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neoheros · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
kuroo had plans tonight — big, happy, fun plans that only openly involve young married couples still in college to indulge in.
plans he had with you.
plans he’s been excited for since he first told kenma about them, plans he’s been dying to happen for forever, and plans that he’s apparently got to end up cancelling.
“you’re just telling me this now?” he looks at you, arms crossed on his chest.
kuroo stands in the middle of the kitchen, minutes after he’s just told you about the weird interaction he’s had with the people who live from across your apartment.
apparently, one of your neighbors asked him what time he’d be able to make it for dinner tonight, and cluelessly, kuroo thought she’d mistaken him for another person.
( she did not mistake him for a wrong person. )
and that’s how kuroo found out that you’d apparently accidentally agreed to having dinner with the neighbors … tonight … specifically, on the night when he had plans … with you.
“i panicked!” you frown, voice raising, “what was i supposed to say? no? sorry? my husband and i refuse your kind invitation because we don’t want to?”
kuroo nods, “yes!”
and you scoff, “absolutely not!”
the two of you stand in the kitchen, talking back and forth about how you forgot to tell him about the invitation.
of course, you’d hardly call it talking when all the two of you’ve been doing for the past few minutes is arguing on who’d be the one to call the dinner with the neighbors off.
(he’d tell you, “you cancel dinner!” and you’d scoff, “no, that’s rude!” to which he replies, “well we obviously can’t go.” and you scoff again, “okay, you cancel then!” and he yells, “i can’t, that’s rude!”)
its very tiring really, if it wasn’t so frustrating maybe you’d even laugh a bit at how silly this all is.
“we don’t even know them.” kuroo tells you, taking a step closer to where you stand.
“yes, we do.” you reason, “they’re our neighbors.”
he smiles at that, one that asks ‘really?’ and you narrow your eyes, one that tells him ‘yes, really.’
kuroo places his hands on your shoulders, looking at you closely, and for the first time, his voice is pleading, “we had plans tonight.”
“if you don’t want to go, that’s fine.” your eyebrows furrow together, “i’ll go alone.”
“and i’m not gonna grovel for you to come with me.” you cross your arms over your chest, nodding harshly.
kuroo tilts his head, giving you a doubtful look.
“i can handle being alone.” you press, scoffing under his touch, “i’m independent, and charming, and cool.”
he grins.
you push him away, rolling your eyes, “okay, fine, i’m groveling.”
kuroo laughs, though he already usually does around you, and even though you pushed him away the first time, he comes back to you to put his arms on your shoulders.
“please come with me.” you say, voice asking intently.
“you know, you really should have mentioned this sooner.” kuroo tells you, looking at you closely with the small proximity, “we had plans.”
your eyebrows furrow, “so, you’re not gonna come with me?”
“of course i’m gonna come with you,” he shakes his head, smiling his usual cheshire grin.
kuroo rolls his eyes, his chest heaving upwards as he breathes in a contemplative breath, and he says, “i’m your husband, i love you. i will do anything you want.”
he kisses you, lightly — short and quick — and he pulls back away.
“even coming to awkward dinners with you.” he laughs lightly, shoulders rising.
you smile, liking how close you are to each other right now, “it won’t be that awkward.”
and kuroo scoffs, “do we know even know if they’re a couple or just siblings living together?”
“okay,” you laugh, his nose touching yours, “it’ll be a little bit awkward.”
“then,” and kuroo shakes his head, “i should’ve made you grovel harder.”
he kisses you again, just like last time, short and sweet and quick and gentle. he pulls away as quick as his lips touches yours.
“you are doing me a favor therefore i cannot be mean to you right now.” you smile against lips, and you feel kuroo’s arms move from your shoulders to your waist.
he grins, “are you kicking my ass with a mean comeback in your head right now?”
so you nod, “yes.”
and his eyes crinkle, “amazing.”
kuroo pulls you in again, his hold on your waist giving him a better chance to keep you closer, kissing you just like before, but this time for as long as he wants.
he kisses you deep and smiley, everything that makes him want to pull back and laugh, or everything that makes him want to laugh as he kisses you.
you’re the one who pulls away first this time, keeping kuroo close, you say, “i promise you, you will not regret this.”
and he gives you a look, impatient to kiss you again, “pick another phrase.”
and you laugh in the so little space between the two of you, “i promise i will do the dishes and laundry for a week.”
kuroo pulls you into another kiss.
Tumblr media
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kiwisomething · 23 hours ago
Summary: Chris gets you to tell him about your day.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Shy!Reader
Tumblr media
“How was your day, Baby?” Chris asked.
“It was good,” you said softly. “I got my nails done.”
He took both of your hands out of the water. You got short baby blue acrylics on one hand and short light green acrylics on the other. You have white little flowers on your finger and on your opposite hand it’s white almost lace butterflies. He smiled.
“I like ‘em a lot,” he said. “I really do.”
You immediately smiled. He leaned a bit to his right and then he kissed your cheek which made your cheeks burn under his touch. His arms wrapped around you and you easily held onto them.
“Tell me what else happened,” Chris said.
You do. You tell him about Dodger just snatching up a duck from the pond nearby when you took him for a walk when Chris couldn’t this morning. You tell him about the gossip in the office and everyone’s secrets that they share with you. They only tell you things because can’t keep things to themselves and you’re very quiet. People don’t think you’ll let out the things they tell you but you tell your husband and your nail artist- she knows everything even the stuff you don’t tell Chris. You tell Chris about the kittens you saw in the window of the pet supply store next to the nail salon.
“We’re not getting cats,” Chris said.
“But they were so cute and- and Dodger needs a friend,” you said.
“He’s got enough friends,” he said. “He’s got uh.. Milo and Ginger.”
“He spends all day alone, Chris, while I’m at work and while you’re pretending to be a lawyer,” you said leaning to your side and looking at him.
“I bring him with me half the time and on Friday’s they allow you to bring him to work and yet you don’t bring him to work with you,” your husband argued looking at you.
“That’s just because I don’t want people unnecessarily coming up to my desk,” you said. “And I don’t want him being subjected to the people I work with.”
He laughed. He knows what your coworkers are like. He’s seen them up close. Chris only deals with them at the company Christmas/New Years parties.
“We don’t have to get a cat. We could get another dog,” you said.
“What if we got a baby instead?” Chris asked.
“We can’t leave a baby by itself or alone with just Dodger! That’s child endangerment,” you exclaimed.
“You’d make a great mom,” Chris said.
“If I have your baby, can I get a kitty?” You asked.
“I’ll get you whatever the fuck you want,” your husband said.
“You kinda already do that,” you said.
“Yes, you are spoiled,” Chris said kissing your temple.
You smiled and kissed him.
“I’ll think about the kitten,” he said.
“Imma gonna get a kitty,” you giggled.
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holylulusworld · 21 hours ago
Shorty & Hugh
Tumblr media
Summary: Meg and her friends trick you to make fun of you. Oddly her cocky and self-centered cousin offers help.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader
Characters: Meg Thrombey, mentions of the Thrombeys
Warnings: angst, language, Meg, and her friends are terrible people, snowed in trope, there is only one bed trope, soft Ransom, age gap (Ransom is 32, the reader is in her twenties – I didn’t define her age.), sad reader, virgin reader, bullying, nerdy and a little shy reader, fluff, cuddling & snuggling, overuse of the petname Shorty
Tumblr media
“Bookworm,” Ransom smirks, watching you stumble out of the room Meg and her friends occupy for their little sleepover during Christmas. “Do you already want to leave?”
“I—and then,” you sniffle, wiping your eyes. “I want to go,” you nod to yourself, ignore Ransom watches you, still that smirk on his lips he always seems to wear when you are around.
“Come on, Shorty,” he teases, nudging your side. “How about you tell me why you look like someone kicked your puppy.” Ransom furrows his brows when you let out the deepest sigh he ever heard. “That bad, kitten?”
“She tricked me,” is all you offer before walking toward the staircase. “Have a nice Christmas, Hugh,” you hand Ransom a wrapped gift, offering a shy smile. “I wanted to give everyone a gift for Christmas, but I must leave now.”
“Wait, you bought me something?” Ransom walks next to you down the staircase. “Bookworm, tell me why you are leaving. Did something happen between you and your little friends?”
“They are not my friends but Meg’s,” you cry, sighing once again. “I’m just a bookworm, the girl they turn to when they need help with their papers, grades, or anything in between. Do you know why they invited me to their Christmas sleepover?”
“No, but I sense a sob story,” Ransom slings one arm around your shoulders to guide you toward the bar. “How about having a drink?”
“It’s not even noon, Hugh,” another sob leaves your lips when one of the girls tricking you runs after you, still giggling.
“Aw, did she cry her eyes out to bore you, Ransom?” the girl coos. “You could join us for the sleepover.”
“It’s Hugh to you,” he retorts. “Now get out of my sight. Shorty and I want to have a drink. Tell Meg and your little friends to stay the fuck away from my room and stuff.”
“Asshole!” Cara cries.
“Eat shit,” Ransom retorts and you giggle, at his words. His features darken and you wonder if you will be at the receiving end of his anger now. “Now, what do you want to drink, Shorty.”
“I’m not much of a drinker,” you shrug, glancing at all the expensive bottles. “Vodka maybe?”
“The good stuff, huh? You sure you’re not much of a drinker?” he teases, pouring you your drink. “Now that I made you a drink, you must tell me what happened.”
“They lied, okay,” you whisper, taking the drink out of Ransom’s hands. “I believed they want to bond with me or something, but Meg’s friends wanted to make fun of me. They started with my clothes, my glasses, and then they called me a bookworm and a virgin.”
“Hmm…interesting,” Ransom licks his lips when you nip at your drink. “A virgin, kitten? I didn’t take you for one. The way you sway your hips tells me you can rock a guy’s dick.”
“Hugh,” you choke on the drink, coughing heavily. “You can’t say stuff like that to a girl. What shall people think?” he shrugs, giving you a knowing smirk. “What?”
“I know you are a dirty girl, Shorty. Now, what did those bitches say?” he asks, watching you down the rest of your drink. “Slow down, Y/N.”
“They said no guy would ever look at me twice and that the book I’m working on will never get released. Meg said I should get my head out of the clouds and face reality. I’m a bookwork and boring as hell.” You hiccup. “I should go now.”
“I hate to tell you so, but we are snowed in, bookworm,” you whine when Ransom points at the window. “Sorry.”
“No, I want to go home,” stumbling toward the window you press your forehead against the cool glass. “Shit, what do I do now? Is there a hotel close to this house?”
“You can stay here, Y/N,” Ransom stands behind you, sipping at his drink while you tear up. “What?”
“All rooms are taken, Hugh,” you turn around, looking up at Ransom with teary eyes. “Meg’s friends and your family occupy all of the rooms. There is no place for me. I must fight my way through the snow.”
“Nonsense,” placing his drink onto one of the coffee tables Ransom mutters under his breath. “Come with me, Shorty. You can sleep in my room.”
“Whoa, I will not let you touch me, dude,” you giggle, feeling the alcohol kick in. “We barely know each other. I’m not that kind of girl, Romeo.” Poking your finger into his chest you scrunch up your nose. “I mean you’re kinda pretty but—”
“Shorty, you’ve got no other choice. You will stay with me and have a sleepover with the one and only Hugh Ransom Drysdale,” he wiggles his eyebrows, making you giggle. “I will not bite you, promised.”
“Why would you help me?” 
“I kinda like you, Y/N,” offering his arm Ransom smirks when you reluctantly take it. “Do you have clothes to change?”
Tumblr media
You’re wearing his sweatpants, an old shirt you stole from Ransom, and fluffy socks when you step out of the bathroom. “That’s my shirt, Shorty,” Ransom smirks when you nod silently. “It’s fine. I’m sorry they ruined your stuff too.”
“Cara poured coke into my bag. Everything is sticky and wet now,” he nods, watching you nervously shuffle from one foot to the other. “Let’s have a nap. In the morning, we will ruin their shit.”
“We will?” you jump onto the bed, giggling when Ransom groans at your childish behavior. You didn’t see it, but he smiled for a moment. “How do we do it?”
“I could pee on their clothes,” he offers. “Or we smear peanut butter onto their shit. I haven’t decided yet.” Ransom grins when you fall back onto his pillow. 
“You know the ‘there is only one-bed trope is pretty lame,” you grin moving closer to Ransom to poke his side. “Why did you help me? You don’t even know me.”
“I don’t know,” he lies on his back, folding his hands behind his head, looking up at the ceiling. “You are the only friend Meg brought home I didn’t hate immediately.”
“Thank you, I guess,” it’s the oddest compliment you ever got but coming from Hugh Drysdale it’s a fucking Oscar. “I promise to not annoy you too much.”
“Sleep now Shorty. We got to plan a payback in the morning,” Ransom pats your head, smirking when you yawn audibly. “And you can call me Ransom from now on. Hugh is for the help and people I do not like.”
“But we are Hugh and Shorty, I like it,” you roll to your side, grinning. “At least that’s the name I gave us in my mind.”
