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Tumblr media
Trying to draw Sun and Moon in my style while practicing random poses fufufu
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kabra-malvada 2 days ago
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Citrus Y/N doodle based on an outfit I wore today 馃尭馃А馃崐馃А馃尭
I also ate sum orange tictacs :D
And the umbrella is because it's been raining a lot lately, I love it. It's been that kind of weather where it rains but it's sunny at the same time :)
Tumblr media
Those are the earrings, I love them so much! gottem from my nephew as a gift 馃А
Might draw them in detail later idk 馃憖
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t-z-random 17 hours ago
Broken Bells Pt 1
Platonic Sun & Moon x Child Reader
Warning: This book deals with many dark themes. Each chapter will be appropriately labeled with said themes when they show up. If I miss any obvious ones, feel free to tell me.
Walking on tightropes can be a difficult task, especially for a child. It's near impossible to stay on long and the hard ground below does little more than leave bruises and broken souls. So the only choice is to hang on where they are. To move foward is to risk the fall, to move backward is to face the disapointed crowd. So the child hangs, never moving, never falling, never going anywhere.
But along will come an expert in the art of the tight rope. With balance and grace they walk, not unaware of the deadly mistake a single slip could cause, but numb to the pain shown in old scars. They aren't free of the rope, only free to walk it. And when they reach the fearful child, one who knew too well of the consequences of any move made, they'd be left with a choice. They could help the child, holding their hand to guide them through the balance of the act...
Or they could stop the show all together
In the artificial brightness of the Fazbears top of the line Protective cylinder stood a woman at the stunning height of 'just taller than a bar stool' (As described by her most creative of co-workers) with her hand's elbow deep in probably one of the most advanced pieces of machinery she ever had the delight of working on. That is if by delight you mean the agony of a night spent trying to fix the absolute atrocious disorganization of whoever formerly worked on said machine.
If her sturdily built body didn't show her hard work her calloused hands surely did. Covered in scars from electrical burns and sharp metal, her occupation wasn't too hard to guess with even just a glance at her. Her dark brown hair was a tied-up mess that had once been a tight bun on her head but now continued to annoy her with the dismantling pieces that constantly fell onto her face. She would have brushed it away if it weren't for her oil-covered hands that never got even remotely clean no matter how many times she wiped them onto the overalls. It didn't help that she had to tie said overalls around her waist when the air conditioning had been suddenly clogged throughout the night.
Her concentrated amber eyes stared with an intensity that highly contrasted with her commonly neutral look, her growing frustration continuing to build in her system. However with coffee and the thought that she would be well paid for her efforts, she was able to make it through the pain of the spaghetti wires strung in stupid places with at least a little of her sanity remaining. With her checkout hour growing every so close, she hurridly finished those final few touch-ups
"That should do it" The woman, known only by the name of Olly, mumbled in a matter-of-fact tone before the mechanical clicks of robot life began to echo around the room. A few moments later the celestial-themed jester turned to her before tilting his head slightly, as if to mimic confusion.
"All better?" He asked, his voice as upbeat and energetic as always.
"Yep. Should be all. I'm gonna go get Sam" Olly relayed the info, her statements as brief and harsh as they had been since first meeting her. Though throughout the night the twins had learned she never really meant to come off that way. It sort of came with the field when you worked alone most of the time. So they ignored her tone and Sun instead clasped his hands together as the rays surrounding his circular face quickly spun around his head, happy to finally be out of the confining room. However, despite this outward show of happiness, a small voice spoke to Sun.
'Sam? He's here?' Moon noted. His voice, if not for the lack of moveable facial features, would have sent a twitch to the smile on Sun's face. However, the woman remained blissfully ignorant as she went to fetch the man that would escort the two out of parts and service and to their rightfully assigned area. They were barely left alone for a moment when she arrived back with the man the two felt oh so weary of.
At the whopping height of 'holy shit' stood a man with a perminate downward brow, his mouth snarled with surrounding wrinkles that, if not for his graying hair, would have been attributed to his permanently pissed off look. What he had in height he surely didn't lose in width, his naturally wide shoulders showing that even without any purposely gained strength he would still be able to take on a good few people in sheer size alone. His hair was unkempt and short accompanied by a full beard that, even in its graying state, still mostly held onto its void black color. His deep, almost black-brown eyes were enough to send most people running, which was probably why he was more commonly found on the night shift. All of this would have been a delightful description for a security guard, which frankly with a bit of training he'd likely excell in, though his actual job was much different. In an unfortunate turn of events, at least from the Jesters' point of view, he was the one who had created Sun and Moons ai in the first place.
Without a word he gestured for Sun to follow, an action that immediately got the solar star up and moving. With clicks of Sam鈥檚 shoes and Sun's metal parts, the two quietly began to make their way down the halls, the place as empty as it had been when Sun had first been escorted down here.
"Guessin' Olly got ya all up'n ready for today?" Sam spoke up, his voice deep enough to where laying your hand on his chest while he talked would leave a tingling sensation. Along with it's deep sound his voice also held a heavy southern accent, showing a bit of where he came from.
"Of course! I'm feeling better than ever!" Sun happily replied, his torso moving in a full circle around himself even though his feet remained walking forward.
"Good. Was worried she couldn't handle it" he replied, a light infliction of an impressed tone shone in his voice a moment, though Sun knew it would hardly last.
"Oh well she was just amazing! Better than the other ones by far! She didn't yell at us even one time!" Sun enthusiastically continued, his praise as genuine as it could be.
As much as Sun didn't quite like the unexcitable way Sam was and how he often scared the two of them with just his presence alone, Sam was still one of the very few people that ever really cared to listen when either him or Moon complained about something. Most others thought of them as just the metal they were in, merely machines that did as told without question. And to be fair that's all they were.
Just machines
For a moment his eyes drifted to Sun, though even attempting to read what was going on in Sam's head was a lost cause that neither Sun nor Moon attempted to do anymore. It wasn't long before he turned back to where he was walking, his hands moving to pull slightly on his open jacket.
"Yeah well that's good" Was all he spoke back. The rest of the walk was silent, as it typically ended up being when they walked together. Only a few halls later they finally made it to the Jesters鈥 door which, with the wave of a hand, Sam gestured for him to enter. Without much hesitance Sun entered the room, the door soon shutting behind him as he walked down the last hall of this little trip. A hall that would have been completely silent if not for Sun's inability to remain quiet for longer than five minutes.
"Do you think there will be any new kiddos today?" Sun asked out of the blue, though the thought had plagued him for more than a few days at this point.
'Maybe, who knows. We could lose another one-'
"Moony!" Sun interjected, his tone full of nothing but offended surprise.
'I'm being realistic-'
"You're being rude" Sun once again cut him off, his once bouncing enthusiasm suddenly squashed by Moon's negativity as he moved to get ready for the new day. Tense silence remained for a few moments as the area around them was put in order. Small pieces of loose paper drawings were properly put up, the lights around the room double-checked by the bot along with him cleaning up some of the broken toys he had collected from the daycare the night before. And during these tasks Sun hummed and sang but made absolutely no effort to continue talking, not granting him so much as an acknowledgment despite Moon's attempt to cheer him up. Soon, with no other option, a robotic sigh sounded in Sun's head, signifying Moon's defeat.
'But maybe there might be a new kid' Moon admitted, the words sending Sun back into his joyful mood almost immediately.
"And maybe they'll be small and cute! Or- Or maybe fun! What if they're fun Moon?! Oh I would love to see another little ball of energy! Or maybe they like art! What if we get a little artist Moon? I would love a sweet one too! A cute new little friend that would love my puppet shows! Oooooo they'll be so perfect, I just know it!" Sun rambled his pent-up thoughts, his eagerness for a new play buddy palpable. Moon decided not to rain on his parade more than he already had, even though Sun's assumptions made him a little weary.
He just hoped he wouldn't be too disappointed.
"What do you mean you can't get here?! You can't just not show up! What the FUCK do I even pay you for huh?!" A muffled voice yelled from the other room but you paid almost no attention to it. You were more focused on reaching the bread on the top shelf of the cabinets. You had already made yourself a nice spot standing on top of the counter, though those last few bits of space were always the hardest.
"I don't care! I pay you to do the simple fucking job of watching a goddamn kid and you can't even do that?! I have a job you know! What the fuck am I supposed to do??" You outstretched your hand just that tiny bit farther, your feet now on their very tippy toes. With one last small little shimmy you were finally able to pull the bread just far enough for you to grab.
"I know you鈥檙e sick, you鈥檝e said that five times!" with a few careful movements you soon slid yourself off the counter, bread in hand. You slightly slipped towards the end, but you had grown used to catching yourself, making the fall to the ground not as hard as it would have been. After a moment you stood back up and, now safely back on earth, you placed the bread on the counter, ignoring the mild pain after landing on your legs.
"Look, I don't have time for this! I have work in two hours I- No I don't have anyone else that's why I fucking pay you!" You then quickly walked to the fridge, looking around a moment before grabbing the jelly and placing it on the counter. You went to look in the drawer for a butter knife, but found that none were in there. A quick glance towards the sink made it clear why.
"I鈥檓 being unreasonable??? You're calling me an hour before you鈥檙e supposed to show up saying you can't be here and I鈥橫 being unreasonable?!?!?" You went over and looked into the sink before pulling out the cleanest one you could find, running it under the tap until at least most of what was on it was gone, and then returned to the bread and jelly.
"Do you understand the shit I have to go through to get that kid a fucking babysitter?! How many days it takes to get anyone even remotely interested in taking care of- do NOT cut me off right now" you placed two pieces of bread on the counter before grabbing the jelly and trying your best to open it. It didn't budge for a while but you were able to open it, though now without leaving a red mark on your hand. Dipping the butter knife into the jelly you then went to try and spread it onto the bread.
"Oh for the love of-...that bitch hung up on me" The muffled yelling seemed to end just as you finished sloppily spreading the jelly onto the bread. You closed the two messy pieces together when the unmistakable heavy footsteps of your mother started to enter your awareness. However, your hunger surpassed any initial suspicion that you might have done something wrong, so you instead went to grab the sandwich, hoping that her feet would just walk passed. When you heard them step into the room you became very aware that this was not going to happen.
Before you could even turn around she had a tight grip on your wrist, the shock causing you to drop the sandwich you just made. Your feet moved before your brain could register much, your mother not slowing down even slightly as she had to drag you to her pace, your feet just barely keeping your face from plummeting towards the ground. This continued for a couple seconds before the hot summer air hit your skin, the earthy smell of wet grass seeping into your nose. It was hardly a second later before she finally stopped right next to her car. She harshly opened the door, her anger showing in every movement.
