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an akaashi keiji x reader x kageyama tobio social media au.

i. profiles 1

prev/next || close to heart masterlist

a/n: AAAAA she’s finally here folks!! just a heads up: this is yn and kageyama’s group of friends!! one of her friends will also be included into akaashi’s intro teehee! your thoughts nd comments r highly appreciated aaaa enjoy!! <3 ALSO i should mention that everyone in this part is now in their second year!

taglist: @the-black-birb @therealwalmartjesus @yogurtkink @svtbitch @hqkeiji @desi-studys @shinsvu-talks (send an ask to be added to the taglist!)

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Imagine being that bored you do a cute lil photoshoot with your fave fluffy handbag

Anyone else only sign in recently after a long break because isolation is getting too much? I’ve got some pretty good tips and coping mechanisms but they’re starting to feel old and worn out already…if anyone fancies a chat message me

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Hawks/Keigo takami x reader


Summary;Hawks’s significant other has a terrible fear of heights.His careless nature brings him to overlook it-but he learns that a phobia isn’t a laughing matter.






extreme or irrational fear of heights

“This isn’t funny,Keigo”

you crossed your arms cover your chest bitterly.Glaring at the male hovering a few feet before you as he mocked you.

“Why?are you too scared to laugh??that’s okay,Babe.I’m used to my jokes falling flat.”

He hummed,looking down at the ground.

“Like you if i pushed you over this ledge”

You rolled your eyes,walking down the step and still staring at him unamusingly.He gasped dramatically

“Are you crazy??you could have died!”

You inhaled through your nose in frustration.Grabbing his collar and bringing him down baack to earth.

“It doesn’t work like that,Keigo.”

You spat at his face,to wich he muffled a chuckle.Snickering with a smug grin

“You shoulda’ told me you were into choking~”

He purred and you let go of his collar quietly,tucking your hands in your pockets.Hawks sighed,rubbing his neck quietly as he watched you.

“So,how DOES it work?”

He muttered,walking behind you,predatory eyes never leaving you.the solemn owner of his contemplation.You were silent for a moment,he almost thought you didn’t hear him.But really,you were wacking your brain for a way to explain it.

“It’s fear.that’s all there is to it”

You spat out drily,continuing your path.But he wouldn’t let it go that easily

“Fear?yknow for someone who’s dating the flying hero,it’s extremely ironic to be afraid of heights,kid”

He hummed,catching up to you and walking alongside you,unfolding his wings to express his folded your arms to your chest with an uncomfortable expression.

“I can’t help it.Every time i’m on top of a building or something-i feel like i’m going to fall and die..i loose focus-i just become i’m staring down at my own death..”

You felt strong arms wrap around your midsection,lifting you up.You screamed,holding onto his neck as you shut your eyes immediately.


You screeched upon hearing his wings flap against the resistance of the wind.only earning a chuckle from him


He hummed,cooing you into squinting your eye open.You were only a few feet off the ground,hovering quietly but near the tall ledge that marked the end of the side of the path.You internally cursed the man,but earned a reassuring tighter hold around you as he nuzzled your neck,forcing you to focus on him instead of the ground

“You really gotta loosen’s my job to keep people safe right?”

A soft chuckle escaped him,a rare genuine smile on his face.

“If you ever really do fall,Chicken.I’ll be there to catch ya.”

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☆ - list of chapters

☆ - all content are fictional.

 - hbd seonghwa!

“…you idiot,”

san stopped walking. 

“what did you just say?”

“i said you’re an idiot! now put me down,”

“ugh, fine then! if that’s what you want. don’t come running at me if the same thing happens later on,” he gently placed wooyoung down on his feet and walked off, adjusting his bag strap. he had kinda hoped that wooyoung would stop him, but sadly, he never heard his voice again for the rest of the day. he did return to chemistry class 30 minutes late, though. 

the end of the last period finally arrived. without much thought, san started to make his way home the usual way, but yeosang suddenly popped out in front of him, scaring him out of his wits. 

