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jack-o-phantom · 2 days ago
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Drawing I did while watching Vurelly's stream, wanted to draw an unhinged looking Sun myself :)!
(ps. stream was chaotic lmao)
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solarrush · a day ago
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Drew this last night instead of sleeping, still like it enough to post now that I’m awake.
Saw that Cartoon Network pallet challenge on the blue birb site and had to do it with the boys!
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xrabbitdoubtx-art · a day ago
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finished it! my attempt at coloring some fishies 😌
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crow-with-a-pencil · 2 days ago
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Sun is spinning the broom and very proud of himself
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drawer-of-socks · a day ago
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Have some doodles
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pixelchills · a day ago
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Moving in part 1/2/3/4/5/6/7
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https-rat · 2 days ago
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ohno-the-sun · 2 days ago
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Some more mermaid doodles to get it out of my system.
Continuation of this post.
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asavt · a day ago
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You guys remember that one doodle bunch I showed with Sun, Moon and that unnamed guy? Here it is, digital version.
I do not have a name for this "guard", I'll let you guys name them if you want. It's just a fun little thought I had.
Extra (after guard guy fixed the sound systems):
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solarrush · a day ago
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Song for a Siren: Chapter 3; Loss Word Count: ~7,300 Tags have been updated! 
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madamemiz · a day ago
I feel like sun and moon could play basketball with anyone at there height. I feel like sun wouldn’t want to hurt anyone doing it so wouldn’t but moon wouldn’t hesitate and just slam dunk!
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oh moon would definitely cheat
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xrabbitdoubtx-art · 2 days ago
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kinda late but seen quite a few ppl draw them as sirens for mermay so figured it be a cool attempt while I have a lil downtime lol went with a leafy sea dragon and black dragonfish as reference
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piixelpaint · 2 days ago
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Guess my current hyperfixation...
B&W version under the cut cuz it’s neat
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I have not had many characters bring me this much joy & serotonin, what is it with these two?!
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bloo-the-dragon · 2 days ago
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This is Tiaki (tee-ak-ee) he is a scary baby and i love him. <3
Ok so quick explanation for how he came about: Last night i had a dream where ‘Mer!Sun’ appeared and we were in the pizzaplex and it was on fire for whatever reason and there were people running around and this ‘Sun’ straight up opened his angler fish mouth like a heckin gulper eel and swallowed a guy whole and then just sat there innocently.
I proceeded to pick him up and run away with him and thats where the dream ends.
My dreams are whack yo
So following this i started rambling about him in discord and my brain went BIG BRR and so now he has a name and backstory of his own hfdjg
Lore time! :D
- So in my take, mers are very rare and near extinction (mostly due to illegal hunting and pollution) and so many efforts are taken to try and keep the mer species alive.
(Some of the methods however are not always legal or morally correct)
- When Sun and Moon were still living in the aquarium dna samples were taken from them and sold to some science people who took the samples to a secret lab under the ocean for experimentation and namely - Cloning.
- After a failed attempt at cloning Moon’s dna, Sun’s dna was mixed with dna samples from other mer possibly bought from hunters but who knows and after many failed attempts, the first successful clone was born.
- But one thing the scientists failed to take into account was a mers ability to sing, and how each Mer has a unique song of its own. Tiaki as it turned out had a voice that was strong enough to crack and even shatter glass and other weak structures.
- For whatever reason - he was in distress or simply had little to no control over his voice - Tiaki let out a shriek one day at a young age and caused major damage to the facility, causing it to flood and break him free.
- There were no human survivors, which proved to be a complicated situation. On one hand, it worked in Tiaki’s favour as since the lab was technically ‘illegal’ and thus being mostly unknown to authorities it was never investigated and so Tiaki would not be discovered.
But of the other unfortunate hand, the location of the lab had very little wildlife and food was scarce. As such the starving Tiaki took to eating the bodies of the drowned humans to survive.
And now for some Tiaki facts!:
- He lived around the sunken facility for a while after its destruction, and was sustained by the aforementioned feeding on the drowned peoples due to the lack of any other food sources. He would later be discovered by another Mer and taken under its wing.
- Now an important fact to note is my Mers don’t typically eat humans. However Tiaki was a hungry bby fish and as an unfortunate result of this he ends up seeing humans as food-prey. Thankfully this would be counter-acted later down the line when he discovers a love for ramen/noodles (the idea was that ‘its food made from ‘food’ so it must taste good right? Also don’t eat humans they arn’t food but the food they make/eat is good so eat that instead-)
- The fish his design is inspired on is angler fish, lionfish, and koi (the last being from Sun as a result of technically being his clone)
- He is smaller than Sun and Moon but bigger than Geggy fish.
