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I dreamt about my college convocation that doesn’t get to happen anymore because of this pandemic,

I dreamt about how happy I was to be done, how tear filled I was so be able to walk across that stage. It was like highschool graduation all over again.

Knowing that I got through the bullying and the hate against me, knowing I didn’t take my life when it got what seemed to be unbearable, I got through another round of years where I didn’t make many friends, where I was the odd one out.

That’s what this pandemic has taken from me,

A moment where I get to walk across that stage and after and say I told you I would.

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It’s a fuckin tired day. I have a lot of work to do. I not work for one campany so I have to work many many order from my boss. I don’t wanna work with my boss anymore, he don’t understand the processing of my work.

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‪It was a real chill episode of “Good Mourning America” today…thanks to all that tuned in‬
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