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I was wondering if you do requests because if you do may we have a wedding fic between matt and age gap!reader please because I've been on my matt murdock feelings again
drunk speeches // matt murdock x age gap!reader
summary: the day you've been waiting your entire life for has finally come.
warnings: extreme fluff, drunk foggy making a speech...and making everyone cry
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you sat in the makeup chair as leanne sat by your side, and your other friends all getting dressed and starting on their own hair and makeup. you were sure that you'd all set some kind of record for largest number of hair rollers in one room.
"are you nervous? it's okay if you are." leanne asked as she glanced down and your hands that you were wiping on your robe.
"i just...what if he backs out?"
"then i back my car out over him." she shrugs, making your makeup artist snort.
"she's joking." you quickly say to them.
"she's not. but we'll pretend she is for your sake." one of your other friends said as she sat in the chair on your other side, unloading her makeup bag onto an empty space on the makeup desk in front of you.
"he's not going to back out on you. i've never seen a man so lovestruck. like ever. it's like a bad romcom, everyday." leanne groans, making you smile.
"that's so cute." the makeup artist coos as he pats the brush gently under your eyes.
"it's cute until you're sitting at brunch with them and you have to watch him get lost in her eyes."
"he can't do that, he's literally blind." you quickly comment.
"well with the way he looks at you sometimes, i'd be none the wiser." your other friend sighed, roughly patting the makeup sponge against her face.
as your friends complained about how in love matt was with you, he was anxiously twitching as foggy stood in front of him, fixing his bow tie.
"what if she walks out? what if she realized that she doesn't want to be married? i mean she's still in her twenties and i-"
"matt. shut up. i've never seen two people as in love as you two." foggy says, grabbing matt's lips and forcing them shut.
"if soulmates are real, then she's yours. and if they're not, you two are pretty damn good at convincing me that they are. " karen says sweetly, smiling softly as she stands up from the corner of the room and walking over to him, lint rolling the sleeves of his jacket.
"yeah...yeah you're right." he says, letting out a slow and shaky breath.
"you know...it's funny. usually people are nervous because they're about to commit to one person for the rest of their life. but not you." foggy chuckles.
"i've never been more sure of anything in my entire life." matt quickly says, running his nervous hands over the front of his jacket as karen pins the boutonniere to his lapel.
foggy and karen smile, sharing a glance with each other. there's a soft knock at the door before the door opens.
"oh matty, you look so handsome. just like your father." maggie coo's and she walks through the door.
"thanks, mom." matt smiles.
"she looks beautiful, you know." she smiles as she walks over to her son, smoothing out any wrinkles in his shirt or on his jacket.
matt stays silent, a tight smile on his lips.
"i wish i could see her." he says softly.
everyone in the room pauses for a moment before maggie gently smiles, grabbing her sons hands, leading him to the loveseat to sit down with him.
"she's wearing a white satin dress, it's kinda drape-y, like it came straight out of a greek mythology movie. but it's beautiful, and i couldn't imagine any other gown. and she's wearing her hair down with little blue crystals cascading down. looks like god himself put the stars there."
karen grabs foggy's hand as they watch matt's eyes start to water, a short chuckle leaving his mouth.
"her train has a piece of her mothers veil sewn into it, which is her something old. and the hair crystals belong to her maid of honor, so they're her something borrowed and something blue."
"resourceful. i like it." foggy nods his head, making everyone chuckle.
"and for her something new, a beautiful pair of pear earrings, a gift from her friends. and she looks beautiful." maggie says as she softly smooths matt's hair down.
"she's always beautiful." matt smiles through teary eyes.
"not even at the altar yet and you're crying." foggy teases as he wipes his wet cheeks.
"oh shut up, i hear your tears falling." matt smiles, taking a tissue from karen and wiping his wet eyes.
"weird." foggy mumbles, making everyone laugh.
there's a short pause before the bell in the church rings.
"it's time." maggie smiles, standing up from the couch and holding her hand out to her son.