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concessions to love

by besanii

T, 29k, wangxian

Summary:  Conceding to love is not admitting defeat.

(In which there is an arranged marriage with at least one unwilling party. At first.)

My comments:  Precious story in which Wei Wuxian is told he’ll be marrying the Second Jade (whom he’s never met) and so he… runs away. He hooks up with a pleasingly teasable laconic Gusu disciple later (who won’t tell him his name) and they night hunt and fall in love.

Then, of course, identities are revealed and there’s angst and uncertainty and resentment and confusion.

arranged marriage, running away, identity reveal, falling in love, getting together, love confessions, pining, miscommunication, smitten wei wuxian, smitten lan wangji, engagement, betrothal, fluff, sweet, light angst, identity porn, angst, insecurity, waterborne abyss, miscommunication, misunderstandings, happy ending, @besanii

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only you

in which park seonghwa gets kissed by his best friend which leads his girlfriend to think that he cheated on her.

previous // masterlist // next

tags; @lunnanunna @8zmingi @jeninsane @cyberhwa (if this is the wrong person, i apologize, the person i was supposed to tag changed their user) @starryhwaa @lim-jaebong @uwu-minho

if u want to be tagged, please comment or send me an ask!! also i’d be very very happy about a few opinions on the story : do you like it by now?

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(𝟕:𝟐𝟕 𝐀𝐌) todoroki stops listening to the teacher in front and turns his head to the side, only to see your sleeping face half covered by your hair and your right hand that’s been holding it up.

“asleep in class again?” he thinks to himself, though not tearing his gaze away from your peaceful face. you were lucky to be dozing off when it wasn’t aizawa’s time to teach, but he was still concerned on why you were so sleep deprived.

he hadn’t realized he’d been staring at you for so long ‘til you started to stir and open your eyes.

red in embarrassment, he quickly turned his head back to the teacher in front, trying to forget that he found you so pretty.

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“Yo, Spinny! How’s the kid doin’?”

   Spinel chuckled breathlessly as she tried to lift the baby off her head, “He’s doing great!”

   At only a year old, Spinel was surprised how active he was, crawling around her like she was a jungle gym, while all at the same time constantly sleeping or nuzzling against her gem. She didn’t know why, but Steven always chose that spot to press his face into. She didn’t mind though, not one bit.

   Amethyst laid on the floor on her stomach, her hands under her chin and legs swinging, “Is he being too wild for ya?”

   "Of course not!“ Spinel playfully retorted as Steven tugged on one of her pigtails. She ignored the slight pain, her hands curling around Steven’s sides. "Come on, buddy.”

   Steven protested as she lifted him down, but stopped when she laid him on the floor, and she joined Amethyst by sitting on her stomach. Steven stood on all fours and tried to crawl towards her and Amethyst.

   Spinel got an idea and sat up on her knees, her arms outstretched, “Come here, Stevie! Come to your best friend, Spinel!”

   "You can do it, little guy!“ Amethyst cheered.

   Steven babbled a little and crawled to Spinel’s lap. Spinel laughed and lifted Steven into the air, "You did it!” Amethyst whooped excitedly.

   "Now,“ Spinel set Steven back down, a few feet away from their positions, "Try to stand up, Stevie.”

   Her purple friend gasped, “You’re not gonna-!”

   Spinel didn’t turn her loving gaze, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna.”

   Steven did exactly the same thing; crawl. Spinel tried to think of something to encourage him to use his legs, but something lit up like a lightbulb. She placed Steven back towards the couch, but this time kept her arm long, holding it up over the baby like a swing.

   "Here Stevie, grab onto it,“ She directed to her arm. Out of curiosity, Steven stood up, although wobbly grabbed her arm. Amethyst gasped dramatically.

   Then Spinel gestured to herself, "Now try walking over to me.”

