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Mai avrei pensato che in un anno potessi raggiungere questi traguardi, soprattutto dopo aver accantonato la musica per tantissimo tempo ed essere ripartito da zero.

Grazie a chi mi ha dato la forza di rimettermi in carreggiata, a chi non ha mai smesso di crederci, a chi mi ha sostenuto dal primo momento e a chi mi ha sempre dato consigli. Grazie anche a chi non ci ha mai creduto e a chi ancora sfotte, almeno può avere qualcosa di cui parlare.

Il 2020 è andato benissimo sotto il punto di vista musicale, ho conosciuto artisti validissimi, con alcuni ci ho collaborato e con altri probabilmente collaborerò, ma son sicuro che il 2021 sarà ancora migliore. Il mio secondo album ufficiale uscirà durante l'anno e sarà una sorpresa per tutti, perché mi è sempre piaciuto sperimentare suoni e trovare la mia dimensione. A giorni uscirà il terzo singolo contenuto in esso.

Per adesso, grazie davvero.

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Summary: A year after your breakup, you are forced to come face-to-face with a now engaged Nolan. Can you put your hard feelings aside and become friends again or will your stubbornness cause you to lose him forever.

Italicized = flashback 

Word Count: 3,746


The minute you saw the invitation neatly hidden beneath the stack of old newspapers you knew it was over. You cursed yourself for coming to your sister’s today, not realizing that she wouldn’t be home to cover up the evidence.

You did as her “to do” list said, watering her plants, cleaning the litter box, filing her mail in its specific bins by the dining room table. If her flight wasn’t so delayed you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t have seen it. But here you were, finding new things to do in her house to avoid wandering back over towards the invitation.

Finding out about it was inevitable, after all your sister is engaged to his best friend, of course they’d be invited. She wouldn’t have told you though, tried to cover up her plans for that evening. Prompting everyone she was with to not tag her in anything on social media. She would break the news months later when you were nonchalantly sipping mimosa’s at brunch after a bridal show. You probably would be mad for a few seconds but the anger would turn into gratefulness. Thankful that she didn’t tell you when it was happening so you couldn’t stalk every social media platform.

You found yourself standing in front of the pile of newspapers, the invitation sticking out ever so slightly. The calligraphy made you curious, wondering how it would look with your name perfectly scripted above his. You held it in your hands, eyes closed, envisioning what it would look like; not just the invitation but the wedding itself.

It’s beautiful. White roses on every table, a live band serenading you as you sway to the angelic music during your first dance. The way he looked at you, held you, adored you. It was all so beautiful.

“Oh sweetie, come here.”

You didn’t even hear your sister come in or realize that tears were slipping down your cheeks. She was quick to rush to your side, her arms wrapping around you as she gently rocked you back and forth.

“You weren’t supposed to find out this way, I am so sorry.”

She was practically begging for forgiveness but you didn’t care that she didn’t tell you about it. You didn’t care that you accidentally found the invitation in her home. None of that mattered right now except for the dull ache in your chest as you slowly realized it was officially over.

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