“Hugh and Shorty, sound like bad porn,” you burst into laughter at his words. Giggles and little snort escape your throat and Ransom rolls his eyes. “It wasn’t that funny.”
“It was Hugh,” chortling you hide your face in his shoulder. “Imagine we are having bad sex and film it. Meg would be so pissed.”
“If we ever have sex, I will rock your world, Y/N. Now let’s think about a way to pay Meg and her little friends back they disrespected my Shorty,” he snickers when you make a face. “It’s true, kitten. The moment you enter the world of Ransom Drysdale you will be head over heels for me.”
“You’re so full of yourself, Hugh,” rolling onto your back you close your eyes for a moment. “Would you read my book? I mean, can I give you the pages and you will tell me what you think.”
“Hmm…only if you allow me to piss Meg off, Y/N,” you glance at Ransom, giving him a curt nod. 
“Deal, Mr. Drysdale,” you feel better since Ransom offered you a drink. He’s the first guy not making fun of you as you like books and to write about anything coming to your mind. 
Tumblr media
“What the fuck?” you giggle when Meg storms out of her room, wearing a dirty shirt. The once white shirt is stained with peanut butter and jelly. “Who did this?”
“Oh, is that your new style,” Ransom smirks when his cousin storms into the kitchen. “Shorty, what do you say. Is this the new style people wear in New York?”
“Every single piece of clothing got ruined. Someone smeared peanut butter, jelly, and other stuff onto my clothes,” Meg sneers when her eyes land on you. “What is she still doing here?”
“We are snowed in, and Y/N is my new girlfriend,” the look on Meg’s face is priceless. Her jaw goes slack, and her nostrils begin to flare when Ransom continues. “Last night she rode my dick so hard I was afraid she would rip it off.”
Ransom grins at Meg before he pours you some tea. “You fucked my friend you creep,” she stutters, glancing at you sip on your tea. “She’s half your age!”
“Whoa, I’m thirty-two and, unlike you, Y/N is an adult. A smart and young girl, hungry for my cock and rough hands pinning her to my mattress. “I suggest you get clean clothes; you reek.”
“He’s right,” you snicker when Meg storms out of the kitchen, cursing Ransom’s birth and your name. “You should visit one of those fancy boutiques your little friends won’t stop talking about. Maybe you find something nice.”
“You’re evil, kitten,” Ransom rounds the kitchen counter to stand behind you. He places his hands on each side of the counter, caging you with his body. He just stands there for a moment, looking over your shoulder at the breakfast you made for the two of you before he pecks your neck. “I like it. Maybe I’ll keep you around to mess with my family some more.”
Tumblr media
“Linda, say something. Ransom does unspeakable things to my friend,” Meg complains. She jerks her head toward Ransom and you on the couch. You handed him the first pages of your book and he snickers about a specific word you used to describe girls like Meg.
“Fuck me, that’s perfect, Shorty. You got her character right,” he nudges your side, always aware Linda and Meg watch your every move. “I like how you pointed out that girls like her hide behind a façade.”
“Not only girls,” you point out. “Sometimes people pretend to be assholes or emotionally closed off but in reality, they are afraid to let someone in.”
“You are too smart for your own good, Shorty,” he reads another page, smirking when you nervously chew on your lower lip, waiting for Ransom’s approval. “I like your story so far. Will you give me the rest too?”
“I want you to be brutally honest, Hugh. Please, don’t tell me you like it to not hurt me. Be yourself and give me constructive criticism.”
“There should be a hot guy stealing her heart and her panties. It’s decided,” Ransom exclaims, patting your thigh, “I will be your ghostwriter and help you write your next book. A sequel including naughty and kinky sex.”
“Hugh,” giggling you hide your face in his shoulder, “don’t say something like that in front of your mom. I don’t want her to get a heart attack.”
“Don’t worry about my family, Y/N,” he smirks, glancing at you sit next to him. “They all can eat shit. Well, maybe not granny. She’s a nice old hag.”
“You really do not like your family, huh?” you whisper, glancing at Linda and Meg. “I love my family. They always support me, no matter what. We don’t have much money and I got a scholarship, but they try anything to help me with my study.”
“Scholarship, huh? As I said, a smart girl. My little bookworm will conquer the world with her books one day,” he leans closer to press his nose to your hair, inhaling his shampoo in your hair deeply. “How about we go to my room, and I read the rest of your book? I bet we will have more fun without my family around.”
“No funny business, Drysdale,” you smirk when Ransom offers his hand to help you get off the couch.
“Wouldn’t dream to ruin you, little bookworm,” he slings one arm around your waistline, smirking at Meg. “I got a whole life to do so, not just this Christmas. I have the feeling this is the beginning of a great friendship…”
Tumblr media
That Christmas you finally found a friend, your best friend to be precise. 
In the coming years, people will only call you Hugh and Shorty.
It took you three more years to admit there is more between you and Ransom and from that day on, you called him Ransom and he, well he calls you anything he wants to but his favorite word to describe you is girlfriend…
Tumblr media
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asmo-baby-xoxo · 15 hours ago
Hi! I’m not sure if you do angsty stuff but, could I request an MC who is afraid of the brothers finding out that they love him because they think that the brothers are only seeing MC as a trophy to be won in a game the brothers are playing? Maybe some fluff? Please and thank you!😁
Thank you so much for the request!! Also I’m sorry this took a while, it ended up being way longer than I thought but I hope you like it!! <3
MC Thinking They’re a Trophy for the Brothers’ Game
The Avatar of Pride himself was the last person you thought you would fall for. But it happened anyway, you just couldn’t help being enamoured by the demon. There was a bit of a problem, however.
You thought Lucifer only cared about you because you were some sort of trophy he could show off to his brothers. You thought that they were just playing some game, seeing who could win your heart first just to win.
Once you realized your feelings, you started avoiding Lucifer like the plague. Your encounters were short and you even seemed a bit cold, he noticed. Best way to crush your feelings was to not see him, right?
That was until one day when he called you into his study. You thought you were in trouble for helping Mammon with another one of his batshit insane money-making schemes, but that wasn’t the case at all. As soon as you walked in you could feel a bit of a tense vibe.
Your brain was telling you to run, to run away from all your problems and never face Lucifer again. But your feet were planted to the ground, legs unwilling to move. You let him approach you, and once he came close you could tell there was a pained look on his face. Was this real or just part of the game? Would be go so far to manipulate you to win you over? They were demons, yes, but something inside you knew that he was sincere.
“MC, I wanted to talk to you about something. It’s come to my realization that you’ve been avoiding me. I don’t know if I did anything to cause this, but if I did I sincerely apologize. I only want what’s best for you and if I’m hurting you in any way please let me know and I’ll stop immediately.” Okay you can’t make that shit up. Just by hearing his words you felt the feelings behind them, the true care and even… love?
It took you a minute or so to regain your composure and think of the words to say. What the hell were you even supposed to say? You doubted him, his intentions and his feelings. Lucifer was the first one to notice the tears pooling in your eyes. “MC… is everything alr-“ He couldn’t say another word before you broke down crying.
“Luci I’m so sorry, I thought you were just using me for some game with your brothers, that I was some trophy to be won,” your sudden proclamation surprised Lucifer and he definitely wasn’t happy that he made you feel that way, but starting right then he would do everything he can to prove how much he really does love you.
“MC you’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I’ll tell you just how much I love you as much as you need to hear it.”
You realized you fell for the second born when the two of you were taking a ride in his Demonia. The wind blowing against your faces, the pure look of joy on Mammon’s face, everything was perfect. Except one detail. You thought Mammon only wanted you as some trophy in this game with his brothers, like he only wanted to show you off and prove that he was better than them.
You thought you knew better than to call for a demon, let alone the Avatar of Greed himself but your feelings wouldn’t go away no matter what you did. Having you would be such an easy way to shut his brothers up and you thought that’s why he was spending so much time with you.
Oh how wrong you were. You were a lot quieter for the rest of the car ride and Mammon got pretty worried. He even pulled over to talk to you about it. “Hey, MC? Is something the matter?” You were hesitant to even bring the matter up but you couldn’t let yourself fall for him if it wasn’t real on his end.
“Okay, Manmon. Before I let myself admit that I’m in love with you, I need to know why you’re spending so much time with me. Are you and your brothers playing some sort of game to see who can win me over first? Am I just some sort of trophy?” Your little speech shocked even you, but Mammon was left completely still.
You waved your hand in front of his face and he snapped out of it, trying to sputter out a thousand words all at once. “MC, are you crazy? My feelings for ya are as genuine as they can get… I really like spending time with ya, and I haven’t felt this way before.” Mammon’s face was flush red but he still continued. He couldn’t leave you feeling this way, and that gave him all the strength he needed.
His shaking hand brushed your hair out of your face. “I promise you’re more than just, some trophy to show off to my brothers. You’re really special and I’ll say sorry a thousand times for making you feel this way if I have to.” You started tearing up a bit and Mammon freaked out just a bit.
“What’s the matter? Did I say somethin’ bad–“ You cut him off by shaking your head and then resting it on his shoulder. “I’m so happy, Mammon, I really am.” His shoulder stiffened for a bit but then it relaxed. “Wait a second, MC, did ya say you were in love with me??” You didn’t say a word, instead pulling him into a kiss that conveyed all of your feelings. Love.
You somehow ended up falling for none other than Leviathan. The third born, the Avatar of Envy. The shut-in otaku captured your heart and you hated it. You didn’t really think he had genuine feelings for you. Yes, the two of you spend a lot of time together, and yes he gets pretty flustered when you’re around but you thought that was all a front.
Levi was probably just using you as a way to get at his brothers. Some little game that they were all playing, who can win the human’s heart first? It was the perfect thing to get his brothers off his back, to lighten up on the teasing and “yucky otaku” comments.
You were way more than wrong though. The two of you were doing your millionth TSL marathon, trying to point out things you haven’t noticed in the show before when you stopped talking. It took a bit for Levi to notice but when he did he freaked out. Did he do something? Did you secretly hate him and think he was a gross otaku??
“Levi, can I ask you something?” it was hard to get the words out, as nervous as you were but this was something you needed to know. Levi panicked a lot but let you continue. “Why are you spending so much time with me?” the demon’s eyes were like saucers and he stopped functioning for a second. He loved you but how was he supposed to tell you that?? You would definitely reject him, right?
“It’s because… because…” Levi refused eye contact and fidgeted in his spot, “Because you’re my Henry! You’re the person who gets me, y’know? And… I love you.” The last part was barely audible but you definitely caught it. When you started crying Levi almost died on the spot. Of course you would reject him and be upset that someone like him had feelings for you.
That was until you cupped his face and pressed your lips against his. It was at that moment where you both just knew your feelings for each other. At that moment where you collectively decided that what this was, was love. It was your perfect anime moment.
“I’m sorry. This whole time I’ve been thinking nothing was genuine. I thought the only reason you wanted to hang out with me was to prove something to your brothers. To win me over and show off, as a way to be better than them.” You felt really really bad about that. Who knew he actually had feelings for you? But he didn’t let you feel guilty for long.
“MC you don’t have to apologize for anything. This is just like that part in volume 67 of TSL where Henry had doubts about the Lord of Shadow but they worked it out and their bond was even stronger! That can happen with us too!” By then Levi was beaming and you couldn’t be happier. Everything seemed to work out perfectly.
To be head over heals for the Avatar of Wrath was not something you expected to come out of this exchange program. Satan himself had you fall for him, and boy did you fall hard. You just felt so happy around him but there was something bothering you.
What if he wasn’t being genuine? What if he didn’t want you because he loved you, but instead to use you against his brothers? He always loves pissing Lucifer off and this was one of the easiest ways for him to do so.
These doubts wracked your mind and Satan noticed something was off when you zoned out from the book he was reading to you. He was reading out a dramatic scene but you had no reaction, instead you wore a frown on your face and seemed to be lost in thought.
“MC?” He called your name out and you snapped out of your trance. “Oh, sorry, continue.” You tried to brush this off but he didn’t let it go. “There’s something wrong. You can tell me, you know?” Your heart tightened from his words, you felt safe around him and like you could tell him anything, but you just couldn’t shake these doubts!
“You don’t have to hide it any longer. I know you’re using me to piss off your brothers, Lucifer especially. I’m just something that you can show off to them, proving that you’re better. And I’ve had enough!” You went to leave his bedroom but he grabbed your hand gently.
“Do you really think that?” He asked, his voice not doing a good job at concealing the hurt he felt. Oh shit. You knew you messed up and you thought he hated you forever, but instead he pulled you into his lap.
Satan looked you in the eye and it felt like his gaze was boring into your soul, but his words were more gentle than you’ve ever heard them. “I’m sorry if I made you feel that way and I understand why you would think that…” he trailed off, looking for the right thing to say.
He made up his mind. He was going to confess to you right there and right then. “MC, look.. you’re special. You make me feel things that I didn’t even think I was capable of feeling. It’s not just anger anymore in my life, there’s something brighter, something warmer.” Your face was beet red now and a light scarlet dusted his cheeks. “It’s love. I love you, MC, I really do.”
