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adhd-disaster-willie · 2 months ago
happy pride month to bisexuals with the voice of an angel, gay drummers with anxiety, nonbinary skaters with adhd, golden retriever bisexuals, she/they lesbians keeping everyone sane, repressed lesbians in love with their ex best friend, pansexuals with mommy issues, gremlin asexuals that wear suspenders, aroace lacrosse players, and sapphics in a bubblegum pop band.
terrible pride month to jazzy homosexual ghosts with a penchant for stealing souls
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latinposeidon · 2 months ago
Honestly imagining the interactions Flynn must have had with the orpheum techies is so funny. Like you’re just trying to do your job and this 15 year old girl comes in and goes ‘I know 3/4 of the band isn’t here for the sound check and they have no way of actually connecting their mics to your sound system, but here’s something that’s essentially a box with three light bulbs hot glued to the front, this is gonna project the most realistic holograms anyone has ever seen, I’m gonna go have sushi with a creep.’ That must have been the wildest day of their lives and I just Wish we’d gotten to see it
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julieandthequeers · 3 months ago
my friend who does not know JATP guesses JATP characters and their personalities
1. Alex:
Tumblr media
“Felix- unashamedly is invested in the Real Housewives drama. threatens to fight sexists and cat callers. poor depth perception. only owns 1 jacket but still gets complimented by strangers for his style”
2. Julie:
Tumblr media
“Madison Reyes, i only know this cause you TALK ABOUT HER EVERY OTHER DAY. her necklace says Julie but let’s ignore that, maybe Julie is her girlfriend because this woman is absolutely not heterosexual. her name is Melany and everyone wants to be her friend. she owns 40 different phone cases. bedazzles all of everything. stuffed animal collector and proud”
3. Willie
Tumblr media
“BOOBOO STEWART OMG. this character is named Henry and if i’m wrong then no i’m not. he does free lance art. is definitely gay. shops at pacsun but tells people that he doesn’t shop at pacsun. people know that he shops at pacsun. he cannot hide the pacsun. stop lying about pacsun, Henry, it’s okay, no one is judging you. probably nice to everyone but will judgementally gay stare at you if you are rude”
4. Flynn:
Tumblr media
“is this Julie? one of them has to be Julie, so i’m guessing that. this is julie. mhm. and do i spot a fellow lesbian??? her earrings confirm my suspicions. my gaydar is ringing. hates everyone except, like, 2 people. those two people are her girlfriend and Felix. her girlfriend is named Melany. Julie likes painting rocks and pinning blankets to her bedroom ceiling. she has 5 different colored converse”
5. Reggie
Tumblr media
“Terrance. Terrance does not know how to flirt with women, but he tries, and we are proud of him for it. definitely gives off the most approachable vibes ever. super open. emotionally competent (?). will bake you brownies without an explanation as to why. likes elevator music and finger guns”
6. Luke:
Tumblr media
“was i wrong? was i wrong and Melany is actually dating this man? because no person looks at someone like THAT without being so obviously in love with them. you go Melany. got him simping as fuck. as you should, queen. his name is Jared and he likes skateboarding and reading. he’s a weirdo. he doesn’t fit in and he doesn’t want to fit in. look at his hat. he’s weird. did you get the reference? please tell me you got the reference otherwise i’m embarrassed”
7. Carrie:
Tumblr media
“this girl would be so mean to me and i would take every last second of it with a smile on my face. she could purposefully trip me to the ground and i would kiss her boot. i love her. she is named Emma and she’s probably very mean to Terrance, poor boy. anyways, she likes glitter, participated in the mustache trend of 2013 and deeply regrets it, and wakes up at 4am every morning so she has time to get her life together.”
8. Caleb:
Tumblr media
“this is Benjamin. Benjamin looks like he’s been through it and smiling through the pain. it’s okay ben, you look fabulous, get a therapist and you’ll be great.”
