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hellacreeps · 2 days ago
Oof. So the vest pieces are all cut out and stay stitched so now I'm starting on the gold embroidery, which I'm faking by using a loosely crocheted gold trim applique. I tried pinning it down in the curvy shape that the real John Hancock's waistcoat has, but it was a real pain in the ass so I think I'm just gonna do it this way and call it a hybrid of the real-world complexity and the in-game version which just has a narrow yellow edge that looks like piping.
Mixed feelings. Suggestions welcomed.
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artistsoftheapocalypse · 18 hours ago
1. Payne and Hancock
2. Romantic
3. Kicking up dried leaves
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[ Sketched by @bexatomarama ]
Crunching leaves and causing chaos.
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digitalduckie · 13 hours ago
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Tumblr media
The ornaments we added to our Fallout Christmas tree in tonight's stream: A Dogmeat tree topper and a Benny Gecko in a Christmas suit!
And we raised another $40 for St Jude’s tonight! That puts us only $20 away from our first milestone: streaming in cosplay~
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artbytesslyn · a day ago
New chapter of the Cait/Piper thing for anybody interested! Chapter 10 Summary: Piper and Cait cook a meal together. Cait completes a circle.
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mars-colony · 2 days ago
It’s wip Wednesday, my dudes!
I miss Valentine, so here’s some Dad Valentine from the next chapter of Keep Close:
“You sweet on someone, Dolls?” Nick asked around his cigarette.
Dollie laughed at his tone. “Why, Dad Valentine doesn’t approve?”
“Well.” He huffed wryly, adjusting his suspenders. “What about Arturo?”
“What about him?” She blinked, flipping her bag open like the conversation wasn’t ruffling her feathers.
“He’s nice. His girl Nina, she likes you.”
Dollie shook her head, pulling a change of clothes from the drawer and stuffing it into the bag. This didn’t have anything to do with Arturo. Had everything to do with the soldier pacing a rut in the living room floor downstairs.
“I just mean. Well, you deserve somebody good. To be sweet on.”
She could feel the heat creeping up her neck and her stomach pirouetted with anxiety. She didn’t want his observation to be correct. She wanted to keep pretending it wasn’t there. Bury it and hope it stayed buried.
“I’ll be fine.” She assured him, tossing a box of ammo for her .44 into the bag. It jangled.
Nick patted his trench coat pockets, looking for his lighter. He was coming up empty handed. The conversation stalled through his pursuit.
Dollie gave him a soft smile, pulling the matchbook from her bedside table and lighting a match. She cupped the flame and he leaned the end of his cigarette into it appreciatively.
She was ever the dotting house wife, even though her soldier boy was gone. She hated it. What would Nate think? She didn’t have to wonder hard.
“You’re a good woman, Dolls.” Valentine patted her arm. “Just don’t want you getting hurt.”
It was so damn hard to keep her defenses up against the detective. They were cut from the same cloth. Two relics out of time.
“I’ll be alright.” She promised him, patting his metal hand on her shoulder.
He accepted this, pushing his coat back so he could reach the pocket on his dusty slacks. He checked a rusty pocket watch.
“We better hit the road if we’re going.”
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the-dansing-queen · 9 months ago
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“Spin the mobile. He loves that!”
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nukaposting · 9 months ago
you could run skyrim on nick valentine
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artistsoftheapocalypse · 20 hours ago
Yes! My favorite Sketchy Saturday (I love Shippy Saturdays, if you can't tell!) May I please get Em and Mac with Warming Up Cold Hands? I think it's #25 on your list! Thank you so very much! 💜
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[ Sketched by @kaybrandchaos ]
Warm hands, warmer heart
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ben-lyintous · 6 days ago
that moment in a video game when you're in the sewers and you're about to loot a body floating in the water but it moves slightly away from your cursor just as you press the button and all you can do is watch in horror as your character leans down and drinks
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local-gay · a year ago
roachie (despawned)
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