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kiwisomething · 22 hours ago
Sleepy Bride
Summary: it’s been a very special day and you’re tired.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Shy!Reader
Tumblr media
“Getting sleepy?” Chris asked.
“Wha?” you said looking at the man sitting beside you.
He smiled. You had been in your own world trying to stay awake.
He kissed your cheek and asked, “you sleepy?”
You nodded. He kissed your cheek again. You smiled softly. He looked at you and you looked at him.
“It’s been a long day, hmm?” Chris said.
You nodded.
“You liked everything?” he asked.
You nodded once again. He cupped your cheek and kissed your lips.
“You had fun?” your husband asked.
You nodded and hummed. He nodded with you.
“Yeah? Do you love me?” he asked.
You nodded making him chuckle. You pressed a soft kiss to his cheek.
“Wanna sit in my lap?” Chris asked.
You nodded. He pushed his chair back a bit. You stood for a second before sliding onto his lap. He fixed the skirt of your dress and then held you in his arms. He looked out to the many guests as they’re enjoying themselves from the buffet to the dance floor or just conversing with themselves.
“This was pretty nice, wasn’t it?” he asked.
You barely nodded your head. He kissed your temple.
“Rest your eyes, Honey,” your husband said. “I’ll wake you when it’s time to cut the cake.”
You rested your head on his shoulder and curled up in his lap. He rested his head onto yours and watched the loved ones you guys invited.
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genshinarchives · 17 hours ago
You’re rarely sad and he hasn’t seen you cry once. But when life overwhelms you, even you can’t stop your tears from flowing. How does Albedo and Itto deal with your sudden vulnerability?
The reader is gender-neutral.
Tumblr media
Albedo would find it a bit odd that you’re not talking his ear off as usual and stops painting the scenery in front of him to look at you. He sees you sitting next to him on the grass with your chin propped on your palm, head turned away from his curious eyes. He would leave you alone at first, believing that you're simply deep in thought, but when he hears your poorly suppressed sniffles his attention is immediately on you again.
Although he's not the best when it comes to expressing his own emotions, he is no fool when it comes to understanding your feelings. He knows when something's bothering you, just like now. As he carefully sets his paintbrush aside, he joins you on the grass and calls your name. He feels a twinge of sadness in his heart at the mere thought of you crying because he’s never seen you shed a tear once.
If you don't respond to him, Albedo will not pester you any further. You must have your own reasons for not letting him see your tears, and he will respect your privacy. Instead, he'll try talking to you by telling you about his day, and he'll even make sketches of the memorable moments for a better visualisation. At the end of his one-sided storytelling session, he'll place the sketches on your lap before silently drawing your favourite things until you've collected yourself.
If you respond to him and let him see your face, his first instinct is to wipe your tears away, which surprises you. You accept his kind gesture regardless and allow him to remedy your tears. "What's wrong?" he asks, cupping your cheek, "If something is upsetting you, it's best that you tell me instead of bottling it all up." When you tell him the reason why you've been feeling frustrated and upset recently, he listens attentively, nodding and occasionally humming in understanding.
Albedo will try his best to offer any advice if he can, but if he can't come up with a solution for you, he'll stand up and tell you to take his hand. If you ask him why, he'll simply answer, "Let's have a walk to clear your mind. Perhaps you'll be able to see a little light in the darkness if I'm with you."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Itto is completely taken aback when you suddenly cry in front of him. He had always thought of you as a sunny person, so the moment he sees your tears, he switches into panic mode and waves his hands in front of him wildly while stumbling over his words.
He quickly drags you to a secluded area because he wants to prevent the passers-by from misunderstanding the situation. Oni blood runs through him, and when he’s placed beside a crying human, it’s obvious what people would think of first without any context. Once he’s sure that nobody is around, he plops his hands on your shoulders and asks you who he should fight with a completely serious face. Did the samurai of the Tenryou Commission bully you? Or were you perhaps robbed by those scumbags called the nobushi? Whoever had hurt you, he’s ready to face them like a man...!
Yes, this himbo is quick to jump to conclusions and immediately assumes that somebody got physical with you. You better get yourself together right now and tell Itto that nobody laid a hand on you. Once you’ve stopped him from summoning his club to bash some faces in, he tries to calm you down. Oh, what about a hug? Let this big guy wrap his arms around you and- Oops, looks like he’s suffocating you instead.
When the hug doesn’t work, he makes you sit down in front of him instead and joins you on the ground. He asks you what’s wrong, and when you see how genuinely worried he is about you, you can’t help but spill everything to him. As your problems catch up to you again, you cry even harder, prompting him to hold your face as gently as he could while awkwardly wiping your tears. “O-oh, I see...” he says after you’ve finished talking, “But that’s life, ain’t it? You fall down and get hurt, so you just gotta slap on a band-aid and pick yourself up again. You won’t be alone though because you’ve got me, the greatest boyfriend to ever exist!”
Itto may be an idiot with a simple mind, but the way he cares about you is 100% genuine. Everything he does is for you; every stupid thing he does is for you to smile and laugh at. Life is a bumpy road, but worry not! He’ll be there to scoop you into his arms and carry you all the way... or he can trip with you.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @coco-goat-milk @m3gitsune @love-letters-4-u @melkxsh @promisedvictories @irethepotato
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alliwriteistrash · 17 hours ago
Underneath the stars
Camilo Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Fandom: Encanto
Author:  Me (alliwriteistrash)
Length:  2341 words
Prompt: Two anons had a very similar request so I merged them into one! I hope you guys enjoy it!
While most people were not aware of it, a fact you occasionally took pride in, you still were very much an anxious person. It was not as bad as some of the Madrigal family members had it, especially not as bad as Tío Bruno or Tía Pepa. Nonetheless, sometimes you just felt this unsettling feeling spread through your body. On most days, you were able to hide it pretty well. In fact, not even your parents noticed the signs. But on the bad days, the ones you do not want to talk about, you just made a hasty excuse of having to do something important and hid away.
Today was such a bad day, but for the first time you were unable to hide away, because today was the birthday of your best friend Mirabel. There was no way you could miss the celebration and not stand out as a horrible friend for it. At the same time, the mere thought of being surrounded by so many people made you feel nauseated. Trying your best, you attempted to calm your rapid breath without causing a scene. As much as you loved your friend and her family, being around them all in a small space often made you worry. There was so much raw power isolated in this one tiny area… who knows what could happen?! The mere thought of the potential impending doom made you to lose track of your breathing exercise, causing you to inhale sharply.
Thankfully, no one around you seemed to notice, everyone too focused on celebrating the 16th birthday of the miracle that is Mirabel. Without her, the family would have been lost, broken apart like their home once was. If anyone asked you, you would say that her gift was reuniting people. As awkward as she was, she always tried to make everyone feel happy and loved.
Your friendship started with you experiencing his fact firsthand. Looking back, it was silly how the two of you became this tight of friends based on such a small moment.
All the children in the village were playing a giant round of hide-and-seek, and the loser had to perform a dare, something that to you back then was insanely scary. The loser had to enter the church in town all by themselves in the middle of the night. This was, of course, forbidden given the fact that even the Pastor needed to rest. Those “brave” souls who had wandered into the for you ancient looking building talked of terrifying ghosts haunting the place. Back then, the mere thought gave you nightmares. If there was something you hated, even to this day, it was the dark. Who knew what was lingering out there… waiting for you to make one mistake?!
Most children knew of your fear, and the seeker made it their mission to find you first. Children could be cruel, and this one boy had a vendetta against you just because you beat him in a test at school.
Knowing this, finding the perfect hiding spot was hard. Even harder was it to find one that was not pitch black. And just as you were about to be found, still not hidden away but in broad daylight, a small pair of hands pulled you into a bundle of hay. It was then that you realized that your reaction to pure panic was to freeze as not a single sound left your mouth. Luckily, it was not the bogyman trying to steal your soul, but the youngest Madrigal daughter pulling you into her hiding spot. Without her, the neighborhood boy would have surely found you but this way, you won the round as none of them could find either of you!
This silly moment, in which Mirabel helped you out of pure goodness, was the reason why the two of you became the best of friends. Inseparable in fact, to a point where when she did not receive a gift you were by her side, cheering her up to your best ability.
So now it was of course expected of you to be present during this glamorously big celebration. A party that the whole town was attending… You knew if you had told her about your condition, she would’ve helped you escape and constantly apologize for not realizing your discomfort. But you simply could not do this to her! She deserved to feel wonderful on this special day! Instead, you decided to just suck it up and try to ignore your racing heartbeat or the fact that you were beginning to sweat.
However, one person was aware of your anxiety, Mirabel’s cousin Camilo. The trickster was very much aware of the telltale signs of someone with anxiety, given the fact that his Mamá was pretty much the epitome of an anxiety attack about to happen. He also knew just how to help her out, calm her nerves and stop the bad weather that she was causing due to it.
He didn’t care if anyone called him a Mama’s boy. So, what! He loved his mother! His whole family! It doesn’t mean he cannot play pranks on them, that’s just how he shows it. Camilo was however very much aware that not every person needed the same help with their anxiety attacks. Everyone was unique in that sense, and it was not something he could simply copy like their appearance.
Completely lost in your thoughts, you did not notice the shapeshifter casually making his way towards to you. No one would notice if he was not around for a while.
Knowing that you were not aware of your surroundings, Camilo cleared his throat as to not scare you.
“Soooo~, [Y/N]. Care to help me get some more snacks for the party? Can’t carry it al by myself”, he said with a small grin on his face. All he knew was the fact that he needed to get you out of this room. This way, you could relax a bit, and he could cheer you up without anyone noticing.
Ripped out of your mind by the noise, you looked at the curly haired boy. You knew Camilo well, he often accompanied you and Mirabel when you were younger. In fact, you once told Mirabel in private that you kind of liked her cousin. At first, she looked disgusted, asking why of all people her cousin. But then she started to tease you, saying things like you would make a lovely couple. Which is why you tried to avoid being around her when he was near. No need to make her tease you anymore! What if he heard of it?! The trickster would surely mock you forever thinking he would like you… or worse… what if he had pity on you?! So, you made sure that none one, but Mirabel – and Dolores – knew and hid your feelings away.
Unable to speak without making it obvious how anxious you were, you simply nodded, following him out of the room into the hallway. Unaware of your surroundings, you blindly followed the older boy through the hallway, gently holding on to the back of his ruana. It was so dark in the hallway that you could barely see Camilo in front of you. Why he did not turn on the light made no sense to you, but you just assumed that he knew his way around regardless of any light.
It was only when you noticed that you were walking upstairs, not downstairs to the kitchen, that you knew something was up.
“C-... Camilo? Where are you taking me?”, you asked, still walking right behind Mirabel older cousin.
“It’s a surprise”, he simply said in a sing-song voice before adding, “don’t worry though. It’s a nice one”. As he pulled the ladder to the attic down, your heart was pretty much racing. Where was he taking you? Was it a surprise party that Mirabel would join soon?
Carefully walking up right behind him, you entered the dusty and forgotten room. It was so dark up there, you could not see your own hand in front of your face. Pure fear was spreading through your body, shaking heavily, until the curly haired boy turned on a small light. It was only then that he realized your phobia. Instantly, his expression changed from chirpy into one of worry.
“I like to hide here all the time… I guess it isn’t a place for you tho, hm? How bout we do this then!”, he whisper-shouted, trying to give it some secrecy as he opened a side-window of the attic, crawling out of it.
The pure shock of him jumping, or so it looked like to you, out of the window caused you to run to the window, trying to save him. It wasn’t until you had already screamed his name, your hand trying to grab his ruana, that you noticed he was in fact crawling up the roof…
“Sorry [Nickname], did not mean to scare you. Just thought some fresh air might be nice”, he replied, clearly sorry for the scare, before he pulled you out of the window onto the roof with him. There was a small spot with some sort of railing around it, stopping either of you from falling down. However, you could barely focus on it as your heart was now racing for multiple reasons. But one reason was missing, your anxiety. Instead, you were just nervous, being alone with your crush… on a roof! Name a more secluded place, you thought.
Meanwhile, an oblivious Camilo leaned back against the roof looking up at the stars. “I know about your anxiety… you remind me of Mamá with it”, the way he spoke was blunt, yet it did not feel hurtful. “Mamá always needs a cup of tea to calm her nerves but with you, … with you, I thought some fresh air and alone time would be better.”, Camilo explained, now looking at you. “Was I right?”.
Following his suit, you too leaned against the roof but instead of looking at him, your eyes for focused on the night sky above you. It was beautiful. The moon and the stars shining so brightly that no light was needed to see clearly.
“Yeah… I just-…. I didn’t want to ruin Mirabel’s birthday, so I did not want to leave…. But thank you… for helping me”, your voice sounded weak as you took your first deep breaths in what felt like hours. Once the fear had completely left your body, you finally noticed the cold air around you. Your dress clearly wasn’t made for this kind of weather. You were not aware that you were already shaking from the cold weather until you felt a soft fabric being draped over you. Staring at it, you realized it was his golden ruana.
“Aren’t you going to be cold?”, you asked, your cheeks practically on fire.
“Don’t sweat it. I am always hot-… I mean warm”, he replied, at first cocky but quickly turning shy himself.
However, you did not believe a single word he said. You could see that he was shaking as well, after all it was the coldest night of the year so far. Maybe it was a sudden spurt of confidence, or maybe it was just the fact that you worried about him and his well-being. Regardless the reasoning, it was you that pulled the curly haired boy into a hug.
“This way we can share the warmth”, you stammered, not looking him in the face. There was no way you would admit it out loud, at least not right now, but it just felt right. At first, he was as rigid as a stick, as shocked by your action as you were, but soon after he relaxed into the hug. Gently, he pulled you closer to him, causing you to rest your head on his chest.
