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#fnaf 3

there’s also some fnaf 3 doodles i forgot to show 

yes freddy’s design looks weird here but that’s because i was too lazy to add all those dirty details and mold stains over his body :’’))

also if chica looks like a watermelon jOKES ON YOU she’s a watermelon now HAHAH– 

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“Why do college work when you can take care of your declining mental health?”

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I was bored okay? Also i have posted anything in a while so i thought i would post something. It Obviously has to be something fnaf related lol. This where online school gets you btw….. XD

~ Ash ~

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Completely unsupported headcanon: Sammy Emily was Phone Dude

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why is the fnaf 3 bad ending screen so… calming?


however, the end screen is more calming

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Male Reader

You can read part 1 here 

You can read part 2 here

Part 3; Finale

Spinning your keys around your finger, you go to slip them into the backdoor’s lock, finding that turning it was difficult. 

Far too difficult.

“Did someone break in?” You mutter, pulling the key out and beginning the walk around to the other entrance. “Well, if they did I doubt they’d stay long, not with William there.”

Entering through the front, you look around the dark establishment, trying to spot if anything had been stolen or otherwise interacted with violently. With a sigh of relief at the sight of everything being normal, you fully step in, making your way through the building and wondering with a disgusted expression how William was able to walk through this place barefoot.

Turning the corner that allowed you to look into the window of your office, you see your golden-green companion looking at the door with his head tilted, an unrecognizable expression on his face.

“Yeah, the lock’s broken for whatever reason.” You say, his gaze shifting before his face does.

“Mhm.” He walks towards you, stopping a few meters away. “Say, have you thought about me very much?”

Caught off guard by the question, you tilt your head. “Huh?”

“My existence. How I came to be trapped in a suit.” He elaborates.

“Not really, to be honest… why?”

He looks into the office window, eyeing that tablet. “The suit, being an original model, incorporated these little devices known as springlocks.”

Your brows furrow. You only knew of Springbonnie and Fredbear from random things online, so the inner workings of them was completely unknown to you. 

“The reason why they’re called suits; the springlocks pushed back all the little bits of animatronic things that filled them, thus allowing them to be worn by employees. I, as you can tell, was one of them.” His gaze shifts back to you. “However, I wasn’t when I was subjected to my slow death.”

He takes one small step towards you. “It was in a room known as the saferoom- ironic, isn’t it- which was invisible to both cameras and the animatronics that walked around.”

His lips twitch up. “I hid in there, waiting for them to come near me. When they did, I broke them. They all came, and all of their shells were destroyed.”

Shells? Destroying the animatronics?

You watch as he takes another step forward, this one larger. 

“But, the ones inside those shells weren’t so easily deterred.”

Ones inside…? 

“They chased me. Forced me into hiding in the suit. They wanted revenge; wanted me dead.”

He takes a few larger steps, now within arms length. You, however, grow uneasy, stepping back. His eyes stay locked with yours, a soft grin on his lips. 

You truly do look like his prey.

“I don’t blame them. After all, who wouldn’t want their murderer dead?" 

Your eyes widen as your suspicions are proven correct. When he takes a step forward, you do the same in reverse. If you look away for one moment, he’ll catch you. You’ve seen his speed.

His eyes glow in the dim light, lips curling into a nightmarishly wide grin.

"Oh, it seems you’ve figured out my big secret. Does it change your view of me? Would you still wake up on top of me so calmly?” He laughs. “Would you still let me rest my head on your hand? Would you still so easily approach me?”

You were wrong last night. Dead wrong.

He’s terrifyingly monstrous, even as a human.

“Well, I suppose my last question has already been answered.” With a small chuckle, he jolts forward, you ducking to the side right before he could reach you and dashing off. He glances your way during his brief pause, expression horrifyingly giddy.

 His steps are loud behind you, and you only manage to reach cam 6 before arms cage you in against the wall, you turning to face the grinning man as you push yourself up against the wall as if trying to force yourself through it.

He lifts his hand, placing it on your chin and using his thumb to brush over your cheek. “You’re too adorable. You really are like… my prey.”

God, the fear in your eyes…

His grin widens a bit more, and his hand slips to the front of your chin. You clench your eyes shut, hearing a gruff laugh before his chapped lips connect with your own. You tense, feeling his other hand grip your wrist, applying more and more pressure until you let out a pained noise, him taking the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth.

Your eyes stay shut until he finally separates, where you reluctantly open them once more, finding a very satisfied-looking William and a small string of saliva temporarily connecting your tongues. “Don’t worry. It’s not the end of us after just that.” He assures.

The hand previously on your chin shifts to your hip, where his fingers press somewhat harshly against the cloth, holding you in place further. Leaning in once more, he grins at the tiny whimper that escapes you. Redirecting himself, he instead aims for a much more sensitive area.

You let out a gasp as you feel his lips against your neck, quietly hissing as he harshly bites down, his sharp canines drawing blood. After he has his fill of that, he follows it up by sucking on the spots he had just bit, you feeling your heartrate pick up even more. 

The sound of your heavy, stuttering breaths in his ear certainly doesn’t discourage the man.

