victorians used to use flowers as a way of communication. They would gift each other flowers to send a message. You studied floriography from a youthful age. Fascinated by how flowers could mean so much. They weren’t just for romance. The yellow hyacinth meant jealousy, the orange mock meant deceit and the trumpet flower meant separation.  
Flowers could also be given platonically, between mother and child or between friends. Pussy willow meant motherhood, moss meant maternal love and freesia meant trust or friendship. Working as a florist was magical to say the least. You watched as people tried to woo each other. You saw how people begged for forgiveness. Being able to make different arrangements for different circumstances was always a joy. Weddings, proposals, begging for forgiveness. There were also some not so great, arrangements for example funerals or when one person was dishonest with another.  
You grew up in England, living in the countryside, near the fields where wild flowers grew. Your favourites being daisies, which meant innocence or gentleness, asters which were a symbol of love and ivy which meant wedded love. Marriage. Something you had always wanted.  
When you were in your mid-twenties you moved to Massachusetts. Your Grandfather was sick and was requesting your presence. You barely knew him and only had met him a few times as a kid, but who were you to deny a dying man his final wishes. Turns out your Grandfather was fairly rich. Nothing dramatic but when he did eventually pass on he left you enough to start your own floristry shop in Newton.  
Your parents were going to stay in America too, to be closer to the family you grew up without. So, you decided to accept the money and open your shop ‘Floriography.’ You sold all kinds of flowers, each with the meaning provided. You hoped that when people came in that they would appreciate the knowing what the flowers meant. There was a small apartment above the shop where you could stay. Everything was going perfect in your life.  
‘Floriography’ was popular. Many people came in for their anniversaries and were so impressed that they often came back. Every bouquet you made was made with love. No two were the same. You wanted to make sure that each bouquet was personal and met the customer’s needs.  
About four months after you opened, a man walked in, and you were instantly intrigued. He was tall with dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He walked with confidence in an expensive suit but there was some sense of calmness around him. You instantly felt intimidated by him he obviously held some kind of power. He walked up to the desk where you were standing, working on a bouquet of pink roses (perfect happiness) for an anniversary and was patiently waiting for your attention. 
You smiled up at him and asked him to just wait a second as you put the final additions on the bouquet before you gave him your full attention.  
“How can I help you?” You smiled trying not to give away your nervousness. 
“I just came in to have a look, you see my wife has been stressed lately and I wanted to get her something to cheer her up.” His voice was silky and calm.  
“Well, I can make you a custom bouquet for her if you like.” I offered. I had seen this many times a husband coming in to cheer up their partner. 
“Would you mind?” He asked hopefully. “I noticed that you have the meanings of each flower written down so I assume you would know how I can express my appreciation of her?” 
I was more than happy to help him. It reminded me of why I enjoyed my job so much. 
“Of course, well I could use a wild pansy, which means ‘you occupy my thoughts”? Or calla lilies which means ‘magnificent beauty’?” 
He interrupted you. “She does like calla lilies, and they have a great meaning.” His accent coming through strongly compared to your British one. 
“Well, they would look lovely with a little holly, which means domestic happiness. And forgive me if I am overstepping here, but as you are in my shop purely to cheer her up I believe that holly would be appropriate.” 
He let out a small chuckle. “You are not overstepping and yes I would like to this we live in ‘domestic happiness.’ Well, you’re the expert so I will leave it to you.” 
“That’s great. So, I will have these ready for collection tomorrow if you would like to collect them? If not fill out this card and I can deliver them for you.” I smiled at him. 
“I’ll collect them after work tomorrow if that’s okay. I think coming straight from me will mean more to her. Anyway, thank you so much for your help I really appreciate this.” He grinned at me. “I’ll see you tomorrow…” he looked down at the name tag on my apron “…Y/N” 
“I’ll see you then.”  
He walked out of the shop and back down the street. I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding in. Occupying yourself with getting ready to prepare his bouquet. 
The next day at around 7:30pm, half an hour before you closed, the man came in to collect his bouquet. It was calla lilies separated and decorated with a little holly, so not to take the attention away from the centre. You wrapped a light pink ribbon around it and tucked your small business card in the ribbon.  
The look on the man’s face was everything you hoped for. Working in floristry helped you read people’s emotions. Whether they liked your flowers or wanted an adjustment, the hopefulness that their significant other would appreciate them and, the least used one, whether they would want to come back again. 
“These are beautiful!” The man complimented me. I smiled in return and offered them to him. He took them in his large hands, admiring them.  
“I hope your wife likes them.” You grinned. It filled you with joy to see someone happy with your creation.  
“I think she will, thank you so much. I might just come back.” He looked at you as he spoke. He had an authoritative voice which intimidated you slightly, but you remained professional.  
“I hope you do. Enjoy your evening…” You smiled at him, hinting that you was yet to find out his name. 
“Andy. Andy Barber.” He said softly. “Have a good night.”  
I watched as he walked out of my shop again. You were intrigued and intimidated by him. He was obviously caring if not he wouldn’t have bought flowers for his wife. He also spoke to you in a gentle voice, he was appreciative of you despite your short encounters. However, you could tell he could be firm when he wanted to be.  
Andy came in often after buying his first bunch of flowers. Sometimes he used red chrysanthemums which meant ‘I love you’ or multicoloured roses which meant ‘you’re everything to me.’ Few times he had used tulips which symbolise love and passion. 
A few months later Andy came back but this time he had someone with him. It was Mother’s day coming up and Andy had brought his son Jacob in to buy some flowers for his mother. Your heart fluttered at the gesture. Even though you see this all the time, there was something about Andy bringing his son in. You now knew that Andy was the Assistant District Attorney. As you were from England, you weren’t entirely sure on the ins and outs of his job, however, you knew he was a lawyer and an important one at that. 
There was something about seeing Andy so domesticated that you liked. You had to admit to yourself that you were in fact attracted to this kind man. Despite your attraction you respected the laws of marriage too much to allow it to go any further than a crush.  
As soon as you looked up, your eyes met Andy’s. You smiled gently and moved round the counter to greet them. You noticed Jacob looking around at different flowers before turning to you. 
“Do you know the meaning to all flowers?” He asked, obviously noticing the labels you had set out. 
“Well, most of them I do. What are you looking for?” You asked him gently. He just looked around again not answering you. Andy spoke up instead. 
“Something for Laurie for Mother’s day” 
You nodded and had a think. Andy had bought bunches of flowers from you for months. You looked around as you did and started to imagine the different flowers as bunches. 
“How about some carnations. They mean love, platonic or romantic. They are often used for Mother’s day?” You suggested. You looked at Jacob who didn’t have a clue at what you was going on about. “Or just roses again they mean love and can often being used as gifts to Mums.” 
Andy looked at Jacob who shrugged his shoulders. “I’ll let you think about it. It’s an important decision to make.” You smiled at them and went back behind the counter working on a different bouquet. After a minute Jacob came up to me looking nervous. 
“Um.. can I have a bouquet of carnations please?” He asked.  
“Sure” You smiled back. “I’ll have them ready by tomorrow morning” 
“Thank you.” Andy came forward to pay before thanking me and him and Jacob went to exit. 
Two months after Mother’s day, you had just closed the shop and went upstairs for the evening. After a meal you sat on your sofa with a glass of wine. There was a movie on, but you couldn’t think of what the title was, you weren’t really paying attention to it as you were dozing off.  
When you woke up again it was to your phone going off. However, it was not your personal phone, but your work phone. Usually, you would turn it off after work, but you had been so tired that it slipped your mind. Getting up you go to look at the phone. It comes up as a random number, which isn’t surprising since it is the one on your business card. 
“Hello?” You ask, trying to be polite but looking at the clock you realise that it is gone one in the morning.  
“Y/N? It’s Andy.” You could tell he was drunk. His words were slurred, and he sounded upset. 
“Andy? Do you know what time it is?” 
“I know and I am sorry, but I don’t know what else to do.” he sounded vulnerable. 
“What’s happened Andy?” You barely knew the guy and he is calling you at stupid-o’clock in the morning. 
“It’s… Laurie has been cheating on me. For months now. Apparently, it’s my fault.” He choked out. 
“I’m really sorry to hear that Andy.” You tried to be sympathetic towards him, but you were still confused as to why he was calling you. 
“Y/N I know I am drunk, and I know you won’t believe me, but I am actually relieved. I am relieved because I think… I think that I am falling in love with you.” 
“Andy, you’re right, you’re drunk, and I don’t believe you. You need to get some rest. Do you have somewhere to stay?” You don’t know why you are worried about him; you hardly know him; and he just drunk called you to confess his love for you after his wife cheated on him. 
“No, but I am outside your flower store.” You ran over to the window and saw him standing outside of the phone to you. 
“Hang on, I’ll get some shoes on.” Staying on the phone to him, you got on some shoes and ran down to let him in. 
“Andy why are you here?” You asked. He started sobbing. You could smell the alcohol on him. 
“Why wasn’t I good enough? Why did she have to cheat on me?” He wrapped his arms around you as he cried uncontrollably. 
“I don’t know Andy, come on let’s get you inside.” You lead him up the stairs to the flat above. 
“I know I am drunk, but I mean it. I really like you Y/N, but I never wanted to do anything to jeopardize my marriage. I suppose now it does not matter anymore. I have nothing else to lose.” He confessed.  
When Andy walked into your shop for the first time you were unbelievably attracted to him but the minute, he mentioned his wife you backed off. Not allowing yourself the pleasure of letting your crush grow. However, now here he was, Andy Barber, standing in your living room after admitting he liked you.  
“Andy…” You sighed, “You’re drunk and hurt, and well within your rights to be both right now. So, I am not going to take your words to heart right now. Instead, I am going to get you a glass of water and some painkillers for the morning alright?” He nodded in response. 
You moved round you kitchen getting what you needed from there before heading to the airing cupboard to grab some extra pillows and blankets.  
“Okay,” You started as you went back into the living room, to see Andy sitting on the sofa head in his hands before you busied myself with sorting everything out. “I got you what you might need. My room is the one on the right if you need anything.” You looked towards him when I didn’t get a response. “Andy are you gonna be okay?” You asked. 
“I’m sorry Y/N, I shouldn’t have come here.” 
“What do you mean?” 
“I shouldn’t be here at this time, we’re not friends, you hardly know me, I show up at one thirty in the morning, confess that my wife cheated on me, confess my love for you and you are still being nice to me. Most people would have told me to fuck off by now.” 
“Okay, first of all I am glad you came here, rather than wandering the streets drunk off your arse in the middle of the night. Secondly, we might not be close friends, but we have met enough times for me to care what happens to you. Third of all, I don’t know if your love confession is because you are drunk or not but if you remember it by the morning we can talk about it. Lucky for you I am one of the few people that wouldn’t have told you to fuck off.” You smiled at him. He nodded in return before settling down on the couch. 
“Night Andy.” You turned the light off as you walked away, hearing a small ‘night’ in return. 
When you woke up in the morning you remembered that you had Andy Barber sleeping on your couch. Quickly getting up and ready for the day, you made your way to the living room where you saw him pacing the floor. All the blankets were folded neatly and put at the end of the sofa. Andy hadn’t noticed you come in yet and he was still pacing. 
“Andy?” You asked quietly, so that you didn’t startle him. It didn’t work very well as he jumped slightly as the sound of your voice. 
“Y/N. Hi” he breathed. He was clearly nervous, and you couldn’t work out if it were because he had no recollection of last night and he basically woke up in a strangers house, or if it was because he remembered enough from last night and was dreading the inevitable conversation. 
“I wanted to apologize.” Andy said. “I came he unannounced and uninvited at a ridiculous hour and I am sorry for that.” 
“You don’t have to be sorry Andy; you were in a right state last night and I am glad you came here instead of doing something you would of regretted.” I empathised with him. 
“It’s just, I didn’t know what else to do… you don’t want to hear about my problems.” He sat down from pacing, and you sat down next to him. 
“You can tell me Andy.” 
“I don’t have any family apart from Laurie and Jacob. When I found another man’s shirt under the bed along with her smelling of another man’s cologne, I had no one else to turn to. All my friends are Laurie’s, and I don’t want to have to put them in that position.” 
“I get that Andy. And I don’t blame you for not wanting to put your friends in between you two.” You took a second as you braced yourself for what you were going to ask next. “Do you remember what you told me last night?” You couldn’t look at him. 
“Did you mean it?” 
You looked up at him to find that his bright blue eyes were looking into you Y/E/C’s. 
“Now that I am sober I am going to tell you again. You are not going to avoid the question I ask this time.” He whispered. You could feel his breath on your face, it still smelt slightly like alcohol, but you could tell he was no longer drunk. 
“Y/N. I really like you. Do you have any feelings for me?”  
You nodded your head. 
“Words princess.” 
The nickname sent a shiver down your spine. 
“Yes. I do.” 
“I’m gonna kiss you now. If you don’t want me to, all you have to tell me is to stop.” He looked directly into your eyes as he leant forward even closer to you than he already was. 
You didn’t say anything as he brushed his lips against yours. He pulled away slightly evaluating your reaction before coming towards you again kissing you with much more force. 
He ran his tongue across your bottom lip, silently asking for entrance. You allowed him to slip his tongue into your mouth before yours started to dance with it. You wrapped your arms around his neck to bring him closer. His hands went to your hips and pulled you to sit on his lap. You kissed for what seemed like hours before you pulled apart. Both of you realising that oxygen was necessary. 
“God I have wanted to do that since the day I met you.” He confessed. He looked at you with vulnerability. 
“So have I Andy.” You had barely finished your sentences before his lips were on yours again. Kissing you with even more passion than before, he slid his hands under your thighs and lifted you up. He continued kissing you as he made his way to your bedroom.  
Once he entered, he laid you down on the bed, hovering over you as your mouths stayed connected. After a minute or two, Andy moved his lips down your neck, sucking on the sweet spot just below your ear, making you moan his name. 
“This doesn’t have to go any further than this sweetheart.” Andy reassured.  
“I want you Andy.” You whispered pulling Andy closer. You knew this was wrong, he was still married and had only caught his wife the night before, you didn’t even know if they were officially separated. Although, with Andy sucking on the skin of your neck, you couldn’t think clearly. Moving his lips down, you started moaning holding him by his hair. He sat up and pulled you up with him, he took his shirt of before lifting yours off as well.  
You weren’t wearing a bra, so your top half was completely exposed to him. You automatically moved your hands around your breasts, suddenly feeling self-conscious. However, he at once moved your hands and whispered a quiet “You’re beautiful” before laying you back down to remove your sleep shorts. You were now in your underwear, whilst Andy still had is trousers on. You moved your hands down and tugged at his trousers hinting at him to take them off. 
He understood what you wanted and wasted no time in taking them off. He hovered back over you, kissing up your legs on his way back up. Andy pressed a kiss to your clothed heat. Your breath shuddered as he did this and you lifted your head to see him smirking before repeating the action. 
Andy hooked his fingers in your panties before slowing removing them too. He moved back up and positioned his face back in front of your mound. “You ready Flower?” You let out a shaky breath at the nickname but answered with a small ‘yes’. That’s all Andy needed before he started eating you out like a starved man. Immediately you started moaning his name repeatedly. It didn’t take long for you to finish. The slight beard burn and Andy’s hands slowing rubbing you thighs is what sent you over the edge. You practically screamed Andy’s name as he carried on through you high.  
When you came down again you lifted your head back up and looked him in the eye as he crawled back up towards you. He kissed you hard again, teeth clashing and a mix of your release and saliva evidently present as you are desperate to be close to each other. You don’t even notice as he shimmies his boxers down his legs. You suddenly feel his hard length against your leg which causes your breathe to hitch for what seems like the hundredth time. Your lips parts but stay close together as you look into each other’s eyes.  
You feel him adjusting his cock and then slowly pushing into you. Your lips collide again, the kisses becoming sloppy as Andy waited a few minutes for you to get used to him. Eventually he moved. Slowly, moving in and out. 
“Harder, Andy please…” Your whispered breathlessly before moaning loudly. You hear him grunt as he picks up the pace. He moves his hands to cup your face and you wrap your legs around his waist. Loud moans of each other’s names and the banging of the headboard against the wall is all that can be heard in the room. Andy gets quicker and moves one of his hands down to your clit and starts rubbing it. 
“Cum for me Flower.” The name along with the hoarse sound of his voice sends you over the edge. Screaming his name repeatedly. Eventually, you come down from your second high of the morning he pulled out and released on your stomach shouting your name. Andy rolls off of you and lays next to you. He links his hand in yours as he looks over at you. Feeling his eyes on you, you turn your head. 
“That was…” He started. 
“Amazing? Yeah it was. But your married.” You sighed and looked away. Andy rolled on to his side and brought his hand to your cheek, gently tilting your head to face him. 