For a long time, the two of you just rested like this, you hearing his heartbeat underneath you while he softly stroked over your back. It was as if the two of you were always this close… it just felt like it was meant to be this way. It wasn’t until you guys heard his mother call for him that the two of you looked at one another. Both of you had a healthy glow on your cheeks, as you still were in a tight embrace. Quickly, the older boy got up, ready to leave his hideout.
“[Y/N], … do you wanna, maybe hang out together again some time?”, he asked as he let go of you, ready to help you into the window.
“Y-Yeah… I would love to”, you replied, holding onto his hand as you were carefully into the attic.
It was only when you were already halfway down the ladder that he pulled your face up to his, gently placing a kiss on your cheek. The pure shock, although a pleasant one, caused you to nearly fall down the rest of the way, if it were not for Félix catching you.
Quickly their son followed you down, trying to play it cool. However, the two of you very much forgot the fact that you were wearing his ruana. It was like a flashy sign saying Something happened between the two of you, and his parents weren’t oblivious enough to overlook it.
Before they could even start the teasing, you quickly pulled the yellow ruana over your head, throwing it into his arms.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Camilo!”, you shouted, running out of the house with bright red cheeks, excited about the following day but smart enough not be part of that talk. As he watched you run off into the night, Camilo was holding on to his ruana. The soft smell of your perfume was still lingering on it, causing him to smile, all besotted.
“We will talk about this later, Camilito! Hurry up now, Mirabel is waiting”, his mother said, happy that her son had found someone special. The interrogation could wait until later.
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youandtom2 · 17 hours ago
Princes and Birthday Wishes
Prince!Tom Holland x Princess!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: It's your birthday, so you should be able to do whatever you want, right? Nope. Not when you're royal. Ever since you were little, there was never enough 'a princess must never...' rules coming from your mother's mouth. However a certain Prince convinces you to live your life a little more dangerously...
Themes: fluff n smut (18+)
w/c: 4k
Includes: outdoor sex (unseen, unheard), unprotected sex, slight choking
Tonight you sit, more anxious than usual, in the position that's moulded your posture ever since you were a little girl. Your mother always told you that a princess must never slouch. Well, there was never enough 'a princess must never...' rules coming from your mother's mouth, but that one in particular was exercised daily.
And today is no exception.
The 90° regal chair has your spine crumbling with discomfort, but yet you comply with the expected attribute influenced by your mother's incessant lessons on being royal. Surrounded by many alike you, you dine in celebration of your 25th birthday. The champagne tastes bitter, the food barely edible for its decadence and barely satisfying for its gourmet portions; the meals being the only thing in this room that are less interesting than those who serve it.
You discreetly glance around the room, struggling to pair faces with names and names with faces and you realise there's a substantial gap between knowing someone and knowing of someone. You peer to your sister, dressed in her finely detailed gown, sitting elegantly around her hips and shoulders flattering her almost-perfect body. You know everything there is to her especially being 3 years older, familiarity couldn't come closer to you with anyone else. Again you peer around the room, spotting the old gentlemen talking to your uncle with a sincere, solemn look to his ageing eyes. Who is that? Why is he invited? What relation does he have to your family? Should you know him? Have you met him before? These are the questions that burn your mind and you ask yourself if all guests really are as important as your mother entails. Because God forbid you invite your own guests to your own birthday celebrations.
Drowning the nerves with the glass of champagne that sits neatly in the curve of your hand, you plaster on a smile, clear your throat and make your announcement.
"Good evening everyone. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who came today in celebration of my 25th birthday. From family members to office secretaries, and from dukes and duchesses to school friends, I cannot personally thank you all enough for the wonderful gifts I have received. Now, if you would like to join me in the grand hall for refreshments and entertainment, that would be absolutely wonderful.”
If only you could cut to the chase sooner. But, as royalty, everything you say must be formal to some respect. Your mother always tells you that whatever you say must show a degree of intelligence, otherwise you'll be mistaken for someone who is uneducated, immature, inexperienced: traits that won't be tolerated at this level of authority. Whether anyone has ever thought of you like that, you don't know. But you always do what you are told despite what you believe.
It's just all part of being royal, isn't it? Your life has been decided for you since you were able to take your first breath, and it will remain that way until you take your last.
Just as you had advised, the crowd of people slowly disperse into the grand hall as waiters and maids begin to clear the table, the murmuration of voices overlapped by the clinking of glassware and cutlery. You sheepishly follow behind, lagging behind the rest to gain some privacy in the dining hall to gather your thoughts before mingling with the guests, familiar or not.
Well, at least you thought you had some privacy.
"It must be hard," a gentleman's voice appears from beside you. You whip around to see a man of around your age sauntering closer towards you. His navy blue uniform hugs him in all the right places, multiple badges glistening and polished to a sheen on the recognisable Order of the Garter blue sash. He's royal alright, a duke or perhaps, if your luck strikes fortunate tonight, a prince. It’s a conclusion evident enough not because of the obvious uniform, but by the way he composes his elegance and stands poised with such stature. Suddenly the air is sucked from your breath as he demands your attention, reigning in the existing aura and suffocating it with his own presence until his prestige is in full command of this room and everything in it. The brown eyes are familiar, but memory of his name fails you which is a shame. Surely with a man as strikingly charming as the one standing before you, his name would come easily to your lips.
"What is?”
"Being polite to complete strangers you'll probably never meet again and who are only involved with your family because they're desperately hanging on to the idea that somehow your power just might become theirs," he bluntly remarks, plastering a proud grin on his lips. A sly snigger escapes you, blown away by his blatancy which, you admit, speaks some truth.
"You know that because…?"
"I'm not deluded by manners. It's clear to see, but you just don't observe," he asserts.
"And who do these wise words belong to?" You take two timid steps forward towards him, locking him under your glare with a slight smile on your face. You can't help but swing your hips playfully as you stride towards him, branching out and putting aside the typical behaviour of royalty since he’s already done so through his words.
He fixes his posture, arms and legs locked in and upright, as if mocking his seniors.
“Thomas Stanley Holland, Prince of England, your majesty." He takes ahold of your hand bringing it to his lips and place a gentle kiss on your skin.
Yet again, another example of a face you failed to match to name.
"Oh a Prince, how delightful!" You mock, resembling your grandmother with her wavering voice ringing through your ear.
"Now, your royal highness, would you care to take a stroll with me through the garden, which I might say, has the most impressive botanical display I have ever seen.”
You buffer slightly and the comical impressions wear off, debating whether to take up his offer. You turn your head back to the grand hall where everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, oblivious to your absence. Should you? You are the guest of honour, wouldn't people notice? Your mother won't be too happy either…
"Look at them, princess. They're too wrapped up in their own little lives to notice that you're not there." His voice hums softly your ear, hands resting gently on the curves of your shoulders, fingers tracing over the silk fabric as if to coax you into his offer. Your mind latches onto the cold sting of the insignia ring wrapped around his pinky finger before being lost in the ghost of chills that follow his breath, skimming along the curve of your clavicle. “It’s your birthday party for God sake. Leave them, they're not worth your time. Come with me, I want to show you something that is worth your time." You turn to face him. He reads the doubt on your face like it is written in words. You don't think it's possible for you to sink any further into the gentle tones of his voice, but yet, he fails to disappoint. "I promise you they won't notice,” he whispers and seals his promise with a wink. He's ever so persuasive. So much so that you link your arms with his and wander down the hall to the back garden, giggling as you share one last glance to the crowded room behind, successfully leaving without witness.
It's late and the gardeners have switched on the fairy lights decorating the trees that line the stone pathway leading you directly into the botanical greenhouse. The flowers are in full bloom and there's a majestic array of colours bouncing around every corner of the room. From the pink vibrancy of the peonies to the midnight blues of the hydrangeas; every shade lures you towards them, fingers twitching to steal one for yourself. There's a twinkle in the air with the occasional firefly hovering above the flowers, setting the atmosphere perfectly. Although it’s a beautiful sight that is only deserving of your eyes, you can’t help but close them to soak in the calm and natural aura of the room as your ears slip into the low hum of the electric buzzers hidden far in the corners and the delicate trickle of the small waterfall.
Admittedly, it takes your breath away. Mother never allowed you out here this late, 'a princess must be in bed at a reasonable hour to preserve her youth' so she says. You always hated that rule. Especially as a child where your curiosity knew no limits; you wanted to explore everything but you were never allowed. You still aren’t, even as an adult that curiosity still roars as furiously as ever, so being here at this time of night is like a whole new world to you.
"Wow," you whisper, eyes fluttering open once more to take in the botanical magic around you. “It's...beautiful."
"It is, isn't it? Spotted it while I was out having a walk through the garden earlier.”
"I've never seen it like this before, mother never let me out after dark," you cowardly mumble, sweeping your fingertips across the petal of a rose. Imagine: a 25 year old still living under the authority of her mother. He gives you a scowling look.
“You’ve never…? But…you live here.”
You shrug your shoulders, eyes hidden with shame.
“You need to stop letting your mother take control of you. You're a mature woman, there is no doubt you are competent enough to make your own decisions! You're a princess not a pet!”
"And she's the Queen! It just doesn't work like that. I can't disobey her, she'll...she'll disown me."
You can't disregard the look of pity evident in his chocolate brown eyes, nor the soft smile playing on his lips. He closes the distance between you just an inch at a time.
"Princess," he sighs, tongue rolling in the golden honey of his accent. “Life goes too quickly. Especially at our age. I understand perfectly-“
"Do you, though? You're a boy, I bet your mother didn't have any reins on you," you snap, admittedly rather unladylike but your mother isn't here to scorn you.
“No, that may be true enough but I'll tell you what she told me.”
Your heart rate picks up the pace that it's almost bursting through your chest. He's almost a hair's breadth away and you listen very intently to the words being whispered in your ear, ever so gently.
"If you don't challenge it, then it won't change you." He draws back and once again his eyes meet yours purely to see your reaction. A minute passes and nothing is said. Tom’s philosophy, or more rather his mother's, imprints a rebellious thought in your mind. Defying your mother was always hypothetical because you feared of the consequences that you had yet to challenge. You've always been the ideal, obedient daughter your mother always wanted, but what about what you want? If you are to eventually rule this kingdom, then what sort of Queen would cower and fall so easily beneath the authority of others? What Queen leads a kingdom if she cannot even lead her own life?
There's a knowing smile playing on his lips as he observes your epiphany. He brings up his hand towards your face, fingers lightly skimming against your forehead like you were made of glass as he neatly tucks away a stray strand of hair. Every gesture and every word leaves you swooning over the little mannerisms that he owns. It's the way he treats you like you are the most fragile and delicate thing, but yet knows that you are far from it; knows that there’s a spark inside you waiting to be ignited where your true power manifests.
"Happy birthday, princess.”
Just as that sweet, little sobriquet rolls effortlessly off his tongue, his head veers down and blesses your cheek with a kiss so soft, you almost don't feel it. Ironically, the effects are quite the opposite. Now that the distance between you and the Prince is almost close to nothing, a sudden, intense urge pushes you to take advantage of the moment and of his words. It’s almost tantalising how there’s only just a slither of air separating you and feel nothing more than the insatiable desire to make a move. That, and the urge to go against everything your mother has ever taught you.
'The gentleman always makes the first move, it is not ladylike to throw yourself onto them' you hear the echo of your mother's obnoxious tones swimming through your mind.
Oh yeah?
"You mentioned that I should start making my own decisions…"
"Princess?" His eyebrow perks up as does the smirk on your lips.
"How's this for a decision?”
Without even thinking, you instinctively crash your lips onto his. A surge of adrenaline courses through your veins knowing that you're deliberately going behind your mother's back, and completely obliterating everything you know about royal etiquette. The Prince seems more than willing to share this new found maturity with you, mirroring your devotion and giving even more, sinking his lips further into yours that you have to take two timid steps back.
It's sweet, giving you that first taste of independence but it doesn’t last long and you yearn for more. He eases just centimetres away from you and you look up to find his lips still parted and his eyes still closed, taking a moment to himself to savour those precious moments. In your peripheral, you see his tongue run across his bottom lip, but your eyes are glued to the bobble of his Adam’s apple as he swallows and there’s something about the natural instinct that strangely alluring, seductive. A quality you very rarely find in someone whether that be your naivety or the dullness of any other man you have ever come across.
"That's...more like it.” The Prince’s eyes open once again, finding you with rosy cheeks and a fluttering heart beat pounding against your ribcage. Itching, his hands slither around the tight corset at your waist and grips the fastenings at the back. There’s a spark of mischief evident in his eyes. “Any other decisions waiting to be made?” He pulls you closer towards him.
Tom radiates a particular suggestive tone to his words that once heard instantly attracts the newly-born rebel inside you. It drowns out the warnings of your mother until they slip into oblivion, and just like that, you take control. You bite your lip as your hands sweep away the fine lint gracing his chest.
“There might be a few,” you whisper.
“Then go ahead,” he whispers back, eyes darkening with hunger. “There’s nothing to stop you, princess.”
Slowly, tentatively, your hands slide down to find his adorning your waist. Keen eyes watch for his reaction when you guide his hand to your throat and he’s completely captivated by you. You can’t help but let your eyes flutter close when you start to feel his fingers coiling around your neck, deliberate but calculated, not too hard but not too gentle. He hears the quick gasp when the cold insignia ring presses against your skin. Gold, pressed with his family crest, its symbolism of power recreates itself in Tom as he lets go of his inhibitions, closing his fist around your neck.
“Thomas…” A soft whimper escapes your lips and he drinks it in. His lips lie just millimetres out of touch from your own, teasing with the soft sweep of his breath. You need his kiss again. Once is definitely not enough. You’ve explored too much, your curiosity isn’t nearly satisfied and you fear it might never let up knowing what it’s already gotten a taste of.