You found yourself head over heels for the Avatar of Lust himself. You definitely weren’t the first, but you were special. You just didn’t know Asmo felt the same. Some comments you heard in the RAD hallways got in your head.
Some lesser demons were talking about how the brothers just wanted you to show off, and it freaked you out. Since that day you avoided Asmo as much as you could, though it was pretty hard considering his clinginess and overly affectionate nature.
On one of your spa days the demon noticed you were tense despite being so pampered, and concern filled him. “MC? What’s the matter, you don’t seem to be enjoying the spa at all!”
You were reluctant to explain why but you needed to know the truth. “Asmo, tell me, why are you giving me so much attention? Why are you going out of your way to bring me to spas with you, and pamper me so much?” He was pretty confused at first, thinking his answer was obvious but apparently not.
“It’s because I love you MC! You’re so special and my favourite human in the world!” Asmo exclaimed, blush on his face accompanied by a huge smile. His eyes were sparkling and he was absolutely gorgeous! But that was just his charms, right? He probably said this to everyone, right?
When you just stared at him, he got kinda nervous, “MC..?” Him calling your name snapped you out of your trance and you looked at him, and the almost hurt in your eyes almost made Asmo cry. “Do you not… want that? I can stop if it’ll make you happier…”
That’s when you saw it. Asmo’s feelings for you were genuine and you felt horrible for doubting it. “Asmo I’m sorry! I wasn’t sure whether you were being genuine with me or just trying to win me over to show off to your brothers, but I see it now, I know how you actually feel and I can’t apologize enough!”
You didn’t notice the tears in your eyes until Asmo wiped them gently. “Hey hey, it’s okay MC! I get why you would be worried about that, I heard that rumour going around too and wanted to take you on this spa trip to show how much I love you!” You loved this demon, you really did, and you were so lucky to love someone so wonderful.
Beel was the last demon you thought would try and win your affections to show you off as a trophy, but this nightmare you had really got into your head. It was exactly that, in your dream he didn’t really care about you and you couldn’t stop thinking about it no matter how you hard you tried.
You needed some time to figure it out but also you were terrified to ask him about it. What if that wasn’t the case? Then it leaves you feeling guilty for doubting him in the first place but you just had to know. You asked him out to Hell’s Kitchen to soften the blow a bit and so that you could have a comfort burger if what you thought was true…
The two of you sat at a table and Beel immediately noticed something was off. He saw the crease in your eyebrows, your tense shoulders and how you were nervously biting your lip. “MC? What’s the matter?” The genuine concern in his voice stung a bit but you still needed to ask. “Are you only using me to show off to your brothers? To prove that you’re better?”
The look of hurt in his eyes nearly made you cry. “Beel I’m so sorry, I just had this nightmare and I couldn’t get it out of my head and-“ before you could say another word his big warm hands grabbed your own.
“MC, it’s alright. I understand why you would be worried about that and I’m not mad at you at all! I love you more than food, and when you’re around my hunger isn’t even that bad. Nobody else has made me feel this way, MC, you’re truly special.”
Now you were crying. Crying because you fell for the absolute sweetest and most caring demon in the entire Devildom. You jumped up from your seat and placed yourself right on his lap, pulling him into a hug tighter than ever before.
“Oh, Beel, you don’t know how much that means to me. I was just so scared, because I love you and I really didn’t want that awful nightmare to come true, it was so horrible…” Beel then ordered some food to go and brought you home to his room. You would sleep in his bed whenever you felt you were going to have a nightmare, he never wanted you to be worried like this ever again.
You were wandering the House of Lamentation looking for your sleepy boyfriend when you found Mammon and Levi talking in the living room. They didn’t notice you in the doorway, and continued their conversation on how jealous they were of the youngest for winning your heart.
“Why does Belphie of all people get to have MC, huh? It’s so not fair!” Levi whined, and Mammon scoffed, “It’s always like he’s trying to show of to us! We’re his older brothers, but he’s always so annoying…”
Their conversation didn’t really mean anything at the time, just some complaining about the youngest but hearing that put an idea in your head. Was the only reason Belphie was with you to show off? Was he just trying to prove himself by winning you over?
You stormed off to your room, burying your face in your pillow as tears threatened to fall. You hated doubting Belphie, you thought he really did care about you but what if he didn’t? Even the thought of it upset you to no end.
Hearing your cries, the demon who you’d been looking for comes into your room. “MC are you okay? If Lucifer lectured you again I’ll kill him,” Belphie growled, walking over to the bed. When you backed away from him though, he felt a combination of hurt and confused.
“Belphegor why are you dating me? Tell me, you hated humans so much so why are you with one? To show off to your brothers, huh?” Your words pulled his heartstrings and just hearing you call him his full name stung more than he anticipated.
The silence told everything, you thought, but he grabbed your shoulder gently before you could turn away. “Oh, MC. I’m so sorry you feel that way, I know that my actions from the past were awful and I can never, ever make it up to you. But what I can do is tell you over and over that I love you.”
“How… how do I know you’re not just feeding me more lies?” Your voice was quiet and shaky, but then Belphie pulled you into his arms and kissed you with more gentleness than you could ever expect from a demon. That right there proved just how much he loved you, and you collapsed into his arms, holding him tight as he pressed kisses to your forehead. “I love you, MC.”
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beyondspaceandstars · 20 hours ago
hii dear! I’m sorry for requesting again but everything you write is just *chefs kiss*
so my idea is a bucky barnes fluff one shot where reader takes him to a record shop and then for ice cream afterwards with the prompts
‘Please don’t leave me alone.’ and ‘It’s just an ice cream cone.’
thank you for considering dear !! thanks again xx
Saturday Afternoon
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: N/A, just super fluffy <3
Word Count: 1.3k
A/N: Thank you so much for requesting! I'm so glad you enjoy my writing, thank you so much - i hope I did this one just as well!
“A record shop?” Bucky asked as you two walked hand-in-hand down the street. “Those things really still exist?”
You giggled, "You had record stores back in your day?"
Bucky shrugged. "There were a few in the area. I haven’t been to one since then but I read they’ve gotten quite popular over the years."
"They’ve had their ups and downs," you said. "But I’ve always adored them."
You two continued your way down the street, hands connected and arms swinging. You hadn’t initially told Bucky that morning where you were dragging him, opting to wait until you were already on your way. All you had explained was that you wanted to go shopping and thought he might enjoy it as well. A bit suspicious but he eventually agreed. When you eventually revealed it, your assumption on his excitement was correct.
It was no secret to you that Bucky enjoyed music — well, music from his time. He’d tolerate the alternate and rock vinyls you liked to play but when it came down to it, the man could sometimes be stuck in his era. You had learned, though, that he was having a hard time finding the music he remembered.
You tried showing him streaming services like Spotify but he claimed it didn’t "sound the same" — you just about rolled your eyes at his old-fashioned talk and instead turned your attention to tracking down records from that time. After a bit of hunting via the internet, you were surprised to find the record store you frequented carried albums from back in Bucky’s time.
So, that’s where you were dragging him now on a lovely Saturday afternoon. You thought you could make a whole day of it: browse some records then stop in at the ice cream shop next door. They hand-churned it all and everything, it was delightful, and you were quite surprised you had never thought to take Bucky to this area. From the looks of how he took in the rows of shops with a fascinated gaze, you could tell he was already enjoying the trip.
"You already look pleased and we haven’t even made it to our destination," you commented. Bucky shot you a smirk.
"I’m always pleased when I’m with you, doll."
You just about snorted at his cheesiness. You had quickly realized anything you said could be turned into a line by Bucky and, well, it did sometimes did something for you.
You two rounded the corner and came upon the record store. You opened the door and pulled Bucky in with you, having a hard time hiding your own excitement. Bucky just happily followed, looking around at the miles and miles of records. You knew it could be a bit overwhelming at first so you tried giving a laydown of the outline of the shop.
"Okay," you said as you stopped at one aisle. "It’s separated by genres but there’s also a section for decades. That’s where you’d find like the eighties, the fifties, et cetera. I guess that’s probably where you want to start." You turned to him. "Do you know what you’re looking for?"
You watched as Bucky nodded and pulled out a little piece of paper from his pocket. "At least what I can remember," he chuckled at the sour joke as he motioned towards the paper. You just gave him a small smile and led him down the rows.
"Seventies, sixties, fifties… Here!" You exclaimed as you came to a stop in front of rows of albums labeled with ‘30s’ and ‘40s.’ "Hopefully you can find them."
Bucky smiled down at you. "Thanks, honey," he mumbled as he placed a kiss on your cheek. You blushed, disconnecting your hands.
"I-I’ll be just a few aisles over," you said, motioning towards the second labeled ‘alternative.’ "If you need help or anything I’m sure we can talk to someone—"
"Go do your own shopping," Bucky chuckled, practically shooing you away. "I’ll be just fine."
You raised your hands in surrender and headed to your own section of the record shop, watching the excited, focus gaze that came across Bucky’s face as he flipped through the records. Your heart warmed at the sight.
Just under an hour or later, Bucky finally came and found you, cradling a whole stack of vinyls in his arms.
You giggled, taking in the sight of your boyfriend wrangling with the items. "Someone hit the jackpot, huh?" You teased as you looked over the different covers and names. To be quite frank… You didn’t recognize any of the music. But that also just means that Bucky would get to show you his music like you had been showing him yours.
Bucky shrugged as if this was nothing. "They had a great selection, I had to narrow it down."
"This was narrowing it down?"
Bucky playfully rolled his eyes, a little smirk playing on his lips. "Yes, believe it or not, this was."
You shook your head and reached up to plant a kiss on his cheek. "I’m just kidding, Buck," you said. "I’m glad you found what you wanted."
"I did," he nodded, "thank you so much. You don’t know what this means to me."
You had to look away as Bucky’s loving gaze became borderline intense and your blushing could not be controlled. You took his arm and began leading him to the cash register. "Let’s get these paid for and then we go for ice cream."
"Ice cream?" Bucky perked up. You nodded.
"What date would be complete without ice cream?"
"Oh," Bucky hummed. "This was a date."
You lightly pushed his shoulder as he placed his albums on the counter for the cashier to begin scanning. "You say that like we’re not already a couple," you laughed.
"Couples still need to go on dates," Bucky shrugged. "I feel like I should’ve been informed." He paid for the albums then took the bag from the cashier. In his other hand, he grabbed yours as you two begin exiting the shop.
"It’s nothing special," you insisted, steering him towards the ice cream shop.
Bucky scoffed. "Any date with you is special, sweetheart."
Gosh, he was such a sweet talker. You had to ignore it now or else you’d walk into the ice cream with a face looking like a tomato. It was becoming your permanent state around Bucky. Despite you two being together for a good amount of time, he was the king of making you squirm.
You two quickly found a table in the shop. Bucky sat down and placed his new collection of music on the floor beside the chair. He looked up at you, noticing you weren’t sitting down.
"What would you like?" You asked, motioning towards the menu. "I’ll get it for you. My treat."
Bucky frowned, dramatic and silly. "Please don’t leave me alone."
You couldn’t help but laugh at his ridiculousness. Bucky loved pulling these teasing stunts on you, acting like you were leaving home forever when you’d just be going to the bathroom or getting a snack.
You shook your head, "You’ll be fine, I’m only leaving you for ice cream. It’s just an ice cream cone."
He sighed. "Fine, if you must." His eyes roamed the menu for a moment before they lit up like a light bulb had gone off. "Well… Instead of just an ice cream cone, we could share a banana split?"
"Oh, how romantic," you smiled. "You trying to use one of your old moves on me, Barnes?"
"You started this, doll, you said it was a date," he said with a cocky smile. "I gotta pull out all the stops."
"You’re absolutely ridiculous," you mumbled as you placed a quick kiss on his lips. He hummed, happily, almost even sneaking a hand around your waist to keep you against him but you quickly shooed him off.
You yelped. "Do you want your ice cream or not, mister?"
"I don’t know, honey. You seem so much sweeter." Your jaw went slack.
"I’m walking away now," you declared and stuck to your word, marching away defiantly but with a silly little smile playing on your lips. You could feel Bucky’s eyes roaming all over you as you went to get the banana split.
That man was going to be the death of you.
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bokutoslittledoll · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
FEATURING: Bokuto, Suna , Oikawa , Iwaizumi, 
Genre: Fluff, fluff and fluff.
A/N: I really don't like how it is executed but I am still gonna post this.
