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Thank you guys so much!!!

It really warms my heart that some of you find me amusing enough to follow

I’m going to assume most of you follow me for my Hobbs and Shaw/Fast and Furious content, and I just wanted to apologize for not getting anything new out lately

I just picked up even more hours at my job because a lot of people are being sent home for being sick. And my profs are still demanding the usual amount of hw and work for their classes

When I got 100 followers I promised to do 10 scenes from 10 fics I had planned and I haven’t fulfilled that promise yet, I’ve only done one scene. Once I finish the requests I have waiting, I’ll get started on those

Again, I am so sorry for not posting any fics lately. I try to hold myself to a much higher expectation and even in a pandemic there’s no excuse for me not to give you guys fics

And I know my writing is pretty bad, but I appreciate those of you who are willing to put up with me and read it

Thanks again guys for the 200 followers

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Hello! I've had the strong desire to practice magic for as long as I can remember and am currently the last living member of my family that I know of who is still interested in Green Magic. This is a different path than what previous witches in my family have practiced but I am the most drawn to this path and its ideals as well as the connection to the Earth its associated with. How should I start? I basically know nothing

Hello, @not-in-the-library,

Over the years, I’ve answered a few questions like that, here and here and here. You are definitely not alone! While some of Witchcraft is intuitive, there is a never-ending fount of knowledge to tap into, and you will never stop learning.

If you have any specific questions, or if you’d like to chat through your process of establishing your Craft, or if you just want a friend to help you along, don’t hesitate to DM me. They’re always open.

I hope this has helped, and best of luck on your journey!


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Just wanted to post a little follower update because we’re officially at 300 followers! Thanks to everyone who’s supported this page. I really do appreciate and notice those who have been active followers on here! I’m debating on making a weekly or monthly post where I shoutout the follower who has been the most active on Sick Tunes. If y’all like that idea, let me know! So far I’ve posted over 400 songs and look forward to posting many more. Feel free to send in questions or requests for me to look at! Thanks again! ~ C

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