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eatjeanjin · 19 hours ago
Come Home Babe (M)
Tumblr media
Summary: You’ve always been a goal-oriented woman. It’s a great attitude to have but sometimes, you tend to forget that you and your life shouldn’t revolve around your paperworks and deadlines. It’s a good thing you have your wonderful, caring, and hot boyfriend to remind you that.
Pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
Genre: Smut (Established relationship) / Fluff
Rating: Mature (18+) only
Warnings: Explicit smut. Oral sex (male and female receiving). Biting. Hickies. Slapping. Jungkook is one talented and gifted man. If that wasn’t clear, he has a big dick. Penetrative sex. Unprotected sex (wrap it up!). And I guess Jungkook in that live from 07.29.21 is a warning in itself. Don’t leave your doors open, people.
Word Count: 4.4k
Projects/Event: None (cries at all my events and projects), this was such a random fic and I am blaming this fic’s main character. Prompted from this particular part of THAT live.
Credits: Special thanks to @birbdae for being my awesome beta 🥺💕 And also to @knjsnoona​ for being my banner sugar momma 🤩
**Please do not plagiarize or redistribute my works. I post my works either here or on my AO3 page. If this or any of my works are found on other sites, please let me know so we can report accordingly.**
This is for all my fellow stressed out peeps in the workforce. Give yourselves a break. **sends virtual hugs**
Tumblr media
A Monday to Friday, 9-5 (sometimes more) job sounds very ordinary, but it was all your life has been revolving around lately. You were a career woman in her late twenties with no kids or family living anywhere near you. You had nothing else to worry about but making a name for yourself in your job.
You had a nice little office space with a desk big enough to fit two screens for your desktop computer, a scanner, an office phone, and an organizer on top of your desk-- a set up with the necessities for an office job. The walls were decorated with paintings made by either you or your boyfriend. You thought it was nice to add a personal touch to the mundane set up.
Other than all that, a wall in your office had a line of file cabinets containing endless paperwork that you were expected to deal with within 40 hours every week.
This week in particular, you had numerous deadlines to meet. Your cabinets were a bit more full than usual and your desk had piles of papers stacked on top of whatever empty space you had-- including your keyboard.
With the amount of tasks you needed to complete in so little time, you trained all of your focus to the mess in front of you. That was until one of the piles of papers that you stacked started to fall off of your desk, piece after piece of papers falling down the floor underneath. You quickly bent down to pick up the pieces of the fallen pile, hoping it won’t be as hard to piece them back together in the order they originally were stacked.
After gathering and stacking them back up together, you stood up to see your phone violently shaking on that surface where the fallen pile of paper once stood. Your phone almost followed how the papers fell earlier, but you were quick to catch your phone before half of it was on the edge of your desk.
You looked at the screen to see the only name who could possibly call you. A little odd how he decided to call at this hour when he knew that it was close to noon and you were trying to catch up on your workload before the lunch hour started. Your phone kept vibrating in your hand until you swiped your thumb across the screen to accept the call.
“Yes, babe?” You brought the phone up your ear and tucked it between your head and shoulder while you continued to sort through your papers. “Everything okay?”
“Yeah. Just checking in on you. Are you almost done?” His sweet voice rang through your ears and as much as you hated to admit it, the sound by itself helped you relax. You didn’t even realize you were that tense before you heard the sound of his voice.
“What do you mean ‘almost done’? It’s noon time.”
“Baby, aren’t you supposed to come home early today?”
Your movements halted and your eyes darted to the bottom of your desktop’s screen to check today’s date and panic rushed through you when you did.
Shoot. It was the last Thursday of the month, you were scheduled to leave earlier than your usual 9-5. Now, you have to readjust your to-do list so you can leave on time.
Your boyfriend was the one who insisted on pushing through with this idea when he noticed how you have been working more than the hours you were supposed to. Being good at your job is a double edged sword: the tasks you were expected to accomplish within the scope of your job are easy to durable compared to other people who struggle with these things. But since you are so good at it, you also end up getting the difficult tasks-- sometimes tasks that are beyond your job description. You were still able to fulfill these tasks and more but you also lost a lot of things in doing so, particularly time for yourself.
Thus, the suggestion of adding some breather in your schedule. Every last Thursday of the month, you were scheduled to only work half the day; for 4 hours only to be exact. Your boyfriend also dedicated himself to work on his schedule the same way, so you can at least spend it with him if you wanted to. It is still your free time and your boyfriend respects whatever you wanted to do with it whether or not it includes him. It’s been three months since that schedule change started but you were still trying to get a hang of it, obviously.
And who else would remind you to leave but your loving man who suggested this in the first place?
It was close to noon and you were supposed to leave in an hour. He was right, you should be done soon.
“You forgot, didn’t you?” He had that tone in his voice that just makes you imagine him sadly pouting on the other end of the call.
“Ok, babe, I’m sorry.” You sat down your chair, settled the stack of papers you had in your arm, and switched your phone to the other side of your ear. “I’ll do my best to leave on time today, but I may have to stay an extra 30 minutes, there’s just so much to do.”
You heard him sit down wherever he was followed by a sigh, “Alright. Please take it easy.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Good girl.”
He hung up the phone before you even got the chance to respond. And, boy did you want to respond to that. The term slipped out of your mouth before you even knew it and he just had to rile you up by saying those words to you in such a thirst-worthy manner.
You shook your head free of those thoughts and did your best to focus on the work in front of you. The sooner you get your job for the day done, the sooner you get to leave and get your thoughts taken care of.
When you started to feel like your eyes have gone dry enough from staring at your computer screen, it was when you decided to give up and just start working on finishing up the work in front of you-- the hardest of the ones on the pile. You’ll end up organizing the rest of the tasks you couldn’t finish other than this but time was not something you had enough of then.
That was how you were furiously tapping on your keyboard with your eyes jumping from one screen to another, your right hand occasionally flying to your mouse. It was all going smoothly until your phone started to buzz again.
“I’m almost done, babe.” You quickly brought the phone up to your ear and tucked it between your head and shoulder like you did when he called earlier. “Are you home?”
“Yeah, I got here a few minutes ago and I’m being a good boy waiting for you. Wanna see?”
You heard that notification sound that your phone makes when the person on the other end of the call is trying to switch to a video call. Knowing your boyfriend won’t stop until you give him what he wants, you didn’t even bother to argue with him anymore and just silently grabbed your earphones from one of your desk cabinets. Your phone automatically connected to your earphones after you brought the pair out of its case. You brought the buds up your ears, and now all you could hear was nothing but your boyfriend.
He was holding his phone below his face while he made his way to what looked like your bedroom. He set the phone on top of his desk, looking into the camera to adjust the angle, before sitting down on his gaming chair. He definitely looked relaxed with his freshly blow dried hair and those pair of mesh pajamas that you were all too familiar with.
“Wow, if only.”
“You’re the only one that’s in your way and you know that.” He shifted in his seat while stating the obvious. You notice some lighting on his face, signalling that he may have switched his computer on. “I’ll keep myself entertained here while you work so hard over there.”
You knew what that meant: he will do everything he can to distract you so you will just end up choosing to give up on working too hard and just go home sooner rather than later. You shook your head and gave him an amused smile before turning your attention back to your tasks. Just like how your boyfriend did, you settled your phone to stand against one of your monitors, making sure the angle still showed you well enough for your boyfriend to see.
It was a few more minutes of nothing but the sounds of both of your keyboards’ tapping until he let out a heavy sigh. It doesn’t take a genius to tell he was definitely bored of whatever it was that he was doing. All of a sudden, he was typing something quickly and from the corner of your eye, you could see him leaning forward, trying to get a closer look at the screen in front of him.
It was, again, quiet for a few seconds until the booming bass from the intro of Bruno Mars’ “Leave the Door Open” rang through your ears. The sudden loudness made you look at the screen, only to find your boyfriend now standing up to get that bluetooth microphone he had in one of his nightstand drawers. The first few lines of the verse had just started when he came to sit back down on his chair.
“Our house clean, our pool warm. Just shaved... We should be dancing, romancing.”
He was playfully singing along but he couldn’t help himself from hitting the right notes. It was also hard to ignore how he was starting to sing the lyrics of his own accord.
“So if you tryna lay in these arms… I’ma leave the door open~”
There’s no doubt your boyfriend could sing. If he wanted to, he could probably make a career out of it. You were lucky to have him sing for you every day and he knew you appreciated that… which was why he ended up buying that Bluetooth microphone he had up his face right now. You held back a laugh at the thought, also remembering that you were still in your quiet space at work.
You tried your best to continue with your task, until further into the song, he was singing the lyrics to the song… passionately. Too passionately.
“You’re so sweet… so tight…” You were trying your best to not look at your phone, no, not even a glance. But the more his sweet, seductive voice sang through your ears, it’s been getting more and more difficult to resist. “I won’t bite… I know you’d like.”
“Ooh, baby, don’t keep me waiting… There’s so much love we could be making.”
With his voice being the only sound you could hear right now, it was hard to not paint a picture in your head of what he was singing about. But, no… you need to hold your ground. As much as you were now visibly squirming in your seat, you knew you needed to finish this document.
“I’m talking kissing, cuddling… rose petals in the bathtub… Girl, let’s jump in it’s bubbling”
Man, that image was to die for. You couldn’t wait to finish this, go home, and turn your thoughts into reality. It was halfway true anyway, with him already waiting for you at home.
Your thoughts were now filled with how amazing his naked body against yours would feel while you both relaxed in a warm, bubbling bath tub with rose petals scattered all over. Knowing your boyfriend, he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself. He would do everything to pamper you and make you feel relaxed. He would probably touch you in all the places that you needed him to--
His voice was louder this time while he effortlessly belted the high notes of the second chorus. “Tell me that you’re coming home~”
Wait, what---?
“Come home, babe.”
Fuck work. You were past your working hours for the day anyway. You quickly saved and closed all of the open documents you were working on. You neatly shoved all the papers to one side of your desk, making a mental note that those would be the first ones you will be working on first thing tomorrow. All you heard before hanging up the video call was your boyfriend laughing his lungs off— probably from watching you scramble your way out of your office.
“Babe? I’m home.”
No answer.
You hung your keys next to his and dropped your purse on the couch before you made your way to the kitchen sink to wash your hands. And even through that, your boyfriend still hasn’t responded to your call.
As you walked further into your apartment, you started to hear the faint sound of water coming from your bedroom-- possibly from your shared bathroom inside, and what seemed like another song playing from your boyfriend’s speakers.
You swung the door to your bedroom open only to find your boyfriend standing in front of his desk; his bare, muscular back was facing you while his tattooed arm flexed as he brought the same microphone he had earlier up to his lips. He was dancing and singing to the song playing so loudly through his desktop’s speakers, that he didn’t even notice you come in.
“They call me baepsae~!”
You knew all too well what part of the song you had just walked into and you knew this was going to be trouble. The half an hour drive from your work to home helped calm your thirsting nerves a bit. But seeing your boyfriend singing and dancing like this in front of you-- shirtless and sweating and all-- brought all of that back. Even more so when he reached the end of the chorus and you knew he was about to do that move.
“빨리 (hurry), chase ‘em~!”
Uh, oh---
“황새 덕에 내 가랑인 탱탱! (Thanks to the storks, my legs are swollen)”
He traced his upper body from the top going down before he raised one of his legs up and thrusted his hips mid-air. You couldn’t see the expression he had on his face, but remembering how he dances to this song, you were pretty sure he had his eyebrows scrunched together with his teeth biting on his lower lip.
The imagination was nice and all, but you were already here so you might as well enjoy the view from the front seat.
“Jeon Jungkook!”
“Oh, hey babe! I started the bath for you--”
He only got to turn around and blurt out the first part of his response before you made your way to where he was standing and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. He was caught in surprise at first, but he started to move his mouth along with yours while his hands travelled across your back.
The song was still playing in the background but you couldn’t care less with the way he pushes his tongue into your mouth and how he molds your body into his. The tell tale signs of his hardening length poking against your thigh made you unlock the arms wrapped around his neck to slide down between the two of you and reach for the waistband of his awful mesh pajama pants.
Your boyfriend was this captivating and you will always allow yourself to get reeled in. Jungkook breaks the kiss and allows you to pull his pants down, leaving him in his black boxers.
Before you were able to go down all the way, he grabbed your shoulders up and helped you strip yourself too. Both of your hands were busy getting rid of either the buttons of your dress shirt or the zipper of your skirt. Either way, with the two of you working together like that, you were half naked in your bra and panties in no time.
You gave him another peck on his lips and was about to go back down on your knees until the song playing stopped and the room was filled with the sound of running water… and what sounded like water splashing on the bathroom floor.
Both of your eyes grew in alarm while you both scrambled and ran to the bathroom. Jungkook was the first one to reach the faucet and was able to stop the tub from being overfilled more than it already was. You leaned your back against the counter behind you as you tried to catch your breath from that unnecessary adrenaline rush.
After steadying your breaths, you find Jungkook walking up to you. He was quick to soothe you by running his hands up and down your arms. This was supposed to be a way for you to relax and even a tiny little stress event like this shouldn’t have happened. He kissed your forehead as if he heard you worrying and that touch in itself melted all the said worries away.
“We can just go ahead and enjoy the bath if you want?”
His sweet words contrasted how hot he looked in front of you right now and it just reminded you of how much you love this man. He looks after you so well, it’s only right that you repay him for being there for you all the time. So you shake your head and give him a reassuring smile before you reach up to cup a side of his face.
“I’m okay. Thank you.”
He reached up to touch the hand you had on his face, drawing circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. He returns the smile you gave him similarly before he bends down to lock his lips back to yours.
It didn’t take much before the kiss deepened, bringing the two of you back to the same heat you were wrapped in just a few moments ago. He pressed his weight on you while his mouth left yours.
He ground himself against your core as he peppered kisses in that patch behind your ear. It felt sweet until he sunk his teeth on the soft skin, making you squeal and then moan in delight.
“Mhmm… Kookie…”
Your hands flew up to grasp his hair when he began to trace your upper body with licks and kisses, paying attention to the spots where he knew you loved having his marks imprinted on. You felt him snake his hands up your bare back to reach for the clasp of your bra. He expertly unhooked them with one hand and he let you free yourself from the constricting fabric.
And the moment your breasts were out, he attached his lips to one and grasped the other with one of his hands. You knew how he loved playing with your breasts and even more how he makes you feel when he does.
He switches between sucks and licks from one breast to the other. He lets one go with a pop before standing back up to kiss your lips.
“You’re so beautiful.”
You could feel your cheeks heating up from the compliment. But before Jungkook got to tease you about it, you crashed your lips back to his. You didn’t stay there for too long though. Your lips were now kissing his well-sculpted chest until you were finally on your knees while kissing his abdomen.
He watched as you palmed him over his boxers, a breathy moan escaping his mouth when you placed a kiss on his tip. His hands were on your head before you knew it, using his fingers to gather up your hair into a makeshift ponytail.
“You know what to do, beautiful.”
Your eyes didn’t leave his as you reached up to pull the waistband of his boxers down, finally freeing his length. The boxers pooled around his legs until he slightly lifted his feet to kick them out of the way.
You started with a few flicks of your wrist while one of your hands was wrapped around his gifted length-- it’s the most you could do with how big he is.
You gathered enough moisture in your mouth before you placed another kiss on the tip of his length and fully took the head between your lips. Finally, you took most of his length into your mouth.
“Good girl, you’re beautiful and amazing.”
Getting motivation from his compliment, you challenged yourself to take him in a bit deeper. You felt his tip touch the back of your throat and the fullness made you swallow in reflex. Your unintended action gave Jungkook so much pleasure, the grasp that he had on your hair became stronger too.
“Fuck, yes. I know you can take more.”
You felt your eyes water when his hips started to move, thrusting himself in and and out of your mouth. You were choking on his length but it felt so good to finally give him the pleasure he deserves. Before you could take him further, he stills his movements and slides himself out of your mouth.
Without a word, he swung you over his shoulder and carried you out of the bathroom and into your bedroom. He gave your ass a slap on the way and then he tossed you on the soft mattress of your bed. He didn’t give you a chance to retort before he was on top of you doing so many things at once, all just to pleasure you. His hips ground down on yours while he went back to sucking on the sensitive skin of your neck.
“I’m the one giving you pleasure here. Now be a good girl and relax.” His words came out in between the onslaught of kisses he was showering your body with.
You were so busy being entranced by his kisses that you didn’t notice it when he grabbed the fabric of your panties and pulled them with so much force, completely destroying the material.