“What do you want, hm? Tell me. What has the birthday girl wished for?”
“I want…” you take a breath, “I want you to use me.”
“Oh, Your Royal Highness, I like this side of you.” A sinful smirk stretches wide across his lips before he crashes them into yours. You mewl as he melts his lips into yours, his tongue breaching into your mouth, exploring and mingling with your own. All the while his hand coils tighter and tighter. You yelp when your hips bang against the table laden with smaller plant pots, shaking like an earthquake erupts beneath them.
The Prince snakes his way across your cheek, along the line of your jaw and down the column of your neck, replacing his hand with his lips as they kiss your pulse with each beat. You are inevitably stuck with the press of Tom’s body against yours, shaking under his touch as it roams all over you, and a certain heat rises at your core.
“Mmm,” he hums. “You smell amazing, princess. I should keep you all to myself.” He seals his pledge with the sharp pinch of his teeth, sucking a blemish into your skin. Your eyes whip open when you realise that he’s branding you, liberating you from your mother’s clutches and claiming you as his own. Although you know you should be worried about the very visible mark that will be left on your neck, and what insults it’ll pay your mother and her work to make you perfect, but you can’t help lose yourself to his seduction. It’s all so appetising, so alluring, it’s delicious.
He pulls away ever so slowly, noses briefly clashing for a fleeting moment while he peers down to you, lips swollen and glistening. His hands, ever curious, circle around your waist and feel the curve of your hips as they suffocate under the tight corset. Somehow, he grips tighter and whips you around, holding you just as close as before, so much so that his breath funnels against your ear.
You stare at your reflection of the glass, nothing but darkness looming behind it. Prince Thomas catches your gaze with his, darkening by the second and it steals a gasp from you. You are simply pooling at the sight.
“How naughty are you feeling, princess?” He whispers in cool tones.
“Good.” Hands catch themselves on the table in front of you as Prince Tom lifts the hem of your dress until it rests around your hips, throwing you forward. The Prince behind you can't resist to feel the shape of your legs as his fingers drag closely behind, and the closer he gets to your cunt, the more visible the chills become. You release a soft mewl when his thumb trickles down the centre of your underwear, pressing into the wetness and dancing it around in circles. You lean into it, evoking an amused chuckle to swarm your ears while he watches you fall so easily for him. He knew you would.
Standing there, you can’t ignore how good it feels having someone pay you so much attention, listening to your needs instead of reprimanding you for debauchery. The Prince plays you like his own, a puppet and her puppeteer.
After what feels like an eternity, he finally hooks the thin material of your underwear and peels it away from your cunt, slowly, leisurely, adoring the way the wet material grips onto you for just a second longer.
“Fuck.” The expletive sounds like a holy berceuse in his voice. “So wet for me.” He’s almost panting at how tight you look, and he grips your hips like a vice because he’s not going to let you run away now. Not a chance.
Instinctively, he ruts into you and releases just the hint of a groan, suppressing it until he can fully feel inside of you.
The thrill of adrenaline runs ragged in your veins, eagerly waiting for what you know is coming. However, when you feel his hand coil around your wrist, pulling it blindly behind you, you feel a certain trepidation. Yet, you find it completely justified when he coils the palm of your hand around his cock and shit, he’s huge. A bead of cum seeps from his tip and your hand catches it, and with his slow thrusts, it spreads along his length. He’s teasing, you realise. Your cunt waits impatiently just inches away from him, his tip poking and prodding sparingly, but yet he thrusts into your hand instead.
“Stop the teasing,” you beg. Your head cranes over your shoulder to catch a glance, but he snakes his hand around the back of your neck.
“Patience, your highness. I’m going to take my time to fuck you.”
Your hand slips, and his cock buries deep inside of you. A sharp inhale pierces your lungs where a low growl leaves his. For a moment, he stays still to feel the minute clenches of your walls as they try to acclimate to his size. Overwhelmed with pleasure, his fingers grip around the curve of your neck and your hip, holding you down while he pushes himself to reach your limits. You're on the verge of tears and very quickly losing control over the scream that’s trapped in your throat, but you have to hold it in: letting it out would alert everyone in the palace.
He shifts and you squeal. The Prince starts to rut his hips back and forth, grinding himself against you in the filthiest of ways, uninhibited and drunk of the tight squeeze of your cunt.
“God. Fuck. You feel amazing. You feel like fucking royalty.”
His virile thrusts are torturous, meticulously slow in their movements as he savours every twitch of your cunt, every lewd noise, every moment his hips grind against yours. He keeps you hanging on the edge for what feels like hours, internally pleading for more.
Things thankfully change pace when your clit suffers under his fingers and his cock pumps harder and harder into you. The table beneath you is shaking and threateningly close to breaking, but you lack the attention to care. Everything on your mind evolves around Prince Tom and the way he’s making you feel, the way he expertly arouses a very particular feeling to pull taut in your stomach. You cry out for release and Tom responds with something similar, guiding you over the threshold until suddenly, you’re cumming.
It washes over you hard and fast. With your head sunken low against the table, your body falls victim to its instincts, squeezing around Tom as he remains deep inside you to feel what he can from the repercussions of your orgasm. It feels dirty and obscenely vulgar, but yet you’ve never felt so unrestrained, finally living the liberation of the many etiquette rules your mother forced upon you.
God, what your mother would think of you now…
“Oh my God,” you breathe. “I can’t…I can’t believe we just done that…”
Prince Tom heaves a mirthful chuckle, gently easing away from you and coaxing you into his care with the warmth of his hands. He sweeps them across the expanse of your hips and thighs, soothing them, forcing them to unwind from the strain. He graciously fixes you up while you recover, pulling you up into his embrace when you eventually do.
“I mean, we’re outside! Anyone could’ve walked out here and seen us! We could’ve been caught! My mother…she would absolutely kill me. She would kill you! Thomas-“
Tom silences you with his lips, a small smile shaping his kiss while he sinks into you. You audibly hum, sighing into his lips. When he pulls away, you seem to be more level-headed.
“Sorry,” you murmur. “Killed the mood, didn’t I?” You’re all-too-aware of the bashful, coy smirk that dons your lips when you face him again. He can’t suppress the compulsion to gently pinch your chin, and let his thumb graze over your bottom lip, trapped in between your teeth and visibly smiles at your diffidence, eyes twinkling with admiration.
Is that your heart fluttering?
“Not at all, princess. That’s just what happens when you live a little.” With the lightest of touches, he traces around the shape of the blemish he left on your neck…that you completely forgot about. Stunned, you grip his hand but his smile just stretches wider.
“I don’t think I’ll be living much longer if my mother sees this.”
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chrissyevanss · 21 hours ago
Loving you
Pairing : Steve Rogers x Avenger!reader
Summary : You are shocked when your hear Steve's body count.
Word count : 1.435 words
Warnings : Fluff, mention of sex, (steve has a mommy kink) insecurity.
A/N : Hello everyone! I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I am still struggling with the flu and man I never tought it would make me this sick. This is based on Friends where Monica and Richard talks about their body count, I tought it would be fitting. I hope you enjoy :)
English is not my first language, so I apologize if I made any grammar mistakes.
Tumblr media
It is a miracle, Steve Rogers thought each time he saw you. It couldn't be real that someone like you fell for a guy like him. He always believed that Peggy showed interest in him after he got the serum, so you showing interest in him, was weird for Steve to accept. He admired that you loved Steve, not Captain America. See, you were an avenger too. You were passionate, elegant, smart, talented, an artist, lovely and breath-taking. His friends were yours and everyone loved the too of you together. Especially Bucky. He was glad that his best friend found the one who truly loved him.
You changed Steve Rogers in every best way possible. You made him like the pre-serum Steve, which he never saw coming. You thought him how to be patient, which was very hard to Steve, but also to listen. Steve and Tony has a lot of arguments, some of them just explode because they don't listen to each other. You taught them both how to feel empathy and try to understand the feelings the other must be feeling. Yeah, Steve Rogers was a better man because of you.
"Okay, before everyone goes to sleep, I want to say something to you Steve." Everyone turned their head to Natasha, your best friend. The avengers were sitting all together watching a movie, drinking coffee, trying to be as human as possible. You know, after defeating aliens.
"I want to say that I'm so happy that the two of you are together. I can see that you love my best friend so much, and that she loves you back. Out all of the boyfriends she had and they were a LOT, you are my favorite."
Tony and Sam started laughing and Bucky gave his girlfriend a stare, already knowing what must go trough his friends’ head. You were going to kill Natasha. Yes, you dated a few men before Steve, but it wasn't like your fault that they all were douchebags. You just dated until you found the right one. Steve. Oh my god Steve.
You didn't know what was going trough your boyfriends head and to be honest you didn't want to know. You were afraid that he was going to get all insecure and have a anxiety attack. It quite shocked you when he smiled at Natasha.
"Thank you Natasha, that's so sweet of you. Alright guys, there is an early mission in the morning, everyone to bed." He was like a father scolding his children, everyone mumbled 'yes captain' and Nat gave you an apologetic look.
"Did you heard that doll?" Steve turned to you. "I'm Natashas' favorite. And apparently, they were a lot." You started to laugh awkwardly not really knowing what to say.
"Natasha doesn't know what she is saying honey, she is crazy." You said while the too of you were walking to your bedroom. He was holding your hand and could feel that you were shaking. He opened the door for the too of you and you basically ran to the bathroom. You locked the door and started texting Natasha.
Natasha : OK but if you really think about it, it’s not that a big of a deal. he is freaking Captain America. He must have slept with a dozen of women back in the 40's.
That took you off guard. You never thought about that. To you, he was Steve Rogers. Your very shy boyfriend who only gets loud and wild when he had sex with you. Had he really had a lot of experience? While you were thinking about Steve's body count, he was knocking on the bathroom door.
"Honey, everything okay in there? I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable in any type of way. Just come out so that we can talk." His words made your heart flutter. You really were lucky with a boyfriend like Steven.
When you got out of the bathroom, you saw him sitting on the bed you were sharing. he was signaling that you should sit next to him. You slowly walked towards him and and took your place next to your boyfriend.
"So" Steve started talking. "You wanna talk about it?" You turned your head to his direction and saw that he was already smiling. That boosted your confidence and you started speaking.
"Does it bother you, that I had my fair share with men before you? I mean my body count is not big, but still. Are you mad?"
Steve looked down, took your hands and kissed your knuckles softly. He then looked back at you, with so much admiration in his eyes.
"Of course not, why would I be mad? Honey, your body count doesn't define you. It doesn't make you another person. You enjoyed you life, as you should. You're not less in my eyes. I'm just glad that you trust me enough to sleep with me. I am happy with you baby, and nothing can change that. Not even your body count."
You felt a teardrop rolling down your cheek. You were so happy that you found the love of your life.
"Now that we are on the subject, what is your body count Stevie?" You asked him, still curios since Natasha told you about it.
He arched his brow and gave you a smile.
"Wow, look how the tables have turned honey. So I have to tell mine before yours?" You just laughed at his comment and fell back on the bed.
"That's right pretty boy. Tell mommy, don't be afraid."
Steve almost chocked when he heard the word mommy. You knew that he had a mommy kink and used it sometimes during sex. He could never disappoint or disobey you. He sighed, fell back too and looked straight in your eyes.
" Two."
You sat straight up, utterly in shock what your boyfriend just said. Two? That could not be possible. He was the most attractive man you had ever seen in your life. It was probably a joke.
"You're kidding me right, just two? Like you slept with me and who else, Peggy?" Steve just nodded shyly and sat straight up as well. You got up and started walking rounds in your bedroom.
"Why is it so hard to believe that I slept with 2 women in my life? Is it weird?" He asked you, not understanding your reaction.
"No it's not weird honey. It’s just, don't you have a lot of wild oats to sow? Or is that what you're doing with me? Oh my god, am I an oat?" You started to freak out and your heartbeat got faster and faster. Was he really thinking of you that way?
"Oh honey, you are not an oat." Steve stood up as well and was in front of you now. I-I mean, I don't know. I guess I'm just not an oat guy. I've only slept with women I've been in love with."
You got confused with his comment.
"But you only slept with two people?"
Steve sighed and walked closer to you.
Your whole body felt like it was burning up and your heartbeat was so fast that if Steve didn't had super hearing, that he even would hear it. Everything was quiet, nothing mattered. You only could hear Steve's heart beating that was full of love for you.
he loved you.
"You love me Stevie?" You whispered, afraid that someone will hear your fragile voice, even if Steve was the only one in the room.
"I love you honey. I love you because when I look at your face, a strange sadness comes over me. It's like I know you from a long time ago. I feel your presence inside of me. Like you were also in the 40's and we were dancing together to your favorite song. I love all of you."
You couldn't help but smash your lips to his, falling in his grace. The kiss you shared was so intimate, it was the proof why you too were perfect for each other.
"I love you too, you know that right? I love you because you are the most meaningful of colors for me, I can neither draw, love nor accept a picture of a life without you."
He hugged you tightly, showing that he never wanted to let you go.
You hugged him back, showing that you never wanted to let him go.
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yumir3 · 14 hours ago
cw// implied stalking/ a bit suggestive/yandere-ish? kind of
I just want to imagine like, primordial Abedo silently observing from the shadows, silently yet meticulously plotting the day when he could finally replace Albedo.
However, you, Albedo’s lover, knew about the real Albedo’s origins too. Though, your lover kept him as a secret from you. Which meant that you never even knew the existence of two albedos.
Primordial Albedo originally planned to dispose of you; to quickly kill and use you as a tool to frame the mysterious blonde traveler. Unfortunately, his plans were impeded when you, a mere human, made him, a failure, feel the warmth and joy that he ever so desperately yearned when he was brought into this world.