“Yes I am. I won’t be for much longer. You have nothing to feel bad about.” 
“You’re not going to try and work things out with Laurie?” You asked shocked. 
“I don’t think so no. It wasn’t a one-night thing for her. She had been cheating on me for months. I thought she was stressed with work, instead she was sleeping with someone else. For months I was buying her flowers, helping her out more, picking Jacob up from school, all to help her relax. In return she was using my kindness to hurt me. If she had a one-night stand then maybe, we could work something out. But now? No.” He confessed. 
“What about just now? Was that a one-time thing?” You asked. “I don’t want to be someone you used to get revenge on your wife.” You suddenly felt insecure. You couldn’t help the thoughts of being used. 
“I need you to hear me Y/N. I don’t want you to think I this was a one-time thing. Unless you don’t want this, then I’ll leave. I need you to know that I want you. Walking into your store was one of the best things that has happened to me recently.” 
You started tearing up slightly. “Of course, I want you Andy. I just don’t want to be a rebound or a revenge plan.” 
“I can assure you Flower that you are not a rebound or a revenge plan.” He smiled, thumb tracing over your lip. You gently kissed his thumb before leaning up and brushing your lips against his. 
For months, you kept your affair under wraps. Despite Andy’s constant promises that he was going to divorce Laurie, nothing ever happened. He kept telling you that he wanted to divorce her strategically, that he didn’t love her anymore and that he was just waiting for the right moment. 
However, it seemed like the ‘right moment’ never came.  
Apart from your secret rendezvous, you barely saw Andy. Every so often you would run into each other at the grocery store or outside the shop. But nothing more than a glance was ever exchanged.  
One day, you were finishing up in the shop and about to close when you heard the bell ring above the door. Turning around you spot Andy, although, before you are able to greet him you see a slightly shorter brunette woman standing next to him with her arm linked around his. Despite never meeting Laurie before you knew that she must be her. 
To make matters worse, she seemed really kind, and it took you a minute to stop feeling guilt for sleeping with her husband, reminding yourself that she cheated first. 
“Mr Barber, I was just about to close. What can I do for you.” You asked Andy. However, before he could respond Laurie jumped in. 
“Well, our anniversary is coming up and I just loved the arrangements you made for us before and had to come for myself.” Laurie said in a cheerful tone. You glanced one more time at Andy and noticed that compared to his wife, he looked utterly miserable. 
“Alright, so what kind of flowers were you thinking?” You asked her. Swallowing down the lump that had formed in your throat. 
“I think I’ll look around first. I noticed you have the meaning of each flower which is such a unique idea.” You nodded informing the seemingly happy couple that you had a few things to sort out in the back and that you would be with them in a minute. 
A you went through to the back room you couldn’t stop the tears flowing. You know that you had no right to be upset. You, after all, were the other woman. However, everything that Andy had told you over these last months, seemed to be empty words. Why else would he have brought his wife into your shop. 
You composed yourself and wiped your tears away. Checking yourself in a small mirror that you had hung on the wall. Luckily, the slight redness in your eyes could be explained away with tiredness. Going back out into the shop you saw the concerned look Andy you, but you chose to ignore it. Laurie had finished browsing and was waiting patiently by the counter.  
“So, I know it is a different idea but how do you think pink roses and lavender would go together?” Laurie asked you. You tried to envision it and if you were being honest, it would look amazing. It didn’t help that the meaning of the flowers were perfect happiness, for pink roses and loyalty and devotion for lavender.  
The whole bouquet would be a lie. But who were you to judge. So, you quietly agreed to make the arrangement for them and told them to come back the next day. You could tell that Andy had something to say but couldn’t say in in front of his wife, so they left the shop and left you to cry in peace. 
The next day, it was just Andy who picked up the flowers. You had decided overnight that you were going to end you affair with him. It hurt you to do so, but you knew it was the right thing to do. Never did you think you would be someone to get in between two people’s marriage. Thinking back now, you should’ve known he wouldn’t leave Laurie. They had a son together.  
As Andy walked into the shop he looked around first to make the place was empty, which it was, before walking over to you. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to you lips. As much as you wanted to push him away, you knew this could be the last kiss you shared with him. You wanted to be selfish. 
After what felt like hours he finally pulled away and cupped your face. 
“What’s wrong Honey Flower?” He asked you. He adopted the nickname for you one day after you told him it meant secret love. 
“We shouldn’t be doing this Andy.” You confessed.  
“Doing what?”  
“Doing this Andy. Being together.” you gestured between the two of you. “You’re married.” 
“I’m waiting for the right time Y/N.” 
“That’s what you always say. But just yesterday, I had to make an arrangement of flowers for your wife which means loyalty, devotion and perfect happiness. So, either the right moment hasn’t come yet, and you are continuing to lie to her, or you’re lying to me and actually trying to fix your marriage.” 
“Y/N I wouldn’t lie to you. Jacob told her about this place, and I had to bring her. I don’t want Jacob to get involved in all this.” 
“He’s going to get involved in it all Andy. His parents are both cheating on one another.”  
“Can’t you just trust me to pick the right time?” 
“I have been waiting months Andy. The longer I wait, the more I realise that actually, if you and Laurie don’t work out, it’s going to me my fault. I hate to be the one to say this Andy, but you can’t have both of us anymore. It nearly killed me watching her in here with you yesterday. As much as I love you, I have to protect myself too.” You took a deep breath and looked directly into his eyes. “I don’t expect you to choose me over your wife, your family. But if you do choose her please stay away from here.” 
“Y/N. I don’t want to lose you. I can’t lose you. Please.” Andy had tears streaming down his face. 
“Then divorce Laurie. This is all I have ever asked of you Andy. All I want is to have you without being the other woman. I love you so please. Please just choose.” You were choking on your own tears. 
“I don’t, I can’t… I” He stuttered. You nodded your head. He had been mummering empty promises to you along with the sweet nothings for months. He had long enough to make his decision. 
“Please leave. I’ll have the flowers delivered. Free of charge. Just please go.” You pleaded with him. 
“Honey Flower.” You shook your head. “Y/N don’t leave me.” You nearly broke at that. You wanted nothing more than to wrap your arms around him. But you knew you had to stand your ground. 
“You need to go.” You told him before turning round and walking into the back. You didn’t come out again until you heard the bell above the door ring and then the deafening silence. 
It had been four months since you broke it off with Andy. And it shattered your heart. You had had a few partners overtime and obviously you had separated from all of them, but none of them caused a pain like the one you were feeling now. 
You tried to carry on and take one day at a time. You would open the florist, go grocery shopping, meet up with  your parents every week. It helped that they didn’t know you were dating Andy, so you could blame you low mood on tiredness. Night times were reserved for crying. Hours upon hours of sobbing until you couldn’t anymore. 
Your mind was constantly on Andy. Did he mend his marriage? Did he think about you? Did he forget about you? What was he doing? Would he be happy to see you if you went back to him?  
You decided that all these questions didn’t matter anymore. He wasn’t yours; he never was. In fact, he probably was never going to be even if you didn’t end it. 
You were shopping for a new dress. You decided that in order to get over Andy, you needed to pick yourself up and start going out more. You were going to a bar with one of your friends, not that you had many in Newton. They decided that it had been too long since you went out. They didn’t know about you and Andy, however, you told them that you were seeing someone, and it didn’t work out. You told them that they wouldn’t know him and as heart breaking as it was, you weren’t at the stage where you would meet the family when you called it quits. 
You knew telling them parts of the truth, rather than lying was better for you mental health. At that precise moment, you need all the support you could get.  
So, there you were, shopping for a dress suitable for a night out when for the first time in a month, you caught a glimpse of the man that still owned your heart. To start with you forgot how to breath. Until, however, your cruel mind worked you started to feel a bit better. He looked terrible. A sick part of you hoped that it was because he was missing you. That he still needed you in his life. But the rational part of your brain knew that it could also be a case on which he was working. That his misery had nothing to do with you and that he had worked things out with Laurie and decided not to split his family up. 
You quickly turned your head and carried on. You could feel his eyes on you, and it took everything in you not to go to him. Soon enough, you felt his presence leave and you moved on still looking for a dress. You were glad your friend was taking you out for a drink because damn if you needed it now more than ever. 
That night you were sitting at the bar, talking with your friend about the shop and what else was going on in both of your lives. They were just discussing their job as an assistant to some lawyer. You were only half listening whilst chewing on the straw that came with your drink.  
You look up for a second and you see him again. It was honestly typical. You hadn’t seen him in four weeks and suddenly you see him twice in one day. It doesn’t take long for him to see you, but he never comes over. He just orders a beer and has a quiet drink.  
Eventually, you friend nips to the toilet and Andy sees this as the perfect opportunity to talk to you. He doesn’t talk for a minute, so you turned you attention back to your drink. 
“I got a divorce.” His hoarse voice makes you jump. It reminds you of the past-sex haze the two of you shared. He would talk in the same voice. You just looked at him for a second before looking down again. 
“I am so sorry I hurt you. I should have gotten one sooner.” He confessed. 
“You did what you had to do.” You muttered. 
“Look Y/N. I’m gonna be honest with you, I wasn’t ready for a divorce when we were together. And I am so sorry I lied to you about it. I miss you Honey Flower.”  
Your heart fluttered at the nickname. “I miss you too Andy.” You chuckled a little before looking at him. He had moved even closer to you. 
“Is there any chance of you wanting to give us a go? Properly this time. No more hiding, no more keeping secrets. You and me going on dates and having a real relationship.” Andy asked a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Before you has the chance to answer you friend came back. 
“Sorry I took so long, but the person in there before me really… oh hey Andy. What are you doing here?” They asked him.  
“Hi. I was just asking your friend out on a date. Just waiting to see if she’ll accept.” The double meaning didn’t escape your notice.  
“Yeah I think we could do that.” You answered. Your eyes never leaving his. 
“Well, I’ll leave you two to it then.” Your friend grinned before leaving you and Andy alone. The minute they were gone Andy reached out and grabbed your hand.  
“Shall we?” he asked. You nodded and he tugged you up before leaning into your ear. “We have a lot to catch up on.” He whispered seductively before dragging you out of the bar.  
A year and a half later the two of you were engaged to be married. Everyone knew about the two of you and Jacob had officially met you as his Dad’s girlfriend-now-fiancé. You were delighted when he accepted you seeing as you were so nervous, and he even told you that he had never seen his Dad happier. 
One morning about two months after you and Andy moved in together, you were sitting hunched up over the toilet. Andy had heard you get up and then heard you retching. He rushed to your side and moved you hair out of the way whilst rubbing your back. You counted back and realised that you missed your last two periods. Without a word to Andy, you stood up and went back to the bedroom. 
Finding your phone, you opened your app which confirmed that you had missed you period. Twice. Andy came through behind you with a shocked and confused look on his face. 
“What’s wrong Flower?” You could hear the worry in his voice. You didn’t say anything but turned your phone around. “I’ll be back soon.” Was all he said before pulling on some trousers and walking out. Leaving you confused and slightly hurt. 
True to his word, he came back twenty minutes later with five pregnancy tests. He had also stopped off downstairs and grabbed a glass of water for you. Grabbing the tests, you went to the bathroom and took them. You then joined Andy back in the bedroom and set a timer. You just sat in Andy’s arms whilst you waited. 
When it was time, you walked back to the bathroom and checked the tests. 
 All of which were positive. You and Andy were having a baby.  
You showed him the tests and he scooped you up in his arms. Once he put you down you pushed him on the bed, climbing on top of him you grinned.  
“I think this calls for a celebration. Don’t you think?” You asked him flirtatiously.  
“Definitely.” He whispered before pulling you down. He captured your lips in his as he gently started to caress your body. He moved his hands to your thighs then up to your arse. As he began to massage it you quietly moaned into his mouth causing him to smirk. Before you knew it he had flipped you both around and removed your sleep shorts and underwear. You then reached to his bottoms wanting to take them off, but Andy moved down. 
He started toying with your clit and landed soft kisses on the tops of your thighs. Slowly moving his way up, he replaces the tip of his fingers with his tongue. As much as you love him eating you out, you needed more in that moment. Quickly, you tugged Andy up by his hair and attacked his mouth with yours, tasting yourself on his tongue.  
“Eager I see?” Andy comments when you break to take a breath.  
“Oh, hush you.” You reached down and grabbed his already rock-hard length. Moving your hand up and down your position him at your entrance. He quickly takes the hint and pushes in. No matter how many times you two partook in this activity, it always felt like the first time. The burn of the stretch and the overwhelming feeling of fullness that you felt.  
The feeling only Andy can provide you with.  
You wrapped your hands around him, dragging your fingernails down his back. Making sure to leave marks. You slowly started thrusting your hips to meet his slow pace. You knew this was not fucking. This was making love. He was showing you how much he loved you. 
“Can you believe it. Our child is inside of you. Do you have any idea what that does to me.” Andy panted as he sped his thrusts up even more. 
“Fuuuckkk.” You moaned in response. ‘I love you’s and ‘you feel so good’s were shared between you as Andy carried on. You felt your climax bubbling in your stomach, but you tried to hold it. Never wanting the moment to end. 
“I know your close Flower, cum for me.” Andy whispered in your ear. 
“Not without you.” You managed to say back before a loud moan interrupted you. 
“I’m with you sweetheart. Come on cum with me. That’s it.” Andy moved his hand down he rubbed your clit at the perfect pace. Just enough to get you over the edge. Gripping onto him, you felt the comforting feeling of his natural paint decorating your insides. You both moaned in unison before Andy collapsed to the side of you, conscious of the little bean now growing inside of you. You turned to face him, caressing his beard as you both caught your breath. His piercing blue eyes looking into yours. You both fell asleep that night, excited for your lives together, lives started by your little flower shop. 
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ponury-grajek · a day ago
Tumblr media
Another self-indulged AU for my blorbos I'm gonna call it clownverse 2:
It's the moment when Light regains his memories and he's sure that he's gonna win and that L is gonna die. And he's almost celebrating his future victory BUT THEN something happens. Maybe they're fighting for the last time and maybe L hits him too hard but at some point Light passes out and-
And then he wakes up to the singing of birds, the sun smiles at him through the window and someone's cuddling against his back. And that someone is L. Light is confused, he has never been that confused in his entire life, maybe not even in that moment when he lost his memories. Is that some kind of a joke, L?, he thinks, Some kind of the investigation method? Another test? They're not even in the Task Force headquarters. The room where Light is has classic, wooden furniture and he can see a garden through the window. He's not even sure they're still in Japan anymore. He's looking for some tricks, trying to be rational in this situation but when L wakes up and says something like "Mornin', love", his eyes grow as big as deer's eyes on the freeway and he's like Ok, what the fuck. "It's not funny, L, you can't use that kind of tricks on me, I'm no longer your suspect in Kira investigation". L puts his thumb to his mouth disoriented. "Kira? Who is Kira? Light, are you feeling alright?"
And Light quickly finds out how difficult his situation really is. He has no Kira powers. He doesn't know Misa here. Above the fireplace in the living room there is a photo of him and L from the holidays in Spain. There are also some photos of people Light doesn't know (he later finds out it's Matt, Mello and Near and there is also a very unfavorable photo of Roger Mello put on the fridge) And Light learns that he has been solving cases with L here for several years now. They met accidentally on a case in Japan and fell in love.
Sachiko calls him almost everyday and asks when her boys will come to some dinner. Sayu texts him about her life and college (and she also sends him multiple photos of Ryuga Hideki and informs him that he’s still very hot). Soichiro tells him that he’s so proud of him even if he still doesn’t understand his choice of partner (p a r t n e r ? Light can’t believe his ears when his dad says this) And he also learns L's real name AND HE CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. He has his name, his trust but he can’t kill him and it drives him insane.
But of course, soon he will learn how it is to fall in love, how to live a peaceful life, how it is to love and be loved, to share the same bed without handcuffs and lack of trust 💖
But all the good things always come to an end and Light is thrown into Kira's investigation again, waking up with a headache, in the cold headquarters and with the thought that Rem would soon kill L and he can let it happen or-
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beautifulbows924 · 23 hours ago
Over the Love
Jake Lockley x Gender Neutral!Reader
Established Marc Spector & Steven Grant x Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: Loosely based on the greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice- This is part one of a two part series, inspired by the hang(over) the moon challenge (but since I can’t commit to a one part fic to save my life- this is what came out of the inspiration instead of an actual submission). This fanfic is dedicated to the lovely @raelwrites as she gave me the push I needed to finally write for Jake Lockley (I think it went better than I thought it would!). That said- my spanish probably sucks, so feel free to tell me about it. As always, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave any feedback you have in the comments and if you like my work consider leaving a tip! Thanks:)
Word Count: 1.6K+
Warnings: Major Character Death, Spoilers, Canon Typical Violence, Angst, a tiny bit of fluff & a small reference to smut, in this universe Marc & Steven stayed Khonshu’s avatar.