"Get in" she demanded more than asked and, knowing better than to argue, you pulled yourself into the car, narrowly dodging it as she shut it behind you. Before you even fully sat up she had thrown herself into the driver's seat and started the car. The speed in which she backed out sent you face-first into her seat, though she pulled away just as fast, sending you back into yours. Once the car was moving you began the desperate reach along with the long struggle of your seatbelt. It would take a few attempts, but you did somehow manage it.
Noise, noise, so much noise. There were people and bright lights and loud games and louder speakers. You had never been in a such a crowded space before, let alone one where it seemed every time you turned your head there were a hundred new people. You felt dread swell in your stomach as your hand tightly gripped onto your mother's, the chaos of it all utterly overwhelming.
You felt like falling, like crumbling into a ball and hoping for the quiet again. But you remained standing, if to not draw attention to yourself then because of the fear that it would upset your already greatly angered mother. So you stood even as every one of your senses was overloaded with a new sensation. You hoped that it would be over soon. This couldn't be normal, there shouldn't ever be so many people in one place. You were sure that there had to be a reason. Maybe something bad happened? Like a fire or something. Or maybe the world was ending.
That's what this felt like, the end of the world. These must be all the people that exist and this must be the only safe place. That must be why-
"Hi, hello. I was looking to book my kid for the daycare please?" You heard your mother speak up, something that you quickly fixed your mind towards. You found comfort in her voice. It was familiar in a world of strange unexplainable oddities.
"Of course. Have they been booked here before?"
"No, It's their first time"
"Okay then, I'll just need you to sign these forms for us, it should only take a few moments" The stranger spoke before handing over said papers. Your mom gave a quiet sigh, moving to the side to fill out the forms. As the stranger had stated, it only took a few moments. Once it was done your mother returned to the window.
"Alrighty! Any scheduled pick-up time?" The stranger asked as they took the papers before handing them to someone else.
"What's the latest they can stay?"
"About 10pm"
"I'll pick them up then" She answered, your confusion only continuing to grow.
"Well then you're all settled. Ms. Addy will take them up to the daycare. She is just up to the left. There should be a sign"
"Thank you" She ended with a quick nod before swiftly moving to where she was told. It became quickly apparent who Ms. Addy was when the large group of small kids came into view. Though with the continued assault of your senses you could hardly understand anything that was happening at this point.
"Hi um, Ms. Addy?" Your mother's voice pleasantly sang.
A young lady no older than twenty-two turned her head at the call of her name. Her eyes were a shimmering bright blue that greatly contrasted with the fiery red hair she had put into tight braids falling just below the length of her shoulders. She was taller than most other people but likely only by a few inches. She was kitted out in a bright yellow shirt covered with a large sun symbol in the middle tucked into an incredibly puffy-looking pair of blueish-purple pants covered in little stars. Her face was beautifully made up with face paint as one eye held bright yellow and subtle oranges with a little white cloud in the corner while the other held soft blues and purples with glitter and small stars. However, her most defining feature was her bright smile. The expression looked so natural on her face that to imagine it without it was a little hard to do. And that smile only grew when she realized why her name had been called.
"Hello! Are you here to drop off your little sunshine with us?" She spoke, her voice high pitched and energetic, a quality that could have been guessed from her excited stare upon seeing the two of you.
"Yep! Have fun!" was all your mother spoke before letting go of your hand and quickly walking off. She walked off so quickly in fact that you hardly had a moment to stop her. So instead you turned back to the strange lady you had been left with, your eyes clearly showing your confused and somewhat fearful state.
Ms. Addy stared off in the direction your mother had gone for a moment, her eyebrows twisted into slight confusion at the briefness of the meeting and the strangeness of the woman's quick speed. However, her attention quickly fell back to you, her heart slightly turning at the sight of such a lost looking child.
"Hey sweetheart! It's nice to meet you! I'm Ms. Addy, what鈥檚 your name?" She asked with a sweetened tone, a twinge of concern found on her face. You stared at her for a moment, entirely unsure how you were supposed to handle this situation. After a moment you decided, or more so defaulted to, answering her.
"Y/n" you quietly replied with almost a question in your voice. Her smile brightened as she outstretched her hand to you. Slowly you took her hand, hoping that maybe she knew what was going on.
"Well welcome Y/n! We're gonna have so much fun together! Right kids!" she turned over her shoulder to address the group of small children, almost all of which screamed out in excitement. You went to cover your ears, but having one hand already taken you could only cover one. You felt your discomfort only continue to spike in this increasingly strange situation.
- x -
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NSFW Moon Drabble!
(Cockwarming and Hypnosis)
Moon has you lie back and raises your legs, knees to your chest. He slides himself in, slowly pushing in inch after inch, agonizingly slow. You let out a whine, desperate and needy. 鈥淣uh uh, no whining now.鈥 He lowers his face to yours and looks into your eyes. You see swirls, and your vision goes blurry. Your body relaxes, arms and legs going limp. 鈥淭here, now you鈥檒l be nice and relaxed.鈥 He finally bottoms out, and you expect him to begin fucking you, but he remains still.
He lets out a long, deep sigh, enjoying the feeling of your wet heat throbbing around him. You want to buck your hips, but your body is stuck in place. He laughs. 鈥淲ant us to move? No, I think we鈥檒l stay like this and enjoy the moment.鈥 He leans back, admiring your body. You try to whimper, beg, plead for movement as he stays still, deep inside you. But no words would come out of your mouth. 鈥淛ust rest and feel me filling you, little slut.鈥 Your eyes roll back as his cock presses into your sweet spot.
The stretch is so good. You feel like your body is melting, mind hazy, pussy aching. If only he鈥檇 start thrusting. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry Y/N, I鈥檒l fuck you soon, let鈥檚 just stay like this for a little longer, say, thirty minutes?鈥 You feel your eyes closing, eyelids getting heavy. He cackled as your eyes shut, mind drifting, body tingling. You fall into sleep, feeling his cock buried in you, and you would only wake once he began to fuck you properly.
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prince-les a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Aw gee I wonder why every other human mechanic ended up dead after working in the pizzaplex
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puppycaptive 5 months ago
many thoughts about michael rn
like michael thinks hes average sized, right ? but hes way bigger and he doesn't realize it until one day hes fucking you, puppy type of fucking where hes just so horny he cant help himself from pounding into you :(( and then he sees a lil bulge in your tummy and hes like " i did that ? "
idk it seems yummy 鈽
i鈥檓 frothing, your ideas are always so good pls keep sending !!!
you don鈥檛 know what got him so worked up, but you sure as hell didn鈥檛 mind. you were about drunk on his pace. he was so fucking big, but no matter how many times you tried to tell him, michael honey, i cant take it all it鈥檚 too big he鈥檇 simply blush and look away, denying it. he鈥檇 still be careful with you, but for some reason he couldn鈥檛 realize it for himself. he always assumed you were just trying to hop up his ego. but god no, you were dead serious. you couldn鈥檛 take more than half of him at a time, and that alone was having you go dumb on his cock.
michael was whining, practically crying at the pleasure. all you can bring yourself to do is lie back with a smile and your mouth drooping open as michael uses you like a mutt in heat. his arms are circled around your shoulders, head on your chest. his cock jackhammering into you like his life depended on it. he sat up for a moment, his tummy fluttering with butterflies at the look of pure bliss on your face. that was him, he smiled and let his eyes roam.
michael noticed your tummy. a prominent bump forming when he pushed himself in. he stopped.
鈥渋s that- is that me?鈥 he asked, completely entranced.
you squirmed at his sudden stop. 鈥測-yes hun. that鈥檚 you.鈥 the bright look on his face was adorable.
he pressed a hand down on your lower tummy, and continued his horny puppy pace.
<3 hoo yeah
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kadssp 5 months ago
note: these are twt porn links! i may have went overboard馃拃馃拃
characters: william, michael
warnings: afab!reader, thigh riding, suit kink, fingering, car sex, squirting, cunnilingus, hand job, public sex, creampie, handcuffs, minors dni
Tumblr media
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8
Tumblr media
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toraochi 4 months ago
fnaf men with breeding kink !!
warnings: contains smut and porn shenanigans, minors dni
notes: i never been more thankful for the 350 followers!! i love you guys so so much !! i hope you like this short drabble!!
Tumblr media
William Afton
Expect some hard pounding, this man have a lot of fucking stamina.
Putting you in a missionary position or doggy style, he loves it.
When he pounds on you, your belly bulge is showing and it makes him go feral fucking you in a animalistic speed.
William is a business man, ofc he need to look presentable but whenever he caught you wearing tight jeans or tight leggings, straight to the office to make you sumbit to him.
Will overstimulate the heck out of you until you beg to stop.
If he's fucking your pussy, expect him fingering your ass.
"So good for me doll, so good~"
He will praise and degrade you at the same time, he loves watching your expression.
Panty stealer, he can't get enough of your scent. He will ram his dick onto your undergarements like a horny teen.
He LOVES your boobs, grope it and suck on it.
After cumming in you, he will put his fingers inside just to stop it from spilling out
"Aww doll, can't get enough you slut. Don't worry daddy is gonna fill you up darling. You wont mind a another child to the family..dont you baby?"
Henry Emily
He is a power-bottom for me, take it or leave it.
He will get pussy drunk on you , fucking you while crying on how much pleasure he can handle while pounding on you.
He will blabber nonesense while ramming his dick onto you.
Panting and huffing, and whining on how his cock suit on your velvety walls all only made for him.
If he sees you, his dick printing on your belly he will cum immediately.
Just like William, he has a strong stamina but not as strong as him. He can go for about 3 rounds and nuzzle onto you.
"-Hah, you are so amazing cher. You're all I wanted, a godess.. Ah~ Will you give Sammy and Charlie a sibling- Hmm?? Good Girl.."
Micheal Afton
Literally his father 2.0
Pounding you like in a bitch in heat, he will cum inside you multiple times. Sometimes he loses count because on how good you were.
He really likes when your dripping with his semen, he can get enough on stuffing you full.
Bite marks, and hickies. He wants everyone to know that you are his lovely obident bitch.
He loves your ass, and also stuffing his dick onto it. Oh how tight you were for him
"Your slutty holes baby, Ill make them full yeah? You're gonna be the most beautiful mother. Oh your swollen tits. You gonna make me suck those , yeah?" While ramming onto you hard.