“Albedo.. are you cold? Would you like me to brew you some tea?”
Such a warm voice.. wait, why does he feel something fluttering in his stomach?
Your gentle eyes met his jewel irises. He seemed to be a bit less indifferent today— of course, you were not complaining. He looked confused, quite adorable per se. Your cheeks flared when you see him smile, agreeing to your suggestion.
Once you came back with tea, he took a sip, a sigh of bliss crawling from his lips. You took note that Albedo seemed to be in a good mood today. Albedo rarely visited you, ever since you became lovers. You never even knew how you got attracted to him in the first place, given that he often neglects you.
Well, now you knew why you loved him. So, you decided to give him a few hugs and cuddles, as a welcome home gesture.
He felt his “heart” stop once he feels your arms wrap around him. It felt so safe.. so warm. He loves your embrace.
Ever since his master abandoned him, all he could hear was “failure” or “mistake”. It was cold and harsh, contrast to your loving words that was being whispered to his ears.
"are you alright?" "I missed you" "welcome home"
Your palms were dirty, yet it was delicate. It felt like he was holding the hands of such a kind-hearted soul.
You led him to your bathroom— where you already prepared a warm bath (which was originally just for you), thinking that he must have been tired from spending all his time on the mountain.
Albedo silently followed; allowing you to undress him, obediently following your instructions as you washed his hair.. ah.. it was so relaxing.
He leans into your touch, suppressing the urge to pull you in as well.
Was this how warmth felt like?
He found himself addicted, following you around more often than not; his determination only increased ever since that day. Now, his main goal was to make you his, To cherish and give you all the love— which was the term that humans used— in the world.
He visits your home more often, using the excuse of, “Why cant I visit my beloved?” He lowers his lashes, how could Albedo take you for granted? You’re always waiting for him at home, but he’s never seen Albedo step foot in here.
He was distracted from his thoughts when he feels your soft lips pepper his face with kisses, smothering him in your love and affection. He almost melted on the spot. In that moment, he held you for dear life, enveloping your lips with his. You flush against his chest, flustered by his bold yet sudden action.
This was what humans do right? To show their love?
He smirks, a pair of identical eyes staring down at him in surprise. He feels you snuggle into him closer, which made him take a whiff of your lovely scent. He could hear you hum in content, still asleep in his arms. He kisses your forehead.
Oh how you were so naive, so adorable. It was almost endearing.
"Why are you here. Why are you with them?"
Albedo stood still, as he questioned the fake. He was calm as ever. He crosses his arms, frowning at the identical "man". The man beside you gave a smug smile, only bringing you closer to his chest.
"The question is, why are you here?"
He was here because he was worried. The primordial Albedo already knew the reason. Honestly, it was quite ironic given the fact that he never visited you up until now.
He feels you shift, a soft smile on your face as you finally roused from your slumber; oblivious to the other person in the room. He gently combs your hair, softly pushing you against his chest.
"Dear, why are you still awake?"
You inquired, brushing his beautiful blonde hair. You tucked a strand of his hair behind his ear; your sleepy smile was so radiant, beautiful. He chuckled, playfully pecking your cheeks.
"To watch you sleep, of course."
You feel your cheeks warm up. You giggled, playfully tugging his ear.
"pfft- you creep."
He smiles, playing along with your antics. You grin, pressing your lips against his shoulder with tender, snaking your arms around his neck. All while you failed to notice the other person standing in the room, who was frozen at your display of affection to the impostor.
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drarrily-we-row-along · 9 hours ago
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Part 6)
December 6: Mug
Draco should have known that Harry would come down with a cold after spending all of that time hanging lights out in the cold and rain. His mother had always told him not to go out in that weather, that people got sick in that sort of drizzly chill.
He hadn't believed her, of course, it seemed like something that mothers told their children when they couldn't bear the thought of them getting all wet and chilled to the bone. But there must be some truth to it, Draco thought, as he watched Harry blow his nose for what had to be the fiftieth time today because Harry was definitely sick.
"It's that big tree lighting celebration tonight, right?" Harry asked when he'd finished closing the register, heedless to what Draco was thinking.
"Sorry?" he asked, taken a bit off guard by Harry thinking he was going to go anywhere except straight to bed.
He sniffled, "The tree lighting thing," he elaborated. "The one you said you go to every year over at the old-"
"No," he said firmly. "We're not going to go stand around outside so you can get sicker. You are going straight home and getting in bed."
Harry's nose wrinkled, "Don't be silly," he scoffed.
"Harry," he said with a frown, "you are going home and getting in bed. You need to sleep. Or else we'll end up missing the concert this weekend and they're playing The Nutcracker," he added.
"Fine," Harry conceded with a huff, which confirmed to Draco that Harry was in fact sick and desperately in need of some sleep, he was never this compliant. "But you should still go."
He closed his eyes for a moment, he did love the tree lighting ceremony, he loved the moment when everything turned from dark to light, when Christmas cheer lit up the night sky. "I don't know," he said, "It-"
"Either you go or I am taking you," Harry said resolutely. "You love the tree lighting and you shouldn't miss it just because-"
(Read more below the cut)
"Alright, alright," he interrupted. "I'll go. As long as you promise to go home and rest."
"Promise," he replied as he called Helmi to him, hissing softly for her to come.
"I'll see you tomorrow, I guess," Draco said.
Harry gave him a tired little smile, "see you tomorrow."
And Draco had every intention of keeping his word. He'd intended to go to see the trees light up, to hear the children cheering, and sip a cup of hot chocolate. But then he'd walked past a Chinese restaurant and glanced in the window in time to see some egg drop soup being ladled into a styrofoam container.
He looked at the soup and all thoughts of lights on trees were forgotten, instead he opened the door and went inside to order some food.
Twenty minutes later, he showed up on Harry's doorstep, ringing the bell and hoping he wasn't waking the other man up.
It took a few minutes, but Harry appeared, wrapped up in a blanket, mug of tea held securely in his hands. "Draco," he said in surprise when he opened the door.
"I brought dinner," he offered. "Have you eaten?" he asked as he started to make his way inside.
"You're supposed to be watching the tree."
"Yes, well," he said, clearing his throat, "this seemed more important."
"But you love the lights," Harry said, "You-"
"Yes, I know," he huffed, waving Harry off, "But when I'm sick, I love to have someone who will look after me."
Harry was silent as Draco unpacked the food on the living room table but then he finally said, "Why would you do all this for me?"
"What?" Draco asked as he finished taking the food out of the bag.
"Why are you doing this?" he repeated. "You're missing something you love, giving up your time and energy, to be here, sitting in my living room when I'm too sick to even think straight."
He looked over at him and in this moment, with his curly hair up in a messy bun, blanket around his shoulders, and cup still wrapped in his hands, he looked unbearably young. And Draco had the sudden epiphany that no one had ever done this for him before. No one had ever taken care of him when he was sick, no one had brought him food or encouraged him to rest. And his heart shattered. "Because you deserve to have someone look after you the way you look after everyone else."
Harry didn't respond and Draco let him process while he dipped food for both of them.
"Come on," he said, patting the sofa. "Come eat."
He sat down and took a tentative taste of the soup. "Do you want to finish The Muppet Christmas Carol with me? he asked.
"I've no idea what that is," Draco replied, "But I accept."
"You've never seen Muppet Christmas Carol?" he asked incredulously. "Well, I guess we'll just have to start at the beginning."
And if Harry fell asleep half way through the movie, with his head on Draco's shoulder, well, Draco didn't think it would hurt anything to finish the movie and enjoy the quiet time together.
Day 5 | Day 7
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justanothersimp21 · 21 hours ago
Can I have 10 7 and 12? With Alcina. I love the idea of her writing us a letter and leaves it for us. Then in the morning she wakes up and we are in her bed just like "Kiss please?" Making her mind melt as she flushes.
🌺🐝 Bee Anonymous 🐝🌺
“I would like my good morning kiss now.”
“Is it fair to say that you read the love letter and that this means ‘yes’?”
“You getting so flustered is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your eyes scoured the letter in your hands for the hundredth time, a huge smile on your face.
‘My dearest Y/N,
I can no longer deny my feelings. Ever since you’ve set foot in my castle, you’ve managed to draw my attention.
Your smile, your laughter, the certain gleam in your eyes whenever you do whatever makes you happy.
If someone were to tell me that I would fall for a human— and my very own chambermaid at that— then I would’ve laughed and sliced them into ribbons.
Yet, here I am, writing a love letter to you.
I realize that my feelings may very well be one-sided but I’m hoping that you return them.
I, by no means, am forcing you to like me. I completely understand if you want the relationship between us to remain the same.
But if perhaps you’d wish to be with me in a more intimate way, then please let me know.
Yours truly, Alcina Dimitrescu.’
You had found the letter on the floor of your bedroom when you opened your door, about to turn in for the night. It was obvious someone slipped it under your your doorway while you were out doing your daily tasks.
When you read it for the first time, you couldn’t conceal the shit-eating grin on your face.
She returns your feelings! She likes you the same way you like her!
The Alcina Dimitrescu!
You had thought for sure that someone of her status and power would fall for someone in the same league as her.
But nope. She fell for you.
You’ll give her your answer tomorrow, it’s not like you can go barging into her room now. She was already sleeping and you didn’t wish to disturb her.
You flopped onto your bed dramatically with the letter clutched into your chest, hugging it. The smile on your face wouldn’t go away.
The smell of her flowery perfume lightly emitted from the letter.
With a happy sigh, you gently folded the letter and placed it on your nightstand, not wanting to wrinkle or damage it in any way.
You closed your eyes and easily slipped into a light sleep, your dreams full of a certain 9 foot vampire.
. . .
It was your duty as the matriarch’s chambermaid to wake her up in the morning.
Usually you didn’t mind it but now that you were dying to give your lady a response to her love letter, you were eager to wake her up.
Still, you waited until the correct time before you made your way to her room with your heart pounding harshly in your rib cage.
Once inside her room, you cooly walked over to her large bed, looking calm and collected on the outside but was internally freaking out.
You held back a coo at how adorable the matriarch looked while sleeping, and took a quick second to admire her features.
Sleeping beauty.
That’s who she reminded you of.
Maybe you should kiss her awake? No, the two of you aren’t at that level of relationship just yet. In fact, it’d be better to have her consent before doing so.
You do hope that good morning kisses would be a reoccurring theme after you give her your response.
…Or maybe that could be your response.
With that thought in mind, you carefully climb on the bed and gently call out, “My lady? It’s time to wake.”
Almost immediately, the matriarch’s golden eyes snapped open and locked with yours. As you notice her eyes adjusting to take you in on her bed, you grin.
You swear you notice a very light pink hue on her cheeks as her eyes finally adjusted and she was fully awake.
“I would like my good morning kiss now,” You declare cheekily.
Alcina looked somewhat shocked at your bluntness yet her eyes held hope, “Is it fair to say that you read the love letter and that this means ‘yes’?”
You giggled softly and nodded your head, “Yes.”
As soon as the word of confirmation left your mouth, soft lips were pressed against yours almost desperately. You closed your eyes and eagerly kissed back, returning the same amount of passion given to you.
It was telling that she was infusing all of her emotions into the kiss. You felt them all.
The happiness, the relief, the want.
You pulled away when you started to feel lightheaded, desperately taking in breaths of air. You slowly open your eyes to stare into a honey colored gaze.
Alcina’s cheeks matched the color of your own, a deep blush prominent. She gave you a lopsided smile, a small chuckle escaping her.
It was very jarring to see her so happy yet nervous.
You grin and murmur, “You getting so flustered is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.”
Not exactly how you requested it but I hope it’s good enough :)
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plutosluts · 18 hours ago
tell me, ben chilwell
xmas prompt : opening a present early
i was so close fo calling this ‘(santa) tell me’ but i didn’t ???? make sense ????
Tumblr media
there was only a few days left until christmas, and neither you or ben could wait. the excitement was clearly getting to him as he watched you wrap up some last minute presents, trying to look over your shoulder to see if he could make out what you were putting away, but your movements were too quick for him, tucking the box back under the tree where the rest of the presents sat.
you for one, couldn’t wait to give him his present, having held onto it for a few weeks now. a few weeks ago, you found out that you and ben were expecting a little one of your own, his mum and yours being the only ones to know so far.
it had been so hard keeping it from him, as his hands were always placed somewhere on your stomach, that you thought he’d notice the non existent bump forming. but he didn’t, oblivious as ever as you managed to plan out how you’d break the news to him.
you didn’t know how he’d react, but you did know that it was something you both wanted in your relationship, ben confessing to you how he thought you’d make such a good mother after seeing the way you were with your nephew.
but, you had some help from his sister, deciding to buy a baby version of his chelsea kit with ‘daddy 21′ on the back, and if that wouldn’t give it away, you added in two prints of your first ultrasound scan, with ‘baby chilwell’ scribbled messily at the bottom.
to say you were nervous was an understatement, you made sure to double wrap the box to stop ben from finding out what was in it, but that only made him more curious.
you avoided his questions about ‘the box right under there’ that he only wanted a peek to, trying so hard not to give in. you knew he’d be over the moon, but still wanted the moment to be perfect when he received the news. 
but your plans were thrown out of the window one evening when you and ben had gotten back from a day’s worth of shopping. you noticed how his eyes glanced over to the tree, scanning over for something that you assumed was the present he was always eyeing. 
“just one glance, you can even time me, it’ll take three seconds” he pleaded, walking after you into the kitchen. he heard you let out a small groan, proceeding to wash fruit and put them away.
