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fluffygif · 2 days ago
Here's a baby turtle to brighten your day!
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jahebohu · 23 hours ago
How the Demon Brothers Would React If They Were Gonna be A Father
+ how they would treat you during your pregnancy
demon brothers x f!mc, fluff, english
doesn't believe it at first
he thinks he's too tired so he's misshearing you
but after you hand the testpack that shows 2 red lines, his eyes gotten wide
he embraces you
kiss your head
"I'll protect our child with my soul! Nobody can hurt them. I promise."
actually he's predicted this would happen because the last time you two did it without condom and he came inside you
tells diavolo as soon as possible
throw a lil party to celebrate this good news with diavolo and barbatos
overprotective during your pregnancy
especially when it's near the time the baby about to birth
want the baby to born as girl because there's already so many guys in House of Lamentation
secretly wish the baby are twins
his mind goes blank
he doesn't flinch in seconds
suddenly tearing up
hugs you
kneels down and talk to your belly as if the baby can hear him
"Listen hear, you mammon junior! Im gonna be THE BEST FATHER FOR YA!"
use goldie to buy the baby stuffs
would spread this news to the entire devildom by himself
"Hey, listen y'all! Mc is having my child! Im gonna be a father ya know!"
talk to the baby every morning and every night
boy or girl isn't matter, just knowing he's gonna has a child is enough for him!
bro almost passed out seconds after he heard that from you
crying like a baby
he just can't believe it YOU BEAR HIS CHILD!?
"I am gonna be a father ... I AM GONNA BE A FATHER!? WAIT I AM GONNA BE A FATHER!"
shout to Henry "Henry, you're gonna be an uncle!"
shout to Ruri-chan figure "Ruri-chan, i'm so happy! I'm gonna be a father!"
hold your hands, make you do lil jump with him but then remember there's a live thing inside your belly
"im sorry, im so excited i overreacted"
buy a bunch of baby stuff from akuzon
makes a ruri-chan cosplay costume for the baby
want the baby to born as girl so that he could dress her up to be ruri-chan
but if the baby born as boy no problem!
"you ... you have my child?"
you nod quickly
man of literature was out of words
his hand gesture tell you to come closer him
cry on your shoulders
he can't say anything, he's too happy
overprotective during your pregnancy
never leave you alone
he doesn't want any of his brother too close to you especially lucifer
don't worry about the time during your pregnancy, because this man read tons of books isn't for nothing
he knows all about baby and pregnancy stuff
want the baby to born as boy
full of joy!
shower you with kisses everywhere; lip, nose, forehead, cheek, chin also your belly
"My cute little pie is holding another cute little pie!? How adorable! I LOVE YOU DARLING!"
spends all night to talk to you about the baby's future
"someone other than you will call me 'daddy' too!"
is so excited to dress the baby as soon as the baby born
will give you special beauty treatment when your pregnancy, he'd make you the most beautiful pregnant mommy
kiss your belly every morning
doesn't care boy or girl the baby would be, because he's sure the baby will born gorgeous like him
one of the man that would cry
hugs you so tight, almost squeeze the soul out of your body
kisses your forehead
kneels down
"you .. have my baby inside your belly? In this little stomach you carry such a live thing?"
rub your belly
stay up just in case you need something
if you cravings some food, he already prepared it beside your bed
he and belphegor build a baby box together
you and him do pregnancy excersice together
he wants the baby to born as girl, he thinks is cute to see lil girl that look alike you running around in House of Lamentation
"i'm not dreaming, right? I'm not sleeping right now?"
he rub his eyes
you pinch his cheeks to make him sure that he's fully wake up
just like Asmo, he'd kisses you everywhere! Start from forehead, lip, cheeks, and down to your belly
the first person he share this good news is Beelzebub obviously!
one day he brings you to attic
and what a surprise! He decorate the attic to be baby's room!
he also made dozen cute plushies
he wish the baby born as boy, but girl also not problem
This is my first work! What do u think, guys? Leave comment please!