- Despite his appearence he is a cuddly sweetheart and (granted he doesnt immediately see you as food) will accept hugs (but he might still try to nibble you just a little-)
- His spines are venemous but the poison is secreted only when he feels threatened so they can be touched without issue for the most part.
Thats all the notes for now fhdjg but man a visit to the dreamyland ended up bringing about a new oc and i havn’t even finished working on Mer!Nebula and Eclipse yet gjkfg but hey it is what it is lol
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aiburr · 2 days ago
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those animatronic jesters sure are shaped. i like them a lot
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purple-plum-petals · 19 hours ago
sorry if it's uncomfortable for u but could u write some comforting hcs for Sun/Moon x bullied reader? some girls have been picking on me a lot lately at college and I feel like trash :( i apologize again if that makes you uncomfortable! thank you for your time!
—⊱ Forever by Your Side ⊰ || Sun/Moon X Bullied!Reader Headcanons
╭─━━━━━━━━━━━━─╮        Character(s): Daycare Attendant, Sun and Moon (FNaF: Security Breach)        Reader Type: Human (Gender-Neutral Pronouns)        Warning(s): Discussions of Bullying and the Effects of Bullying, Reader Having Low Self-Esteem        Genre: Headcanons/Scenario, Angst (Hurt/Comfort), Fluff (Can be Read as Romantic and/or Platonic)        Word Count: ~1,400 words        Request: “sorry if it's uncomfortable for u but could u write some comforting hcs for Sun/Moon x bullied reader? some girls have been picking on me a lot lately at college and I feel like trash :( i apologize again if that makes you uncomfortable! thank you for your time!”        Author’s Note: I am so, so sorry that’s happening to you; you’d think people at that age would be grown-up enough not to pick on another person. I hope you’re doing better and I apologize for the delay! Just know how much you are cared about and important in the lives of the people who love you – never give up! ♡
      → If you enjoyed my work, please reblog it if you can! Exposure on Tumblr is based on reblogging content rather than liking it, so your support would be much appreciated!  ♡ ╰─━━━━━━━━━━━━─╯
Why this was happening to you, you didn’t know and would probably never know. It’s not like you did anything to deserve being treated this way, so why did it still continue to happen over and over again? All you could do was sigh quietly, the air you exhaled coming out uneven and shaky as you fought back the tears forming in your eyes. You remembered the cruel words your peers had said to you almost as if they were playing on loop in your mind; anytime you tried thinking of something else, your thoughts always went back to their heartless jabs at your person.
You tried everything you could to stay focused on the task at hand, doing what you were told by your manager and helping around the daycare as well as assisting with the cleaning process, but the tears started falling faster than you had anticipated they would. Suddenly, as you tried taking a deep breath to try and calm yourself, your voice hitched and a louder-than-intended sob traveled throughout the play structures and echoed all around the daycare, alerting the Daycare Attendant to your current predicament. You didn’t have time to react before two hands were gently cradling your face in a manner that comforted you more than you’d like to admit.
Tumblr media
     ☀️: Sun had heard your sob ring out from across the daycare and immediately sprinted over to make sure you were alright. He was thinking that maybe you had hurt yourself but, thankfully, you appeared to be fine! Well… physically, at least. The number of tears falling down your face did not indicate you were alright in the slightest; panic immediately surged through his system at the sight of your current state.  
     ☀️: He ran over and kneeled down in front of you in order to hold your face in his hands, gently wiping away the tears that seemed to fall from your eyes with no sign of them stopping anytime soon. His metaphorical heart hurt for you as you sobbed out a broken apology, telling him, “I-I’m… so-sorry for t-this – you-you can go back to c-cle-cleaning up now…” before bringing your own hands to hide your reddening face behind them like a curtain.
     ☀️: Well, that wouldn’t do! Sun (and Moon) cared for you oh so much, so why were you acting as though your current predicament was such an inconvenience for him? Sun was pretty much built to help comfort others, so he went about comforting you as best as he could without knowing the full scope of what was causing you so much anguish.
     ☀️: Sun’s go-to language when it comes to comforting another person is by doing so physically. He’ll do this by either holding them in a tight embrace or cuddling them with all his might in a way to get across the idea that he’s there for you and will always be (well, at least until you don’t want him around anymore). If this isn’t what you want, whether you don’t like physical touch as a whole or would just rather have someone comfort you verbally or by just being there to listen to and support you, you’ll need to let him know. Sun certainly doesn’t want to do anything to upset you further, so just tell him and he’ll back off (he adores and respects you, after all – why wouldn’t he?).