Not proofread though so forgive me for any mistakes. Sumimasen🙏
Tumblr media
▪️Bokuto (3 years old):
Bokuto had been lazing around in the living room since the afternoon. His insides were at warmth with the relief of not having to go to practice tomorrow. He propped his feet up at the couch heads and closed his eyes in content. Soon, his snores filled the whole room. This dual colour haired spiker had already dozed off. Meanwhile, you and your 3 year old daughter were already scurrying off to the kitchen. Taking out all the ingredients and preparing to bake a cake for the birthday boy, in order to wish him on 12 o’clock. He was oblivious of the little adventure you and your daughter seemed to have. She was a giggling mess as she helped her mom in cracking the eggs, sifting the flour and putting up little pieces of decorations. The cake was baked perfectly without any hindrance and you guys barely seemed to hold your excitement in. Bokuto as a dad , did more than you fathomed. His protectiveness for you and both of your daughter was praiseworthy. The playfulness he shows whenever his daughter hosts a tea party and invites him. The way he cages you and her in sleep and always gives the goodnight kisses just warms your heart. The way he peppered your face in kisses as you gave birth and to this date, praises you often as to how good of a mother you are. You ponder that this could be the least thing to do for this awesome man in your life.
 The day rolled over to night time as Bokuto headed to your shared room and you on the pretext of cleaning up a little bit more, took out the cake from refrigerator and put an owl candle on top. You had taken you guys’ daughter with you so you were sure Bokuto would come to the living area to find you both. And he did. 
The lights were dimmed as the roomed was flooded with the candle lights. Bokuto stopped dead in his tracks as he heard the sweetest melody of “Happy Birthday” coming from his wife and his daughter. Her daughter jumping in your lap and grinned ear to ear while exclaiming, “Happy Birthday, Dada. I made cake” and she clapped. Bokuto went up to hug both of you and you saw the tears cascading down his cheeks. He took his daughter in his lap and peppered her faces with kisses while muttering thank you every 2 seconds. His daughter seeing Bokuto in joyful tears, took her chubby hand and wiped his tears saying, “No more cry, dada”. You guys laugh as he says, “No tears” and pulls you close. He pecks your forehead and whispers,
“I love you guys so much. This is my best birthday ever".
▪️Suna (5 years old):
It was Saturday morning when you and your 5 year old daughter got the inspiration of baking a cake for Suna on Fathers Day and surprise him at midnight. Fortunately, your daughter inheriting you maturity and kept it quiet until Suna left for practice. You guys took a tour to the grocery store after lunch and bought the essentials for baking and got to work immediately. Suna was still at gym so you guys had a clear coast. You efficiently directed her to bake the little cupcakes as she insisted on baking it alone for her “Super Dada”. The main reason behind your little mission was Suna’s off demeanor. Your eyes had always caught Sunas face whenever your daughter preferred you over him. Whenever your daughter insisted you to read the bedtime story and wanted you to feed her. Suna being the naturally quiet person couldn’t help but brood over this. All these felt okay, even for him, since he often had big tournaments and matches, but soon enough his thoughts clouded over the fact that his daughter is purposely distancing herself from him and this was no less thing to scare Suna. He loved his little angel way too much. Yet, Suna had let this insecurity brew in himself and thought his daughter hates him. But you noticed and your heart squeezed sadly at this. 
And what could be the perfect moment to cut his self destructive thoughts other than Fathers Day itself? Especially when his daughter loves her dada unconditionally and often lets him rest by not pestering him. The cupcakes were fully ready almost, with little decorations of volleyball and chocolate frosting. Little sprinkles and a volleyball shaped cake in middle with blue and yellow icing that your daughter handpicked herself. You looked at the cakes that couldn’t be more perfect and anticipation bubbled inside you at the thought of Sunas reaction. By evening, the cakes were put up in the freezer to solidify the icings and next was Sunas arrival. You knew he would be a bit late so you both finished dinner by the time he came. As Suna stepped into the threshold of his home, his daughter exclaimed “Welcomeee” with a tinkling laugh that warmed Sunas heart. She gave him a hug that seeped all the fatigue from his body.
He headed to his room , freshened up and laid down a bit. Today had indeed seemed long. As he stared at the ceiling, his eyes drooped and the room filled with his deep breath and occasional snores. 
Suddenly some shaking woke him up as he rubs his eyes to see his daughter sitting atop him with a toothy smile.
“Dada, wake up and come on” she said as she jumped a with enthusiasm.
“What’s up, little angel? Is it morning already?” he asks with a little raspy voice from sleep. His daughter seemed more close to him today and this made him exuberant. She slipped down to the floor from his lap and padded her way to the hallway. Suna followed suit. Light was spilling from the hallway as he proceeded there. His eyes popped open.
There you were, standing in middle, holding a tray full of cakes. A beautiful smile etched on your face. You daughter ran and picked up a cake and moved towards Suna. He picked her up and she fed him the cake.
“You know, she made his for you. Without any help.” you said. He took your hand and pulled you close to himself. You side hug him. Bringing your mouth close to his ears, you whisper,
“She loves you dearly, Rin. More than anything”
Suna was almost to the verge of tears as he hugs you and his daughter tightly. His little family.
“Alright, angel. Time for sweets. Mumma can compromise the sweet tooth today what say?” He says while nosing her cheek. She giggles in response.
“Okie, Dada.”
▪️Oikawa (4 years old): 
Oikawa had a busy schedule. Balancing his work life and personal life was not an easy feat. Not when you are a star volleyball player and also a husband and father of a 4 year old. His love for Volleyball was still the same. He was still the same. The undying passion driving him to overwork. You were there to keep him grounded but still there were days he would be busy from sunrise to sunset. At his own will.
It was a stifling hot time of July when he had woken up early for his practice. You were sleeping peacefully beside him. He got ready, kissed you on forehead. He passed his daughters room. Her hands above her head as she slept with her mouth open. He kissed her for a long time and departed, skipping breakfast. Forgetting amidst all the things that today was his birthday. 
You had woken up shortly afterwards and seeing his absence, you felt a twinge of sadness for him. You were pretty sure he had forgotten his birthday today and you were right. Seeing him being this worked out induced something in you. You walked to you daughter to wake her up. You enthusiastically say,
“Princess, will you help me make a cake for dada? Wake up. Up. Up. Up.” you usher her as she sprang from her bed. 
It was around midday when you guys started preparing the birthday cake. You decided to make it milkbread themed, seeing as its your daughters favourite too. Inheriting from her dad. You guys finished it around late afternoon and kept it frozen. Waiting for the setter to arrive home. 
Meanwhile, Oikawa had visited gym, and was hoarded by tons of wishes and cheering. His mind suddenly clicking that it was his birthday. He remembers not meeting you nor his daughter and guilt crept up in him. He looks at his phone, you hadn’t called him today. Nor there were any messages from you. 
He ponders whether you are angry or something. He wraps up the practice early and rushes to his home soon after evening. 
He brings take away from his and your favourite restaurant as his treat and also a token of apology. He arrives home, which was empty. The kitchen was dark and so was the hallway. He gets a little nervous at this eerie silence. Soon this silence is cut off by the sweet Happy Birthday song coming from you and your daughter as you both hurtled yourselves in him. His face broke into a smile and he hugs you both. His daughter squealing in excitement at this joyous air. His insides were flooding with relief 
“Daddy, daddy. I made cake with momma today.”
“Really? Did my princess grow up so big already?” he says while blowing raspberries in her bubbly cheek. She laughs in return and you chuckle at their antics. 
You tug his hand to bring him to the living room and there it was,
Decorations hanging from ceiling and a “Happy Birthday Toru” banner hanging behind a table. The table had a cake which was designed as milkbread and little marshmallows in one bowl and surrounding the cake. His chest swelled in pride at what his daughter did for him.
Oikawa brings out his phones and starts clicking pictures of both the decorations and cake, small videos of his daughter and himself as he brags to the world, how amazing of a daughter he has. You stand in a corner as you mockingly exclaim,
“You know Toru, I helped too” smiling as he looks at you wide eyed. “no, its only daddy- daughter time, go away”. You scoff as he pulls you close to him.
“And world, this is my wife, who brought this little angel to life and gave me the best present ever”
You smile serenely at how content he looks after such a tiring day. He dives in for the cake with his daughter, as if he turned to the same age as her.
You look at them happily when Oikawa again broke the comfortable silence,
“Babe, I am thinking of taking a day off tomorrow and lets go somewhere for a drive and picnic, shall we? Its my treat” You lit up at his statement and exclaim exuberantly,
“Sure, Toru. God, I love you. I was about to say that. You have been working way too hard these days” you chirp up.
“Tomorrow it is then, but now lets eat the meal I bought”
The evening was pretty colorful for Toru.
▪️Iwaizumi (3 years old):
It has been 3 years since Iwaizumi Hajime became a father. And in these three years , he left no complain for anyone towards him, as a role of a Dad. He has been the amazing husband and even more amazing father you could have ever wished for your daughter. Spoiling her with everything, bringing gifts and chocolates. Being her play partner and taking part in pestering you together.
 Amidst all the roles he plays, you realise he is not reverting back to the old Iwaizumi. The Iwaizumi who loved going out with his friends, no matter how irked he looked. The Iwaizumi who would go for random dates. The Iwaizumi who would binge watch Godzilla movies all day long , because that is replaced by Paw Petrol and dates converted to little tea parties your 3 year old daughter has. Not that it is something you and he complains about but understanding and knowing him inside out, you know, he misses those things somedays. You do too. He had been feeling down and this caught your attention. You felt dejected for him, wanting to do something to lift this heavy feeling from him.
And not to mention the increased added pressure his work now possess, often has him coming home and fall limp straight over you, snoring loudly. This was a similar night like this. His body was draped over you as he nuzzled in your neck and you were combing your hand through his hair. The epiphany suddenly hit you that tomorrow is Father’s Day. Well, today, as the clock stated its 12:30 a.m. Hajime had work even tomorrow and this was perfect for you to surprise him. You brought your phone close to you and saw a perfect cake for him. Even better, a perfect person to do this. You smile as you wrap yourself around him more securely and drift of to sleep.
The next morning, Hajime kissed you and his daughter before going out.
“Bye, little mochi.” he said while leaving. You daughter continued playing as you crouch down before her and say,
“Wanna help me surprise daddy, mochi?” you say. You daughter eyes you curiously as you pick her up and head outside. As planned, you buy the ingredients and return home. Your daughter squealing happily at her moms new endeavor. You let her do the work and shoot a video of it for Hajime. Occasionally , ushering your daughter to say something to the camera, targeted for her dad. 
Finally, some toddler disaster later, the cakes were perfectly baked and ready to present. 
Hajime arrived that evening. You guys were sitting stiffly on the sofa, waiting for his arrival. He opens the door and finds you both hurtling towards him. A grin split into his face at this warm welcome. You guys take out the cake and bring it to Hajime, he sits on the table while placing your daughter in his lap. The video you shot earlier was being played. He looked at that in awe as he saw his daughter mentions him often, saying.
“For you, dadaa” she chirps up. 
You can see Hajimes eyes welling up as he holds his little girl more firmly in his grasp. You put your head against his shoulders. As the video ended, you mumble,
“How was it Hajime? He remains silent. Just holding on to his little girl and watching the baked coconut cake. His face set into a line of happiness as he interlocks one of his hands with yours and say,
“I am beyond lucky to have you both, my love”
“No, Hajime. We are lucky to get you in our life. So to show how much we appreciate you holding onto us, we are giving you a full free day with your friends. I know coach will agree on one day leave. Also, Oikawa is in town as well.”
He looks at you. Awe mixed with incredulity at your actions. He leans over to kiss you passionately.
"I would spend ny days with you two, babe" he says as his daughter now tries to feed him the cake.
"No Haji. Tomorrow is your day. Please spend this to your hearts content and be a youngster again. You'll have the whole life to be a dad, you know."
“And you wonder why you are the best wife on this entire fucking planet?”
“Haji, your daughter is right in front of you, you know” you mumble against his lips as your daughter looks at both of you with doe eyes. Curious on what her dad says.
You guys laugh at her expression before devouring on the delicious cake.
A perfect little bubble of happiness enclosing you three.
Tumblr media
Reblogs are highly appreciated
Thanks for reading.
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the-emo-asgardian · 22 hours ago
Don’t Mess With Cats
Chapter 4
Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: When you find the most beautiful cat on the streets of New York City, you decide to take him in and give him a home. Little did you know, that cat is Loki Laufeyson, the very person your boss Tony Stark is looking for. Deciding to lay low for a while, Loki lives with you for nearly three months. And then you go missing. Still in cat form, Loki teams up with Tony and the Avengers to find you. While simultaneously having to keep his true identity a secret and grapple with his blooming feelings for you, can Loki find you before it’s too late? Chapter Summary: Tony, Nat, and Mischief go to the city in search of clues. Chapter Warnings: none I believe  A/N: Updates every Monday. Enjoy! :)
Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02 @nilavey @lunarmoon8 @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan @lowkeyorlokificrecs @silver-lupines @whatafuckingdumbass @castiels-majestic-wings @kozkaboi @cozy-the-overlord @birdgirl90 @myraiswack @mythicalgarlicknot @what-a-flammable-heart @marvelouslovely @laurenandloki @fallinallinmendes @sophlubbwriting @mooncat163 @lokislittlesigyn @wolfish-trickster @electroma89 @jgun2001 @toe-vind-ek-jou @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @patches-of-mist @nicoistrying @geminiwolves @funnyexel @nectav @50svibes @dryyoursaltyoceantears @bison-writes @magicandheaven
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Tumblr media
It was considerably harder than Loki had thought to gather information. There were cameras everywhere, so he was operating without opposable thumbs, and paws weren’t the best for digging through information. Besides, Tony kept bringing him to the lab. And, reluctantly, Stark was growing on him.