“benji, you say that, then you’ll hog onto it like you do every year” and you’re point was made when he gave a small ‘yeah that’s true’. but his begging didn’t stop there.
you were surprised that you could even deal with it at this point, not even giving in. but because this gift had so much meaning to it, you knew that sooner or later you’d cave into him.
the two of you laid on the sofa as ben listened to you talk about something one of your friends had told you the other day. you rambled on, him humming at every appropriate time, but you cut yourself short as his hand snuck under your shirt and began to rub gently at your stomach, like he always did.
your breath hitched, and he assumed it was because his hand was cold, thinking nothing more of it. and you continued with your one sided conversation, your voice wavering a little as you noticed how silent he was. nudging him with your arm, he turned to face you, random shapes being traced with his fingers around your hips.
“why’d you double wrap it?” he asked almost immediately, and you had to blink a little to realise what he was referring to. 
“i’m not gonna tell you, am i?” he rolled his eyes at your answer, his free hand now prodding at your cheek like an annoying five year old. he didn’t stop there, repeating chants of ‘tell me, tell me, tell me’ until you audibly huffed, and got up to grab the present.
he missed the way your hands shakily picked it up, top busy making grabby hands to realise. once you dropped it in his lap, the only thing you could do was wait for his reaction.
“you really love wrapping, don’t you, angel?” he chuckled, tearing through the tape and small strands of tinsel that you added. you toyed with the sleeves of your shirt, not exactly looking at him, but when you stopped hearing the sound of paper being rustled, your head snapped up to see him holding up the royal blue shirt, lips parted as he tried to form a sentence.
a smile began to form at his lips as he looked at you for confirmation, receiving a nervous nod from you. looks like there was no need for the scans, you thought. 
a relieved sigh left your lips as he pulled you into him, your legs on either side of his, kissing every inch of you that he could, your small laughs only making this moment even better. by the time he pulled away from you, his hands on either side of your face, there were tears welled at the lines of both his and your eyes.
“are we really having a baby?” he whispered, his hand wiping at the tears falling slowly down your cheeks as you did the same to him. you nodded, too overwhelmed with joy to speak. you let your hands fall, rummaging around in the box to show him the ultrasound scans he hadn’t yet seen.
and a small gasp left his lips, seeing what was soon to be a new bundle of joy in his life for the first time in picture form. his thumb ran over the photo a few times, his grip on you not loosening.
“they’re going to have the best mum ever” he whispered to you, leaning in so your noses were touching. he placed the photo on the arm of the sofa, bringing both of his hands to run slowly up and down your thighs, and then resting them at your stomach. it had a different feel to it, now that he was aware of the small human growing inside of you; he was more cautious and attentive when rubbing the area.
“more like the best dad,” you murmured back, closing the gap between you as your lips pressed onto his soft ones, nothing in the way to ruin the moment for you two. “though your mum will have your head for ruining your own surprise”, you continued, but he only smiled into the kiss as your words vibrated on his lips.
but all you could think about was how the moment between you and was so worth giving in to his pestering.
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smauggles · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Every so often, Smaug comes over and stares into the cupholder abyss
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soliloqquist · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
consolation — ft. draken, mitsuya, kazutora & hanma ▷ content: gn!reader. hurt/comfort (reader comforts character). set in pah-chin's wedding timeskip. i'm not sure what this is, i was thinking about how they'd need an s/o that can keep up with their bad days, and then boom. this happened :P
Tumblr media
"hey," your coworker hurries up to you, calling your name - and when you look up towards them, it's the first time you lift your head up from your work in a while. you glance at the clock on the wall to see that it's almost midnight, but it doesn't really register in your head.
"yes?" you sit up, and they jerk a thumb back. "someone's outside. they're looking for you. i think it's, um, your boyfriend." huh? you grab your phone from where it was half buried under a sheaf of papers, and when the screen lights up, you see seven missed calls and two texts - all from draken.
"is it a guy with his hair tied back, and a tattoo on the side of his head?" you get up, push your chair back and make your way down the hall towards the elevator. your coworker nods. "yeah, yeah that's him."
i'm sure i texted him to let him know i'll be late tonight. you think as you step into the elevator and press the button that'll take you to the ground floor. you'd got this job only recently, and you've been working extra hard so you could fit in and climb the ranks quickly. he was fully supportive, of course, but you'd noticed that he's been a little . . . antsy, about the location of your workplace. he was always extra tense every time he dropped you off, or came to pick you up.
as soon as you step out of the elevator, you see draken in the hall, still in his D & D motors jacket. he looks disheveled and tired. he stops mid-pace when he sees you, roaming eyes stuttering to a pause, and he strides over.
"fuck, you're here." he lets out a deep breath, and now that he's up close, you see the panic in his eyes and in the tense line of his mouth, in the way he walked. "why didn't you answer my calls? you could've told me you'd be working late."
"i did," you begin, but he's already asking his next question. "how many people are in there with you? you can't stay here all alone - and you didn't tell me—"
"ken," you take his arm, pull him down to give him a peck on the cheek. the gesture calms him down a little - or at least you hope. "i did tell you. i sent you a message, and you literally read it."
"what?" he retorts. "i didn't see any messages. and i thought something happened to you, when you didn't call me back."
you unlock your phone, and swipe over to your shared chat. briefly going through the texts, you turn the phone around and show him the screen.
you : ken, i'll be done at 12 tonight. pick me up then, k?
ken : hey where are you
he stares at the screen for a few seconds, before turning his face aside, looking decidedly embarrassed. "fuck's sake." he mutters under his breath.
"ken," you say it softly. "you worry too much." he grimaces, looks around and then drops his head. "i'm trying, okay? but . . i don't think too highly of this neighbourhood. and - and you know how i am."
"i do," you soothe, glad that the entryway is devoid of people, spare for the security guard sitting in the corner. "i understand. and i want you to keep in mind that i'll be okay, hm?"
"it's not safe here at night." he says it firmly, but there's a hint of hesitation anyway. "next time, call me if you're staying late."
"don't worry." you repeat, tracing his bicep with your thumb, still holding his arm. "i'll call. and i'll be fine, okay? and i promise, i'll be here with you for as long as you want me to."
"what does that mean?" he mutters, and then he pulls you in for a hug. you're engulfed in his warmth, in his smell of motor oil and cologne - for a moment you're surprised, because he doesn't usually do things like this in places where people can see - but you manage to reciprocate, wrapping your arms around him tightly.
you don't answer his question, because you know he knows what you mean. and he holds you in silence for a while, before he whispers, "i want you with me forever."
Tumblr media
you wake up with a jolt, feeling the blanket wrapped over you get yanked away in one harsh, sudden motion. the thick duvet had been shielding you from the cold of the air conditioning, and as soon as it was gone, you were freezing. what the—
startled, your head automatically jerks around to face the other side of the bed, and your bleary gaze focuses on mitsuya's lean form, sitting up with his face in his hands. the blanket was crumpled up around him, pulled away from your body when he sat up.
it's still early in the morning, you notice because the sun coming through the window isn't that strong. either that, or it's a cloudy day - and either way, you'd wanted to sleep in with your boyfriend for as long as possible.
after all, you hadn't booked a hotel room and taken him out on a mini vacation, and asked your parents to drive his little sisters to school for nothing.
mitsuya'd been working his ass off as of recent, and you were trying to give him the break he deserved. so when you found out that he'd convinced his mom to take a trip to the next city to visit her friend, you'd immediately made plans to allow mitsuya to relax as well.
you just wish he would make use of the opportunity and actually relax, though.
it takes you a moment to realize something is wrong, and when you do, you sit up immediately. "taka? are you okay?"
he inhales, sucking in a breath of air through his fingers, and wipes his face. his gaze moves around the hotel room, as if he's scanning his surroundings. then he turns to you, showing off sleepy, apologetic eyes. "yeah, 'm good. sorry for waking you up, baby."
it doesn't sound at all convincing, so you raise an eyebrow at him.
he laughs shortly at the gesture, waving a hand in dismissal and turning back around. the sunlight, dimmed further by the fancy curtains drawn across the window, falls on his pale hair as he tilts his head downwards. "just. panicked a little when i woke up. since it's way past the time i drive luna and mana to class."
"hm." you blink. "but they're staying with my mom and dad, remember? this week's for us."
"i . . . yeah." mitsuya nods. "just forgot, for a second." he still sounds off, and your brows crease with the concern for him that's building up within your chest. scooting over so you were sitting next to him, you lean in and let your shoulders touch, and put a hand over his enclosed one. "what's wrong, taka?"
he's still for a moment, before he opens up his fist and curls his fingers around yours. he sighs, runs his other hand through his hair, and then meets your eyes again. "i'm just, not used to it, you know?"
"having my responsibilites shared, i mean. i've been doing things on my own my whole life - so, having someone around, having things easy, feels new." he clears his throat, as if accomodating space for his words. "i'm fine, really. just had a moment."
footsteps echo down the hall outside, other guests making their way around. you wait, because you have a feeling he's not done yet. and you're right, because he opens his mouth again. "but i'm really glad, too. to have you around. it's weird to share everything, and to have room to slow down and all. but i appreciate it. i appreciate you."
his grip on your hand tightens a little, and you let him hold it, moving closer to press a small kiss to his temple. "it's okay, taka. i'm here for you."
his eyes soften at that, so pretty and lavender, and he turns his face to press his forehead to yours. "i know. thank you."
Tumblr media
"you're home late." you remark from the sofa, when kazutora finally steps inside your shared home, way later than he usually does. the streets outside have gone quiet, and the news channels are playing reruns of old sports matches.
he doesn't say anything until he's slipped his keys back into his wallet and put his shoes away. as you observe him, you notice his hair is a little messier than usual, and that there's a troubled tint to his golden eyes. as he passes the sofa, he bends down and takes your face between his finger and thumb and gives you a kiss. "got busy."
you catch a whiff of something as he does it, and wrinkle your nose.
"what?" he blinks at you, and you take another sniff. "why d'you smell like cigarettes? did your boss at the pet shop start smoking?" you know he doesn't smoke.
he freezes for half a second, and you see panic flash in his eyes - but it's gone in a blink. "nah. do i?" he sniffs at his shoulder. "smells like bird feed to me."
"huh." you shrug, doing your best to at remaining nonchalant as you take hold of his wrist, stopping him from pulling away. "okay, but the shop closes at like, six. where have you been?"
this time, the loss of composure is more evident. he purses up his lips, looking away so he doesn't have to meet your eyes. kazutora isn't a liar. he's an honest person by nature - always speaking his mind and following through his words with actions - and when he doesn't want to lie, he hides things.
so when he remains silent and doesn't answer your question, you know he's hiding something. loosening your grip on his wrist, you try to get him to look in your eyes. "you can tell me, you know?"
"yeah." he responds a little too quickly, then swallows. "yeah. it's not that important, though. never mind it."
"don't say that," you try. "of course it's important. it's bothering you, isn't it?"
he stands there, and you think he might've gotten lost in thought when his gaze flickers, glancing at you and quickly looking away. the room is dark, the light of the TV being the only source of illumination, but it's enough for you to see the look on his face. he's not really in the mood to talk about it.
"tora," you hum. he doesn't say anything, but you know he's listening. "baby, you know i love you, right?"
he nods at that, fervent. "i love you, too." you nod back. "then, you know that my feelings for you aren't gonna disappear because of just anything, right?"
letting go of his wrist, you take his hand. "i love you, and i promise i'll stick with you through whatever happens. nothing you tell me will change that, okay?"
kazutora's eyes widen, the dull gold turning brighter as they catch more of the TV's light - and you don't know if what you said had a good effect on him or not, but you do mean what you said.
"m'kay." he mumbles.
"good. now take a shower, and let's go to sleep." when you try to let go of his hand, he resists, and when you send him a questioning look, he tugs at your arm. "come take a shower with me?"
"sure." you smile, and when you get up and move around the sofa to walk to the bathroom with him, he hooks his fingers around yours again.
"something might be coming up." he offers something, probably thinking of satiating your curiousity. "but . . . i'm not sure yet. i'll tell you about it as soon as i'm sure. okay?"
you nod, curling your fingers so yours and his are locked in place. the light from the TV fades away as you leave, but your heart feels light. and you hope his heart is light, too. "anything, tora. i'll be here for you whenever you need me."
"mm," he says it simply, yet it's full of feeling. "i love you."
Tumblr media
you hope hanma doesn't notice the way you're nervously reading through the scratched poster you'd picked up off the floor of some gas station, when he'd stopped by for a refill with you behind him on his motorcycle.
the streetlight nearby crackles and flickers every now and then, and the sky is dark - you want to use the flashlight of your phone to help you understand the words better, but then he'd definitely see and inquire on what you're doing, and you weren't sure enough of your idea for that just yet.
taking another drag of his cigarette, hanma blows it out in a cloud of smoke, and clears his throat. you almost crumple up the paper by reflex, but you force yourself to stay still and slowly fold the thing away.
he still catches the action, though - and turns his attention onto you. "what's that, huh, baby?" he grins at the way you pause with the poster half folded in your hands. "hidin' something from me?"
"no," you reply. "i just, um, thought this poster was interesting."
"oh yeah?" he asks. "what is it? some carnival you want me to take you to?"
you're fumbling to put together a reasonable, unsuspicious reply when he snatches the thing from your grasp, quick as lightning and so deft, you only realize it's gone a second later. "hey!"
"let me see, let me see." he chuckles, batting away your hands that came to grab it back, and shakes the poster open again.
he reads the words UNDERGROUND FIGHT CLUB and does a double take, before glancing at you, and despite your embarrassment your heart jumps to see a glimmer in his eyes.
