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Moved into a new house with more appropriate views for the cats. They approve.

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Adopted my first kitty today. Say hi to Leo 😻☺️

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Our cats helping us unbox a Christmas present via

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First time cat owner and I’m obsessed with watching my kitty sleep 🥺I feel like it will never get old!

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Request: Fluffy/comfort Patrick Stump x reader? The reader somehow hurts themselves and has a bought of amnesia which throws Patrick, but he does everything he can to jog the readers memory. I hope you’re doing well! Much love to you!

A/N: This ended up taking a week and a half instead of four days but here it is! Thanks for the request!

And if you haven’t heard the song “Lullaby,” look HERE

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When they say it happens in less than a second, they really weren’t kidding. The doctor said I have brain damage, but I feel fine. I never saw the car, just a flash of light and then nothing. They said I was conscious when they pulled me from the wreckage but that’s all that’s missing.

I’m twenty-seven. Have a job I adore. Own a small house with my best friend.

I was on my way to visit her, Kris, at work. She hadn’t stopped by yet but the doctors did say she called. I felt awful. I was supposed to be dropping off her house key. The doctors said I’d been in and out for a day or so but that means she couldn’t get into the house last night after work.

A light tap on my door pulled me from my daydreaming. A nurse smiled at me as she walked in, pushing a cart of food. It looked like some kind of sandwich but I couldn’t identify the meat.

“Hey, how are you feeling? It’s ham for lunch. I even snagged an extra cup of applesauce.” I smiled gratefully at her. I was starving. The nausea from this morning had subsided.

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Been looking all over the house for my slippers then I saw her like this

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Imagine, if you will, Daryl and Carol sitting on a log as they so often do now. Carol is nibbling on a piece of Alexandria’s fresh homemade bread, becoming restless, wanting to fill the silence. 

Carol: What’s a quality you find really attractive? 

Daryl: *scowls at her, remembering all too well the direction their last conversation about his love life took*

Carol: Just for fun. 

Daryl: Nah. 

Carol: Come on. There has to be something you like in a woman. Anything. 

Daryl: Like it when she shares. 

Carol: …

Daryl: *holds his hand out for the bread*

Carol: *smiling, hands him in the bread*

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Salamander can’t wait to show you his new cat wall 😍 via

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People my age are having kids and I’m here like

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Holding up the boye whilst he grabbles hims face

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A personal photo of my real life for a change. This is one of my chinchillas, Tomato. ❤️ Her sister is a chonk brat (not shown)🤣

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Met a cat posse.. happily they approved of me

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fong lye taiwan restaurant 蓬莱茶房, the gardens mall.

i have not been here for a really long time because the restaurant was always super crowded during dining hours and their menu is just getting more expensive overtime. decided to give it a go again a couple weeks ago, since there’s no more long queues.

ordered oolong tea for two, which is my favorite, because it’s just so calming and the tea smells so good. their sweet potato balls is also my favorite and must-order item, but the quality has dropped since my last visit, the taste is not as strong anymore and the texture is slightly less fluffy, the balls are oval shaped instead of round.

ordered the red wine pork ribs set and the fried prawn rolls, which comes with side dishes and soup as well. the red wine pork ribs is crispy, and the taste is flavorful, with slightly sweet aftertaste, does go well with rice. the fried prawn rolls has reduced in size and was not very crispy, hence not very enjoyable, their minced pork rice is still good though.

overall dining experience was okay, the staff are still efficient and food was served quite quickly, but i do notice the quality is no longer the same, and obviously it is way more expensive compared to few years back.

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I would smile too, if someone did that to me…

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