      ☀️: When you’re able to tell him what has you so upset, Sun finds himself furious at the situation you’re currently in; you can’t tell how fired-up he is on the outside, but trust me when I say he’d love to give your classmates a few choice words about their cruelty towards someone so wonderful. It’s one thing when kids are being cruel since they, sometimes, don’t know any better – but you go to school with adults who should know better than to pick on someone for no reason whatsoever!
      ☀️: After getting your permission, he’d scoop you up in a warm embrace as he cradled you, sitting you down between his legs as he rocked you gently side-to-side. He’d wipe away any tears and would do everything in his power to get you to laugh, to smile, and even going so far as to start tickling you if you’re being a particularly tough nut to crack. After your giggles quieted down, Sun would tell you in a soft voice as he gently rubbed your head, “Don’t let those bullies ruin your day… you’ll always be better than them, in more ways than one. Everything that they tell to you are complete lies – and you know how much I hate liars – so that’s how you know I’m telling you the truth! If you ever need someone, I’ll always be here for you, sunshine… no matter what.”
*✲゚*。⋆ *✲゚*。⋆ *✲゚*。⋆ 
Tumblr media
     🌙: Like Sun, Moon also assumed that you had hurt yourself when your cry echoed throughout the daycare. Though, when he saw you standing up, head down as tears flowed freely down your cheeks and fell onto the mats below you, that’s when it hit that whatever was wrong wasn’t able to be patched up by just slapping a band-aid on it.
     🌙: He made his way over to you, kneeling down and holding your face between his hands before coming to his senses, pulling his hands away from your trembling form and backing away from you in a way that made it look like he was backing away from an injured animal. He wanted to be there and comfort you – of course he did – but he didn’t know if physical touch was what you wanted or needed from him. Moon knew he didn’t like when people touched him without his permission, especially if he was upset, so he didn’t want to do that to you. He would simply ask if he was allowed to touch you and wait for you to give him permission to or not; he wouldn’t force you either way.
     🌙: If you didn’t want him touching you, Moon was perfectly content just sitting next to you and being a shoulder to lean on or just someone you could talk to. If you didn’t need either and just wanted to be by yourself for the time being, he would let you be despite how every circuit in his system was just screaming at him to comfort you in some way.
     🌙:  Though, if you did want him to comfort you in a physical manner, Moon would have no problem doing so. Physical touch isn’t his… specialty, but he’ll gladly hold you in a gentle embrace as he cradles you, sitting down on the soft flooring and pressing his faceplate against your forehead in a way to let you know he’s there to support you. However, when you suddenly apologized for worrying him and for wasting his time, he would make sure to let you know that you would never be a waste of his time – he cared about you and wanted you to know that you would never be a burden to him.
     🌙: When you tell him about the people bullying you – the grown adults who were being petty and cruel to you for absolutely no reason – he found himself gripping the fabric of his pants just a bit too hard and nearly ripping holes in them (that’d be awkward to explain to maintenance…). He would and could never hurt someone since it did go against his programming… unless they were doing something in the Pizzaplex with the intent to cause someone physical harm. Hey, on that note, why don’t you bring them to the Pizzaplex so he can scare them off for you? Just a little spook, nothing more – he promises not to even touch them (doesn’t even need to touch them to get his point across).
     🌙: He’d nuzzle against your cheek in a manner similar to that of a cat, holding one of your hands in his own as he rubbed soothing circles into your back with the other. He’d whisper to you gently, so quietly that you couldn’t possibly hear him if he were any further away, “…you, of all people, don’t deserve that kind of treatment from anyone. I’ll… we’ll always be here for you, starlight. Hehe, you’re not getting rid of us that easily, you know? If you have any more problems, just let either Sunny or I know – we’ll do whatever we can to bring that beautiful smile of yours back.”
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agileo-101 · a day ago
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Late night drink...
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bouncybrain · 18 hours ago
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So @newts-and-sharks drew some very small fairies and I had an Urge but also it’s the first thing I’ve drawn since I woke up
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crabussy · a day ago
SUN AND MOON ENJOYERS REBLOG WITH YOUR DESIGNS OF THEM. IM DOING A THING. Mutuals especially but anybody who has a funky design of these guys HAND EM OVER.
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