It had been a week since he arrived at the Tower, and they’d made very little headway. Though they’d recovered the emails, they were yet to crack the code. Loki didn’t have any bright ideas, either.
At very least, the Avengers had admitted it probably wasn’t Loki sending the emails. They didn’t really think he had the skills for that. Not that they’d totally crossed him off the suspect list; he could have learned. Or be working with someone. 
Unfortunately, they were becoming a bit suspicious of you, too. After all, you hadn’t told them about the emails, and now you disappeared. But Tony still fought for you. He knew you. There were plenty of reasonable explanations, like you could have been under duress or something. Loki was thankful for their faith in you, especially Tony’s. He wished he could tell them how weird you’d been acting lately, though.
“Ok, let’s try this,” Tony said, fastening his latest prototype of a meow-to-speech collar around Mischief’s neck. Tony swore they were 100% safe, and there were no major disasters, so Loki decided to trust him. Anyway, he always made to turn it on and off a few times and run a million simulations before putting it on Mischief. “Do you have any idea what the code is?”
“Meow,” Mischief said. Though he meant ‘no,’ it came out exactly as it sounded, sans translation. 
“Jarvis, mark down type 87 as a failure.”
“Yes, sir.”
Tony took the collar off and put Mischief’s old one on. Then he buried his head in his hands, sighing. Loki was felt bad for the man; he was trying his best. He nudged the hero’s arm with his head, and he began to let the cat. 
“We’ll find them, boy. Don’t worry.”
“Are you talking to the cat again?” Cap asked as he walked in. Loki couldn’t resist mocking him, earning a snicker from Tony. “Seriously? An you wonder why I don’t like him?”
“I’m sorry, I thought you didn’t think his brain was that advanced,” Tony smirked. “Besides, maybe that’s the cause of the mocking. You need to learn not to mess with the cat.”
“Fine, whatever. Just meet me in the conference room in five.”
“Aye, aye, Captain,” he said with a little salute. Once Steve left, Tony went right back to talking to Mischief. “Listen, it might take me a while on this collar thing. But, I was thinking: Ironcat. I need a sidekick. What do you say?”
Absolutely not. You are out of your mind, Stark. Loki thought, but out loud could only meow. Tony understood from the tone.
“Ok, partner then,” he suggested, picking up the black cat and walking towards the room he was told to meet in.
Once everyone was there, Steve began to drone on. Loki mainly turned him out, lounging between Tony and Thor. When his brother tried to pet him, he released an annoyed meow and moved away. He tuned back in then, too, only to hear they were still looking for him. Perhaps it shouldn’t have bothered him as much as it did. It’s not like he didn’t know what others labeled him. A villain.
Unfortunately for Steve, he was the only one who wasn’t a fan of cats. He was also outnumbered when it came time to decide if they should ask Mischief what he knows.
“Alright, boy. Do you know their routine?” Tony asked.
Luckily, yes, he conveyed through a nod and a meow. You’d taken him a few times to get some air. Though it was your day off, you’d shown him all the places you frequented.  
“Perfect. Let’s go. Nat, you coming?”
“Yeah, you’ll need some protection in case this leads anywhere,” she laughs. 
“Are you serious?” Steve sputtered to a quickly emptying room. “You’re going to follow a cat on a wild goose chase?”
He was met with no reply as Loki smirked. As much as he liked to see Steve floundering, this was his chance to prove his innocence, and he was not going to waste it.
Nat and Tony had brought Mischief back to your apartment. Since that’s where you started your days, they figured that was a good place to start.
“Don’t you think we need a leash or tracker or something?” Nat asked as they began following the black cat.  “Nah. Mischief wants to help. He won’t go anywhere.”
Loki wracked his brain to make sure he wasn’t forgetting anything. If memory served him right, the first stop was at a little cafe. It was pet-friendly, so he was able to go in and help them look. They didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. The barista hadn’t seen you the morning of the day you went missing, so they did get a bit more of a time frame for your disappearance, at least.
Next was the Tower, but of course they didn’t check there since they could do that anytime. Besides, they knew you hadn’t shown up for work that day. After that was the library you stopped at on the way home. Loki felt a little emotional now, thinking of how you’d bring home books and read to him. But he couldn’t think about that right now. He had to focus.
Unfortunately, the library wasn’t pet-friendly, but since they were Avengers, Tony and Nat were able to get special permission for their feline friend to come in. He led them through the aisles, looking for the books you checked out repeatedly. Your favorites. One of which was unfortunately a book on Norse mythology. Suddenly, things weren’t looking so good for Loki.
Unwilling to leave any stone unturned, he led the two Avengers to it. Hopping onto the shelf, he pawed at the cover, watching with dread as Nat picked it up and flipped through. A piece of paper fell out. And of course, it just had to be wedged in next to a page about Loki. If cats could sigh, he’d certainly be doing that over his misfortune. It’s not fair, anyway. The page next to it is about Thor, so why is no one suspecting him?
But you do not about my secret identity. This is too big a coincidence, then, Loki thought. There must be something about the page.
He doesn’t get to examine the page before they close it, but they took a picture to examine later. They check out the book, too. But onto the more important clue, the note seemed like coordinates in your handwriting. But if someone was following you, that seems too obvious. There must be another layer. 
On the way back home, the three stopped in a few other places you occasionally frequented, but found nothing else. Heading back to the Tower, something made Loki stop and look behind him. He saw your ex. There wasn’t anything particularly suspicious about him, but something rubbed Loki the wrong way. His instincts took over and he ran after him.
“Mischief!” Tony called after him as he and Nat gave chase, following the cat.
Seeing he’s being chased, your ex begins to run. It’s more than a little suspicious; it makes him seem antsy and on edge that he immediately assumes it’s him being chased. After all, it took a minute for the Avengers to even figure out who Mischief was after. Definitely suspicious. But Tony and Nat’s late start were making them fall slightly behind in the large crowd. Loki stopped just a moment to make sure they were still behind him, dodging feet to avoid being trampled. When he looked back, your ex was gone.
Tony smiles, seeing Mischief waiting for them. “See, I told you he doesn’t need a leash. He knows.”
“Yeah, well he must know something about that man too,” Not replied.
“Right. We’ll get him next time, Mischief.”
Loki hopes his newfound companion is right. He doesn’t know what exactly it is about that man, but he doesn’t like him. Maybe it’s just because he knows he broke your heart. Or maybe it’s something much, much worse.
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can you help me find a sterek fic where Laura had a radio show that came on super late every night and stile and Scott listened to it together at the vet clinic while they cleaned up. derek came one one day and said that laura couldnt be there (I forgot why) so he was taking over until she could get back. he played really sad songs and stiles called in to ask him why and him and derek talked until derek had to go back on. at one point stiles wins tickets to a concert or something. he obvs has a crush on derek by now bc they've been talking every night. laura has theme days and sunday is Sunday confession, so stiles planned to call in to confess his crush on Derek then. that night, laura comes back on so stiles doesnt call in. stiles goes to the studio to collect his ticket and Laura like smiles at him knowingly before giving the envelope with the tickets to him. in or on the envelope is Derek's number. stiles calls and I think they make plans to go to the concert together (after telling each other how they feel, of course). thank you for all you do! I get so many recs from this blog and it is my main source of finding tw fanfic
OMG! I didn't even have to read your whole ask. I love this fic. I even wrote a rec right here. (and a spotify playlist!)
Tumblr media
The Witching Hour by MellytheHun
(1/1 I 8,129 I Teen I Sterek)
The radio host AU no one ever asked for but I have written anyway because sometimes when DJ’s play several sad songs in a row, I worry about their mental health and then this AU was born
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Prompt: Azriel and Elain get stuck in an elevator.
All fluff with a dash of awkwardness. I hope you enjoy, nonnie. :)
My masterlist + Other answered prompts
Tumblr media
Elain was late for work.
Considering she was the owner of the little flower shop downtown, and currently it's only worker, it wasn't good for business to not open on time.
And yet, as if the entire world was against her, the elevator was running late.
She looked at her watch.
She was supposed to flip the sign from closed to open in twenty minutes.
She needed a miracle.
"Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon," she murmured, rocking back and forth on her heels.
Finally, the light above the closed elevator doors dinged, and they opened. Elain hurried inside, even though the doors didn't close again until minutes later.
She had been in such a hurry that she hadn't noticed she wasn't the only one in the elevator.
The stranger standing on the far side of the elevator, on his phone, was no stranger at all. In fact, she saw him around often. Azriel, Elain thought. She was certain he was familiar with Rhysand, her younger sister's boyfriend.
Not that she had ever spoken to Azriel.
He looked up from his phone and spotted Elain, blinking, as if he just noticed that she'd arrived.
He nodded his head in acknowledgement. 
Elain found the notion both awkward and charming, so she gave him a smile.
And that was it. 
Once the elevator doors closed, it resumed its destination from the 23rd floor down to floor 1. 
Elain hated the apartment life. One day, she’d have her own home just outside of the city. Nothing too big, but with a yard big enough for an extravagant garden. She didn’t need anything too fancy, just as long as she got her dream garden.
When her new business in Velaris took off. 
Around floor 15, Elain’s late morning got a hell of a lot worse.
The elevator jolted, and Elain had to grab onto the rail next to her to avoid falling over. It seemed Azriel had to do the same, his phone long forgotten.
The elevator stopped, and the light went off, the emergency lights coming on, making the room reflect in red. 
Elain wanted to curse, but she reined in the temptation. At least, until the realization hit her. “We’re stuck.”
“It seems so,” Azriel said, his voice deep from the opposite side of the elevator. 
“I....can’t be stuck,” Elain said, beginning to panic. “I’m late. I have a bridal appointment ten minutes after opening, and I’m not going to be there-.”
“No sense in worrying about something that can’t be changed,” Azriel said, completely interrupting her. 
Her eyes shot to his, but it turned out he was already looking at her.
She was taken aback. 
Usually Azriel hit beneath a hood or a hat, and in the handful of times that she had come across him, she had never really seen what was underneath. Today he wore no hat, though, and his long-sleeved tee that he wore with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows, revealing the dark ink beneath, had no hood. His choppy black hair was pushed back off his forehead, and Elain could see his face perfectly well, even in the dimmed light. 
He blinked, shifting in discomfort from being stared at. “What?”
Elain cleared her throat and straightened her back. You’re quite handsome. “It’s rude to interrupt people.” 
He laughed, quietly, then nodded. “Sorry.”
He leaned back against the wall of the elevator and pulled out his phone, yet again.
“How can you be so calm?” Elain asked, sounding not calm at all.
He looked back up at her and shrugged. “I was just going to get a haircut then go to the grocery store. I think I’ll survive the delay.”
Elain frowned, her dark brows furrowing. “You were going to get a haircut?”
Azriel’s brows rose. “Yes,” he said, slowly. 
“Well,” Elain began, pulling her purse strap higher onto her shoulder. “I think your hair looks nice, as is.” 
Perhaps it was the red lights, but Elain swore the softest shade of pink appeared on Azriel’s tanned cheeks. 
He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Eventually, he said, “Well, maybe I’ll just go to the market then.”
Elain nodded, and looked down at her hands as they fell into silence, the hum of the lights the only thing to be heard. 
“I’m sure if you call your fiance or whatever, he can take care of your appointment-.”
“My fiance?” Elain asked, her turn to interrupt. 
When she looked back up at Azriel, he was already watching her, sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “You said you have a bridal appointment.”
As Elain’s confusion faded, she began to laugh. “Oh, no, I’m a florist. I’m meeting with a bride to discuss what flowers she wants for her bouquets.” 
“Ah,” Azriel said, and his smile was mesmerizing. “I see. So, there’s no fiance, then.”
Elain’s voice grew significantly quieter when she said. “No, there’s no fiance.” 
Azriel nodded as he bit his bottom lip. “It’s Elain, right?”
Elain nodded. 
“Are you busy tomorrow night, Elain?” Azriel asked, and Elain swore there was a touch of nervousness in his tone. 
Elain shook her head. “No, I’m not busy.” 
The elevator jolted again, and it slowly began to move. Elain hardly noticed, though. She was looking at Azriel, and he at her. 
“Care to join me for dinner?” he asked, as they passed the 14th floor, then the 13th. 
“I’d like that,” Elain said.
“Great,” Azriel breathed, the timid tension fading from his shoulders. “I’ll head down to your floor at seven?”
“I’ll be ready,” Elain promised.
They reached the first floor and the doors opened. Elain took a second before getting out, Azriel just behind her.
“Maybe we should take the stairs tomorrow,” Azriel said, chuckling. 
“I don’t know,” Elain said, looking up at him as they stopped by the doors that led out to the streets of downtown Velaris. “That wasn’t so bad.”
