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fluffygif · 7 days ago
Enjoy raspberries
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fluffygif · 4 months ago
Sweet little ducks by motherthemountain
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kittygallore · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Twin cats make a heart shape. Too cute!
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dreamy-prose · a month ago
little intimate things that leave me breathless
feel free to use these as prompts
you're talking on the phone and your lover quietly comes up behind you, wraps their arms around you, and starts gently kissing your neck. you begin to lose focus on your phone call as you concentrate on not making any noise.
your crush gently touching you on the arm or putting their hand on your shoulder as you two have a conversation.
having a piece of hair brushed off your face as you're reading or looking down.
looking at your crush or lover only to find them already looking at you and when you make eye contact, they smile at you.
holding hands while having sex and/or making out.
"i'm so proud of you."
being asked "are you sure?" (there's nothing sexier than consent)
you and your lover sitting next to each other at a table and they rest their hand on your thigh, gently rubbing their thumb back and forth.
your lover playing with your hair or vice versa.
telling a stupid joke and hearing your crush laugh.
helping your lover fix their tie or zip up their dress. or, you two helping each other undress.
telling your partner how stressed out you are and they are simply just listening before opening their arms and holding you until you feel better.
"i love you."
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