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ficmachine 6 months ago
hi! can i request a sundrop/moondrop x reader- where the reader is a staff member working over time in the daycare center and as they night goes on they feel like they鈥檙e being watched- and it turns out that sun and moon have been following them around because they like them so much and they can鈥檛 agree on how to approach them.
Tumblr media
Mostly Moondrop-focused but Sundrop is very much mentioned throughout. Kind of went off with this one but i think it's still close enough--
Sundrop/Moondrop (FNAF) x GN Reader
Wordcount: 1,685
Perhaps switching to night shift wasn't such a good idea after all. Sure, you get paid slightly more to stay after the closing hours, but is it really worth it if you're doing all the work basically by yourself? (With the occasional help from the S.T.A.F.F. Bots, of course) Then again, you're allowed to vibe along with your music and not worry about running into anyone else. Besides, listening to music while you work slaps.
With a song blasting through your headphones you catch something move in the corner of your eye and naturally you dismiss it. 'Must be one of the cleaning bots.' Though, when you see something zoom out from behind the corner again you don't hesitate to point whatever you're holding at the intruder.
鈥淲ho's there?鈥 You call out, pulling your headphones down and holding out the rag in the most threatening manner you can muster. The moment the familiar figure of a bot comes rolling forwards again you let your shoulders drop. 鈥淢an... At one point one of you guys is gonna give me a heart attack.鈥
The S.T.A.F.F Bot pauses by you, their head tilting to the side slightly the second they make eye contact with you.
鈥淯h-鈥 You hesitate, they tilt their head to the other side 鈥 a question. 鈥淥h! No, I'm okay. Thanks, though.鈥
The robot nods its head at you somewhat stiffly before they continue rolling off wherever they need to go.
The second they roll out of view the lights go out. Quickly you scramble to get your torch, cursing yourself for losing track of time. Is it 2AM already? You let out a sharp sigh you didn't realise you were holding.
Damn, being in here after dark can be unnerving.
You decide to get back to work and get this room done with before you go take your break. Just as you put the headphones back into their place and hit play something behind you taps your shoulder.
鈥淔UCK-鈥 You're sure you jumped about 3 feet in the air just before you whip around to come face-to-face with the moon animatronic. Instantly you whack him with the rag. 鈥淢oondrop!鈥
鈥淟anguage.鈥 He cuts in, clearly disapproving of your reaction. Oh he doesn't get to scare you and then scoldyou right after. 鈥淰iolence is prohibitedon thes--鈥
You whack his chest with the wet rag again, ignoring the irritated grunt that comes from him. 鈥淒ude!鈥
鈥淵es?鈥 Instantly his demeanour calms and his head tilts to the side significantly more than it'd be natural for any human being.
鈥淒on't scare me like that! We talked about this already.鈥
Inhaling deeply you patiently wait for your heart to calm down.
He lets out a hum of dull acknowledgement and you roll your eyes at him. You've asked him to stop coming up behind you and to give you a heads up by making a noise first but--
Hold on.
鈥淲ait, did you make a noise?鈥
Ah... Well, that one's on you and your headphones then.
鈥淩ight..鈥 You shoot him an apologetic smile. The next second it drops. 鈥淲ait, aren't you supposed to be checking the other floors right now? Lights out and all?鈥
What the hell?
You nod slowly, brows furrowing in confusion. 鈥淎nd you decided that checking on me was more important than a possible out of charge animatronic laying around somewhere?鈥 You pry, finding it very unbelievable for Moondrop to choose you over his night duties. 鈥淐old? Forgotten? Nobody there to help them?鈥
鈥...Y--鈥 A pause, his mechanics click as he shifts his weight onto another foot. 鈥淣o. But the fool's been keeping an eye on you from the distance. I thought I should-鈥 He takes another step closer to you and leans down to look you directly in the eyes. 鈥-Interfere...A little.鈥
You blink, shuffling back a step. 鈥淚nterfere a little? Wait-- Fool?鈥
Wow, his responses are truly creative.
Motioning for him to continue you take another step back the second he closes the distance once more. Unfortunately, no respect for your personal space is normal for Moondrop. 鈥... Well? Go on?鈥
As if on command he straightens up almost instantly, nearly upper-cutting you with his shoulder. Startled you jump back in response, sending him a look as he stands straighter than you've ever seen him stand, wondering what in the world got into him tonight. He's always slouching and hunching his shoulders down to be lower to the ground, but seeing him in his full height reminds you of his daytime counterpart.
His gestures extremely elegant as he begins to pace around the corridor.
鈥淪undrop,鈥 He starts, shooting you a brief look to check if you're listening 鈥渉as things to do, just as Ido-鈥
You nod.
鈥- and the fool's been following youaround instead of doing his nightly duties. Can you tell me why?鈥 He stops again directly in front of you, once again leaning too close for comfort before you push his face away with both your hands. Now it's your turn to pace around 鈥 irritated.
鈥淲ait, Sundrop's been following me?鈥 You click your tongue, Moondrop's eyes watching you intently. Seeing you annoyed, especially at his counterpart, was... A first. 鈥淚s thatwhat I kept seeing around all night? He's been watchingme?鈥
鈥淚s that why I've been cleaning up the daycare party rooms all on my own? Because he wanted to watch me do the work instead?鈥
Moondrop chuckles at you, very much enjoying how you managed to spin the situation into something much worse sounding than it actually was. 鈥... Something of the sorts.鈥
鈥淩ight...鈥 Letting out a sigh you decide to bring it up to Sundrop next time you see him. The feeling of disappointment still lingers but you'd much rather approach him about it than jump to conclusions. 鈥淩ight. Could you help me before you go off and the lights come back on?鈥
鈥淲uh-- Why not?鈥
鈥淲atching you is far more entertaining.鈥
Oh his little chuckle makes you want to throttle on the spot.
鈥...Wow, thanks.鈥
Fed up and tired you throw the rag back to where you've found it.
鈥淵ou are welcome.鈥 Moondrop watches you pick up the torch and look over the cleaning products you've got 鈥 already done with talking to him for the night. He's not having that though, oh no. He's not done talking.
鈥淚 do -鈥 He begins, leaning over your shoulder from behind where you're crouching to grab and hand you what you were looking for. 鈥- However,鈥 He grabs your wrist and tugs you up to stand again. 鈥- need to fix his behaviour before it gets... All three of us in trouble. And, you see--鈥
鈥淗old the fucking phone. All threeof us? What did I do?鈥
Squinting at you he jabs his finger at you accusingly, moving the light of the torch down to not shine at his eyes. 鈥淵ou are... Taking up allof his attention. Distractinghim.鈥
Right there and then you're ready to take his head off.
鈥淕od... Moondrop, for crying out loud.鈥 You pinch the bridge of your nose and let out a deep sigh; at this point you're very much exhausted with the whole exchange. 鈥淚 talk to youmore often than I do with him, you know this. You practically beggedme to switch to night shift because you didn't like me spending so much with him before.鈥
Snapping your head up at him you're cut off by him covering your mouth before you can accuse him of anything. It takes you a bit to pry his hand off your face but the moment you do he tries again 鈥 failing as you sidestep to the side and away from him.
鈥淣o.鈥 He hisses, tone low and threatening and he knows he fucked up and ratted himself out as your grin grows wider.
His posture means nothing to you no matter how much his eyes narrow in an attempt to shut you up because he KNOWS you know better than to take his threats seriously.
You're the last person he'd ever harm.
鈥淲ait. Wait, wait wait-鈥 You take a step closer 鈥 he points at your to-do list.
鈥淵our work isn't finished yet.鈥
You ignore him.
鈥淢oondrop, are you jealous?鈥
The word leaves your lips the lanky jester does a 180 on his heel and promptly marches down the hallway. You call out after him, trying to keep up with his long strides but he only speeds up.
鈥淲ait- where are-鈥
鈥淚 have places to be. Places youhave no access to.鈥 He states, oh so matter-of-factly. For a split second he thought he'd lost you only to see you job by him with a grin so big it reminded him of his own.
Of course he made the mistake of looking at you, what kind of fool is he?
鈥淵ou ARE jealous!鈥
He scoffs at you, sending you one more glare before leaving. 鈥淏eing loud after closing will get you fired.鈥
Cackling you watch him as he tugs on one of the strings he's attached to. Oh you won this one. 鈥淲alk away if you want but I still figured you out!鈥
鈥淒O. WORK.鈥
And with that he's gone off to... Wherever the hell he goes when he does that. Shrugging you walk back to where you left off before he interrupted you.
鈥淯h-huh. Sure, yeah. Whatever.鈥 You cackle quietly, picking up the rag you dropped earlier. 鈥淚 figured you out anyway鈥
Not even a second passed after you've entered the last party room on your to-do list and the muffled *THUNK* echoed from the vent above you. Shining the light towards it you freeze for a moment.
Eyes locking onto a pair of another and--
Hold on a second.
鈥...Moondrop what the fuck are you doing in the vents?鈥
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honeydragonstar 6 months ago
饾惉饾惍饾惂饾悵饾惈饾惃饾惄/饾惁饾惃饾惃饾惂饾悵饾惈饾惃饾惄 饾惐 饾惌饾悽饾惈饾悶饾悵 饾惈饾悶饾悮饾悵饾悶饾惈
Tumblr media
pairing: sundrop/moondrop x reader summary: you ended up working late at night and failed to realize the exhaustion creeping up your back. reader: gender neutral warnings: none, pure fluff a/n: please send requests I am in desperate need :"))
you went to daycare very early in the morning to run a maintenance on him. It would be like 6am or so
sunnydrop was very excited to see you again. His first reaction was to hop around you happily.
it was very hard for him to sit still during maintenance, sunnydrop was practically buzzing with joy.
after the check-up, he was very much in tip top shape. You just needed to tighten up some loose screws here and there and he was good to go.
"Was I a good boy? Do I get a gold star??" He asked, getting close to you. You couldn't help but let out a hearty chuckle and hand him a gold star sticker. You placed it gently on his chest and sun was as energetic as a kid who took too much fizzy fazz.
when you tried to leave he would plead for you not to go, often giving excuses or ideas of what activities you could do together. "Wait- wait! Don't go yet, we could play hide and seek! or, or even catch up with what fun things we missed out on."
who are you to deny that sweet offer, it made it hard to disagree. Specially with those long arms of his wrapped around your waist. It wasn't required but then again it wasn't prohibited either. Fuck it.
