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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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The door had barely closed behind them when Raven hissed, “Why did you have to tell him bandits killed our parents? If you had just kept your mouth shut he’d fail us on the assignment and be done with it.”

“He could tell we were upset,” he mumbled.

“I don’t want to tell some Huntsman how to kill our family,” she spat, almost throwing the door open ahead of her. The light outside was just beginning to dim, the days getting shorter as it got colder. “I need a drink.”

“We don’t have much left,” Qrow murmured. “…Now I wish I’d saved Tai’s beer.”

“I think it’s about time we got some more.”


“Easily,” she said with a smile. “I go into a convenience store, walk past the liquor, and a couple bottles disappear off the back of the shelf. Don’t even have to touch them.”

Oh. Right. “…Do we have to steal?”

She didn’t respond, and he glanced up at her face—twisted with rage. “Well, there’s somewhere else we can get it.”

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it always warms my heart when people say they feel welcomed and involved in the mcytblr community, because this place was Barren six months ago.

there were very few people making original mcyt content back when i joined. so there’d be the same 5 people reblog the same 7 new posts every day. it wasn’t uncommon to see really Fantastic fanart only have maybe 50 notes. fan fiction links would get even less and text posts/memes were so rare to come by.

and Now there’s so many of us! i mean part of it probably had to do with the consolidation of dteamblr, sleepyblr, and some of hermitblr into the collective mcytblr. and y’all are so active! fanart pieces gets 1k+ notes! people talk to each other and add onto posts and comment! hundreds of people voted in the election! we trended dreamsmp on tumblr! dteam art was on Radar! what the fuck!

like we all collectively helped build this community up. even if you don’t make original content, if you’ve commented, liked, reblogged, sent an ask, joined a discord, or left a nice note in the tags, you’ve helped contribute. yeah there’s discourse and missteps because that’s how things Work but most people i’ve talked to have been kind and welcoming, albeit a bit unhinged. anyways, like with most of my thoughts, i don’t really have a conclusion to all of this so fuck it. send post.

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So the concept of regeneration in Doctor Who is that a Time Lord’s individual soul stays the same, and when they regenerate only their physical body is rebooted, right? Well, I had a dream last night that it worked the opposite way, and each time the Doctor regenerates, his spirit appears in an afterlife realm called the Mausoleum which houses the spirits of everyone who has ever died inside all these giant buildings, safe from the shadowy void outside. The Doctors all lived together inside this ghostly echo version of the Tardis, and they were all aware that they were dead and stuck in the afterlife. They seemed to all be pretty good friends and they were looking forward to meeting the Thirteenth Doctor when she eventually regenerated into someone else. So in this dream universe, regeneration burns up both the body and soul of a Time Lord, and each regeneration inherits a “copy” of the previous soul with their experiences stored deep back in their distant memory, and with that regeneration’s personal experiences taking far more precedence over the memories of their previous incarnations.

#that was only the second half of the dream too, #it started out as a completely different story., #there was this little girl and her younger brother and their whole family visiting relatives for the holidays, #in this big giant house where the whole extended family was gathered, #and while the grownups were conversing and being boring the kids wandered off to investigate the pond next to the house, #and the girl found this like...magic glowing marble with a purple gem inside, #and there was some mystery they uncovered with clues throughout the whole house, #telling the story behind this magical gem?, #and eventually it turns out the gem was a beacon that could guide you to this giant frog king that lives at the bottom of the pond, #idk what was special about the frog king...except that he was intelligent like a person. idk if he had any magic powers though, #anyway once the girl figured out what to do she took the gem and dove into the pond, #and the light from the gem guided her to the frog king, #and i think she drowned? or maybe her brother alerted the grownups to save her, #that part i'm not so sure about, #and then the glass marble housing the gem broke apart and the pieces were all scattered. implying, #that this same cycle was going to continue for future generations, #who find the pieces and put it together to find the frog king again, #at that point the relatives had to go home and it turns out a lot of them were dead and had to go back to the Mausoleum since the holiday, #was over, #and the girl followed her grandmother home because she missed her (this was my own personal drama leaking into the fiction of the dream), #and after exploring the mausoleum for awhile the girl snuck into the Maximum Security section of the world at its very center, #and that's where the echo tardis was with all the doctors., #and once the girl started talking to the doctors they were all concerned that she was there. and tried to convince her logically that, #she was dreaming and needed to wake up, #the 12 doctor was really rude about it but the 11th doctor was nice, #and it was at that point that i woke up. so there was not much resolution, #i always welcome the doctor who dreams though. they are fun, #as long as i have to take this medication that makes my dreams weird it's nice when they are a good weird
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