“Jungkook! What the fuck?” You tried to sit up and was ready to give him an earful for destroying another one of your underwear.
You were expecting for a nagging to come out of your throat, but instead you hear yourself moaning his name from the way he licked a thick stripe up your glistened core.
He smirked upon hearing his name and finally dove back down to draw figures of eight on your clit with his tongue. He was sucking on your sensitive bud before he slid two of his fingers in your entrance and then another.
He didn’t waste any more time and pumped all three fingers while his mouth paid all attention to your clit. Moans of praise and his name were all that came out of your mouth before you came undone, making a mess of Jungkook’s mouth and hands, and probably your bed sheets below you.
Jungkook sat on his knees while he brought his hands covered with your juices up to his mouth. He sucked each of his fingers and released the final one with a pop before saying, “You’re so sweet.”
After watching you even out your breaths, he pulled you up to the same kneeling position he was in. He grabbed the back of your neck and kissed you, letting you taste yourself in his mouth, before he lied down and pulled you on top of him.
You automatically straddled him, your legs on either side of his hips while you lowered yourself and thrusted your own hips slightly, just enough to grind your core on his painfully throbbing length.
He moaned in your mouth before he broke the kiss and tucked your hair behind your ear, “Ready to go for a ride, baby?”
You gave him a smirk before reaching down to grab his length, aligning it with your entrance. You slowly sank down and took him in little by little. When you felt his tip knock on that sensitive patch in you, you stilled your movements and grasped his shoulders for support.
His hands were massaging your back before he grabbed your hips, helping you by thrusting himself in and out of your core. “You’re so tight.”
He locked his eyes with yours while he slowly picked up on the pace of his thrusts. He slipped out of you after a few thrusts and flipped the two of you over, making you lay on your stomach with him towering from behind you. He kissed one of your shoulders while he lifted your hips up, ass up in the air, before he thrust himself back into you.
He was hitting the right spots in this position and you knew you were about to cum again. And with the way his thrusts were starting to get rougher than they already were, you knew he was almost there too.
“Babe, I want to see you while you cum, please.” You managed to choke out from below him.
He slipped himself out of you once more and flipped you around for you to lie on your back. He hooked his arms around your legs, spreading them wide open for him. You didn’t have enough time to process the ache that came with the stretch of your legs, with Jungkook thrusting his full length back into you in one go.
His words were a mix of sweet nothings and your name while he kept the pace of his thrusts. You reached one of your arms down to let your fingers play with your clit. Jungkook buried himself in the crook of your neck while you moaned his name during your release.
He continued his thrusts until they started to falter, soon after you felt him shudder and fill you with his warm release. It was then when you were reminded: this was the best form of relief and relaxation you needed.
He came out from your neck and placed a kiss on your forehead before he slipped his softened length out of you. He stood up and grabbed some washcloths he had tucked in the bottom drawer of his nightstand. He used these to clean you and himself up before lying down beside you.
Jungkook pulled your tired form into his, letting you snuggle your face onto his chest. This felt wonderful, lying next to him. He was and will always be your comfort and your home.
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading! Let me know what y’all think? ^^
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mercurygguk · 4 hours ago
thirst day! i wanted to request a smut idea i saw on tiktok and i thought of risque jk and oc 😂 imagine oc riding jk when he receives a phone call from his boss aka oc’s dad but instead he guides her hip to keep going “i have to take this, be quiet okay?” and winks at her before answering the call 🥵🥵
keep going (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing; jungkook x f. reader
word count; 889
rating; 18+
content; drabble for risqué – age gap au, secret relationship, smut
warnings; unprotected sex, kissing, dirty talk, oc riding jk, breast/nipple play, slight exhibitionism
a/n; this drabble takes place between part two and three of the risqué series !! part two will be posted by the end of august :)
– read part one of risqué here
Tumblr media
“Fuck, baby, you feel good-”
Jungkook’s hands are all over your chest as he leans forward, lips attaching themselves to the skin on your neck. A soft moan tumbles from your lips as your hand digs into his curly, black hair and tugs, earning a low grown from the man beneath you.
“You look so fucking sexy right now,” he rasps, kissing his way up your neck and to your jaw. You’re a sight for sore eyes, Jungkook feeling like he could look at you in this position forever – the way your skirt is still on and your top is pooled around your waist.
Your lips are parted as your hips keep moving, grinding down on his cock, your clit rubbing against his lower abdomen for every time you move. You didn’t think sex in an office chair could be this good, but then again, every single time you’ve been with Jungkook has been beyond your expectations.
However, you’re usually way more aware of the whole situation, never missing an opportunity to take control a few times but you’ve been completely under Jungkook’s control ever since you stepped inside his office. All your common sense (and Jungkook’s as well) disappeared the moment he pulled you into his lap, lips pressing against yours in a hungry, needy kiss. Things escalated quicker than any of you had imagined it would and you’re now on his lap, riding him and slowly losing your mind.
“Oh god,” you moan, head tilting back in pure pleasure when he pushes his hips up and meeting you halfway, his cock hitting all the sensitive spots inside of you. Jungkook’s mouth catches yours, kissing you as his hands let go of your breasts and slide around to your body, spreading across the expanse of your back and pulling you closer.
You’re whimpering against his lips, arms snaking around his neck as you feel yourself coming closer and closer to your high, a toe-curling orgasm nearing more and more. Jungkook’s lazily kissing you as you move together, wet lips touching and hips meeting each other halfway. He feels so good that you’re on the verge of shedding a few tears but the sexual aura of his office is disturbed by the loud ringtone of his phone.
Pausing in your movements, you watch as Jungkook picks up the phone. He looks at the screen, lips turning into a small smirk as he reads the caller-id. You expect him to motion you to get off his lap when he looks back at you but as his hand lands on your hip and starts guiding you to move again, you give him a look of pure confusion as you begin to move again.
“I have to take this, baby,” he tells you, “you can keep going though, just be quiet, alright?”
Nodding softly, you pick up your rhythm again. Your hands grip onto his shoulders as you focus on getting yourself and him off, a small whimper falling from your lips. Jungkook holds his pointer finger against his lips as if to shush you before picking up the phone call.
“Hey, boss,” he greets the other person causing you to stiffen in his lap. 
He can’t be serious- The smirk he gives you tells you otherwise, he is indeed serious. This man is playing with fire, you think to yourself but you’re too gone in pleasure to care right now. You bite onto your lip, feeling your orgasm nearing quickly as Jungkook talks on the phone with none other than your father... This is so wrong but the smirk on Jungkook’s lips and the mischievous glint in his eyes is enough to make you continue the movement of your hips. His cock is buried deep within you, sliding right in and out between your folds, precum leaking down the side of his shaft.
Jungkook is in his own world, focusing on you as your father speaks on the other end. A choked moan tumbles from your lips as he reaches out to pinch your nipple between his fingertips. He smirks as you drop your head against his shoulder, whimpering into the fabric of his blazer. But as you begin to kiss the skin on his neck, he has to bite onto his bottom lip to keep himself from moaning into the phone – now that would be awkward if that happened.
“Sounds good, boss,” Jungkook sighs, “yep! Talk to you Monday, bye,” the phone call ends and Jungkook throws the phone back onto his desk before returning his focus to you, “you good?”
Sitting up to face him, you glare at him, “I can’t believe you just did that.”
Jungkook chuckles, “you love the risk of getting caught, baby, don’t lie. I could feel how wet you got after I picked up that phone call-”
“Ugh, please shut up and make me cum,” you cut him off causing another chuckle to reach your ears. Jungkook leans in closer to kiss you softly, hand coming up to cup your face delicately. The kiss is a stark contrast to the scenario you’re finding yourself in right now and it’s making you dizzy.
Pulling away, he smiles as his hands drop to rest upon your hips, helping you move faster on his cock, “as you wish,” he says, “since you ask so politely.”
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lam0ureuxq · 14 hours ago
late night run
Tumblr media
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Reader
Warning: RPF, bit of smut, FLUFF
WC: 1600+
A/N: I wonder how would you react if Henry is in the same grocery as you are? Not beta'd. I suffer for my mistakes ☺️
Tumblr media
You had the most terrible day. Emphasis on terrible when your car got towed, your boss is being a bitch to you, your laptop just chose to not work out of all days of the fucking week when you have a report to hand over tomorrow. You want to scream your lungs out but that'll do nothing good. Bouts of sweat is forming on your forehead and you must look undeniably red right now with all the rage.
You ran to the pantry hoping to find your comfort food just waiting for you to eat it but no. No, this day just keeps on getting worse.
As pissed as you are, you pick up your keys, climb in and start your car. Hoping this late night grocery run could calm your nerves.
Once you parked your car, you made a beeline to the cereal isle, scouring every box for you find your sweet comfort food. Until one single box comes into view, the last one with your favorite flavor. Strawberry pop tarts.
The grin on your face fades away when you noticed a huge, calloused hand on the same box. You look up and he's also looking at your hand on the same box, his suit doesn't even fit this environment, and by the looks of him, he can buy a cargo of pop tarts if he wants. You don't even know why would he want your last box of pop tarts and why his hand is still on it.
"I touched it first." You said, eyeing him up and down. You don't get intimidated that often and this time is no different but his sharp stare almost made your knees buckle.
He chuckles softly and you can hear the hum of his voice so deep you can hear it rumbling. You didn't let go of your sanity food, not even at Mr. Gorgeous Face and Body right here.
"Miss, just please let me have this." He whines and pouts thinking he could get you with that. You roll your eyes and scoffs.
"You know what, Sir? If your girlfriend or wife is craving pop tarts, you can have your people get it for you. This. Is. Mine." You snatch the box from his hand and luckily he lets you. Your just a few steps away when you hear a voice so cute you'd want to melt.
"Are there any strawberry pop tarts, Uncle Henny?" You can't help but whip your head back and now you see Mr. Gorgeous Face and Body, also known as Henry knelt down in front of a girl. Her hair is braided, tiny freckles adorn her face and she had the cutest gap tooth. Her head hung low while she rubs her teddy bear on her cheeks, already knowing she can't get the box of tarts which is now in your hands.
You feel guilty all of a sudden and you walk to the girl, handing her your sanity food. God help your soul. You should just probably buy vodka.
"Here you go, bunny." You knelt in front of her and whispered, coaxing the little girl to chin up. As soon as she sees the box of pop tarts, her face lights up like a Christmas tree. You can definitely feel the same thing but this time you need to let go and make the girl happy.
You feel Henry's eyes on you and you looked back at him, your brows are raised, not giving him the satisfaction. His lip turned into a smirk and he shakes his head.
"Thank you." She shyly says and tiptoes to kiss me on the cheek. Your heart melts right then and there. You rub her head, stood up and turned on your heel. Your anger seem to be simmering down despite not getting what you came here for.
You're almost at the liquor aisle when the girl came rushing and held your hand. You look down and smile at her.
"Can you be my Uncle Henny's date? It's always me he takes out for dates. I want him to date someone else."
You chuckle and you can hear Henry just behind both of you, obviously snooping.
"Your uncle doesn't have a girlfriend? That does seem hard to believe."
You held her hand and she swayed into the rhythm of a nursery rhyme in her head, that's for sure.
"I didn't like her last girlfriend. She never shares pop tarts. Not like you."
You snort and pinch the girls cheeks just because she's being the cutest. You reach for the vodka and clip it in between your armpit. Thinking back to the loads of work you need to do back home, you might as well drown it with alcohol.
You said goodbye to the girl and just gave Henry a tight smile. The last relationship you had was disastrous and you're nowhere near ready to start one. Even with some as handsome and kind as Henry.
You said your thank yous and the cashier smiled and commented about you being drunk tonight. You wink at her and wave at the cute little girl. She's talking to the cashier you just checked out from and in no time, the little girl is screaming your name across the grocery store.
"Goodbye, pretty Y/N!"
You blow her a kiss and something in you just said to look at her Uncle. He's staring at you like he wants to undress you right then and there and all the while he looks ridiculous with his tight suit while leaning on the counter. You shake your head and pop the cap off your vodka and drank straight from it. The sting burns down a path from your throat to your stomach.
You come home to an empty house, boatloads of work and a lot of stress. The bottle of vodka is half empty at this point after an hour passed. You space out and think about that crooked grin you saw on the grocery store. How can a man look fine like that, you don't know. What you know is he fucks like an animal, for sure. Those big arms, thighs and oh my God, that ass? Peachy.
You're ripped away from your dirty thoughts with a knock on your door. You look at the clock and it's almost midnight. You also lost track of time and surely will have a revenge hangover in the morning. You try to keep your body upright so you can see who's at the door.
You lazily open the door and there he stood, burly and all muscle, a blue cap to hide his face and a black sweatshirt hugging every ridge and curve of his body. You must be dreaming. He can't possibly know where you live but then he removed his cap, his curls now lose and falling freely on top of his forehead, it really was him.
"I wanted to personally thank you."
Your alcohol clouded mind can't think of anything else so you burst out laughing. He looks at you and you snort like a pig. Not a nice trait to show someone but then liquid courage gets in the way.
"It's nothing. Your niece is the sweetest little girl. She deserves all the strawberry pop tarts in the world."
You smile at him and he stared at you, the same undressing stare he gave you at the store.
"You deserve it too. I promise I'll give you boxes of pop tarts but for now, are you okay with just..."
His face inches towards you and the encounter made you stumble but his arms saved you from falling. Your lips are now so close, you can smell the faint smell of cigarette and the obvious smell of expensive cologne.
"Can I kiss you?" He asks, his eyes searching your face. You already have no control over your body so you nod. And as you kiss each other with passion and softness combined, your hand goes to cling on his neck, as you feel safely caged in his arms.
The soft slam of the door behind both of you, an indication of your make out bubble being private. Your tongue danced together, like two married flesh that's been waiting for the other. He moans and you run your fingers on his chest. He breaks the kiss to give you feather kisses on the neck. You shivered with anticipation but then he stopped, holding your head in between his huge hands.
"There is no way I'm fucking you intoxicated. But damn, thank God for pop tarts."
His words of promise turned into words of truth when he cuddled you on the sofa, talking about his life, asking you about many things and making you laugh with his corny jokes.
The morning came and your head wants to split in two, but then you realized you're asleep next to Henry. His long lashes flutter while his eyes are closed and you can't help but smile.
Another door bell interrupts your thoughts and you scramble to open the door. There you find a delivery man with one big brown box at his feet. He asked you to sign and went to leave shortly. The box is not that heavy so you were able to put it on the kitchen counter. You open it and you're welcomed with a heavenly box of strawberry pop tarts.
You gasped and looked at where Henry is sleeping.
"You didn't!" There's ton of pop tarts in here and you can't help but squeal. Henry opens his eyes and looks at you, smiling.
"Now that's out of the list." He says, mumbling.
"What's next on your list?" You walk to him, still holding a box of your sanity food. He stares at you with so much intensity, you want to jump and ride him right then and there.
"Next on the list is fucking you proper."
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jarofstyles · 22 hours ago
How is ceorry doing?
Here is CEOrry part 6….
If you like this, check out our Patreon!
“What do you think about this?”
Y/N was stood on her top toes as she held paint swatches to the wall. Today, she had her hair half up and half down. A cute little lacy top and legging like pants, Harry didn’t know. All he knew is that he was in fucking heaven watching her from behind.
A full view of her ass and the contours of her body, he was nearly drooling. A bit of her midriff was exposed as she tapped the swatch to the wall. The smoothness of her skin was tempting him, fingertips twitching to come up behind her and sink them into her silky skin, grip her firm and pull her up against his body. He hadn’t gotten to see her quite like this before either, getting to have her more relaxed looks. It was becoming an issue because he simply wanted it all to himself. Her casual outfits.
He should be the one doing the job, holding the paint strips up… but his view was far too good to move from his spot. God, he felt like a creep at the same time but how could he possibly resist taking a glance when he’s been so good lately?
“Hm.” He hummed, leaning back on the couch as he took a glance at them. “I like the deepest color on the first one at the top… and then you said something for trim?” He waited for her nod. “Last one on the third swatch.”
The decisions were relatively easy for Harry. He knew what he liked and what he didn’t. Y/N provided the perfection options anyways. She didn’t bullshit and Harry liked that about her. They were working on painting the accent wall she had mentioned and picking the colors that they’d actually go and purchase. Last time they’d gone for the swatches the sales guy, again, had been a bit too interested in what Y/N was wearing, making Harry step in again.
However with his past acceptance of his feelings for her, it all felt a bit more personal than before. The glare probably wasn’t fully deserved, but he couldn’t help it.
