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For your 1600+ follower art request thingy: Could you draw a sleepy Yoosung whose just woke up shuffling into the kitchen (I imagine him in a T-shirt, boxers, and bunny slippers but you can give him what ever pajamas you want) where MC is making breakfast or coffee for him? My heart would melt at such fluffy, domestic content 😊
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heya, I hope you're doing well!! uhh, been following this blog for some time but I was always too shy to request anything bfkdhdj I've been feeling very down and lonely as of late, specially bc of the general current situation and living alone, so I was wondering if I could get some soft reassuring ferdie spoiling his boyfriend a little pretty please? thank you so much for your hard work in the blog!!!

(I can relate to your feelings a little. It’s hard, and I’m so sorry this took forever and short, and this probably isn’t even what you meant/wanted. Some drama stuff came up so everything took longer than I wanted.)

༓☾ Happiness ☽༓

Ferdinand spoiling his boyfriend with affection.

↭☼↭↭☼↭↭☼↭↭☼↭↭☼↭↭☼↭ ↭☼↭↭☼↭↭☼↭ ↭☼↭

It’s as if Ferdinand could sense your displeasure even before a word is spoken. “This whole situation is horrible.” Ferdinand watched you drop down beside him with a frown. You weren’t wrong, not even by a small. 

He knew that days could be awful, the days have been often, and you’ve been suffering from it the most. Ferdinand listened to you with patience and full interest, “Out of all the people to be stuck with,” he murmured as Ferdinand threaded his fingers through your hair. “I’m glad it’s you.”

You watched him stand up as his face lit up as if a light bulb went off. “What are you doing?” It was hard to not laugh a little in amusement when he pulled you up and close. “You know,” Ferdinand started to sway back and forth with you in a slow dance with the only desire to stay close together, “you’re the center of my universe.” 

His words and eyes are full of unquestionable love. “But hopefully you know that.” You knew. With every beat of your heart, soul, and being that it’s true. Ferdinand knew you loved him just as equally and that’s all he could ever ask for. 

“And I think that you’re handling this well. I’m proud of you.” Ferdinand stated, pulling back to spin you slowly and gently before bringing you back. As if painful to not hold you close. “What if I make some food you like and cuddle,” Ferdinand placed one small kiss on your cheek then took your hand into his to place many kisses on. “Or we could still dance, or even something else.” 

“There’s nothing I’d deny you if it brings you happiness.”

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A/N: I got a burst of inspiration so let’s just go with it.


Description: The Virus has finally left and now Calum can finally admit his feeling.

(i suck at descriptions sorry)

Pairing: Calum x Female Reader

 You never imagine you would live in California but let alone be friends with a band that you grew up listening too. Moving halfway across the country was a big deal of its own but you moved just about a month be for Covid 19 started to spread. You luckily went out there with some friends and a solid savings account that you knew you would be fine just had to wait everything out. before this all happened you met up with one of your online friends that you have known for years, her name was Crystle and she invited you to have out with her and her boyfriends along with his bandmates. you could turn up the opportunity to make some new friends. after that moment you guys all were instantly inseparable they turned into your brothers and you just grew closer with Crystle and Sierra. When the stay at home order began your heart tore to be away from them but that didn’t stop you all, you practically Facetimed every day. especially with Calum. It seemed you guys clicked faster than everyone else.

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Hello loser :) I love your work (duh you knew that) Do you think you could do a short little something? Kinda like lazy mornings with Bilbo but this time it’s with thorin? Gosh just... He’s my love and you’re so good and ugh

Anything for you babes ❤️ Here you goooo:


Originally posted by damon-salvatore

The sun’s rays kissed your skin, warm butterflies floating on your cheeks as your eyes fluttered beneath your eyelids. It was Sunday, a peaceful morning with nothing to do. No meetings, no planned appearances, no stress. Not wanting to wake up just yet, you turned to nuzzle your face into Thorin’s chest while throwing your arm around him, his arms still wrapped around you like a child holding a teddy bear, never letting go throughout the night. 

Thorin shuffled slightly, him too being risen by the sunlight, pulling you closer while one hand moved to cradle your head. 

“G’Morning,” His voice was husky with sleep, like a low growl in your ear. Sleepily pressing kisses to your forehead and temple, Thorin nuzzled the crown of your head while you felt a smile begin to stretch your lips. 

“Morning,” You whispered back, leaning forward to press a kiss to his chest, your hand drawing shapes as you rested your head on him. 

Thorin began to run his fingers through your hair, lightly massaging your scalp as you began to hear the songs of the birds, the sun stretching further into the room. Tilting your head up, you gave Thorin a sleepy smile causing him to give you one back. Bumping his forehead against yours, Thorin continued to rub your scalp as he tilted his head to give you a long, soft kiss. Pulling away you two rubbed your noses together in an eskimo kiss. 

Sighing happily you pulled yourself up higher next to him, burying your face in his neck. He smelt of pine and fires, a hint of ale tying them both together. But to you, it smelt like home. 

Thorin dropped his hand from your hair down to your middle back, rubbing comforting circles. 

“What do you want to do today?” You questioned after a long moment of silence. 

“I could think of a couple things,” He hummed, rubbing his thumb under the strap of your nightgown. 

Laughing you hummed back, kissing his jaw before you heard the familiar sound of boots coming closer in the hallway. 

“Well, I think those things may have to wait,” You prophesied as Kili knocked on the door. 

“Oh Uncle!!!”

A lazy morning can only last so long with more than one Durin around.


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