"what's this?" he muses, voice dipping into a teasing tone. "don't tell me you're into this kinda thing."
you feel your face get hot - because truthfully, you've been trying to find hanma something to do. you've known him for a long time now, and you know he's changed drastically from the way he was before, as a teenager.
where he was once unhinged, full of glee and adrenaline, always looking for a fight and brimming with self confidence, he's now subdued and strangely quiet. of course, it never stopped your feelings for him from growing stronger and stronger by the day, but you thought maybe you could try and - and help him get back on his feet.
truthfully, though you'd gotten used to this more languid, downbeat version of hanma, you kind of missed seeing him full of that rampant spark he used to have. but it's embarrassing to admit, and you're not even sure how he'd react. "i don't know, shuji. i just picked it up."
"uh huh," of course, he doesn't take that. "what, you wanna watch me beat the shit out of some people, is that it?"
"you know that's not it." you complain, and he chuckles. "i just thought you'd maybe be interested. i-it does make good money, and you're - well - into it, aren't you?"
he skims through the poster again, and then slaps it down on the empty space remaining on the bench next to him. his arm snakes around your body, pulling you flush against him in one smooth jerk. "just might check it out, then. if it's good money, then i can finally spoil you with shit like you deserve, hm?"
you roll your eyes, but the fact that he didn't dismiss it remained. "i just want you to feel good again, shuji."
"oh yeah?" he smirks. "you make me feel good just fine, baby."
"think about it." you huff, borderline offended. "i know you'll do well. they'll gladly let in kabukicho's reaper, just for the fame. and it's better than nothing."
hanma laughs, nudging your face with his chin so he could land a kiss on your lips. "'m glad you like that side of me, baby. might just use the money to get you a ring."
you kiss him back, hooking your arms around his neck - and because he almost never says something so romantically intimate, you know your efforts meant way more to him than he showed.
Tumblr media
▷ a/n: that got long lmao. i lowkey do not like my writing in this, but if it doesn't flop then i'll keep it <333 oh and yes i am new here so if you wanna be moots, hmu!
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Love Keeps Me Here
Pairing: Loki x reader Summary: After inviting you to the Tower for Christmas, Loki can’t help but find himself drawn ever closer to you. He hatches a plan to not only be able to see you again, but to make your dreams come true. Warnings: not proofread A/N: Part 2 to this (thanks to @abraodwaystateofmind​ @lokismidgardian and @electroma89​ for asking for it!)
Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02​ @lunarmoon8​ @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan​ @lowkeyorloki​ @gaitwae​ @whatafuckingdumbass @castiels-majestic-wings @kozkaboi @cozy-the-overlord @birdgirl90 @myraiswack @mythicalgarlicknot @what-a-flammable-heart @marvelouslovely @laurenandloki @fallinallinmendes @sophlubbwriting @mooncat163 @lokislittlesigyn @wolfish-trickster @electroma89 @jgun2001 @toe-vind-ek-jou @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @patches-of-mist @nicoistrying @geminiwolves @funnyexel @nectav @50svibes @dryyoursaltyoceantears @bison-writes @magicandheaven @keepingitlokiii @captain-asguard @laufeyiison @lostgreekgod @essence-stealer @competitive-dust @i-reblog-fics-i-like @melinaflynn1982 @darkacademicfrom2021 @whatevenisthisxxxxx @funsized-mimi @tristansaurusrex @lokistoriesblog @fandoms4life-always @high-functioning-lokipath @dead069ssworld @xreaderandshits @loki-yoursaviourishere @angelicawastaken @i-am-the-trash-duchess @morality-the-hufflepuff @flimsysquid
Tumblr media
The party wasn’t anything particularly spectacular; Tony had certainly thrown more extravagant ones. Still, it seemed enough to awe you just being in the Tower. Loki was, however, an odd mix of sad and glad that you were acting rather timid. On the one hand, he wanted you to be able to enjoy the party and go mingle with everyone. On the other, you were sticking by his side.
Either way, the god was glad he’d rescued you from spending Christmas alone. It wasn’t hard to miss how your eyes lit up at the huge, beautifully trimmed tree. And if tonight went well, who knows? Maybe he could see you again. After all, the diner you owned wasn’t that far from the city.
Thor was quicker to introduce you to the other Avengers than Loki was, telling them that you had saved his brother.
“I didn’t do anything as heroic as all that,” you protested, nervously waving off the notion. “Loki just happened to come into my diner is all.”
“Perhaps, but you did take rather good care of me,” Loki chimed in. Then he explained to the group, “Thor and I thought to return the favor.”
The general consensus seemed to be the more the merrier. Besides you and the Avengers, SHIELD agents, tower workers, and their families populated the party. Everyone looked relaxed, a calm vibe in the room that you were sure was far from the usual stressed one when they were on the clock. 
“I do hope this isn’t overwhelming,” Loki said to you once the rest of the group had dispersed. “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, yes?”
You nodded. “Of course.”
The two of you took a seat together, somewhat removed from the general hubbub of the party. Loki regarded you again as your wide eyes took in the scene again. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something about you was cute. Perhaps it was the way you fidgeted nervously with your hands. Or maybe the way you were so genuine and kind. Or maybe it was that soft look you had in your eye when you gazed at him.
“Loki, are you alright?” you asked. “Your face is all red!”
He was quick to cover his blushing face in his hands. “Yes, yes. Just a tad warm. I am going to fetch some water; I’ll bring you a glass too.”
He returned quickly, before you could get roped into another conversation or feel awkward for sitting all by your lonesome. You took a sip of the water he handed you, thanking the god with a smile.
“So do you like living in the city?” you questioned. “I imiagine it’s quite different from Asgard.”
“Quite indeed, and sometimes I find all the hustle and bustle and busy streets far too stressful, but overall I enjoy the experience. There are plenty of things to do, though I do prefer to stay in a decent amount. Ah, but the cafes and bookshops in the city are to die for.”
You chuckled. “You’ll have to take me to some.”
Blushing again, though less than last time, Loki nodded. “I would like that.”
“You know I was going to open my diner in the city, but rent was too expensive,” you chuckled. “It’s just a pipe dream at this point.”
An idea popped into his mind. “Well, they say to never give up on your dreams.”
“Why are you smiling like you know something I don’t?” you chuckled.
Loki took your hand without really thinking about it. “Maybe I do.”
You leaned in a little closer to him. “How mysterious.”
“Brother! Small friend!” Thor, looking like he was heading fast towards tipsy, greeted as he came over. “Come dance with me!”
Giggling, you agreed, figuring that if you were at the party, you might as well participate. Reluctantly, Loki followed, but not so fast that he got to be your dance partner. No, his oaf of a brother stole that position.
“Consider it motivation, brother,” Thor said, far too joyfully as he deigned to make room for his brother. “I’m going to go scope out the mistletoe locations.”
“Thor,” Loki hissed, but didn’t chase after him. He’d much rather dance with you.
The mischief god was loathe to admit it, but his brother was on to something. He was feeling… Well, he was feeling something for you. He certainly didn’t want to part any time soon. Alas, the end of the night came far too soon.
By some miracle, Thor hadn’t dragged to two of you under one of the hanging holiday plants, so Loki was saved from that embarrassment. Luckier still, he’d arranged to drive you home without interference from his fellow god. And if at the point when you’d arrived at your home, Loki hadn’t figured out he was head over heels in love with you, he would have figured it out when he gazed into your soft eyes as you invited him inside for a cup of coffee.
As he sat on your couch, waiting for you to bring some, he began to gather his courage. “I happen to have a gift for you,” he said once you’d taken a seat next to him.
“Oh? That’s so kind. But really, I don’t need anything!”
“I insist.”
Loki handed you an envelope, watching as you opened it and befuddlement overtook your features. You looked it over once, then twice.
“Loki, what is this?” You glanced down at the check again, made out to you. “You already paid for your meal, and anyway, this would be far too much.”
Feeling a bit nervous again, his words were a bit rushed. “Yes, well, you mentioned wanting to open a diner in the city and I’ve tasted your delicious food; I wouldn’t mind having easier access to it. So, I’m making an investment.”
He began to worry this was rude. Maybe you didn’t want his money and were offended by the notion. But in reality, he had an underlying motive: Loki wanted an excuse to see you more. Of course, he was too nervous to come right out and say that. Still, he began to panic, and rushed to explain himself in some way.
“Now, do not feel obligated to take it! No, it is merely an offer if you wish me to be an investor, I suppose. I really think more people should taste your food, and it is your dream and all. But it is your call, and I shall respect whatever you deci-”
Stunned, the god cut off and became a blushing mess. You’d kissed his cheek! Oh, happy days! He was quite ready to burst with joy.  “I’ll accept on one condition; of this is truly an investment and not just charity, you actually have to be involved in the whole process. I know you’re busy with being an Avenger, but… But I think you should stop by sometimes, especially when I’m getting it off the ground.”
He smiled, almost cat-like. “Oh? Is that all? It would be my pleasure.”
His heart leapt at the idea of owning a restaurant with you. He always loved those charming little family-owned places. If he were lucky enough, maybe one day he could call you his family. 
Either way, he was sure he would love you, sure he was halfway there already. So for you, he’d always stay.
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scandalous-chaos · 6 hours ago
Reliable Liars Loki x fem!reader (fluff)
Summary: Loki being a simp for Y/N.
[ tw: mentions of blood, fight, suggestive language, cheesy pickup lines from the god of mischief ]
a/n: Tony is like a father figure here btw.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stark Enterprises found itself under attack yet again. 
It was right in the middle of a meeting, so atleast most of the avengers were present.
“You can’t just throw your knives, you’ll run out of weapons!” Nat yelled, blocking one of the intruders by kicking its chest. 
“IT’S A TUESDAY, I WASN’T PREPARED FOR GIANT ANT-ALIENS!” you shrieked, throwing the last of your daggers at the creature who was closing in on you. It planted itself in one of its eyes, automatically disintegrating its body to dust.
More of them were now circling, obviously sensing your vulnerability. 
But when one opened its mouth, only a scream came out. The insects before you faded away into green dust, and there stood Loki with a smug smile.
“Always have to have a dramatic entrance, don’t you?” you asked, rolling your eyes.
“You’re pleased to see me,” he said, raising his hands as if to try for a hug. 
You bent down and took your knife from the floor, ignoring Loki altogether.
“C’mon I just saved your life,” he said playfully, as if he bought you four ice creams instead of killing four aliens. 
You threw the knife, which missed his head by inches and hit another giant-ant, one which was sneaking up behind him.
“And I just saved yours.” You smirked.
“Miss L/N, I didn’t realize it was a competition.”
“It’s not,” you responded, looking around to see if the rest of the avengers were okay.
“That’s what you’d say because I’m topping you by three more kills,” he said, following you out of the room. 
You remained silent, hoping he’d go away. But he took that as cue to go on.
“Or maybe you just like me being on top—”
“I will not hesitate to stab you too,” you hissed. 
Truth be told, you did like how he openly flirts with you, but couldn't he wait until after a life-threatening situation? 
“Y/N!” Tony came to the scene, his Iron Man suit disappearing. “You alright?”
“I’m fine—”
“Loki?” He blinked in confusion. “What are you doing here?” His eyes then darted to yours. “What are you doing with him?”
“I don’t know, he came out of nowhere,” you sighed, rubbing the dirt off your bloodied sleeves. 
“I thought you were having a meeting,” Loki said, his voice mockingly pleasant.
“For Avengers,” Tony added.
“Yes, a meeting nonetheless.”
“But you’re not an avenger.”
Loki scoffed. “Now that’s just rude.”
“Can you guys kill each other after we’re done with the murderous ants?” you interrupted, exasperated.
“They’re gone,” Steve walked in, panting for air. “Killed the last one of them.”
“Ah thank you very much,” Loki did a small bow, which surprised Steve as much as seeing him inside the Stark Enterprises.
“Thank you?” Tony repeated. “You mean the things were here because of you?”
“I have a lot of enemies across the universe, some with more legs than the others.”
You frowned. “So they followed you here?”
“Astonishing, I know. I was merely here to visit you guys!”
“Visit Y/N you mean,” Tony corrected. 
“Preposterous,” Loki laughed. 
“Not that preposterous,” a new voice said, one which was way too familiar. 
Thor had arrived, smiling warmly as he saw his group of acquaintances.
“Thor!” you called, attacking him with a hug. 
“You’re happy to see him,” Loki noted, folding his hands.
“What are you doing here?” You asked Thor, ignoring his brother.
“Like Loki said, I was visiting,” he explained, still hanging a hand around your shoulder. “I begged him to come with me, because I knew the fresh air would do him good. He was cooped up in that palace for too long.”
“By begged you mean forcefully bring me here like I’m your prisoner,” Loki muttered.
Thor just laughed, then let go of you to find the rest of the avengers.
You looked at Tony with questions, but he shrugged as if to say — brothers, amirite?
“Why is he still here?” You asked Steve later that day.
“He’s staying for Christmas.”
“He’s what?”
“Well, Thor is staying for Christmas. I’m not sure if Tony would allow Loki to stay here so you don’t need to worry.”
You frowned, looking at the scene before you. Everybody had stayed behind after the fight, mostly to clean up, but some like Loki was just there to annoy others by taking random objects and asking what it was. Tony had responded to all of the questions by saying “that’s explosive" which only amused him more.
“Do you really like him?” Steve asked after a while, and you laughed so loud that it was clearly fake.
Steve raised an eyebrow.
“It’s Loki we’re talking about,” you said defeatedly. 
“And? He obviously likes you.”
“He’s a reliable liar.”
“If that was so, he wouldn't be glaring at me right now,” Steve said with a smile.
Your eyes searched for Loki, who quickly looked away from Steve. You found what he was implying to be ridiculous.
“He’s not jealous—”
“He is.”
“He’s not.”
“I am.” Loki was surprisingly good at sneaking into a conversation. One minute he was standing across the room and now he’s before you, his eyes soft yet firm.
“I’ll go, uh, get a drink,” Steve said, excusing himself.
