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#flynn nolastname
willex-n-waffles · 4 months ago
Maybe the Willie and Flynn antis should get covid tested bc one of the symptoms is no taste
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thatbitchmabel · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
my contribution to the clownary today. I use this image as a meme on insta all the time, and it seemed appropriate..
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latinposeidon · 3 months ago
The absolute lack of fucks that the characters give when they find out that ghosts exist is hilarious. Like three kids die and come back and it takes them an hour to get over it and start making ghost jokes. Julie meets said ghosts and her first thought after screaming is ‘why are you in my house?’ Instead of ‘Jesus Christ the afterlife exists’. Flynn finds out their best friend is in a ghost band and immediately starts judging them for asking Julie to join their band instead of asking to be in hers. They really just went
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adhd-disaster-willie · a month ago
happy pride month to bisexuals with the voice of an angel, gay drummers with anxiety, nonbinary skaters with adhd, golden retriever bisexuals, she/they lesbians keeping everyone sane, repressed lesbians in love with their ex best friend, pansexuals with mommy issues, gremlin asexuals that wear suspenders, aroace lacrosse players, and sapphics in a bubblegum pop band.
terrible pride month to jazzy homosexual ghosts with a penchant for stealing souls
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molinashimbos · 5 months ago
Tag Yourself- Jatp edition 😌✨
Tumblr media
tag yourself im a perfect amalgamation of *SCREAMS* & "hotdog"
@thedeathdeelers thank u for u wise council in the making of this gem😌😌
image id below the cut
[image id:
Jatp tag yourself challenge with 9 photos and text below it with the nickname given to the character and three points about them in the following order:
Luke patterson-"mcbeanie sleeveless"
"thinks" he's charming,bouncy™,he'd marry his guitar if he could
Julie Molina-"human wrecking ball"
awkward ray of sunshine, talent™,doodles everyWHERe
Alex Mercer-"hotdog"
sarcasm to hide the mountain of anxiety, has too many feelings, mom friend
Reggie peters-"human golden retriever"
disaster bi, has no idea what's going on 100% of the time, gives the best hugs
Carrie wilson-"the smile and knife emoji"
will step on you and not even bat an eye, will definitely bop to the top, personification of pink
Willie-"sk8ter boi"
just vibing tbh, believe in "fuck the authorities", cinnamon roll must be protected
Nick- "dumb of ass, full of love"
fashion "icon", unproblematic king, popular but a sweetheart
chaos , will help u hide a body, running on two hours of sleep and (a lot of) caffeine
Caleb covington-"edgy bastard"
evil gay drama queen, *jazz hands*, passive aggressively judges you
end id]
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latinposeidon · 2 months ago
Honestly imagining the interactions Flynn must have had with the orpheum techies is so funny. Like you’re just trying to do your job and this 15 year old girl comes in and goes ‘I know 3/4 of the band isn’t here for the sound check and they have no way of actually connecting their mics to your sound system, but here’s something that’s essentially a box with three light bulbs hot glued to the front, this is gonna project the most realistic holograms anyone has ever seen, I’m gonna go have sushi with a creep.’ That must have been the wildest day of their lives and I just Wish we’d gotten to see it
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madiisbroadway · 3 months ago
A concept: something minorly inconvenient happens to Flynn and she goes “that’s homophobic” leaving Alex in utter confusion.
Because, what’s homophobic???? Flynn just opened up the fridge and ketchup fell out??? What does that have to do with homophobia???
Eventually Alex figures it out and starts calling minor inconveniences homophobic as well. Luke and Reggie notice but they don’t quite understand, and they just want to be supportive so their just like “hell yeah man, very homophobic!!”
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ana-mannik · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
i just wanna know more about her
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secretly-of-course · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Flynn with her Trumpet reblog if you agree
[image ID: a screenshot redraw of Flynn from the episode “Bright” blowing on a trumpet. She is sitting on one chair while sticking her feet up on the back of another chair. She is wearing red cheetah print sweater, short denim dress, and black spandex with a white-yellow-pink-red stripe on the side, and orange sneakers. The background is bright blue and 5 small yellow blobs swirl from the the trumpet’s opening.]
find her on my redbubble! (link in the reblogs/my bio so tumblr doesn’t eat this post)
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latinposeidon · 24 days ago
Ok but Julie could be the funniest fucker ever using the ghosts' powers
Absolutely crushing everyone at card games by getting the guys to stand behind her opponents and tell her their hands
Reggie being fired from that job because he keeps forgetting the suits
Getting Willie to mess with electricity any time she needs to distract a teacher
Messing with Trevor by casually mentioning facts about him that he'd never told anyone
Having her own personal rimshot that happens whenever she makes a bad joke
If they don't turn visible, her convincing the guys to carry her an inch or so off the ground to very subtly fuck with people
Posting photos of her with a bunch of orbs captioned 'Julie and the Phantoms :)'
Dropping in details from conversation she absolutely wasn't around for
Making a meme within their fanbase of saying that any orb photo is of one of the boys
Telling Flynn that 'actually that's Willie' when the photo was literally from like 1862
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