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consciousnessblog · 8 months ago
Show me.
All I am.
Let me see.
And set me free.
Let the sun.
Guide me.
Let the moon.
Be my safety.
Let the ocean.
Be my freedom.
Let the stars.
Be my dreams.
Show me.
All I am.
Let me see.
And set me free.
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enricocelesti · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Seagulls in fly Marina di Ravenna
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pilferingapples · a month ago
That's really interesting!
So the whole Jehan has a long red braid thing is FANON?? where did that even come from?
Yep, it's just a popular (though by no means universal!) fanon!
I'm just guessing based on my own limited casual observation, but I think the braid, specifically, came from a specific Modern AU fic that was popular in the very early 2013 fandom? it inspired some fan art, caught on, and kinda became a default for a lot of people.
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dorsalfin · 6 months ago
i think all the players should get to decorate their jerseys however they want. i understand it would make differentiating the teams and tracking the plays much harder but have you considered it would be a visual delight, hm??
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playmaxe · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The long awaited sequel to The Sea Dragon is finally here!
After their trials and tragedies surrounding the Sea Dragon Komizu, Anise the Thief of Hearts and Rayne the Burning Passion have looked away from the ocean and toward the skies! But building a flock to fly with the songbirds is a challenge that neither rogue nor mage were ready for! What challenges lay ahead for our lovebirds... and how many of those challenges need to be laid with to find resolution? Find out in Skywatcher’s Secret’s latest Maxe Sahashin novel: FLY FREE. And please don’t read into the fact that since we spun off from Lominsian Lily we’ve done mainly sequels to popular novels to woo back our audience. 
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freedomlovers-world · 4 months ago
Break free from the deception little birdies.
Song: “Om” Hippie Sabotage
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ciaraslevin · a year ago
Tumblr media
Little Dragonfly, ink and acrylic on watercolour paper by Ciara Slevin @ciaraslevin
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daysha-17 · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
#Factz "It's my #Lyfe Not yours!!
Unique I am🦋 No matter what some may think
"pssst I have my Audience💞BaByGiRL👅💦
#BeYoutiful 💃🏽 #LiVeyourTruth 🌈 #FlyFree 🦋
And -A- Proud #Queer I am 🎬💋
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ravynfyre · a year ago
The Journey
So, it's been a few days, and I'm feeling a little more.. settled... about how everything went down. No, it wasn't right. Honey *absolutely* deserved better than the last two assholes who owned her, who couldn't be fucking BOTHERED to take her to a vet to have her "surgical wound" addressed correctly and get diagnosed at a time when someone MIGHT have been able to actually treat and save her. She ABSOLUTELY did not deserve the life she had.
And, although I am out roughly $1200 in her costs, and another $500 in vet bills and medications and such for having fallen for a liar's stories...
I'm glad that I was able to show her what love was, even if it was only for a few weeks. And I am glad that I was able to give her what the previous two assholes would not - an end to suffering.
I have two trees sitting in a bucket of rainwater in my garage. A pair of paw paw trees that will be planted tomorrow in my front yard. One for Takoda, and one for Honey.
I think I pretty much already knew what the vet college was going to say when I ordered those trees. You see, Paw Paws have to have a second Paw Paw in order to pollinate and fruit. I ordered those two - for Takoda - a week before Honey's appointment at U of I. They arrived the day she left this earth and joined Takoda.
It hurts. And I will *never* again trust the vet who put her down, even IF it's true that she "didn't feel any" of the absolutely crushing trauma that she went through there at the very end. But I am glad that I was part of her journey... because it feels like I was the only one who cared.
And, as an incredibly good friend reminded me...
"Part of the journey is the end."
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jacksonswenis · a year ago
The thing I love the most is how Got7 takes care of ahgases and how ahgases take care of Got7. This truly has been one of the most genuine, stable, consistent, unconditional, loving relationships I have ever had the privilege of being apart of. It is beautiful!🐦💚
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kobutoririsu · a year ago
Got7 hating on JYP for actual years. Their combined Knowing Brothers episode was March 2018, for context.
Please enjoy Prince Jinyoung's glare of death at the Mamas.
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consciousnessblog · 8 months ago
Close your eyes.
My love.
Your home.
Is in the sky.
There is a castle for you.
Behind the clouds.
And the wind.
Will take you there.
When you open your eyes again.
There is no return.
This is the new.
And below is the past.
Fly my love.
Fly free.
With me.
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An unexpected end
Fly free! *Exclaims Harry, as He pushes Dumbledore off the Astronomy Tower*
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gorgagne-viperidae · a year ago
#2 sway; elias
Little finger first, left hand. Feel the weight of your own little bones in your own flesh, hear the whisper of a creak, the groan of heavy leather making heavy gloves that you have not dared yet to remove. Ring finger now. Middle. Pointer. Thumb. Watch the knuckles bend, digits curling in on each other until you have a fist. Do the same to the other hand. Keep at it. Little finger, ring. Onward.
