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Mark has been warned plenty of times.

Kim Jungwoo, the new student who has everyone on their knees, hot but chill, laid back. Mark doesn’t understand the appeal, and doesn’t meet him until two weeks go by of people gushing over him.

It’s almost tragic, how they meet.

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“Your sister is visiting for dinner, you’re not sitting an exam. You need to chill.”

“She can always tell when I’m lying.” Taeyong groaned, tugging at his hair. He checked his shirt again and found it looking exactly the same as it had two minutes ago, the last time he’d paused in front of the mirror to freak out. “Why aren’t you worried, huh?”

Johnny shrugged, looking back down at his phone. “Why should I worry? It’s not my sister I’m lying to.”

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Hyunjin is 17 and has her entire life figured out already—she’s going to finish high school and become the soccer star she was born to be. That is, of course, until some random kid accidentally pushes her down a flight of stairs, shattering her knee, her wrist and her dreams, all at once.

Worst part of it all? Falling on top of Jeon Heejin, being forced to see her every day in physical therapy and discovering that, maybe, she isn’t as terrible as Hyunjin originally thought.

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