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#follower milestone

✨I hit 200 followers!✨

So I’ve decided to do an ask game. Keep in mind that I’m very dumb and this is my first time doing something like this so there may not be a lot of good ones. So, here goes something.

Send me any emoji you want and I shall answer.

👻- i will tell you about a past friend.

📖-I will give you some book recommendations.

🐉- a fictional scenario or life I’ve imagined myself in

🥖-send me a character from Gilmore Girls, B99, Agents of Shield (before s7), Shadowhunters or Vampire Diaries and I’ll tell you my opinion of them and who I ship them with.

🍄-I’ll tell you a short (maybe shitty) story from my visit to Turkey when I was a kid

🥺-I’ll give you a random quote from my list of “Quotes I Like”

💰-I’ll tell you about a weird or dumb “what if?” thought I’ve had

🤯-I’ll tell you the story behind one of the many scrapes I’ve had. (some have weird stories)

🤗-send me a number with this and I’ll tell you which number that song is on my Spotify wrapped.

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Finally, milestone’s celebration it’s here! Seriously, I’m so happy for the support received since June 2019 and for having the best mutuals ever!

To celebrate this, I propose three dynamics. Send me an ask:

  • With a prompt/idea for a drabble/blurb, and I’ll write it! I can write gen, fluff, angst and I could add smut (in that case be patient with me, please). I can do it with Queen or Borhap boys (I’m specialized in certain ones, but don’t be afraid to ask me what you want, I’ll be happy pleasing your ask <3). Last but not least, can be with Reader or ships between them.
  • Making me choose between two things (e.g. : queen songs, John’s outfits, ECT.)
  • With an idea for a meme and I’ll do it! If you want a meme with a certain person, don’t be shy and say it!

The event’s tag will be #Lilys_0.5k celeb. You can follow to it (or muting, lol).

You can send the asks since Dec 4th, 2020 until Dec 13th, 2020 23:59hs (UTC -3).

If you reblog this to spread the word, I’d appreciate it! <3

I hope all of you can join on this!!!

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seriouslh thank you guys so so much. this blog’s only been up for a few months and we’re already at 100 follows, which is WILD

i’ve never really been one to care about follow counts (at least in the sense that numbers are just numbers) but i want you all to know that i DO care about you. every single one of you is so important to me and i’m so greatful for you all.

honestly i’m surprised this many people even like my content, but that’s beside the point sbjfjjxbcks

i’m gonna try not to ramble too much but! since i check my notifications sort of sporadically, i didn’t see this coming until like,, yesterday, so i don’t have anything prepared, but i do want your imput on something!

i’ve been thinking about it, and i’d like to start streaming on twitch, but i’m not sure how many people would wanna see that? it would mostly be minecraft/just chatting streams but i might also do some among us or something like that! feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

aaaaaannd i rambled anyway, so! basically, there’s my announcement/celebration for 100 followers! thank you all once again, you’re all incredible🥺🥺❤🧡💛💚💙💜

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sorry i haven’t been posting the past few days, been super busy for once BUT i hit 200 followers?! tysm <3
i have a post challenge i’m thinking of doing as the gift saved in my drafts, but if you would like to see something else let me know!
thanks again for the support, hope you are all staying safe and well :)

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Somehow, without knowing, I passed 10 followers and hit 11, and I’m not so humble that I won’t celebrate this momentous occasion sooo,,, 10 Random Things about Me

1. I’m a lesbian

2. I unironically enjoy 100 gecs

3. I don’t know how to snap

4. My favorite book is We Were Promised Spotlights or Foul is Fair

5. I have really strange, vivid dreams

6. I collect earrings, particularly weird or fancy ones

7. I hated Teen Beach Movie 2

8. I used to play on a boys’ lax team

9. I’m a MCR fan

10. I am a firm believer that Azula deserved a redemption arc

Bonus 11: picreeew

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You guys don’t know how happy this makes my cold heart!! 🥺💓 To see you guys tag me and promos, invite me to a discord and just support my edits makes me so happy!! I’m honestly surprised, I didn’t think things like this would happen as I feel like I wouldn’t be included in this since I don’t do requests or anything. I know my edits aren’t the greatest,, but I look forward to seeing them impove, along with this page growing! Thank you so much again it means a ton!! 💞💞


Pek-pek {Celeste shift}

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4k follow forever!

Coming here, on the first day on winter, to thank all of you for the love you’re giving this blog. I’m always so grateful when you like or share my creations, it means so much to me. When you give kind words to my creations? I feel like like I’m on the cloud nine. People who leave lovely messages to me in the tags? You’re the best. I hope every person who comes across my blog would be healthy, happy and loved. I hope this hard time will pass and the sun will come into your lives. Thank you again, a thousand times. 

(It supposed to come on my birthday 2 weeks ago but better late than never, right?)

I’m especially thankful to all my lovely and hella talented mutuals on this blog.

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I have reached the 200-follower milestone!

Thank you very much for sticking with me, and my never-ending gameplay photos and stories (and sometimes also builds) of my Sims 2 and 3 games. Thanks also to the simblr community and my sims friends in general for inspiring me to continue creating more sims content from the two games I really love :D

Hope you continue to support me here in simblr and also my other social media accounts. Thank you again! :D

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ahhhh you guys are all the best and i’ll come up with some kind of cool thing to do to celebrate this in a few days. if you have ideas for something you’d like me to do like write a ficlet or share my opinions about something, let me know in the tags! and seriously, thanks for being here

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406 followers… This comic is literally Rylazide and I’s reactions when we saw our follower count at about 399. That last panel could totally be made into a profile pic and I might do that later. 

Haven’t drawn my mindscape form in a hot minute; may or may not unintentionally drop my guide writing spree for an art one. I noticed I’ve made at least 3 art pieces in the last two weeks, I think? Been meaning to make a piece that I was supposed to do for a bet by a friend, but I’m waiting for them to be free so they can have their input on it while I make it.

Anyway, though I don’t understand why, given what we post, but thanks for 400 followers. 

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