“You’re here.”
You can only hope Marc doesn’t wake from your surprised whisper as you admire his sleeping form. Curls splayed messily across his face, bronze skin littered with the soft beams of sunlight projecting from the window.
He stirs a bit, shifting an arm acround you before relaxing back into the mattress. You smile, sighing in relief. It’s not often he allows himself to sleep in like this, he tends to be an earlier riser.
You’re half-tempted to pinch yourself, just to confirm this isn’t a dream. But then you notice the bandages along his side, placed like someone was in a hurry.
Trailing your fingers to the wound, you huff in indignation.
He always manages to get himself hurt.
Rough fingers grip your wrist, halting your movements, “It’s not as bad as it looks”, he slurs, voice thick with sleep.
You frown at the wound and then at him, finding he’s already looking at you, “I don’t like it when you get hurt”.
He sighs, raising an eyebrow, before his mouth settles into a smirk, “Call it collateral damage sweetheart, ‘cause how many people can say they’re dating a superhero”.
You roll your eyes, choosing to ignore him as you pick at a stray thread in the comforter. “Oh, come on- don’t be like that”, he says softly, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to worry you”.
“You get upset when I get hurt- and you didn’t even wrap it correctly!”, you argue, gesturing to his shitty nursing abilities. You would think with the amount of injuries he sustains, that he’d have at least mediocre medical skills.
Marc shifts so that he’s laying above you, an arm propped up on either side of your body. Leaning down, he trails kisses up the side of your neck and along your jaw.
A shiver runs down your spine as he pauses directly above your lips, breath teasing as he holds back a smile.
Your cheeks grow hot with embarrassment, realizing you’ve been caught in his trap, “That’s not fair! You’re trying to distract me”.
“It’s working though, isn’t it sweetheart?”, he smirks, running a hand through his hair, “I bet you can’t even remember what we were talking about- only worried about when and where I’ll put my lips next”.
You huff, looking up at his boyish grin, “It might have worked for a second, but you won’t make me forget that easily”.
“We can remedy that”, he says, fingers snapping the waistband of your underwear.
You fight the urge to roll your eyes again, rolling out from underneath him instead, “I worry about you- both of you”.
Marc’s face softens at your words, his shoulders loosening. He knows he’s very protective of you; always making sure to hold your hand or put an arm around your shoulder when the two of you go out, “I know, we worry about you too”.
You wince as Marc’s head whips to the side, the impact of rough knuckles splitting open his cheek.
You’re not supposed to be here. You know that. But every night this week, Marc has come home with injuries worse than the last- and your desire to protect them has won, having stolen the extra handgun he keeps stashed inside your toilet.
Catching the man nearest to you off guard, you knock him out with the butt of the gun, his body dropping to your feet.
At the sound, Marc’s head snaps up, fists clenching at his side. What the fuck are you doing here?
He’s angry at himself for allowing you to be pulled into this- not that you’re not holding your own, but you shouldn't have to.
You kick one of the men in the stomach, using your strength to bring his face down onto your knee. Watching in morbid fascination as the blood drips from his nose, when a rough hand clasps your wrist, spinning you around.
“What are you thinking?”, he yells, “It’s not safe!”.
“It’s not safe for you either”, you stubbornly point out, running your fingers across the break in his cheek.
“I can’t die! Or did you just conveniently forget that?”, he snaps, eyes accessing your body for any injuries.
“You can still get hurt! You still feel pain, Marc! and so does Steven.”
Giving a single grunt in response, he sighs, knowing he doesn’t have time for this.
“We’ll talk about this later, but for now- you have to go.”
A pout on your lips, you turn away as he notices the man behind him- a few seconds too late.
The bullet goes right through you, Marc’s expression morphing into one of pure terror, opening his mouth to call your name.
It stings as it enters you, your body becoming overwhelmed by the sensations.
Marc’s head falls back for a split second, his whole body tensing before his eyes land back on you, darker than you’ve ever seen them.
He yells your name, growl ripping through his chest, unnatural and animalistic- crawling from his lips like a beast in search of his prey as you crumple to the ground.
A burning sensation spreads through your side and you have to blink a few times to restart your senses, able to make out the sickening crunch of the man's neck as he snaps it.
Footsteps fall.
He stands over you.
Looking at him for a moment, you take in the unfamiliar stance and the way he holds his jaw. You know he isn’t Steven, but he definitely can’t be Marc either- he carries himself far differently than both of them.
Is he- is there another alter?, “Who are you?” you ask him.
He looks shocked for a split second, not expecting you to notice their switch, before composing himself again.
“I’m Jake- Jake Lockley.”, he introduces, kneeling to the ground as he does a once-over of your injuries, “The malditos idiotas estúpidos haven’t noticed I’m here yet”.
You’re losing too much blood- too quickly, he realizes- pulling his shirt over his head to press it against the wound.
“Have we met?”, you wonder aloud, sending yourself into another coughing fit.
“We have- I’m just better at pretending”, he admits, using his free hand to cup your cheek.
Your mind flickers through all the times Marc and Steven had acted strange. Steven holding you a bit tighter than usual, Marc laughing at something he’d normally find stupid-
Jake had been here the whole time.
“You’ve been here the whole time”, you respond weakly, raising a hand to mirror his hold on your face, “That’s why you feel so familiar”.
He leans into your touch, his eyes fluttering shut, “Si”.
Blood pools beneath you, staining the ground a bitter red, “I’m glad you’re here with me”.
His eyes snap open, “No, don’t say that cariña. You’re going to-”.
“It’s okay, Jake”, you interrupt him, “It’s okay”, your arms fall limp at your sides, breath becoming shallow, “Just hold me”.
He shifts so that your body lays between his legs, neck against his shoulder. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t protect you”, he says, tears dripping onto your skin.
“You did protect me, you protected all of us”, you try and comfort him.
“No lo suficientemente bien- not well enough”, he whispers, feeling how your blood sticks to his hands.
“Look at me”, you beg him, “Please”.
He drops his head, his eyes still filled with tears.
“I love you”, you smile sadly, wishing you had more time to show him.
“I love you”, he responds, watching as your body becomes limp in his arms.
Jake shuts his eyes, hoping that once they open, you’ll still be here with them- giving him that sweet smile of yours.
But in his heart he knows that you can’t. He knows that you’re gone.
He opens them, pressing a gentle kiss to the top off your head as he breathes in the scent of the shampoo you always used, fingers closing your eyes for the last time.
“Good, the distraction is gone”, Khonshu says, voice void of any empathy.
“Distracción”, he hisses, making sure your body is in a comfortable position on the ground, “They wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for you!”.
“No, they wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for you”, the god points out, growing bored of their conversation as his avatar pulls a crescent blade out of thin air.
“And what exactly are you planning to do with that?”
He throws it at Khonshu’s feet, turning away from him, “I’m done with you”.
The wind stops, “And if- I know of a way to save them?”.
“Estás mintiendo”, Jake grunts, dropping to his knees next to you, “You’re lying”.
“Summon Marc Spector”, Khonshu orders, slamming down his staff, “He’ll want to hear what I have to say”.
“You think I’ll allow you anywhere near them after this?”, he laughs bitterly, “It’s my job to protect them from abusers like you”.
“Don’t you think that choice should be his?”, the God asks.
“No”, he hisses, anger dripping from his lips, “Anything you can tell me- I can find out for myself”.
And for a moment, there’s only silence.
“So be it”, the wind returns, leaving a broken Jake Lockley at your side.
He brushes the hair away from your face, holding back the tears that threaten to leave his eyes, “I’ll figure out a way to bring you back”, he whispers, “I promise”.
Tumblr media
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"Inspire me, baby" — Min Yoongi | One Shot
— all rights on this text reserved by dreamypjm.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing — Yoongi x F! Reader
Genre — Idol AU, Producer/Rapper Yoongi, Smut, Fluff, Pwp (with a little plot but not really), sub reader & dom Yoongi, a little humour, adoring, intense loving, some aftercare
Age rating — 18+
Word Count — 5.1k
Summary: Casually (or not so casually..) checking on your producer boyfriend, who's been working all day, escalates a little after he told you about his current lack of inspiration.
Warnings: swearing, unprotected sex (kinda imposed but with indirect consents as it's been badly craved for a while), domintating, obey & follow the instructions, a little overstimulation, controlling the climax, teasing, making fun of you but in a humoured loving way, kinda blackmailing but with loving intensions
Another Disclaimer: Since english isn't my first language, it's possible it contains grammar and any other kind of mistakes. I apologise in advance!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're standing infront Yoongi's studio with your phone in one of your hands and stare at the locked door. He once told you the code but also said you shouldn't disturb him producing new tapes and only use it in case of "emergencies".
Well, this is an emergency you think to yourself and tap the code into the door lock. You hear a quick clack, slowly open the door to the studio and peek through the door gap before stepping inside. It's silent and you wonder what Yoongi would be doing right now. Finally, you slide the door wide enough open to step inside the room.
Y/N: "Babe, you haven't left the studio in hours"
You softly close the door behind yourself and walk across the room towards Yoongi's desk before you realize he's not here. You sit down on his super comfortable chair and put your phone on the desk. You start to lean back and forth in his chair a few times, impatiently waiting for him to get back here.
Y/N: "He must be in the bathroom" you mumble to yourself and rotate the chair in circles a few times until you stop and stare at the computer screen. You don't know a lot about those things but to you it seems like Yoongi barely got anything done today.
You take a closer look at the screen trying to figure out what he's been working on.
YG: "What are you doing there?"
You turn around to see Yoongi right infront of you, freshly out of the shower with his lower body wrapped in a towel.
"Oh", you say in a suprised tone as your eyes wander up his body, over his lightly defined abs towards his face. His hair is dripping a little on his shoulder.
 "I didn't know you had a shower down here", you say amused.
YG: "Babe"
He walks towards you and when he reached you, slides his hands over your cheek. He grabs your chin, tilts your head a little up and leans down to place a tender kiss on your lips.
YG: "Get off that chair", he laughs and you obey. He lets himself fall into it with a sigh.
Standing beside him, you softly run your fingers through his wet hair.
Y/N: "What's wrong?"
YG: "I don't know"
He looks at you and his expression quickly changes from exhausted to a slight smirk.
YG: "Didn't I tell you to only come down my studio in case of emergencies?"
Y/N: "Well yeah.."
You blush a little and avoid his gaze.
Y/N: "I though it kind of is an emergency..", you scratch your neck.
Y/N: "And also, I've been feeling a little lonely up there since you haven't left your studio in hours"
YG: "Mhm.."
He squinches his eyes and watches you carefully.
"I might need a little inspiration..", he says in a deep, low voice while still looking at you as if you were a criminal.
YG: "Look at this"
He points at the screen of his computer. You step infront of him and take another look at the screen.
Y/N: "So? I can't see anything"
YG: "Exactly"
He suddenly grabs your hips and pulls you backwards onto his lap. He warps his left arm around your waiste and gently places his chin on your shoulder.
YG: "I kinda have a block today. I took a quick shower to clear my mind but it didn't really help"
He sighs while his right hand on the computer mouse clicks through some apps.
Y/N: "Can I help you somehow?"
You place your hand on top if his, slide your fingers between his and then take it off the mouse. At the same time you lean your head back onto his shoulder. Yoongi turns his head a little and you feel his warm breath on your neck.
"Yeah..", he whispers and kisses your neck. His soft lips on your skin cause goosebumps over your whole body.  Right from the beginning, he didn't seem to be mad about you entering his studio without an emergency. On the contrary, he seems to be glad you're here.
"Turn around..", he whispers.
You obey, get off his lap just to turn around and sit back down on the towel on his lap. He then grabs your head and starts kissing you passionately. You run your hand over the naked skin of his upper body. After a little while of making out, you break the kiss, lick your lips and look at him a little insecure.
Y/N: "Does anyone else know the code to your studio?"
Yoongi smirks.
YG: "Are you scared of getting caught and being accused distracting me from work?"
Y/N: "Mhm.. I just wanna make sure the two of us won't get disturbed while you're finding new inspiration.."
YG: "Don't worry"
He pulls you back in and kisses you again. His kisses now slowly wander sideways down your face to your neck. He presses his lips against your skin.
"You're the only one", he mumbles and continues kissing your neck.
A relieved smile forms on your lips while you kiss him back. Yoongi wraps his arms around your body and slides his hand under the shirt on your back to open your bra a second later. You quickly slip your arms out of the straps and let the bra fall out of your shirt, down to to the floor. Yoongi looks down. "Interesting.." he says in a flirty tone as he sees your red lace bra lying on the dark floor tiles.
YG: "You planned this, didn't you?"
You smirk and slowly slide your hand down his body, over the naked skin.
Y/N: "The text you've send me earlier gave me a strong feeling you needed this today"
Yoongi quickly looks away and laughs.
"What do you mean?", he asks innocently.
You raise your eyebrows, grab his chin with your free hand and turn his head towards you. A little while ago before you got down here, Yoongi had sent you a text message saying that work.. or something else.. is extra hard today.
"IT.. is extra hard today.." you imitate Yoongi's text in a sarcastic tone.
"I've been talking about work", he tries to suppress a mischievous smile.
"Sure", you say and get off his lap.
"Babe?", he looks at you confused with raised eyebrows as you stand infront of him.
YG: "Wait, I didn't mean -"
He abruptly stops as you open your jeans and slip out of them without a warning.
Y/N: "Alright"
You look at Yoongi who's staring at you suprised with his mouth slightly open. Just a few seconds later, his facial expression radically changes to a playful smile and his gaze wanders down your shirt to your red panties that are matching your bra that's laying on the floor.
YG: "Damn, babe"
He leans forward, grabs your butt with his veiny hands and pulls you back onto his lap. His hands slide into your shirt and wander up your stomach to your chest. He strokes over both your nipples before he softly grabs your boobs and starts kneading them. A slight moan escapes your mouth as you enjoy his touch. He suddenly grabs the hem of your shirt and you immediately lift your hands so that he can pull it over your head and arms. He aggressively throws it into the room and burries his face into your breasts.
"I love them so much..", he whispers against your chest. One of your hands grabs his neck while the other one leans on the chair armrest and you slowly start grinding your hips on his lap. Yoongi lets a low moan out, breathing against your skin.
YG: "Keep going"
He takes his face off your body and looks deep into your eyes as you start grinding a little harder on his body. Feeling his thing getting hard and pressing against your panties through the towel, you start placing kisses on all over Yoongi's neck.
"You know exactly what I like", he exhales contently.
YG: "And I know what you like"
His hands let go off your boobs and slide into your panties, one in the back and the other one in the front. He grabs your butt while the fingers of his other hand glide into your cleft and he starts rubbing your clit with his index- and middle finger. They intensively go in circles, again and again until you start breathing faster, let go of his neck and lean your hand against the chair's back. You softly bite Yoongi's shoulder as his fingers starts moving faster and you let out a few louder moans.
YG: "Yeah, moan for me.."
His hard thing under the towel starts twitching a little. Yoongi pulls his hands out of your slip, grabs your waiste and lifts your body up.
YG: "Take those panties off"
You do like he says, strip them down and quickly slip out. Before he lets you down on his lap again, you pull the towel off his body and look down at his errection that literally leaps out at you as soon as it had the chance to. Yoongi searches for your gaze and as soon as you look back at him, he smirks and gently lets you down on his hard thing. You moan out loudly as he penetrates deep inside you and seems to feel extra pleasuring today. For a little moment, you hold in and take a deep breath as a thought crosses your mind.
Y/N: "Babe.. the condom -"
YG: "It's alright, isn't it a safe day today?"
Yoongi seems to know exactly about your cycle. Of course he does, he's always keeping track of that incase of something going wrong, such as a torn condom and stuff. It's not like he strictly doesn't wanna start a family with you someday but it's just not yet the right timing since his work doesn't allow it yet.
Y/N: "You're right but.."
To be honest, you and Yoongi never had unprotected sex before even tho the both of you have been craving it for a long time. But Yoongi always insisted wearing a condom since you're not on birth control pills. In fact, you totally understand that. And besides the fact that he would never make you take any hormone changing pills, you would never force him going all unprotected. The more suprised you are now, that he suddenly goes for it without any warning. But well, you wouldn't complain.
"It's okay, let me feel you.." he whispers. You slightly nod and let yourself sink more down on his lap, letting out a savoring moan as it pushes him deeper inside of you.
YG: "Oh fuck"
He sharply breaths in and throws his head back against the chair.
YG: "It feels so much better like this.."
Your body gently starts moving on him as you grind your hips back and forth. Yoongi looks up at you, smiles in errection and straightens his position up. He then pulls you closer to his body and looks deep into your eyes while you keep riding him softly.
