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#fnaf help wanted

Day 2: Cookies!


Who doesn’t like making cookies during the holidays? (Or any day for that matter). Are they to eat or to be left for the red class boot wearing gift giver? The Fazbear gang certainly better preheat those ovens!

Can you make a pizza into a cookie? Pizza cookies? 🤔

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Alright, so due to my Covid exposure I am out of a job for a while so I am going to open up commissions for a little to help pay off my phone bill and rent for December. I won’t have this open all the time so please don’t hesitate to dm me about any questions.

Traditional Sketches: A full body, or page of sketches to your choosing. Multiple characters are allowed for the page. Oc or canon characters allowed.



Price: $5-$10, depending on the detail.

Line art: A headshot or full body of your choosing, I can do this as quick as possible. You are even allowed to color in the finished product.



Prices: $20

Full colored: A fully colored and shaded digital piece, I take up to 3 days finish a piece. You can choose the style, background complexity and poses. Can also do references



Price: $30 for a normal piece, $40 for a reference.

For the line art and colored art piece, it is $3 for two or more people in an art piece. But if you want different reference pieces, it will be $10 extra.

What I can draw: Pride pieces, furries, humans, animatronics, self ship/ship art, canon characters as well.

What I can’t draw: Politics, hate, inc*st, p*dophilia, super detailed mecha.

Payment: PayPal.

Any help is greatly appreciated, even with reblogs I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading!

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I like drawing them, but in all honesty, no one really looks more into them and just think they’re for laughs. Reminds me a bit of me tbh and it sucks.

Joseph feels really plain, character and design wise, and I feel like people will only use Roxanne for shipping and that’s it. Also the hair is a pain in the ass

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Just Hector, just entering our world. Nothing unusual :D

In our conversation in VK, one Sunny sent a picture with a woman who was getting out of the… The gadget? I don’t know what to call it. Well, my friends and I began to draw Hum GlitchTraps, which enters our reality through the screen.

To be honest, I really like how it turned out  :>(Oh my God, my English is bad. I see a mistake, but I don’t know how to fix it.)
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I’m back, revamped, the madness never ends

It’s not over yet, there’s nothing left to mend

It’s all I have, no nothing else can stay

It’s all you want

You don’t want me to change


So y'all remember that old DTIYS???? I REDREW IT!

Good god have I improved. This one’s leagues above the other one.

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Not really, they only got into trucks or vehicles to get into the pizzeria/moving. Joseph would run off because he’s too excitable.

Or well- after the pizzerias close, the animatronics would leave and hide away until Luna or Tiana finds them and takes them home to repair. But during that time it was very traumatizing for the said animatronics. Fredbear (Goldie), was lucky enough to stick with Tiana and Luna, along with Frederick, Susan, Joseph, and Bowen.

Molten actually tried to seal himself down in the sister location because he was really scared of the outside world while Nightmare had to be contained in a tiny container. It’s just a whole pile of chaos if they ever step foot outside again

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