You tilted your head to one side, looking at Loki with an eyebrow raised.
“You’re jealous?”
“You’re lying.”
“Fine, maybe — but you know why I wasn't jealous?”
“Because it was none of your business?” you asked.
“No, no.” Loki seemed more entertained. “It’s because I know you have feelings for me anyway.”
“You’re embarrassing yourself,” you disagreed, looking away from him.
“You do. Why else would you have a playlist with my name?”
“What?” You almost dropped the glass you were holding. “I don’t—”
“Don’t lie to me, I saw it.” His voice dropped, making his next words hardly a whisper. “Some of the songs were very... interesting.”
You blushed, but refused to give up. “You didn't see any playlist.”
“But I did.”
“No, you didn't!”
“And why’s that?”
“Because I deleted it!” 
You closed your eyes when you realized what you just said. Loki looked as if he won the lottery.
He laughed under his breath, unable to keep it in. “See? What’s so wrong about admitting it? If all the flirting wasn't obvious, I like you too.”
He interlaced his fingers with yours, and you winced at the contact as if his skin was burning you. His eyes were ablaze with curiosity, a clear signal for daring you to move away. You only tightened the grip.
“Loki, you’re a god,” you said, as if accusing him of murder.
“You’ll get tired of me. And forget me. In a couple hundred years, I’ll be nothing but your distant memory.”
“Y/N,” he closed his eyes, meeting your forehead with his. “If I’m a god and you’re a mortal, doesn’t that make us cosmic?”
“Nothing cosmic ever lasted for too long.”
“We can change that,” his words were soft, but you could feel the promise behind it. “Just one date. If it doesn’t work out, I swear I’ll stop all the flirting.”
“You do realize everyone’s staring at us?” you laughed.
He opened his eyes. “Who wouldn’t stare at you?”
“That’s sappy,” you commented, but realized you’re going to have to get used to the lines soon. 
You peeked a glance at he group of people who were watching the interaction like it’s a reality show. Apart from Tony, Bruce was the only one who looked tired.
“Just kiss already!” He yelled.
“One date,” you said to the god of mischief, kissing his forehead. Loki frowned.
“You missed,” he replied, leaning in to press his lips against yours.
“Jesus, get a room,” Tony interrupted in fake-disgust.
“Do I get a room?” Loki asked earnestly. “Not for this but could I stay here with Thor?”
Tony was about to answer with a firm no, but then caught your pleading expression.
“Really?” He was exhausted. “You’re going to do the puppy eyes?”
“Is it working?” you asked, trying a smile to go along with it.
“Fine, fine!” He gave up. “Loki, you can stay. We need a reindeer for Christmas anyway.”
Loki kissed the back of your hand in celebration. Tony scowled, already regretting his decision.
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esperosisdoeswriting · 16 hours ago
Prompt #382
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoy the fluff!
"Pay up." [Hero's Sidekick] smirked as they held out their hand to [Henchman].
"What? No way! [Villain] totally made the first move!" [Henchman] argued back, their hand jumping to their wallet protectively.
"Nuh-uh, you saw it!" [Sidekick] pointed to [Hero] and [Villain] as they kissed, completely ignoring the bickering pair, "[Hero] grabbed [Villain] and pulled them close! [Hero] made the first move!"
"[Hero] only did that because [Villain] admitted they liked them!" [Henchman] jabbed a finger at [Sidekick], "So you should be paying up!"
"They mumbled something about finding their face appealing! That is not making a move!"
"It so is!"
The two continued their debate as the sounds of kissing and arguing filled the night air.
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laila-s-world · 18 hours ago
Haikyuu - Where they love to kiss you (body parts)
I don’t know if this title is correct, but I didn’t know how to call it. I wrote my headcanon and then I get to the title and I’m like "🧍🏽‍♂️", I hope you understand the content of this.
As always, I remember that the requests are open and I am ready to make other parts of all these headcanon. Feel free to ask!
Have fun!
Daily reminder: I apologize for the mistakes, feel free to report them to me, so I can correct them.
- Hinata Shoyo;
- Suna Rintarou;
- Sakusa Kiyoomi;
- Tsukishima Kei;
- Bokuto Koutarou;
Hinata Shoyo
Tumblr media
Oh this guy LOVES to kiss your cheeks, especially if you have freckles or dimples;
He loves to press his little face on your skin and be able to observe you so closely;
Also, when he lowers to kiss you on the cheeks, he can see more closely your beautiful eyes and fall in love with them even more;
When you cuddle he likes to touch your cheeks, make a drawing with his fingers and then kiss it. He finds it extremely funny and affectionate;
He loves to kiss you on the lips as in all love relationships, but I assure you that with him you will receive many more kisses on the cheeks, not because he loves you less, but because, according to him, he shows you more love doing it;
(If he’s taller than you) He likes to lower himself to your height and kiss your cheeks, putting his hands on your shoulders and offering you his sweetest smile;
(If he’s shorter than you) He loves to hop on his little feet, get you down and finally reach your cheeks to give you the sweetest kiss you’ve ever have;
Extra: If you have freckles on your cheeks, he will draw small lines of kisses from one freckle to another.
Suna Rintarou
Tumblr media
Don’t ask me why I think it or how I got this idea, but Suna LOVES to kiss your back;
Whole back, doesn’t have a favorite point;
He likes to caress it, while you’re lying next to him, lift your shirt up to your shoulders and pass his hand all over your back;
Then move on to kissing various points;
Sometimes it will track your spine with kisses, from the neck to the end of your back, and then the other way around;
Other times he will choose to kiss you near the moles you have;
Other times again, he’ll kiss it completely at random, when he’s quieter and he just does it to pass the time;
He doesn’t admit it, because, really, he doesn’t have favorite spots, but he loves to kiss you at the end, the lumbar curve, the lower part, to better sink his face into your skin.
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Tumblr media
This guy doesn't like physical contact and this also applies to kisses. He may love you more than his life, but he’s always a little hostile when it comes to touching you;
But that does not mean that he will never kiss you, far from it;
Sakusa loves to kiss your hand, fingers, wrist. He finds it extremely elegant and charming;
He likes to bring your hand close to his mouth and start from your little finger, then to kiss all your fingers, palm and, finally, wrist, always looking at you with attention and love;
Also, when you go out together, maybe in a restaurant, he likes to hold your hand until you sit down, and then keep shaking it and kissing it like a real gentleman;
He can’t help it, despite the hands we often have many bacteria, he is simply fascinated and in love with yours.
Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
Oh, this great boy has a weakness for your forehead;
Usually the people he has a relationship with are always lower than him (this man is 190.1 cm (6' 2.8") tall, I mean), so it’s a habit for him to lower and kiss your forehead. Find this very sweet;
He knows that it is a gesture that, usually, is made between parents or, in any case, between people who have a relationship other than that of love;
Do you really think he cares?
His favorite moment to kiss your forehead is when you are falling asleep or it’s been a long time that you are cuddling: he caresses your face, looks you in the eyes, moves your hair (if you have any) from your forehead and then kisses its tenderly for a few seconds;
If you have been in a relationship for some time, it is likely that he will also tell you that he loves you very much;
It’s also a "secret" code of his way of telling you that he is always there to support and protect you, he feels that kissing you at that point is a very mature and quiet gesture, which does not create agitation but, on the contrary, relaxes;
If he is in a happy mood, you may have the whole package: kiss on the forehead, kiss on the cheeks and then kiss on the lips. It’s rare, but it’s so nice to get these kisses from Kei.
Bokuto Koutarou
Tumblr media
Oh this little bastard owl has no favorite place;
He will literally kiss you WHEREVER his lips may reach;
On the face, on the neck, on the arms, on the hands, on the belly... On the ass;
I think, however, that if he had to choose, he loves to kiss your neck;
He likes, in general, when you hug him and can hold his head in the recess of your neck and from there can kiss you comfortably;
Bokuto LIVES in your arms when you cuddle, so that became, automatically, his favorite place;
He loves it anyway, but if you have long hair, he likes to move them aside and create space to kiss you;
He likes to make a path of kisses between the shoulders and the ear, including the whole neck, and then get to your lips and laugh like a little child, amused for these "games";
Finally, if you’re ticklish, he’ll love the sound of your laugh and enjoy continuing to kiss you, just so he can hear you laugh more, and then stop and look at you in love, because you’re the most beautiful thing in his life.
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soobnny · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
chapter 4 — this is a simulation
☆.。.:* nothing is worse than getting paired up with a stranger for twitch rivals 2022, except maybe being matched with your very competitive ex boyfriend park sunghoon.
note: sorry for the late upload! i accidentally took a 6 hour nap and now i can’t sleep (i didn’t sleep the whole day yesterday)
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taglist: @from-xero @amakumos @forjusticeandspite @acciomylove @giyyuzz @msxflower @pixyseeun @luvddeonu @stoatwashere @sonjuyeonnie @bigtittietoji @yougeans @gongiz @leefelix-gf @emobeomgyu @aetalanta @meijiamikas @ja4hyvn @navsnct @hakuyeo @c9tnoos @yeonwon @diestheticu @hyuckslytherin @woniecore @coolcloudpsychichumanoid @tomorrowbymoa-together @woniebae @sunbokie @mykalon @jakehoongff @enhacolor @abdiitcryy @sunoo-bby @maeumiluv @koroktsuya @chirokookie @enfinity @clarakyunisageek @jnkhoon @yjwfav @baekhyunstruly
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Winterfest Lights
my masterlist | how to request
Pairing: Viktor x gn!reader Word count: 2.9k Warnings: None Tags: fluff, christmas/winterfest, friends to lovers (WHAT ELSE), Request: I merged @ohmybubbletea's and @viktors-lover's request, I hope it's ok loves! ❤
ohmybubbletea asked: Hi! First time requesting 💕 I love your blog and I just saw you're accepting some! What about Viktor trying to invite his crush to look at Christmas lights and visit the cute market? Maybe even a first kiss? 👀 viktors-lover asked: VIKTOR STRESSING IN HOLIDAY SEASON BECAUSE EVERYONE IN THE LAB IS TAKING HOLIDAY BREAK AND HE DOESNT N READER JUST STAYS W HIM DURING THE TIME N HE REALIZES LIKE WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ON HOLIDAY ITS CHRISTMAS EVE FOR GODS SAKES AND READER JUST SAYS ITS BECAUSE I LO- CARE ABOUT YOU, A LOT. Sorry i just really need to see some holiday fluff or anything, please..?🥺
A/N: I was working on this for the past few days and idk, I really wanted it to be good for you guys and rework it and rewrite it but idk I got very insecure about my writing all of a sudden so I hope you'll like it! 😳🤧 Also did I do a little edit for my silly little christmas story? of course I did! Enjoy! ❤
Tumblr media
Winter has finally arrived in Piltover. At this time of the year the first snow usually fell down onto the city, making everything seem much quieter and more peaceful than usual. The building’s golden accents were now covered in snow, the golden shimmer replaced with colorful festive lights. People were coming and going on the streets, little clouds of their breath covering their face.
In the Academy Park, a big tree was set up every year, decorated with all kinds of lights and colorful decoration pieces, drawing all attention to itself. Students and professors both found it harder to concentrate around the time of Winterfest. One last final effort before the holidays and the new year, then they could go home to their families, their friends and relax together while eating delicious food.
You were walking around the Academy after finishing your last class. You were on your way to Viktor’s lab, a lunch bag in one of your hands filled with delicious (and warm) pastries. You knew he was still working so much despite it being Winterfest. It was just how he operated. Viktor was your friend for a few years now, you met when he was still Heimerdinger’s assistant. Since then, a lot of things have changed – but your feelings towards him didn’t. If you were honest, you felt much more for him than simple friendship. It was so much more: adoration, respect, love. You quickened your steps as your hands started to get cold as you reached his door. One disadvantage of having such a huge Academy building was that it was usually pretty cold in there.
You knocked on the door before you heard his sweet voice inviting you in. You stepped into the room which was unusually bright – all the curtains were open, the sun reflecting on the snow outside made it exceptionally well lit. Yet it seemed way too small when its only occupants were you and Viktor.
‘I brought you lunch.’ You said as you settled onto a chair next to him. Jayce was nowhere to be seen, you assumed he went out to spend some time with his mother. Viktor took the bag from you with a smile on his face, which only spread further after he saw what was in there. The room just got even brighter from it.
‘You know me too well, Y/n.’ He said as he got the pastries out of the bag, handing one of them to you which you gladly accepted. Having lunch with him was the favorite part of your day. You two sat in silence for a bit while eating your food, you were looking out at the window on the snow-covered city while he was seemingly lost in his thoughts as usual.
‘Are you leaving today?’ He asked all of a sudden, eyes still wandering everywhere except you. You raised an eyebrow at him, not quite understanding what he meant, but your heart picked up its pace without your control.
‘Where would I be leaving?’ You replied with a question, genuine curiosity in your voice.
‘You know, on a holiday. For Winterfest.’ He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Well actually it was – everyone was either leaving or already left to celebrate with their loved ones. However, it didn’t even occur to you to leave for the holidays, because you wanted to spend them with Viktor. With this realization in your mid, you quickly averted your gaze from his face, not knowing what to say. You were getting a bit flustered and he always found it amusing when you did.
‘No, I don’t think I will be leaving. I was thinking about spending time here for the holidays.’ You finally said, smiling at him. He let a small smile find its way past his lips, it was like if he wanted to hide it from you. You didn’t attribute any meaning to the motion, but your heart started to beat heavily in your chest. You thought you could handle being near Viktor after all these years, but you really couldn’t. He somehow made you so happy and sad at the same time it was maddening. You wished to stay away and be close to him at the same time, feeling light headed when he smiled at you or touched you, like a spark igniting your whole body. He had no idea about the effects he had on you and you had no intention to let him know either. While you were lost in your thoughts he leaned back in his chair, legs comfortably crossed and he drummed on the desk with his fingers.