"It feels even better than I thought", he groans before he starts thrusting his hard thing into you. Both your breaths start getting faster and the both of you moan out in passion. You lean in an start kissing him roughly while he increases the pace of his hips. Pounding even deeper and faster into you with every minute that passes, you lean yourself back into his arms and your boobs bounce up and down right at his face.
"Just like that..", he says under strained breathing. The chair under your bodies starts squeaking through the extreme pressure of bouncing up and down.
YG: "The studio luckily is super soundproof"
The both of you laugh a little in heavy breathing. You lean forward to Yoongi and starts sucking the skin on his neck.
"Mark me like I'm yours.." he moans and so do you. You leave a few dark hickeys on his skin what turns him even more on. The longer you keep riding him like that, the louder the squeak of the chair gets. Yoongi suddenly slows the pace down, grabs your waist and lifts you off his lap onto the desk behind you. He strokes his hard cock up and down your labia to tease you while you bite your lip and wait for him to slide it back into you. He keeps doing that until you get impatient.
"Stop teasing me", you sigh.
Yoongi smirks but you grab his buttcheeks and pull him closer.
Y/N: "Give me all your hard work until I spill the inspiration.."
Yoongi widens his eyes astonished before he suddenly pushes his fingers into you. You moan out suprised since you didn't notice his hand down there until now.
"I can feel how bad you want me", he says as he moves his fingers in your wet pussy. He pulls them out and quickly pushes them right back into you, again and again, faster and faster, until you almsot can't hold it anymore.
"Yoongi- ", you moan his name and burry your head against his chest.
Y/N: "Slow down, slow down - "
Out of breath, you lean back onto the desk as he finally pulls his fingers out of you.
Without either one of you noticing, your elbow accidentally got on the keypad of his computer on pushes some of it's keys.
YG: "We're not done, baby"
He spreads your legs and steps between them. Then he reaches for a button under his desk and pushes it what makes the desk start to slowly go down.
YG: "It's really nice to have an automatically adjustable desk.. You can get up while working, move the desk up and continue doing ,whatever, while standing for a bit. That's good for your back."
The desk keeps going down while you look a bit surprised at Yoongi who's fully focused on that. Astonished about Yoongi who's even while making love still the technique nerd he always was, when it's about studio equipment, you giggle a little.
You love that about him.
YG: "In our case.. however, let's continue to lower it..."
While you patiently wait for him to find the right position, you adore his body that's slowly being revealed infront of your eyes by the desk, the more it goes down. It's like a presentation of a product and you're waiting for his "product" to be finally shown.
He lets it down a little lower until you're in the perfect position right infront of him to simply slide his lenght, that's now reaching over the edge, into you. He moves closer to you, presses his body against yours and starts kissing you passionately.
You softly grab his hard thing that's pressing against your lower belly and stroke it up and down a few times before you gently push it down and rub it against your clit. Yoongi moans while you're still kissing. His breath heavily blows out of his nose as you keep rubbing it down there and pleasure yourself with it. He takes his lips off yours, quickly slides the keyboard behind you aside and pushes you down on his desk. You grab the edge of the table with both hands and hold on tight, ready to have Yoongi thrust his cock deep into you. He leans onto the desk with his left arm while the other hand goes down on you, grabs his cock and a moment later pushes it into you while letting out a highly agitated moan.
"Oh my gosh, baby", he leans down to you and whispers into your ear.
YG: "You're so wet and I love to feel it"
Before you're able to say anything, he starts moving and thrusts deeper into you what makes you moan out in passion. His hip is getting faster with every breath, roughly moving back and forth. You start moaning louder and so does he, until you press your lips together and hold yourself a little back.
YG: "Don't"
Yoongi groans into your ear.
"Don't hold it back, baby.. moan as loud as you can. This studio is safe", he whispers in a shaky voice of excitement. His hands slide down your naked skin to your thighs and pull them up. You give into to it and wrap your legs around his body.
As he keeps roughly pounding into you, a strand of his dark brown hair falls into his face and tickles your nose. It's still wet and starts dripping on your face. You take one hand off the table and stroke his hair back when suddenly your body slides to the back, due to Yoongi's power.
YG: "Hey, where do you think you're going?"
He laughs, grabs your hips and pulls you back forward right on the edge of the table, which makes it possible for him to go deeper on you again. He straightens himself up, puts his hands on your waiste and holds tightly onto it as he starts taking out even further with his hip to thrust into you even harder. Everytime he pushes into you, he also pulls you towards his body with his grip on your waiste so that he hits just the perfect spot inside of you. Your body arches itself up in errection and you moan out really loud. Yoongi starts sweating like hell while he keeps going like that. The sweat runs down his face and body before he suddenly slows down and pulls you up to sit. He lays his arms on your shoulders and breaths heavily as he smiles at you.
YG: "Damn, I'm getting so close already"
He laughs and let's his head down on your shoulder aswell. He holds in like that, not moving for like a minute, just breathing deeply to calm his body a little down.
"Me too", you giggle and breath as if you've been running a marathon. He places a soft kiss on your shoulder and lifts his head.
YG: "I'll be able to create a masterpiece after we're done"
You both laugh and he gently starts moving his hips again. He keeps the pace down for now and kisses you in such a passionate way, that you feel like levitating until his tongue starts getting involved the kisses. You let out a low sigh in memory of what his tongue was able to do to you whenever he went down on you. Well, dating a rapper had it's benefits.
YG: "What are you thinking about?"
He stopped moving as he notices your thoughts drifting away since you unconsciously stopped kissing him back. You feel caught, turn away to avoid his glance and blush slightly. Yoongi squinches his eyes and smirks as he saw you blushing over his questions.
YG: "Babe"
He grabs your chin and turns your face back to him. You look at him sheepishly.
YG: "I think I know what it is"
He provokingly licks his lips while you're eyes carefully follow his tongue.
"You're tongue..", you mumble a little embarrassed.
YG: "Oh you mean.."
He smirks and disappears out of your sight as he starts licking your neck. He runs his tongue over your skin, downwards your body. You take a deep, sharp breath when his tongue reached your belly. Out of sudden, he stops, pulls you close to his body and lifts you up. Out of reflex, you immediately wrap your legs around his waiste.
"What're you doing?" you ask a little confused. He doesn't respond but suddenly walks across the room with you in his arms. He steps towards the black leather sofa that's standing on the other side of the studio and gently lays you down on it.
His hands clenched into fists, he props himself up on the leather as he leans over you.
"Giving you what you crave so badly", Yoongi whispers and disappears above you. The next thing you feel is his tongue on your belly slowly sliding down until it gets between your legs.
Y/N: "Yoongi.. "
You put your hand on his head, run your fingers through his still a little wet hair and let out a sigh of enjoyment as he starts licking you down there. He starts off gently and slow, sucks a little here and there and licks gently over your clit. You let a few deep breaths out of your nose, trying not to freak out yet while he didn't even start to put much effort into it. You try your best to hold back but you just can't resist it since he's so good with his tongue. You start moaning but a little self-conscious.
He chuckles amused, seeing you try so hard not to give in and continues going soft and slow to tease you a bit longer.
"You're so mean..", you groan, look down on him and pull his hair to make him look up to you. When he returns your gaze, he laughs and nods slightly before he continues what he started. He grabs your thighs, spreads them a little more and starts going faster.
Yoongi could move his tongue faster than anyone else you've ever known. And if he wanted to, he could take you to heaven just by using his tongue technology.
He finally understood the assignment and kept going faster and faster while your body arches itself up and down. He tightly holds on to your thighs as you're body is starting to get out of control.
"Wait-", you moan heavily but Yoongi keeps going.
Y/N: "BABE - "
Right before you were about to literally explode, he emerges his face out of your legs, quickly slides his body onto yours and pushes his still hard thing into you again. It seems like hearing and seeing you like this turned him on even more.
A loud, lustful moan escapes him as he shoves it deeper into you. He let's his whole body sink onto yours and gets so close to your face, that his lips softly touch yours. He then slides his arms under your arms along your back, places his hands directly under head and grabs it, so that he's completely holding you now.
His body tightly pressed on yours, he starts grinding his hips onto you, back and forth, thrusting faster but softer into you than he did before. You wrap your arms all around his body and grab his head aswell. Holding on to eachother so close with your lips and noses touching, you look intense into his brown cateye shaped orbs that are deeply craving and adoring you.
As he keeps thrusting into you with such a passion, you close your eyes for a moment and groan.
"Please don't stop looking at me", Yoongi whispers in heavy moaning. You immediately obey and open your eyes just to see him smile relieved and still look into your eyes with such a deep glance.
YG: "..even if you feel like floating away.. keep looking at me, please. Don't take your gaze of me. I wanna see it in your eyes when I take you there"
He pulls one of his arms out under your body and the next thing you feel is that he intensively starts rubbing your clit while bouncing his lenght into your cunt faster and faster. His fingers down there match their pace perfectly to his hips. Your moans start getting louder and more ragged with ever thrust until you can't hold it anymore and your body starts shaking underneath him. You do your best not to let your eyes fall back but to keep looking him in the eye as the tension in your body increases. The sound of him slipping in and out of you gets more slippery the wetter and closer you get.
"Inspire me, baby", Yoongi moans in a highly agitated tone as he increases his pace until he can't go faster.
When you finally give into it, your eyeballs slightly roll back and you loudly moan his name as you cum on his thickness. He keeps thrusting deep into you and his lenght starts wildy twitching inside of you.
"Fuck", he groans and watches you closely arching your back up the couch, moaning in such huge pleasure that the combination of you moaning so contentedly and cumming all over his cock, almost leads himself to a climax. Yoongi tries to hold everything inside while his breath becomes extremly ragged. He doesn't slow down at all what makes you immediatly build up tension again right after you just had one of the best orgasm you've ever felt. You start to purposely squeez your cunt to tease Yoongi and get him close to cumming inside of you.
"Fuck, baby", he moans so loud it almost sounds like a beg to stop.
"I want you to cum so hard like you never did before", you whisper into his ear with a low moan.
"I want you to cum right inside of me and fill me up", you go on in a ragged moaning voice.
"Oh damn, baby" he moans in a tone like he couldn't believe your words.
YG: "Are you sure?"
You nod and continue teasing him by squeezing your pussy more and less around his cock. "You feel so fucking good" he moans at you out of breath.
Yoongi keeps slipping his thing in and out so intense, that you feel like your next climax had to be right there any moment.
"Fuck babe, I'm so close again" you say as you scrape your fingers down his back and grip his butt while Yoongi heavily moans his soul out in a deep agitated tone.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Yoongi", you yell as he keeps hitting just the perfect spot inside of you. He seems to be way too close aswell to respond. Both of your moans get escalating loud and ragged as you still look at each other. Yoongi never took his glance off your eyes at any time since he's been laying on top of you. He desperately sighs your name as he couldn't hold it back anymore and finally cums right inside of you, in the highest pleasure he's ever felt. You pop off aswell as you feel him filling you up and the two of you cum together full of passion. Going through another intense orgasm under Yoongi's gaze, your legs shake so hard that he grips your thighs and holds on to them to calm them down. Trying to calm your pulse after two so fucking good highs, you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. "Wow", Yoongi sighs extremly satisfied and burries his face into your shoulder.
You turn your head aside and stare into the studio while you're trying to process everything that just happened. But Yoongi still hasn't fully stopped moving inside of you what suddenly causes a few aftershocks intensly rolling through you.
"Oh damn", you jerky moan into the room as your body arches off the couch in torture and pleasure at the same time.
Yoongi laughs mischievously and pushes his cock a few more times deep into your soaked pussy before he lifts his hip and gently pulls it out.
He lets himself sink back onto your body and places his head next to yours on your shoulder. Still totally out of breath, you wrap your arms tight around Yoongi's body, who's nestled all up on you. You suddenly start to giggle as you remember you kind of distracted him from work.
Y/N: "Shouldn't you use the inspiration I just gave you to produce something?"
YG: "Hold me just a little longer, please" he mumbles and closes his eyes.
You chuckle. The next few minutes go by without either one of you saying a word until you raise your voice again.
"Did you really just fuck me like that?" you laugh in disbelief as you realize this had to be the best sex you've ever had.
Leaning his arms on the leather, he pushes himself up and looks down on you.
"I did", he smirks and jumps off the sofa.
He grabs a pack of tissues and your clothes and softly throws it at you with a satisfied chuckle before walks out of your sight into the bathroom to also slip back into his clothes.
You grab a tissue, carefully wipe off his cum that's dripping out of you down there and put your clothes on. You then lay back down on the couch, totally exhausted. Yoongi steps back into the room, fully clothed and lets out an amused laughter when he sees you laying there as if you've been going through the hardest sport exercises someone could ever make up. He then takes a pillow and a light blanket out of a closet and walks back to you.
He gently lifts your head, puts the pillow under it and then spreads the blanket over you to cover you up. Before he turns around, he places a soft kiss on your forehead.
"Is it okay if I stay here a little longer?", you yawn.
YG: "Stay as long as you want, babe. Take a rest" he smiles and takes a seat at his desk. He puts on some of his super stylish headphones and gets back to work. You peacefully close your eyes and snuggle up into the blanket.
A little while into listening to the sound of mouse clicks and keyboard tapping, you're about to fall asleep when Yoongi suddenly bursts out in laughter.
YG: "What the hell?"
You squint your eyes in confusion and also a little annoyed since you almost fell asleep.
"BABE", he yells in a weird laughter. You refuse to open your eyes but respond with a low "mhm?"
YG: "I guess I have my next hit here..".
He can't stop laughing, plugs his headphones off the computer and starts playing an audio through the studio speakers. A few seconds later, you suddenly tear your eyes open and hardly believe your ears as you recognise the sound of it.
"OH MY GOSH, DELETE THAT" you scream embarrassed as you blush until your face looks like a ripe tomato.
"You could've told me that you wanted to record such kind of tape", he smirks.
It seems like you accidentally pushed the recording button on the keypad while Yoongi and you we're wildly humping on his desk.
"I would've changed something in the setup first", he continues teasing you, "but it still has a very clear sound, no chance I'll just throw this away", he turns around and mischievously grins at you.
You pull the blanket all over your head in embarrassment as the sound of both your loud moans keep blowing through the speakers.
YG: "I'll keep this masterpiece until we created an even better one, hah.."
The next thing you hear is his dirty lustful laugh and a few mouse clicks.
Tumblr media
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domesticity with suna is both of you sleeping through the alarm, resulting in the two of you waking up to each other with wide eyes and exclamations of holy shit, we’re late!. it’s you trying to simultaneously fix your hair and brush your teeth, and you glance up at your reflection in the mirror, only to see a bleary eyed suna behind you, giving you a goofy grin. it’s you trying to speak with your toothbrush in your mouth, asking him what he’s doing, and he just smiles and kisses you on the forehead, muttering something that sounds like yer cute. it’s him laughing at you on the rare instances where you drive him around. he’s taller than you, so it makes sense that his seat is pushed farther from the wheel, and he records you as you push the driver’s seat closer to the wheel, ignoring your cries for him to shut up and leave me alone. it’s pulling up to the drive thru and as you place your order through the speaker, he’s tickling you, trying to distract you, and there’s cameras, yknow. the employees can definitely see y’all, and he hits the right spot that has you almost screeching into the speaker, and you’re so embarrassed right now, you don’t even want to pull up. it’s getting tiktoks sent to you when he’s in between sets at the gym or about to start a game. it’s him still wearing the silly beaded friendship bracelet you made for him when you two were in high school. (he only takes it off during games, and that’s because it’s against regulations). it’s him going on do not disturb, but the only calls and texts allowed to go through are from you. it’s you making him a sentimentalist.
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bakuhve · 2 days ago
Hiii, I hope ur doing well :)
Anyway I was thinking about katsuki taking naps in hot summer days like he just Turns on the air conditioner with lights off, I think that's convenient for him, and best part of it all is you waking him up little late.
What do u think?
napping with katsuki on a hot summer day is a dream and a nightmare at the same time. just simply laying with him and feeling his presence wrapped around you is such a good feeling but at the same time you’re literally struggling to not pass out from overheating.
the AC would be turned on full blast, the lights would be turned off, and the ceiling fan would be blowing cold air onto the both of you. katsuki is definitely a person whose temperature runs warmer so when the both of you are trying to be comfortable you like it to be a little chillier in the room.
his quirk doesn’t help AT ALL. he wants to run his hands all over your body, cup your face, just feel you in any way he can but you’re deadass dripping in sweat with eyebrows furrowed. there’s a lot of physical touch in your relationship, especially when napping together, but oh god his hot palms mixed with the humid summer air is just atrocious. don’t get me wrong, you love his touch but not so much feeling like you’re trying to claw your way out of satan’s steamy armpit.
eventually, you get past the heat and fall asleep comfortably in his embrace. and when you wake up a little later than usual and turn over to see his peacefully sleeping face, you know it was all worth it.
