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#food gardening

from yesterdsy morning to tomorrow morning, i’ve been in sole charge of 14 (fourteen, that’s sure not stressful at all /s) animals while the rest of the family goes on a trip to estonia.

the animals in question are:

  • two cats (mixed)
  • three sheep (mixed landrace breeds)
  • five chickens (a purebred landrace breed, tyrnävänkana)
  • four dogs (a pyrenean mastiff, a german shepherd, a jämthund and a cocker spaniel)

here’s what my mornings have looked like:

  • wake up at around 6:30 due to either the pyrenean mastiff silently staring at you while you sleep or because one of the other dogs climbing on you and aggressively cleaning you face
  • let the dogs out into the enclosures, refill their water dishes
  • put the dog food to soak
  • put the vegetable garden water spray on
  • refill the mineral and water dishes for the sheep
  • water the vegetable and herb boxes
  • open the henhouse door to let the chickens out; refill the food and water bowls for the chicken; collect the eggs
  • feed the dogs
  • put the coffee to brew
  • water all the plants inside the house and on to outside steps
  • refill the food and water dishes for the cats
  • finally get to eat breakfast; realize it’s not even eight am yet; suffer (i am not a morning person at all)
  • bake something (yesterday it was muffins, today it is garlic-herb bread)
  • go turn off the vegetable garden water spray once it’s been on for an hour
  • clean up whatever mess the dogs have made during the night

most of these things i do on normal days anyway, but mom usually feeds the dogs and takes care of watering the vegetable garden + my brothers feed the animals again in the afternoon, so this is just a bit more work than usual. it’s not hard though, i’m just not used to waking up so early lol (the dogs are the only ones that demand water refills and breakfast that early - the others are willing to wait until eight)

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My plan for the raised bed is to use all my various bits of chicken wire to sturdily close off the lower perimeter, but still make it so I can open the wire flaps to get in, and use softer netting to enclose the top.  At some point plants growing in the bed will grow tall enough I will take off the top netting.

But this should do better for keeping seeds in the ground, while warding off squirrels, birds and cats.  And if I have my parents’ dog over, she can’t wander through there.

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PNWHorticulture Blog Units

Horticulture Learning Units (HLU) will be posted on a weekly - biweekly basis, depending on the depth of the unit topic. For especially intricate topics, I will post cited sources from my Horticulture textbooks and readings so everyone can look up and access materials.


Types of Horticulture

Selecting Your Seeds

Seed Starting

Seed Saving

Soil Structure


Water Conservation Through Proper Watering Techniques

Building a Healthy Soil

Beneficial Insects, Bacteria, Fungi, and Microbes

Cold Frame Gardening

Extending Your Growing Season

Starting Seeds Indoors

Drip Irregation Systems


Species of Pollinators

Other HLU’s will be added as time goes along. If you have any topics you wish to see on the list, send a private message/ask with your request. Remember, there are no bad questions! All topic requests will receive answers.

The first HLU will start and be posted this coming Sunday. Topic will be either Soil Structure or Selecting Your Seeds.


Originally posted by ofallingstar

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Welcome to the PNW Horticulture Blog!

Welcome garden enthusiasts,

I am the owner and operator of SeattleSucculents. I live in the Pacific Northwest Maritime climate, Zone 8a. Though my hobbies focus largely on houseplants, I do partake in edible horticulture, specifically Olericulture and a slight influence of Pomology and Floriculture.

I started my own journey in horticulture in spring of 2018. I started growing different varieties of vegetables in a in-ground bed. I had a average growing season.

In spring of 2019, I decided to forgo in-ground beds and switch to raised beds. The results of my growing season were multiplied exponentially from the year prior. On my down time, I learned on ways to make my garden more sustainable. Water conservation, seed saving, plant breeding, soil structure, organic pest elimination, companion planting, vermicomposting, and agriculture education were among my topics of study.

2019 Garden Pictures

This year, I am expanding on my raised beds even further by adding a cold frame so I can extend my growing season. I plan on documenting my journey and sharing my experiences with all, and applying my learned knowledge to further create my sustainable garden.

To those who are just now joining me on this journey, I welcome you and hope we all learn together! To those of you who are following me over from SeattleSucculents, thank you for your support and sticking with me for so long!

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Storm water management and reuse | testing different food garden watering [drip irrigation and below water reservoir food tanks] | installed by Michael Ruehle from Green Heart Buildings | Proviso East High School Entrepreneurial Garden project | an urban agriculture training program | with Triton Community College, Reuse Depot, Grow You Organic Farms, Good Earth Green House, Environmental Beautification Commission { designed by Twig Landscape Design, LLC | Photo Credits: Susanne Fairfax Media 

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