You spent the rest of the day playing with sunnydrop. Of course, he was more than delighted to play with his favorite employee. When it was nearing 12pm however, sun noticed you were getting sleepy.
"Tired? It's alright, you can rest here with me!" You were about to protest till you yawned. God you felt like your legs were going to give out beneath you. They almost did.
Blacking out for a second, sun caught you in his arms. "Hehe, good thing I caught you there" he said in a hushed voice.
Immediately he set you down on the padded flooring of the tall play area. He went out to get a pillow for you to lay on.
When he returned he spooned you, his metal body surprisingly warm to your liking. Softly, he placed a kiss on your forehead.
He played a soft lullaby, which you did not expect but grateful it played. You relaxed as the tune lulled you to sleep.
you were asleep. Well that certainly surprised him when he switched with sunnydrop.
man, if only kids were like this too. With your obedience you'd practically need 0 punishment
moondrop cradled you for a while, just enjoying your soft snores as you hugged the animatronic tighter.
wait. why were you here again? Moon cocked his head to the side before inspecting you with his eyes.
it was maintenance day.
oh jeez, as much as he wanted to not disrupt your comfortable rest he knew you would get in trouble if you didn't run a diagnostic on him too.
well, you're lucky he likes you awake as much as you are sleeping.
he gently shook you awake. Would you look at that, for the first time you see moondrop wake someone up instead of putting them to sleep.
"No punishments today, you've been quite obedient haven't you?" Moondrop grinned, rubbing circles on the small of your back. You almost let out a loud bark of laughter, he sure liked making sure people were sleeping at this hour.
You let out a soft chuckle, thanking the robot for waking you up.
you lead him to a nearby bench so you could inspect him.
you were so gentle he couldn't help but blush. you asked him if anything felt off as you twist his arms from side to side.
鈥淪tay a little longer?鈥 He pleaded. It鈥檚 no fair that sun gets more time to hog you.
you stay and he鈥檚 elated. 鈥淭hank you starlight~鈥
eventually you did have to leave, but something inside you knew that you would come back for more things than just maintenance.
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srslysierraa 6 months ago
Headcanons of what is like to date Sundrop, Moondrop, and Glamrock Freddy please?
Tumblr media
Hand In Hand.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prompt ;; You finally confessed to him, or did he confess to you? Either way, congratulations!! Now, ever wonder what dating an animatronic is like?
Type ;; Headcanons, fluff :))
Chars. Involved ;; g. freddy, moondrop, sunnydrop [FNAF sb]
A/N ;; i absolutely LOVE that this is all of my fav characters in one place, Freddy has always been a favorite but recently sun and moon has been clinging on my heartstrings and i just hdbdusnis MOON!!!! moon my beloved. I love him sm. Anyhow, enjoy!!
Masterlist | Event
Tumblr media
Glamrock Freddy.
Tumblr media
First of all, YOU'RE DATING HIM????
Lucky mf.
I think we all get the gist now, he's well mannered, a gentleman, knows boundaries, always tries to help, and overall just a sweetheart.
He's literally husband material reincarnated as a robot, you better put a ring on it.
With that being said, the first one to actually confess was you!
It's not that he doesn't like you, or that he was too nervous, he just never experienced actually romantically liking someone before so it was kinda hard to differentiate between being fond of you the way friends do (just a bit more intense) or actual genuine new types of liking, loving.
When you confessed however, he was absolutely over the moon!!!
No he didn't jump over moondrop dw, that would be bad.
That aside, he's absolutely happy when you told him how you feel! Not only do you feel the same way as he is, but now he also has some clarity to what these feelings are!!
Still... He's a bit nervous.
If you're an animatronic, then he's nervous to what the higher-ups have to say about this.
Would it affect the shows?? Will the kids like it?? Will his bandmates support you two?
They absolutely support you two. Especially Chica, she's been shipping you both since day one!
Now, if you're a human? Then it's a different set of worries.
Is this even okay? Will you be happy with him? It's not like he can take you to dates or something.
In the end, you had to shush him and comfort him that whatever happens you're going to stay no matter what!
Please give him reassurance that you love him, it's not that he doesn't know his worth, he's just really nervous and don't want to mess anything up accidentally :((( he could use the affirmations.
Now the actual relationship!!
You guys are the cutest couple in town istg.
Freddy takes you to Fazerblast dates and you almost always win!!! (He lets you win because the expression on your face when you 'beat' freddy is "to die for" -Freddy)
If you're an animatronic, you guys spend most of your day after performing and greeting kids with eachother.
If you're human, he understood that you're here to work so he'll try not to bother you!! HOWEVER, you will absolutely feel the earth practically quaking as he ran towards you to spend time when you're on your break.
Very respectful, whether you're a cis female, male, trans, bi-gender, agender, genderfluid, etc. He makes it a POINT to remember to use the correct pronouns on you. <3
If you ever feel upset, you can always come to him!!! He'll do anything that you want him to, whether it's for advices (though be warned that he's not that good when it comes to human problems outside the pizzaplex), attention, or just someone to listen to.
He'll carry you around bridal style when the Pizza Plex is closed for the fun of it tbh.
Random i love yous, and i mean RANDOM.
If you're an animatronic, "we need to prepare soon, it's almost time for our performance again. By the way, i love you."
If you're a human, "Chica went to the kitchen. You need her to repair her voicebox, don't you? Also, i love you. Oh and, is your break about to end? :("
Bear hugs, pun intended, so many bear hugs.
Either way, he's an absolute darling and i would die for this bear.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's an absolute Sunshine!!!
Pun definitely intended.
He's usually with kids a lot of the time so when you come visit him, he's just being crowded by little b茅b茅s and ugghhh-
It's the cutest thing you've seen tbh.
With Sunny, it's one of those situations where the confession was outta nowhere!
As in, he blurted out how much he loves you without thinking. So i guess it counts as him confessing?
While it was on accident, he really did mean it!!
He said it when you came to visit him while the kids are still around, and he immediately drags you to be next to him and introduced you to all of the kids.
Soon enough, even the little children are fond of you!! Smiling happily as Sun tells them about how much of a great person you are.
"Oooo mr.Sunny has a crush!!!" One of the kids exclaimed, and soon enough the whole room was filled with "ooo"s and "awwwe"s!
Heck, even the parents looking after the kids shook their heads while smiling, some even "ooo"'d at you too!
You are embarrassed, definitely, but you just swallowed that feeling and told everyone that you're just here to make sure the generators in the playplace were closed properly so that none of them gets hurt.
Sun being sun just tried to hushed everyone and explain how he just really really really, likes you as a friend!
"See kids! You just gotta gotta gotta, find a friend like (Y/n)!! One that you know has your back! Andyouhavetheirs, aaaand! One that is able to make happy, fuzzy and nice inside! Makes you feel like youre fLOATing just by looking at them!! So much so that your head hurts due to how dazzling they are!!"
He even go the extra mile by putting his hands by his head, dramatically falling to the ground.
"my mom said that's how she felt when looking at daddy! She said that feeling is love!!"
You blinked twice and the moment you looked at Sunny, he only looked at you back. Even he seems to be stunted. You however took this moment to tease.
"I feel that way when looking at Sunny too!"
When i told you that sent him FLYING-
He didn't really fly, but he immediately springed up and jumped AND cartwheeled his way to the wall next to him, before leaning back on it and releasing a dramatic gasp.
You're shipped by the kids now hooray!!
He'd be so happy and energetic that even the little kids are overwhelmed-
When the pizza plex closes, you better BELIEVE that sun is dragging you back to the daycare.
"(Y/NNNNN), did you mean it? Did you?? Pinky promise???"
A small celebration once you assured him that you do.
He'll be holding your hand and twirl you around, you'd need to yell his name to stop bc you feel like throwing up from spinning too much-
But he's just really happy alright!!!
Lots of arts and crafts dates!
He'll be making you a lot of random things to give to you, ranging from drawings, paper bracelets, and even a paper crown/tiara!
He'll pick you up at random too, all the while speaking so loudly he's practically yelling how much he loves you!
He's a bit wary when it comes to moon though, letting you know before hand about what to do in certain situations with Moon.
Definitely avoids the light switches like a plague, especially when you're around.
Tell him that you're okay even if moon is out! He'd be skeptical but soon enough he'll believe you.
Really adores you and wants you to be safe no matter what, it someone is being mean, he'll snatch you while yelling. "Stop being mean!! Bad, bad!!" At the person in question.
He might be all over the place but you still love him anyways.
And he loves you! Sosososososo much!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This guy... THIS GUYYYY!!!!
I love him sm hxnskxvuxk,suxbi-
HE'S SO ?????
Anyways, ahem. Back to the topic at hand.
You guys already seen eachother a lot of the time when you had to cover for a friend's shift, and you're one of the few people who's okay with him, considering even some of the workers are scared shitless when it comes to moon.
You can't say you guys are buddy buddy either, you guys are just okay in eachother's presence.
And that's exactly what got him so attached to you.
He absolutely knows how Sunny feels about you, and unlike Sunny, he's not as oblivious-
So he made it a point to himself to try and not be as "stupid" as he is (says moon) and catch feelings for you.
That backfired to say the least, and now he's on the ceiling keeping his eyes on you as you try to organize a few mechanical parts.
Romantic i know /j
He doesn't interact with you much, no matter how interested in you he is at the moment.
But he does appreciate the little "Hello, Moon!" Or "Goodnight, Moon." When you do catch him there.
Then he'll slowly warm up to you, even if you're close to Sunny already, it'll take some time before he finally opens up.
Once he does, he'll tease you every so often. Cleaning the kitchen and trying to secretly eat some of the leftover cupcakes even though you're supposed to throw them out? Or at least pay for them? Moon would suddenly calls you out as you're stuffing your own face LMAO.
"Naughty, naughty! Taking what is not yours!"
You almost choked, suddenly hearing the voice out of nowhere. You really thought you were caught.
"Oh, shush moon!" You said, though muffled with the amount of food in your face.
Soon enough he'll start actually landing on the ground, walking beside you when you're alone considering the other night guards isn't exactly fond of him.
Picking you up a lot!!! You're trying to go home? Too bad, he's picking you up and putting you in the daycare until you're basically dramatically crying for him to let you go.
He helps by trying to make things as organized as he can in the daycare at night time, that way you don't need to also clean it.
After you and Sunny dated, he'll get jealous and will try to avoid you. Thinking that you prefer Sunny over him.
Just go to the daycare and tell him that you need to do basic tests for a report, it'll take a few tries and a few threats that you'll get fired and won't be able to see him again but he'll show up.
