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Keto Bolognese Pie Recipe – With Low Carb Crust – Saucy & Rich!


This Keto Spaghetti Bolognese Pie Recipe was made using leftover Beef Keto Bolognese Sauce and it turned out so tasty.

We put the sauce into a tasty Parmesan Pie Crust to make this unique Keto Spaghetti Bolognese Pie

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happy thoughts post

  • Bea’s drawing was so good!!
  • I’m doing a little doodle of me and Ris and Meri :D I’m gonna finish it tomorrow
  • it’s raining which is nice
  • i got candy earlier!
  • Cia brought me a cherry icee float
  • I am v sleepy which is a nice state to be in


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When dinner is just dessert 🥰

Apple - 95 cal

Sugar free caramel syrup - “0” cal

Teaspoon of cinnamon powder - 6 cal

Total- 101cals

Had yogurt (120 cal) earlier so day total is 221 which is my lowest restriction since ages.

I’m not counting tomorrow since I’m driving 4+ hours and won’t be restricting at all. Probably going to eat a burger, candy apple if I can find one, hot chocolate or cider! Trying to not freak out and enjoy the day. I’ll restrict under 500 for the rest of October and then enjoy Halloween too

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