"are you ready?
"more than ever." matt smiles, taking her arm and walking towards the doors of the church.
he met y/n's bridesmaids at the door and when the doors opened, he heard everyone turning towards them as each pair walked down the aisle, then he followed afterwards with his mother. when he reached the alter and his mother went to take her seat, he heard her gasp softly.
"what? what is it?" he whispers back at foggy.
there's short pause as foggy and karen smile widely.
"y/n saved a seat for your dad."
matt swore he could feel his heart thump out of his chest as it swells. but before he could say anything, the soft music began and he could hear everyone rise out of their seats and the doors open and the soft gasps.
"she is beautiful, matt. you lucky bastard." foggy says, making matt smile.
he couldn't see you, but he didn't need to. he knew you were beautiful. and he knew he was the luckiest man in the world to have you walking down the aisle to meet him, of all people. foggy tapped his arm, signaling that you had made your way to him, and he reached his arm out, shaking hands with your father and hugging your mother before taking your soft hands in his. cradling them so gently as if they could break at any moment.
the tears had started to fall down your face and the priest hadn't even gotten to the vows yet. after some deliberation, you and matt and decided to keep your written vows to yourselves, and during the ceremony, you'd go with traditional catholic vows. the priest had turned slightly towards matt, asking him to repeat the vows.
"i, matthew murdock, take you, y/n y/l/n, to be my lawfully wedded wife. to have and to hold from this day forwards. for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. receive this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." he says through his tears as he slides the ring onto your finger.
"i, y/n y/l/n, take you, matthew murdock, to be my lawfully wedded husband. to have and to hold from this day forwards. for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. receive this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." you smile, taking a quick breath in as you place the ring on his finger.
the priest takes a small pause before the smile on his face becomes larger.
"by the power vested in me by god and the state of new york, i now pronounce you, husband and wife. you may kiss your br-"
matt doesn't bother letting the priest finish before grabbing your face and giving you the kiss of your life. you hear people laughing and clapping and the priest lets out a chuckle.
"let her breathe matt." leanne laughs, and he smiles, pulling away from you.
"i love you, mrs. murdock."
"i love you, mr. murdock."
you and matt sat at the head table with leanne , your mother, and your father to your left, and foggy and marci, karen, and maggie to matt's left. leanne, maggie, and your parents had made their speeches, and despite already having your first dance, foggy has yet to make his speech and is already stumbling over his words.
"i wonder if foggy remembered that-"
a glass clinking interrupted your thought and you gave matt a tight smile.
"i spoke too soon."
"hear ye! hear ye!" foggy shouted as he continued to clink the glass.
"oh dear god." matt mumbled, letting out a laugh at his hand covered his face.
"thank you good sir." foggy bowed as he was handed a mic.
"i met dear mattholomew in college, and may i just say, a stunning man then and a stunning man now." foggy nods his head and raises his glass at matt, and i shake my head.
"you know he still can't see you right?" you shout.
"one can hope!" foggy yells into the mic, making you and matt cringe at the slight feedback.
you and matt laugh and he places his hand on your thigh, grabbing firmly.
"anyways, before i was rudely interrupted, i met matthedore dearest in college. freshman year, in our criminally tiny dorm. and we did...everything together. well..not everything. but most things. i've known him for a better part of my life. and in that time, i've seen him with many a women-"
"oh foggy c'mon!" karen bargains, letting out a chuckle as matt's face goes red.
"but never have i seen matt as happy with anyone, as he is with y/n. actually, i remember the day he met her. he came back to the office and immediately told me about her. and for the first time...ever, he was nervous. a girl had made the unbreakable matthew murdock nervous. so nervous, in fact, that he asked me for advice on how to text her. and for anyone who knows matthew murdock pre-y/n, that must come as a shock to you, i know. but that's when i knew she would be different. y/n has made matt into a more incredible man than i ever thought he could be. he's a better person in every sense that you could possibly think of. i don't know how, but he's even better at his job because of her! and he was already pretty damn good!" foggy laughs as the people in the reception hall laugh with him.
foggy turns slightly to face you and matt, the tears already brimming your eyes.
