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onedirecton · 8 minutes ago
please watch this video of a baby otter falling into the water
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fluffy-papaya · 14 minutes ago
Weirdly specific doodle request for the soul.... it's three people so I'd understand if you don't want to do it but I have not stopped thinking about the mini Boomers reunion in 3rd life....I miss them so much
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the fact Bdubs didn’t blow up during the reunion was a tragedy, truly
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kittygallore · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
My new Kitten Raff! He is 17 and a half weeks old.
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horatioandalice · 34 minutes ago
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Suspicion increase
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justfangirlthingies · 54 minutes ago
Change of Plans (Loki)
Summary: You're having a bit of a down day and after seeing that you cancelled all your plans Loki takes it upon himself to see what's going on and to do everything in his power to cheer you up
Warnings: maybe a bit of sad reader, besides that it's just fluff and soft Loki comfort
Word count: 1024 words
This whole thing is dedicated to the lovely @thespiritoflife
I hope I can at least cheer you up a little bit with some Loki fluff!! 💖(Sorry I took so long to write it)
Sorry Loki, I'll have to cancel our plans for today...
With a sigh you pressed send on your phone before completely turning it off and placing it on your nightstand. Today was just one of those days. You know the kind of day where everything is just off and you feel miserable for no apparent reason. The kind of day where you feel like you can't and won't accomplish anything, where you feel completely and utterly useless, so you just stay in bed. That is exactly what today was, so you just accepted your fate and tried to deal with your bad day by yourself. Cancelling all your plans, afraid you may feel like a burden or just wouldn't be able to handle socializing.
Feeling drained and exhausted, you took your blanket and made your way to the living room where you dropped the blanket and continued on your way to the kitchen to make yourself a bowl of cereal. where you poured the milk in first
Once you were back in the living room, you sat down on the couch, wrapped yourself in your blanket, turned on the TV and began munching on your cereal. The movie you were watching did a great job of distracting you, until you heard a knock on your door, that is. Promptly, you turned down the volume of the television and stayed as quiet as possible, in hopes that whoever was at the door would leave you alone if no one answered the door. But to your inconvenience the knocking didn't stop. "(Y/n) I know you're in there. Open up please." Spoke a very familiar voice with a very familiar accent. Your boyfriend to be exact. The same boyfriend you cancelled plans with earlier. "Did he not get the message I sent him?" you thought. Just when you thought the noises had stopped, you heard him rapping his knuckles against the door once again, then he paused in order to speak up once more "Please (Y/n), I beg of you, open up that door and let me in, my love. I'm worried about you"
You slowly got up as another heavy sigh tore itself from your throat, your nerves suddenly overwhelming you. What if he didn't like seeing you like this? Your hair a complete mess and you were just dressed in your pyjamas and wrapped in a blanket. You shook your head in an attempt to shake those thoughts off. That's not what he thought of you and you knew it. Your head was just trying to tell you otherwise.
The tapping of your feet on the floor could be heard as you slowly made your way to the door of your home. With trembling hands and a shaky exhale you reached for the door handle "You got this. You can do's just Loki. He's just worried...That's sweet, nothing to be afraid of..." You mumbled to yourself as you pressed down the handle and opened the door just a crack, which you immediately peaked your head through. Tears welled up in your eyes as you saw his handsome face and the worried expression imprinted on it.
You began rambling and searching for excuses as you examined him through the crack in the door "L-Loki...I-Didn't you get my text? I'm really not in the mood to do anything with any-" You sniffled, but as soon as you finished looking the young god over, you cut yourself off in the middle of the sentence. Instead of his usual Asgardian wardrobe or a suit, he was clad in a simple T-shirt, which you could see peeking out from underneath the hoodie he was wearing - the hoodie also being a highly unusual piece of clothing for him - and a pair of sweatpants. Around his shoulders hung a blanket and another additional T-shirt was draped over one shoulder. In his hands he held a basket filled with sweets, snacks and a DVD collection of your favourite movies and TV-shows. Your eyes watered once more as you considered his wordless proposal of activities for the day and you opened the door fully allowing him to step into your home. Before he did so however, he put down the basket and pulled you into his embrace. "It's alright darling, I'm here now." Loki murmured into your ear as he pressed a kiss to your temple, resulting in you nuzzling your head into his neck as you wrapped your arms tightly around him.
