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#fma: brotherhood
tikkety-tok2 months ago
I swear, even if you haven't seen FMA, I think you might appreciate the fucking talent! 馃ぉ
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sunbruisera month ago
Tumblr media
i hope he鈥檚 having a good day despite not having a hair tie edit: his foot was broken oops
kofi commissions are open! 鈥> https://ko-fi(.)com/sunbruiser/commissions
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artist-from-outersp-ace21 days ago
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happy elric house burned down day everyone 鈥(yes I made this in an adrenaline induced frenzy bc I forgot abt oct 3rd)
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fienes-art-blog5 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm currently rewatching one of my favourite anime ever - and I left behind this concept over 4 years ago Finally I gave my favourite homunculus a tribute <3 If you wanna see the Speedpaint to this artwork, here is the link:
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dyingroses9 days ago
Remember this holy trinity of acronyms
AMAB - Assigned Male at Birth
AFAB - Assigned Female at Birth
FMAB - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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greyjug8 months ago
everyone is saying parental Scar this parental Scar that i think its high time we change our thinking clearly it was Mei who saw one injured grumpy man and decided to adopt him as her child it was Mei who was standing in front of Scar ready to fuck shit up if some one so much as looks at Scar the wrong way
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