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cutekoo · a day ago
bts have their own ig accounts now so i needed to write this. you work for hybe in this. pure fluff. “click CHRISTMAS-DRAG for the song <3
yan!idol!btsxfem!idol!reader. 13:45, 6/12/21.
Tumblr media
jungkook was the first to notice, everybody was screaming on his timeline about you having an instagram account, at first he thought it was all a lie. but then he decided to just try and it was true.
there your account was, ‘daydream’, titled so lovingly and there your first post stood. you standing in front of a river in rome for your last tour. “somewhere in these eyes, i’m on your side.” the lyrics from your last hit, space song, the comments turned off.
he immediately told his hyungs and soon enough they all saw it, the next week would be filled with your posts and them all bickering about it.
and then you post “happier, the new album. out now.” and it all comes tumbling down, a new album? four months after your tour? are you overworking yourself? yoongi was fretting and taehyung was panicking, what if you were overworking yourself?
it made them all spiral, ‘happier’, the album, the title song was one of your best and the music video was phenomenal. your heart and soul went into that album, and for the next few months everybody around the seven men would hear about it.
that was a few weeks ago, now it’s december 6th and bts have released their new hit ‘butter, christmas remix’, a darling song, loving. then you release ‘christmas drag’ the rock n roll aspect of your song brings out everything with your voice.
it’s even better when the second oldest, yoongi, messages you with such a good message. “i’m so happy for you, i’m so proud of you x.” please say next year you will be mine.. is what he wanted to say. but he knew that he and the other six would wait years, just for you to even glance at them.
but for now, their in heaven. especially when they get their own accounts and your song lyrics are the captions..
Tumblr media
side note : i’m so happy for the boys to finally be able to post their own memories of tours, concerts ect.
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mariesackler · a day ago
12 Days of Fluff: Day Four- Memories
Clyde Logan x GN!Reader
CW: Holidays, Family
AN: Twelve Days of Whumpmas prompts from @amonthofwhump
December 1st thru 12th
WC: 600ish
12 Days of Fluff Masterlist
Tumblr media
Balancing a grocery bag on your hip, you stumble through your front door. You drop it to the floor and slide off your winter gear.
“Clyde? Baby?” You yell to the oddly quiet house. Is that burning plastic? A loud crash followed by a series of curse words alerts you to his location. The basement. Walking slowly down the basement stairs, the burnt odor intensifies.
“Clyde? Are you okay?” Before you reach the bottom step, Clyde appears in front of you, red-faced and flustered.
“Darlin’, I am fine. Can you please go back upstairs?” His voice flutters with excitement. Looking him up and down, you attempt to peek around his large frame at what all the fuss was about.
“Clyde? I heard a loud noise?” You question moving closer to him. Clyde slides his hand around your waist. Brushing a kiss to the tip of your nose and then your forehead, he smiles.
“I got a surprise for ya. So I need you to pretend you heard nothing and go back upstairs.” He pauses. “Please.” Running your fingers through his wavy dark hair, you nod, smiling.
“Okay, handsome.” You hum leaning forward. “Only with a kiss.” Clyde’s face breaks into a smirk as he takes your face into his large hands.
“Flirt.” He whispers before consuming you with his mouth. You easily fall into him, charmed by his glow. Chuckling, Clyde sets you back onto your feet. “Get going,” he orders and pats your ass.
You investigate the kitchen and living room for clues to what Clyde is up to. Deciding that you cannot find anything out of place or foreign, you change into your lounge clothes and begin making a cup of chamomile tea. At some point, you drift away in your thoughts not noticing Clyde is behind you. Taking a minute to burn this image of you to memory, Clyde carefully wraps his arms around your waist. You hear a contented sigh before he kisses the back of your head.
“Come sit down.” He breathes, tightening his embrace. Setting down your tea, you cover his hands with yours. Clyde slowly leads you to the couch, propping a few pillows around you.
“Comfy?” He asks before you hear him shuffle around. You give a simple ‘mmhm’ as your stomach starts to flip. You had been seeing Clyde for some time now, lived together, and said your ‘I love yous’ so the only thing left is? Your breath hitches in your throat. Clyde suddenly spreads your legs and kneels between them.