9. Nick:
Tumblr media
“Emerson. respectful king. he looks so nice. might be straight and if he is i just know that he is SUCH a good ally. he and Terrance are best friends. he probably plays baseball”
10. Ray:
Tumblr media
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thatbitchmabel · a month ago
Tumblr media
"Take a deep breath, make the world a little colorful" 👻🌈 In which the kiddos go to Pride! This time Willie is following Alex, and the two them couldn't be happier. Julie, Luke and Reggie can't help cheering them on. Carrie would like to know how on earth Julie is floating, and Flynn finds her confusion hillarious. I've known that I wanted to draw a big pride piece since I started drawing for this show. After a month and a half, it's finally done! With the exception of Alex, these are my personal head cannons for the gang! I’ll put them, (and what their shirts say) under the cut
Alex: Pansy Division (an all gay 90s rock band)
Willie:  Space Ace (Gay, Ace, nonbinary)
Reggie: Bi Bi 8 (Bisexual demiromantic)
Luke: Why is Everyone So Hot? (Panromantic, ace, trans)
Julie: Boo-sexual (Biromantic demisexual)
Flynn: Queer demigirl, sapphic
Carrie: Lesbian, sapphic
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latinposeidon · 3 months ago
The absolute lack of fucks that the characters give when they find out that ghosts exist is hilarious. Like three kids die and come back and it takes them an hour to get over it and start making ghost jokes. Julie meets said ghosts and her first thought after screaming is ‘why are you in my house?’ Instead of ‘Jesus Christ the afterlife exists’. Flynn finds out their best friend is in a ghost band and immediately starts judging them for asking Julie to join their band instead of asking to be in hers. They really just went
Tumblr media
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adhd-disaster-willie · 4 months ago
julie and the phantoms characters as frogs. no one asked for this but i don’t care. :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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queenmolina · 3 months ago
JATP as text conversations
luke (grey) and julie (blue):
Tumblr media
alex (grey) and willie (blue):
Tumblr media
carrie (grey) and flynn (blue):
Tumblr media
bobby (light) and reggie (dark):
Tumblr media
the phantoms in any pairing:
Tumblr media
julie (grey) and luke (blue):
Tumblr media
willie (grey) and alex (blue):
Tumblr media
julie (grey) and flynn (blue):
Tumblr media
luke (grey) and alex (blue):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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latinposeidon · 27 days ago
Ok but Julie could be the funniest fucker ever using the ghosts' powers
Absolutely crushing everyone at card games by getting the guys to stand behind her opponents and tell her their hands
Reggie being fired from that job because he keeps forgetting the suits
Getting Willie to mess with electricity any time she needs to distract a teacher
Messing with Trevor by casually mentioning facts about him that he'd never told anyone
Having her own personal rimshot that happens whenever she makes a bad joke
If they don't turn visible, her convincing the guys to carry her an inch or so off the ground to very subtly fuck with people
Posting photos of her with a bunch of orbs captioned 'Julie and the Phantoms :)'
Dropping in details from conversation she absolutely wasn't around for
Making a meme within their fanbase of saying that any orb photo is of one of the boys
Telling Flynn that 'actually that's Willie' when the photo was literally from like 1862
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latinposeidon · 4 months ago
Crimes committed in Julie and the Phantoms:
Trespassing - Willie skates in Justin Bieber’s empty pool
Skating on a sidewalk - self explanatory
Trespassing v2 - Willie and Alex enter a museum that’s closed for renovations
Carjacking - Willie steals a bus
Kidnapping - the bus had people in it
Trespassing v3 - Julie and Flynn climb over Carrie’s security gate
Aiding and abetting - Alex, Luke, and Reggie were aware of Willie stealing a bus full of people
Obstruction of justice - Willie activates police sirens to distract police from arresting/giving a ticket to some skaters
They really just said be gay do crimes
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willex-n-waffles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[click for better quality]
Pirate!Flynn because @sylphrenas was talking about a Flarrie Pirates AU (I know there’s already a Willex pirates AU out there but-)
So yeah Pirate Flynn🥰
(Please don’t repost! As always, reblogs are appreciated💕)
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