“You’re so much easier at home. Y’know that?” She teased him slightly, waiting down the colors in the notes section of her phone. They’d gotten to a point where a bit of casual conversation and playful teasing on her end was appropriate.
“I am. But, you also always do a good job. Makes my life easier. If only you were here all the time to give me options on what to eat.” He laughed quietly, realizing a bit too late that he had slipped up a little in his actual want for her to be here. Thankfully she just laughed it off.
“Mm. I’m sure. You’ve got a whole chef and housekeeper, gourmet and all that. I cook comfort food.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder and shook her head. This peaked his interest.
“Y’do?” He asked curiously. “I didn’t know you could cook proper.”
Probably sounded like a bit of a dick but she rolled her eyes and tossed her hand at him.
“Are you kidding, Mr.Styles?” She scoffed. “I am.. very good at cooking. I make food my mother taught me and I love to mess around with recipes. It may not be pretty to look at, but it’s amazing when you taste it.” She bragged, opening up her phone to a photo. She walked around the back of the couch and draped herself over the back of it, dangerously close to his face as she showed him the photo on her camera roll.
It was a delicious dish of Mac and cheese that even he had to admit had his mouth watering. She scrolled through her ‘food’ album and smirked as he seemed to actually listen to her brag about her recipes.
“M’jealous.” He said, trying not to zone in on the fact she was close, her hair brushing his cheek and the sweet smell of her perfume could practically be tasted on his tongue. There was too much to say. Never had a woman’s scent and mere presence made him feel like a bumbling idiot. He truly felt like she gave him a fog on the brain where all he could focus on was Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.
“I haven’t had food like that.” And he truly was. It all looked delicious. But for years he had been eating alone with his chef leaving him plates when he comes home or making him breakfast and leaving him to the morning paper.
He could cook, he did so on the weekends. But nowhere near Y/N’s level.
“Could you make some of that for me?” He asked before he could take it back. His mouth opened up and he went to take it back, but how could he? She heard it and he didn’t want to take it back. That could have been a major fuck up wnd overstepping boundaries, he knew. Asking for more time with her and for her to cook.
His stomach erupted in butterflies though, when she turned to look at him with a gasp. “Really? You’d let me cook for you?” Her squeak made him blink, nodding yes. “Oh my goodness! Yes, absolutely I will. Oh, you’ll love it. I promise.” She grinned standing up and dashing over to stand in front of him.
“I can tonight. If you’d like. After get order the paint we can go to the grocery and get the ingredients and I can make it.” Her happiness made him want to kiss her. Want to make her speak a mile a minute and bounce on the balls of her feet every moment he could. He didn’t know happiness could be so pure and beautiful on a person. And all it took was him asking if she could cook for him?
“Yeah. Absolutely we can.” He smiled softly up at her, entertained with her happy little clap. “I’m excited to try it.”
He watched her bounce around the room as she gathered up her bag, Harry emerging from the couch and throwing his wallet into his pocket and keys. It was times like this when she saddled up next to him to make the way to the car that he wished he could follow instinct and grab her smaller hand, thread their fingers together. It was even more in the car when her thigh was open and he could just see himself placing his hand over top of it, squeezing and letting himself touch as he drove.
Instead he kept both hands on the wheel and drove them back to the paint store. This time though, he was able to stick a bit closer because of the other employee. His hand rested on the small of her back, leaning in close and listening to her ramble about colors and what she wants to do to her own apartment.
Over her shoulder he could see the little fuck staring again, making him smirk internally. She was close to him, speaking at a quiet level, but he made a show to gently tuck a piece of her hair out of her face as she spoke.
It caught her off guard, off course. Her eyes widening slightly and stomach a mess of butterflies again with the unexpected touch. The only explanation was that it had been ‘bugging him’ but still. He didn’t take his hand off and he kept his focus on her, both of which made her nervous.
She too, imagined a reality where this wasn’t her boss just being friendly and keeping her from people bumping into her. She imagined being able to wrap her arm around his waist and snuggle into his side casually. Puckering her lips up at him and getting met for a sweet peck and his dark voice murmuring just for her. That was the dream.
However she was aware it was just a pretty painted fantasy for now. At least… maybe. His behavior had been getting different. He had always treated her differently but this recent behavior had made her think maybe she wasn’t overthinking this.
When they paid for the paint and got the date for it to be picked up, Harry shoved the paper back into his pocket and made their way towards the market.
It was again? So domestic. Soft. It made him ache for some normalcy like this. He never did his own shopping excited for random stops when he didn’t feel like waiting for an assistant to bring it over. Standing next to Y/N as she pushed the cart, Harry trailing behind her felt so good and comfortable that it almost startled him.
Harry let out a soft sigh as she pulled down the pasta boxes and tried to examine differences between two brands. He had made it clear he was paying and not to skimp out on what she wanted to use and make, which comforted her greatly.
He followed through the aisles, Harry a bit useless because he spent most of the time with his eyes on her. Observing the curve of her nose and her side profile. He was becoming obsessed with her, and he didn’t hate it.
“What do you like?” She asked, blowing the messy hair from her face. “There’s a lot of different types of pastas. Usually I go for normal elbow shapes, normal pasta. But there’s spirals… the bow ties. And then if you aren’t feeling normal starches, we can do lentil or chickpea? I’m not the biggest fan but it’s for your enjoyment. The real flavor is the cheese mix.” She hummed, getting on her toes to properly reach the box.
God. Could she get any more adorable?
“No, normal pasta is fine. I’d like the authentic recipe, if I may.” He watched her face as it showed some relief, tossing the box into the metal cart.
“Thank god. Sometimes that alternative stuff can have a gritty texture. Great for pesto pastas, but for this it isn’t the best and you’d think I was a liar.” She grinned, lighting up her whole face as she walked further down the aisle.
He noticed little things about her. How she wiggled when a song she liked came on the overhead and would tap her toes when she spent time looking over shelves. Her finger running over labels as she read them. Sometimes she would time her steps with the beat of the song playing as she walked down the aisle. She checked to make sure Harry was behind her at least twice each trip down the aisles and it made him feel good. Of course he stuck close behind but he was trying not to smother her like he actually wanted to be doing.
Fucks sake.
He wanted to walk with his arms wrapped around her waist like an obnoxious couple and he was well aware of how out of character that was. It made him a little bit panicky at first but the more he thought about it, the more he settled with it. He liked her. Too fucking much.
So much that the fear was becoming overcome with fantasies and wants.
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lilychvvie · 23 hours ago
Hello can I have overprotective Gojo and Nanami Headcannons?
If this too uncomfortable for you than you can totally skip it.
How would these gorgeous man react if they witness Naoya being total creep their s/o making them clearly uncomfortable?
being protective of their s/o
Tumblr media
characters. gojo satoru, nanami kento
form. headcanon
warnings. none
notes. thanks for requesting nonnie <3 i got lazy about editing the headers for each hcs lol so i'm gonna be using this layout for a while xD anw, hope you enjoy this <33
jjk masterlist
Tumblr media
gojo's already protective of you from the start, and even more ever since you guys got into a relationship
because you're precious to him and also because he knows you could be seen as a target, as his enemies think you're his 'weakness'
so when he spots you with naoya, i don't think he would even wait until you're uncomfortable to show up
without any hesitation, he would appear out of thin air and stand between you guys
obviously gonna be having his arms around your shoulders and giving you a peck on the cheek
then he'll ask you all sorts of questions as he lightly pinches your cheeks
"baby, is this jerk bothering you?"
(=^▽^)σ "should i just kill him?"
said with his sweetest tone ever as he eyed the blond with his death glare
"hmm gojo, i never knew you were into the boring type"
"yeah i'm not. that's why i'm not into you" says gojo as he gives naoya a few head pats
gojo grins while he walks away with you, leaving behind the angry zenin who couldn't find a better comeback
ever since that encounter, gojo would literally follow you everywhere you go
when he's on a mission away from you, he's still gonna bombard you with tons of text
and he always keep his phone nearby for you to contact if anything ever happens
he also starts to hold your hands a lot more to show the world that you're his and anybody messing with you would be messing with him
anyways, that was the last time you interacted with naoya
obviously not because gojo went to threaten him behind your back
nanami wouldn't jump in right away when he sees you talking to other guys like how gojo would
so when he catches you talking to naoya, he'd continue to do whatever he's doing, but he'll keep an eye on you guys
and just when you start to show a hint of uneasiness as naoya's trying to grab your wrist, nanami would come and stand in front of you *protecc mode on*
apparently, naoya tried hitting on you but you shut him down saying you have a boyfriend, and he's hitting on you even more because he thinks you're playing "hard to get"
"well hey nanami, care to introduce your friend there?"
of course our man ignores the guy, more worried about your well-being
"are you okay love?" one of his hands on your cheek and the other on your head as he lightly strokes your hair
he purposely didn't say your name there because he doesn't want naoya to know any bit of information about you
naoya, irritated by the lack of attention, clicks his tongue, "tch, acting so full of yourself, you're not that attractive anyways"
now nanami's finally glaring at the him
"i'm sorry i don't think what you said was appropriate, unless you're talking about yourself"
naoya would probably throw a fist or two, and nanami would be very close to breaking the former's arms
but now he's only holding the guy still
"say that again and i'll consider that you have a death wish"
naoya's too prideful to even answer
"now stay away" nanami releases him with a bit of push bc he's still pretty angry
but he'll reverse back to his calm and collected nature when he walk you out of the scene
after that incident, naoya's on nanami's blacklist
if you ever have any business that's in proximity to naoya (e.g. visiting the zen'in household), nanami would come with you — if that's okay with you of course
if for any reason you don't want him to come with him then he won't, but he'd still ask for you to call him when that bastard annoys you again
and he'd actually be walking nearby to be right with you if you call for him
Tumblr media
© 2021 lilychvvie — all rights reserved. do not plagiarize, steal or repost.
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drarrily-we-row-along · 16 hours ago
Day 111: Smile
"Auror Potter! Auror Potter!" the wizarding press started shouting the instant the doors to the Wizengamot opened following the trial, and Draco watched as Harry's shoulders stiffened. "Smile for the cameras!" one witch shouted.
"Tell us about the case, Auror Potter!"
"How did you catch Hollister?"
"What's the status on your relationship with Ginny Weasley?"
He watched as Harry carefully put on a mask of indifference, making his face pleasant and amiable in the way that only someone who has spent years in the public eye is able to do.
Harry held up a hand, "Thank you for your interest in this case. We're asking that you respect the Griffiths Family's privacy as they go through the aftermath of this harrowing ordeal. Alden Hollister has been brought to justice; I will leave it to the court reporter to give you more of the details."
The reporters started in shouting at him once more, asking all sorts of questions both professional and personal.
"Sorry," he said, "If you'll excuse us please. Auror Malfoy and I have had a very difficult few days and we're long overdue for some rest," he added, chuckling amiably at them. "Thank you," he nodded. "Good night."
Without waiting for anything else, Draco reached out and grasped Harry's elbow and apparated them out of there and back to the apparition point just outside the Ministry. They had to apparate home separately, Merlin knew the press would have a field day if they knew the full truth about the nature of their relationship.
(Read more below the cut)
Members of the press were waiting by that apparation point as well, Draco watched a tremor of unease sluice up Harry's back. He was sure that he wouldn't have suspected a thing if not for how long he had been watching Harry Potter. Sometimes he wondered if he knew Harry better than Harry knew himself.
Harry held up a hand but Draco beat him to the punch this time. "Move," he snapped, pushing his way through the press but keeping Harry half a step ahead of him so they couldn't suck him in. "Auror Potter's already given an interview to your insipid colleagues. The DMLE and the Wizengamot will be issuing official statements within the hour, I suggest you wait for them."
They were followed into the lobby but fortunately the reporters couldn't come any further and within a few moments they were ensconced in the relative safety of the elevator.
Once they got inside, Harry leaned back against the back wall and let his head fall foward while Draco hit the button to their floor before joining him.
"Thanks," Harry murmured.
"Don't mention it," Draco replied, reaching across the gap between them and hooking their pinkies together.
He released his finger the floor before theirs and stepped away, "What do you still have to do?" he asked.
"You're submitting the report, right?"
Draco nodded, "It's just about done. I'll need a few minutes to finish."
"I just have to straighten up my desk, then. I'll head home first."
The elevator dinged and the door opened onto their floor, Draco gave Harry a little nod and they stepped out.
Harry was done straightening his desk and putting things away in ten minutes and he stood and stretched before patting Draco congenially on the shoulder. "Nice work, Malfoy," he said. "I'll see you in two days. Enjoy your couple of days of recovery," he added.
"Thanks, Potter," he replied. "You, too."
He didn't let himself watch Harry leave, didn't let himself look at his retreating form to analyze what he was feeling and thinking. No, he went back to finishing his report and after another fifteen minutes he was done as well. He dropped the report in Robbard's mailbox and headed for the apparition point, knowing that Harry would have used the floo network to avoid as many reporters as possible.
Fortunately, the reporters left him alone for the most part and he reached the apparation point without incident. A heartbeat later he was standing in their entry way, breathing in the comforting scent of home, the warmth seeping into his bones and washing away all of the tension and stress.
He kicked off his shoes, tucked his bag into the closet, and hung up his cloak before turning and heading into the kitchen. Harry was standing over the hob, cooking chicken tikka masala by the smell of it, and that told Draco everything his needed to know about how draining this case had been on Harry.
Harry only cooked after a case when he was especially frustrated, when he was desperate to care for someone, to fix the hurts he was able to, to heal. He ached with how much he loved the other man.
"Hey," he murmured as he wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and hooked his chin over his shoulder. "Smells good."
Harry leaned into him, "Good," he replied, setting the wooden spoon down and turning his head to press a quick kiss to Draco's lips. "How are you?" he asked softly.
"Tired," Draco replied honestly.
Harry hummed and turned back to his rice, pulling down the jar of jasmine and adding some. "Me too."
"I'm going to open a bottle of wine," he said, pressing a kiss to Harry's shoulder. "White okay?"
"Sure," the other man replied, giving him a worn, weary smile.
Draco opened the wine and set the table, getting everything ready while Harry finished preparing the food.
"Dinner's ready," Harry said, bringing over the rice and chicken tikka masala, and a batch of naan that he'd had under stasis for a moment like this.
"Thanks," Draco replied and the first part of dinner was quiet, companionable, like it always was.
Then, once Harry was almost done with his first helping he started to talk. "Godric, I hate those vultures," he grumbled before taking a sip of his wine. "Can you imagine how heartless you have to be to stand outside of a court to ambush someone after the kind of case we just finished?"
"They're awful," Draco agreed.
"I always wish I could tell them to fuck off," he added, shaking his head.
"What a sight that would be," he said with a laugh. "I'd give my entire vault at Gringotts to see it. Can you imagine their faces?"
Harry laughed too, "It sure would be something." But then after a moment he said, "What's happened to me?"
"What?" Draco asked, panic spearing through his chest. "What's wrong?"
He shook his head, "No, nothing like that," he said, soothingly. "Sorry. It's just," he paused as though he was trying to put his thoughts in order. "When I was seventeen I would have told them to piss off in an instant. I would have told them that they were heartless, soulless leeches without hesitation."
"You've just learned to be more diplomatic," Draco replied, tearing off another piece of naan to soak up more of the tikka masala.
"But why?" Harry asked. "I'm sick of it. It's exhausting."
Draco nodded, "I don't doubt it. But I'm sure even you would get in trouble for telling off the press like that. You are the Ministry's Golden Boy, after all. You've got quite an image to uphold."
"Why do we do this job, Draco?" he asked suddenly.
Draco blinked, their conversations after a case usually centered around the case itself and Harry's guilt for not being fast enough, clever enough, etc. "Well, when we started, you wanted to catch bad guys, save people, the works. And I wanted to redeem myself, do some good for once, and piss off my father."
Harry swallowed down the remainder of his glass of wine, "I hate it."
"Being an Auror," he said. "The only time I'm ever happy is when I'm with you, the only time I feel like I'm actually me is when I'm with you." He shook his head, "I don't know how I became this person. How I became someone who could put on a fake smile and be polite to people who are such arse holes."
"What are you saying?"
He blew out a breath, "I want to stop." Running his fingers through his hair he said, "I don't want to do this anymore."
"Alright," Draco said, covering Harry's hand with his own. "We'll quit tomorrow."
"We?" he asked.
He nodded, "Ninety percent of the reason that I am still an auror is to keep an eye on you."