“I was real lucky to grow up a Logan. My parents really loved us, kids. My Mommy always made a real big deal about the holidays. Candles, cookies, and that damn tinsel. She would spread that tinsel all over the place. I am pretty sure I ate a bit every year.” You chuckle at the sweet memory and reach out for Clyde’s hand. He takes it and squeezes.
“One morning, she dragged me, Mellie, and Jimmy out of bed and made us sit at the kitchen table. She brought out glitter, buttons the whole nine yards. She said she wanted us to have our own special stockings. Something that she could save and use every year.” Clyde’s voice shakes with sentiment causing your own emotions to mount. “Downstairs, I’ve set up a little space for us to make you, your very own Logan family stocking.” His eyes glisten. “That is if you want to become a Logan.” You nod, tears roll off your chin.
“I would like that very much.” You blubber. Clyde sniffles as he leans in to kiss you.
Tumblr media
Lovelies: @sacklerscumrag @direnightshade @finn-ray-nal-beads @mylifeisactuallyamess @cornmousequeen @leatherboundbirate @theoncrayjoy @maybe-your-left @hopeamarsu @zimmermansbrat @historyandfandoms50 @sister-winter73 @relationshipwithmybed @themuseic @starskylo @millenialcatlady @tashastrange89 @insufferablelust @iamasithprincess @xxcatrenxx @jynzandtonic @fathersonandhouseofgucci @paper-n-ashes @roanniom @already-dreaming @eagerforhoney @paterson-blue
Thank you for reading!
If you enjoy my stories, let me know! My Inbox is open, and I welcome comments! Please reblog if you fancy sharing this piece.
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birthday-stims · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“May this lantern light your path!”
A cotton cookie stimboard with plushies and fabrics for @spookypatches !
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imnotrevealingmyname · 19 hours ago
taste the snow (on my lips)
Chapter 7
Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff
A/N: lol clearly nobody's interested in reading these but imma still post cuz like. I spent a long time on this
taste the snow (on my lips) masterlist
↩️Back to series masterlist
Tumblr media
"We should get a snow globe."
"What's that?"
Loki stared at her, nonplussed, as she gaped back at him. A few strands of her hair had come loose from her bun, and the sleeves of his sweater were rolled high up on her arms.
She looked adorable, sitting cross legged with her back to the little magic fireplace he had set up, jigsaw puzzle pieces strewn about everywhere.
Loki leaned forward to pluck the piece from her hand, slotting it into place.
"You really don't know?"
He shook his head.
She grinned. "You'll see. They're gorgeous."
"So are you, sweet."
Tags: @gaitwae @lokiperfection @charistory @twhiddlestonsstuff @ohdearhiddles @lucywrites02 @latent-thoughts @whatafuckingdumbass @kellatron55 @lowkeytesss @sheris532 @paradoxiii @shiningloki @cruel-kitten @biiskuitx @plastic-heart @toozmanykids @xlehukax @poetic-fiasco @handmaiden-of-mischief @darkacademicfrom2021 @after-the-raven @piccolaromana @caffiend-queen @a-midwinter-night-dream-86 @high-functioning-lokipath @moumouton4 @sigridlaufeyson @idunnomayn @emilythezeldafan @alsieswitchbook @lemonadygirl
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fluffygif · 2 days ago
‘’Too many Corona posts. Here's a bunny eating a carrot to cheer you up!’‘
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silvyysthings · a day ago
Tumblr media
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Injured! Itadori x healer! reader
some soft fluffy goodness just for u guys -osa
It was a slow start to the day; you sat fiddling at the desk, bored out of your mind. The little plant that Dr. Shoko kept in the corner of the windowsill seemed a tad bit droopy.
You turned to it with a sigh. “Yeah, me too.” Slowly, you reached out, brushing a finger against the wilting leaves. At once, the plant responded, sitting straight up at your touch with life, sprouting a few more leaves from the top.
