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#food mention
theythemzimms · a day ago
Ok so dex is poor. But he specifically comes from the type of poor family that refuses to acknowledge they are poor and calls themselves middle class even though there were definitely times of food insecurity and stress about medical bills and also dex just has the general understanding to NEVER call the ambulance even if he or someone else is on death’s door because that costs MONEY, billy, are you crazy?
They’re not poor they’re thrifty. Theyre not poor theyre just going through a rough patch which they WILL make it out of. Theyre not poor they just have to work harder because they dont have everything HANDED to them like SOME people
Anyway i think it would be great if dex got injured in a fight or something and nursey was like “im calling an ambulance” and dex, literally choking up blood or whatever, is like “NO IM FINE DONT DO THAT I CANT AFFORD AN AMBULANCE” and meanwhile the team is just standing there like 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️😀 bitch what because except for maybe bitty (????) no one really gets how it is to grow up poor
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xiiiwayfinders · a day ago
Roxas, waking up from another coma: Hey guys, what time is it?
Xion: About 2am, you hungry?
Roxas: Oh, cool. I’m up for some food.
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pinkfruitgender · a day ago
pink’s self indulgent food-themed ask game
🥨  - what are three foods you like?
🥯 - what are three foods you don’t like?
🥞 - what is your favourite food?
🧇 - what is your least favourite food?
🧀 - sweet or savoury?
🍖 - spicy or salty?
🍗 - name a savoury food you like!
🍦 - name a sweet food you like!
🥩 - what’s your favourite meat?
🥓 - are there any meals that hold sentimental value for you?
🍔 - what is your favourite fast food chain?
🍟 - what is your favourite food to make?
🍕 - what are your go-to pizza toppings?
🌭 - what food is your guilty pleasure?
🥪 - what would you cook for a guest?
🌮 - which country’s food do you like most?
🌯 - what do you make when you’re feeling lazy?
🥘 - what is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?
🍲 - what hot foods still taste good cold?
🥗 - what’s your favourite vegetable?
🍎 - what’s your favourite fruit?
🎂 - what’s your favourite dessert?
🍿 - what’s your favourite snack food?
🍱 - asker’s choice!
🍛 - wild card, give one food-themed fun fact about you!
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myautisticpov · 13 hours ago
Okay, so, one thing that I sort of always knew, but just learned recently was actually confirmed by scientists (shocking, I know), is that PMS fucks with your ADHD
But lockdown completely fucked with my cycles, so I keep being like “why am I struggling so much with this work???”
And then I inhale an entire box of flapjack bites and start getting cramps and it’s like, ohhhhh
Anyway, I have a project deadline for tomorrow and I am nowhere finished because I can’t concentrate on my work, even with my full dose of meds...
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tilthedayidice · a day ago
I just found out sonic has Cream Slushies (slushies with ice cream!!!) and they’re like addictively good.
And yet again I am reminded of the heart break of when they removes Watermelon as a slushie flavor :((( watermelon cream would’ve been so good :(
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justalittlecloud · 2 days ago
No I’m not imagining Maul being taken care of.
(Starlight x Maul)
Not I’m not picturing Starlight inviting him to share their food, or setting down a bowl of stew for him.
A cup of spiced tea, a fresh loaf of bread, a small spread of meats.
No nothing like that, not Starlight noting he is again leaning towards a ration bar and quickly going to get a quickly made plate.
Maul finds his ration bars have been replaced. A small container with a fresh pie of some sort, or dried bits of Bantha steak.
“You look good.” His brother mentions when they spar.
Maul furrows his brow, “ What do you mean?”
“Healthy, a bit fuller, good to see you’re taking care of yourself.”
After training Maul looks at the foggy mirror in the washroom.
Face fuller, not as wiry, not as sunken, even his horns are more ivory now…
He isn’t just built muscle at his torso, there’s a subtle softness now…
He agrees with Savage, he looks good…
His comm chirps, Starlight messaging him, “ Join me for dinner? I made your favorite.”
He doesn’t notice the corner of his lip rising, “ Yes, I’ll see you soon.” He wonders if Starlight made uj cake this time as well.