Harry leaned in to kiss him, both of them smiling so widely that it made kissing rather difficult. "What'll we do?" Harry asked.
Draco shrugged, "Let's not rush into anything."
"Alright," Harry agreed, bringing Draco's hand to his lips and pressing a kiss to his wrist. "I'm sure whatever we decide on will be good, as long as we're together."
"I love you," Draco murmured.
Harry smiled and squeezed his hand, "I love you, too."
And even though he didn't quite know what tomorrow would bring, he knew that everything would be okay.
Day 110: Rough | Day 112: Intimacy
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raelynskies · 23 hours ago
{Calling him pretty}
Type; fluff, oh so much fluff
Characters; Yamaguchi, Sakusa, Oikawa, Tendou
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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purpleyoonn · 16 hours ago
the Little Fox Chapter 4
Tumblr media
“The idea of being free was a foreign concept. Being free meant having choices, having opportunities. Being a hybrid meant never being free.”
Summary: Just as you escaped the Little Fox, a bidding house, you find yourself at war with your thoughts, not wanting to go to another shelter. You didn’t expect yourself to find a home anywhere, especially not with the men who found you, and their pack.
Pairing: eventual polyBTS x hybrid reader
Genre: hybrid au!, fluff, angst, poly, mentions of abo, slowburn, eventual smut
Status: Ongoing
Word count: 3.4k
Warnings: insecurities, anxiety, past abuse, past sexual abuse, mentions of rape/noncon, some violence, mentions of violence.
Warnings for this Chapter: mentions of trauma, anxiety, mentions of blood, reference to past abuse, implication of past abuse, reference to trauma
Taglist: @leehaechanlee // @somewhereinthestarss // @jumpjoy // @yummiethedragoon2 // @fangirl125reader //  @ego-allie-bap // @daydreambrliever // @littlrmills14-blog // @20moonchild21 // @halesandy // @wooya1224 // @alphavvlycanluvbts // @bbgniecyy // @scenerydream // @calba301141 // @basicgukk // @wickedblue34 // @bigdickdaddysatan // @momoriki // @itneverends15713 // @jaiuneamesolitaiire // @beach-bitch-bitch-beach // @jwnghyuns // @rapunzel76​ // 
Masterlist // Chapter 3 // Chapter 5
Waking up to the sound of footsteps and humming was not what you had in mind. Groaning, you try to turn onto your stomach, only to be stopped by wires. A laugh snaps you out of your sleepy haze, head shooting up to see the nurse from before typing at the computer near the door.
“Good morning sunshine!” you groan again, throwing your head back onto the bed, only to gasp at the pain. “Careful! Your neck will be sore for a couple of more days. Now, I have your breakfast ready, and the doctor has already come in and checked on you. He says that he wants to keep you one more night for observation.”
She begins to fidget with a packet of medicine, trying to open it. “Did you know that you have a bleeding disorder?”
Your face scrunches up, brows knitting in confusion. You pull your tail to your chest, shaking your head. The nurse sighs.
“Okay well, let me put it this way, your blood is missing a factor in it. In order to not bleed out, blood clots, right?” You nod your head, “Your blood does not clot. This would help explain why the bruising is taking long to heal. So, the doctor has prescribed you some medicine to help with the clotting.” She puts some pills into a cup, handing it to you with some water.
You take it, handing her back the empty cup. This bleeding disorder would actually explain a lot. I never did heal as fast as Hyuk thought I should, leading him to always place you into one of the rooms instead of the examination room.
She comes back to you, maneuvering the table and tray again, like last night. “Your friends from last night are back, along with another person. Do you want me to let them know that they can come up?” You look at the clock above the door and seeing that it is past 9 am, you know that they must have been waiting since 8 when visiting hours opened. You look at her and nod.  
“Okay deary, I will let them know.” She says, leaving the room once again. Looking down at the tray, you begin to think about why they would keep visiting. Do they feel bad? Do I remind them of someone?
You squint your eyes at the food, remembering that Sweats and Strawberries were going to bring their fox mate to see you today. They said he was worried about you. But why would he be worried about me? It doesn't make sense.
You’re brought out of your thoughts by the door opening, the scent of chocolate and coffee entering the room. Your shoulders relax unknowingly, comfort wrapped around your arms like a hug. You look up and see Sweats and Strawberry with someone new, the fox.
He wore a black beanie, a t-shirt and sweats. Bracelets adorned his wrists, most looking homemade. He honestly looked like a forgotten Greek god; face chiseled to perfection.
Noticing that you were staring, Strawberries walked in front of the fox, coming to your side and sitting on the bed.
“Taehyung, this is… uh oh.” He gasps, realizing that he never asked for your name. Nor did he introduce himself.
“Yah! You dummy! You never introduced yourself!” Sweats yells, making you cover your ears. Shrinking down, you try to make yourself small behind Strawberries, causing the men in front of you to pause. “I’m sorry for yelling. My name is Seokjin, but you can call me Jin,” He stops, interrupted by Strawberries.
“You can call him Jinnie! That’s what we all call him, and look, it makes him flustered.” Strawberries states, a grin growing on his face as he nudges my shoulder, now pointing at the blush beginning to grow on Jin’s face.
I start to smile, seeing how Jin begins to come at Strawberries, saying things too fast for you to understand while slapping him wherever he can. Strawberries just laughing the whole time repeating “Jinnie” and “Jinnie Hyung”.
“His name is Jimin by the way.” you jump, startled by the presence behind you. You look behind you to see Taehyung. His hands in his sweat pockets as he looks you up and down. His eyes eventually linger on your neck, like everyone else has.
His pupils dilated, jaw becoming tense. You gulp, not knowing why he was so mad. His scent quickly turned rotten and had you holding your breath. You flinch, his movements too quick as he brings you into his arms, placing your head into his neck.
The rest of the room quickly freezes, becoming silent at the sight of Taehyung and you. Nuzzling himself onto the top of your head, you begin to shake, scared.
“Tae..You are scaring her baby,” Jimin says, arms up, scared to make the situation worse. Taehyung tightens his hold on you, now nuzzling his nose into your neck, hot breath meeting your scent gland.
You begin to relax at the feeling of him, even with your instincts telling you to flee. He lessens his grip at the sight of you relaxing, pushing his pheromones to wrap around the both of you.
“Tae, we talked about this before we came.” Jin says, coming to place a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder. His eyes softened at the sight of his mate, still wrapped around you.
Whatever they must have talked about before coming made him pause in his scenting. He pulls back, looking you in the eye. Your eyes glazed over from the previous scenting, both coming down from the beginning of a pheromone high.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered, still close to you. His face turns into one of sadness, tears starting to well in his eyes at the thought of scaring you. You shake your head.
“It’s okay.” You whisper back.  Jin, still holding onto Taehyung, looks surprised, mouth opening and closing, trying to form proper words. He eventually says nothing, helping you back into the bed. Once under the covers, Taehyung who is still standing, walks to where Jimin is now sitting right next to the bed.
Seeing there is nowhere else to sit, Jin takes a seat at the end of the bed, crossing one leg over the other.
“That went better than I thought.” Jin states, breaking the weird atmosphere the room had entered.
Jimin, however, jolts in his seat. Looking at you he exclaims. “You never told us your name!” Everyone looks at you again, making you squirm in your seat.
“My name is Y/N.” You say, not looking up from your lap.
“That is a very pretty name Y/N.” Jin says, making you look up at him, a small smile on his face, eyes beginning to crinkle. A blush appears on your face as the boys start talking about what Taehyung did yesterday.
Around noon, the nurse comes back into the room. Seeing the boys still here, she smiles.
“Okay deary, I am here to get some blood from you, so that we can run some tests.” She says pulling a cart into the room.
“May I ask what kind of tests?” Jin asks, looking over the various different vials on the cart. He goes to grab onto a vial, getting his hand slapped by the nurse instead.
The nurse looks at you, asking for permission to talk to him. You shrug, not used to having such privacy.
“It’s okay,” Jimin states, holding onto your hand. “Jin hyung is a doctor. He works at a different hospital. Once closer to where we live.” You look back over to the nurse, now nodding your head.
She begins to explain what tests she is running, and why. During this, you begin to play with the bed sheets laying on top of your legs. Suddenly fully aware of what is going to happen next, you bring your tail into your lap, running your fingers through the once soft fur.
The last time you had to get a needle was when you were first brought into the Little Fox. It was only your second day there, but your first night of the bidding. They had a nurse come by to make sure you were still pure and had no visible marks or impurities. You refused and thrashed around in the hold of the guards. So, they gave you something to sleep. The last thing you remember was the nurse pulling items off of her tray.
Holding onto your hand, Taehyung slowly brings it into his lap. Rubbing his thumb across the top of your hand, he grabs the attention of Jimin. Jimin does the same with your other hand, now both in the hold of the two hybrids.
“It's okay, we are right here.”
Before the nurse left with her tray, she reminded you that if everything goes well, you would be able to leave in the morning after breakfast. You nodded her way, face void of emotion. She looked at you, her smile not reaching her eyes as she nodded back. Opening the door, she looks at the boys, nodding their way as a goodbye.  
Jin, Jimin, and Taehyung look at each other, silently communicating with their eyes. You don’t pay them any attention, trying to remember the name of the shelter Hyuk said his friend owned.
Maybe I can stay there for now. Hyuk always said that he could help me and Areum get a room there.So deep in your thoughts, you didn't hear Jin and Jimin try to gain your attention.  
A hand makes its way to your calf, startling you out of your head. You look at the hand, then up to see Taehyung smiling down at you. He nods to the side, where Jin and Jimin are looking at the both of you.
Jin starts again, “Y/ you um.. have a place to stay when you get discharged?” Why are they asking me this? Don’t they work for the bidding house? But if they were, why did they even bring me to the hospital when Hyuk handles all of my care? This doesn't make any sense.
They must notice the change in your scent and see the confusion written across your face because Taehyung and Jimin both look at Jin, who begins to speak again.            “I mean we were just wondering.. I was just asking because of where we found you. Not that there's anything wrong with where we found you. You had a nice spot going on, I mean the blanket could have been better.” This earns a slap to his thigh from Jimin, who looks at him incredulously. Jin just winces, continuing, “I, no, we,” he gestures to Jimin and Taehyung who smile at you, “were wondering if you wanted to stay with us.” his voice goes quiet at the end, noticing your eyes widening.
You know that you shouldn't want to. You should want to continue on, try to find a place where you fit in outside of the city. As far away as you can from the Little Fox. But you don't think you have ever felt as safe as you do in the presence of these three. You don’t want this feeling to end.
But what if they are just trying to gain your trust? What if they do work for the Little Fox and just want to bring you back? What if this is too good to be true?
A small whimper breaks you out of your thoughts. You look at where you heard the sound and see Taehyung tense up, nose scrunched. He reaches for your knee but you move away, scared of you own thoughts and how true they could be.
Your hands start to shake as you run them through your tail. Getting closer, Jimin tries to reach out to you. You try to push yourself back farther, now squished to the end of the bed, fully alert. While having them all in your vision helps you to breathe, their downturned faces do not.
You pause, seeing the tears in Jimin and Taehyung’s eyes. Why does that hurt so much? You move forward a little bit wanting, no, needing to wipe their tears away. Realizing what you were about to do, you stopped. The scent of chocolate and Strawberries slowly becomes dark and bitter, heavy in the air.
Forgetting your own thoughts, you slowly bring your hand forward to Taehyung, who is still sitting on the bed.  Frozen, he keeps his eyes on your face as you bring your thumb up to wipe away his tears.
Bringing your hand down, you noticed just how close you had gotten, almost sitting in his lap. You try to move away but hands on your waist stop you.
“Please don’t go” Taehyung whispers, eyes still locked with yours, searching. You nod slowly, not wanting to see him cry again. You turn to you are facing the other boys, Tae bringing you to lean back against him, wanting you as close as possible.
Jin and Jimin notice you relax against Taehyung and look at each other. The bond between you two already forming without you knowing.
Seeing the two smiling at you and Taehyung reminds you of the conversation from yesterday about their mates. You sit up, almost knocking the top of your head into Taehyung’s chin.
“You have more mates.” You state.
“Uh, yes?” Jin says, tilting his head unsure of where the statement came from. The boys look at each other, wondering where the conversation is heading.
“Then why do you want me to come home with you? Won’t your other mates be mad? They don’t know me. Are there other hybrids? They will be upset with me entering their territory, I don’t want to make them upset.” You answer, rambling a little as you become more unnerved and anxious. The boys just look at you.
“Y/n, we wouldn’t offer if we didn’t want you to come with us. We promised you that we would help you, and we never break our promise.” Jimin holds your hand, gesturing between him and Jin. “Plus, I think the others are already getting a room ready for you,” Jin pauses, seeing the look of confusion on your face.
“Why would they be getting a room ready?” I haven’t even said yes or no yet, you thought. The boys do that weird ‘communicating silently with only their eyes’ thing again.
“We were hoping you would say yes.” Whispered Jimin, not looking you in the eyes. Instead, he holds onto Jin’s hand, squeezing his eyes shut. Just the sight of him makes you want to cry. You don’t understand why you feel so upset at the sight of his uneasiness.
The safe feeling you get from the men in front of you hasn’t faded, only getting stronger the longer you are in their presence. Areum had made you feel safe, but this was something more. Something you couldn’t describe, even to yourself. The decision to go with them was made before you could even think otherwise.
“I would like to go with you, if it is still okay.” You say, looking at Jin, realizing that he might have had the final say. A pair of arms pull you into their chest, warm chocolate wrapped around you, drawing you in. Sweet strawberries begin to mix with the chocolate as another pair of arms wraps themselves around both you and Taehyung.
“I’m so happy you said yes.” Jimin says into your neck, lips grazing against your scent gland, drawing out sweet vanilla and coconut. ‘A dangerous combination’ Areum used to say. You didn’t even notice Jin leave the room, speaking to someone on the phone.
The door opens and Jin walks through, a large smile on his face. “Okay, so I just talked to Namjoon, he said that the room should be ready by tonight. I also talked to the doctor, and he said that you are able to be discharged tomorrow, given everything goes well when you have your check up tomorrow morning.”
Even after hearing the news, you still don’t move from your position in between Jimin and Taehyung, the warmth soothing your anxiety.
The rest of the day passes by with you still in their arms. Lunch and dinner were a little difficult, seeing as you didn’t want to leave their arms, but the loud grumbling of your stomach was too loud to ignore. So just like yesterday, Jimin, along with Taehyung this time, fed you food from the tray. Your nurse smiling every time she walked in, even as Taehyung almost growled at her when she went to check your IV. That, however, caused Jin to scold Taehyung, making him whine into your hair, trying to hide from his hyung.
Your laugh was something that the boys collectively decided was something that they needed to hear every minute of the day. Hearing you laugh, however short it might have been, was something that Jin wanted to capture on every recording he could. Maybe Yoongi could make it into a song? Jin thought. He didn’t care, just wanting to hear it again.
Despite him holding back his own need to hold you, Jin knew he would get another chance. Especially after you said you wanted to come home with them. He couldn’t wait to wrap you up in their bed, watching as his mates laid around you, protecting you from any harm.
Done with dinner, you are laying down with Jimin and Taehyung at your side. Jimin is telling you all about the house and how he likes to sneak into his mate, Yoongi’s room and just lay in his bed. “His bed is the comfiest, I don’t know what he does, but there must be some sort of ‘attract jimin’ spray. Plus, he has the best view of the forest from his window. Joonie likes to sit at the window seat and watch.” You smile up at him, his face bright speaking about his mates.
Taehyung just nuzzles into your hair, sometimes nodding or adding in his two cents to whatever Jimin says. He has decided that he loves the feeling of your hair. Loves being able to play with it. He even starts to braid it back away from your face, not liking that when you move your head your hair will block his view of you.
Jimin is forced to pause his storytelling as your nurse walks in to tell you that visiting hours are over. Knowing Jin will drag him out, Jimin moves away from you, albeit reluctantly. Taehyung, however, just hugs you tighter, bringing you even closer into his chest and away from Jimin.
“Now come on pup, if we don’t follow the rules of the hospital, they might not let us in to bring her home tomorrow.” Jin says, coming over to Taehyung’s side and trying to coax him away from your bed. This has Taehyung moving away from you, slowly, but still moving. His slow movement is stopped when Jimin and Jin help him off the bed.
Finally alone on the bed, Jin is able to hug you, holding you close for a couple of seconds before Jimin and Taehyung think this is an opportunity for more hugs. “We will see you tomorrow little one.” He kisses your forehead before he pulls away, moving back to Jimin and Taehyung.