Still, he leans back, enjoying the sight of your reddened face as you reach up, covering your neck with your free hand. This, of course, wouldn’t be the end, but he needs to save the rest for later. 

He steps back.

His grip on your wrist, while looser than before, is still firm as he begins to walk you back to the hall in front of the office. “Now, I have a little game for us to play. We’ve done it before, so I won’t explain the rules. If you make it to 6, I’ll let you leave. But if you don't…” He pauses, glancing over his shoulder at your panicked face, which he responds to with a smile. “Well, I’m sure you can guess.”

Standing in front of the entrance to the office, he waits for you to hesitantly enter. 

“As usual, I’ll start in the back. Don’t even try to escape, it’s not gonna work. I broke the lock and that door isn’t going to be breaking from anything but power tools.”

You give a small nod, eyes shifting to the chair.

“Well, good luck. You’ll most definitely need it." 

You don’t react to his voice, walking towards the chair as he begins his walk back. 

You turn on your phone, checking the time and finding that fifteen minutes have already passed. 

You can’t call for help, if anyone came in they’d be killed by him. If he lived through an endoskeleton being shoved into him, he’ll live through pretty much anything.

Still, you text your brother quickly.

You put your phone down, not caring about the wave of notifications that came from him spamming trying to get you to respond.

Pulling the camera pad out, you switch to where he normally starts right as he walks in. He sends a chilling smile up at the camera, eyes eerily glowing within the shadows. 

"Let’s begin!” He calls. 

Immediately, your eyes widen as he reaches up, ripping the camera right off of the wall.

You feel your breathing pick up again as your heart pounds out of your chest. 

You aren’t going to make it. 

When he dashes into the next room, you lead him back. He snarls. Briefly, before cam 10 gets ripped off of the wall, you see him glance at the vent.

Thankfully, he ignores it, running into the next room before you hit him with the sound again, rebooting audio and cameras tight as they go out. 

“Fuck that guy for making this shit so ‘authentic’ it breaks down every two seconds!” You mumble to yourself. 

William tears cam 8 down, running out once more. When you manage to catch him, he’s in cam 4, and you lead him back with more audio. 

“You won’t keep this up, you know! You’ll run out of cameras!” He laughs, the sound echoing in the building.

You frown as cam 5 goes out. You lead him back further, hearing the thumping of the vents and quickly switching your cameras to them, sealing off a vent thankfully just in time. His grin drops.

You check the time. 

It’s 2. 

5 of 10 cameras have already been torn down, and you are unable to play audio from them.

He gets out of the vent surprisingly quickly, continuing his race to you. 

When he reaches another vent, you block it off before he reaches the end. He rips off a camera that you haven’t even used yet upon getting out. As soon as he sees cam 3, he rips it off as well.

You see the first sparks.

You lead him back again, he charges again. 

The cameras start it.

You lead him back again, he charges again.

Soon enough the back half of the building is in flames, swallowing everything and coming for you faster than William could.

You have nowhere to lead him to but right outside your door, and he disappears. 


Not in any cameras, not in any vents, and not in your vision.

The smoke began to pile into your room, so you rip off a sleeve of an old jacket that was left and tie it around your nose and mouth, getting out of your chair to stay lower to the ground.

Frantically, you switch through everything again, continuing to look for him, but turning your head to the sound of a grate both thrown aside. 

He went through the break room.

There, you meet eyes with William, who seems to be doing just fine in the intense heat that fills the attraction.

You quietly gasp, grabbing your throat as smoke fills it even with the makeshift cover. You wince, ripping the cloth off, finding William about three meters from your office. Frantically, you reach towards the vent close button, but when you press it, you hear the sound of failing machinery.

It was broken. 

He broke it the first night, and now you would die because of it.

Blindly grasping for your phone, you send another message to your brother.

'Get fire help’ is all you could type out before William pins you to the ground, you barely managing to send it. 

Grabbing your phone out of your hand, William carelessly throws it into the wall, you wincing at the crunching noise. 

“You know, back when I was alive, I did much research on souls. Every soul contains this little thing known as 'Remnant.’ Now, Remnant is the only reason I’m alive. There’s no way to destroy it, except for fire.”

Your eyes widen. 

“This building won’t get hot enough to completely destroy our Remnant, so don’t worry about that. Still, think of it like a metal. When it gets hot enough, it melts. It can meld into other people’s Remnant.”

You clench your teeth.

“Of course, there’s no way I am going to destroy you. So, instead, I think I’ll go with another option.” He smirks. 

You can feel your vision get hazy.

“Within this fire I will preserve your warmth, and we will be welded together.”

Your lids droop as you feel your breaths become raspy. 

You’re going to die to the smoke, not to the fire that roared outside of your office, slowly inching its way in. 

You let out a few more wheezes, feeling lips against your own before your vision goes black.


He gets the news less than an hour after he calls the fire department.

His brother, the only immediate family he had left, had died in the fire. 

It doesn’t take much thinking to figure out who did it. 


That man, that murderer, is going to pay.

However long it takes.


i did not plan this out right this part is a lot shorter than it should be but ehh whatever

whoop whoop it is done… I mean I have a sequel planned but either way, this part of the story is done

See ya later :)

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How the fuck am I an essential worker

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