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shoulmate · a day ago
"Shut UP Kiyoomi!"
Everyone in the apartment freezes and something clatters to the ground behind you.
You stare up into the cold black eyes, your fists clenched at your side. "I get it. We get it! We're not cleaning up to your standards and the food isn't as good as when you cook it yourself. We know we're in your space and you're freaking out about germs and you would never do this for us but we don't care. You. Are. Sick! You can redo everything once you're healthy again so just shut the FUCK UP and go back to bed!"
You're willing the three big-hearted clowns behind you to stay quiet as you point to the bedroom like you're sending a child to time out. There's silence as everyone holds their breath.
Kiyoomi stares back at you for a moment before turning on his heel and closing, nearly slamming, the door shut.
The four of you collectively exhale in relief and return to the chores doing the best you each can do. Not too long later everything's done: Kiyoomi's laundry is folded, the bathroom cleaned, and the fridge restocked.
"Thanks again, guys. I couldn't have done this without you." You give them a tired smile as they put on their shoes.
"No problem, we're happy to help," replies Hinata with a smile like the sun.
"Yeah, anything to get Sakusa back on the court with us." Bokuto waves as he heads out after his teammate.
Atsumu lingers for a moment. "Delivery from 'Samu's shop will come by later." He glances at the bedroom door that hasn't reopened. "We know how he is, ok? Just let us know if ya need help with anything else."
You nod gratefully and give him a hug goodbye. When the apartment door closes you rest your forehead against it with a thump and muster whatever energy you have left.
A glass of water, some crackers and medicine. You crack the bedroom door and see the back of Kiyoomi's curly-haired head so you tip-toe the supplies to his nightstand prepared to slip back out but a quiet voice makes you pause.
"I'm sorry."
You find him watching you with glassy eyes, half-asleep, as he peaks over the covers. "I know, Kiyo. We all do. Just get some rest, okay?"
You turn to leave but hear his sleepy fading breath whisper "you're wrong, you know. I'd take care of you."
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Genshin + Getting in an argument
With: Xiao
Words: 2,4k
Warnings: Slight angst, hurt but Comfort and fluff 
Note: Saw the trailer for 2.7, I just know it’s gonna hurt a lot :D
Tumblr media
“You can’t keep doing this, Xiao.”
The adeptus furrows his brown in confusion, clearly not following your sudden trace of thoughts.
“You know I can handle myself just fine, right?”
“I do,” he answers honestly and examines you closely. “Where are you going with this?”
You weaver a little at Xiao’s eyes on you. Suddenly more nervous than you thought you would be.
You clear your throat. “It’s just, lately I’ve been getting the feeling, that you might became a little too… over cautious? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your help and your concern, but…”
He tilts his head. “But…?”
“But I won’t break that easily,” you continue. “I am quite capable of fighting and defending myself.” You are careful to choose the right words; to get your point straight, but without hurting him in the process.
Xiao is a proud being. His status as the “vigilant yaksha” vests him a thankless task of constant alertness and conflicts. To the people of Liyue he always sees himself as a mere weapon. Thus, it was only plausible to him to keep the status up when ever it concerns you.
But it was frustrating for you, that he couldn’t realise that he was not some weapon in your eyes, that he was so much more. It has always given him a hard time understanding that.
Now Xiao turns completely to you, giving you his undivided attention. “Why are you bringing these conclusions up? Is something the matter?”
You sight mildly, somehow unsure on how to word your issue correctly. So, you begin by going to the most recent incident. “Just earlier, my commission to return the stolen boxes from some treasure hoarders. But just as lately every camp I walk on, it was entirely empty of humans. But all their riches and other stuff was left behind, including my assigned items.”
Xiao crosses his arms in defence, looking away. “Treasure hoarders are dangerous. Not highly intelligent mortals, but they manage to do great damage when in groups.”
“And I can handle them. You know. You saw!” you exclaim in protest.
“I admit, I was helping you out. To keep you out of trouble. Of harm’s way.” Xiao is still not looking at you.
“But I choose these troubles. They are my decisions.” You try to stay calm, to stay collected but you can’t help but slowly get frustrated. “Look, lately I am not even able to lift a finger and you’ve already finished the commission.”
It was true. Even outside of commissions, ruin guards are somehow already at their limits when you encounter them, merely a hit is needed, and they’re done; Areas usually crowded with hilichurls are completely deserted; You appreciate his effort and help to a certain level, but not when it makes you feel so … useless.
 “Listen, I love going on commissions with you, I love travelling with you – It’s one of my favourite things to do. Really!” you assure him. “But I can’t grow or improve when you shelter me from learning. That’s why I am training with you, isn’t it?”
As expected, Xiao is a strict teacher. One can see it whenever he trains Ganyu, whenever he trains for himself, and also whenever he trains you. Though, as of lately training sessions have become some sort of hazard. There has always been some certain amount of fun, though, recently the fun part has switched into a more and more demanding, more expecting part. While you always tried your best to improve yourself, to work hard, it made you question his motives.
“That’s the difference, Y/N. During training you can always stop, always take a break. There is nothing that could hurt you. Out there you don’t have that opportunity.” Xiao’s expression hardens. “But somehow it seems as if danger is luring you in. Somehow you end up running straight into it. Why?” he inquires, turning his golden eyes to you. His jaw tightens a little. “Do mortals savour the kick of adrenaline that much? Is it enough for you to throw away your life?”
You blink perplexed. Is that what he is thinking? Is he taking you for some kind of adrenaline junky? Agitated you press your lips together. “I do my job, Xiao. Just as your job is to protect and watch over Liyue and its people. I travel and explore, fulfil my own tasks. That’s what I do. Do you really think I am unable to handle myself?” You are a little surprised how tensed your voice sounds; but your self-control clearly is dwindling.
Xiao scoffed. “Don’t compare your abilities to the one of adepti, Y/N. We do not get hurt as easily; we don’t die as easily.” He looks at you blankly, but you can see the irritation building.
Exasperated you take a daring step forward. “See, that’s our problem. You seem to take me for some weakling, but I am not! I am not.”
“I am not glass, Xiao, I won’t shatter at the slightest touch. I won’t-“
“Die?” he cuts in. “Is that what you want to say? You won’t die? Because that exactly is our problem.”
“I’m human. That is our nature.”
“I am quite aware of that.”  
At that you halter. His browns have dawn in and something like sorrow flashes in his eyes. To see the vulnerability creeping on his face, filled you with enough guilt to nearly bring you to knees.
When he notices your expression, he looks away, crossing his arms again.
You are suddenly getting only more frustrated on how to turn this conversation onto the right track. How you both could clear things up. But before you get the chance to speak up Xiao continues.
“However, humans somehow have the tendencies to do reckless, mindless things sometimes. Heading straight into unnecessary endangerments. So, decipher me, why is it so unpleasant for you to accept my help?”
“Because you are making me feel weak! You are making me feel, like I am not enough.”
Xiao face falters.  Of course, you are enough. You were even far more than enough and more than he deserves. That is the very reason he is so afraid of losing you, why couldn’t you see?
You don’t see that. At least not right now. Right now, you are frankly said pissed off, that he isn’t willing to understand your point at issue. All you see was, you not being strong enough in his eyes.   “Why are you taking me for less than I am? You saw me multiple times fighting out there, fighting during training with you! Why do you still perceive me as something so fragile?”
“All humans are fragile; They will all break eventually.”
“That is not what I am going for,” you grunted, the burning feeling in your chest only growing. “I mean look at the Millelith. They are warriors AND human. But you aren’t contemplating how reckless and fragile they are”
“Because you are not one of them; you are not the Millelith.”
“Oh, right! Sorry, how could I forget my place.”
“Now you’re being unfair.”
He is right, you register. That was unnecessary. After all, it wasn’t really Xiao’s fault you were human and thus mortal.
You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself. “You asked me why I choose dangerous tasks. Why I choose to get into more demanding situations. Maybe it’s because I like proving myself to you for exact these reasons.”
“You don’t have to proof anything to me.”
“Apparently I do, otherwise you wouldn’t think so little of me.”
“Perhaps if you would act less reckless during your outgoing, I wouldn’t take you as so mindless,” he snapped, eyes flashing in irritation.
Mindless, huh?
“Well, you see. Just because you don’t trust me enough, doesn’t mean I’ll die as soon as you stop protecting me. I have been fighting quite alright on my own before I met you. I don’t need you to be always on my side.”
As soon as those words leave, your mouth snapped shut and you freeze. Immediate regret seizes you in when you see the pure hurt flash over Xiao’s expression.
Merely a moment later though, he got himself under control again.  And for the first time, since you’ve met him, his cold gaze, that not once hold the tiniest bit of venom for you in them, makes shivers run down your spine.  
“Xiao, I didn’t- “before you even have the chance to take a step towards him, he has already vanished into thin air. Leaving you behind.
Sudden tears collect in your eyelashes and make it difficult to see.
Frustrated, you blink them away.
Wangshu Inn, a place full of the most distinct people, travellers and merchants has never felt that lonely like on this evening.
You have crawled into your bed and are hiding yourself under the blankets, consuming any amount of warmth they could provide you; but it isn’t enough to suppress the coldness in your inner.
You feel horrible. And guilty as fuck.
But at the same time so, so hurt.
It feels like you just ripped a part of your soul. And every time you repeat the argument in your head the feelings grow. Countless regrets are swirling in your mind, making you breathless.
“I don’t need you to be always on my side.”
The look on Xiao’s face when you said these words is what haunts you the most.
Clearly you have hurt him horrible with that statement. After all, his main goal has always been to protect you. Now he must think you too were ungrateful for everything he does for you, that you don’t want him to be on your side.
“Perhaps if you would act less reckless during your activities, I wouldn’t think of you so mindless”
But why couldn’t he see your point of view? Why couldn’t he understand that his actions were also hurting you?
This has been the first fight between you two. Maybe it would even be the last. Maybe this was it entirely.
You pull the blanket closer to you, hiding your head, thinking about the possibility of never seeing him again. Of him not wanting to see you again.
“I don’t need you to be always on my side.”
What a lie. What a fucking lie.
There was nothing you’ve ever wished more for.
Many sleepless hours go by, you doubt Xiao would return home this night anyway. So, sometime far after midnight, you fall into a restless slumber, trying to ignore the quiet voice in your mind that kept whispering, he might choose to not return at all.
  Xiao’s night is spent even more restless. He has gone out to unleash his frustrations, his confusions. He hates that he could feel this vulnerable, he hates that he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions. So, he had indulged himself into the things he is more than an expert in.
It is barely even morning when Xiao returns to Wangshu Inn. Countless thoughts have been twirling through his mind the whole time. But through all the chaos in his head, one thing has always remained clear, and not once faltered.
He’s leaning against the still open balcony door, contemplating your napping form on the bed. When he notices your slightly swollen cheeks and tear tracks still evident, his heart clutches a little. You were lying directly at the edge of the bed, curled up into a ball, blanket pressed tightly in between your hands.
 You are awake. Breathing slowly and eyes still closed, but you are awake. And you know, he’s also aware of that. You hear his quiet steps walking over to your side of the bed, some shuffling of clothes; and when you open your eyes you find him kneeling in front of you.
You look at each other for a while without saying anything at all. Just taking in the sight of him. Sadness is all that you were feeling right now, sadness and heavy remorse. Somewhere also relief that he’s returned.
You swallow hard, before you open your mouth. “I didn’t mean to go this far. I swear,” you whisper with a raspy voice.
“I know”
You sit up a little, so you are sitting eye to eye. He leans in, pressing his forehead softly against yours.
“I know,” he repeats in a lowered voice.
You sit in this position for a while, with shaky breaths and running minds filled with ways on how to form your apologies.
“Do you…want to lie down?” you ask after a while. Xiao moves and you shuffle a little to make him some room beside you on the bed before you lay down by his side. His one hand cradling your head, his other by your waist.
It is him, who speaks first. “What you said earlier – that it is my task to protect Liyue…” you hear him take a deep breath, then he murmurs quietly, “It is also my task to protect you.”
You feel a lump in your throat, even if you knew what to answer, you’re certain the words wouldn’t come out.
Xiao looks up at the ceiling, soft breathing against his neck. He dwells, finding the right words to say.
“What I mean…it’s because you’re human you never cease to astonish me. You are strong indeed- It’s also because of that, that I worry. If anything were to happen to you…”
You snuggle a little closer to him.
“I think the world of you, Y/N.”
You hold your breath. Too stunned and touched by his confession to say anything.
“Forgive me, if I made you feel anything less.”
It seems like him saying that out loud was enough to daunt your entire being. You shake your head, sitting up a bit to have a better look at him. The remorse is clearly written all over his face, and still – a certain softness returns in his eyes when you gently rest your hand on his cheek.
“I do need you. I do want you to be with me. And I am thankful for everything you do to keep me safe and everything you do besides that, too,” you confess, your voice wavering slightly. “I was just guided by my own insecurities and might have overworked on that. I am so, so sorry that I hurt you with that.”
Slowly Xiao lays his own hand over yours, before planting a faint kiss on the inside of your wrist. Then he pulls you back down on his chest, planting another kiss on the crown of your head.
You cuddle yourself into his warm embrace.
“We’ll be okay.”
“I promise”
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading! :) Comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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mhadumpsterfire · 2 days ago
Special Viewer [P.1]
~~~~Katsuki Bakugou~~~~
In which Camboy! Katsuki Bakugou starts to become oddly interested in one of his viewers.
Warnings: Smut, Fluff, Cursing, Mentions of drug use and alcohol use. Y/N is afab!
If you are easily offended by sensitive tops I advise you click away
It was 12:30am, the exact time that Dynamite went live every Friday night to Saturday morning. You were ready, wearing a pretty black lingerie set almost as if he could see, and a bright hot pink toy in your right hand. You were his longest viewer, tuning in every week since he started, which was only 4 months ago. You logged onto the website under the username "bunny03" to hide your real identity in fear your career could be jeopardized if any of your coworkers were here with you.
The time read 12:33am, you started to lose hope. And right as you were about to log off for the night, you see a red LIVE icon by Dynamite's profile. You squeal in excitement and immediately click onto the live. You are presented with a black screen while hundreds of users pile into the live, after a few minutes you hear a deep, gruffy voice emerge from the darkness.
"Hey, everyone. What's up sluts welcome to this weeks livestream...." He started "...I'm just gonna wait for a few more hundred people to join then we'll get started, ight? So don't be naughty and play with yourselves without my permission just yet, got it?" He continued, his voice becoming more aggressive as it progresses. You can feel your pussy twitch in suspense, you were more than ready to have fun with your favorite boy Dynamite.
After a few more minutes passed, Dynamite's camera turned on and you were met with his bright red, piercing eyes behind a black face mask, once he realized his camera was working he gave a big smile, revealing his sharp teeth. Once you saw that smile, you felt the wetness slither down your pussy.
"Alright, let's get this show on the road, eh?" He chuckled before reading the comments. Comments of "Come on Dynamite I need you!", "Please punish me already, daddy Dynamite!" and "I'm so ready!" Flowed through the chat. "I know, I know, we're starting okay? Be patient for me."
He then leaned back to reveal his beautiful, chiseled chest and abs glistening the light as if pre-oiled for the special event. Seeing his chest like this put you in awe, god he was everything you wanted in a man.....sly, charming, funny, and god was he attractive.
"Alright, be a good little slut for me and start slowly playing with yourself, eh?" His voice degrading you like this sent chills down your spine, and you reluctantly typed in the chat "yes, daddy.", you saw your comment flow up into the tons of people commenting, not really expecting him to see it. You saw Dynamite smile and chuckle at what looked like a comment, it probably couldn't be yours...right? "Good girl." he replied almost as if he was talking directly to you.
You turned on the vibrating toy and removed your panties quickly. You then started to slowly rub your clit with it just as he instructed you to do, after a few minutes you were bored and dripping wet so you decided to get up and send another comment his way. "pretty please daddy, I'm so wet can I go faster?", He then said something shortly after that "Yes, baby you've been such a good girl for me, asking politely. Go faster for me....bunny." Once he said the nickname your body sprouted in goosebumps, was he referring to you? or...maybe it's just a nickname he used and it was a coincidence, I mean there was probably a hundred comments begging him please so maybe it wasn't directly to you.
He then moved the camera down to show his bulge parading in his grey sweatpants. You gawked at the sight, excited to see what's beneath. He sloppily pulled out his large, throbbing cock before spitting on his hand, then slowly stroking it. Once he started, he let out a throaty groan which make you 10x wetter than before.
