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Love seeing The Goldfinch suddenly trending again the last few days since I was the literal last person on the planet to arrive to the party like a month ago when I read it the first time. Can’t wait to crack after seeing all these posts and reread that 771 page dark academia pining trauma love mess all over again.

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The final day of our Thanksgiving flowers

‘There is something about a bouquet of flowers that makes me smile and linger just a moment and enjoy beauty. Christmas is about to begin but I think I’ll savor just one more day of the beauty and thoughts of Thanksgiving.’ byGinger Sisco Cook

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Why isn’t there a way to search in your drafts?

Or a way to save them separately by category?

Imagine how much easier it would be if you had files like “Text posts” and “Doctor Who” and “Revolution memes”

I have over 1.5k drafts, mate…
You think my adhd brain is going to want to scroll for hours until I find the Appropriate combination of drafts to post? Ugh

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I really love how Jack has (presumably) not even seen the Doctor yet and despite only knowing the Doctor as a man, has seamlessly transitioned to talking about her with “she” and “her.”

Even when speaking about his past “Being with the Doctor, you don’t get to choose when it stops. Whether you leave her…or she leaves you.”

He easily says “her” when he’s thinking of 9 and 10 leaving him.

Jack Harkness. King of pronoun respect 💙

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