As he pulled away from you again he picked up the basket again and entered your home, closing the door behind him. "You know, I tried calling and writing to you on that Midgardian telephone you gave me. It seems to be broken...I never got a response" Loki spoke nonchalantly as he walked to the couch in your living room. An embarrassed chuckle escaped your lips " No that was because I turned it off." "Turned it off?" he replied, eyebrows raised. "Yeah, but that doesn't matter now. What is the extra shirt for?" you questioned and your boyfriend handed you the shirt "I thought you might like to wear something of mine, since you usually try to steal my clothes and wear them, you little minx" he grinned. His unexpected answer causing heat to rise to your cheeks and a shy smile to appear on your face as you pulled his shirt closer. "I'll be right back, I'll just put this on real quick"
Loki chuckled at that as he called after your retrieving form "I'll prepare the food and movie then!"
▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎
And just like that, a bad day turned to a better day. A comfortable day spent snuggled up with snacks, under blankets and pillows with Loki. "Thank you" you breathed in his scent as you closed your eyes, head placed on the god's chest. "Of course (Y/n). Anytime and anything for you, my darling" You felt him pull you closer to his chest as he pressed a kiss to the top of your head...
That was the moment you finally realized that Loki would always be there for you, no matter what.
Tag list: @ateez-star @littlemissnoname13 @gwlvr @paulina1998
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fluffy-papaya · an hour ago
Your sona!! Bc pretty,, want content,, Pretty very pretty good design pretty. - 🌻
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sunflower anon, you’re too kind <3
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fic idea bc im to lazy to write (not to mention the terrible writing skills-)
ok so minewt fluff right? right? and like a medow. a cottage core vibe lookin medow. and like fluff. and then like more fluff. the kind of fluff where your just sitting there like "awwwwww my babies🥺" AND AND AND AND AND AND THE KIND OF FLUFF WHERE YOUR LIKE "OMG THERE SO WHOLESOME OMG NOPE I SIMPLY CANT DO THIS" TEARY EYED KIND OF FLUFF. AY? AY? ANY TAKERS??
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dreaminpeaches · an hour ago
Humble Pie Fun Fact #21:
Bonnie has two pet names for Beau
Tex is what she usually calls him since finding out about his love of cowboys and the wild west, she finds it adorable
Doughboy is what she call him when Beau is being really soft, which usually happens in private, this is when Beau let's himself to be vulnerable and is open to any form of affection (kissing, cuddling, tickling, hair petting, etc) and will often ask for cuddles , this side of him is also a bit more goofy, jokey, dorky at times too.
When Beau wants to cuddle he'll wrap his arms around Bonnie (usually when they're on a bed or couch) and slowly nuzzle her neck and then mumble or whisper "Can...we have some..down time?" He calls cuddling down time because he can't bring himself to say cuddle in front of Bonnie with getting really blushy and embarrassed..oof
If Bonnie calls Beau Doughboy when he's not in the mood and ESPECIALLY in public, he will not respond or groan at sound of the petname
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invalid-prongs · an hour ago
“I think we should have a wedding.”
Dorcas smiles softly, removing one hand from their book to reach up and grasp onto Marlene’s arms, which are wound around their partner’s neck. “I don’t think we can, my love.”
Marlene sighs softly, resting her head on top of Dorcas’. “Yeah, I know,” she agrees lightly. “But that didn’t stop Remus and Sirius, did it?”
At that, Dorcas laughs. Bright and musical – it brings a gentle smile to their girlfriend’s face. “Are you suggesting we be like Remus and Sirius?”
“Well, not totally, they’re crazy,” she grins, removing her arms and circling around. She knees at Dorcas’ feet and pries the book out of their hands, resting it on the coffee table. “But yeah, we could be.”
“I’m not following.”