   As she slowly retracted her arm, Steven kept his hold tight and he took a few hesitant steps. He whimpered a bit, but Spinel spoke in a whisper, her tone encouraging and comforting. Amethyst too was cheering, albeit more quietly as she repeated, “Ste-ven! Ste-ven! Ste-ven!”

   Soon enough, Steven stepped to Spinel and she retracted her arm so she could hug him, “You did it, baby! You walked!”

   Amethyst laughed, “Aw yeah! Steve’s the man!”

   Steven didn’t understand what he really did, but laughed as his two guardians cheered and laughed with him.

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Please Be Okay
by sleepysensei

Momo sat primly on her chair, tapping her pencil on her notebook, ready to write down anything of importance. Sharp eyes took note of her teacher’s haggard appearance.

Aizawa-sensei stood in front of the class, slouch even more pronounced than usual, making his homeroom announcements. His usual eyebags had grown into luggages, his skin paler and carried a hint of gray. One hand clutched his coffee mug like a lifeline, his other gripping harshly on the edge of the podium, knuckles white as if straining to keep him upright. His head was slightly bowed, heavy-lidded eyes periodically squinting at the papers he had brought with him as he talked.

or: Aizawa gets a heart attack during homeroom. Class 1-A deals with it.

Words: 1868, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of sleepy does camp nano april 2020

Read Here:

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Okay so what if one of Xenias spiders escapes but when she goes looking for it she finds the spider following MC around like a child?

“Good morning my babies”, Xenia says cheerfully as she opens the lid of her spider enclosure. 

“Oh my! Alecto, did you eat Milo’s dinner? That’s very rude of you!” 

She picks Alecto up in one of her hands and looks at the eight legged creature lovingly. 

“But, you’re forgiven because you’re just too beautiful.” 

The spy mistress continues cooing over her arachnids for several moments before something puzzles her.

“Where’s Desma?” 

She moves some of their enclosure around gently, hoping to find a sign of her spider, but it’s no use. Desma is missing. 

Taking a calming breath, Xenia places the lid back on the spider enclosure and exits her quarters. 

“Ruelle!” She calls. 

The invisible princess emerges immediately. 

“Yes, mistress?” 

“Have you seen Desma?”

Ruelle shakes her head, expression impassive. 

“No mistress, I haven’t.”

“Right then. Have every servant in this palace stop what they’re doing. We need to form a search party, immediately.”

Ruelle does as she’s told and before long, it seems as though the entire kingdom is searching for Xenia’s eight legged child. Luckily for her, most of the palace is very much aware of Xenia’s love for her creatures. No one would dare question the spy mistress regardless. 

As day turns into night, no one has found any signs of Xenia’s darling Desma. Ruelle is slightly taken aback to see just how forlorn she is. Not just sad, but consumed with anxiety. 

“I… I am sorry, mistress”, Ruelle tries. It takes Xenia a moment to register that anyone has even spoken.

“It’s not your fault. Tell me, Ruelle, where is MC?”

“If I am not mistaken, MC has spent the day with Hazel. She should arrive back any moment.”

Xenia gives Ruelle a quiet nod. 

“Thank you. You are dismissed.”

With that, Ruelle disappears, though Xenia knows that she is close by. 

An hour or two passes before MC returns to the palace. She has a smile on her face and a spring in her step, something she often does after having spent the day with her childhood best friend, but her expression immediately falters when she finds the spy mistress sat outside, staring up at the sky with a faraway look. 

“Xenia… are you alright?”

A sigh escapes her before she finally brings her attention to MC. 

“I have had better days, truth be told. My sweet Desma is nowhere to be found, and I…”

Xenia trails off as she notices a scurrying just several steps behind MC. As the little scuttling creature comes into view, Xenia’s expression fills with delight.


MC turns to face the creature and jumps backwards in alarm.

“OH, FROST!” MC yells, shock registering as she realises that the arachnid must have been following her for some time. 

Immediately, Desma scurries over to Xenia, climbing delicately into her hands. Xenia traces her fingers over the spider’s body affectionately. 

