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soft pastels<3
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Own picture :  # 301, Hibiscus,  September  2019
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more bugs, a bit more realistic this time
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Another chill day In Bkk
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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hmUkI6K2oE) 
This is More CCTV video from Fowler Theater, while we were still inside doing our Investigation Dwight, of the Fowler Theater, came across this anomaly outside the theater. Dwight has also enhanced this capture to show the anomaly isolated on screen to ensure no animal or person was present.
Spectrewaves Paranormal at Folwer Theater in Folwer, Indiana USA
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Pushing myself out of my comfort zone... I HATE PAINTING. It's so messy. But awfully colourful and cheerful... My mom going to get this for valentines day ❤🌻
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tonitopaze-blog · 3 years ago
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songbirdconcoctions · 3 years ago
Having a good time practicing still life and using my new soft pastels :)
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Ranunculus by Magda Indigo
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Calories don’t counth on the weekend.
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2 lipca 2018. Zdjęcia robione analogiem mają jakoś więcej duszy.
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georgiapeach30513 · 5 months ago
well now i want to see kitten fuck herself on a dildo while ran watches 🙈 jen what have you done to me 😩
- 🍄
Hahahaha 🍄anon!!! All this fluff and grandbabies, I think everyone forgot that Ransom and Kitten are kinky! They're so needy for each other, but Ransom LOVES teasing you. PLUS! You can't just jump into double penetration...that has to be eased into. Ransom's been preparing this for a LONG time. He's teased her about a third for years.  And since it is the day for Ransom and Kitten content....
Sweet Pretty Girl
Summary:  Ransom needs to get your ready
Pairings:  Ransom X Reader
Rating:  Explicit
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex, PIV sex, teasing, oral sex (male receiving), toy play, dildo, anal, double penetration, D/s dynamics, cream pie, 18+ ONLY
Word Count:  1.4K
Desperate Lives AU Masterlist
Desperate Love Masterlist
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Ransom stares down at you, your eyes glassy and pouting up at him.  Looking over to see that the door is in fact locked before he steps closer.  His finger rubs along your heated cheeks, and you almost beg him for some form of relief.  With another click to the remote that he holds so surely in his hand, his eyes shine at your kneeling body.  “Want me to stop?”
“No, Captain.”
“You want my cock in your pretty little mouth though don’t you?” you give him a nod, but he only smirks down at you.  “Aw, is your little vibrator not enough Kitten?”
“No, baby,” he tsks at you trying to get him in a different headspace.  “Captain.”
“That’s better, sweet girl.  I’m not giving you my cock.”
“Why?” his body stalks over to his locked treasure chest, pulling out a ridiculously long neon green dildo, and you whimper at him.  Holding the toy over the tent he’s creating in his boxers, he walks over to you, but you shake your head no.
“Show me your mouth can take a cock that’s not mine,” opening your mouth, he slowly slides the jelly length in your mouth, pushing it as far back as possible.  Stilling when your eyes fill with tears, and he pulls out, leaving you gasping for air.  “There’s a sweet girl.  You wanna see my cock?”
“Yes, please.”
Clicking that vibrator up another notch, your body stops, focusing on anything but your overstimulated clit.  Not even noticing Ransom walking behind you, and then the buzzing just stops.  “Come on sweet baby.  Where does this need to go?”
Realizing what he’s doing, you’re appalled, you wanted his dick.  “Up your ass,” you growl at him.
“No, it’ll be going up your ass in time.  Fuck my dick.”
“That’s not yours.”
“Kitten, just go along with this,” his shoulders slump, and you still pout.  “I’ll get a fucking mold of my cock for next time, but I need you to fuck this,” that bottom lip juts out a tiny bit, and you can’t disappoint your baby.  Backing your body up closer to him.  His fingers connect to the panties, and he rips them off, vibrator all.  “There ya go.  Fuck you’re leaking all down your legs.”
He teases your entrance with the obnoxiously green toy, lining it up with you before sticking it to the wall, “Keep going sweetheart,” you back yourself up on the toy, until it bottoms out.  “Fuck yourself,” he gives you a cocky little grin, his hand palming those silk boxers.  “Do it, I’ll give you what you want.”
You begin to rock your body on the toy, his free hand fondling your tits.  Finally he reaches his hand in his boxers to pull out that glorious cock.  Fisting it to the speed of your motions.  “Ran, please, baby.  Need it.”
“I know you do.  But it took you so long to cooperate.  Now, you poor thing, you’re just going to watch me pleasure myself.”