“It doesn’t have to be a big ceremony, it can just be us, and our friends,” she explains slowly, taking Dorcas’ hands and kissing them. “We could ask Minnie to officiate, and we could wear whatever we want. Merlin, we could wear skinny jeans and leather jackets if we wanted.”
“Now, that’s too much like Remus and Sirius,” the younger giggles, pulling her hands away to cup Marlene’s face. “Are you sure you want to marry me?”
“With everything I am.”
They lean forward and press a gentle kiss to her lips, both of them smiling. “We don’t have rings.”
“We can find one for me,” Marlene digs into the back pocket of her jeans. “But I have one for you.”
Dorcas’ jaw drops slightly as Marlene pulls out a band from her pocket. It’s simple – gold with silver diamonds around it – yet it’s elegant, breath-taking.
“Dorcas Meadowes, would you like to say a big ‘fuck you’ to the world with me?”
They giggle again, feeling tears burn behind their eyes. “From here until the end of forever, Marlene McKinnon.”
“If you don’t chill, I’m going to throw my slushie on you.”
Dorcas glares viciously at Sirius’ reflection in the mirror. He smirks, raising the plastic cup, before pulling it up to his lips.
“If your lips are blue, I’m going to kill you,” they shrug, adjusting their waistcoat. He furrows his eyebrows, but before he can retaliate, the doors open a crack and Remus slips in.
“Sorry, I’m here,” he grins apologetically, shaking his own drink, which is red. “Did you know they have a slushie machine here? Because I sure as hell didn’t.”
Dorcas rolls their eyes and adjusts their jacket, brushing down their suit nervously. They do a quick once-over of themself in the mirror and then turns away before they can second-guess themself.
“How do I look?”
Sirius turns his attention away from his drink and looks up at his friend. His face instantly melts into a warm smile, as does Remus’, who leans against the wall and sips his drink.
“Beautiful,” the werewolf nods. Sirius’ eyes go up and down their suit before humming in agreement.
“Gorgeous,” he agrees, standing up and twirling around the room. “Where’s Marls, my love?”
“Down the hall.” Remus opens the doors, staring after his husband for a moment before shaking his head and turning back to Dorcas. “How do you feel?”
“Nervous, like a train wreck,” they sigh softly. “Is it normal to feel sick?”
“Completely,” he nods, setting down his drink. “You’re about to marry a loveable idiot. I was the same way with mine.”
They both laugh softly, the nerves in Dorcas’ stomach dying away a little. Remus glances at the clock before offering his arm. “Alright, we need to get going.”
Dorcas nods, taking a deep breath, before taking their friend’s arm. They move over to the doors, pausing for a second, before opening them slowly and walking down into the hall.
When they enter, everybody turns to watch in awe. They don’t hurry, they just stroll down elegantly, whispering between themselves until they reach the alter. Remus squeezes Dorcas’ shoulder before standing behind them as the best man.
And then the music starts.
The doors at the end of the hall open and everybody watches as James strides through, baby Harry toddling beside him.
The audience coos as the toddler tosses mixed rose petals around, giggling to himself.
When they reach the end, he’s scooped into his father’s arm, who takes a seat beside his smiling wife in the front row of Dorcas’ side. He offers up a thumbs up in encouragement, and the doors open again.
This time, everybody stands, and Dorcas knows this is it. They're about to be married to the love of their life. And they don't want to wait another moment.
After a second, Marlene walks in, long deep red dress, arm in arm with Sirius, and Dorcas forgets how to breathe.
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kittygallore · an hour ago
Tumblr media
A sweet face!!
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iloveurcat · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is Romeo, it's his birthday (he's 2!)
Happy birthday handsome boy!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I love him so much!!!
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fluffy-papaya · an hour ago
Could you please draw one of my minesonas? (I don't really care which one; refs on my sideblog (link in pinned post on mainblog))
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I’m always a sucker for nether-themed sonas!
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ask-willowleafeon · 2 hours ago
👀 ask-backpack-hypno...
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@ecoxlar-maybe @ask-backpack-hypno !!
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