“Desma, where have you been? What have you been doing? I’ve been worried sick!”

MC shuffles her feet a little sheepishly as realisation washes over her.

“I believe I can explain. You see… I left early this morning to see Hazel. Nothing seemed out of place or anything. But I kept feeling as though I was being watched. I brushed it off and assumed you’d sent Ruelle to accompany me. It wasn’t until I got to Hazel’s place when we sat down for a drink. She chuckled and told me we had a visitor. When I turned around, I saw a spider perched beside me, staring up at me a little expectantly. I thought nothing of it and carried on my conversation with Hazel.” 

Xenia nods, listening intently.

“Later that day, we walked into town. I heard a few squeals from children but nothing sounded particularly strange. I didn’t notice a spider beside me or anything. But now that I think about it…”

The spy mistress chuckles softly. 

“Why MC, it seems that you have a friend for life dear. Desma doesn’t often take to strangers… but they certainly have to you.”

An uneasy look crosses MC until she really stares at the critter. The eyes, that once made her shiver slightly, suddenly seem kind. Protective even. 

MC reaches out a hand. 

“May I?”

Xenia places Desma into MC’s hand where the spider stares at her for a few moments, before settling down into her palm, almost affectionately. 

The entire scenario delights Xenia. 

“You seem so pleased. Is it nice to have your baby back?”, MC asks, relaxing slightly. 

“It’s more than that, MC. My spiders… they don’t trust just anyone. For Desma to have formed an attachment to you…”

A genuine smile warms Xenia’s features.

“… you must be something special.”

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Originally posted by leave-me-colourless

Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 1662

Summary: Prince Loki of Asgard is in need of a date to take back home. That’s where you come in with a task of your own to make the whole trip with an insufferable prince worth it. Too bad that things don’t always go as planned and you end up giving more than you can take. Fake-Dating AU.

A/N:  Oh my I’m so excited now! Let me know if you’ll like to be tagged!

Hela-Avenger Masterlist

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Hello love, I’d love to request a roommate AU with Alfred, with the promts 30, 28 and 3 and also the kissing prompt 33. Thank you soooo much!!! 💕❤️🥰

WARNINGS: Unrequited Love, Mention of The Friendzone, Ugly Taste in Men, Lightly judgy! Alfred and overbearing mom! Judith, also… cheesy…


An unexpected kiss that shocks the one receiving it.

“You smell nice”.

Alfred was unable to stop himself from commenting on the distinct smell you were wearing tonight, something sweet almost like vanilla, but with a twinge of fruity which gave almost a sassy note to your body.

And he found himself immediately liking it.

Although you weren’t wearing it for him.

“Thank you, Alfie!” you immediately replied as you stopped at the mirror in the corridor, fixing the small black dress you were wearing, an utter masterpiece of fabric that had the advantage of highlighting your body perfectly.

And making Alfred have all the kind of sinful thoughts.

Which wouldn’t help his constant pining against you.

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backstage | n.r x reader

plot summary: (based off of a anon request) y/n and nini have hated each other since freshmen year but what happens when all of a sudden you don’t?

warnings: bad writing & sum making out?

Petty, rude and annoying.

That’s how you would describe Nini Salazar Roberts and you wouldn’t be surprised if she decided to call you the same.

Since the start of freshmen year she seemed to have it in for you and you didn’t know why. All you knew was you felt the same way. You could feel her glare at you during class, her brown irises probably plotting your demise.

An outsider would say your mutual hatred was forced and comical at times but the two of you would defend your distaste for each other because it was legitimate.


Nini thought so for a solid year. The feeling she felt when she first saw you was anger, it couldn’t possibly be anything else.

She tried to convince herself that for awhile but seeing you almost every second of the day in HSM auditions made it difficult for her to maintain her solid opinions.

It was the end of the week, the last hour of rehearsals, and everyone was tired and worn out.

You leaned back in your chair as you watched Nini and Ricky act through a scene together. If you had to describe the level of chemistry they had in one word it would be ‘nonexistent’.

