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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#fma brotherhood

being a human based homunculus must suck, you go to the dentist and find out your wisdom teeth need removing but then you go to the surgeon to get your wisdom teeth removed only to out yourself as a homunculus accidentally because when the surgeon tries to take the tooth out it just fucking grows back and then it turns out they need to remove your wisdom teeth thousands of times to use up your regenerative abilities so now you know if you get killed you’re dead for real i guess

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Hi! I’m Alex!

I am a aspiring artist who needs more practice! Some examples of my work are above.

I am offering draw quick tattoo designs or small illustrations for $3 each! Please keep your requests very simple.

My cashapp tag is $Adgvisuals, and also don’t be afraid to send tips!!🦋

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I did not expect this beautiful and wonderful gift from
She is undoubtedly a great artist, the colors and her drawing style are charming.
Shaping how we accept our feelings on a beautiful night.

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One time when I fight with mom, I yelled her that It’ll be better if she didn’t was around anymore and I escaped to a forest nearby.

That day rained, and and some people of the rescue group mom organized find me alone and scared.

I hugged her so hard when I reunited with her, I didn’t wanted to get away like that ever again.

It reminds me of a reunion…

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After Edward wanted to use automails as his arm and leg Pinako Rockbell decided to give him what he wanted. Winry wanted to make the automails for Edward by herself. So she talked with her granny about it.

Winry: Granny, I have a request.

Pinako: What is it?

Winry: I want to make Ed’s automail. * she said as she looked into her granny’s eyes*

Pinako: *surprised a bit but didn’t show it* And why is that.

Winry: I don’t want to just sit here and watch them going. I want to do something too. If only I helped them from the beginning then this might have never happened. And now they are going far away. I just want to do atleast something to help them.

Pinako: Are you sure? You are still learning.

Winry: I know I am not as good as you but I am going to do my best!

* After a while of silence *

Pinako: Okay,then your first automail’s owner would be Edward. * she went inside Ed’s room*

Winry became very happy and started to make Ed’s first automail without wasting any time.

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