You hurriedly got back into position and started moving the vibrator faster on your clit to same beat as Dynamite was stroking his dick. "dynamite, can I put it inside?" You sent another comment, reluctant to see his reply. "Yeah, slip it inside you, baby be my good little slut bunny." God, this was too good to be true, no way he was talking about you but fuck you were hoping he was. You slowly entered the toy into your entrance, sloppily rocking it back and forth against your spongey walls.
You shoved a sock into your mouth to stop your moans from escaping as your next-door neighbors were asleep. It felt so good, like pure bliss. "Yeah, does it feel good? God, you're such a pathetic whore, getting off to me pumping my cock? Fucking bitch in heat." He said, jerking himself off faster. You followed his lead and matched his speed to simulate the toy being him inside of you.
After a few minutes of this repetition, you could feel your orgasm slowly building up inside of you. "God, fuck. Holy fucking shit, baby I'm about to cum." He said before glancing down at the chat once more. You watched his slick hands fist his cock aggressively, dreaming you could be there. "Awww, is my favorite girl AFK?" He stated, with fake pity. Your eyes shot open...you hadn't really been active these past 10 minutes, like at all. And hundreds of other people blasted the comments full so....was it you he spoke about? His "favorite girl"?. Thinking about being his favorite girl filled your tummy with butterflies, but..at the off chance someone else might be his favorite girl made your head burn with jealousy.
You decided to test your theory once again and send a chat...."No, daddy, I'm still here :-) I'm just filling my pussy full for you." He almost immediately read your comment "Fuck, bunny, I wish I could watch you being daddy's good nd cute little fuck toy. Are you gonna cum, my perfect girl?" He WAS talking about you, there is no way he isn't. God, this is like a dream come true..and his perfect girl? God could this be any better? You typed back excitedly "Yes, daddy it feels so good vibrating inside me, I'm so close." You said. You started going faster and harder than before just so you know you'll reach your goal for him.
"Yeah? good fucking bunny for me, shit, I'm about to fucking explode, baby. Cum with daddy." His degrading words, making you out to be his useless and worthless bitch drove you crazy, he sped up his movements and strings of curses, moans and groans emerged from the man. "Fuck, bunny I'm cumming. Promise you're cumming with me, baby." He moaned.
"Yes, daddy I'm cumming I promise!" You shout out loud, immersed in his words and immediately covering your face with the pillow embarrassed. You let out a burst of liquid, spraying all over your thighs and the towel below you. "Fuck, yes~!" You screamed into the pillow, biting so hard you drew blood. At the same time, Dynamite was on the same boat as you "Shit..shit...shit! I'm fucking cumming oh shit!", You watched as spurts of white liquid shot of of the tip of his cock, dripping down his shaft and piling onto his fist.
After you rode down your high, you slowly slipped the toy out of you and put it back onto the bedside table. "Fuck, baby you made daddy cum so much..." A drop of sweat beaded from his chin onto his wrist. "Thank you bunny." He continued... "Anytime dynamite :-)" you replied, finished cleaning yourself off.
"Alright ya'll, thank you for a good night but uh....I've got to clean myself off, eh? So goodnight pretty babies." He said, exhausted.
"I'll miss you." you sent, you saw his smile light up...and was that....did he?....did he just blush at your comment?....you shake the thought "I'll miss you too, cutie. Goodnight, everyone~!" He exclaimed before ending the live....you felt a blush creep onto your cheeks as well, crossing your fingers you even had a chance he might feel the same.
You got dressed in comfy pajamas, and climbed back into bed aside your computer. Slowly sweeping to sleep. Right before the world faded away, you heard the ding of a message notification from the website that was still running onto your computer, you were too exhausted to check so you let the darkness consume you.
But what you failed to realize, is this message would change your life the second you wake up.
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harryistheonlyoneforme · a day ago
warnings: period mention, blood, pain, crying, Harry being so sweet and loving
summary: H taking care of YN on her period
a/n: i’m actually sobbing as i’m writing this bc i’m so lonely🥲. also just a small drabble
“Fuck, fuck, fuck” YN groans as she shifts in the bed for what seems like the millionth time tonight. “I’m fucking sick of this” she says, sighing and climbing out of her bed quickly, looking over at her sleeping husband to make sure she doesn’t wake him.
She quickly scurries from the room and heads downstairs, in search of something to diminish the ache in her lower abdomen. Stepping into the kitchen, she sighs as she looks around, trying to think of something, anything. She goes through each cabinet and cupboard before her eyes see a packet of hot chocolate, an excited squeal leaving her mouth.
YN does a small happy dance as she makes her way to grab a mug from their designated place and puts some water in before popping it in to the microwave for a few minutes. She can barely contain her excitement as she waits, wishing she’d brought something to entertain herself. A bright idea pops into her head and she makes her way down the hall and into the small coat closet, pulling out her downstairs heating pad. It was very convenient to have two of them because she never felt like going up and down the stairs.
She grabs it and makes her way back past the kitchen, peeking in to see that there’s still a minute thirty on the microwave and goes to the couch to plug it in so that it’s warm. The tv remote is on the coffee table and she swipes it up, pressing the power button so it can start up while she’s grabbing her hot drink.
Making her way back into the kitchen, she manages to stop the microwave before it goes off, smiling in victory. Grabbing the handle, she excitedly makes her way over to the couch and flips through the channels as her drink cools down a bit. Spongebob comes up and she smiles happily, setting the remote down and relaxing into the couch with her drink in hand and the heating pad on her stomach.
She stays in there for about fifteen minutes more before the overhead light is flipped on, and she’s turning around with a frown to see her husband looking at her sympathetically. He rubs his sleepy eyes and she can’t help but smile softly at the adorable man she married. He shuffles over to her, grabbing a blanket and hopping onto the couch beside her.
“When did it start?” he asks, yawning immediately after the words leave his mouth.
“Right before bed” she whispers, watching him get comfortable on the couch beside her, confused at what he’s doing. “Don’t wanna keep you up, honey. You can go back to bed” she says guiltily, already knowing he woke up because she wasn’t in bed with him.
“Nope” is all he says, leaning into her and wrapping his arm around her as he starts watching the cartoon as well.
“Okay” she whispers, a small smile on her face at his genuine kindness and love for her. They stay there and watch for about fifteen minutes until he hears a small wince from beside him and he feels YN shift in discomfort.
“Cramping again?” is all he says, and she nods softly, a grimace on her face. A small sigh of sympathy leaves his lips at the sight of his wife in pain and the fact that he can’t do anything about it. “I’m sorry, honey” he says, leaning over to press a kiss to the side of her head and rub her back. “Do you need some medicine?” he asks, watching her continue to sip slowly at her drink.
“No, thank you though” she says, looking over before leaning to press a small peck on his lips. “I’m gonna wait it out of you wanna head back up. I’ll probably be up soon” she lies, and Harry knows instantly.
“No, you’re going to stay down here in pain until you’re so exhausted you can’t function. I’m staying down here with you whether you like it or not” he teases, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Now budge up. Wanna love on you a bit” he says, and she giggles, leaning forward so he can climb behind her. The bending at the waist makes her wince slightly but it’s worth it to have him that much closer to her.
“I’ve got you” he says, pulling her back into him before moving the heating pad from her aching abdomen, shushing her noise of protest. “You’re gonna damage your organs, love. It’s way too hot” he sighs, replacing the electronic with his right hand. “Lean back into me” he whispers, and smiles when she does. He spends the rest of their time there rubbing small circles over the place she was in pain, rocking her side to side as he just keeps her in his warm embrace.
He keeps her in his arms all the way until her breathing starts to even out, indicating her slumber. Before she can fully fall asleep, he’s lying down on the couch before pulling her down onto him, keeping his hand on her stomach, wedged between their bodies. The position is a bit uncomfortable for him but he doesn’t care, he’d do anything for her to be comfortable. Soon enough, he falls asleep as well, the feeling of her on top of him making him all the more content.
The two lie there until she awakes, climbing off of him to head to the restroom to do her business. When she’s back, she chuckles as she hears him snoring slightly and pulls a blanket over him before cleaning up the mess she made last night. She does everything quietly, making sure he gets enough rest.
A while later, YN has cleaned her mug and she’s resting against the counter, drinking tea and scrolling on her phone when she feels warmth behind her. She straightens up and leans into him as he wraps his arms around her, placing a palm on her slightly bloated lower abdomen.
“Are you feeling any better, love?” he asks worriedly, a frown on his face at the thought of her feeling like she did last night.
A small chuckle leaves her and she turns to look at him with a beautiful smile on her face. “Yes, I’m much better. Thank you so much. I love you” she says, and he leans down and presses his lips to hers before pulling away and turning her to face him.
“I love you more” he whispers playfully, connecting their lips once more and wrapping his arms around her.
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chocochipsushi · a day ago
𝐒𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐦𝐬
Tumblr media
SFW - all fluff but there is a daddy kink!
🌸Word count: 1.4K words
🌸AU: Toji is tired but you're not, so he tries to help you go to sleep.
🌸A/N: This idea just came to me after 'Sleepy Girlfriend Problems' because the idea of Toji dealing with the opposite of a sleepy gf is so cute????
Tumblr media
You tilt your head up to see Toji dozing off, his head resting on the back of the couch, his scarred lips slightly ajar. Trying not to wake him, you move your head to return to rest on his chest. However, being so alert as an assassin, even in his sleep, you feel Toji taking a deep breath, his arm around you moving to place his huge palm on your side. You glance up again and see him lifting his head off the couch as he blinks sleepily at you. 
“Hey…” His voice is low and gravelly. “S’getting late, kid.”
You check the time and see that it is almost midnight. Usually Toji sleeps around 11, and you stay up a little later. But he indulged you tonight in a movie because the both of you didn’t have to be up early tomorrow. He’s already stayed up way past his bedtime, so you understand why he is so sleepy. 
You nod your head and turn back to him. “You can go to sleep first if you’re sleepy,” you tell him softly. 
Toji takes another deep breath and groans as he cracks his neck. You move away from his body. You watch him yawn and stretch, then he moves forward to grab the remote to turn off the TV. You stare at him in confusion. 
“Let’s go to bed,” he mutters, slowly standing to his full height. “Daddy’s tired.”
“But I’m not.”
Now that he is standing over you in all his tall, hefty glory, he looks more intimidating than the big, cuddly bear he once was just a few minutes ago. He ticks an eyebrow up at you. 
“I am.”
“I’m not.”
Toji rolls his eyes, tired to put up a fight. He sighs and holds his hand out to you. “I want to hug you to sleep, baby. Come on. Go to bed with me.”
Happy to hear him getting vocal about his wants, you send him a cute beam and jump up to take his hand. You follow behind him as he switches off the lights before heading to your shared bedroom. The room is lit with the soft glow from your candle warmer, at the same time making the room smell like apples. (You used to have a cotton candy scented candle which you loved, but Toji always complained of a headache every time it was being burnt so you had to get rid of it to switch it out for something less “sickeningly sweet.”)
Toji lifts the blanket and you duck under his arm to climb into bed. You scoot over to your side while he climbs in after you. He lowers the intensity of the candle warmer to the dimmest setting and finally settles his head on the pillow. You immediately snuggle up to him. He lifts his arm, lets you burrow your head in his armpit, and curl up by his side with your hand on his warm torso. 
“Night, Princess,” Toji mumbles before pressing a kiss to your head. 
“Night night, Daddy.”
Toji pretty much falls asleep instantly. You try to get some sleep as well. But your mind is active and though your body is exhausted, you’re just not sleepy. So you turn to the other side to get your phone, on which you start watching some YouTube videos. 
You’re down the rabbit hole of YouTube where you’re suddenly watching a video on what may lay in the unexplored regions of the ocean when Toji moves in his sleep. You jump in shock, your heart thumping fast and hard in your chest at the sudden movement. You quickly pause the video when you hear Toji humming. He turns to his side so that he is spooning you now. 
“Baby not sleeping?” he mumbles groggily in your ear as he circles his arm around your waist. 
“Can’t sleep,” you answer softly. 
He hums again and you just know that he has fallen asleep again and will not remember this when he wakes up. So you continue playing your video and by the time you are sleepy enough, it is already close to one in the morning. 
You lock your phone and put it aside so that you can finally get some rest. But after 20 minutes of restlessness, you realise that you’re just not going to sleep so soon. Trying to clear your mind isn’t helping. Counting sheeps isn’t helping either. You’re still wide awake, but mentally and physically tired. 
Frustrated, you let out a quiet whine and curl up in a ball, pressing the heels of your palms into your eyes. You don’t even hear Toji rustling behind you. Which is how you choke on a gasp when you feel a heavy hand rubbing your arm. You take your hands away from your face and look up to see Toji hovering over you from behind, his face so close to you. 
“Everything okay, baby?”
You immediately uncurl your body to lie on your back so that you’re staring up at him. “I can’t sleep, Toji,” you lament. 
Toji grunts. “C’mere,” he mumbles as he lays back down, at the same time scooping you up easily to lay you on top of him. 
Your boyfriend reaches down to bend your knees so that you’re in a frog-like position, straddling him by the hips. He curls his calloused hand on the back of your head and positions it so that you’re resting your cheek on his chest, your head tucked under his chin. With his other hand, Toji rests it on your ass and starts patting you to help you go to sleep. 
He has never once done this before, and you have never asked for it, or even wished for it. But being in this position now, feeling so close and so comforted by Toji, you just know that you will not be sleeping any other way now. 
He is quiet for a bit, which makes you think that he might be sleeping. But then he hums to let you know that he is listening. 
“Do you think ants think they look different?” There is a very long silence that you think he might be dozing off, so you quickly continue. “I mean, do you think they look at each other and go ‘you look just like me’? Or do they have features that differentiate them? Like a mole on their eyebrow on something.”
Toji still doesn’t say anything for a few seconds. Then, he finally huffs and grunts, “Go to sleep, kid.”
He starts patting you a little bit harder to help you fall asleep. But you’re so curious. “And do you think ants would find out if another ant from another colony infiltrating their colony?” You lift your head off his chest to look at him. “Like a spy ant! Since, you know, they all look the same.”
Toji sighs and gives you a hard pat on your butt that you’re sure is meant to be a slap. He rests his palm on your bottom. “Where are these questions coming from?” he wonders in his tired, scratchy voice. 
“From me!” you chirp, bobbing a little in excitement. 
Your boyfriend grunts and lets out a long groan. “Stop talking and just go to sleep.”
“I wish I could,” you sigh. 
“You can. Just shut up and close your eyes.”
You make a face at his choice of words. Realising he can’t see you and won't say anything else, you huff and lay your head back on his chest. Toji’s hand starts moving again so that he's back to patting you to sleep. He is probably half asleep while doing this for you. Yet you are still as restless, twitching and moving every few seconds. 
But you freeze when you feel a rumble from Toji’s chest. You hear a low, almost unrefined humming. You stop breathing to focus on what he is doing, only to realise that your boyfriend is humming a lullaby in a way that is so flat that you don’t actually have any clue what song it is. But you’re still grateful as you move to snuggle into his chest. 
You know that Toji is unfamiliar with humming lullabies, just from the way he does it. And he is never an openly affectionate man. But then he goes and does little things like these, just for you. He always acts like he doesn’t care but he is always so observant, and he makes the effort to do things for you even if his words might not correspond with his actions. 
So with Toji patting your bum while humming a lullaby, you fall asleep in the next minute. Your overworked brain finally shuts off and you finally get your rest. 
Toji has succeeded in getting his girlfriend to sleep. 
© chocochipsushi 2022 all works are mine, please do not rewrite/plagiarise
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tsuki-tsuki-daisuki · 2 days ago
I can just picture Levi dating a single mom raising a daughter. The way he treats your daughter is so sweet, he treats her as if she's his own. Usually he dislikes children, but yours is a whole other story. He spoils her so much. Carrying her everywhere with him around the house, and taking naps with her on the couch (although most times he's awake and she's asleep in his arms) You're damn sure that she's just as attached to him as he is to her. The way she clings to him when you're walking about in public. She hasn't really called him "dad" or "Papa" but she calls him Levi, or "Vivi" as a nickname. It's safe to say that you feel like he's opened his heart up more to your child than you. But Levi always makes sure to show you love as well. Coming to meet you in the kitchen after putting her to sleep. Arms wrapping around your waist as his head leans onto your back. Embracing your warmth and your touch. He loves you both so much. All he wants to do is keep the two of you for himself, safe and sound. If he lost the two of you he doesn't know what he would do. Although he may have difficulties showing it, and may not say it straight to your face, you and your daughter mean everything to him. To him the two of you are his whole world.
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grantfilms · 17 hours ago
Moonknight boys x fem!reader
Summary: As you were roaming the streets, drunk and barely able to stand you were struck and thrown into a car you did not recognise. Jake immediately sense something is wrong.
Warnings: angst, mentions of abuse, PTSD, Jake Marc and Steven are very protective in this. Torture??