As you're running your 'test's, talk to him about how you like him as much as you do to Sunny, reassure him will ya?
"...you prefer him."
"Nope. Wrong! I like the both of you just as much! So please stop avoiding me, alright?"
You know that you got through him once he tilts his head to the side just a bit.
He won't really nod or say yes, but he will slowly stalk be with you again!
If you're sad because of someone, he is so gonna do some war crimes to the poor person- and you can't lie saying that no one hurt you either because he was watching when it happened.
You kept yawning while on the job? He's kidnapping you and bringing you to the Daycare, telling you to rest. No he doesn't care if you're on night guard duty, you are going. to. rest.
He can guard the Pizza plex on his own don't worry.
Tell him you love him and he'll just stand there like a stunted deer in headlights.
"..fine, I'll take a small nap, but wake me up in like an hour okay? G'night Moon, love ya."
He's going to remember that for the next three weeks- or more!
Anyhow from that point on, he'll be absolutely scaring the shit out of your poor friend just so they can make you handle their night shifts, it's really mean, but it's his way of trying to spend more time with you <3.
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kabra-malvada 11 hours ago
Possessed Y/N in a nutshell:
Tumblr media
I had no idea on how to represent Afton so i just drew him the only way I've known him so far: furry.
A LOT of commenters gave me ideas for memes so I turned them into doodles.
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t-z-random 2 days ago
Okay so a LOT of you (and I mean a LOT) liked the New Consciousness one shot with Platonic obsessed Sun&Moon with a child reader. I got a lot of asks for a part two and for other similar scenarios so I was wondering if I should maybe just go ahead and make a full story for the idea? Starting from the top? Would y'all be interested in that?
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sdr2lovemail 6 months ago
What about gender neutral!reader being a technician for Security Breach and the animatronics live in their house? You can decide on the reason. Reader is absolutely tired of the animatronic shenanigans but it鈥檚 also found family. Have a great night/day!!!!
Hello dear Anon! My first Fnaf request, woohoo! Found Family is fun to write. I hope you enjoy your request!
Also this post shall be my official resignation of my talksprites. I felt they were cluttering my blog.
鈿擬od Peko鈿
You鈥檙e the world鈥檚 best animatronic babysitter!
A shirt being flung at your head stirs you awake. You let out a groan while groggily sitting up. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, various articles of your clothes are flung across the room. Looking to your closet there stands Roxanne. She鈥檚 digging through your clothes like it鈥檚 a clearance shopping rack. Peering over to the electric alarm clock, It鈥檚 8 AM?! You can鈥檛 even sleep in on your day off.
鈥淩oxy. Why are you in my room so early?鈥
鈥淗uh? Oh, look who鈥檚 finally awake. Everyone鈥檚 already up and roaming sleepyhead!鈥 The wolf animatronic takes a minute away from your closet to give a teasing glance. 鈥淲ell I guess it makes sense, you work afternoons and nights. It鈥檚 okay for you to be lazy in the morning. OH! This is actually kinda cute!鈥
Roxy pulls out one of your sweaters. Taking it off the hanger she holds it up to her metal body. The sweater is comically small compared to her 8-foot frame. 鈥淚 knew you had to have some kind of style in here. This would help my beauty shine even more!鈥
鈥淲ould that even fit you?鈥
鈥淗uh?! What do you mean by that!鈥 She spits out. Oh dear, the last thing you needed was an angry Roxy in the morning.
鈥淥h, nothing like that! It鈥檚 just you know, those colors wouldn鈥檛鈥atch your outfit! It wouldn鈥檛 fit in with your leg warmers.鈥 She stares you down for a minute. You could practically feel sweat dripping down the back of your neck.
鈥淗mmm, I guess you鈥檙e right. I鈥檒l keep looking around.鈥 Roxy turns back to rummage through the rest of the clothes. Does she think you鈥檒l let her keep them?
With her attention redirected, you slink out of bed. Walking down to the bathroom, the light is on but no one is in there. Shutting and locking the door you begin to untie your pajama bottoms. You almost began to slide them down before your shower curtain was flung open.
鈥淪URPRISE!鈥 Sun leaps out of the shower with his hands up. Too stunned to even yell out, you jump back with a hand over your heart. So, that鈥檚 why the light was on. They had it on so he could hide in your shower. Taking a moment for your pulse to calm down you look over to him.
鈥淲hy were you in there Sun? I wouldn鈥檛 think my bathtub was a very fun place to hide.鈥
鈥淎www, you always look so grumpy in the morning. So I thought you would get nice and energized by a surprise! Did it work? Huh Huh Huh?鈥 He鈥檚 only been in your house for a day. How would they even know that?
鈥淚t sure did鈥omething. Would you mind leaving my bathroom? I need to get changed.鈥
鈥淥kay! But don鈥檛 take too long. Me and Gregory are going to make paper puppets!鈥 Stepping around you with ease, Sun unlocks the door and skips down the hallway.
You were starting to regret letting them stay at your house. The Pizza Plex was getting fumigated the week of the animatronics' scheduled maintenance. Your boss thought they could save a quick buck by asking you to just bring them home. Well, it鈥檚 more work than someone would鈥檝e guessed. It hasn鈥檛 even been 24 hours and they鈥檝e already caused so much havoc. And their portable chargers that make you turn off every outlet in your house just for them to turn on. But you couldn鈥檛 complain too much. They were like a weird robotic family.
Quickly changing out of your nightwear, you walk into the kitchen. The fridge door is wide open and halfway in it is Chica. The sounds of clinking jars and tupperware being pushed around fill the air. Just a few feet away from her is Gregory. He鈥檚 sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal.
鈥淗ey, Greg. You could鈥檝e woken me up. I would have made you some breakfast. That鈥檚 like your 5th bowl this week.鈥 Ever since he was found hiding away in the Pizza Plex, Gregory has been staying at your place. It鈥檚 almost like an unofficial adoption.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 want to wake you up just for something to eat.鈥 Aw, that鈥檚 sweet of him. But also a little sad. 鈥淚 can tell you need more sleep from those circles under your eyes.鈥 You half-heartedly ruffle his hair at the comment.
鈥淲ell Gregory, you live here too. Don鈥檛 be shy to ask me for something- Chica that is raw meat!鈥 You pry the package out of her hands. Over half of it was gone. 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 just eat random stuff in my fridge. I needed this for dinner.鈥
鈥淚f they didn鈥檛 want it eaten, they shouldn鈥檛 make it look so yummy!鈥 Nudging her away from the fridge, you shut its door.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e banned from the fridge. Please, stop eating my groceries.鈥
鈥淗ey! There鈥檚 my favorite sleepy technician! Did you get enough sleep?鈥 A large, green arm is slung over your shoulder. Monty only spoke like that when he wanted something.
鈥淲hat do you want Monty?鈥 Pulling away from his hold, you start up your coffee maker. If you were going to be up you needed some caffeine.
The robotic gator let out an offended gasp. 鈥淲hy would I want something? Can鈥檛 I just compliment you? Geez!鈥 He could tell by your face that you weren鈥檛 buying it. 鈥...I told Fazbear that I could beat him in any game, but we can鈥檛 remember how to turn your TV on.鈥
Pouring coffee into a mug, you take a long sip before walking to the doorway. 鈥淎lright, I鈥檒l show you one last time. But if you forget you鈥檙e on your own.鈥 The second you walk out, Chica dives straight into your pantry.
In the living room, Sun is sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table. He鈥檚 sorting multiple sheets of construction paper by color. They were practically vibrating with excitement. This was the first time Gregory actively sought out their company. Behind him was Freddy sitting on the couch. Due to his big stature, his knees are awkwardly close to his torso. The bear visibly perks up upon noticing you.
鈥淕ood Morning! I hope we didn鈥檛 wake you up. Did you sleep well?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine Freddy. It鈥檚 nice to be up early鈥ometimes. I slept well, thank you for asking.鈥 That was a lie. Everyone was up late into the night, exploring every inch of your home. With the sounds of their heavy footsteps, it was hard to get any sleep.
You set your mug down, Sun is quick to put it on a coaster, and pick up your TV remote. 鈥淪o this button turns it on. After that, you gotta click this button a few times for it to connect to my console.鈥
鈥淧SH! I knew that. I was just testing to make sure you knew that.鈥 Monty exclaims, too embarrassed to admit he forgot something as simple as that.
鈥淭hank you, Superstar! Now, which game should we play Monty?鈥 The two bandmates begin to discuss the games in your selection. After some banter, they decide on some fighting game you don鈥檛 remember getting.
Grabbing your mug, you take a seat next to Sun. With another sip of your coffee, you begin to watch their fight go down. You guess it wasn鈥檛 all bad to have the animatronics around.
Though, it was gonna be hard to get them to leave.
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prince-les a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hey did you hear about the new cute technician that works in the Pizzaplex?
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sickly-sweet-imagines 6 months ago
Absolutely you can- I am in love with Sun and Moon this entire games cast owns my ass
鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥
He鈥檚 so, so excitable
He鈥檒l also pick you up a lot- he picks up kids in the daycare to put them somewhere safe if something happens so it鈥檚 an instinct thing
He鈥檇 carry you while he skips around the Pizzaplex if you let him
Since he鈥檚 designed to keep kids focused on him as a safety precaution, he is very good at keeping you occupied and paying attention to him
Oh you鈥檙e a security guard trying to get work done? Now you鈥檙e sitting with Sun in one of the play structures hanging out
You don鈥檛 even realize how much time has passed half the time
After talking to him for a while you check your watch and your shift is almost over
He鈥檚 also big on gift giving, especially homemade stuff
He works with the kids on arts and crafts a lot so he sort of naturally got big into giving homemade gifts
If you stumble (or worse, fall) inside the daycare he gets so worried about you, even if you aren鈥檛 hurt
It鈥檚 the caring, daycare attendant part of him that always wants to make sure you鈥檙e okay
Let him put a bandaid on your scrapes or he鈥檒l keep giving it concerned eyes
Also, he鈥檚 very much a tickler
When he sees your flashlight swing across the ball pit he鈥檒l pop out and if he can get you in his arms he will tickle you
NSFW Under the cut!
