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so i came to a decision; this is rat man during the early 1980s (1983-1986)


and this is william in 1987 to 1993

d a v e


then this is him in 1994, the final year of him being alive, well not exactly.

you’d think he’d make his hair go back to its original state in the 1980s but nope, he let the dave years take over his life.

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Am I about to make a powerpoint presentation about the fnaf movie instead of paying attention in class? That’s a secret I’ll never tell!  My grades migth will slip!  XoXo, happy fnaf fan.

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Some FNaF Security Breach Thoughts

Been watching some Fnaf news videos and thinkin’ about Security Breach tonight. That Funko statue of “Vanny and Vanessa” is deffinetly interesting to me, and after watching Dawko’s video talking about it, it seems i’m not alone. While it’s always possible to have multiple characters with similar or the same name in a series, after all we seem to have multiple Jeremys in the series, it’s also not necessarily unusual to show multiple versions of a character in a vignette. Someone however pointed out something interesting though from the teaser trailer; Vanny’s voice sound’s robotic and her eyes are glowing. What if Vanny made her own version of a springlock suit?

I’m starting to lean into the idea that Vanessa and Vanny probably are actually the same person, and she’s using the dule nature of a springlock style suit to cast suspicion away from her as she pretends to look for intruders under the vissage of a nightguard. The ‘Nessa’ mentioned in the VR game also deffinetly seems to be dealing with some kind of mind control. However, it doesn’t seem like she’s been comepletely controlled which could also explain why we’re seing this importance being put on the two versions of here. Really though the main reason i’m having a hard time accepting that Vanny and Vanessa are different characters in spite of the Funko statue is simply that I’m finding it hard to rationalize having two characters with the same name being introduced in the same game.

I get that Vanny/Vanessa has been around in Help Wanted, as well as talked about a bit in Special Delivery, but tecnically she hasn’t been formally introduced yet in the series. She wasn’t even in the main game of Fnaf: VR HW. She was basically just teased as a reward for completing DLC. I don’t think the multiple characters with the same name as a joke or misdirection is really going to work quite right if one of them isn’t already an established character. I also can’t think of or find any other name “Vanny” could be short for, so it seems unlikely that it’s going to be a case of them actually having different names that happen to have the same shortened form.

The one thing that keeps be from being confident on this theory yet is that in Fnaf AR SD, 'ness’ is said to supposedly have rainbow hair highlights that we have yet to be seen anywhere. Who knows though! There could always be three Vanessa’s that are going to have to fight for dominance as the one true 'Nessa! I highly doubt it, but it wouldn’t be the strangest thing in this series!

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it’s decided, im making a fnaf ask blog. ill reblog with the @ once i finish the starting comic. that’ll probably be like… idk friday? we’ll see.

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