Two fists, each of them yours. Two hands flexing open, each of them yours.
You sit on the bottom step of a small, rusting flight of stairs, knees to your chest that you may feel the thud of your heart against your ribs, heavy as a fist on stone. You wiggle a toe in its boot and delight in the visible shift the motion makes beneath the leather. Rotate your foot at the ankle, stretch your leg out straight, then up, leaning back so that you must recline on the hard metal steps until your shin is perpendicular to the dark ceiling. Admire the ease of it, the instantaneous nature of the motion. Let it fall. Let the leverage of your own leg pull you back upright to sitting, let it rock you forward until your elbows find your knees and your hands clasp together as a man in prayer.
Breathe. Fill your lungs in great expansive bursts, holding them until it aches, until your vision teems with bright spots and little void flecks in the corners. Exhale loudly, exhale until your body bends double to squeeze the last of the air from empty lungs and watch the black specks like ink dots flit past your periphery like phantoms. Hands tucked up against your stomach, chest to your knees, you hang your head and stare at the grimy floor between your boots as the air hisses between your teeth laborious as a bellows. Even the grains of dirt beneath your soles begin to assume the shape of recollection the longer you look; the floor becomes a backdrop as memories flit by like the flipping of a picture book, little figures etched into the tile acting out their pantomime stories to their audience of one.
Close your eyes against these, your memories, as if you could turn from them. But you can’t. Even behind the veil of your own eyelids you see them, bright and damning as the moment they were made.
Sit up. The half-mask that hides your eyes does not hide the world from you, so raise your hands, Elias. Are you Elias? Raise your hands- *your* hands- until all you see are the palms of your gloves, creased and soft from use eclipsing the room and divided up in sections, thick swaths cut up by the slats of your paltry little mask. You smell buckskin and wine and the copper tang of blood and the smell, it soothes you, gives you a hook to hang from while your heart hammers in your chest and your breaths come faster, harder, shallower.
Breathe, Elias, because you *are* Elias, and these hands are your hands and this body- shuddering and rocking back and forth, back and forth on its perch on the bottom step of a rusting flight of stairs- is your body, and these memories of acts and atrocities are your memories now no matter how you wish wish *wish* they weren’t, bequeathed unto you by the thing that had ridden your bones until now.
Move, Elias, because you can. At long last, you can.
Lower your head ‘til your face rests in the waiting palms of your worn hands, hands that until now would not, could not obey your will. Close your eyes tight, too late to avert them by months but close them anyway, take refuge in the darkness that lives behind your lids and in your head. It is quiet here in your own head when there isn’t another entity knocking elbows with you. It is quiet when it is you, just you alone at the wheel.
You are finally alone.
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licieoic · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“Fly Free” - Digital Oil Painting
My tribute to Eugene Lee Yang, an inspirational human being. I wanted the left side of the painting to be like the depth of the ocean and he was drowning in it. His lack of visible feet are symbolic of his inability to move forward. But that’s alright... because now he has a pair of beautiful rainbow wings. Now he can fly. And on the right side of the painting is the galaxy, which is his to explore.
Please see the notes for my links, I always double post my art because Tumblr is excluding all links from tag searches. You should find my post tagged ‘licie links’ right under my original post in the notes. I know it’s annoying, but this extra step helps me out a lot.
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handwerkstatt · 2 years ago
For a good day you need a bird of prey
Tumblr media
Fly with him and feel free
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lovepeacexxoo · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
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amygdalan-arm · 3 years ago
Brambles and thistles aren’t evil! They just pointy
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king-smaurent · 3 years ago
I’m also, randomly, thinking about how Damen has spent all of his life wearing skirts and I’m like nice
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cmesparkle · 3 years ago
I remember the times that we touched down, the earth gently straddled by our feet, your heart open and aching, my arms wrapped smoothly along your seat. Hold on, this bumpy ride won’t last.  Someday you’ll look back on today as the past, you’ll see that these burdens were all we have and to carry them is honorable, to share them is prolific. 
These tears aren’t for the loss,  they are from the burden, long carried. I can feel it being lifted, a part of me that always bore its weight rejoicing, the part of me that knows the burden was my fate is slowly passing. I won’t need to carry you now. You can carry your own weight because I’ve taught you well. 
All you need to know is in your heart, the one that was so cold when you came here, the one that I warmed with the sunshine and snuggled tightly until you could feel again. Here you are now, free. 
Fly for me. Don’t look back with your eyes, look forward with your heart, and catch the horizon as the daybreak meets darkness.
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