It takes a couple of minutes, but Jin finally pulls Jimin and Taehyung away from the room, them both claiming that they needed one more hug before they could leave. Once they do leave, you look at the nurse, a small smile on your face.
“You know, I think they are good people. They seem to really care about you.” She types onto her computer as she continues. “Those two younger ones would not leave your side. The taller one even tried to growl at me. I almost growled back!” she exclaimed, laughing at the memory.
As she left again, promising to see you tomorrow at your last check up and turning the lights off, you fell asleep thinking about what your new home might be like.
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king-star · 4 hours ago
Drunk Snuggles
Warning: None
Match: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Request: “ I love you” “Tell me that when your sober”
Tumblr media
Clubbing wasn’t a thing you enjoyed. You in your right mind couldn’t understand why anyone enjoyed doing this. The drunk people drooling on you. Squeezing between bodies and having people touch you. Not to mention the smell. It wasn’t fun one bit. But Natasha enjoyed it. You couldn’t say no to her. Ever. She would come up to you In her little black dress running her hands over you begging to come be her designated driver. She didn’t need a driver because Tony could send one with her. She wanted you there and she knew ever touch of her hand to your arm had you hooked. It was no secret your feelings for this woman. She was gorgeous, badass, and seductive. Tonight was one of those nights that you had said no refusing to look into her eyes. She had touched your arm leaning up to lay her head on your shoulder. “ please, I need you to protect me,” she pleaded in your ear. “ like hell you do. Your black widow.” She would laugh and then you’d look into her eyes and you were gone. Succumb to her seductive nature and beautiful eyes. “ fine whatever. You know I really can’t figure you out. You act like you like me but also you act like your just flirting. What is it! Your driving me crazy” she just laughed at you. “ who can say. It’s pretty obvious which one. Let me know when you figure it out.” You growl in frustration. Every single time she did this and you wish you could just get a straight answer. “ well whatever. I’m only going for an hour tonight then I’m coming home. I have a meeting tomorrow with General Ross.” You got dressed with a little help from Wanda of course and the two of you are off. The club tonight is one you’d been to a couple times before. Most of the people who frequented were bisexual and Natasha liked this, being pan watched her standing at the bar making polite conversation with the bar tender and a few of the patrons. Some people hit on you and you subtle told them you weren’t interested. Now you stood at the bar with a rum in your hand. The bartender had been asking you about working for the avengers after he recognised your name from your ID. You scanned the room looking for Natasha” yeah movie nights are the greatest. We have all the candy we need the seats are hilariously comfortable and the screen is massive.” You land your eyes on Natasha. She is dancing grinding on some guy in the crowd. She had become slightly drunk fairly soon into the night. You had conceded to three hours instead of one and had been steadily bored since. You watched as the man began to makeout with Natasha. An animal like feeling clawed at your stomach. You wanted to walk into that crowd shoving anyone in your way and pull that man off of Natasha. But That was childish, you would control yourself. You were fairly certain you could answer that question about wether or not Natasha liked you. Nope. Natta. Not a bit. A beeping noise resonated in your ears and you looked at your phone seeing the three hours were up. You walked over to the edge of the crowd and tried to get Natasha attention. The man plastered to her face had her preoccupied. You pushed your way slowly into the crowd and tapped on her shoulder,” sorry to interrupt your fun times but like I said meeting tomorrow,” Natasha pulled away and looked breathlessly at you. “ time to goe alrwady?” She asks slurring slightly. “ yes ma’am” you pull her away feeling her lean on your arm. Pulling her away from the man felt pretty good. You would never admit it but jealousy took grip of you almost completely. “ yes sweetie. Play times over” the crowd thins out to let you through. The car isn’t far and you have to practically carry her the entire way. She falls asleep soon after you strap her entire the passengers seat. She looks cute when she sleeps. Not the partying drunk, badass assassin or comedian she always is awake. She just looks cute. You smile and start the car. The drive back is short and every uneven breath you take a glance to see if Natasha is waking up. When you finally get back she still doesn’t wake up and you sling her over your shoulders.The facility
is mostly empty for 11 o’clock. The housing facility is also empty. You hear different people shuffling around their receptive rooms but people stear clear of the kitchen. You place Natasha at the breakfast bar and begin to make some pancakes. Natasha begins to stir and grabs the glass of water you had placed next to her. “ heyyyyy I smell pancakes” she giggles as if she made a joke. “ yes sweeties I made pancakes” she laughs again. “ I love you,” she stops laughing and looks up to you.” Yeah yeah I know I’m great.” She stares you in the eye and gives you a serious look only a 5 year old could achieve. “ no I mean it. You asked me if I like you. I loooovveee you” you roll your eyes. “ tell me that when your sober” Natasha begins to cry and laugh at the same time. “ yeah I decided I’ll tell you tomorrow. Then you’ll know I lovvveee you” she starts to cackle more and more until she falls into the floor. You don’t even check on her because the laughing continues. “ orders up” you place a plate next to her glass of water piled high with chocolate chip pancakes. She takes a few bites and then throws up. “ they taste good but my tummy don’t feel so good” you go to the wall panel and send a request for someone to come clean up in the kitchen. The remaining pancakes go into the fridge, you prefer cold pancakes anyway. “ let’s go get you in bed,” you pick her up off the floor and walk her to her room. She makes inaudible noises as you walk. When you finally place her on her bed and get her undressed she starts to come back to her senses. You walk towards the door after she is tucked in, she grabs your hand. “ please snuggle with me.” You roll your eyes and consider. Even if she was drunk she needed you. “ ok fine” you fall down into the bed and pull yourself under the covers. She grabs your arm and pulls herself under it. “ snuggles,” she giggles slightly. And you lay your head on her. “ yeah snuggles,” it takes her no time at all to fall asleep but you can’t bring yourself to get up. She is so helpless and beautiful. You curl tighter into her arms and fall asleep yourself.
(This was reposted from my old account)
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kejimylove · 22 hours ago
Hello, I hope your day was good ☺️ I really liked your text scenarios and was wondering if you can do one where iwaizumi/ oikawa/ kuroo accidentally sent a text to their s/o thinking that they were their mom. And their s/o goes along with it. Thank you ❤️!!
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐮!! 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐲𝐞𝐬 𝐢 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐝𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭!!
𝐈𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐭𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐦 𝐡𝐞𝐡𝐞<3 o_O ||
𝐎𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐰𝐚 𝐭. ( ̄ε ̄@)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐨 𝐭. ٩( ´◡` )( ´◡` )۶
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐰𝐚𝐢𝐳𝐮𝐦𝐢 𝐡. (^_-)☆
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lilxberry · 21 hours ago
Damn Dog! - Yelena Belova
Tumblr media
Warnings: Serious amount of language. Major fluff. Mentions of animal abuse (literally once and it’s not descriptive like, at all). Humour. Most likely OOC!Yelena (I haven’t seen Black Widow yet, although I am getting to it!)
Words: 4,068
Pairings: Yelena Belova x reader (intended female reader) (pretty certain I hadn’t specified a gender though)
(A/N: As I’ve said within the warnings, I have yet to watch Black Widow so Yelena may possibly be OOC. And although I haven’t seen it, I knew from the first trailer that this was just another person I was gone fall in love with lmao.)
(A/N 2: Kosmostars is an actual cereal from Russia that I’ve had multiple times. It’s so nice, holy shit. Also, you’ll be able to guess roughly when this was set from something I had written on ‘Day 3′, although I did just set this in Russia ‘cause why not.)
(A/N 3: Everything in bold italics are in Russian and everything in bold italics encased in brackets is the translation.)
You heard the slap of bare feet against the floor in quick beats before your door slammed open revealing a dishevelled Yelena. Although you felt thoroughly confused, your face remained schooled, your eyes slowly retreating back towards the book held within your hand, beginning to leisurely read once more.
“Don’t go into the kitchen!” she rushed out.
This time, your head tilted towards your girlfriend, raising an eyebrow up in question. “And why not, любовь моя?” (My love?)
Just as she opened her mouth, a high yapping could be heard from down the hall. You groaned and rolled your eyes, looking near close to giving up and jumping out of the window. “That best not be what I think it is.” Your tone held warning and all she did was smile sheepishly.
Sighing heavily, you close your eyes and pinch the bridge of your nose, lowering the book down into your lap pathetically. “No Yelena.”
“But it was abandoned! And it’s like, super cute!” she whined, gesturing her arms wildly in a weak attempt to persuade you. “Just, at least come have a look at it before you force me to get rid of it.”
Removing your pointer finger and thumb of its position on your nose, you look at Yelena who had the biggest of puppy eyes, her bottom lip jutted out ever so slightly for that added extra effect. You huffed and you placed your bookmark between the two pages you had open and placed the now closed novel beside you on the bed before uncrossing your legs at the ankle and swinging your legs over the edge of the bed and standing.
She beamed brightly before turning and quickly exiting the bedroom, hastily making her way back towards the kitchen where she had left the animal. Standing, you groaned as you raised your arms above your head in a stretch, your t-shirt riding up slightly as you did so. Feeling satisfied, you began your small trek to the kitchen yourself.
You could catch the scent of wet dog before you rounded the corner and when your eyes finally settled on the small Chesapeake Bay Retriever with such a dirty, filth ridden coat, you couldn’t even tell which colour it actually was, you groaned once more.
The kitchen was covered in muck what the dog brought with it and there was a small trail of muddy paw prints that created a path from the front door to the kitchen of your shared apartment.
Groaning, you cross your arms, and an unimpressed expression befell on your face.  “Okay. I’ve seen it. Now my answer still stands. No.”
“But! Babe-“
“No. Get rid of it. And clean the damn mess up. I certainly aren’t doing it.” You cut her off, going to turn on your heel and return to your shared bedroom but paused as Yelena spoke up.
“Why can’t we keep it?” Her voice sounded genuinely upset and hurt with a hint of curiosity. It made your heart clench but nonetheless, you would stand your ground.
“We don’t exactly have the time to look after a dog, Yelena. You do remember what we do for a living, yes? Plus, I don’t even think the building allows pets like dogs.” Yelena couldn’t deny that you certainly made excellent points but she had some of her own.
“We aren’t always away and, since we are do good at what we do, it never really takes long, so we would have time. And I’m pretty sure that old lady upstairs has like, 17 cats!” she exclaimed.
You groaned loudly as you threw your head back before turning you gaze back towards Yelena. “What’s wrong with the fish we have?” You stretched your arm in the general direction of the medium sized tank that held a dozen and a half of exotic fish.
“They’re boring. You can’t walk them, you can’t cuddle them, you can’t play with them. They just swim and eat and make way too many babies,” she sasses back, folding her arms across her chest and popping her hip out feeling she had won the argument.
“Who would’ve thought that fish swim and eat and reproduce?” you rhetorically asked, voice dripping with sarcasm. “They’re easy to look after and they certainly don’t make a mess of the apartment. That thing,” you pointed towards the dog who sat quietly between the two of you, head tilting side to side as it watched the both of you. “Has been here what, 5 minutes? And look the state of the place.”
“A fish is also very unlikely to break your heart when it dies.” Yelena opened her mouth to retort back but you continued, silencing her once more. “We have nothing to look after it, no bed, no food, no collar or lead, no toys. We cannot look after this dog and that’s final, Yelena.”
You left before she could reply, certainly not wanting to see her heartbroken expression. You knew you would be in the doghouse for quite some time but, you were doing this for her. That dog would do nothing but hurt her in the end. Getting attached to such things never works out.
Just as you reached the bedroom, you could hear Yelena call out to you, her tone very sullen and down with a hint of anger. You certainly knew you would be sleeping on the couch that night. “It’ll be gone within the week. The least you could do is give me time to find a suitable home for it!”
Sighing, you enter the bedroom and close the door behind you, moving to sit atop the bed once more, picking up your book and getting comfortable. Moments pass where the apartment it fairly silently until you heard the muffled sound of the shower running down the hallway and you assumed that she was cleaning up the stray she had lured home.
Of course, Yelena got the time needed to find a loving home for the animal but turns out, it had lasted longer than you had hoped and the days that followed were certainly…something.
Day 1
Your back felt stiff from lying on the couch all night, tossing and turning as you had struggled to get comfortable on the furniture and you had felt a lot more exhausted than normal from the lack of sleep you could attain as you were away from your bed.
But what had been the main cause of you rousing from your moment of actual sleep had been a hyperactive puppy jumping on your chest, winding you and causing a pain to erupt in your gut.
Coughing and groaning, you sat up and clutched at your abdomen. Opening your eyes, the furry little bastard that awoke you sat before you, wagging its tail and panting obnoxiously loud. You narrowed your eyes at your early morning attacker as it stared up at you with a tilted head.
“Спасибо, ты гребаный засранец,” you muttered quietly before standing from the couch and slugged your way to the, now clean, kitchen, yawning and scratching at an ich on your lower back. (Thanks, you fucking asshole.)
Your tired eyes spot your girlfriend stood quietly at the stove, two frying pans atop a ring each, one cooking bacon and the other eggs from what your nose could pick up.
“Morning,” you grumbled but, rather than Yelena smiling at you and wishing you a good morning, you received silence and the image of her back. Sighing softly, you try once more, attempting a more cautious and gentle approach.
“I know you’re upset with me but please understand that we just cannot have a dog.” You watched her once tense shoulders sag and a sigh escape her. Diminishing the small bubble of nerves, you had felt at a possible Yelena outburst, you walked closer and closer until you wrapped your arms around her waist and rest your chin atop her head.
“I’m upset, but I understand.” She moved far enough for your head to move from the crown of her own, and she turned, puckering her lips slightly, awaiting a kiss to which you chuckled and complied.
“You hungry?” she asked sweetly to which you nodded vigorously.
Yelena proceeded to chuckled before removing your arms from around her waist and moving to turn the gas off for both rings, both eggs and bacon fully cooked. One by one, she removed the frying pans from atop the hob and plated all the egg on one plate and shared the multiple slices of bacon between two. “The stoves’ free now, if you want to use it.”
You gaped at her as she moved to sit at the small, round table a few feet away, placing the plate with both bacon and eggs before her and the other on the floor beside her which prompted the dog to come bounding over before devouring the meat.
“So, I’m no longer getting fed? That little asshole gets my food?!”
“Yep,” she replied nonchalantly, popping the ‘P’ before piling some egg on to her fork and casually shoving the food in her mouth, chewing contently. You threw your hands up in exasperation and turned to face the multiple cupboards, moving towards the one that usually held the small assortment of different cereal.
Finally fixing yourself up a bowl of Kosmostars, you take a seat beside Yelena at the table, grumpily tucking into to your cereal, shovelling mouthfuls in and chewing fast, milk from your spoon occasionally dropping on to your chin which you moodily wipe away with the back of your hand.
Yelena held back a laugh at your pouty, child-like behaviour and she thought now would be the perfect time to mention her plans for the day. “By the way, I’ll be going out to get some things for the dog, since we can’t feed him bacon everyday for each meal until he leaves. We can give what we bought to his new owners then.”
You hummed around your spoon before speaking with a full mouth. “Found out it’s a boy, huh?”
“Do the female dogs you usually see have a penis?” she asked playfully and you chuckled sarcastically, rolling your eyes. As you scooped more of your cereal into your mouth, she continued. “Anyways, that means you’ll have to watch him while I’m out.”
“WHAT?!” you exclaimed, slightly muffled by the cereal you had yet to swallow before speaking. “I GOTTA DAMN DOGSIT?!”
Rather than a reply from Yelena, the forementioned dog barked at you, causing you to groan and Yelena to laugh, finding the whole thing highly amusing.
Day 2
The cold weather in Russia was a regular occurrence but today the cold, bitter bite of the wind seemed crueller and more unrelenting that day.
Walking through the apartment as you towel dry your hair from your shower, you find Yelena curled up on the couch, blanket tightly wrapped around her as she half-ass attempts to pay attention to the television adjacent.
Chuckling, you allow the towel to drape over your shoulders and walk towards the couch, coming to stand behind it. You leant over the back and placed your hands atop her shoulders which caused her to jump and snap her head towards you, eliciting a chuckle from you.
“You seem comfy,” you teased.
“I’d be comfier if you joined me.” She flashed a blinding, wide smile to which you shook your head at and began to round the couch to join her.
You reached the front of the couch and plonked yourself down, reclining back. Just as Yelena began to scoot closer towards you nestle herself under your arm which you had raised for her automatically, it jumped up between the two of you, laying his body between you and resting its head upon your girlfriends’ lap without a care in the world.
