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jettries · an hour ago
Section 104: Your Heart
Theme: I Love
Acknowledging our choices
Chapter 4: Acceptance & Your Upper Back
For chakra healing, physical healing, or strength training, no matter what your goals are, the whole process is an inner exploration of knowledge. You can’t speed it up, you can’t skip the parts you don’t like, and there is no finish line. You don’t stop just because you reached a place you thought you wanted to get to when you started. You don’t run a marathon and then hack off your feet. You don’t reach your weight loss goals and instantly start binge-eating sheet cake a la Tina Fey on Weekend Update. Because you learned so much along the way, and you know what energy kcals that cake costs. Your actions have a value. Your goals have a value. Neglect has repercussions you’ve felt before. And at some point you come to a place of peace with that. Transformation takes patience and never truly ends. Your road will be bumpy. Be compassionate with yourself.
Just as we want to reach inner acceptance with ourselves and our own journeys (as hard as that is), we still want to feel accepted by the world around us. We want to fit in and be appreciated. We want to share our journey with other people that understand where we are at. The first and easiest action is to surround ourselves with only people that already agree with us and give us praise, and for us to shame or lash out at any signs of conflict. And when we go back to our safety circle who rewards our actions, we feel justified and the cycle intensifies.
But not all praise is good for us. And not all conflict is danger. Not everyone who loves us is good for us. Personal growth is hard, and not all our loved ones will take the same path as us at the exact same time, or understand our choices. You will lose some people you love over the choices you make, be it short term or permanently. For good or bad. And vice versa. And that is what it is. It’s ok. It’s all a part of new growth.
Below in the comments are some strengthening exercises and stretches for your upper back that remind me a little of flying. It’s hard on our human bodies to be these heavy, flightless birds. Our backs can get tired from carrying the weight of our own world all the time, but they can also pull us through the water when we need to swim to safety. If we try to take good care of it, it can try to take care of us too.
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thesfnews · 8 hours ago
Plan Your Next Vacation With These Tips
UNITED STATES—If going on vacation for you has always meant going on a tour, making a reservation at an all-inclusive resort or returning to the same mountain cabin or beach house that your family always visits, you might not know where to begin planning for more independent travel. The tips below can help you plan your trip like a pro.
Figure Out Your Budget
The biggest limiting factor for you besides how much time you have will be your budget. You can travel on a budget in most places, but if you don’t have much to spend, a little money will take you further in some places than others. If you haven’t saved up as much as you want for your trip, you might want to look for ways to cut back on your spending. This could mean limiting how much you eat out or what you spend on clothes and other items in the months ahead, but you also may be able to save relatively painlessly. For example, if you are paying student loans, find out if you can refinance them with a private lender. You could get more favorable repayment terms that make it possible for you to save toward your vacation and also pay less for your student loans over the long run.
Narrow Your Options
You’ve already set one criteria with your budget, so now it’s time set some more. Do you want to stay in the country, or do you want to travel internationally? Do you want to visit a city, the countryside or both? Would you prefer to go somewhere warm or cold? Do you want an active vacation, or do you want to lie on a beach for a week? Do you want to visit one location or several? Try to be realistic and consider how much time you have. If you try to cram too much into your trip, you may feel like you are rushing from one place to the next and might need a vacation when you get back home.
Use the Right Resources
Guidebooks can still be great resources when you’re planning a trip, but be sure to double check any information in them online for more up-to-date data. Another good way to find out more about the trip you’re planning is to look for people’s travel blogs. One advantage of these resources is that you can find someone who you feel you connect with in terms of interests or their approach to travel. Their suggestions are likely to be more valuable for you than a random person online.
Forums and social media group can also be helpful in your planning although it is best to take everything you read there with a grain of salt and be wary of people who tend to make universal claims about what you will most or least enjoy doing. Look at review sites when you’re thinking of making reservations for accommodations or eating out, and if you’re flying, try plugging in your travel dates at a variety of sites to get an estimate of what your costs will be. Keep in mind as well that it can be cheaper to book directly with the airline itself.
Plan Your Next Vacation With These Tips was originally published on San Francisco News
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estiqatsi · 9 hours ago
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‘We Were Flying Blind’: A Dr.’s Account of a Woman’s J.&J. Vaccine-Related Blood Clot Case
‘We Were Flying Blind’: A Dr.’s Account of a Woman’s J.&J. Vaccine-Related Blood Clot Case
Dr. Lipman said that as the team had studied her blood samples, the pieces began to fall into place, and they realized that she appeared to have the same problem that they knew had been occurring in Britain and Europe after patients received the AstraZeneca vaccine, mostly in young women. They switched from heparin to another blood-thinner and began following guidance provided by doctors in…
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s0aring · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wahoo finally a post
My persona has been rotting in a corner along with everyone else
I rushed this but it’s alright I suppose
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