“Cum on that cock then.  I’ll give you a taste,” speeding up your hips, you push back hard, loving the precum that makes his tip glisten.  “You’re such a slut for my cock, aren’t ya baby?  Gotta prep you.”
You have no idea what he’s talking about, but you see his hardness start to fall, he wants in your mouth too.  Wants your cunt to pleasure him, not some fake cock that pales in comparison to your husband.  You don’t stop your motions, not even when he scoots ever closer, running his tip over your lips, like your special lip gloss.  Coating them in his essence.  And when he pushes through your lips, you feel your walls fluttering around the fake dick, eyes rolling in the back of your head, and you choke on Ransom’s girth.  “That was quick.  One taste, had you cumming like that?”
“I want you.”
“I’ll give you me, you needy little slut.  Forget about being pussy whipped, your cunt is so cock whipped for me,” you let him drone on how your body is made for him.  On his knees, he leans over your body, “Got it nice and sloppy, pretty baby,” popping it out of your cunt, he reaches over to get some lube.  Generously squirting some on your ass, and now prepping you makes since.
“Oh shut up.  You want to fuck Mr. Fowler you gotta take two dicks,” pressing the the tip through your tight muscle, you whimper and wiggle around, giving a swift slap on your ass from Ransom.  “There ya go,” you may whine, but seeing him pull those boxers off, and slide his body under yours.  His legs resting on the wall behind you, and those dark blue eyes just up at you, like you’re the most perfect thing.  “It’s all yours Kitten.”
Grabbing him by the base, you lower yourself down on your husband.  Understanding now the need for such a long dildo.  The lower you sink over him the more your breathing picks up.  Your body trembling at the feeling of being so full.  And you let out of the softest choked out Ran.
“You’re doing such a good job for me baby.  Look so pretty stuffed like this.  So tight.  Can you envision Mr. Fowler fucking that tight little ass of yours?” you can’t even vocalize anything, only can nod your head in agreeance.  “Let him fuck you stupid, while you’re just a sloppy mess over me?”
“I knew, sweetheart, I knew what you were trying to deny.  You want him to fuck you into the mattress while I pet your pretty face.  Treat you like a fuckdoll.  I’ve heard that class is really hard.  How hard do you think he’s going to be on you?  Think he’d fuck you in that cheer uniform.  Or fuck boy’s jersey.”
“Shh...” you can hardly breathe, definitely can’t think, and all these words just flying at you is overwhelming.  The only thing you can do is move.  With one roll of your hips the two of you tremble.
“Fuck, it’s so good.  You’re doing so good for me.  Ride your cock, baby.  That’s who’s it is.  This cock is only for you,” leaning up he licks the length of your face, “Every.  Part.  Of.  You.  Now, show your Captain how you ride a cock.”
His words make your body react.  So deep in the space for him to command you with, bouncing on top of him.  That dildo pushing into your tight muscled hole with every movement over his sexy ass.  “Ba-bab-baby.”
“Fuck, it’s so tight like this.  Give it to me.  Make me cum.”
“I know it’s good sweet baby.”
“Help,” gripping tight to your hips he uses your body to fuck him and the toy.  Your head drops on his chest seeing stars at how amazing it feels, but he doesn’t stop.  Needing himself to get off.  Pushing and pulling you over him.  Stimulating every part of you.  Fucked out to the point of drooling on his chest.
He holds you tighter, relentless in his motions, making himself grit his teeth, screaming through it, spurting so deep in your cunt if he wasn’t fixed, you know it would stick.  “Oh sweet pretty girl.  Look at you, all fucked out.”
You don’t respond with words, only able to hum.  Using his legs, he goes to push you two off the wall, and off the dildo.  “You did so good for your Captain, baby.  My dumb sweet baby, is tired.  Let me get you cleaned up, and get some water, and I’ll let you sleep on me,” he doesn’t get much of a response, so he knows he’s on his own.  
Picking you up he places you on your bed before returning with a warm wash cloth.  Cleaning yours and his cum and arousal.  Making you drink from a water bottle, before he dresses you in one of his shirts.  A new pair of boxers for him, and cleaning up of your space, when he crawls in beside you.  “We’re going to have to do this again if you want to be able to take Mr. Fowler.  Or do you want him to see you a cockdrunk mess.”
“Shh...baby,” pressing his lips against your temple he holds you tighter to him.  “Get some sleep.”
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The rose does best as a rose. Lilies make the best lilies. And look! You - the best you around!_Rumi
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