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i miss when barbie ferreira was tumblr besties with all my mutuals but wouldn’t follow me back. the trick to getting famous is to not follow me back
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cafedanslanuit · 14 minutes ago
who do you think your moots could pull (from any anime/ manga)
anon im sorry this took so long, but here you go!!!! also if we’re moots and i didn’t tag you i’m SORRY i did my best to remember everyone </3
let’s begin! ~
@rfadaydreaming / @puppylcve  -  okay i know you guys don’t know this but cae is really pretty. so i honestly think she could pull anyone lmao BUT i have a strong feeling she would be erwin smith’s type.
@requindeterre - the ultimate ship is sh0rk. that is, saeyoung + shark <3 a close second is nanami x shark, but the saeyoung ship holds my heart <3
@bitsybutton - dabi. dabi. DABI!!!! motorcycle rides to the beach, drinking together until the sunset, maybe shotgunning a cigarette--- i live for this ship sm.
@bunx - i would say someone from genshin but i don’t play ;-; so im gonna go with tamaki, a sweetheart and too good for the mess bnha has become lol
@jihyuncompass - do i even have to say............ jihyun x anne. i even made them their own playlist heh <3
@spacesquidlings - gavin x squids is the clear choice here!! i see a lot of domesticity and sweet things for these two
@ofoceansandtombstones - mikasa x nyla is the one and only ship for me <3 taking care of your garden together, travelling, making fun of me and porco LMAOsdkjhfsd i love our hcs so much <3
@robospybird - omg we’ve talked a lot ab this in the server mutliverse lmao so im gonna go with endeav-- KIDDING. honestly, this is new but sero x eli? i really see it. we haven’t talked ab it before but i like it <3
@liamiya - you can’t follow lia without shipping lia and atsumu together. you just can’t. <3
@junisfics - im obviously going to go with armin lmao. to be honest eren was a close second but im afraid if i pair two aries together they’re going to destroy the world.
@soranociel - ofc mrs. braun has to be shipped with reiner <3 no other choice here
@boston-bakedbeans - jean x boston is my one and only jean ship <3
@armins-futon - goldieee <3 omg i’m between armin and porco... but i’m going with armin for this one.
@armins-bowl-cut - izzy!!! i have to go with porco here i just <3 yeah. love the idea of you two together heh
@oi-levi - levi ackerman has to be my choice. the way you write about him just lets me know how much you truly understand him and how cute you two would be together <3
@alert-arlert - i’m going with armin for this one <3 study partners, library dates, coffee runs together when you’re both sleepy... college sweethearts, istg i see it
@bakhoe - reiner x mar, for obvious reasons <3
@somecatastrophe - colt x jo <3 i just..... yeah <3 him getting embarrassed, being playful together, taking care of small falco :’)
@todorki-shoto - kuroo x t!!! honestly i love to see it, highschool sweethearts, study dates, boba dates <3
@kirishwima - listen, this is going to be. not what you expected but hear me out. just a second. jumin x sophie. I SAID LISTEN. i just feel he would try his best to take care of all your needs so you don’t have to worry about the small stuff and only focus on your studies and eventually your work <3
@bokoutoe - ray!!! maki x ray are my favourite <3
@ackermans-freedom-inc - levi x suz, obviously c: but imagine him sending you coffee from your favourite shop when you’re studying as a small gesture :’)
@thebubblybakery - i just think the cutest thing ever would be to pair you with niccolo <3
@quirky-and-kind - zen x lea!!! honestly i love this pairing so much and im so happy to somehow have contributed to their storyline :’) zen is so sweet and so are you, i can honestly see you being v happy together <3
@erenstellar - this may be controversial but i’m going to go with jean. i have no proof i have no reason, i just feel jean would be OVER THE MOON to have someone like you by his side <3
@alrightberries - my first thought was eren, definitely. but i could also most definitely see it with levi. hmmm. i’m going to go with levi for this one. i see you two as these long-time couple were you guys start acting married without being married <3
@franciium - this is a blind guess to be honest but i’m going to choose osamu for this one. he has both a playful and a calm side and i can see him truly admiring your art <3
@dimplesum - with oikawa!!! definitely. i can see it: the friendly banter, walking home from school together after voleyball practice, boba dates. i see oikawa uploading a lot of insta stories about you two <3
@inthisblogwestanthechoitwins - saeyoung!!! chaotic couple that is always fun to be around c:
@meowlayn-art - i just feel the need to ship and artist with an artist, so i’m going with jihyun for this one. i love your art so so so much and it’s either jihyun to be your artist companion or jumin to take care of everything else so you can focus on your art <3
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ariiannaxiix · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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kirkwallers · 18 minutes ago
You are the only mass effect mutual whose opinion I trust, if I wanted to start playing mass effect what game should I start with?
Hmmmm....the second one honestly the first one is good bc of nostalgia but theres a lot of slog but the second game slaps all the way thru
Obviously I reccomend it lmao I'm glad u trust my opinion
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oephelias · 19 minutes ago
this guy is so nice to me all the time, when i got drunk he literally said its good to see me so happy and carefree etc etc but then he wont follow me back on instagram like.. ok do you hate me actually. be honest :/
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hymarns · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
proud of this tweet so i'll share it here too 💀
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itsstillrealtomerpg · 30 minutes ago
Follow Anthony Bowens!
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technoloci · 31 minutes ago
People pay to watch me play chess
People pay to watch me play chess
Chess has seen a surge in popularity in the past year, and a group of young, charismatic chess players have built huge audiences online by streaming games. Three of the world’s top chess streamers told the BBC about their new lives as chess “celebrities”. They say that even for those who have played at a high level, competing in the international Chess Olympiad, it has still been hard to earn a…
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technoloci · 32 minutes ago
2K's NFL Arcade Game Delayed Past March 2022
2K’s NFL Arcade Game Delayed Past March 2022
2K’s upcoming NFL arcade game has been delayed. Originally set to release this year, 2K announced that its upcoming untitled NFL arcade game has been pushed out of fiscal year 2022. This places the game’s release date to beyond March of next year.”While we are very excited to once again be working with the NFL and NFLPA, our first title under these new partnerships is no longer expected to be…
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chantelxhorror · 33 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Oh, hi🖤
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b1ttle · 34 minutes ago
So I’m getting close to 800 followers and I was thinking of doing something special for it???
I’m thinking either a livestream where I play all of Mic Check, Please! acoustic (which would double as a sorta preview of the rest of the songs) + take cover requests/answer questions
OR I could try my hand at some digital art, maybe even traditional if I get too frustrated with my tablet- (I barely know what I’m doing but I’d try my best 🥲)
Should I make a poll or?? let me know what you guys think or if you have any other ideas!!
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biggathreat · 35 minutes ago
#Follow @sonnywhether #MyFavoriteWhiteBoy
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brandonviewpoint · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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