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#fnaf art


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Primer dibujo terminado en ibispaint, ya que no se bien usarlo, asi que aqui les traigo a Freddy fazbear!. My bebo

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Thoughts (that makes me sad) and studies of Golden Freddy/Cassidy.

You’re welcome to share your thoughts with me as well. Might make more posts like that (you can request a character if you’d like i guess?).

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FNAF 1 characters AU line-up!!! I hope you all enjoy, RBs/feedback would be very appreciated ❤️

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Here’s Scott’s design (aka phone guy).

Scott is one of the oldest employees at Freddy’s (and actually is a manager when Michael & Jeremy get hired). He dropped out of college (because of anxiety & just feeling out of place) & got a job there cause it was available. Originally he thought about applying for a different job as soon as something opened, but after everything he ended up staying.

He was there when Charlie disappeared & the five kids too. Part of him feels that he’s in too deep to leave at this point. When Dave Miller (the janitor; in my au, William isn’t Dave Miller) is arrested, he doesn’t 100% believe he was the culprit. That hesitation just kind of rests in his mind until some further discussion with Michael & Jeremy later.

Another reason he stayed was Henry. Scott lost his dad when he was just a baby so he didn’t really have a father figure growing up. Thus, Henry kind of became that stable, homely figure for him.

Scott is easily flustered but knows how to be headstrong when he needs to be. He is hardworking & driven.

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This is my design for Michael. (note: in my au, Michael & William have no relation)

Michael is hot-headed, tenacious, & a serial-swearer. He comes off as cold to most people & doesn’t really form a lot of relationships.

He tends to put up a front but inside is actually rather emotional. His brother, Christopher, died due to his actions (bite of ‘83 but the timeline is different so uhhhHH more like 2012 ugh) so he feels a lot of guilt. After the incident, his father would always nag on him & blame him, so that only added fuel to the fire. If Michael opens up to anyone at all, it’d be Jeremy.

Jeremy’s been his friend since elementary school. Mike’s attitude is well balanced by Jeremy’s positive demeanor. Both of them decided to take a gap year in after graduation to figure out what they wanted to do. Because of this, they both end up employed at Freddy’s.

As far as interests go, Michael is really into the 80s. His fashion kind of reflects that. In his spare time, he enjoys watching “The Immortal and the Restless” or other 80s shows/movies.

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This is Vincent’s design for my au so uhh yea

In Vincent’s childhood, he dealt with a bit of neglect. Vincent’s parents weren’t necessarily ‘bad,’ they just weren’t always super concerned for him. They were both managers of companies, so they had a lot of late nights at the office. This meant that Vincent was raised to be self reliant. He seeks attention from others as a substitute.

Vincent is definitely a flirt but can understand limits, as he doesn’t want to push people away. At the same time, he thinks it’s funny seeing people get flustered by his comments & jokes.

Vince applied to the pizzeria in order to make some cash for himself in between figuring out what he wants to do with his life. His parent’s agreed to give him time to think of a college plan & take a break from school so long as he has his own place & sustains a job. He’s hired around the same time as Scott.

One night right before checking out, Vincent completely blacked out. The next thing he knows, he’s in the backroom covered in blood. Weird things happen at haunted pizzerias, man.

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Here tis Jeremy Fitzgerald!!

Jeremy is essentially a gremlin on crack. He has a great sense of humor & can get along with anyone (though some may find his enthusiastic personality a bit annoying).

Jeremy’s been good friends with Michael since elementary school. Both of them decided to take a gap year in after graduation to figure out what they wanted to do. Because of this, they both end up employed at Freddy’s.

In his free time, he enjoys playing video games & hanging out with Michael.

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Stupid manipulative ugly man. Aka we don’t like him.

William is not a great person. Uhhh yea. He’s short tempered, standoffish, & manipulative af.

When he was a kid, his grandfather was the one he relied on. His parents were always arguing so his grandfather would take him fishing or to the mall or whatever to get away. Unfortunately, his grandfather passed away when he was relatively young. This leaves him with a yearning for immortality so he wouldn’t have to leave anyone behind (but it’s ironic cause he ends up driving everyone away to the point that no one would want him to stay around).

William met Henry in college as roommates. He majored in mechanical engineering (to pay the bills/interest in robots) & minored in biochemistry (to further entertain the thought of immortality). When Henry pitches the idea of Fredbear’s, he agrees because it seems like a good source of income & he wants to help out his friend. He also creates Afton Robotics so he can work on his own projects at the same time.

In between the closing of Fredbear’s Family Diner & the opening of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, William notices the Fredbear animatronic move. This reinstates his idea of the possibility of immortality. This later develops further with the death of Charlie Emily. He tends to use situations to his advantage, so instead of calling the police on Vincent, he helps him clean up the mess. And so it begins.

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Here’s my Henry design :)

Henry is the co-owner of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. He was the one that originally approached William about the idea when they were in college. He majored in business administration & thought it would be the best combination of their talents.

He’s super nice to everyone. A real friendly guy & easy to get along with. He is a father of two (Sammy & Charlie Emily). He married Alice but ended up getting a divorce after the loss of Charlie. The divorce wasn’t because of him, but rather a divide of interests. Alice wanted to move away & start over but Henry wanted to keep working because “it’s what Charlie would have wanted.” They divorce peacefully & Alice gets custody of Sammy. Henry doesn’t really know what healthy coping mechanisms are though, cause he just ends up throwing himself into work.

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Bonnie the Bunny

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