Yelena softly giggled at the puppies act of ‘cuteness’ whereas you growled under your breath in annoyance. Rather than move the dog and snuggle with you, she curled herself up and around the dog, cuddling it and scratching behind its ears affectionately.
‘Чёртов пёс,’ you thought to yourself as you scowled and sat by yourself, neglected by your girlfriend. (Damn dog.)
Day 3
Feet outstretched, resting on top of the coffee table and legs crossed at the ankle, newspaper in hand and a steaming cup of coffee beside you on the end table. You felt utterly relaxed and with Yelena out shopping for food, it was her turn anyways, you had complete silence. Beautifully, blissful silence.
Key word; had.
You didn’t hate dogs, of course you didn’t. It just…wasn’t an opportune time for a bigger responsibility, bigger than your colourful and exotic fish at least.
Peacefully reading an article on some crazy happenings in Sokovia, a slobbery tennis ball that already looked like it had been chewed to hell had been dropped into your lap. Looking down, you see the yellow, fuzzy sphere glistening with saliva in your lap.
Soft pants sound beside you and when you slowly turn your head to your left, you see the dog, sitting right in the spot Yelena usually occupies, head tilted, tongue hanging out of his mouth, clearly waiting for you to interact with him.
“No.” You pick the ball up between your pointer finger and thumb, face subtly twisted in disgust and tossed it away from you.
The dog bounded after the ball and just as you grasped your newspaper again ready to return to reading after wiping your wet digits down the leg of your sweatpants, the ball drops down on to your lap once more and a happy, singular bark sounds from your left.
Groaning loudly, you cave and pick the ball up again, tossing it to the other side of the room. Before the dog returned, you adjusted the newspaper so you could hold it with your right hand.
The two of you repeated the action of throwing and returning the ball as you read until the pup exhausted himself out, flopping on to the couch beside you and releasing a yawn. You tare your eyes away from the words before you to peer down at the dog, the corner of your mouth twitching upwards ever so slightly.
“I guess you’re kind of cute, dog.”
The dog rotated his body, exposing his belly at you as he pants happily. You shake your head and chuckle as you bring your hand that had been playing catch with the dog down on to his tummy, rubbing and patting it.
You absentmindedly continue the action as you read right up to the moment Yelena came through the door, bags filled with food and other necessities in hand, the dog charging at her to greet her at the door.
After giving the dog attention, she raised her head to look at you, her eyes quickly landing on to your sweatpants with darker patches from the dogs’ slobber off the ball. “What happened to your pants?”
You looked down and grimaced. “The damn dog is what happened.”
Day 4
With the days ending sooner and darkness rolling in quicker due to the colder of the four seasons, it had already reached the end of the day before you know it.
Once again, you casually stretched your legs out on the bed as your read from your book, enjoying the authors tale of murder and mystery all while Yelena was washing up to join you in bed, desperate to join you under the covers and heat up.
“I just don’t understand,” Yelena called out to you from the bathroom down the hallway from bedroom.
Chuckling, you reply. “Don’t understand what?”
“That no one seems to want Kosmo! I can’t find anyone that wants him!”
“You named him?!” At that point, Yelena had finished in the bathroom and rounded the corner, walking towards the bed as she ties her hair up haphazardly, nodding in response. “After cereal?”
She shrugs. “I mean, why not?”
You looked at her flabbergasted and began to speak slowly, as if trying to explain something to a child. “Because he’s a dog and that’s cereal. Also, you’re just going to get more attached now. Meaning, you’re going to be even more upset when he goes to live with his new owners.”
Yelena sighs as she climbs into the bed and covers herself with the quilt. “I know.”
Rolling your eyes, you place your bookmark into the novel and place it on to the bedside table, switching the lamp off afterwards. You turn and place a sweet, quick kiss on her lips. “Goodnight, Yelena.”
“Goodnight,” she replies drowsily.
Settling yourself under the covers properly, you lie awake until sleep comes along to take you in its grasp.
Just as you’re dropping off to sleep, you feel a shift in the bed and movement to your left. You stir and twist your body to face who you assumed was Yelena, only to be met with a long swipe of a tongue up the side of your face.
Grunting, you wipe your arm along your face to get rid of the slobber and narrow your eyes at the four-legged intruder. “спускайся,” you commanded quietly, to which the dog responded in nuzzling itself further in between yourself and Yelena. (Get down.)
“No, Kosmo-“ You cut yourself off with a sigh and decided to allow the dog to remain in bed with the two of you. Plus, you couldn’t deny that the warmth the dog radiated was a nice change from the coldness you would usually feel.
The dog was like a damn radiator!
With much reluctance, you allowed your drowsy eyes to droop close and you finally fell asleep. At some point during the night, you had wrapped your arm around the pooch, hugging it close to your body loosely.
The damn dog was growing on you.
Day 5
After what was possibly the best sleep you had in years, you wouldn’t admit it though, most the day passed by as it usually did, quality time spent in each other’s presence and eating together when it came the time for meals.
Now, a lazy winter afternoon, the two of you were sat beside each other on the couch, no dog separating the two of you, lounging around as reruns of some terrible sitcom plays.
“I should probably take Kosmo for a walk. He hasn’t been out in a few hours now,” Yelena speaks, pulling away from you and sitting up, ready to stand and collect her shoes and coat along with Kosmos’ collar and lead.
“Wanna come with?” You raise an eyebrow up as you look at her, to which she pouts, pulling out her best puppy dog eyes.
Chuckling, you stand and hold your hand out to her which she snatches hastily, allowing you to pull her to stand. The two of you make quick work in putting on appropriate clothing and shoes for the cold winter in Russia and before you know it, you’re out the door, Kosmo on his leash, all three of you trudging through the snow-covered streets.
Arriving at a park, Yelena unclips Kosmos’ leash from his collar to allow him to run around freely and you two to follow at a slower, more leisurely pace. She wraps her arm around your own as you stroll, hugging it tightly.
“This is nice,” she breaks the silence between you both moments later.
“Yeah.” She sighs happily as a feeling of contentment washes over her, part of it rubbing off on you as you happen to feel quite happy in the moment also.
She releases her hold on your arm and opts to take a hold of your glove clad hand in her own as she steps in front of you and walks backwards, smiling. You eye her suspiciously. “What?”
“Nothing,” she says in a sing-song tone causing you to chuckle and pull her closer to you.
“Weirdo,” you tease.
Yelena hums and leans in. Just as your lips are about to meet in a sweet kiss, you caught movement in your peripheral and heard a yelp swiftly after causing you to jerk away from Yelena and turn to your right, Yelena copying your actions.
Kosmo was quick to return to you and Yelena as a man began to laugh, two others behind him joining in with his laughing. You were quick to realise that what you had caught out the corner of your eye was the man kicking Kosmo and just as quickly as realisation had dawned on you, your blood began to boil.
“Hey!” You began storming over towards the man as Yelena was crouched down beside Kosmo, cheeking him over and ensure he’s okay, trying to soothe him as best as she could. Looking at the man, you could easily tell he and his friends were intoxicated due to how they swayed on the spot.
“Зачем ты пнул мою собаку, пьяный кусок дерьма?” you raged, quickly closing in on him. This seemed to cause their laughter to die down, just drunken chuckles escaping them occasionally. (Why'd you kick my dog, you fucking drunk piece of shit?)
“Эта шавка принадлежит тебе?” His eyes were lidded and his words were slurred. (That mutt belongs to you?)
“Он не какая-то дворняга,” you seethed. You now stood before him, fists clenched tightly as your anger rose. You desperately restrained yourself from beating the living daylights out of the man who was a good 3 inches shorter than you, at least. (He ain’t some mutt.)
“Похоже на одно,” he started as he chuckled, the alcohol he had been drinking wafted up into your nose. “Я бы получил еще один удар, если бы этот мелкий ублюдок не убежал.” (Looks like one.)  (I would've got another kick in if the little fucker didn't run.)
The three men roared in laughter, and you saw red. You snapped. With fast movements, you grasped the man’s arm, twisting it behind his back and holding it firmly in a bruising grip. You could feel bone in his arm beneath your palm strain and slowly inch closer and closer to snapping in your hold.
All three of the mens’ eyes had widened in alarm and fear, you could feel the man in your hands shake and tremble, although you couldn’t tell whether it was due to you, the cold weather or the alcohol he had been consuming.
“Еще раз тронешь нашу собаку, и я сломаю тебе обе руки.” You stared at the two of his friends with a dark, cold, intimidating expression and dead eyes as you spoke in a menacing, threatening tone. “Это касается и вас двоих тоже.” (Touch our dog again and I'll break both of your arms.) (That goes for you two, too.)
You released your grip on the man who staggered forward and ran towards his friends. They all staggered away as quickly as their intoxicated bodies would allow.
Spitting at the floor, a habit you had done ever since you were younger when angry, you turned back to Yelena and Kosmo, your face instantly softening. You rushed over, joining Yelena in kneeling beside Kosmo, cautiously petting him and stroking through his coat which was now quite damp due to the snowflakes that had melted after coming in contact with his body.
“Is he okay?” you asked, genuinely concerned for the dog, eyes focused on him, missing the smile Yelena was watching you with.
“Yeah, he’s fine. Doesn’t seem too hurt.”
You hummed. “Okay. Good. We’ll take him to get checked out tomorrow.”
Receiving no reply, you lift your gaze from Kosmo in front of you to Yelena who was looking at you with complete and utter adoration. You raised your eyebrow in question, confused. “What?”
“Our dog, huh?” She smiled knowingly.
You threw your head back and groaned. “Fine!” you relented. “We’ll keep the damn dog! You’ve already named him anyways.”
Surprisingly, Yelena squealed in happiness and she quickly leant over Kosmo between you and kissed you which you quickly melted into. She pulled back slightly, her lips still ghosting over yours in a feather-like touch. “I love you,” she whispered.
“Yeah, yeah. I love you, too.” You captured her lips once more; the kiss being cut short due to a certain over-excitable pup wanting to join in. Yelena laughs as you grimace and wipe your cheek the back of your coats’ sleeve.
“Damn dog.”
My first Yelena fic
That’s cool
I’m probably not going to be writing for the rest of the week since I had my second vaccine jab this morning and last time, my throat closed up after 24 hours and couldn’t breath properly for like a whole ass week
So, yeah. That’s fun
If you want to be added to a taglist lemme know
Anywho, I hope you enjoy
As always, constructive criticism and requests are welcomed and greatly appreciated :D
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leviiattacks · 19 hours ago
what would levi do if you were self concious about the way you look? could you make it like best friends/roommates to lovers? 🥺
Tumblr media
author note :: i’m SO… rusty this is literally like five minutes worth of work ?-!/)/£: so don’t expect much but i wanted to write something after being ia for so long so here you go :) i hope you enjoy! i’ll hopefully be back with something longer soon. all i can say is expect olympic coach levi 😉
+++ sorry for any spelling mistakes it’s very late for me
Tumblr media
honestly, levi wouldn’t be angry about it, he would understand your point of view. even he feels self-conscious, everyone does. occasionally he wonders what life would be like if he were a few inches taller or maybe if he had softer facial features.
he thinks his features are too sharp to be perceived as attractive, his eyes too stoney to be considered comforting
levi’s never been vocal about the way he feels, the possibility of destroying a friendship isn’t appealing but he tries his best to subtly remind you that you mean a lot to him
he always gives you extra eggs with your toast because what kind of roommate hogs all the eggs to themself? he brews your tea to be sweeter than his – it’s the way you like it, and last but not least on the rare occasion that levi is busy and has left early he leaves a bright sticky note on the fridge telling you where everything is
once he stood in the kitchen for a solid five minutes deciding on whether or not he should sign a note off with a heart. levi is a bigger softie than he’d ever like to admit
so when he catches you analysing your face in your bedroom mirror he isn’t surprised to find out it’s due to insecurity. you’re visibly upset, he’s had those days too, he knows you’re going hard on yourself.
that’s why instead of bringing up the elephant in the room levi chooses to act like he doesn’t notice the way you feel. he waits a few minutes before pulling you into the living room to sit on the sofa
“how was your day?” he asks trying to shift your focus
you look right at him and smile, the insecurity from a while ago completely tucked away. it hurts him slightly to see how quickly you’re able to switch your emotions, part of him wishes you’d ask him for his opinion, he wishes he had a reason to speak out
but levi doesn’t want to open his mouth and randomly start complimenting you, you’d catch on straight away and what if he’s wrong? what if he’s read the signs incorrectly and you aren’t insecure at all?
you’re beautiful to him and so the idea of you worrying about the way you look is a little unrealistic.
honestly, no matter what you’re doing levi’s always been attracted to you.
when you’re scurrying away with a bag of groceries in hand trying to run from the rain, he finds you beautiful.
when you doze off head drooping down into the crook of his neck, he thinks you’re beautiful
when you’ve just woke up rubbing away at your bleary eyes searching for milk in the fridge he feels grateful for being able to wake up and see you
even when it’s finals season and you haven’t slept for two days and have simply survived off coffee you remain the apple of his eye
if it isn’t clear enough levi thinks you’re gorgeous the way you are, he’s aware he doesn’t compliment you much but it’s only really because he can’t word himself well. he’s always been deathly afraid of crossing a boundary with you
what if it makes you feel uncomfortable?
he wants to tell you what he thinks but he’s never thought of how to execute it. “you look pretty.” is far too straightforward. hange’s suggested “you look ethereal.” but that just sounds like he’s trying way too hard to emulate a fictional prince
he resorts to telling you that you look different.
on the days you shine brighter than usual, he holds you by your forearm and stares for a second only to say “you look different… in a good way.”
eventually you’re able to understand that it’s his way of expressing his feelings.
sometimes you mumble under your breath how you hate your nose or the shape of your face. levi stays quiet, he’s sure you want him to say something, after all reassurance would be nice but by the time he figures out what he wants to say the topic has long gone
it’s not until you directly ask him that levi has an answer right away
you turn to him and sigh heavily, he can already tell that something’s been weighing heavily on your mind
“i’m asking because i need honesty but do you think i’m ugly?” the waver of your voice is enough to suggest that you’ve been crying.
the question feels like a punch to the gut you’ve had to have been doing some serious thinking to ask him
“not at all, if anything you make everyone around you look unattractive.” levi doesn’t even look up from his book as he responds, it’s not because he doesn’t care but the thought of making eye contact with you whilst being that direct is intimidating
you audibly choke, he can hear you stumble over your words unable to fathom what he’s said
“do you really mean that?” you ask. from his peripheral vision he can see you stand up and walk towards him
“i mean it.” levi closes his book and finally gathers the courage to spare you a glance, you’ve sloppily wiped away at your eyes, some of your mascara remains
even now, you manage to look stunning
you give levi a long hard stare, it almost feels like you’re angry until you firmly nod your head and smile, teeth and all
“thank you. i needed to hear that.”
you quickly add in “i’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable.”
he dismisses you quickly not wanting you to apologize for being emotionally vulnerable. you’re both friends you shouldn’t have to say sorry for that – “it’s fine, seriously.”
later on in the day levi notices you comment rather enthusiastically about his appearance. it starts off with his hair until you make a move of sorts and bring up his face. you describe it as soft and delicate, those two words are enough for his previous worries to dissipate.
there’s no need to worry about his appearance when you see him the way he’s always wanted to be seen
your hand rests on his forearm. you’re currently complimenting how his new leather jacket fits. from what he can tell it may be your attempt at paying him back
or perhaps you’re finally telling him what you’ve been too afraid to say?
levi contemplates it for a second before choosing his stance
he assumes that you maybe just like him have been facing trouble being honest about how you feel :-)
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sxtooru · 2 hours ago
a/n: you can ignore this, but i was just having hard time lately and this is from my dream. just- imagine your comfort character here if you want, honestly, anyone you love.
Tumblr media
as his arms closed around me tightly all i could was just stare at his face in confusion, hands touching his flesh, trying to feel if he was real, but everything happening was so unreal.