He smiled that smile again that had Elain’s stomach in knots. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow night, then, Elain.”
“I’ll see you then,” she said, and then they were walking out of the doors and saying their goodbyes, Azriel going right, Elain going left onto the sidewalk. 
As she walked, she had completely forgotten that she was late. 
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Tumblr media
[Image ID: a Tumblr ask from user @if-i-look-straight-look-again​​ which reads: “There is no life, no universe, no time in which I am not in love with you.”]
"Do you really think so?" Dean asked, his head pillowed in Castiel's chest.
Even now— even after saving the world, even after Castiel clawed his way out of the Empty to see him again, even after spending every night since then in their shared bed— Dean still needed reassurance. Castiel never tired of providing it for Dean on nights he could not sleep, on nights like tonight.
"I know so," Castiel said, one hand brushing Dean's hair back from his forehead.
"But didn't Chuck say you were the only one who didn't do as he was told? And what about that world where I didn't exist?"
"Chuck has proven that he didn't understand anything." Castiel stretched his neck to kiss the crown of Dean's head. "All those versions of me loved you. They may not have realized it— and those of me who never met you must have a horrible aching void in their core where you were meant to reside— but they loved you. They all loved you. I know this because they are me and I love you."
Dean remained silent for a long time. In the darkness of their bedroom, it was difficult to read Dean's expression. Over the time they had spent together, however, Castiel had learned the many intricacies of Dean's body. Right now, Castiel could hear Dean's sniffle, feel the rapid thump of his heartbeat and the tremble in his body.
"Okay," Dean said, breathless, "okay, so you love me."
"I love you."
Dean quieted. He shifted until his entire body pressed down upon Castiel then tucked his head into Castiel's neck.
"Okay." Dean tightened his hold on Castiel. If Castiel were not an angel he would be in danger of losing all his valuable oxygen. "Okay."
Castiel heard it in Dean's voice. Dean believed it.
"It's— it's, uh, I mean— I—" Dean loosed his grip. He braced his flat palms on the mattress on either side of Castiel's head, his eyes shining in the sliver of light that came from the crack under the door. "Same."
Castiel smiled. He ran his fingers down Dean's jaw.
"I know," Castiel whispered. "I wish the other versions of me did, too."
"Well, there's like— what?— a million billion universes out there?" Dean asked. "So, I guess I better do this for each one."
When Dean kissed him, Castiel could taste the sweetness of the worlds Dean struggled to speak.
"I love you," Dean said over and over, one for each version of them across time and space.
By the time they reached a hundred times, Dean could speak them with confidence and conviction.
By the time they reached a thousand, Dean shouted it from the rooftops. Literally.
By the time they reached a million, Dean, his voice rough with age, whispered it in Castiel's ear.
And Castiel whispered it back.
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a ficlet where Geralt very seriously and intensely says "bork".
Yennefer stifled a giggle. Jaskier did not. He guffawed loudly, bending over at the waist and pointing with gusto and the frustrated Witcher.
Geralt narrowed his eyes and spoke again, his voice low and dangerous: "Bork."
"It'll pass," Yennefer said, wiping a mirthful tear from her eye. "This is by far the silliest thing Ciri has managed with her chaos."
Geralt grumbled a few more unintelligible borks and crossed his arms over his chest. Jaskier kissed his temple.
"Sorry, love. But it's rather adorable."
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Tumblr media
masterlist | series masterlist
Summary: When Spencer’s girlfriend of three years cheats on him, he turns to his best friend for comfort. Only, they’re hurting as much as he is.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x GN!Reader
Category: A/F
Warnings: swearing, crying, kissing
“i could be your supermodel if you believe. if you see it in me (see it in me) see it in me, i don’t see myself.”
When Spencer tells you Aaliyah, his girlfriend of over three years, has cheated on him, your first reaction is nothing short of oh... I’m going to kill that bitch! White-hot rage coursed through your veins as you clenched your fists repeatedly. How could anyone betray the sweetest, most loving man on earth? How could anyone do this to Spencer?
After a few moments of uncontrollable anger, Spencer is able to calm you down. His heartbroken eyes remind you that he needs you here with him—focused on him— not some horrible woman who didn’t have the heart to love Spencer the way he deserves.
The truth is, you’d give Spencer all the love and affection under the sun if he’d let you. You’ve been in love with him for an eternity— long before the BAU, long before he got ahold of boyish charm, and long before Aaliyah was ever in the picture. By the time you came to terms with your feelings, the two do you had a decade of friendship under your belts, and you weren’t going to throw it all away by confessing your feelings for him.
“I can’t believe she would do that to you.” You exclaim, gripping his hands tightly in your own. “What a fucking bitch.”
Spencer shrugs, sporting the most somber expression in existence. “I-I’ll be fine. I should’ve seen it coming anyway...”
You see this behavior from Spencer time and time again— always making excuses to shift the blame off of others and onto himself— believing that he deserves the hurt and pain he’s endured. If only he’d realize how amazing he is in your eyes; how he’s the most upstanding person you’ve had the pleasure of knowing; how he’s both handsome and intelligent, but most importantly kind— you wonder what he’d say about himself then.
“Stop that!” You interject. “Stop talking down on yourself and acting like you deserve anything less than the best, Spencer. Aaliyah is an idiot— a completely selfish idiot who let the best thing in her life go. She can go fuck herself.”
Spencer flashes you a grateful smile, albeit pitiful, but still appreciative. “I wonder if I’m just... d-destined for loneliness, you know? Everybody I love always leaves me a-and I’m so fucking sick of it!”
“Spencer! Spencer!” You cradle him into your chest as tears rack through his body, running a gentle hand through his hair, and you push your emotions down. “None of that is true. You have so many people around you who love you, a-and who would do anything for you. You are not alone, Spencer.”
“What did I do wrong?” He cries into your neck, wrapping his arms tighter around your torso in a way that makes your breath hitch, a reaction entirely inappropriate for the situation you’re in.
“Nothing, Spencer. Nothing.”
“You promise.” He sniffles. “You’re the only person who’s never lied to me, (Y/N). You know me better than I know myself; So tell me the truth, am I going to be okay?”
Little does he know you’re hiding the world’s biggest lie from him.
“I’m gonna be honest with you: It takes time, lots and lots of time. Some days you’ll wake up hardly remembering what it feels like to be heartbroken, while on others, you’ll be greeted with the stinging feeling in your chest like your entire life is crumbling down. But it gets better with time. You’ll be reminded of all the good things— the good people— in your life, and eventually, it won’t hurt anymore.”
Spencer wipes his face, revealing a tentatively raised brow. “Are you speaking from experience?”
“Have you been heartbroken before?”
You grimace, wracking your brain for the proper way to hide the fact that you’ve been chasing your best friend for over a decade. “I think so? I’ve never really been in a relationship— mostly because I’ve been chasing an unrequited love for most of my life.” You try to keep your tone light-hearted to ease the tension in the room, but it comes out more pathetic than you expect.
“Unrequited love, huh?” He sighs, running a hand through his matted hair.
“I-It sucks... majorly... but, it’s a good lesson, you know. The world isn’t fair, and you’re not going to get everything you want.”
Spencer nods, “Truthfully, I-I understand your situation. A-Aaliyah may have cheated, but I wasn’t giving our relationship 100%. I planned on breaking up with her.”
“Hey, that doesn’t mean you deserve to get cheated on.”
“N-No, I know that.” He dismisses your worries. “But, I just keep wondering what if. What if I had broken up with her properly instead of trying to manage a broken relationship? What if I communicated properly? What if I had confessed my feelings for another before I even met Aaliyah instead of being a coward?!”
“Another person?” You whisper, half of your heart hopeful, the other half preparing for disappointment.
“I can’t lie to you, can I?”
You shake you head, “N-no, you cant.”
You notice that he blushes slightly as he speaks, refusing to meet your eyes. “Similarly to you, I-I’ve been... infatuated... with someone for a while now. I deal with self-doubt and insecurity, and I just figured that they could never love someone like me. I’ve been trying to move on but it just... won’t work. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
“Nothing is wrong with you, Spencer.” You reassure. “You are the most considerate and intelligent man I’ve ever met— there’s no way someone couldn’t love you— all of you.”
“Do you mean that?” Spencer voice is soft and unsure. His eyes gleam beneath your apartment lights, irises like pools of honey.
“Of course I mean that.”
Spencer yanks on your arm, forcing you into his embrace. You’re well aware of how touch-adverse he is and how much his touch means, so you don’t fight it, melting into his warm arms.
“Thank you for always being here for me.” He mutters into your neck.
You nod, pushing the thoughts of his confession to the back of your mind. You don’t have the time or energy to think about the fact that Spencer is in love with yet another person besides you. It hurts in the worse way possible— knowing that even the person he thought he about while with his girlfriend wasn’t you— or, at least, you assumed it wasn’t, because let’s face it, when has Spencer Reid ever spared you a romantic glance?
Never. So, you settle for the friendship you’ve spent years building. It’s not perfect, not anywhere close to how you really want things to be, but it’s enough.
“I-I should go,” Spencer says, standing up awkwardly. “T-thank you for letting me uh talk about this.”
“Oh yeah— whatever you need, Spencer.” You reply, only adding to the brewing discomfort in the atmosphere. “See you soon.”
“See you soon.” And within a second, he slips out of your apartment altogether.
You used to be so excited to see Spencer at work, especially when the two of you were fresh-faced agents attached at the hip. It was so reassuring to dive headfirst into a new chapter of your life with someone whom you loved and trusted. Even while Spencer was dating Aaliyah, you still looked forward to seeing him— he is your best friend, after all.
But after Spencer arrived at your apartment in tears, over both his cheating, piece-of-shit ex and mysterious unrequited love, you’re afraid your heart won’t be able to hide its pain for the rest of the week, especially knowing the fact that Hotch has a habit of pairing you two up together.
You’re ten minutes late to work, opting to be scrutinized by your boss rather than rush to get ready. You needed to sleep in and... reflect... on everything; your feelings about friendship; your feelings about love; your feelings for Spencer.
Why is it that you’ve always wanted things you couldn’t have? Not that anything or anyone is necessarily preventing you from telling your best friend how you feel (he was deserving of that, at the least). But still, Spencer’s heart is occupied. That thought weighs heavily on your heart and mind as you pass through the bullpen and seat yourself lazily on your desk.
Thankfully, Hotch only flashes you a warning in the form of a piercing glare from his office window. There’s no new case today— just paperwork— which means Spencer has every opportunity to chase you down, cornering you so he can discuss his love for someone else with you.
Penelope quickly takes notice of your sour mood, and in the least subtle fashion, shuffles you into her lair. She offers you water or hibiscus tea; a plate of biscuits sit perfectly on a tin tray; and she switches one of her monitors on, quickly moving her mouse and keys until soothing music plays from the speakers.
“What’s on your mind, dear?” She has a glittery notebook splayed open, a feather pen twirling in her grasp. Penelope Garcia makes the best fake therapist slash fairy godmother.
You shrug, avoiding her question. “Are those biscuits?”
“Yes, those are biscuits. And hey! Stop being distracted. Let me into your mind!”
You can help but giggle at her antics, reluctantly dropping your facade for the BAU’s sweetheart. “I had a rough weekend.”
“Rough in what way?”
“I don’t know if I can say all of it. It’s technically an invasion of another person's privacy if I do...”
“Oh!” She gasps. “Is it about Spencer’s horrible, cheating ex-girlfriend whose name I do not utter for fear of spawning a radioactive demon monster?”
“Yes.” You grimace, running a hand over your face to shuffle your laugh. “Wait— How do you know about it?”
“Uh, who do you think told him?” She directs a thumb to her face. “Me and my super-hacking.”
You shake your head as you recall yesterday's events. “He came to my apartment crying yesterday.”
“Oh, that poor boy.” She pouts. “Is he alright?”
You nod, dismissing her worries. “Yeah, yeah. He told me it hurt even though he planned on breaking up with Aaliyah a while ago. I get it.”
“Wait... Spencer was gonna break up with her?”
“Apparently. He told me his heart wasn’t in it and that the entire time he’s been in love with someone else— basically using her to move on.”
“O-Oh my god!” Penelope gasps, leaning in closer to you. “Who. is. he. in. love. with?!”
You toss your hands in the air, “I don’t know!”
Penelope points an accusing, manicured finger at you, “Why are you so worked up about this? According to this story, Spencer has had a rough weekend, not you.”
“I-I just— I can’t listen to him talk about being in love with someone else anymore!” You blurt out, clamping your hand over your mouth immediately after.
Penelope’s mouth is agape, “H-holy hell, (Y/N)... are you in love with Dr. Spencer Reid?”
“Could you say that any louder?” You bite sarcastically, gripping the armrest of her desk chair.
“No, it’s okay. I shouldn’t be getting mad at you.” You sigh.
She runs a comforting hand down your arm. “How long?”