“Tending to the window plant more than the patients again?” Followed by these words, you felt a swat at your head, which made you grumble.
“What patients?” You rubbed at the back of your head even though the swat had hardly been hard enough to hurt. “I already finished restocking the med cabinets, sanitizing every surface I could possibly find, and I even organized the filing cabinet. There’s nothing to do.”
Dr. Shoko glared down at you, but it wasn’t malicious; rather, it was like a scolding mother. “Well, if you really want to make yourself useful, you could take out the trash.”
The woman turned her sly eyes to the full trash bin. It was your least favorite job, and she knew that. Groaning and grumbling under your breath, you pulled yourself from your seat and shambled towards the trash.
“What’s the use of being a medical apprentice if I never get to treat anyone,” you muttered.
“Oh, and just so you know,” Dr. Shoko called out, “I have a faculty meeting this afternoon, so I’ll be gone an hour or so. I trust you to hold down the fort?”
You nodded, and hauled the trash bin on its creaky wheels outside, wincing slightly at the bright sun. It was almost afternoon, and as per usual, the school was still. From what you could guess, the few students they had were out training, or running off on a mission.
You sighed for what seemed like the umpeenth time in just the past hour.
Just as you were caught up in your internal lamenting and turned the corner, a figure suddenly swung down from the rafters and landed in front of you with a thump. You jolted back.
“Hullo!” Yuji Itadori grinned at you, brandishing a peace sign.
You gripped your uniform. “Jeez, Yuji, you scared me.”
“I told you, dumbass,” Nobara’s growl came as she sauntered up behind him. “You’d only scare them off even more than you already have, pulling something like that.”
Yuji snapped, “I haven’t scared ‘em off!” Before turning back to you with his hundred-watt smile. “Oh, do you need a hand with that?”
It took you a moment before you realized that Yuji was referring to the garbage can. You had a tendency to kind of get…. Lost, when Yuji was around. “What? Oh, yeah. Sure. Thanks.”
In one fluid motion, Yuji hefted up the garbage onto his shoulders, careful not to spill any. Sometimes, you forgot that he possessed literal superhuman strength.
Nobara rolled her eyes. “Show off.”
The three of you walked to the dumpsters, dropped the trash off, all the while chatting about inconsequential things until you reached the doors of the infirmary. Currently, you learned, the first year sorcerers were training with Panda.
“Training?” You started. “Then why are you here? Just taking a break?”
Yuji shook his head. “Nope! Actually, I broke a couple ribs and might have some internal bleeding so Nobara came with me to have you patch me up!”
You blinked at him for a moment in silence. “You absolute idiot. You choose to tell me now, after I had you haul a garbage can a block and back? What the hell is wrong with you?”
Yuji pouted, hanging his head. “Well I wanted to help you out first. And it’s just a few ribs, not a big deal.”
“Just a few-“ You huffed, and massaged the bridge of your nose. “You know what? Just get your ass in the infirmary. Right now.”
He offered a salute before ducking in. Nobara shot you a glance and a shrug. “You can lead an idiot to the nurses’ office, but you can’t make him get treated, I guess.”
Inside the infirmary, you had Yuji lay down back onto the table. He began tugging off his shirt, and you felt heat rush to your cheeks.
“What are you doing?” You stuttered.
Yuji tilted his head. “Thought you might want to get a better look at my wounds.”
“Oh.” You briefly shook your head, as if clearing the intrusive thoughts from your mind. “Right. Yeah. Of course.”
Nobara gave a sly glance towards you, followed by a smirk. You glared at her.
Once Yuji was shirtless, you had him lay back again, and you could clearly see the prolific bruising and swelling along his midsection. Definitely at least three cracked ribs, but he’s had worse. You ran your deft fingers along his side, feeling his rock-hard muscles (which you tried not to think about) and pressing slightly, which made Yuji wince.
Your brow furrowed. “Well, shit.”
Yuji cocked his head. “What is it?”
“One of them is out of place.” You sat up, stretching. “We’ve gotta set it. Sit up straight.”