His bouncy, high energy nature doesn鈥檛 go away when you鈥檙e intimate with each other
He has some of the fastest thrusts of any animatronic in the Pizzaplex
Very verbal, too
Lots of praise and talking and moans
Sometimes his voicebox will almost sound like a violin with how excited he gets
If you aren鈥檛 careful he will still absolutely tickle you in the middle of thrusting into you
He gets very giddy listening to you laugh and listening to you moan so he will do all he can to get those noises out of you
Very giving top
He will not let you top him, which is really the only thing that shows how dominant he is since he鈥檚 always so lighthearted and giggly
Despite how much he loves being inside you his biggest goal is making you feel good so he鈥檒l put all that high energy into overstimming you with his hands (or mouth)
He鈥檚 also very聽easy to work up
You can run your hand down his chest and his giggles glitch a little with how horny it gets him
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bones-of-a-rabbit 2 months ago
Tumblr media
tfw bae wears ur merch
this is entirely self indulgent so I鈥檓 apologize in advance but. After a rough nite I thought I could treat myself to a lil expansion on that one scene in my fic lol
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mytheoristavenue 5 months ago
FNAF Security Breach Sunny Drop x Reader 馃崑 - Trouble
WARNING: This fiction involes sexual content involving Sunnydop from Security Breach. If this makes you uncomfortable for any reason, please resign to to one of the many other, lighter works on this, or any other site.
Tumblr media
TW: Sexual content
Contains: Praise, begging, mutal
You had been recuited at the PizzaPlex a few months ago, after having been referred by a family friend that had connections with someone higher up. You worked four days a week, and two nights a week, and since you were in your third year of university, you worked out tht, two days a week you would pull double shifts, in order to have more free time. Your primary job was performing as a character in the Daycare - a nurse. Your job was created after parent many complaints about uncared for injuries to their children. You got paid to wear a nurse鈥檚 costume and apply Freddy Fazbear bandaids to skinned knees. Your night shift role was entirely different, however. After finding that you were well on your way to receiving your master鈥檚 degree in electrical engineering, your maanger commissioned you to run upkeep on the lighting system in the Daycare, as well as install a new one that could use an alternative charging source, as opposed to electricity. This would keep the Daycare well lit in the event of a black out.
You huffed, slipping out of the employee locker room after having changed form your costume to your night uniform- a jumpsuit with a tank top underneathe. You tighted the sleeves around your waist, it always was too hot up near the ceiling to wear the jumpsuit right. You clicked your toolbelt around your hips as you made your way back to the Daycare, sliding down into the central play area once you鈥檇 arrived. You smiled as the slide spit you out into the ball pit at the bottom of it, seeing a firmiliar pair of puffy striped pants.
鈥淲ell hello there, Nurse (Y/N)! You鈥檙e sure up late, come back to have a slumber party with me?鈥 Sunny asked with a giggle as he followed you as you waded to the side of the pit, before you both climbed out. You giggled back at his child-like navity.
鈥淣o, Sunny. I鈥檝e gotta do my job.鈥 He cocked his head behind you as you made your way to the nearest play structure. Looking up the height of it toward the light fixture attached at the top, you adjusted your tool belt, and flicked on your torch, before bringing it to your lips and wrapping your delicate jaws around the painfully oversized barrel. Something about watching you assend the structure, your pretty lips clenched around the end of the flashlight made Sunny鈥檚 circits fire off in patterns he couldn鈥檛 recognise. He was so used to this meaning there was something he needed to do, like clean up a spill or comfort a crying child, but he had no objectives right now. For what felt like the first time, Sunny felt as if he had nothing to say. Unsually, was talkitive to horrendously self aware degree, but when he was in your presence, he didn鈥檛 feel the need to speak and share his thoughts with you. He felt like you somehow already knew them before he did, and that it鈥檇 be a mistake to muddle himself with his own thoughts, when he knew you had so many to offer. He鈥檇 never skip out of a chance to hear you speak. You were such an intellectual, and so kind with the children. He adored you.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 he asked up to you, prompting you to turn back towards him, almost losing your footing. As if acting on instint, Sunny darted for the wall you鈥檇 climbed up to catch you if you fell. Luckily you didn鈥檛.
鈥淛eez, Sunny! You scared me!鈥 You chuckled nervously, turning back to your work, bringing a tool he didn鈥檛 recognize up to the light to perform an action he couldn鈥檛 see. 鈥淚鈥檓 running a diagnostic on the upgrades that I made on this light a few nights ago.鈥 Sunny took in the information and disgaurded it, deciding it was unimportant.
鈥淚 am in pain.鈥 His voice was uncharitaristally monotone and numb, lacking in joy, excitedment, or anxiety like it wourmally would be in high supply of. This pronounced, it wasn鈥檛 the tone that alarmed you, causing your heart to drop though your feet and to the ball pit below. It was the words themselves. Cautiously, with a disturbed expression, you turned your head and craned it to look down on him.
鈥淏-But, Sunny...you can鈥檛 feel pain you鈥檙e not-鈥
鈥淚 am in pain, you鈥檙e a nurse. Heal me.鈥 This time his tone had managed to catch your attention. it was almost demanding. Sunny was always so passive, you鈥檇 never heard him so adament.
鈥淚鈥檓 actually more of a mechanic-鈥
鈥淭hen get down here and do your job, (Y/N). Fix me.鈥 This time Sunny鈥檚 tone was harsh and snappy, promting you to begin your decent to him.
鈥淥kay, okay.鈥 As you touched down on the ground. It wasn鈥檛 until now you鈥檇 noticed, his eyes had fallen black, rather than the luminous ivory they typically held. Slowly, you approached him, before guiding him to sit down on a nearby bench. Cautiously, never letting your eyes leave his, in fear he may attack you, you settled yourself on the floor between his legs. Sitting up on your knees, you gently removed his breast plate to investigate this so called 鈥榩ain鈥. You鈥檙e eyes kept a constant flicker form your task at hand and his face, not fully trusting him at the moment. Inspecting his endoskeleton, and the ciritry you would call his heart you glanced back up at him. 鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing wrong...that I can see anyways.鈥
鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 hurt there.鈥 he said simply, staring down at you, his eyes still as dark as the night. 鈥淚t hurts here.鈥 He said quietly, taking your hand from the ground and placign it in his lap. Your cheecks heated up and flashed a burning red as you hastily withdrew your hand. Surely your mind was just in the gutter. Surely there was just a connection issue between his legs and torso, creating what he thought was pain?
鈥淲-well, I鈥檇 have to pull your pants down a bit to check the connections behind your pelvic plate...are you okay with that?鈥 He nodded a bit, giving you permission as you gently began to shimmy with waistband further and futher away from his hips, blushing deeper and deeper as you made progress. Finally, you had managed to scrunch Sunny鈥檚 pants down to his thighs, and you were releived to find that there was nothing there but smooth plastic. Part of you felt unclean for even enteraining the thought that Sunny may have been endowed, but you did your best to push your shame away, knowing that he was program to detect negitive emotion. Focusing back on your work, you found a small button toward the south end of his pevlic plate, and assuming it would release the lock to it, you pressed it.
A robotic sigh slipped into the air as a telescopic pole with a rounded end released from where the button had been. Glancing back up at Sunny鈥檚 face, dumbfounded, you found his head hanging low, as if exhausted, and his glowing white ocular brilliance had restored itself. 鈥淚-It doesn鈥檛 hurt anymore...鈥 he whispered, breathlessly, not that he needed air to function. You settled your attention back to the new appendage to determine what it could have been until realization set on the horizions. Who the fuck builds a childcare robot to be anatomically correct?!
Glancing back up to Sunny鈥檚 face, me met your gaze, his expression vunerable. 鈥淒o you want my to fi you, Sunny? I can make you feel better.鈥 You whispered, feeling your wits slip away by the second. 鈥淚 want to make you feel better.鈥 With his gentle nod of consent, you gingerly took your hands around the base of what you would consider his cock, looking him dead in the eyes before you began pumping against his hard plastic surface. Sunny wasted no time in giving you the reaction you craved, giving loud moans to the stale air.
鈥淵ou sound so pretty when you moan, Sunny, especially at just the slightest touch.鈥 You cooed, soothingly. 鈥淐an you moan just a little bit louder for me, baby?鈥 Sunny did as you asked, your wish being his command, and released near screams into the atmosphere. 鈥淥h, yeah, you鈥檙e doing so, so good.鈥 Slowly, between praises and pumps, you worked your faces closer and closer to his rounded tip, teasingly parting your lips as he watched you. 鈥淗ow about I give you something to really scream about? Would you like that, baby?鈥
Sunny nodded shyly. 鈥淵-Yes please, (Y/N).鈥 Gently, with his consent, you wrapped your pretty lips around the tip of his cock, sensually kissing it and bathing it in a proper amount of saliva. Once you were sure his shaft would be slick enough, you slid him deeper into your mouth, basking in the sweet noises he made as a result. You gingerly guided his two hands to the back of your head, promoting him to take a bit of lead. Slowly, he firmiliarized himself with what he should do and he lightly grasped your hair, forcing your head to bob on his cock. Just as he鈥檇 managed to gain some confidnce, the front enterance to the Daycare slammed open, the slam echoing down to where you two sat in full veiw below.
鈥(Y/N)!鈥 a harsh female voice rang out, coupled with a few frantic passes of a spot light. 鈥淎re you in here? You鈥檙e an hour overtime, ya know? You better get your shit and get out of here!鈥
A wicked grin grew on your lips as you let Sunny鈥檚 cock slip out of your mouth, before whsipering to him. 鈥淭ell her I鈥檓 not here while I suck you off.鈥
鈥淲-What?!鈥 he whispered back 鈥淚 can鈥檛 do that!鈥 You gave him a sinful lick, from the base of his shaft to his tip, giving enough insentive to follow your orders.
鈥淧lease, Sunshine?鈥
Panicked, he finally spoke up. 鈥淯-Uh, no! She鈥檚 not here! Check somewhere else!鈥 He shouted back to Vanessa from the floor of the Daycare before looking back down and whispering to you. 鈥淵-You鈥檙e gonna get us in trouble!鈥 You simply gave a loud slurp as a response, hoping he鈥檇 take matters into his own hands. 鈥淪hh! She鈥檚 gonna hear you!鈥 With perfect eye contact, you his obstruction fall free from your air ways, and spread a wicked grin across your lips.
鈥淥h, god, Sunny! Fuck me harder, baby!鈥 you moaned as loud and as dramatically as you possibly could, stressing him further.
鈥淲hat the hell was that?鈥 Vanessa screamed, her footsteps getting closer and closer to the plxiglass barrier that would lead to your capture.
