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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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13th october 2020

day 7 of @myhoneststudyblr’s studyblr community challenge!

what is your goal for your studyblr for the next few months?

super cliché but i want my posts to motivate someone. even if there’s only one person who appreciates and likes my posts, i think i’d be happy & satisfied with that.

i also want to meet new people and find out more about them. tell me what’s your favourite movie, why you have a crush on harry styles, how are you coping with life, tell me everything!!! i’m a super awkward person but if you’re looking for someone new to annoy, you can always slide in my messages 💞

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10-12•10•2020 Notes on Dante and the Empire and some nice autumnal leaves. Me and my housemates did a 5k walk for Mental Health Awareness and it was so nice. Feeling quite stressed at the moment because I have a LOT to do, but I am managing. (Spot my Pusheen mug!)

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oct. 7, 2020. a close up of my october monthly spread. a couple years ago i would have been the absolute last person to include something like an affirmation in my bullet journal, because i always looked at them and found them ‘cheesy’ or whatever, but a couple months ago i had a change of heart and downloaded an app for affirmations and added it to my phone and somehow seeing the short sentences of positivity has helped my mental health more than i’d expected - so i decided to choose one affirmation that relates to me personally and add it to my bullet journal each month

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bruises ~ lewis capaldi

am i aesthetic yet? i put up lights on my moodboard window yay :) anyways, this is probably the last update before my finals end. i’m so sorry i haven’t been updating, the last few days have just been … lazy. all i’ve wanted to do is sleep; but hey, good thing that i’m back on the productivity wagon now. one really big problem i have is waking up in the morning. i have absolutely no recollection of switching off the alarm when i wake up and i somehow end up waking up at 11am which aint good cos my exam starts at 10 :/ if y’all have any advice to help me out, i will always be grateful to you. much love <3

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hello, my name is bec, and i’m back again! i’ve tried to use this blog several times over the years, but never really posted anything, but i’m determined to try again this time! 

♡ bec, eighteen, she/her, enfj-t

♡ studying: level 3 animal management and sciences 

♡ i rly like stationery, netflix, and pretty things! 

♡ please feel free to interact w me

some blogs i love:

@ruby-learns , @tbhstudying , @studyign 

@intellectys , @focusign , @elkstudies

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hey :)

so today i had a pretty productive day. i finally finished deep cleaning my room and it’s such a good feeling to just have everything nicely organized. also i started my new bullet journal for this school year which i’m very excited about.

hope you had/ are having a great day ♡

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08.02.19 - 9/100 days of productivity

Wishing I could take more aesthetic study pics but I’ve got nothing to study!

I read Brave New World and I have to say, it’s quite… interesting?? I totally didn’t expect the ending to be that lmao. But it was really well written and I hope to read similar novels in the future!

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6/100 days of productivity

Finishing up some reading for my visual class. As displayed, my workspace/dining table is in disarray. But today was a good day—I got 100′s on two midterms that have been giving me stress for the past two weeks it took for the profs to grade ‘em. And I met up with an alum over coffee and she’s super cool and I’m gonna try my best to keep in touch!

🎶: Matthew by Shortly

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1/100 days of productivity

Oof, just finished midterms! To celebrate, I knocked out for 12 hrs and woke up to (finally) play Breath of the Wild for 5 hrs straight lol. But! To prevent a prolonged slump, I’m going to restart this challenge because lots of things need to get done. For now, I’m just finishing some short readings for my marketing class feat. a pencil I found on the ground (and the only functioning pencil I own right now, yikes).

🎶: We Had to End It by Cuco

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