‘Why? Everyone, all your friends will be leaving and spending their time with their loved ones.’ He said, not looking at you, it was like he was thinking out loud. Somehow you felt like he was teasing you. Was he teasing? It was probably just your mind playing games.
‘You are not leaving. And you are my friend, Viktor.’ You replied, smiling at him. Little did you know that every time you did his heart filled with happiness and love. He smiled at your words, a small, loving smile which you knew all too well. Your heart swelled at the sight as you leaned back in the chair as well.
‘So, you are staying for me?’ He asked and only looked at you when he said the last words. For him. You laughed out loud to hide how flustered he made you. He was definitely teasing.
‘Is that so bad? I can always leave if you want.’ You replied to him, matching his tone. You knew he didn’t want you to leave. Not because he didn’t like your company at least. He would probably want to try to convince you to go but only because he wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything because of him. His smile faltered for a second before he continued. He was playing with a pen on his desk, and you could see him thinking so hard that you could basically hear his thoughts.
‘I was thinking about something else.’ He started, looking at you with his sweet honey eyes, his expression was uncertain for a second before he continued. Your heart was pounding in your chest, and now it was your turn to be afraid that he could see it under your academy jacket. Giving away your feelings. You almost missed his words because of the deafening sound of your heartbeat in your ears.
‘Would you want to visit the Winterfest fair in the city? With me?’ He finally asked and for a second you felt like your heart stopped beating altogether. This was no big deal. You two visited plenty of places before. But just the thought of being with him under the holiday lights, wandering around the fair seemed so magical you could hardly imagine.
‘I would love to.’ You finally answered, your voice much calmer than you expected and you were happy that you could keep your excitement to yourself. Or at least you thought so, because he clearly noticed it, and acknowledged it with a smile to himself.
He walked over to the coat hanger near the door and put his coat on, before wrapping a big fuzzy scarf around his neck. You couldn’t help but adore how he looked – his lean figure wrapped in the long coat and the warm scarf covering his mouth, only letting his nose peek out from under it. When his amber eyes met yours, you quickly averted your gaze, chuckling a bit. You put your own coat and scarf on, crowning it with a cute hat. He opened the door and stepped aside so you could exit the lab. He looked down on you as you passed him, the scent of your sweet perfume filling his nose. He closed his eyes in attempt to steady his heartbeat, but with no luck. You could basically feel the heat radiating off his body as you passed by him an inch too close than it was necessary, and a tingling sensation ran through your spine as you did. You couldn’t deny it but loved to tempt fate with touches just a bit too long, interactions just a bit too close.
You walked in a comfortable pace around the city, headed towards the big square where they held every big celebration in Piltover. The streets were neatly decorated with garlands and lights and colorful ornaments. Merchants were standing outside their shops, trying to lure people inside, bakers, toy makers, jewelers. The smell of cinnamon lingered in the air as you approached the fair.
On the big square there were different small tents and pop-up shops, all filled with delicious food, drink and all kinds of trinkets and merchandise. In the middle you saw a huge tree, decorated to the last inch, twinkling and glowing beautifully as the sky got darker. From the top of it several strings of lights were led to every side of the square, creating the illusion of the roof of a tent. When you looked up the twinkling lights mixed with the light of the first stars. It felt magical. You felt a touch on your back and it startled you for a second before you realized it was Viktor.
‘Gorgeous, is it not?’ He asked, looking at the lights with you. His honey eyes seemed even more golden than usual because of the glow around the two of you. You looked up at him in awe, he seemed even more beautiful than he was in your dreams. You felt like your heart could burst at any second. He looked down at you, smiling into his scarf. Your breath got caught in your throat as his eyes met yours. He gestured towards the fair with his arm, then nodded to you.
‘Shall we?’ You nodded to his question, smiling wide at him. He could swear your smile was the most beautiful thing to ever see. You walked peacefully in the whirlwind of people, families were walking around and chatting, kids running around, couples slowly pacing between the stalls and tents. You couldn’t help but let your thoughts wander to the idea that you could be one of those couples. A little nudge to your side snapped you out of your thoughts. It was Viktor, holding out a steaming cup of liquid towards you.
‘Something to keep you warm.’ He smiled and handed it over to you. His fingers brushed yours as he handed the hot drink over, and your heart fluttered. Such small things could drive you crazy. You were head over heels for this man. ‘Y/n, your hand is freezing!’ He exclaimed, genuinely shocked by how cold your hands were.
‘Oh yes, I left my gloves in the dorm.’ You replied casually as you took the drink away and wrapped both your hands around it. You smelled it cautiously, it was your favorite tea. You looked up at him with the widest grin.
‘Thank you so much.’ You said, sipping into the drink. You felt it warm up your body and the contrast between the cold of the world and the feeling of the warm drink sent a shiver down your spine. He was standing so close to you it felt like the whole world just got smaller. His arms occasionally brushed against yours and even though it was the most innocent thing in the universe it made heat spread over your body. You stood there for a while, peacefully drinking your tea when an older woman approached the two of you.
‘May I offer some roses darlings?’ She asked in a raspy voice, a basket full of beautiful clockwork roses on her arms. She held one out towards you and you felt the hotness creep up your body, your heart slamming against your chest.
‘N-no th-‘ you wanted to refuse her offer but Viktor interrupted you.
‘We would love one, thank you.’ He said quickly and took the rose from the woman’s hand and paid for it. She thanked him for being so generous and slowly walked away.
‘Happy Winterfest!’ You heard her old voice call out to you, but your attention was focused on the rose he held out in front of you. It was gorgeous – its petals looked like they were made from little cogs, the whole rose was a beautifully forged piece. You looked up at him while taking the flower away, his golden eyes twinkling with anticipation and he had something else in his eyes you couldn’t quite pinpoint.
‘It’s beautiful.’ You said, letting out the breath you didn’t even realized you were holding. He opened his mouth for a second then closed it, like he wanted to say something but changed his mind. “Thank you, Viktor.” You added, holding the flower close to yourself.
“Walk with me.” He said, looking at you like you were a riddle, a mystery. The most precious thing on earth that he had to figure out. His simple words made your heart flutter and you nodded, stepping next to him and following. Your mind was racing and went blank at the same time. You could only focus on the rose and think about the implication behind it. Its metal touch felt cold under your fingers and it sent a shiver down your body.
“Can I give you my gloves? Your fingers must be freezing off.”
You shook your head quickly, looking up and down between him and your hands.
“I’m fine. You really don’t have to. And if you do your hand will be the one that freezes off!”
You already left the loud noises of the fair behind yourself. You were standing in a quiet little street; only faraway discussions could be heard and the lights weren’t so bright here. They were glowing on Viktor’s face, drawing a soft halo on it.
“At least let me hold it then.” He said, the sentence is a statement and the question at the same time. You blinked up at him a few times before your brain caught up with his words, but by that time he gently took your hand into his, the warm touch of his palm was the total opposite of your cold hands. He took his gloves off. Your head felt light from the contact.
“Better, is it not?” He asked and all you could do was nod furiously and smile. He chuckled at your enthusiasm, and looked into your eye. You wanted to avert your gaze but you were drawn to him, like a starving man to his first meal.
“Y/n.” He said your name like it was a prayer.
“Yes, Viktor?”
“Did you really stay because of me?” He asked and your insides turned into thousands of butterflies, all fluttering in your chest, trying to escape. Was there a point in denying it? Did you want to deny it at all?
“Yes.” You breathed out and his eyes and smile both grew wider.
“Why?” He asked, but you were 80% sure he already knew the answer. You just weren’t sure if you wanted to say it.
“Because I lo-“ You started but caught yourself, stumbling with the words and correcting them. “Because I care about you, and I didn’t want you to spend Winterfest alone.”
Viktor let go of your hand for a second and gently moved it up to your cheek. You could see him smile under his scarf and your heart skipped a beat from his touch. He gave you a knowing look before he started to speak again.
“I am flattered.” He pulled you closer to him, his body and face dangerously close to yours and you were afraid your knees were going to give out any second. “I also wanted to spend the holidays with the one I love.”
The gears in your head turned to a halt as his lips pressed onto yours. You felt like your body completely froze, you couldn’t process the feeling of his soft lips. After a second you returned his kiss as relief, happiness and excitement washed over you body. You wrapped your arms around his neck, tugging his scarf lightly as you pushed yourself closer to him. His palm moved from your cheek to rest on the back of your neck as the top of his tongue brushed your lower lip and if not for holding onto him for dear life you knew your knees would’ve betrayed you already. Every bush of his tongue against yours sent a jolt through your body. You’ve never felt happier.
He broke the kiss and smiled to himself, resting his forehead against yours. You closed your eyes and let out a low chuckle, still processing what just happened.
“I love you, Viktor.” You breathed out, burying your face into his chest. He moved his hand to your head, caressing lightly as he wrapped his other arm around you, still holding his cane. You’ve never felt this warm in your entire life. “This has to be my best Winterfest.” You chuckled and he let out a low laugh as well. You’ve never seen him so relaxed before.
“I have to outperform myself next year then.” You smiled at the implication of his words and looked up at him, pressing a soft kiss on his lips.
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albedoswifehusband · 12 hours ago
Once you finish the event I'd pay (if I had money lmao-) to see a fluffy fanfic with Shybedo smiling- housewife/malewife shy smiling Albedo... and the bonding time we got with the painting...
I'm sorry- that scene just got me feeling in the mood for fLUFF-
Pretty unusual but anyways- big happy smile Albedo Supremacy
This event was so good I have so much to say about it ohhhhh my god. His smile during the food stuff made me think of his special dish description waaaaaahhhhhh. That's my househusbandworkingwife. Here’s a little fluff drabble aaa
A wooden spoon. A sizzling pan. A pair of practiced hands. These things are all Albedo needs to start making something to eat. It doesn’t take him long to be at the end stage of such a thing, lifting the spoon to his mouth to test what he’s made. After the taste seems right, he plates the snack and turns around to pass it to the person waiting for him excitedly nearby. Albedo leans back against the kitchen counter watching them carefully. The plate he’d just handed them was something experimental, he had completely freehanded the food this time around and he was standing with bated breath for them to take their first bite.
When they chew and swallow what he's made, they hum happily and smile up at him, making his heart skip at the thought of making them happy with what he made. He softly smiles back and turns his head away, trying not to blush happily from the rush he's gotten.
A voice rings out, their happiness shining through, 
"Thank you 'Bedo, it's absolutely wonderful!"
He can't hold back blushing now, moving their head back towards them and grinning,
"I'm glad you enjoyed it."
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farshallows · 13 hours ago
❱ ♡ ⌇ DRABBLE : little things
Tumblr media
characters ;; xiao
word count ;; 660 words
warnings ;; nothing but pure fluff and tsundere xiao ( my cup of tea ). requested by cookie on quotev
masterlist ☄︎
❪ 🌠 ❫ xiao listens to you far more attentively than anyone else. you've noticed that and you never knew it would play into such a vital role to figuring out who left those thoughtful gifts for you. 
Tumblr media
꒰🖇꒱ ┊ XIAO ;; alatus nemeseos
you didn't expect xiao to stay true to his words when you called his name; but sure enough, here he was, balancing almost menacingly atop the roof of the house with his jade spear at ready and his yaksha mask donned.
"what is it?" he questioned, the calm in his voice coating the bitter concern that lay below his tongue. you realized that you may have worried the adeptus too much and you were tempted to bounce then and there lest you suffer the wrath of his winds. instead, due to immense courage on your part ( or immense stupidity more like ), you held up your hands and gestured him to come down.
the mask materialized and he actually looked curious and faintly annoyed, leaping to your side.
"hi." you breathed with a cheesy smile. xiao clicked his tongue in response.
his gold eyes flickered down your form, a satisfied glint in his eyes when he saw you unhurt. but that didn't hinder his irritation. "you have summoned me for a trivial reason." he stated drily when you held up what you were holding.
that's when you saw it.
that spark of familiarity.
aha, you thought gleefully when you saw the faintest pink dust across his cheeks. xiao coughed, turning his face away. "crystalflies? that's all you wanted me to see? how irrelevant." he scoffed. "surely you have better reasons to call my name."
"true, true," you sigh dramatically. "i found them on my bedroom windowsill this morning...and this isn't the first time i received gifts like these. it was only yesterday when i spotted a few qingxing flowers in the same spot, tied up with the cutest ribbon." you were grinning now because yes, this was amusing.
xiao didn't bat an eyelash.
...come to think of it, was he capable of blinking? did adepti need to blink?
"then you have a secret admirer." he decides.
"i wonder who it is." you insinuated, staring at him pointedly. he crossed his arms with an exasperated sigh.
"if you are insinuating it to be me," he began, narrowing his eyes. "then you are wrong. these foolish human customs of gift-giving and courting are far beneath the responsibilities of the adepti. think before you speak."
blah, blah, blah, your brain chortled. responsibilities shmesponsibilities.
you smiled. "all right then, mr. i-have-better-things-to-do." you teased. "i'll let you know when i find my secret admirer...and i'll be sure to kiss them on the cheek for these lovely tokens." your smile turned more wistful. "i always thought crystalflies were pretty..." you commented softly. "i told you that, remember?"
the adeptus scoffed. "stupid." he grumbled. "i have nothing to do with this." and with that, he was gone again, leaving you with a soft glance he thought you didn't notice. you hummed, pinning the crystalfly on your hair with a giddy grin.
xiao was the only one who ever bothered to know these little things about you, after all.
Tumblr media
❪ 🌠 ❫ © farshallows 2021. do no plagiarize, repost or rework this piece.
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