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#follow for follow
weedass5 minutes ago
hello! happy birthday!
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twobitapologist9 minutes ago
Y鈥橝LL ONE OF MY SHEEP GAVE BIRTH LAST NIGHT! The baby is healthy and strong, its already started to bleat! I鈥檒l send pics when I get home!
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maagee2 hours ago
gay gay homosexual gay
who the fuck are you and why are you cyberstalking me /j
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whirlybirbs3 hours ago
skdhdk HOPE PLZ i wanted 2 go follow ur tiktok so i yknow. did. and APPARENTLY u FOLLOW ME so heLLO we r besties now
big john the rescued amish work horse is this you
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m4kkie4 hours ago
-checks when Frozen came out-
8 years
I've been following a bunch of y'all for 8 years, that's fucking wild, oldest fandom I have on here specifically besides League.
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