Tumblr media
Today was a friday, everyone went out on fridays especially at your age. You’re 23 with a roomate that had 3 different bodies inside of him, not that it mattered to you in the slighest in fact it was fun. Steven hated when you went out because his paranoia would kick in but you knew it was only because he cared about you. Marc would always have to think about it, at first he usually says no immediately because he knew of the dangers and he never wanted you to get hurt but as a few minutes pass he’d remember you’re just a woman wanting to have fun causing him to give in and let you out but not before scolding you to be back before midnight. But Jake?, he would go out partying with you if you wanted him to. Although he was a very unhinged man and would kill any guy that even tried to get your attention. He still had a soft side.
Today Jake was fronting, it was around 5pm and you planned on leaving by 6pm but your hair was playing up and it was pissing you off. You let out a groan when your hair kept going frizzy as you tried to straighten it, Jake had pushed open your bedroom door with a worried look “you alright honey?” Your fustrations completely washed away as you smiled at him “I’m okay it’s just my hair” you noticed how his breathing evened out as if he was relieved “Do you need help?…Im not the best at doing hair but i’d like to try” you want to say no because you’d be late to meet your friends but Jake was never the type to be affectionate so when he was, you could never say no.
You let out a laugh when Jake got up scoffing “i cant do it” he was genuinely mad at himself. You rose from your seat laughing and looked in the mirror immediately bursting into tears of laughter “Oh my god” Jake gave you a scolding look but you could tell it was taking all his will power not to smile at your laugh “it- its fucking amazing” Your hand gripped the edge of the dresser steadying yourself as you examined the 3 pigtails sticking outside your head. For a second you felt your chest tightening, you knew you were about to let out the deadliest laugh ever until Jake pointed at you “dont you dare, i tried my best. Marc would do worse” with that you let it out dropping to the floor laughing again “i know” Jake looked at the mirror and smiled when he saw Marc sticking his middle finger up at him.
Finally you calmed down and took out the hair ties deciding to just put it up in a high ponytail, checking the time you saw that it had just passed 6:01 and you hurried to your roomate who was now sitting at the coffee table with a glass of whiskey and a newspaper beside him, kissing him on the cheek “When do you want me back?” Jake raised an eyebrow at you “Just be back before 3am alright? Stay safe and have fun” You smiled at him and you both said your “i love you” before you shut the door.
The cab driver wasnt the most polite person you’ve ever met but then again the poor guy has probably dealt with alot of drunk people, drunk couples and rude men. You tipped him £20 since you actually felt bad for the guy, his eye lit up a little and he smiled at you “God bless you” you nodded with a smile as you slid out of the car, your friends came rushing to you with their arms open “heyyy” Aria greeted you with a kiss on the cheek as Kath grabbed you by your arm “lets go, I already have drinks waiting for us and dont worry” she winked “i have someone watching the drinks” you and Aria shook your heads and laughed knowing she’d only spend the night with the new guy she found an interest in.
The building was rammed with people dancing and drinking so you’d occasionally get bumped into even when you’re simply sat down and honestly it started to work up some anxiety. Kath had gone off with the mysterious guy within minutes leaving just you and Aria laughing and joking about random things “So…is your roomate still single?” She gave you a side eye sipping her drink in a mocking way making you hum and squint at her “he is single and he will stay like that until they get my approval” you shrugged your shoulders smiling “My bestfriend…especially Steven doesnt deserve some cheap whore” you looked down at your drink “They all deserve happiness not…” you thought back to when that weird guy with long hair told Steven “theres chaos in you” causing you to sigh “forget it, lets just have fun yeah?” Aria nodded and you were both making your way to the main area for a dance. You liked them, you knew the minute you started fantasising about them when one of them would come out of the shower with a towel wrapped around their waist.
2 hours passed and you ended up on some chair in the bar next to a passed out Aria, it was only 9pm and people were already leaving. You were dizzy, there’s no doubt you had alot to drink but it only hit you now that you had no ride home. You gave the money in your pocket to that Cab driver and spent the rest on drinks. Aria obviously cant drunk drive so you had no other choice but to call jake. You wanted to go home anyway, you were uncomfortable. Throughout the dancing you noticed a face you knew you had seen before but you couldnt put your finger on it, he kept staring at you and not once did he try and hide it. Now that Aria was passed out drunk you were left on your own, pulling out your phone wiping away the splashes of alcohol that had gotten onto your it.
No answer
Still no answer.
Your heart started thumping, you reached over to Aria and tried shaking her awake but it had absolutely no use. You called over the bartender who you knew was very close with Marc, the obvious suggestion would be to ask him for a lift but he couldnt leave, not until midnight. “Hey frank, could you do me a favour and let Aria crash at your place once your shift is over? I need to get home” Frank rubbed the towel between his hands, flinging it over his shoulder “Of course princess, you sure with going home alone? Its dark and i have noticed that asshole staring at you all night” he paused for a moment “you know what Marc would do if anything happened to you darlin” you sighed and nodded “i know, but staying here is so much more nerve racking i cant explain it” he nods and makes his way over to you placing a soft hand on your cheek kissing your forehead. Frank castle was like your dad, he was extremely protective of you but knew he couldnt control you. Jake, Marc and Steven wouldnt approve of it unless it was for good reasons. You leaned into his kiss and then moved away to leave “If you can please try and ring him he isnt picking up, tell him im on on my way home” frank smiled sadly at you “be safe kiddo”. you stumbled your way out of the bar and onto the dark street breathing in the fresh air “fuck” you muttered digging your hands into your pockets.
You stood staring at the buildings in front of you for a while before rubbing your eyes and starting your walk home. It only took a few corners before you felt the sudden hairs on the back of your neck stick up, you were being watched. You could literally feel it. Your drunken state didnt allow you to react as fast as you should, you shouldve ran the moment you felt eyes on you but you didnt. And that’s exactly why youre now being shoved into the back of a car with a bag over your head, whoever it was had hit you with a blunt object because you were completely unconscious with blood seeping out the side of your head. The person was ‘respectful’ enough to lift the bag off and place his sweater against your head slowing the bleeding.
Jake felt his heart sink out of nowhere, he was simply watching tv with his arm slung around the arm rest. He sat up quickly looking over at the mirror, Steven stood there wringing his fingers together “you felt that too huh?” Steven nodded, his face flushed with worry. He quickly stood up and went over to his phone that was charging in the kitchen and lifted it to see the multiple missed calls from you, his eye twitched and his hand clutched the phone “shit…shit shit shit” Jake rushed to grab his jacket while pressing on your name letting his phone ring just for it to go straight to voicemail. He stopped moving. Not once in your life had you not picked up his call even when you were asleep. Something was wrong, he felt it, Steven felt it and so did Marc. Marc could feel what Jake was feeling and it only made him want to throw up in fear, Jake felt sick, he felt like his heart was actually melting and forming a hot pain in his stomach. He doesn’t even know for sure that something is wrong but he’s already losing his mind. You’re his bestfriend, yes they all share the same body and blood but he was the one who was fronting when he met you. They all loved you more than anything and would set fire to the world if you asked, but Jake would do literally anything just for a smile.
You groaned, lifting your head to scan the throbbing pain in your head with your fingers only to realise your arms were restrained with chains, you looked down and not to your surprise your ankles were restrained too. Panic spread through you faster than you could blink a second time “hello?” You called out hesitantly but there was silence. It was too silent, it scared you. “Hello?” You called out more sternly, jerking backwards when a guy with long hair and that weird cracking noise his sandals ma- him.. that guy that told steven he had chaos in him thats who it was
“i wont hurt you y/n” he said, his voice rough as if he hasnt slept in decades. “i only need one piece of information and you can leave” he walked closer to you, his odd looking walking stick clacking against the stone floor, your eyes took in his state, he was sweaty, his clothes seemed dirty and that stick had a purple glow to it. As much as you were scared, you were more scared of what jake and the others would do if he finds out about this guy.
The door opened and 3 other men walked in, armed with bats, knife and a golf stick. “Your friend has something very…very important and i’m gonna have to take it back, now i’m aware he will find me. he has a moon God to protect him, but” he ticks “you have absolutely no protection and you are his main priority, you are what he cares about most” The fear you had disappeared and was washed over with anger…rage even. How dare he. Using you as fucking bait.
One of the men stepped forward “Harrow, the girls phone?” he reached into his pocket waving your phone in the air for him to see then placing it back in his pocket. He approached you once again, his finger lifting your head up by your chin but the seething rage that bubbled in you took over, you leaned back gathering your saliva and spitting in his face. Harrow stepped back in the most calm manner wiping your spit off his face with a cloth “That was unnecessary, now you’ve only made things harder for yourself little girl” he shook his head turning away from you and mumbling something on his way out, as soon as the door shut his men strode forward the first to connect with you was the golf stick against your knee making you scream in pain “GET THE F-mph” You were silenced as a piece of cloth was shoved into your mouth. The actions repeated until one of them stuck you across the same spot on your head as of earlier knocking you unconscious.
Jake ran into the bar “Frank….FRANK!” He shouted, Frank rushed towards Jake with a concerned look “what is it? Wheres…where’s y/n Jake” He watched the colour drain from his face “she’s not here?” Frank shook his head “no, she left to go home..she didnt make it home did she” Jakes breathing turned into heaves of anger and before he knew it he was throwing a chair straight through the nearest window shattering both objects. “Fuck!” His hands ran through his sweaty curls pacing around the bar “There was a guy, shoulder length hair, old lookin’ he carried a walking stick i-it had purple on it if that helps”
“Harrow. That little bug” khonshu spat. Jake grimaced “puta” was all he grumbled before storming out of the door, Khonshu forced the suit upon Jake so he could move faster. Luckily for you Khonshu knew exactly where you were.
The shock of freezing water being thrown over you made you jump awake, your eyes trailed to the red tinted water that ran down your body from connecting with the wound on your head. “Lets try this again?” Harrow leaned forward “where is the golden scarab” You furrowed your eyebrows “wph?” Harrow smiled at you, removing the cloth so you could speak “what the fuck are you talking about” He clenched his jaw in frustration, suddenly you let out a sickening scream as Harrow dug a thumb into your right knee you could feel the bone move, knowing your knee was shattered.
“I DONT KNOW!” You shouted at him, panting and writhing against the restraints “I dont know i swear”
Again, Harrow stared blankly at you “bring her out” you tilted your head in confusion just for it to snap back up when you saw a bloodied kath being dragged into the centre of the tomb. The man she went away with? Kath was unconscious, she looked like she had been beaten to death and it was making your heart wring. “Y/n I’ll give you one more chance alright?” You stared at him with teary eyes “Where is the scarab” tears streamed down your face and you looked away from him “I really dont know” your chains were instantly detached from you and you were yanked upwards letting out a whimper from your knee. Obviously it was useless as he handed you a knife “kill her” your eyes widened. Your jaw slightly agape “you kill her or i’ll kill you” “then kill me..kath doesn’t deserve this” Harrow chuckled at that “and you do?, you’re more innocent than her” the sound of a gun cocking made you twist your head towards Kaths limp body and the man behind her body aiming a pistol at the back of her head “sorry y/n, but things dont work that way. Just tell me where it is and you can both go home” again you stared at Kath, your ears blocked out what harrow was saying and that was a big mistake. You stood in shock, Harrow sighed in disappointment and nodded. The thing that finally made you snap out of your daze wasnt Harrow forcing you away, it was the ear piercing sound of a gunshot, blood spewing on your arms and a few dots on your chin “you’ll die” you whispered over and over “you’re dead harrow” He smiled, mocking you but you had enough. What exactly where the consequences? You grabbed hold of his arm that was forcing you away and you bit down on it feeling something burst in your mouth, you knew it was blood because of the way he wailed in pain punching you off him.
The men hurried over to Harrow, one of them, a lady, making her way over to you “hey..dont look at that okay? take this” she handed you a key and smiled “go okay” you couldnt respond due to your head buzzing. But you grabbed the key nonetheless and unlocked the chain strapped around your ankles, Harrow screamed at his oblivious men to grab you but it was too late for that you were already out of the tomb sprinting as fast as you could but it wasnt much use, your right leg was broken and it was causing you enough pain to drop to the floor “shit shit” you cursed, quickly laying on your stomach and crawling instead.
“Khonshu” Jake warned, Khonshu had the power to make him faster but he wasnt and Khonshu wouldn’t tell him why all he said was “keep running”. His feet burned from the sand rubbing against his skin, he looked ahead and slowed. There was a body, your shirt, it had to of been you.
Jake picked up the pace again and his heart dropped when he saw it was you. Blood still leaking out of your head colouring the sand, there was a harsh bruise forming on your eye from Harrows punch, you were wet and cold aswell as being covering in your friends blood. “Oh no” he knelt down turning you on your back so he could check your pulse
She is alive Jake, But another hour in this cold will kill her
He nodded his head and lifted you in his arms but he was stopped as 3 men came rushing out of the tomb and towards you, Jake kissed your forehead and laid you back down before easily taking them out. He returned but when he touched you his eyes shot back and he grunted as Marc took over. “Y/n” he cried “y/n get up just open your eyes” no response. Jake was furious that he took over but he didnt blame him. Marc swept you up and carried you back home, the door slammed shut and his suit disolved.
You stirred as you felt your body sinking into something soft but it didn’t comfort you, your eyes went wide and you started thrashing at Marc telling him to leave you alone “i dont know where it is!” Steven immediately fronted and pulled you into his chest “hey hey” you struggled in his grip “it’s okay honey it’s okay you’re safe you’re home” his soft hand stroked the side of your cheek calming you down “it’s Steven” you took a deep breath and looked up at him. Your eyes flooded with tears again and he hushed you, gently laying you back down and covering you in the soft blanket “you’re safe i promise” you curled up against the blanket crying into it while Stevens heart ached at the sight.
Jake fronted after you eventually cried yourself to sleep, he knelt down beside the bed and gently wiped away the blood on your face. You flinched in your sleep and he pulled away “oh cariño” his thumb traced around your eye and he sighed. He was angry at himself for letting you go out ignoring Marcs protests telling him that he had a bad feeling.
i fucking told you it was a bad idea but what did you do jake? You let her out as always…this is your fault
Jake snapped “Dont you fucking dare point any fingers at me amigo, she is our friend not our toy. She goes out if she pleases we do not control her life hijo de puta” Marc shut up immediately, clenching his jaw but walking away again. Steven emerged slowly making eye contact with an angry Jake through the mirror. Marc and Jake always had to compete on who was the bigger man and it always ended in conflict but when it came to steven, both marc and jake found comfort in him.
i-is she okay? I really hope so
Jake smiled weakly at him “i hope so too little amigo” Steven fidgeted with his sleeves staring at you
would it be okay if i front before we sleep? i-i mean you sleep… or me..fuck
He laughed at Stevens rambling and nodded his head “it’s okay Steven, you can front now if you want to” stevie nodded and took over the body saying goodnight to jake and crawling into bed beside you in case you woke up thrashing again.
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simplysnips · a day ago
promise ring
Tumblr media
summary: when you loose your ring at school, panic ensues.
pairings: vinnie hacker x fem!reader
warnings: cursing & fluff.
authors note: heyy! vinnie hacker requests are open! i hope y’all like this <3
You walked out of Spanish class, your last class of the day, your Spanish book in your hand as you went to your locker, you put in your combination but noticed your ring wasn’t there.
Your eyes slightly widened, “ Where the fuck did my ring go? ” You mumbled to yourself as you patted down your clothes.
“ What the fuck? I just had it.. " You spoke, pausing, before looking around where you were standing.
You looked around the halls, some students in there giving you puzzled looks, you checked for any bright sparkles pointing out.
You began cursing at yourself, you knew how special that ring was and you just lost it like that.
You debated on going to look in the lost and found, maybe someone found it and returned it? the ring was beautiful, they probably wouldn’t of returned it.
You felt a tap on your shoulder making you quickly leave the thought you were in and you saw none other than your ex, Vinnie Hacker.
“ Hey, Vin. " You spoke, an evident frown on your face, you and Vinnie stayed on good terms after the breakup, it wasn’t a huge argument and you both just didn’t have time for a relationship.
“ I’m guessing your looking for this? " He questioned, he smirked down at you as he twirled the ring around his fingers, knowing he was right.
You nodded your head, sheepishly, a smile on your face, “ I thought I lost it forever. ” You sighed, the worry that was in your face was washed away.
You reached up for the ring but he held it up higher, you rolled you eyes at his behavior.
He chuckled, “ Still wearing the promise ring I gave you? "
“ I- yeah, we ended things on good terms and I really liked the ring.. " You spoke, pausing before an awkward silence took over, making you look at the ground.
“ Mhm, " He spoke, putting his finger under your chin and slowly lifting it up, he showed you his hand, which had the promise ring that you had given him.