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professorabacus · 5 hours ago
i usually dont vibe with the whole “x is love language” “y is a love language” thing but making food for someone? yeah that is a love language
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tscampfireau · 8 hours ago
the only soup vee will eat
*the video is a strawberry milk jelly noodle recipe
the moms made that in an attempt to make vee eat soup. it worked
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sir-sunny · a day ago
Okay, thanks a bunch! Here's some more:
-Celeste wears red eye contacts. Her natural eye colour is dark brown
-Nagito is v e r y skinny because his illnesses often make him feel too sick to eat, so when he actually feels well enough to keep something down, he tends to go overboard
-Kokichi is a habitual thumb sucker, which he tries to hide from people because it ruins his supreme leader image
-Ibuki has ADHD and physically cannot sit still otherwise it stresses her out
-Akane's favourite type of clothing is small and revealing because it lets her move about more easily (but she will still wear stuff like pants and jackets as shown by her anniversary outfit)
-(Less so a headcanon and more of an Imagine scenario) Sonia and Byakuya like to discuss serial killers and real crime dramas in their spare time. Sonia is like, one of the only people in the world who's able to talk to Byakuya on the same level because she's a literal princess and Byakuya lowkey hates it
(If I have anymore I'll send them your way!)
ooooo these are all rly good!! hope u dont mind if i add on to a couple akskhdg
i definitely see that. i hc that her long hair also isnt real (actually i think thats canon based on some official art) celeste's morning routine is,,, arduous to say the least
yeah i like the think that nagito becomes good friends with mikan post game because he tends to spend a lot of time in the er. she's very helpful when it comes to gving him medication and advice and tips to help his eating :)
oh ibuki for SURE has every tic in the book, she never stops moving. shes always tapping her foot or her fingers or nodding her head or swaying her body or shaking her knee, the list goes on
also wow i forgot that byakuya also has a morbid intrest in serial killers and crime. come to think of it, those two would get along. also yeah akdknd
sonia: oh wow ive never heard of this case!
byakuya: hmph, makes sense coming from a commoner
sonia: im literally a princess
byakuya: oh yeah..
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radishnt · 3 months ago
which one of u was going to tell me that tea tastes different if u put it in hot water?
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sonseulsoleil · 3 months ago
It’s almost 1 AM but in the song Belle from Beauty and the Beast the villagers sing “I need six eggs” “that’s too expensive!” and then later in the song Gaston, Gaston says “when I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large, now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs so I’m roughly as large as a barge” Gaston has been eating dozens of eggs every day for his entire life and is single handedly creating an artificial egg scarcity in the village and driving up egg prices. this economy is in shambles.
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mossyshadows · 28 days ago
got to stop thinking that i'm rotting stagnating etc.. i'm marinating. i'm slow cooking . i'm proofing dough
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wetdress · 4 months ago
yes, bread makes you gain weight. and alcohol and sun exposure gives you wrinkles. the thing is i want to enjoy life
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carrionthird · 5 months ago
h. what if moomintrollen can pancake flatten?
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cromchychipdip · 7 months ago
What I would give to eat lunch with my friends in school and peel the sticker off my fruit and put it on their clothes and say "you cost 60 cents" or "you're a pear." I miss that.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 5 months ago
Someone said to me, "I’m going grocery shopping. Do you want anything?" To which I answered, "Hans Zimmer apples, please," and they brought me some (they looked like Granny Smith apples but I didn't get to taste them).
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daloy-politsey · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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nonbinary-adhd · 2 months ago
adhd is so epic. took a bite of my food, immediately forgot i took that bite, and was startled upon discovering a bite was missing from my corn dog. i feel like patrick from that one episode where hes convinced spongebob ate his snack
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prokopetz · 26 days ago
You can tell the writers of Diamonds are Forever had never worked in customer service because the way that James Bond catches Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd out is objectively dumb as hell.
For context, the villainous duo are impersonating waiters on a fancy cruise ship, and are serving Bond a meal as a prelude to trying to kill him. Bond makes an ignorant remark about the wine in an apparent attempt to impress his dining companion; when Mr. Wint plays along with Bond’s complaint rather than correcting him, Bond is all “aha, I caught you”, having established that Mr. Wint lacks the knowledge necessary to be a fine dining waiter and is therefore an imposter.
Now, anybody who’s ever actually worked in customer service is immediately going to spot two problems with that:
1. Your average fine dining waiter almost certainly hears customers saying the daftest shit imaginable about the food and the wine in an effort to show off their alleged culinary prowess on a daily basis; and
2. It is 100% not worth their time to argue – they’d probably play along if you claimed that the wine was bottled on the Moon.
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