"how are you even here?" i croaked out, eyes wide open and focused solely on him, because it was him.
he chuckled lightly, his beautiful face brightening with a smile, "i'm always here, you know that?"
but where exactly? i looked around briefly recognizing my room's atmosphere and i realized that we were on the floor by my bed's side; his arms securely hugging me to his chest while i sat somehow between his legs.
it's like he read my mind, another soft sound leaving his throat. he looked down at my face, eyes filled with adoration, warmth, love, and i felt my heart squeeze in pain at his next words, "here." one of his hands rested on the side of my chest, just where my heart was.
the sob that left me seemed to startle him at first, but he cooed at me, pulling me tighter into his chest, and i breathed in deeper, gripping his forearm. he smelt just like i imagined he would, his hair was just as soft as i thought it would be, and the soft kisses he planted on my cheeks were the most delicate, the ones that i've never experienced in my life. filled with love, infinite love. does he love me just as much as i love him? does he imagine having me by his side? does he come to me, when he needs comfort and love, just like i do with him even though it's just me staring at the screen of my phone, wether it's reading about him or watching him? these tendencies sound stalker-ish, but that's the only possible way for me to know about his presence, right? he felt so real.
he didn't answer my questions this time, but i didn't blame him since i was too busy crying, and he gave me everything he could, right?
he felt so real.
and then i woke up.
and he wasn't there.
it was cold, no- it's still cold.
i wish he was here now, to brush away my tears and stop me from hyperventilating, but i still can't blame him for being... not here.
after all, it's just me, who is utterly devastaded by the fact that my imagination perfectly portrayed everything i wanted in a few minutes, in a dream, in a different reality.
hopefully, i won't wake up this time.
Tumblr media
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mingishoe · 17 hours ago
𝓖𝓲𝓻𝓵𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭?! | 𝓟𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓼𝓮 [36]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I have had this song stuck in my head for DAYS and I think about the Brothers everytime I hear it... so here is some little song blurbs.
I Don't Miss You at All
Inspiration ~ I Don't Miss You at All by FINNEAS
Find the full Lyrics Here.
Brothers Masterlist | Dateables Masterlist
💙 Lucifer
But I think our song is comin' on
And now I wanna crash the car
But I won't
Make that mistake again and fall
Lucifer sits in his office after another long day listening to his favorite record with a cup of Demonus in his hand. He swirls the liquid as the song he was listening to comes to an end. Slowly the next one begins. He closes his eyes and takes in the harmonic sound. Opening his eyes, he realizes why this song is so important to him.
Lucifer guided the human in the waltz for what felt like the hundredth time.
"Can we please have one more dance, Lucifer?"
He sighs staring at their big pleading eyes. It almost makes him want to say yes, "I have work, MC. Maybe after."
They rush to him grabbing his sleeve before quietly speaking, "Please?"
His eyes prick with hot tears at the memory. Without a thought he stands up, making his way over to the machine before snapping the record in half.
Upon realization of his actions, Lucifer collapses. Hot tears streaming down his face at what he has lost.
💛 Mammon
I don't get distracted by your smile
And miss the green lights drivin' home
No sign of stoppin'
The house isn't far
Mammon had gone out driving to blow off some steam after Lucifer threatened him. He was going pretty fast until he saw the light turn yellow and began to stop.
As he stopped at the red light, he his attention to the passenger seat out of habit expecting to find an awaiting MC.
"How about we play a game. At every red light, I ask you a question and you have to answer." MC smiled at him as the car slowed to a stop.
He turned his gaze to them, gently putting his hand on the side of their seat, "Sure, ask away."
A small smile crossed his face as he watched them think of a question.
"What was your favorite birthday and why?" MC turned to him with a smile as they awaited his answer.
"Hmm," Mammon thought hard before finally remembering, "Probably my 1,500th. We were still in the Celestial Realm at the time and all the angels sang happy birthday to me. It was really nice." A blush filled his face at the thought of all that attention.
MC gently touched his arm pulling him out of his thoughts, "It sounds amazing."
Mammon is pulled out of his memory by incessant honking behind him. With a quick glance he sees that about ten cars have gotten in line behind him.
He looks up at the light and sees it's green. He puts his foot on the gas, speeding through red lights, going as fast as he can back to the House of Lamentations as hot tears fly off his face in the cold wind.
🧡 Leviathan
But I won't
Break down at 2 AM and call
'Cause I don't
Miss you at all
Levi stares at the computer screen at it flashes the words "Two Player" at him.
His brain slowly rakes through all his friends u til he glances over at his D.D.D.
Levi looks down at his phone to see a message from MC.
MC: I can't finish this mission unless I have a player two... are you busy?
Levi smiles. Before sending his own response.
Levi: Are you sure it isn't just to use me for my levels?
MC responds with a shocked reaction before sending another message.
MC: Of course not! If I am being honest, I can't sleep and I wanted a distraction.
Another smile spreads across his face at the thought of MC coming to him for help over his brothers.
Levi: My door is open, but you better know the password!
Levi begins to reach for his phone, but hesitates before pulling his hand away.
His hand slowly travels back to his controller as he exits out of the game with tears in his eyes.
💚 Satan
All but forgotten
About those eyes
The shade of green that if he'd seen
Would make F. Scott Fitzgerald cry
Satan splashes water on his faces quickly before looking up into the mirror. The demon stares back at himself before he meets his striking green eyes and freezing.
"Satan, your eyes are so vibrant." He chuckles at the human's comment as they stand behind him in the mirror.
His eyes trail their body before focusing on their eyes in the mirror.
"Well I think yours are just as striking." He smirks at them as he watches them blush and chuckle.
"Sure. But mine aren't as amazing as yours. I could see authors writing using thousands of words to describe just how beautiful they are." Their eyes are dreamy as they stare deep into his eyes.
Satan's face contorts into one of frustration and anger as he stares into his own green irises.
His hand moves without warning as it balls into a fist and moves towards the mirror with all his force. A scream emerges from his throat as well as his knuckles make contact with the reflective glass causing it to shatter.
He stares again at the now broken mirror, a fraction of its former self. In one swift movement, he washes his now cut hands of blood before pushing his hair back and leaving the mess behind him as his eyes begin to sting.
💖 Asmodeus
'Cause, no, I can't
Recall your scent
Jasmine, tuberose, and lily
Or your silly French accent
Asmo was taking inventory of his perfumes and colognes as he does every month. As he makes his way through each scent he comes across one that is all too familiar to him.
"Asmo! This one smells amazing! How did you know I love jasmine, lily and tuberose?" MC gently held the glass bottle in their hand as they sprayed it on their wrists again.
"I have my ways. I even bought one for myself so when people on the street see us, they know we are together." Asmo smiled as he stared at them happily gazing at the bottle.
"I really do love it Asmo. Thank you." Their eyes sparkled with adoration as they looked deeply into his.
Asmo narrows his eyes at the bottle before spraying it on his wrists and putting it away.
He walks away with a scowl on his face, giving up his previous need to inventory his scents. But for the rest of his night, he smells his wrists and let's out a small sob after.
❤ Beelzebub
And I barely still remember
Who's in the pictures on my wall...
...And it feels so good
Eating alone
Beel pulls out his instant Ramen from the microwave. Carefully he makes his way to the table with the delicacy in his hands.
He begins to prepare to eat as the intoxicating aroma hits his nostrils and sends him deep into a memory.
MC carried their own bowl of Ramen up to their room as Beel followed slowly behind them, "Come on Beel I want to show you my new photos while we eat!"
When the two finally get to MC's room the sit on the floor. Beel begins to slurp his noodles as MC grabs photos and thrusts them into Beel's face.
"Don't they look great?" Their voice was filled with excitement as Beel stared at himself during a Fangol game.
He slowly nods as he takes a sip of the broth.
"I am glad you like it. I want to take pictures of all seven of you every week and then put them on my wall."
He looked up to see past pictures as he began to hear them slurp next to him.
Beel takes a quickly look around the room only to find himself alone before he looks down at his Ramen. He sighs.
He still digs in with just as much fervor, bit it tastes saltier than he remembers as his cascading tears mix with the noodles.
💜 Belphegor
And I'm sleepin' fine
I don't mean to boast
But I only dream about you
Once or twice a night at most
Belphie squeezes the warm mass in his arm before opening his eyes and seeing MC's back. He smiles at the human in his arm.
"Is my little human still sleepy?" His voice is hoarse from the lack of use.
MC giggles as they roll over and stare him in the eyes, "Nope!" After they finished speaking, MC bolts from his arms with a smile on their face.
Belphie lurches awake with a start. Frantically he looks around the dark attic for the figure he just saw in his dream before he starts patting the bed.
"MC!? MC!?"
After a minute or so of frantic searching, he is confident he is alone.
Tears prick the corners of his eyes and he turns his gaze to the ceiling.
Loud screams fill the room as Belphie begins to pound the bed with his fists. And just as fast as it began, it stops. Belphie falls back onto the plush pillows and returns to his slumber.
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hiddles-and-skittles · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A/N: With my previous fic in mind, I wrote this as a drabble to follow. You don't have to read the previous fic, it just leads into it. Stand alone is fine lol. I just, really want to love Bucky, y'all😭
Word count: 648, it be short, y'all
Warnings: mentions of hair cutting, Bucky kinda being insecure about his past, mainly fluff though? Another self indulgent piece about comforting our boy❤ Anything else you want me to tag as a warning, don't hesitate to let me know!!!💜
Bucky was still new to the whole...intimacy thing. For him, touch meant pain. It's all he could associate it with for several decades. But here he was, letting you hold him and card your soft fingers through his hair.
The sun was just below setting point, thus cascading a soft orange glow through your curtains into your shared apartment. You knew you were both bound to fall asleep at this rate, so you had the TV playing a sitcom on mute just so Bucky could have some light while he slept. He didn't like the dark. He couldn't see any threat possibly looming within the shadows. It took a while to ween him off of having the bathroom light on and the door open, but you finally got to the point that he trusted you enough to help him through his fear. Every other night you'd close the bathroom door just slightly, and eventually he didn't need it at all. The TV light emits a low enough glow that it isn't piercing through your eyes, so it's perfect for sleep.
A fan blows in the background for white noise and he nuzzles his face closer into your neck, making you giggle from his stubble tickling you. Bucky has such a rough exterior, but anyone else wouldn't know he's such a softie.
"I keep meaning to ask you why you cut your hair," you ask him quietly, so as not to startle him.
He sighs into your gentle touch before speaking. "It was almost like it was the only thing I had real control over after everything. All that time spent with HYDRA, I wasn't exactly...clean. They just let my hair grow. It was knotted and nasty. Something so small, and I couldn't even fix it myself." His voice cracks slightly at the confession and you hold him tighter.
"No I get it...when I was a teen-and I am in no way trying to take anything away from you, I just-" you start to panic a little when he interrupts you.
"I know," he lifts his head to cast a glance up to you. "It's how you relate. I actually don't mind it when you do that. It makes me feel less alone."
You smiled down at his reassurance and continued. "My mom wouldn't let me cut my hair. I was tired of putting it up. It was hot out, and I have fairly thick 80's metal band hair. So I shaved it."
He gasped as he laid his head back down. "You shaved it?"
"Well, not like...Britney Spears, but, it was just a tad longer than yours."
Bucky exhales a short laugh from his nose. "I don't know who Britney Spears is, but I bet you looked beautiful."
"I looked like my brother, really. But I wasn't going to tell my mom that. I was spiteful, to say the least," you laugh. He smirks, his fingers dancing over your collarbone and up your neck. You shiver at his touch, wondering how the hell you got so lucky.
"Wakanda made me realize that maybe I do have some semblance of control. I felt stupid that I realized that only after a haircut."
You alternate between twisting his hair and scratching lightly at his scalp, loving the way it feels between your fingers. You carefully decide what to respond. "It's not stupid, Bucky. You're not stupid. It's like shedding an old skin. You're growing. You deserve to feel better, to feel like you're in control. Because you are now."
Bucky lifts his head once more to press his lips to yours, kissing back down your cheek and neck to cuddle back into you. Eventually you feel his arms around you loosen up, and you know he's drifted off. You smile, knowing that tomorrow is a new day, and that every new day with Bucky is a gift you'll treasure forever.
Tagging a few faves: @bucky-soldat @winter-james @buckyblues @bloomingbucky @barnestuff
Also if you don't want me to tag you please let me know❤ you guys just inspire me to write more.
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genshin-karebear · 2 hours ago
Kaeya, Diluc - kissing each other under the stars ⭐⭐
- hazel
The Witch-Hazel is requesting something on my blog??? 🤯 But this idea is so cute!!!
Starlit Romance
Pairings: Kaeya, Diluc X reader
Warnings: Fluff
Tumblr media
What does ‘perfect’ mean? If one were to go by the book, they would find the definition to be something along the lines of having all the required or desirable elements. If they were to ask you, your answer would be the current evening.
The view atop Starsnatch Cliff was lovely during the day, but at night it was simply divine. A clear, navy sky dotted with countless glowing stars of white, light blue and purple, some grouping close together while others were spread out, claiming a portion of the dome for themselves. The grass was long and cool, tickling the skin of your calves as you stretched your legs out further then the blanket beneath you could cover. You laid on your back, soaking in the sight above you. The air was a tad chilly, being up high and all, but Kaeya’s body next to yours was enough to warm you up, despite the man having a Cryo Vision.
“Ah! There’s Lepus!” You exclaimed, pointing towards a cluster of stars. “The ears connect to the head, then the shoulder, lower back, heel and ends at the knee. It’s shaped like a bunny.”
Kaeya chuckled and reached up, taking your hand and bringing it down to his lips, softly kissing your fingers. “That was quite the find. How did you manage to locate it so easily?”
“Amber showed it to me before. She said it’s her favourite.”
On any other occasion you would have turned into a stuttering mess at his affection, but the stars were simply too beautiful to pay much attention to anything else.
Kaeya kissed your fingers again. “Well then, Miss. Astrologist, which one is your favourite?”
“Mine? It’s right there.” Raising your other hand, you pointed at a cluster of stars far to the left, drawing the shape with your finger. “Pavo Ocellus. It’s in the shape of a peacock. The first star is the eye, which connects to the neck further on the left, then down to the chest. The last three make up the tail.”
The man hummed. “And just what makes this Pavo Ocellus your favourite, hmm?” He laughed. “Does it remind you of me?”
This time you blushed. His tone was enough to indicate he was just playing around, but he hit the nail on the head.
“Yeah, it does.” You replied sheepishly.
Deciding you had enough of star-gazing, you rolled to the side and propped yourself up on Kaeya’s chest. The Captain was smirking, looking highly amused by your response.
“Does it now? Enlighten me.” He teased, twirling a lock of your hair around his finger.
Thank the Archons it was dark, otherwise he would have more reasons to tease you. “Peacocks are known for their beautiful feathers, and unfortunately, that’s all people look at. If they tried to look deeper, look past the pretty colours and see the species as a whole underneath, I think people would appreciate them a lot more.” You touched the exposed portion of his chest, caressing the skin with your thumb. “I think if people looked past your charm and tried to actually understand you, they wouldn’t think you were so shady.”
Kaeya didn’t say anything, and this shocked you. Since when wasn’t he saying something? Moving your eyes to meet his, the stunned expression on his face made your heart stop.
Guilt immediately crashed over you like a wave in a raging storm. “Kaeya, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean-”
In the blink of an eye, Kaeya was flipping you over, pinning you down and sealing your lips with a kiss. Your eyes fluttered shut as his tongue invaded your mouth, hands knotting in his hair as he took ownership of your thoughts, your heart, your soul, all of it. You tried to keep up but his blizzard of passion was much to strong, meaning all you could to survive was let him devour you until he’s had his fill.
Eventually, though, your lungs started to burn. You titled your head up, breaking the kiss and gasping for precious, chilly air. Your lips were wet and slightly swollen, not that you minded. That kiss was worth it.
“Wow.” You breathed against his lips, causing the captain to chuckle. “Did I make you that happy?”
Kaeya chuckled again and brushed hair from your face. “You are something else, you know that?”
Grinning like an idiot, you slid you hands from his hair to the back of his neck. “Will you kiss me like that again?”
He flashed you a genuine, loving smile and claimed your lips again. The stars above you twinkled brightly, shooting star after shooting star flying across the sky, not that you noticed. Kaeya was far more beautiful to look at, anyway.
Tumblr media
Knocking softly on the wooden door, you pushed it open slightly and stepped inside. Diluc was bent over his desk, pen in one hand and the other supporting his head, red eyes absorbing the words on the paperwork before him. He looked tired and stressed, and you could see faint circles beneath his eyes.
Those red eyes shifted to you soon enough. “You’re still awake?”
“I can’t sleep.” You admitted, approaching the desk.
Once there, you gently took the pen out of his hand and set it aside, then wrapped your fingers around his. Diluc’s shoulders dropped, visibly relaxing before your eyes.
“Will you take a walk with me?” You asked. “I’m sure the nighttime air will do us both some good.”