Yuji groaned, but complied. “What? Popping bones back into place is the worst. Can’t you just curse it better without having to do all that?”
“That’s not how my cursed technique works, stupid,” You clipped, pressing your hand in the middle of Yuji’s shoulder to get his back ramrod straight. “I can only make things repair and grow, not reverse injuries. If your bone’s not in the right place when I heal it, it’ll still be in the wrong place when I’m done. And it’s a lot harder to fix things after that.”
Yuji groaned again, making Nobara add, “It’s best to get it over with now. I don’t wanna have to be the one to pop it back into place.”
“You heard her,” you said. “Okay, now follow my instructions.”
Yuji nodded, and you settled your palm onto Yuji’s mid lower back.
“Okay, breathe in until it hurts.”
“It hurts no matter what I do.”
You rolled your eyes. “You know what I mean. Until you feel a sharp pain, right about here.” For emphasis, your other hand lightly pressed down onto the area where his rib was misplaced.
Yuji winced. “Okay! Okay. I get it, I get it.”
He followed your instructions, breathing in about halfway.
“Okay,” you said. “Now, on the count of three, take in the biggest breath possible as quick as you can, got it?”
Yuji nodded.
“One, two, three-“
Yuji inhaled sharply, chest swelling, and the three of you heard a faint pop as the rib set back into place, directly followed by a seize of his body and a yelp of pain.
“Dammit, that hurt like a bitch,” Yuji huffed.
“But,” you started, “You can breathe better now. And I can actually fully heal you. ‘Kay, lie back again.”
Nobara raised a brow. “For someone who doesn’t blink at injuries in combat, you sure whine a lot.”
Yuji stuck out his tongue at her. As he reclined, your hands began their work. Pulling cursed energy from your core and making it pour out from the tips of your fingers, you brushed against the skin of all his broken ribs, willing the cells to grow and repair beneath your touch. You ignored the way Yuji’s breath seemed to catch, his stare burning into you as you worked. You made the mistake of looking up, and to your surprise, saw Yuji gazing directly at your face rather than your hands. It almost made you stutter in your work, but you tried his best to brush it off, face burning as it might.
After a few seconds, the swelling went down, as did the redness, until all that remained of Yuji’s injury was a blue-yellow bruise that looked awfully ugly, but not painful.
Yuji stretched and twisted around, grinning. “Wow! I feel so much better now! Seriously, you have the coolest cursed technique.”
“Thanks, I guess.” You blushed and your eyes flicked to your feet at the praise.
Nobara stood. “Okay, now that that’s over, are we gonna head back for training or what?”
“Aw, can’t we stay a little longer?” Yuji whined.
“What’s gotten into you? You’re usually the most motivated out of everyone.”
Yuji deflated, looking like a child that just got told he couldn’t have that candy bar he wanted. “I like it here. With (name).”
“Okay, and?” Nobara countered. “Just take them with us. They can tend to the injuries we receive during training, so we can really go all out.”
If Yuji was a dog, you were sure his tail would’ve been wagging like crazy. Eyes bright, he looked at you. “Can you? Please?”
Although every fiber of your being wanted to scream yes, you were hesitant. “Well… Dr. Shoko told me to keep track of things here while she’s gone, in case anyone else comes in. She’s in a meeting.”
“That’s okay, you can just come after she gets back.” Spry and healthy once more, Yuji sprung up from the table, never turning off his sunshine smile. “I’m sure we’ll still be training by then. We’re down at the field.”
Your mouth opened once, then closed, before pressing itself into a shy smile. “Sure. I’ll come by as soon as the doc gets back.”
Grinning like an idiot, Yuji hummed and darted out the door towards the field. Nobara followed, but stalled at the door.
“Between you and I,” she said, “Yuji’s been working on a new move. Make sure you compliment him. He always gets more fired up when you’re there.”
You gawked as Nobara left, as well, mulling her words over in your mind.
And then, you were grinning like an idiot to yourself.
Commissions open! Check out my page for details :)
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