"y/n, i know i'm his best man, and i'm supposed to come up here and say good things about matt and tell everyone how great he is. and he is! he's great, love that guy. but...you are....the best thing about matt murdock. you are the best thing that's happened to him. and to me! you've made my best friend happier than i ever thought he could be. and for that, i'll be eternally grateful to you." he smiles, and you smile, the tears streaming down your face.
"so here's to the murdocks, may you forever continue to make each other better people and may y/n forever bring the best coffee i've ever had to the office every morning before she goes to work." he says, holding up his glass to you.
everyone toasts and you stand up out of your chair, taking foggy in for a big hug.
"thanks fog" you cry, and he holds you tightly.
"no, thank you."
you pull away, smiling up at him and he walks you back to your seat, where matt meets him with a hug.
the night went on and eventually, you and matt were left alone, dancing slowly in the middle of the dance floor.
"so..." you start
"sooo..." matt drags on, smiling widely
there's a short pause before the two of you start laughing.
"how was your day, mr. murdock?"
"it was everything i could've ever dreamed of and more. and you, mrs. murdock?"
you smile, placing your hand softly on his cheek.
"it was the best day of my life."
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Wizard Y/N : "Matt, do you want to try to lift Mjolnir ?" 
Matt : "Do I want to confirm that I'm not worthy of God's love ? No, thank you." 
Loki : "That's not exactly what it would mean." 
Matt : "Foggy can try. I'm sure Foggy can lift it." 
Loki : "... Sure." 
Matt : "He can !" 
Loki : "He's a lawyer." 
Matt : "Like me. Another proof that it's useless for me to try." 
Foggy : "Matty, can you hold that for me please ?" 
Matt : "Of course.”
Loki : "... You have no idea what you are holding right now, uh ?" 
Matt : "... I can feel electricity. A remote ?" 
Loki : "I hate you."
Wizard Y/N : "That's so cute, Fogs used the same trick I did to make you hold the hammer." 
Matt : "... As Loki said, it doesn't mean that I'm worthy of love." 
Foggy : "I knew you could do it." 
Matt, throwing Mjolnir and running away : "I'm not worthy !" 
Wizard Y/N : "Oh, he's reacting like you when you learned that I loved you." 
Loki : "We were really that ridiculous." 
Strange, drinking tea : "Yes."
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Being a lawyer is gay
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holy mother of fucking shit. also this poster looks so cool
Edit: i’ve been duped. it’s a fake guys :(
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As excited as I am about the Daredevil Disney+ series continuing to go forward, I’m going to NEED to have Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson to return as Karen and Foggy too!
I’m not worried about Charlie or Vincent since we’ve seen them in projects recently, but beyond being fairly worried about Disney censoring Matt Murdock, I also really want our Karen and our Foggy back!
It just won’t be Nelson, Murdock and Page without the OGs ❤️
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very rough patsyjen sketching + mattfoggy ofc!!!
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I’m not seeking penance for what I’ve done, Father. I’m asking forgiveness… for what I’m about to do.
Matthew Murdock - Daredevil
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Marvel's Daredevil | 2.06
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Daredevil is back but not with the writer's from Netflix. Also remember those awesome fight scenes we got for 3 seasons? No more of those, just quick cuts of the actors flailing their arms around. Jesus help us all, Disney+ is about to ruin Matt.
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That's it, that's the whole show
But seriously: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*whispers* can we please bring back the original hair stylist?
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I love this scene so much 🤣🥑
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me sleeping peacefully knowing more daredevil content is officially on its way:
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Who the hell are you guys? I'm Matt. He's Foggy.
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I trust you. If you think this is what we should be doing, then I’m with you. For better or worse.
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“When someone in need tries to push you away… you have to find the strength to hold on tighter.” — Sister Maggie Grace, 03.06
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foggy's 'I Call Bullshit' face
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