Diluc stood and grabbed the black coat hanging off the back of his chair, slipping it on before following you out of the office. You practically skipped towards the front doors and threw them open, eager to get outside. The sky was clear and the stars were bright, practically dancing in the air as they twinkled. A soft, slightly cool breeze went by, bringing with it the scent of fresh grapes that surrounded the winery. Diluc took your hand in his, guiding you down the steps and along the path towards the lake.
“It’s so pretty out here.” You commented, walking with your head up, eyes locked on the starry sky. “We should do a late night picnic one of these days.”
Diluc hummed as he thought. “That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Let me know when you decide; I’ll scout the area before then.”
You looked at him and smirked. “My Darknight Hero.”
The man groaned, to which you couldn’t help but laugh. It wasn’t long before the lake came into view, and the sight was so beautiful it nearly took your breath away. Not a single ripple could be found in the water, and it’s surface clearly reflected the stars. The Calla Lillies growing in the sand were open and in full bloom, giving off a gentle, relaxing scent.
Remembering something, you looked to the sky. “I wonder if it’s- oh! There it is!”
Diluc tensed up a little. “What? What is it?”
You laughed and placed your finger under his chin, tilting his head up. “See that cluster of stars? It’s the Noctua constellation.”
His tension disappeared as quickly as it came. “Noctua? It rings a bell, though I can’t recall much about it.”
“It makes the shape of an owl.” Pointing towards the sky, you started drawing the constellation with your finger. “That first star is the middle of its head, then it connects to the chest, and those two make its wing. The last two are the tail. I should drop by the library and do some research. I wonder if there’s a story behind it?”
Diluc released your hand and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your back against his chest to envelop you in his warmth, resting his chin on the top of your head. You let your weight fall against him, knowing he would support you. The silence was soothing, and the chirping of crickets was slowly making you sleepy. Still, you didn’t want to sleep yet. The night was too perfect to waste.
Not wanting to let the moment slip by, you turned in his hold. “Diluc?”
The man looked down at you. “Yes?”
A little nervous to ask, you hesitated. “If I asked you to kiss me right now, would you do it?”
The full moon provided enough light to let you see the way his cheeks turned red. Pinching your chin between his fingers he closed the distance, softly taking your upper lip between his. Your eyes fluttered shut and you kissed him back, holding onto his arms to stay grounded. His kisses were more gentle then the moonlight shimmering upon you, held more love then there were stars in the sky. In fact, you didn’t need the sky when Diluc was creating an entire cosmos behind your eyelids.
Eventually he broke away but didn’t get too far. His face lingered next to yours, noses brushing and foreheads touching. Your heart was beating in sync with his, inhales and exhales matching their timing perfectly.
“Then, I would have to kiss you.” Diluc finally replied, answering the question you forgot you asked.
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morning surprise
Tumblr media
✎ summary :: atsumu is disappointed to find you gone when he wakes up, though the smell of food and sight of you in the kitchen draped in his shirt is quick to turn his mood around
✎ love interests :: a. miya x gn!reader
✎ extra :: established relationship, fluff, suggestive themes, implied sex, kissing, mention of food, 900~ words
Tumblr media
Atsumu had not expected to wake up to an empty bed when he opened his eyes. It had taken him all but two seconds to notice the loss of your warmth and press of your body against his side. The light brightening the bedroom only further proved your disappearance. He sat upright, blanket falling down to his waist and further exposing his bare chest.
“Darlin’?” He’s answered with silence. “Where the hell did ya go?”
Bare feet hitting the floor, he stands to stretch his tired limbs far above his head, grunting as he does so. He pads to the doorway to leave, but pauses. The smell of smoking meat wafts down from the hallway and floods his senses.
Intrigued and hungry, his nose guides him to the kitchen. To his surprise, instead of finding his twin brother, Osamu, busy at the stove, he finds you clad in an oversized shirt. An oversized shirt that looks suspiciously like one of his. The hem grazes your mid thigh, one of the sleeves draped off your shoulder to expose your neck and bare skin. He could never ask for a more lovely sight first thing in the morning.
Well, second thing in the morning.
Your hips bounce slightly side to side as you hum an unnamed tune to yourself. You push the cooking egg around in the pan, the sound of sizzling tingling in your ear. Another pan cooks bacon and sausage on the back burner. The coffee machine bubbles and softly hisses as it brews hot coffee.
Unbeknownst to your turned back, Atsumu stands feet away from you, eyes taking in your morning figure. And him being him, he can’t help but feel the need to assert his presence in his own special well. Carefully creeping across the floor, he sneaks up behind you and envelopes your waist in his arms.
A surprised gasp flutters past your lips, your shoulders tensing upright. Your shock quickly fades as you feel the familiar roughness of his palms sliding over your stomach from beneath his stolen shirt. His hands smooth back to your hips as he sways you side to side with you. You snicker quietly to yourself.
“Morning, sleepyhead.”
“Mornin’, darlin’.” His voice is low and husky with remnants of sleep. “How’d ya sleep?”
You bite your inner cheek to suppress a smile. “Alright. I’m surprised I got any with how loud you were snoring in my ear.”
His brows string together and his mouth drops open in feigned hurt. He doesn’t miss the grin that manages to stretch along your lips. The hands on your hips dart to your stomach, fingers dancing across the skin as he tickles you.
“I do not snore, ya little…”
You can hardly make out the last part through the sound of your raucous laughter filling your ears. You compress into yourself to try and stop his playful attack, but in doing so, you nearly fall face forward into the stove. Thankfully, Atsumu encases you in his arms and tugs you back into him. Chest gently heaving, you pant out a few more sparse giggles.
His bottom lip puffs out in a pout. “Yer such a meanie.”
“Aw, did I hurt my baby’s feelings?” you teasingly mock. “I’m sorry, handsome. How can I make it up to you?”
The false seriousness drops from his scrunched features as he tilts your face to the side and presses his lip against your own. It takes you a second to collect yourself before you kiss him back. Your free hand drifts to the back of his neck, nails scratching at his undercut. His own slide higher up your middle before finding purchase on your sternum.
“Can I at least have my breakfast before ya two start suckin’ face first so dang early?” The sound of Osamu’s voice has you pulling yourself away from your boyfriend.
It’s not that the twin doesn’t know of your relationship with his brother, rather you were still getting used to him being around when you were at the Miya’s household. Smoothing down the invisible wrinkles of your shirt, Atsumu’s hands drop to his sides as you step away and busy yourself with the stove once more.
With your back turned, you miss the glare the twins shoot one another. Not that you would need to see it to know it happened.
“Sorry, ‘Samu.” You clear your throat as you check on everything, then flick off the stove. “Uh, I hope everybody likes bacon, eggs, and sausage, because that’s what I made. Oh, and there’s coffee if you like.” You gesture to the pot with your spatula.
Osamu flashes you a warm smile. “Thank ya, Y/N. It smells amazin.” Taking a mug from the cupboard, he pours himself a cup of steaming coffee.
Redirecting your attention to your boyfriend, you give his cheek a quick peck. “I’m gonna change into...better clothes. I’ll be right back.”
He lets you go after a proper kiss to your lips. As you slip between the twins to head to the bedroom, he adds an extra slap to your ass on the way. You send him a glare that he deflects with his own wry toothy grin.
“Hey, Atsumu.”
The blond glances over with a cocked brow. “What now?”
“Little word of advice for ya.” The silver haired twin leans back against the countertop as he raises his cup for a sip. “Next time y’all decide ya want to have some ‘special quality time’, try to keep the volume down.”
Tumblr media
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rockingrobin69 · 2 hours ago
Learning Curve
Four out of five dentists would recommend against reading this piece (1.7k). Think of your teeth! 
“Uncle Harry, did you know Uncle Draco is a weredragon?”
“A what now?” he frowned, tucking the duvet under Teddy’s chin.
“A weredragon. Like how dad was a werewolf, but with a dragon.”
Harry huffed a small chuckle. “I’m pretty sure he isn’t, Ted.” To be fair, considering all the things he’d learned about him since Malfoy adopted Teddy, Harry wouldn’t be too surprised if he actually turned out to be a weredragon. It won’t even be the most shocking discovery.  
“No, he is. All the best people are were-something, he said. So he’s a weredragon.”
Harry resisted the temptation to ask if he was a were-something, too. “All right then, menace, go to sleep. You can tell me on Sunday if you’d seen him turn.” He shook his head through all the begging, bargaining and trickery, until Teddy finally relented and closed his eyes. Harry chewed on his grin, pressed a kiss to Teddy’s forehead, murmured in his ear and left, silently closing the door behind him.
And then heading out with his usual gracefulness – accidentally knocking into the dresser with a big yelp, stepping over every creaking floorboard, smacking against the door because he wasn’t really looking ahead, he was looking for – ah. Malfoy heard him, it would seem. Standing at the kitchen doorway, leaning against it like some sort of model in a Muggle magazine, rolling his eyes. Harry noticed he was holding his breath.
“Care to join me for a drink, Potter?”
He didn’t know why he was nervous. This happened every night.
The thing is, Harry loved Teddy so much. So, so much, he even considered adopting him himself after Andromeda and all. But Harry’s stupid job was too stupid to allow it, and Malfoy was technically ‘family’. And so Harry came by every day – well, night, stupid job and all – to see how Teddy was doing. And then, every night, he’d run into Malfoy, who had no choice but to invite him for a drink. It would be wine, sometimes, or flavored butterbeer, or – and only once – straight up Ogden’s whisky. But mostly it’d be hot chocolate, which apparently was something Malfoy enjoyed, and something Harry seemed to find quite irresistible.  
Of all the new things he’d learned about Malfoy, this was perhaps one of the most surprising. He made the best hot chocolate. It was the perfect temperature, the perfect sweetness, the perfect texture. Perfection in a cup. Harry followed him into the kitchen, sat in his favorite chair (somewhat dangerously with the way Malfoy’s books were stacked so high behind his back), and turned his gaze to the fridge. Teddy’s newest masterpiece was magicked to the door, and even squinting Harry couldn’t tell what it was meant to be.
“A wolf,” Malfoy muttered as he laid a cup of hot cocoa before Harry. “Your godson is very talented, you know.”
Harry hummed into his cup, probably smearing his nose full of whipped cream. “Bet you I could draw a better one.”
He waited. Some nights Malfoy wasn’t in the mood. He’d be tired, or closed off, and they’d just sit there in silence and stare. Some nights he was restless, far too giddy to stay still, and they’d go for a walk in the forest. But tonight –
Tonight Malfoy was game. He scoffed and summoned two quills and some parchment. “Let’s see – five minutes, best drawing wins?”
Harry grinned privately to himself. There must have been something in that hot chocolate, because he couldn’t stop thinking about how he just loved spending nights at Wiltshire.  
“Uncle Harry,” Teddy asked one Sunday, sliding into his wellies. “Did you know that Uncle Draco had a pet a stag?”
“What?” Harry was busy arranging a beanie on his orange hair with his tongue between his teeth. “A pet stag?”
“Yeah, when he was a kid. I asked him why he likes them so much, and he told me. His name was Arold and he was very stupid, Uncle Draco said.”
“Arold?” Harry laughed, tilting his head. “Ted, you know Uncle Draco is messing with you, yeah? He never had a pet stag. You can’t have stags as pets.” Malfoy had peacocks, which he hated, and the eagle owl, which he loved, and that was that. No stags. Harry knew that. He picked up every single piece of information about Malfoy slowly, carefully, and catalogued it all in his head. Malfoy was afraid of hippogriffs (still) and very enthusiastic about nifflers. He wanted a kneazle really badly as a kid, but his mother was allergic to the fur. Harry knew these things, now. He even had this insane idea to get a kneazle for him and Teddy, a fantasy he liked to entertain from time to time. Teddy’s words brought him back to reality with his cheeks oddly flushed and his ears ringing.
“That’s what he said.”
Harry wondered why Teddy thought Malfoy liked stags to begin with, but he’d already ran outside and jumped into the nearest puddle, so the question had to wait.
Malfoy was in the kitchen when they returned, and Harry plopped down next to a steaming mug of hot cocoa. The clutter all around practically screamed we actually live here, and Harry felt the warmth of it in his bones. His eyes kept zooming from Malfoy, to Teddy, happily blabbering about the squirrel they’d seen on their walk, and something in him thrummed. We actually live here. The flavor of want was sweet and sadly familiar.
“Uncle Harry,” Teddy asked one night in November, a tired little bundle of curiosity that ached in Harry’s chest with affection, “What’s emveeos?”
“Huh?” Harry stopped at the doorway, eyebrows drawn.
“Emveeos. Like if I was emveeos of someone.” Teddy gave him an exasperated little look, a come on you should know this one when Harry simply shook his head. “Uncle Draco said he’s emveeos of me.”
“What? When?” Harry’s heart did a funny little leap. He still didn’t really understand the question, but apparently the mere mention of ‘Uncle Draco’ was enough to ignite this heat inside him.
“Because you always kiss me good night.”
Harry could only shrug, but the heat intensified into something near intolerable. “I dunno, Ted. Best to ask him tomorrow, yeah? You know Uncle Draco is better at these things.” Better at most things, really. Cooking, drawing, writing, teaching. He was just good at everything. Even dancing – Harry had seen photographs of a very sulky boy beautifully performing the tango, no joke. And he could make the best hot chocolate. And –
“Okay. Good night, Uncle Harry.”
“Good night, Menace. I love you.” Harry made sure to tell him that every night, even if Teddy was already asleep. It was good for him too, he thought, to get the practice.
That night there were mini marshmallows in the mug. Harry couldn’t help it anymore; he was so enamored with the – drink – it felt a little like an explosive device in his chest. He found a way to distract Malfoy for a couple of seconds while he covertly drew a vial of the cocoa, stashing it in his pocket. There had to be something wrong with it, a potion or something. There had to, or Harry was losing his mind. He’d lost enough things for a lifetime, he thought.
“No, Uncle Harry! Cookies first.”
It was the week before Christmas, and Malfoy was out on a last minute gift shopping trip. Harry and Teddy were in the kitchen together, in charge of lunch, though Teddy was more interested in sampling the Christmas cookies Malfoy had made. To distract him Harry suggested they try to prepare Malfoy’s cocoa – well, also so he’d have something hot to drink when he comes back, because Malfoy always suffered from the cold.
“Oh, Uncle Draco doesn’t like hot chocolate,” Teddy shook his head.
“But,” Harry didn’t know what to do with this information, which stood in stark contrast with everything he knew in this life. “He drinks it all the time with me.”
“No, no, he says it’s too sweet. He never drinks it.”
Harry felt utterly lost. The knowledge he’d collected of Malfoy was the foundation with which he was trying to build this – it was what he stupidly thought he could use to make a home. Hell, he’s been practicing – getting ready for – and all this time, Malfoy was lying?
When Malfoy returned Harry pretty much threw himself at him, boxing Malfoy at the door with all his shopping bags.
“You don’t like hot chocolate,” he said accusingly, and Malfoy’s eyes went big.
“You don’t. And you told Ted you had a pet stag and that you’ve embossed him or something like that. But you don’t like hot chocolate.”
“I – “ Harry’s never seen Malfoy so flushed in his life, and was furious with how adorable that was. “All right. I don’t.”
“But you make it almost every night,” Harry contested. He felt a little woozy.
“Yes.” When Harry gave an odd grunt, he closed his eyes. “You like it.”
“So…” Malfoy’s shrug was so painfully sad. “I thought you’d… come here if you…”
Harry didn’t wait for the sentence to finally come to a stop, it was taking forever. “So you just lied?” 
“No!” two grey eyes opened, sort of panicked. “I just – I’ve been trying, all right? all this time, to learn to… to get to know you. All these things about you, and then I saw how much you liked it when I made hot cocoa for Teddy and – I just. Want you to. Have. Things that you like.”
Harry couldn’t feel his tongue. His head was spinning. He didn’t know what to do about this, didn’t know what to think, didn’t know – he just didn’t know. Sadness was familiar, and losing, and being lied to, but – but this –
“Kiss him, Uncle Harry!” a little voice carried from behind him, and startled he caught a glimpse of blue hair. Hell. A quarter of his age, and Teddy was at least twice as clever. Harry leaned forward and did the only thing that made sense, and the kiss was solid enough to build on. Malfoy’s lips were the sweetest thing he’s ever tasted. Hot chocolate, no matter how good, could never compare.
Wow, I really ran away with this one... Today was day 6 of my Seven Sins of Drarry one-shot collection, and was all about - Teddy almost had it: envy! Hope you’re ready to be good, because there’s only one sin left!
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