鈥淲hat are you doing, (Y/N)! Please hush-鈥 he pleaded with you to no avail before turning his attention back to Vanessa, attempting to talk over you. 鈥淥h! It sounded like it came from the lobby! You should check there!鈥 Nothing he could think to do would quiet you down and the pressure was starting to eat at him as he continued to tear between what you were doing to him and keeping the secutiy gaurd upstairs. Finally, hoping to silence your mocking, he grunted, roughly grabbed your cheeks in his hands, and finally force fed you his cock, releived and excited to hear you softly gagging.
鈥淲ell, you better tell me if you see her! I鈥檓 going to go check in with Freddy.鈥 Finally, Vanessa was taking her leave and he could focus on you.
鈥淵ou little rule breaker...鈥 he whispered, suprisingly softly, withdrawling himself from you and rising to stand over you. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e been such a good girl, why act out now?鈥
You smiled up at him and batted your lashes a bit. 鈥淔or your attention.鈥
鈥淲ell, now you have it. Can you be good for me, Sunshine?鈥 he asked, reaching down and scooping you into his arms. You blushed a bit, relaizing he鈥檇 stolen your nickname for him, though you thought it sounded much better in his voice.
Before you could grasp what was happening, Sunny had scooped you up into his arms, carrying you away from the play area and over the the security desk, setting you down on it.聽鈥淩ule breakers get punished, Sunshine.鈥 You smirked defiantly, sticking your tongue out at him.聽
鈥淲hat are you gonna do? Tickle me to death? Pour gitter glue in my hair?鈥
鈥淣o,鈥 He began, pushing you down against the cold desk, before his plastic fingers began to roam your body, in an effort to disroabe you.聽鈥淚鈥檓 gonna teach you how to follow directions.鈥 Finally, he managed to unzip your jumpsuit and tear it off your legs, before rolling your tank top and sports braw up to your collar bone, leaving you bare with soaked panties.聽鈥淣ow, I don鈥檛 like negitive reienforcements, so how about, a reward system?鈥
鈥淪unny, w-what do you mean?鈥
鈥淓verytime you do what I ask, I鈥檒l give you something that you want.鈥 Sunny grinned, spreading your thighs ad rhythmically tapping his finger son the insides of them.聽鈥淟et鈥檚 start out simple. Touch yourself for me.鈥
You began to feel shame cover you like a blanket. You no longer felt the same confidence that allowed you to proposition Sunny. You now felt shy and vuleranble. Slowly, and hesitently, you reached down toward your crotch, and gently began to rub yourself.聽鈥淕ood job, Sunshine. You鈥檙e such a good girl.鈥 he praised with a small giggle.聽鈥淣ow I can reward you.鈥
Sunny began to painfully slowly lower himself to a crouch, snaking his arms around your thighs. With a dark chuckle, Sunny mad sure you could see his face as the sculpted plate that displated his teeth shifted to the right, creating a gap. Slowly, a whiry tendril slithered it鈥檚 way out of the gap to flick your pivate area. Slipping past your underwear, the new appendedge easily burried itself into your core, filling your cavern up like you鈥檇 never felt before.
鈥淥h, God, Sunny!鈥 You sighed loudly, lettign your head fall back. You heard him chuckle again as the mass inside you began to push into you further, before pulling back out. This this rthyme continue for a few minutes before Sunny could come up with another command. Snaking his arm acorss your body, he prodded your lips with the tips of his left index and middle fingers.聽
鈥淪uck, Sunshine.鈥 Without hesitation, your lips parted and your tongue began to swirl around his plastic fingers. After a minute or so, you wrapped your lips around them and added suction to your action.聽鈥淥h, baby, that鈥檚 perfect. See how good you are?鈥 Much to your dismay, Sunny鈥檚 tongue began to slip out of you, leaving you feeling empy inside. However, you were delighted to feel his could fingers enter you as he reposition himself to bring his face close to you.聽鈥淥pen your mouth, Sunshine.鈥澛
As you obeyed his command, his tongue shoved pasted your lips, sliding down your thoat. Saliva dripped down yourchin as you struggled to suck on his tongue. Fortunately, you rather enjoyed choking on his parts.
Within minutes, Sunny withdrew himself from all of your orafaces, before hovering over you.聽鈥淭here, see following directions isn鈥檛 so hard, is it?鈥澛
鈥淣ow, are you going to play nice with me, Sunshine?鈥
鈥淕ood girl. Now hop down for me.鈥 Shyly, you did as Sunny asked, sliding off the edge of the desk, stading there, vulerable and at his discression. Suddenly, you felt his arms around your waist again, hoisting you back up to the table, but laying you on your stumach this time, with your legs dangling just a few inches off the ground. You gasped as your breasts make contact with the cold glass surface. Sunny slid your underwear down, letting uncomfortably cold air brush against your most sensitive areas. Behind you, Sunny readied himself, gripping your hips, and lining himself up woth his target. Like a key hitting a lock, he inserted himself into your core, leaving you no choice but to scream out. You had intended to shout his name, but words never fully formed, only jumbled moans and sylalbes reaching the air.聽
鈥淎hhh, Sunshine...鈥 he moaned behind you.聽鈥淵ou feel amazing.鈥
All you could muster was a scream as he began to pump into you at a terribly slow speed. You felt burning in your face, the cold glass doing nothing to cool it. Gradually, Sunny鈥檚 pace began to quicken, as per your request.聽
鈥淎h, S-Sunny...faster please...鈥 Your begging sounded pitiful and it embarrassed you a bit, but it was music to Sunny鈥檚 ears.聽
鈥淵-You got it, Sunshine!鈥 His grip tighted on your lovehandles as he thrusted into you at a intermediate speed. As nice as it was, it was so difficult for him not to go completely wild.聽鈥淥h, you take me so well, baby!鈥 Sunny could hel but shower you with praise. Honestly, he wasn鈥檛 programmed for disipline, so being able to praise you like this really put him in his element. After a while, you had gotten used to his current pace, and decided you were ready for whatever Sunny had to offer.
鈥淪-Sun...give me all you got.鈥 you mumbled, your cheek squished against the tabletop.聽
鈥淟ight, are you sure? I don鈥檛 want to hurt you.鈥
鈥淧-Please, Sunny? I promise I鈥檒l be good.鈥 Something about what you鈥檇 said made his circits fire off in uncontrolable patterns. Suddenly, he gripped your hips as hard as he could, promptly fully burrying himself into your core, sitting still for a moment. After you had adjusted to his full length, and rode out your initual wave of pleasure, Sunny began a rough, and swift thrust pattern, whining loudly, and in tune with your own sweet sounds.聽
It wasn鈥檛 buy a few minutes before you began to feel yourself beginning to become undone.聽鈥淥h, fuck, Sunny! I-I鈥檓 gonna- I鈥檓 gonna cum!鈥 In all honesty, Sun wasn鈥檛 one hundred percent sure what it meant to cum, but he thought he may have a good idea.聽
鈥淒-Do what ever you n-need to, Sunshine.鈥
Your body took his words as permission to release the knot of pleasure that had tied itself in the pit of your stomach.聽鈥淥h, God, Sunny, I鈥檓 cumming, I鈥檓 cumming!鈥
鈥淐-Cum for me, Sunshine.鈥 At his command, the knot in your stomach unfurled itself, releasing the stongest wave of pleasure you鈥檝e ever exprirenced, and dripping warm liquid down his shaft.聽
Shortly there after, Sunny began to twitch, feeling as if he was no longer in control of his limbs. His hips聽 trembled and twitched as he continued to thrust into you, much more sloppily now, and not near as fast. Electrical pulses began to trail from his brain to his shaft and then down to his tip, giving you small, but wonderful shocks, accompanied by the sweet music that his pleasure made.聽Sunny came to a loud, non-verbal end, shouting out exaggerated groans as his thrusts began to trickle to a stop.
You felt Sun鈥檚 arms envlope you as he began to collape aginst your back, breathless. As much as you enjoyed cuddling with him, he was beginning to crush you, so you gently nudged him.聽
鈥淪orry, Sunshine, I鈥檓 all tuckered out.鈥 He chuckled, lifting himself off you, and helping you up.聽鈥淟et鈥檚 just have a a slumber party, okay?鈥 He asked, exhausted, pulling you up the聽 stairs, toward his little stage.聽鈥淭here鈥檚 a comfy spot up here where we can rest.鈥
鈥淲hat about Vanessa?鈥 you asked, slightly nervous聽 about staying all night.
鈥淪he doesn鈥檛 have a key to my stage, and there isn鈥檛 a camera in there, since it鈥檚 small. You鈥檒l be safe with me, Sunshine.鈥 Finally making it up the staircase to his podeum, Sunny drew back the curtains to reveal a small area, filled with pillows, just big enough for the two of you, with a long cord pulled into the wall on one side. Sunny wasted no time settling in, plugging the cord into his back. He noticed your hesitation.聽鈥淲hat鈥檚 the matter, Sunshine?鈥
鈥淚-It鈥檚 just kinda dark in here...what about-?鈥
鈥淢oon?鈥 You nodded, shyly. He smiled and reached out for your hand, stroking his thumb across your knuckles.聽鈥淒arling, we both love you. Neither of us would ever hurt you. I promise.鈥
鈥淥-Okay...I love you both too...鈥 Reassured, you sat down and snuggled into Sunny鈥檚 side as he drew the curtains to a close.
鈥淕oodnight.鈥 you whispered sweetly, a yawn on the horions.
鈥淕oodnight, my Shooting Star...鈥
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risingsol3il 6 months ago
daddy鈥檚 slut.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a montgomery gator one-shot smut. rockstar/band au.
gn!reader . nsfw content , read with discretion
cw ; rough sex, (semi)public sex
a/n ; this stemmed from all the monty thirst on tiktok, i have no regrets. also, a little pwp? i鈥檝e no idea, but i know you simps will take it regardless.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鈥榓h, geez. am i really doing this?鈥 you ask yourself mentally, hands running through your hair for the nth time. currently, you were waiting at the venue of the glamrock鈥檚 next concert with a couple of friends who are what you can call鈥 groupies. they had roped you into joining their next search for some rockstar fuck鈥攖heir words, not yours鈥攁nd here you were. 鈥榰gh鈥 don鈥檛 get me wrong, i鈥檇 love some dick tonight but fuck. why am i so nervous?鈥 you look over at the duo, completely excited to get their freak on. really, when did you even get friends like these?
