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#fnaf fanart

I suppose this calls for some AU lore, huh?

This is Samuel Dale Emily and Smári/Smitty Chernoff. Emily is the current CEO of Fazbear Entertainment after his father revives the company, than dies shortly after. Smári is an indie game developer who is commissioned by Emily to create a game series that glorifies the missing children’s incident, therefore saving his company.

also, the lyric is from here.

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“Now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Put your hands together for Foxy the Pirate of Pirate’s Cove!”

I wanted to redesign the fnaf crew because I realized how closely they looked another artist’s design, so here’s foxy!

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So, here’s my take on Bonzo, from The Twisted Carnival!

Hope you like it!


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I just think he’s neat.


This one turned out a little bit wonky…not too sure why.

I did everything the same way I did when I made Freddy and Bonbon.

I think I mightve even spent more time on Monty than I did Freddy and Bonbon. (I started working on it on sunday)

I dunno.

I’ll probably give it another shot sometime soon.

Still thought I could post.

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🧪Freddy Fazbear / scientist 🧪

_Five nights at freddy’s _fnaffanart

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