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im glad ed being a lesbian has caught on that’s really cool my next mission is to make alling happen. gay people rise up

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I’ve been thinking over what pokemon roy would have b/c yes my mind is stuck with pokemon and fma so yes i am thinking about certain characters as gym leaders. but what would he have? just a mini team of 4 mons, no clue what to give him tho there are so many good fire types sdjskdjssse

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Alex Armstrong is great to write for and I love his character but you have to admit he has record high crack-energy vibes.

Alex Armstrong dates Roy’s twin sister(FMA)
Warning: Feral sibling energy

  • Alex Armstrong is a proper man with manners and good etiquette. He goes out of his way to ensure those he works with are well taken care of and comfortable, prefers to get along with others and is overall someone who strives to do better than the day before. Not a lot of things can distract him. 
  • Then he meets (Name). And, ah, how to put it delicately? He’s smitten
  • She’s so fiery but sweet and strong-hearted and goodness he could just keep going on and on about her for weeks. He’s actually nervous about asking her out because she’s just that awesome of a person. The thought of losing her friendship because of his boldness frightens Armstrong ferociously. But! He is an Armstrong! Armstrongs do not run from fear, they face it head on!
  • She says yes. A moment of silence to Ed and Al should this happen in the time frame of Armstrong traveling with them because if you think he was bad before, now the man has a reason to not shut up. 
  • Armstrong is a dream of a partner. The weird energy radiating off of him can be intense, but it’s also goofy and makes (Name) laugh when she really needs to. The man is an honorable true gentleman with a heart of gold who chugs respect-women-juice every day and could hold you for hours with his nice warm muscles. Get a man who treats you like Alex Armstrong would!
  • (Name) knows this and is overjoyed to have a partner who treats her like an equal but likes to get silly sometimes too! Alex (’Cuddle-bear’ between them which Alex adores) is comforting and sweet, unafraid of jeopardizing his masculinity with sweet affection at every given opportunity. It’s so sweet they’re downright adorable!
  • …You’re not here for relationship ideas, now are you? You’re here to see Roy’s descent into madness. 
  • “Hag.” “Troll.” Always a joy to receive sister’s visit at work! (Name) and Roy are both deadly procrastinators and while they have all the viciousness of any siblinghood, they are united on the front of being as lazy as possible with paperwork so the visit is an excellent excuse to do just that. 
  • Armstrong coming in with her was unexpected but the man would befriend a thorn-bush, a witch must not be that big of a stretch for him (Roy cackles as he ducks the thrown pillow at his head “You missed!” “Hit your coffee!” “Why you little-!”)
  • “We actually have a reason for visiting you today.”
    “No scheduled torment for today? How generous. What is it then?”
    “We’re dating. As in, in a relationship. Together.”
  • Is it possible to pass out and stay standing up? I’m not sure if medicine says that’s a thing, but Roy sure does. They think - well Armstrong thinks, (Name) is sighing knowing what his mind is going through - he’s standing in silence. Roy knows all his mind’s alarms are ringing and that every brain cell is scrambling to find some sort of answer that won’t result in his loss of dignity.
  • Roy likes Alex, respects/admires him for he’s done, but there’s a jump between that and the very real possibility of having to go to joint Armstrong-Mustang family holidays because your sister married the least chill man alive. 
  • “Alex could you grab us some coffee please?” Of course he can! He leans in to kiss (Name)’s forehead, not seeing any change in Roy’s ever-dying eyes and heads out of the office. 
  • The moment the door closes.
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
    “Alex?! Out of everyone in the world, Alex?! Are you possessed?!”
    “He’s a wonderful guy! And I don’t have to take shit from ‘Mini-skirt’ man!”
    “That tears it!”
  • There’s a knock on the door, and Armstrong peers back in with drinks. Roy and (Name) look like they haven’t moved an inch, but Roy is rubbing his forehead while (Name) seems to look on. 
    “Sorry I took so long muffin! I had to ask the lovely lieutenant for help. Did I miss anything?”
    “Oh nothing, just giving him a friendly reminder. Thanks Cuddlebear.”
  • It’s at this point Hawkeye closes the door and walks away. The paperwork can wait. 
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I am wathing FMAB for the first time. The plot will probably get darker arc by arc, so it fits for Halloween.

But I feel like I should also watch Yakusoku no Neverland now. Or rewacth Death Note.

Maybe even try Shingeki no Kyojin.

Not Re:Zero because I’ve just watched 2nd season.

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i like to imagine that greed and izumi knew each other in dublith. like izumi and sig go to greeds bar regurlarly and izumi knows all the people that work there fairly well. unfortunately for everyone greed and izumi get along very well and they wouldn’t call themselves close friends but they are friends and they sometimes have lunch (which is basically greed coming over to the butchery and being a pest til izumi gives him free food). he shows up like once when the elrics are learning under her and they both bully him so bad by being children and voicing their opinions he doesn’t come back until they’re gone. when greed kidnaps ed and al later and izumi shows up she’s like ‘can’t believe i gave you free meat for the past 11 years you bitch taste my foot’ and then greed realizes his friend is scary. and then sadly greed dies twice but i think they were friends.

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