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♡ Cloud Keychain (Nuvenzinhas) penduricalho de tissue. #AtelierDaDadati #EVA #MimosDeEVA #BoomerangMusical #FofurinhasDeEVA #Goma #Foamy #Craft #CraftWithLove #CloudKeychain #EspiadinhaNoArtesanato #Clouds #Nuvenzinha ✂️ ☁️ 🎀 💛
Pincelzinho Rosinha lá do @temdetudospa

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♡ PINK! #AtelierDaDadati #EVA #MimosDeEVA #LoveEVA #FofurinhasDeEVA #Goma #Foamy #Craft #Eveando #CraftWithLove #RosaPink #FofuricesDeEVA #PinkColor #NomeEmEVA #MariaClara #EspiadinhaNoArtesanato ✂️💜

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05/05/20 - Otter Rock, OR - FOAMY KIND OF DAY - Every morning, our beach walk is a little bit different: today, it’s all about the sea foam and the clouds. I guess we should call it a foamy kind of day. Fits our mood. We miss Mom and hope to bring her home in a couple weeks.

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Lapicero de Jack Skellington / Jack Skellington Pencil Holder

Porta lápices de Jack Skellington de Pesadilla antes de Navidad. Hecho a mano con GomaEva.


Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington Pencil Holder. Handmade with Foamy.

Copyright © 2012-2013 Leonor Dreams. Todos los derechos reservados / All Right Reserved

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I feel you, Foamy.  

In 1999 I went to see The Haunting (remake) in the theatre.  And I wanted a small popcorn.  

“Oh, we don’t have a small anymore.”
Me: “What do you have?”  
“We have medium, large and extra large.”  
Me: “Doesn’t that mean the medium is actually the small?”  
Person: “No, it’s still medium.”  
Me: “But medium implies middle. Hence the word.”

I was sixteen or seventeen at the time.

He seemed to not understand what I was saying.  I ultimately ordered the medium but I felt dirty because if you only have three sizes that’s the f–king small. 

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