“Basically the entire time I’ve known him. So, give or take nine-ish years.” You scoff at how pathetic it sounds— being in love with a man for almost a decade, and despite no reciprocation, continuing to chase him? Who in their right mind would do that?
“I honestly had no idea,” Penelope says, a bewildered look on her face. “I-I usually have a knack for this stuff— I’m a total romantic— I can usually spot it from a gazillion miles away— but wow! (Y/N), you’ve been hiding it, surprisingly well, for so long!”
“I know! I know! I’m horrible and completely whipped!”
“Why didn’t you tell him,” She paused to count on her fingers, “one... two... three...four...nine years ago?!”
“Because,” Tears begin to well in your eyes due to the sheer force of your suppressed emotions, “even before the BAU, Spencer was so handsome, and intelligent, and kind, and adorable, and promising. I knew he would be destined for utter greatness. And I knew that eventually, everyone else would realize that he’s the total package— brains, beauty, personality— and that he’d be swept up by someone otherworldly. I spent so much time worrying about that and wallowing in my insecurity that I just... c-couldn’t tell him. I-I j-just P-Penelope I c-couldn't—“
You cradle your hands in your face as you cry. Penelope reaches over to wrap you in a hug, much like you did for Spencer not long ago.
“Shhh, it’s okay.” Penelope whispers.
You pull back, embarrassed, wiping the tears off of your face. “I’m sorry. I’ve just been bottling this up for, well, a decade-- It’s all just pouring out of me now.”
“Hey, look at me.” She cradles your face lovingly in her hands. “Spencer absolutely loves you. You’re his whole world, (Y/N). The way he talks about you, the way he looks at you— he loves you. I may not have been able to tell that you were in love with him, but I’ve always known he was in love with you. You’re the only one who doesn’t see it.”
“What about that person he said he’s in love with?”
“The one who doesn’t love him back? Uh, I’d bet my entire salary on that unrequited lover being you, my dear. It’s you. It’s always been you— you and Spencer.”
“Then why hasn’t he told me?” You cry, completely exasperated.
“For the same reason why you haven’t told him— he’s scared to lose his best friend. He’s scared of you not feeling the same way.”
“But what if it’s not me? What if it’s another amazing person, and I just make a total fool out of myself?”
“(Y/N), you are that amazing person. You are going to scoop up that man and make him yours forever— you hear me?” Penelope exclaims.
You nod, wrapping his in the tightest hug, “Thank you. You’re the best.”
She hums in agreement, “Don’t need to tell me twice.”
You don’t bolt in the opposite direction when Spencer approaches you after work. In fact, you do the quite the opposite, accepting his invitation to have a platonic dinner and a movie at his place.
You head home quickly to change into something more comfortable, but also to compose yourself to sit next to your best friend who you’re very much in love with.
It’s clear Spencer is awaiting your arrival because when you’re about to knock firmly on his door, it swings open with the enthusiasm of a man unhinged.
“H-hi.” He stammers, opening the door wider to let you in. As you move to the couch, you notice a box of veggie pizza and sodas sitting o the kitchen island, with Tron queued on his TV in front of you.
“Hey.” You finally smile back, making yourself comfortable. “You look b-better?” It comes out as more of a question, and he nods to confirm.
“I’m doing alright considering what’s happened. I meant it when I said our breakup was inevitable. I think I-I’ve been prepared for the inevitable anguish for a while.”
“Oh,” You nod. “W-well I’m glad you’re doing alright.”
“Yeah. I uh wanted to get dinner for us as a thank you for always being such a good friend. I-I also feel like I need to explain a lot of my behavior and what I said yesterday.”
“As I said, I’ll always be here for you, Spencer. And you don’t owe me an explanation for grieving— it’s natural.”
“I-I know that. It takes the average person anywhere from two weeks to a year to grieve a breakup. I think I’ll be done a little faster because Aaliyah and I were on the verge of a break up anyway.” Spencer sighs.
“Well, you’ve always been quite exceptional.” Your shitty humor works well enough to make him laugh, which in turn makes you laugh as well. Surprisingly, everything seems a little lighter than it did the day before.
“A-Are you okay?”
You raise a confused brow at his question, “Why wouldn’t I be?”
Spencer begins to play with his hands, rubbing them together and lacing his fingers repeatedly— a nervous habit you noticed he picked up ages ago. “W-well, I was uh wondering where you were, and M-Morgan said he saw Garcia drag you into her office. S-so, I went to check on you, b-but I think you were crying? I didn’t hear anything! B-but I didn’t want to interrupt, so I uh just left. What were you crying about?”
You wave a dismissive hand, “Oh, uh... well... you know I mentioned the fact that I’ve been in love with someone for a while? I guess the conversation we had the night before kind of dredge up the sadness and stuff... so I just had to let it all put do a bit.”
“I’m sorry,” Spencer whispers, gripping your hand with his shaky one. “I shouldn’t have asked you about your love life.”
“No, no— You didn’t do anything wrong.”
“Do wanna talk about it?” He asks quietly. “I-I mean, it’s only fair since you listened to me cry and rant for so long yesterday.”
You shrug, “I don’t know what else there is to say. I’m in love with a guy who’s not in love with me. There’s nothing else to it.”
“How do you know he doesn’t love you back?” He questions.
“I just do, okay?”
“Did you ask him?”
“Then you don’t know for sure that he doesn’t love you back.”
“How do you know the person you love doesn’t love you back?” You flip his question back on him.
“I know.” He sighs.
“Did you ask them?”
“Well how do you know they don’t love you back?”
“Because I’m a genius.” Spencer states.
You purse your lips together, “All I’m saying so that a genius like you should value the empirical approach to love. You can’t assume conclusions based on little to no concrete evidence.”
“You sure seem to be doing that.” He mutters.
“Well, I’m not a genius.” You reply with a little more attitude than you anticipated. “Sorry, I’m not here to bicker with you.”
Spencer smiles apologetically, “I’m sorry too.”
“You need a friend; I’m here to be that friend.”
“You’re pretty much my only friend.” He jokes, finally snuggling into the couch next to you.
You scoff playfully, “Again— not anywhere near true. You have so many friends, Spencer. So many friends who would do anything for you at the drop of a hat.”
“Well, none of them are like you.” He smiles, eyes darting around to stare at everything in the room except for you.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You ask, curious as to where this conversation is headed.
Spencer’s eyes drop to his lap, suddenly entrapped with his fidgeting fingers. “I-I’m just saying t-that you’re different than Derek, and JJ, and Garcia. Not in a b-bad way! In a good way! I just... feel d-differently about you— with you— then I do them.”
You barely hear Spencer speaking, all too focused on the intense beating of your heart reverberating up into your ears. You run your tongue over your lips, catching the way Spencer's eyes flick up to watch your action.
“H-How do you feel about me, a-and with me?” You whisper tentatively.
“Warm.” He huffs. “Protected and safe, as if nothing bad could ever happen to me. Like there’s a big blanket on top of me, and I’m just so content. B-But also excited? When I’m with you, there’s passion and uncertainty that I don’t feel anywhere else. I get to ramble and explore interests and try new things because you’re here to push me. But you also remind me of who I am because the Spencer that you like being around is the real me, a-and I like knowing that y-you like me.” He shrugs as he blushes. “But, most importantly, I feel loved. I’m not Dr. Spencer Reid: Genius of the BAU. I’m just Spencer— Spencer and (Y/N). And I-I get to focus on the butterflies in my stomach and that unbridled feeling of being in love with you.”
“You love me?” Your voice is hoarse, and the familiar feeling of tears threatening to fall reminds you just how long you’ve been waiting to hear this.
Spencer nods rapidly. “Yes. Yes. Yes! Of course, I love you, (Y/N). I’ve been in love since I first laid eyes in you at CalTech.”
“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
“The same reason why you never told me.” He pauses when he notices your puzzled expression. “I may have listened to more of your v-very private conversation with Penelope than I should’ve. But you have no idea how fucking amazing it felt to hear you say that you’ve been in love with me for as long as I’ve loved you.”
“Oh my god.” You sob, lunging across to plant the biggest, most desperate kiss on Spencer’s lips.
His large hands rest in the dip your waist gently as you both inhale one another with a violent passion. It’s a kiss that’s been a decade in the making, and it couldn’t be more perfect. His lips are softer than you could ever imagine, and the scruff from his five o’clock shadow invigorates you with each second.
You reluctantly pull apart for air, gasping with the goofiest smiles playing on both of your lips. “God, I love you so much.” You laugh, peppering smooches onto his forehead, nose, and cheeks.
“I love you so fucking much, (Y/N).” Spencer exclaims. “And I want to spend every moment of our lives making up for lost time. You deserve the best. I want everything to be perfect.”
You shake your head, planting a firm kiss onto his jaw, “As long as you’re with me, Spencer, it’s already perfect.”
a/n: i’m honestly so proud of this. also it’s the longest thing i’ve ever written but i don’t have a word count for it bc i wrote it all in tumblr. anyone wanna word count it for me pls?
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jacketizer007 · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She was hoping....
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clairdelunelove · 13 hours ago
Attractive Things the OP Boys Do Pt. I
luffy x reader, zoro x reader, sanji x reader, usopp x reader, franky x reader, brook x reader
genre: fluff
warnings: slightly suggestive? cursing 
synopsis: just some attractive quirks that the OP boys unintentionally do. in the form of headcanons!
a.n. have fun imagining these Straw Hat crew boys' quirks and how it effectively stops our hearts! <3
monkey d. luffy: when he uses your name
Tumblr media
throughout the entire series, it's clear that this man sucks at remembering names
he's called boa hancock as 'hammock' and cavendish as 'cabbage' for goodness sake
he's inwardly proud of himself when he manages to get your name right on the first try
jumpy happy babie
he will 100% use your name to directly address you
doesn't matter what he's talking about, whether it's important or not, he will blurt out your name
"yes, Lu?"
"look at this sea king that I caught!"
^a casual convo that the two of you have daily
if it's something important (i.e. regarding the One Piece or what should his next plan of action be) he'll rely on your decision
this side of the captain is calm, calculating, and attractive
Luffy will gently grasp both of your shoulders and make direct eye contact with you while asking you a question
"what do you think of it, (Y/n)?"
directly addresses you, while using your name, when the crew is gathered around
makes you feel so special 
or sometimes he'll call out your name if he manages to see you get injured
"(Y/n)!" He will drop everything he's doing and his wide eyes quickly scan your body for any damage, "are you hurt?"
luffy = panicked
most of the time when he uses your name in a sentence he's trying to get your attention tho
he thinks your name is so pretty and loves seeing your smile!
so pls give him some attention! our captain deserves it!
roronoa zoro: extending his arm on the back of your chair
Tumblr media
oki so
this is one of the quirks that are so unintentionally attractive that it makes you inwardly melt
usually the Straw Hat crew eats their meals together if the thousand sunny is smooth sailing
everyone will be in their respective seats and just chilling (small talk and waiting for their meal to be served)
you happen to sit beside zoro
this will be your mistake in the long run 😬
eating with the crew is always fun- luffy and usopp continually argue about getting bigger portions, sanji is wooing nami and robin, brook is laughing at the commotion, etc.
food is consumed and the plates are cleared away
everyone is FULL and just lounging around now
you're sipping on a cup of tea that brook poured for you
zoro leans back in his seat and drapes his arm over the back of your chair to make himself more comfortable
you ALMOST choke on your drink 
his eyes are closed (probably about to doze off)
you on the outside: 🙂
you on the inside: 😩
the muscles on his arm are taunt and flex with the movement (years of training paying off)
plus, his fingers are so close to the back of your chair that they brush against your back
zoro will notice you go RIGID at the contact and lazily open one eye to stare at you
“what’s wrong?” he questions while teasingly leaning closer to you, “am I too close?”
will angle his face closer to yours but then gently flick your forehead while saying, “stupid.” 
cue his infamous smirk and his refusal to remove his arm from your chair for the rest of the night 
vinsmoke sanji: placing his hand on the small of your back to guide you through a crowd
Tumblr media
honestly, this one is more instinctual due to his chivalrous habits 
if the crew is inhabiting an island for a week or two, it’s certainly a time to relax 
everyone will gather their funds (to spend on clothes or little luxuries) 
just sightsee within the new island 
you’ve packed sets of clothes for the week into a small backpack and sling it over your shoulder 
everyone’s basically wandered off already 
luffy, chopper, and usopp skipped off to the town’s restaurants 
brook seemed drawn to a little festival that the townspeople were entertained with 
franky wanted to fix a couple parts on the ship 
robin and nami sauntered over to the nearest shopping mall 
zoro ambled over to the town’s bar  
which, consequently, left you alone 
the town was buzzing with people though, you supposed that it was one of the busier days 
people nudged you away from them, kids shoved you as they ran by, and making it out of the crowd seemed nearly impossible 
that is 
until a gentle but firm hand was placed on the small of your back 
“I’ll guide you, mademoiselle.” 