Nini might’ve hated your guts but you could’ve done so much better with her in that scene. In fact you probably had the capability of faking romance with her better then anyone else here.

The thought made you choke on air making the two stop and look at you. Miss Jenn noticed the sudden pause in action so she decided to take a break, you guess she was also tired of seeing the stale romance between her Troy and Gabriella too.

Everyone dispersed into their own areas to go over lines, talk or just scroll endlessly through their feeds. You decided to leave the theatre and go into a small practise room down the hall so you could get some peace and quiet (and most importantly avoid Nini).

You approached the chestnut piano and sat down in its creaky seat, a sound that had become very familiar to you. Your fingers stroked the keys before you began to mindlessly play a tune which you soon recognised as ‘Breaking Free’.

You scoffed at your own actions but began to sing along regardless.

“We’re soaring, flying. There’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach.”

“If we’re trying, so we’re breaking free.”

Without turning around you could tell who had joined you, her eyes always burned into you in a way no-one else did and her voice was… good. It was hard to admit but impossible to deny.

“What do you want, Roberts?” you groaned. No matter how much you enjoyed them you weren’t in the mood for a classic Nini-Y/n feud.

The sound of the door closing and her approaching footsteps made your heartbeat quicken. Soon she finally appeared in your vision, her body resting on the side of the piano.

She played with some random sheets of paper whilst keeping her eyes on you.

“I’m here because… I wanted to know where that awful dying cat noise was coming from,” she spoke. You looked up at her unamused.

She shrugged her shoulders and waited for your response. That’s how it always worked between you and you started to grow tired of it.

You ignored her ‘insult’ and proceeded continue the song until she pushed the sheets into your face seemingly frustrated with your lack of communication.

“What are you doing, L/n? Stop playing around and say something!”

“I’m not doing anything, you’re the one who decided to come in,” you said rolling your eyes trying your best to keep your cool.

She scoffed, “I came in here because you’re singing sti-”

“Don’t lie to yourself, you came in here because you knew I was here and you can’t last a second without my attention,” you interrupted her, standing up from your seat.

You know stood infront of Nini at a slight distance, her back against the piano as she tried her best to not look at you. She was now the quiet one.

‘Funny,’ you thought. The minute you talk back and confront her she grows quiet.

You don’t know what it was. It could’ve been the fatigue after a long rehearsal or a sudden burst of confidence but you edged forward, the gap between the two of you getting smaller and smaller.

Nini didn’t seem to mind, her gaze now locked in yours as you lowered your mouth down to her ear, your lips brushing against her as you gave her what she wanted, a childish taunt.

“What’s wrong, Nini? Has this cat got your tounge?”

You pulled away slowly, your face in front of her’s. For a millisecond you could’ve sworn you saw her dark eyes flicker down towards your lips, the tiny action catching you off guard slightly.

You could feel Nini’s hands settle on your waist, her thumbs stroking the exposed skin under your shirt as she pulled you flush against her. The space between your faces was almost gone, her pink lips teasing yours as she spoke up.

“I still hate you, L/n.”

You smirked, “No you don’t.”

A small tug from her was all it took for her to capture your lips with hers. Her hands roamed the skin under your shirt as you latched onto her hair, you nails brushing against her scalp making a low groan come out of the singer.

Nini spun you around so your back was against the instrument, her mouth greedily sucking at the sensitive skin on your neck.

Marks would definitely appear but you didn’t care.

She made it very difficult for you to try and hide your moans as her mouth and hands worked on your body so people outside would’nt be alerted.

Your attempts however were pathetic. On the other side of the glass window was Big Red, his eyes wide and mouth even wider.

“Shit! Nini…” you turned her around and she gasped, running out of the room to chase Red down the hall.

You remained in the practise room managing to hear Red scream, “Ricky, you owe me $20!” with a smile on your face. You made a mental note of going backstage with Nini more often.

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