“ Hm, and you still have the ring I gave you. " I smirked, he brushed a strand of hair behind my hair, making me gulp, which he didn’t notice.
“ Would you wanna go on a date with me soon?" He asked, making my eyes go wide. I don’t know what I was expecting but I know it definitely wasn’t that.
“ I thought we agreed we didn’t have time for a relationship? " I questioned, furrowing my eyebrows, wanting to say yes to his offer.
“ Yeah, but I changed my mind. I think it’s fate you lost your ring and I somehow found it because you’ve been on my mind this past month. "
“ I’ve been thinking of you as well, and I wanna try this again. I think it will work out. " I spoke, he smiled and I stood on my tippy toes and took the ring back, putting it back on my finger.
He suddenly leaned down and kissed me, cupped bc my cheeks and luckily no one was in the halls or that would’ve been very embarrassing.
“ Let’s get out of here. " He spoke, making me nod my head.
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Tumblr media
prompt; scale from 1-10, how possessive are they?
notes/warnings; toxic relationship, scaramouche >:( crack and yea
ik its a strange selection of characters, but they are my favourites and i love them okay stfu
Tumblr media
i . scaramouche ( 10 /✦/ 10 — ) .
did you really expect anything less⁉⁉ this mf is ALWAYS eyeing you whenever you talk to somebody. like, anybody. whether its childe, or la signora, or even a random recruit, he makes sure to curse them in his head, and if their a lower rank, he threatens them when your not looking. he always has to hold something of yours, whether its your hand, your sleeves, your waist, your wrist (his personal favourite) he just gotta do it, he loves feeling in control, guiding and telling you where to go and when to go. also, he is the definition of "you are the most jealous man i know." "you know other men?"
ii . chongyun ( 10 /✦/ 6 — ) .
chongyun definitely gets somewhat possessive, but he wont do much about it. much like scaramouche, he would curse the hell out of anybody who seemed interested in you in his head, giving them icy cold glares as he walked away with you. he cant exactly handle physical touch as he gets warm quite easily, and when he does get hot/gets a fever, it gets worse. hes suddenly loud and chaotic, exclaiming and shouting to everybody around him that your his, and theres nothing you can do about it.
iii . thoma ( 10 /✦/ 4 — ) .
baby boy thoma is too innocent and precious to even think of being possessive over you, he understands your boundaries and wants to respect them, but sometimes he cant help but get jealous whenever you spend time with his master, ayato. he doesnt resent ayato, of course not! but sometimes, he does deliberately put something that sir ayato is allergic to inside his food, just so he gets the warning. isnt he thoughtful!
iv . itto ( 10 /✦/ 2 — ) .
itto is too carefree and unbothered to be possessive at all, hes a bro at heart! he treats you fairly as long as you do the same, and will never cross your boundaries. well, most of the time. hes protective and always stands up for you, and he always makes sure that the streets of inazuma are safe for you to cross, just for you and his gang!
v . venti ( 10 /✦/ 9 — ) .
isnt it ironic that the god of freedom doesnt give you any free will? its almost laughable. whenever you talk to another man, you can feel the wind pick up pace, slowly turning into a storm, channelling barbatos' anger. no, for you, mondstat is not a kingdom of freedom, it is another cage. his piecing eyes will always be there, even when you sleep you can feel his stare lingering on your body. the worst part is, he acts like everything is normal and carefree whenever you see each other in person. hes just a regular bard, after all.
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natsukicookies · a day ago
Y/n: Are we fighting or flirting?
Dabi: I'm pinning you against a wall with my hand around your neck-
Y/n: Your point?
Dabi: I’m trying to murder you
Y/n: And I find that hot
Dabi, calling shigaraki: Yeah, I think they need therapy-
Original one
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samstree · a day ago
Tangling Love
Jaskier is unreasonably protective of Geralt’s hair, for a good reason. (2.5k of fluff and boys being soft ☆ also on AO3)
Jaskier is being unreasonably protective of Geralt’s hair.
“Hey, hands off! Who said you could touch!”
The merchant, whose hand was forcefully slapped away by the bard, looks only slightly embarrassed.
“Forgive me, Master Witcher,” the man says, directing at Geralt and ignoring the daggers Jaskier shoots at him. “Hair as long as yours can sell for a good price.”
Geralt hums, peering down at the white hair draping down his shoulders. He hasn’t trimmed it in the past half a year or so, and it is indeed quite long, nearly reaching the middle of his back.
To keep it long but untangled is quite a feat. Jaskier has been adding more fancy oils to their pack and spending more time massaging them into Geralt’s hair whenever they find themselves in a bath. The longer it got, the soft it is to the touch. Geralt even catches himself combing through it on occasion to feel the silky texture.
He also finds himself wearing it down more often than not, leaving the hair loose and draped down one side of his neck. With its unusual color, no wonder it’s attracted attention.
“Do you deal hair?” Geralt asks in return. “Wigs?”
“Aye, I work for the royal palace. Been making wigs for ceremonies and banquets for two decades.” The merchant has a hungry look in his eyes. “But I have to say, hair such as yours is a rare sight. I’d pay extra for the king's collection. It’s a wonder, white hair by mutation, free of dye and bleach…”
With that, the man moves to touch Geralt’s hair again, his hand outreached and inches away from the strands brushing against Geralt’s arm. This time, Jaskier steps in, inserting himself between the two of them and squawking a high-pitched noise.
“Oi!” he yells. “What part of hands off do you not understand? We said it’s not for sale! No, thank you! His hair is not some spectacle for royal brats to keep in a museum!”
“But Master—”
“We are leaving!”
Geralt doesn’t even get a word in before Jaskier drags him away by the arm. He lets the bard, chuckling at the rude words Jaskier still mutters under his breath. The merchant still calls for them in the distance, but Jaskier efficiently shuts him up with another rude gesture. By the gods, smoke could be coming out of his ears.
“Jaskier.” Geralt rumbles a laugh. “Will you calm yourself?”
“Calm myself?” Jaskier huffs. “Did you not notice the audacity of that man! Trying to touch your hair like that. He had no right.”
A strand gets tangled between their linked arms, and Jaskier picks it out and combs through it with his fingers. It’s nice, when Jaskier tidies his hair so gently.
Sometimes, he’d help Geralt put it up into a bun so the bard doesn’t sleep with his face in the mess of it. Geralt still wakes up half of the times with Jaskier’s nose pressed into his hair anyway.
“And to suggest you sell it! After we said no!”
“I never did. You said no.”
“After we refused, loud and clear!” Jaskier’s frown stays between his eyes, his anger almost comical. “These people, they treat you like a thing to play with. And you!”
“Me?” Geralt says, incredulous. He barely said anything.
“Yes, you! Why are you not more angry? You should be more angry. It’s you he’s offending.”
Geralt merely shrugs. “We could use the money.”
All that gets him is an eye roll.
But it’s true that money has been tight, especially since Jaskier has fled from the last lover’s window without his coin purse. Geralt has been providing for the both of them with scarcely any contracts.
Jaskier can earn more coin, but only if he can replace the strings damaged while landing in the bush outside of lady so-and-so’s house. His boots are wearing thin too. It’s a miracle Jaskier hasn’t complained about his feet hurting even though Geralt can see him limping by the end of the day—guilt must be a powerful thing.
Hence the visit to the market, but they couldn’t stay at any stalls. Boots, lute strings, even rations for another day, none of it is affordable with the few coppers they’ve pooled together. That wig dealer might have been their only hope.
Jaskier is truly being unreasonable.
Geralt muses in front of their campfire at night, watching Jaskier rubbing his feet. The bard hisses between his absent tunes, the pieces of the song taking shape slowly. His eyes light up and his hands reach for the lute on instinct, and only retract after a second. The sparks in his eyes dim.
A bard without music is a sad bard. Jaskier is quiet for the night, and he sleeps curled into himself.
Geralt leaves camp at the first light of dawn and returns mid-morning.
The stubble at his nape is ticklish when he touches it, and the short bit at his forehead keeps getting into his eyes. Geralt runs his fingers through his now two-inch-long hair uncomfortably.
He keeps forgetting it’s not there anymore.
Irritated, he pulls up the hood of his cloak before approaching Jaskier’s sleeping form. The bard looks small and sad, his fingertips cold to the touch. Sleeping on a half-empty stomach will do that to a human.
Geralt squeezes Jaskier’s hand. “Jaskier. Wake up.”
Bleary eyes flutter open and immediately land on the loaves of bread in Geralt’s arms. “Geralt? What is this?”
“Here.” Geralt hands the freshly baked goods to Jaskier, the warmth of the bread making the bard hum with happiness. Jaskier takes the bread before splitting it in half and shoving the rest back in Geralt’s hand.
“Oh, this is heavenly!” Jaskier says between chewing, but apprehension rises to his brows. “But…how much did it cost? Do we still have coin for anything else? Roach’s blanket? Your armor needs repair too.”
“Hmm. Worry about that later,” Geralt says, untying the bag on his shoulder and taking out the boots and a set of new lute strings. “Try these, after you finish eating. The cobbler said she’d adjust the soles for you if it  doesn’t fit.”
“The strings too. I bought two sets—I’ll keep the spare one. You’d just lose them both when the next husband chases you out of town—”
“Geralt?” Jaskier raises his voice slightly, which draws Geralt’s attention. He’s stopped eating, the bread still held in his hand inside the wrapping paper. His eyes are on Geralt’s face, searchingly. “Geralt, why are you wearing the hood?"
The question is delivered in an eerily emotionless tone, and there’s something grave in Jaskier’s eyes. Geralt can’t hide forever, and he has no reason to. It’s a solution to their problem.
Geralt sighs, before taking off the hood in one swift motion.
Instead of reacting dramatically like Geralt expects from the bard on most days, Jaskier is silent. His gaze doesn’t waver, only fixing on Geralt’s hair. His whole body is so still Geralt might start worrying.
Geralt opens his mouth, to reassure, somehow. “We needed the coin, and it’s just hair—”
Jaskier moves so fast that a witcher almost gets taken by surprise when he scrambles out of his bedroll. His chest heaves, his eyes still on Geralt, now full of panic. The way Jaskier’s breathing quickens means he’s in the rare state of being too overwhelmed to speak, and Geralt realizes he should indeed be worried right now.
“Jask—” he tries to take Jaskier’s hand but the bard takes a step back, opens his mouth, and closes it with a snap.
Geralt is just about to speak again when Jaskier turns around.
And runs away.
For a barefoot human, Jaskier runs unexpectedly fast.
Geralt keeps pace behind him, occasionally calling out Jaskier’s name, but it only urges him forward. It’s ridiculous that they are going further and further away from camp where warm breakfast awaits, and it’s more ridiculous that Geralt has forgotten to eat anything himself, being so eager to give Jaskier those gifts.
Not gifts, he catches himself. Only necessities for their travels. He only sold his hair to buy Jaskier things to stop him from being sad and whiny.
But it seems to have backfired for some reason.
“Jaskier, will you stop running?” Geralt shouts at the back of the bard’s head, but there’s no response. Jaskier has slowed down, probably from the forest floor digging into his feet. Sensing he needs some space, Geralt slows his pace, hovering behind Jaskier with a few feet between them.
It’s the longest Jaskier has stayed silent in all those years they’ve known each other, and Geralt has a terrible feeling in his chest. He’s fucked up, but he has no clue how to fix it.
“I’m sorry,” Geralt tries, his voice unsure. An apology is worth a shot. Perhaps Jaskier is made that his hair is gone. Humans are creatures of habit, and Jaskier must have gotten used to it despite its unnatural color and all.
It does manage to stop Jaskier in his tracks, making him turn around and watch Geralt with those big eyes, his expression torn between shock and panic.
“Why on earth are you sorry?” Jaskier asks curtly.
“You’re…angry?” Geralt tries again. “Because you like my hair long?”
It doesn’t look like the right answer even though it’s Geralt’s best guess. But it could make sense; Jaskier has always enjoyed working on his hair, coming up with different styles for it and complimenting it with nice words. Nicer than a witcher’s mutated hair deserves.
Jaskier shakes his head and walks into Geralt’s space, his eyes softening. “I’m not angry. It was an incredibly lovely thing you did. You didn’t have to, especially when I was the reason we were caught in this predicament in the first place. You’ve made a sacrifice and saved us both from going hungry.”
“Then why are you running?” Geralt frowns.
The short hair tickles his eyes, and before he could brush it away, Jaskier does it for him. His fingers linger at Geralt’s temple, buried in the slightly uneven strands there. The wig dealer did not treat his merchandise too carefully.
“Because you always do,” Jaskier says with trembling lips. To Geralt’s horror, there are tears in Jaskier’s eyes that are too stubborn to fall. “You always save me, even when it’s my fault. Especially when it’s my fault, and I…” he swallows, voice breaking. “I don’t know what to do.”
Geralt catches Jaskier’s hand and brings it down to his chest, patting him gently like an upset animal. “What to do with what?” he whispers.
“With…” Jaskier says. “With how much I love you, of course.”
It comes out so naturally. For a moment, Geralt thinks he misheard. Jaskier, who wears his heart on his sleeves, is standing right in front of him and saying these words like it’s common knowledge, like Geralt should expect nothing less.
“Oh,” Geralt answers intelligently.
It’s his turn to gape, but Jaskier continues.
“There was a time when I thought I could hide it, keep it in a tiny box and shove it away, but now.” His fingers thread with Geralt’s for a second before moving to the trimmed hair at Geralt’s head, smoothing down the messy ends. “Now I don’t want to. Geralt, I’ve loved you for so long. I love your quietness, your small joy, your attention for Roach, even your dumb jokes that somehow make me laugh like no one else. And yes, I loved your hair too.”
Jaskier’s eyes are full of grief when he touches the stubble at the back of Geralt’s head.
“I’m sorry.” Geralt repeats his apology, unsure how to make it better, but Jaskier shushes him.
“I love your hair,” Jaskier says, “only because you do. You told me once that witchers can’t afford vanity, and yet you kept your hair long. Despite everything, you choose to keep it long, not for the path and not for anyone else. Your hair is for you, and only you. It’s one of the rare comforts you allow yourself, so I’ve learned to love it too.”
Tears roll down Jaskier’s face, his lips bitten white, and his face crumbles in sadness. Geralt reaches behind Jaskier’s back and guides him into a tight hug, letting Jaskier rest his face in the crook of his neck. Wetness seeps into Geralt’s shirt, mixing with the dampness of the morning dew.
“It’s just hair. It grows back,” Geralt argues, feeling like a child stating the obvious, but he’s rewarded with a wet chuckle..
“I should hope so,” he murmurs into Geralt’s skin. “You are going to let me take care of it while it does. No complaining about using oils, I’m serious. It only works if you do it often enough. You’ll also let me braid it when it gets to that awkward length—it’s dangerous to get in your eyes in a fight—and I’m going to buy you so many of those lovely hairbands. The loveliest.”
Geralt rubs Jaskier’s back clumsily and feels every little sniffle from the bard under his palm. It should be amusing how cutting his hair affects Jaskier so much more than himself, but the sweetness of it melts Geralt. He’s never considered the reason for Jaskier’s attentive care of his hair, and least of all expected it to be for his benefits.
“Hmm, you are going to be insufferable about it, aren’t you?” Geralt wipes away the tear tracks on Jaskier’s face when they break the hug. “You know it’ll all be a moot point if you spend all that money on hair things.”
“Shut up and just…let me love you,” Jaskier says with puffy eyes.
“If you’d let me love you back.”
With a shuddering breath and a hand over his heart, Jaskier’s tears make way for the biggest grin. “Geralt?”
“Yes, Jaskier?”
“Another thing.” The bard wet his lips. “You must let me kiss you right this moment.”
“Or what?” Geralt lifts his eyebrows in challenge.
“Or I will die from how sweet and lovely you are.”
“A poet might say that is a good death—hmm!”
Jaskier’s lips taste like the salt of his tears and the shape of his smile, his arms wound behind Geralt’s back and pulling him forward. With hands at the small of Jaskier’s back, Geralt deepens the kiss and dips his bard elegantly above the mossy ground of the forest.
Jaskier hums the softest, most contented sound against Geralt’s mouth, his bones becoming jelly in Geralt’s arms, which means he ends up leaning against Geralt’s shoulder again. Small, quick kisses are placed on Geralt’s hairline.
“Oh.” Blue eyes meet Geralt with glistening fondness. “Have I mentioned that I have a thing for short-haired witchers too?”
Geralt snorts. “Are you sure? I can tell Lambert for you.”
And before Jaskier can make his most dramatic and offended noise, Geralt stops him with another kiss. Nimble fingers try to find purchase in his hair but slip right through. It’s way too short for Jaskier to play with it.
But they both know it won’t be the case for long.
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