when a hit of cigarette smoke invaded your senses, you automatically knew it was your crew’s cook 
this man exudes the identity of a polished man 
you can FEEL the press of each of his fingers on your back 
he will also pull you close whenever someone overwhelms your idea of personal space 
will scold tf out of them
“Oi! Watch where you’re going, asshole,” he calls out while frowning, “you almost hit (Y/n)-chan!” 
his fingers would brush against your waist and cause you to JOLT 
you: 😳
surprisingly, sanji doesn’t know the effect he has on you and just continues to basically hold you until you’re safe 
will ask, “are you alright, (Y/n)-chan? your face is as red as a tomato,” while grinning with his cigarette settled between his lips 
cyborg franky: fixing something
Tumblr media
as strange as a phenomenon as it is, when men are able to fix something it’s unbearably attractive 
it shows that the man is competent (extremely smart) 
franky is no exception 
he’s basically made adjustments to himself as a WHOLE 
tearing away at metal pieces, making blueprints, and calculating where each individual part will go 
and he doesn’t even understand how charismatic he is 
franky is the type to have a casual conversation with you while he’s tinkering with something 
doesn’t matter what it is (could be the docking system or a new weapon) 
and you’re observing his sure movements, just watching the magic happen 
he could quite literally carry the entire convo while being occupied with something else 
multitasking = so appealing 
“what’dya say to her when she did that?” he’d ask while screwing a metal bolt onto a wood plank 
your eyes the entire time: 👁👄👁
you’d be so out of it that franky would have to repeat whatever he’d say 
lowkey doesn’t mind tho 
just enjoys your company while he’s working tbh 
does that thing where he holds metal nails in between his teeth and tries to talk to you while trying not to drop them 
oh. my. goodness. 
soul king brook: offering up his seat to you
Tumblr media
now listen- 
men that have traits of being “gentleman-like” are a menace to society 
brook fits the category so much because he dresses so classy as well 
ruffled shirts, suits, high collar capes, vibrant patterns 
excellent fashion 
although, he can be a bit of a pervert (only in the instances where he’s asking about your panties) 
brook’s duality is amusing to you and he adores making you laugh 
normally he shows his affection by pouring you warm cups of tea or handing you his coat whenever you get cold 
his logic would be, “I can’t get cold because I’m only made of bones, yohohoho!” 
but you’ve noticed recently that whenever the crew gathers at the helm of the ship 
literally EVERYONE in the crew 
resides on the small curved bench and somehow they all fit (a little smooshed but oh well) except- 
there’s no room for you 
sanji’s already tried coercing you to sit on his lap but nami scolded him and you’ve just stood off to the side while the crew listens intently to luffy 
turning to brook, he rises from his seat and offers the empty spot for you to sit at, “you can sit here if you’d like.” 
and your heart is RACING because his bony finger is indicating his previous seat so you’d be easily included in the group 
it’s a comfortable spot too since brook is the second tallest member in the group 
in all 
although he can be nonsensical sometimes, he truly cares for you 
definitely would go above and beyond in order to make you happy :)
god usopp: when he does the little side smile
Tumblr media
it’s no surprise that this jokester loves to think up new riddles for the crew to solve 
he enjoys telling luffy or chopper the new jokes he’d create 
the sniper finds that zoro is usually too busy lifting weights or training to be pleasantly surprised by his pranks 
sanji would be in the kitchen most of the time 
franky’s restocking cola bottles 
nami and robin are conversing about the next island they should travel to 
brook tries to get in on the pranks too
and recently, you’ve been intrigued with his tricks which makes usopp happy 
he’d definitely think of ways to humiliate their captain 
whether it’s tricking luffy into drinking spoiled milk or stuffing his pillow with rocks- usopp is always pondering 
would LOVE to hear if you have any ideas too! 
this man is great at listening, especially if they’re schemes that you’ve created 
tell him about your suggestion of threading designs into luffy’s favorite red vest and usopp would be CACKLING 
drops to the ground while hitting at the floorboards of the ship and kicking his legs- type of laughing 
what’s even more charming is how he glances at you whenever he jokes around with luffy or chopper
will wait for your reaction and gets all giddy if you found it funny 
“you found that funny, (Y/n)?” he’d asked and continues to recreate his sanji impression 
mans will pretend to blow out cigarette smoke and say, “shut up and start doing the dishes with zoro.” 
hearing you laugh at his consecutive jokes = best feeling ever 
his favorite feeling is when he tells you his prank (from start to finish in great detail) and while he’s trying to carry out the plan, he’ll flash you a side smile
makes you feel significant and adored 🥺
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aziraphales-library · 2 hours ago
Any recommendations for Crowley’s apartment (before the switch) fics, mainly Fluff and Angst.
Also the bus ride to London fics as well. Thanks in advance! :}
Here are some The Night At Crowley’s Flat fics for you!...
Two Minutes by mikkimouse (T)
"How long can you stop it?"
"Two minutes?" Crowley said after a moment of consideration. "Maybe three. Could do longer, but I'm a bit worn out. And too much longer might be noticed."
Aziraphale nodded. So they'd have two minutes to make their switch, two minutes where Heaven and Hell wouldn't be able to see that they were doing.
After Armagedidn't, Crowley freezes time so they can make the swap, but Aziraphale has a confession to make before they do.
Obligatory body swap fic but the labyrinthian nightmare tracks of their trains of thought make the trolley problem look like child's play by CardiacCrisis (T)
It's the night after the failed Apocalypse, and the two occult/ethereal beings responsible (?) for it are left with a single clue from a long-dead witch. It's the only thing between them and what's likely to be a very permanent death.
But Aziraphale and Crowley can't stay on topic to save their conditionally immortal lives.
Forgiven by AppleSeeds (T)
The night after Armageddidn't, Crowley is having trouble with his wings and Aziraphale helps him, with unexpected consequences.
Black Sealing Wax by cyankelpie (G)
Fifty-two years ago, Crowley wrote a letter to be found and read by Aziraphale if he needed to use the holy water and things went south. The night after Armageddon, while Crowley rests, Aziraphale finds that letter.
love rings true by asideofourown (G)
Aziraphale stared down at the box, his heartbeat thundering in his ears. He had seen this kind of box before, of course, and he knew what was usually inside them, but surely—
Aziraphale carefully popped open the box, and his jaw dropped when he saw the ring inside. It was— Crowley had— he had an engagement ring? Because this was very, very clearly an engagement ring, round and gold and surprisingly simple given the demon’s usually ostentatious taste.
Aziraphale quickly closed the box again and stuffed it back in the drawer, his mind whirling. Why in the world would Crowley have an engagement ring? Had it been given to him, or had he— had he gotten it to give to someone else?
[Aziraphale stumbles upon a ring in Crowley's flat and jumps to conclusions]
The Night Before the Rest of Their Lives by AnonymousDandelion (T)
“Who was it you lost?" Aziraphale says softly. “When I was… ah, when I was looking for a body. You said you lost someone. Your best friend.” Crowley stares. Whatever the expression on his face, it is evidently sufficiently outraged that it makes Aziraphale take half a step backwards. “Crowley…” “You. Bleeding. Idiot,” Crowley grits out. "That was you."
~ ~ ~
The obligatory night-after-Armageddon't. Featuring emotions, expression of emotions, misunderstandings, resolving of misunderstandings, long-overdue words of affirmation, comfort, communication, cuddling, sprinklings of banter, and the interpretation of a prophecy.
Long Night’s Journey Into Day by what_a_writer_wields (T)
They take the bus home. Crowley crashes and burns; he’s been through a lot today. Aziraphale is there to take care of him.
- Mod D
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myshamalfoy · 23 hours ago
His Love
soft!draco x reader
summary: Draco talking to a sleepy y/n on a nice cuddly morning 
warnings: fluff, light kissing, cuddling, brief mention of sex(but none), food mention, very brief mention of birth
a/n: there’s one very very brief part where hair is mentioned, I’m so so sorry if it doesn’t suit your hair type. When I was writing this, I was writing from my perspective. But please feel free to think of it as your own hair-type :)
masterlist. taglist. navigation.
Tumblr media
Limbs entangled in bed while an arm is lazily wrapped around your waist. As Draco wakes up from a night full of exhausting but enticing activities, he buries his face into the crook of your neck lightly smirking to himself at the thought of previous events. The smell of lavender shampoo along with the scent of rose body wash (after last nights bath together) bringing him loads of comfort. 
He places several gentle loving kisses onto your neck; trying to absorb the moment. Hair slightly messy, cheeks light pink, and mouth opened a tiny bit. Dressed up or not, you’ll always be ethereal in his eyes. His love, his princess, and his solace. 
To him, your smile is brighter than a thousand stars and yet a simple laugh from you can bring him to stutter. You’re his universe and he’s just a planet in it.
Lifting his face from your neck, he looks over to see your sleepy figure. A gentle smile overtakes his lips at the sight of you in a peaceful slumber. Unable to control himself, he leans over and kisses your cheek.
Starting to stir from the movement behind you, you turn around in his arms now facing him, but still half asleep. 
“good morning my love” he softly whispers. In response, you mumble a few incoherent words out of exhaustion, causing him to chuckle. 
Tightly encircled in his arms is where you belong. The smell of his musky mint apple cologne beings you safety and comfort just like yours does to him.
After controlling himself for almost an hour, he starts peppering your face in kisses, making you whine but enough to make your heart skip a beat . Trying to push him away becomes a failed attempt since all he did is pull you closer.
“c’mon darling, I can’t wait another minute without you, please wake up” he pouted 
Faintly opening one eye, you see a grin overtake the face of the love of your life. This time, he pulls you flush into his chest, and entangles his fingers in your hair to bring your head closer, the other one still around your waist. 
Almost immediately he starts kissing you all over your face for the seconnd time that morning. First your forehead, then your temples, both cheeks, the corner of your mouth, and finally your lips. Those soft yet sweet lips he craves at all times of the day. In between each kiss, he says the same thing. I love you. 
A lazy smile spreads across your face at the gesture as you respond with a sweet I love you too back.
“darling, its Hogsmeade day, we should get ready” Draco softly reminds. 
“no its too comfy and I can’t walk” you whine as you snuggle further into Draco’s chest already knowing about the smirking blonde
“fine. but at least tell me what you want love. I can go get it and we can cuddle for the rest of the day and have whatever you want”
“hm, I do want a chocolate frog right now” you murmur as you sleepily think about how good one would taste right now
“I’ll get you a full month’s worth of them love. What else?” he whispers into your ear  
“some cauldron cakes sound nice right now too” you mumble in your sleep, slowly starting to gain consciousness
“done darling. what about those sugar quills you always get” he murmurs as he proceeds to tuck a stray piece of hair behind it
“have I ever told you how amazing you are?”
“I don’t think so, can you remind me love?” he breathes out a laugh
“oh yes, you are absolutely amazing. Like a marshmallow; all soft and squishy on the inside” you giggle. He playfully pinches your waist at this statement
“yeah?” he asks before slowly hovering over you
“mhm” you tease, immediately regret saying that because his fingers find your waist and start tickling you in all the spots that make you laugh. After giggling and wheezing from the sudden attack, you surrender.
“d-draco. I can’t b-breathe. you w-win” you say in between laughs, slowly he caves in and decides to roll on top of you, with his head buried in your neck once again.
“You big baby. If only everyone else knew what a softie you are” you tease him. This only causes him to playfully nip at your neck and grumble a shut up
“but you’re my baby” you add, practically feeling his smile on your neck.
For years to come, many mornings like these were what made Draco and y/n look forward to waking up together. Just being in each others embrace and enjoying the company. When y/n gave birth to their little son scorpius years after Hogwarts, their cuddling sessions expanded for one more. 
Draco could have never imagined a better life with his love
. . .
a/n: hi! I didn’t get to edit this, but I hope it was somewhat decent. If you want to join my taglist, here is the form. More one-shots to come soon! 
Posted: 8.2.21
Taglist: @creeping156tin​
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otp-holic · an hour ago
Tumblr media
The one place (where something happened) (On Tumblr)
Fanfic + Manip, 4Ks. Shameless fluff. Part of this series of one shots.
He’s decluttering the counter when their damaged picture laying there puts a smile on his face but also reminds him of the restored version presumably still waiting inside the disregarded letter, so he grabs the envelope to retrieve its contents: one photocopy (from Dernier’s original writing), and the promised photo. And it is restored. Everything is clear where it was blurry before: Dernier (so deep into his priest impersonation that he’s not even looking at them), the trees, the battered umbrella, the ridiculous jackets… and them.
A very nice anon asked me for one rebloggable version of the "non-wedding" picture from the The One Place (where something happened). I feel it works better into the context of that fic (and that’s why it wasn’t originally out of the cut), but since she/he/them asked so nicely, I decided to make a post with the un-daguerrotyped manip (so at least I feel I'm adding something new into the mix…) I hope this works for you, anon, and that you can enjoy this new version, too.
This manip was fun, but pretty laborious to make (I also scanned the picture and it was a full two pages center piece so I had to stick that together too!), but wanna know my favorite part about it? That both their faces come from the same fucking frame, so they are REALLY looking at each other like that 💛💛💛
18 notes · View notes