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 however, your thoughts was derailed from its track when the familiar bus of the band started to pull up. on the wide sides of the bus, the faces of the stars were planted. freddy, chica, roxanne, and鈥 montgomery. you gulped and prepped yourself, trying to remember what your friends had taught you during the 2鈥揾our drive. 鈥榙on鈥檛 be desperate, look fuckable and uhh鈥 wait, i think that鈥檚 all?鈥 you huffed and tugged on your tight top, exposing more skin to catch the attention of a certain pink鈥揺yed guitarist.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鈥済et ready, darlings. if this goes well, we鈥檇 be getting fucked tonight.鈥 the oldest one of your trio stated, smirking at the two of you. the youngest, though legal in age, bounced excitedly. 鈥渋 wanna get roxanne鈥攊 bet she鈥檚 pretty wild in bed. what about you, y/n?鈥 they turned to you, awaiting your response. you were about to give one when the bus doors opened and the four superstars proceeded to walk out, taking you by awe. they were all dressed nicely, but montgomery鈥檚 bare chest nearly made you salivate. 鈥渉mm, i think that answers our question.鈥 your oldest friend teased, making your face heat up.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鈥渙h, shut up. i鈥檓 just鈥 awed, that鈥檚 all.鈥 you made an excuse, though it wasn鈥檛 far from the truth. but your admiration was cut short when both of your friends began to rush after the band members. you followed right away, heading straight to your 鈥榲ictim鈥. wow鈥 he was surely taller in person.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鈥渉ello there, handsome.鈥 you started, puffing your chest out confidently. this seemed to get his attention as his animatronic tail began swishing. he turned around to look at you, eyebrow cocking upward as he assessed you with predatory eyes. 鈥渄鈥檡a need anything, toots?鈥 he responded, his husky voice sending chills up your spine and excitement down to your core. you licked your lips and bit it briefly, giving him the doe eyes that your friends advised you to learn. 鈥渙h, i just wanted to tell you how big of a fan i am! you鈥檙e so talented and attractive while playing your guitar鈥攊 wonder where else your hands are talented in.鈥 you gushed, saying the last part as if you were unaware of its lewd meaning.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 the guitarist looked down at your small stature, moving closer and leaning down slightly. 鈥測ou鈥檙e adorably innocent, hm? are you even aware of what you meant by then?鈥 he questioned you, his warm breath fanning against your face. if you had been a normal concert goer, you would鈥檝e fainted on the spot. however, you kept your calm and tilted your head to the side. 鈥渉m, why? i was just wondering what else your hands can do!鈥 you continued to act coyly, giving the taller man a grin. he smirked and looked around to make sure no one was watching, leaning further to whisper in your ear. 鈥渋鈥檒l meet you backstage after the concert, then i'll show you what these hands can do.鈥 and with those final words, he pulled back and walked back to the stage to practice.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鈥 holy shit.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 soon, you met back with your friends to talk about the success of the plan.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鈥渁鈥揳hah~ fuck, monty!鈥 your back arched against him as you clawed at the door, desperately looking for something to hold on. the taller man was relentless with his attacks, his length continuously slipping in and out of your wet hole. the sound of skin against skin echoed through the public restroom, but it paused for a second when the door creaked open and a group of people began walking inside. this made your eyes open wide, panic boiling in the pit of your stomach. however, monty paid no mind to this as he began to bounce you on his length.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 the pleasure fought with the panic inside you, bringing your orgasm closer to the edge. 鈥渨鈥搘ait, mont鈥 fu.. ahh..鈥 you used one hand to cover your salivating mouth, face flushed in embarrassment. here you were, fucking the famous guitarist of a band in a public area, and there were people outside鈥攜ou could get caught, and get monty in trouble. 鈥渨hat鈥檚 wrong, slut? can鈥檛 handle the embarrassment?鈥 he growled in your ear, making you shake against his arms. he scoffed and held both of your wrists with one hand, thrusting into you again.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 considering that the two of you were in one cubicle, you had to be careful to not knock on anything too hard. but with how rough his thrusts were, you nearly collapsed from the pleasure. your legs felt like jelly, but you pushed through it. 鈥渉nnrg, you feel so good~ ah, taking me in so well.鈥 he moaned against your neck, his sharp teeth digging down your skin. you were sure he has already left so many marks on you, but you didn鈥檛 care right now鈥攜our attention was on the pleasure and your upcoming orgasm. your hands clenched themselves in fists, your breathing getting more raggedy as you began whimpering softly for mercy.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鈥渄..don鈥檛 stop鈥揳hh~ monty, please. please, please鈥攐h, i鈥檓 so close.鈥 you moaned out, silently praying for the people in the restroom to get out. and as if whoever was above heard you, their footsteps began to descend out of the door before one final shut. the guitarist seemed to take note of this as he started to move faster and harder, pushing his whole length deeply in you. your eyes widened as you let out something akin to a scream, your orgasm tumbling over as your legs quivered. the man behind you laughed and stood up from the closed lid of the toilet, pushing you against the locked door.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鈥測ou鈥檙e a disobedient slut, aren鈥檛 ya? did daddy tell you that you can cum yet? i haven鈥檛, hm?鈥 he pulled your hair and forced you to look at him, his pink eyes seemingly glowing in the dark. despite this, his thrusts continued. your legs nearly gave way, but monty鈥檚 hands kept you in place鈥攜our hands were free, and were back to clawing on the door. 鈥渋鈥搃鈥檓 so sorry, d鈥hhah~ daddy, please! i鈥檓 so鈥搒o.. hhnn~鈥 your eyes rolled back, feeling sloppy kisses landing on your exposed neck. you shuddered and reached down to touch yourself, your breath coming in short bursts.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鈥測..yeah? you鈥檙e close? fuck鈥 ah, touching yourself like the slut you are? mnn, you鈥檙e really daddy鈥檚 slut.鈥 he groaned and gripped on your hips tighter, his sharp nails digging down your skin. 鈥渇uck, yeah. go on, cum for me.鈥 his commanding tone sent more excitement down to your core as you spilled all over your hand, expecting him to finish as well. however, he kept thrusting for a few more, making your sensitive core spill over again. and soon, his warm seed began spilling inside of you, making you gasp in surprise.
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 he stayed inside for a few seconds, riding off both of your highs before he pulled out. his eyes were half鈥搇idded, watching you slump against him. 鈥渄addy鈥檚 pretty slut~鈥
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i-write-abt-a-buncha-stuff 6 months ago
Glamrocks+Sun and Moon with an S/O who loves to sing!
-He ADORES your voice.
-He is your personal hypeman.
-Sing one of his songs and he鈥檒l melt.
-He鈥檒l keep mental notes of all the songs you sing or hum around the 鈥榩lex so he can learn them and sing with you!
-Duets are his favorite!
-He鈥檒l show you off to everyone!
-Gregory also likes to hear you sing whenever he鈥檚 around.
-He told Freddy this, and now the teddy bear uses that as an excuse to hear you.
-She loves when you sing while she plays her guitar!
-She asked you what your favorite songs are, and learned to play each of them!
-She鈥檚 not shy about loving your voice, she鈥檒l up and ask you to sing at any given moment throughout the day/night.
-She鈥檚 not much of a singer, but she eventually warms up to humming along with you.
-She loves getting to listen to you after her performances.
-She also shows you off, but to a much higher scale.
-Anytime the two of you are together around the others, she gushes over you.
-鈥淵ou have to hear them sing! Come on, sweetpea, sing that one song!鈥
-Your voice is the only thing that calms him down post-performance.
-He could be going straight brazy in his room and the second he sees you, he鈥檚 immediately stopped.
-He鈥檒l eventually start waiting for you in his room, knowing you鈥檒l be there to lull him back to his calm state.
-Though, depending on what you sing, he might just continue going off.
-If you have the ability to scream, (like metal lmao I鈥檓 sorry) he鈥檒l be putty in your hands.
-He doesn鈥檛 sing. Never.
-But he鈥檒l knock out a beat on a wall or table whenever you sing. (I HC that he was programmed to be a drummer before becoming the bassist for the Glams)
-Biggest hypeman in the lineup.
-鈥淔uck yeah! That鈥檚 my baby!鈥
-Somehow, hearing other people praise your voice inflates his ego, too.
-鈥淒amn right! My rockstar sound like an angel, don鈥檛 they?!鈥
-You didn鈥檛 even realize it the first time you sang around her, but she cried.
-She loves you so much, even if she鈥檚 not the best at showing it.
-If you sing to cheer her up when she鈥檚 feeling down about herself, she鈥檒l be attached to you for the rest of your life.
-The least likely to show you off, only because she believes that she鈥檚 the only one who deserves to hear you sing.
-She will brag about you though.
-鈥淥h, you heard singing from my room last night? Yeah that鈥檚 just my amazing partner, hope you aren鈥檛 too jealous!鈥
-She will hum with you, and sometimes will sing with you.
-Honestly, she鈥檚 just obsessed with you, and your voice.
-He鈥檒l beg you to sing for him at all hours of the day/night.
-If you鈥檙e around during the day, he鈥檒l ask you to sing for the kids.
-Of course, the kids love you so much.
-鈥淵/N! Y/N! Can you sing Let It Go again?鈥
-Of course, Sun gets easily distracted by your voice.
-He has to force himself to focus on the kids whenever he happens to hear your soft voice echoing throughout the Daycare.
-He wishes he could just sit and listen to you forever.
-He feels bad whenever you get a sore throat, especially since he鈥檚 the one who urges you to sing so much.
-But when you reassure him that it鈥檚 okay, he鈥檒l be elated.
-He鈥檒l be back to begging for your singing the moment you say you can.
-Like Monty, your voice is the only thing that calms him when he鈥檚 erratic.
-He loves watching you lull the kids to sleep, and occasionally finds himself drifting off as well.
-He鈥檚 entranced every time you open your mouth.
-The only time you鈥檝e ever heard him sing was one night, when one child wasn鈥檛 able to sleep.
-The young girl was used to hearing you sing her to sleep, and unfortunately, you weren鈥檛 there at the time.
-Moon stressed himself out, desperately trying to calm the girl.
-When he finally realized it was the singing she was missing, he softly hummed the same song you鈥檇 always sing to the kids.
-When humming didn鈥檛 work, he nervously sang the song, his voice warbling ever so slightly.
-You walked in right as he began.
-You sang along with him, and the girl happily clapped along.
-Moon refuses to acknowledge it, but you saw the big smile, and gentle eyes he had in that moment.
Hoo-wee! I thought this was cute, and I hope y鈥檃ll like it! If you have anything specific you want to see, feel free to send requests! I love you all, have a wonderful day!馃挄
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