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Small talk with your ex-boyfriend whom you still love and miss like crazy while he to more than 99,9% doesn’t feel the same. Obviously I am a fucking masochist torturing myself till I can’t take any more.

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This may be damn personal but I have to write this down:

I hate myself so much like.. the way I look, the way I think, the way I act. I may be intelligent, empathic and understanding but I am a completely egoistic dickhead and my head is a complete mess.

I have struggles growing up like.. was that really it? I have absolutely no goals in life so I feel like drifting and I have 0 motivation to do something about it and I cant help it. I will lose my job in one month and I haven’t wrote one application.

I was never a fan of changes.. I think about the past a lot.

I have struggles dealing with problems, if I cant find a solution or if I have to wait for one my head freaks out. And stress.. lets not talk about that one I cant handle that ether.

I am coping a lot with alcohol and weed.

I have a family but I if I had noone else I would still be completly by myself so.. idk

I have struggled falling asleep bc my head just wont shut up and I always think about the weirdest and often stressful shit when I am supposed to sleep. In the morning I have struggles getting my ass out of bed.

I just dont feel comfortable in this world.. Or in this skin.. Or like.. at all..

I actually hate this whole world and how it works.. How humans think.. There is a lot to say about that one.

I fucking hate social media.

I actually have no “real” friends.

I have struggles talking to peolpe..

I could live my best life but something is constantly dragging me down.

It feels like there is a hole in my heart that I can’t fill beacause of this hole and this makes me feel helpless and hopeless somehow.

I’m so tired of myself and I hate me for who I am.

Probably noone will actually read all this and this probably won’t help either.. Anyway I need to get some rest for my next day in this hell.

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when your ortho accidentally calls u a “good girl” for wearing your invisalign & you’re both too awkward to say anything else😳😶

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I have 3 brothers. My mom has a boyfriend and he has 2 kids older than me so 5 siblings and I don’t like either of them and there staying from today (Wednesday) to Sunday so I have to deal with them and i really wish I didn't 

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Currently, it’s November 25, 2020 at 12:00PM on the East Coast! How is everyone doing today? I hope you all are having a good day!

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I love how life is just adding Spice and Character development to everyday life all the time ✨

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i feel like shit tbh it’s my birthday today and i had to eat cake with my family and now i’m above my normal calorie intake with 200 calories. and i couldn’t even celebrate with the ones i actually wanted to

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So I went for a strep throat test that came back Negative. The Doctor said I should do a COVID-19 test just to be sure cause the symptoms are similar for both strep and covid. And to quarantine until I get my covid results back. Its been for days sense then and it could take up to a week until I get the covid test results back… My next pay check is gonna suck ass.

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do you know that feeling when you’re overwhelmed with life and you feel like everything is falling apart but you want to hold on just a little more for the sake of the people you love, cause same

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I’m either ignored because I’m female. Or I’m the butt of jokes because I’m too young or I’m too old. I hate my twenties, I hate societal norms, I hate being viewed as just another female. I hate society. Fuck everything.

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