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#fluff this time :)

|| @blessercoeur sent:

“ A flower crown? Only if you teach me how to make one. ” she wrapped an arm around the other, reciprocating the hug. Her free hand would rest on the Lunari’s head, holding her softly against her chest. ||

The Rakkor closed her eyes for a moment, gladly and fully enjoying that warm embrace, that familiar and beloved presence close to her.

Flowers had always reminded her of her deceased mother, countless were the times she crafted crowns with her, singing together under the moonlight while wearing them. Therefore, Ernye would have gladly taught her how to make one, gradually parting away from A’nifaris as she nodded at her.

«Aye, mom!
Let’s make some together!
Follow me, let’s find some nice flowers first!»

Tightly holding the woman’s hand, the Lunari took her with her, looking for some flowers to pick and use to make some mesmerizing crowns with.

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Happy 3rd Anniversary!

“Congratulations on your third anniversary. If you’re properly handling someone like me, it must be love, right?”

aaaaaa the music box is back!! 😭😭 Its already been 3 years… uwaaaaa im so proud of my toudans!! 🥺💕💕 they’ve come so far im cryigngndnjjsj

Oh and!! here have some screenshots of both Kashuu (my starter!) & Yasusada during the (s)anniversary!


The little :3 smile on Yasusada’s sprite im 😭😭 thats so cuteeee


Starting tomorrow it will be my 4th year of playing tkrb! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Let’s keep doing our best this year too!!

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Taglist: @navegandoaciegas @getcmpunked @13dwarveswalkintoabar

Fluff Alert

Lee never had a big Thanksgiving dinner with his family. He had no family to celebrate with.

But with you, he didn’t know what to expect. It was your first year with Lee, first real holiday with him.

He walked in to the smell of Cornish hens and saw your silhouette dancing through the kitchen. There were bowls of potatoes and stuffing with gravy, and you were dolled up in a flowing mauve dress. He let out a low whistle as he leaned against the door.

“Who’d you get all pretty for?”

You looked up at him with a smirk.

“There’s this real dime of a fella that works down at the station. Sheriff I think.”

He stepped closer, taking off his hat and before he knew it you pulled him in for sweet kiss.

You tasted like sugar and cranberries. God, he’d never forget that taste.

You were breathless when you pulled away, leading him over to the table.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Lee.”

He stared back at you as you took your seat. Maybe this year he had something to be thankful for.

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was gonna wait til i put these guys in the pokeask event to post these but i cant wait and these arent exactly the event refs so have some kids real quick

i love these 2 with my whole entire heart. very excited to finally be able to use em (i hope)

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Captain Boomerang x OC Suicide Squad new female member on mission together please

i am so so sorry that you had to wait this long for this, but every time i tried to write something out it ended up as a beginning of some 5k+ entry chapter to some 28 chaps long 100k+ words abandoned fic from a few years ago lmao so i had to settle for headcannons because i’d make it long, unnecessarily complicated and boring

hope that’s alright!

Captain Boomerang x fresh blood (female) reader hcs:

  • Boomer is very observant, so he’s gonna be one of the first to notice a new face among the old crowd and you can bet your ass he’s gonna be one of the first to approach
  • you were getting ready like the rest, a little secluded and further away from the group - this was completely new for you, new people, new surroundings, new purpose assigned to you by the government - until you heard a gruff, smug “hey sheila” from behind just as you were putting on the equpiment
  • as a newbie, you had little to know clue about the other member, and you made the mistake to indulge Boomer
  • you two immediately clicked, but not in a way one might expect - sarcastic comments started flying after his first sexist/slightly perverted remark, whenever he said something you always had a rebuttal at the ready
  • unknowingly to you, this only encouraged him - after all, digger is an attention whore, no matter if the attention is positive or negative
  • but you had to admit yourself, you were starting to get fond of those banters of yours, despite the fact that some of the soldiers along with Flag were starting to get annoyed beyond comprehension
  • what sealed the deal for you? when he pulled out two cans of beer from his coat pocket and snuck away with you to see who could chug quicker (spoiler: it was you)
  • and, as it turns out, you don’t make a half-bad team on the battlefield, althought there was a lot to work on still
  • so, your first meeting could be considered pretty eventful
  • you may have winked at him when you parted to be led to your respective cells
  • your cells may have been connected by a vent system
  • you both may have found that out later in the night
  • a beautiful friendship may have bloomed
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Soulmate for Habit

You’re sitting on your couch watching Netflix when all of a sudden you’re hit with the overwhelming craving for chocolate and meat. A few days ago you turned 18 and you knew the cravings would start. You couldn’t place the meat but you did have some chocolate and you felt it would be a good addition to your movie so you go grab a couple Reese’s cups and sit back down.

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A Moment With Cody

“I swear to God if you jump-“ was the last thing you heard as you jumped off the cliff diving into the water below. When you came to the surface you looked up seeing Cody looking over the edge down at you. You could see him psyching himself up to jump off and looking back at Tim & Brian. He disappears for a moment then you see him flying through the air and watch his decent landing a few feet from you.

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[12:27] “a- are you going to homecoming this year?” mark stutters to you in a soft voice. his sudden question catches you off guard. the two of you guys were in his car finishing up some homework together before the other dreamies, as they liked to call themselves, finished class.

looking up from the homework that was in your lap you turn your gaze to mark. “to be honest, i was thinking about it. but i didn’t have a date and didn’t want to be a party pooper being the only one without one. so i was deciding not to go.” you lean your head towards the side like a lost puppy. “why’d you ask?”

mark’s doe eyes meet yours which makes him turn away in panic. suddenly the atmosphere in his car turned into a awkward mess. scratching his nape mark lets out a nervous laugh. “oh you know… the dreamies always go to homecoming, and since you didn’t go last year i was just wondering if you were this year. i- i mean, it’s fun! i think you’ll like it.”

you smile at the flustered boy in front of you. “is this your way of asking me to go to homecoming with you?” you say in a teasing tone, raising a brow. mark returns his eyes on you, face now blushing pink.

“w- what? haha no way. definitely not.” mark covers his flushing ears with his hands as he finds himself digging a hole deeper for himself to fall in. he really didn’t know how you played your games, or how to play them himself. it was always constant guessing on his part.

“i mean if it is, then yeah i’ll go with you.” you justify, putting your hand onto of his. his doe eyes curve into a smile, “wait really?” you squeeze his hand. “of course. i mean we’re just going as friends, right? unless…”


“unless you want to go as dates.”

mark lets out a small squeal, which leads him to covering his mouth with his hands again. making you hold back a chuckle.

“that would be… delightful yes.”

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So I need some beta-ish help before I can post my next ficlet. I don’t know what to rate it nor what exact warnings should be called for.

It involves major character deaths. I know that tag at least. And it’s technically about a suicide, even tho it’s really not about suicide itself at all. Like, it’s a (fairly poetic) take on the emotions surrounding a potential couple of deaths (at least one of which results of a character’s own actions, and that’s stated but isn’t focused on), and for that itself I fear it could be read as romanticizing suicide?

I really don’t want it to be any harm to anyone, but I still have no clue just exactly what tags and/or warnings are warranted. Is there anyone who is certain they can handle this, and is willing to read it and give me their thoughts?

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Deadlines. They are piling up on top of one another, building like a pressure on your chest. Slumped over your desk, tears cascade down your cheeks as you helplessly stare at the papers scattered across the surface in front of you. You haven’t confided in Jaemin about your stresses, opting to avoid feeling another kind of ache in your heart as you picture the disappointment that would etch itself unto his face. Rather, you just stare listlessly as the notifications continue to appear on your phone, reminders for the work due in the next day. You wish to cry, to let out the horrors of the creeping deadlines, though you are reminded yet again that there’s no time to spare. No time for tears, no time for rest until every assignment has been completed and the workload has depleted. Your mood darkens with each minute that passes, urging yourself to move. You can’t focus, despite the numerous empty cups that are spread before you, of which were once filled to the brim with coffee. This only serves to aggravate you more, the stress of your workload and the frustration due to your inability to focus causing more tears to fall down. Jaemin is at his own home, likely sleeping or catching up with his own assignments and you would never forgive yourself if you were to interrupt him. 

Another notification lights up your phone and you reach to throw it onto the floor beside you, exhausted by the constant reminders that you cannot finish on time with the state that you are in. Instead, you breathe a sigh of relief as your phone tells you that Jaemin is typing. You open the chat, and Jaemin has sent multiple messages in the past few seconds, claiming his need for sleep is excessive, and further emphasizing that only your company will help him rest. He is aware that you will be awake at this hour, telling you he will be on his way before you get the chance to begin typing, and you inwardly thank the world that you were gifted with Jaemin. Replying with a promise to unlock the door, you lock your phone and glare at the papers surrounding you, cursing your lack of motivation and gathering the sheets into a pile to be dealt with tomorrow. Late is better than never, you suppose. Light tapping at your door signals that Jaemin has arrived, the city begs for silence as you happily close the distance between you and ease the front door open. His arms bring you comfort as they wrap around you, linking together at the middle of your back, snugly encasing you in his embrace. He invades your senses as you feel his nose nuzzle into your neck, his scent wraps around your heart and you watch his eyes as he stands back to caress your cheek. It’s all so very Jaemin, and you’re struck by the safety and comfort that has been brought to you. All that was once a slow drip of emotion, floods in as a cascade of negativity falls off your tongue and onto the floor you stand on. He holds you, an assurance that you won’t drown in your own thoughts and wipes away the dampness that has been left underneath your waterline. 

You’re okay. You’re doing so unbelievably well. I know that you think it will never be enough, but you go above and beyond until even the stars are in awe. You have time and when you believe you don’t… Well I guess I will have to personally handle whoever allowed you to believe that.”

A giggle threatens to rise up your throat as you sniff, “I don’t think my 9am lecturer would appreciate such an uproar, but thank you for the offer.”

“The 9am one? Nevermind, he scares me.”

“Jaemin, he is preparing to retire and spends most of his time tending to his garden, I feel like you shouldn’t worry.” The worries of your work have already dissipated, allowing you to freely travel through your house and into your room, weightless.

“He is still intimidating!” Jaemin whines as he sits on the edge of your bed, reaching his palm out to you, stroking his fingertips across your waist as he pulls you in. A pout settles onto his features and you resist the urge to place your thumb on his bottom lip, feeling your own lovesick gaze be returned as he gazes at you fondly. You place your palms over his shoulders and lean forward, reveling in his touch.

“You’re adorable, Jaem”

“Just shut up and kiss me.”

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“Can I Steal Your Last Name?” Texts with Underrated Haikyuu Boys! Part 3!

Includes: Numai, Shibayama, Hirugami, Akiteru, Koganegawa, Reon

why are these so fun? obviously some are aged up/post timeskip. part 4 will be tomorrow!
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