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belovedgamers · 3 hours ago
Bad finally did it… he broke the Foolish Gamer
Foolish: (in a high pitched, squeaky voice) I just want my pickaxe… this was going to be a building stream… but this first hour… has just been bullshit!
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commieinnit · 3 days ago
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someone better call pest control
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simplydm · 2 days ago
I literally can not stop thinking of the concept of foolish being on hermitcraft in like, let’s say, five years or so. Like, new hermitcraft/mcyt fans come and they’re like oh this foolish guy seems cool and then they do a deep dive and discover that he used to be on dsmp and like skyrocketed to fame in like a year and is friends with corpse and dream and all these other streamers and he’s still having building-related meltdowns on stream but now he can’t swear. There’s stories about him that people can’t believe is true now (punz licked his elbow one time while in Vegas? No way!). Just, the potential of new fans finding out all the wacky stuff he does now is hilarious
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technoblade-updates · an hour ago
Technoblade was in Minecraft Game chat on Foolish’s stream earlier!
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[Image ID:
3 cropped screenshots of Minecraft chat messages. They read:
Technoblade joined the game
<BadBoyHalo> hey techno
<BadBoyHalo> wanna buy a pickaxe?
<Technoblade> will you sell it for 11 dirt
<BadBoyHalo> sure
<FoolishG> NO
<FoolishG> NO
<FoolishG> NO
<Technoblade> ok meet me at portal
<BadBoyHalo> sold
<BadBoyHalo> sorry foolish too slow
<Technoblade> first come first serve sorry foolish
<FoolishG> D:
<BadboyHalo> ^
<FoolishG> IT WASSSS
<FoolishG> Mine first
<Technoblade> wow that’s crazy
<BadBoyHalo> what does the concept of ownership even mean foolish
<BadBoyHalo> already sold it
<Technoblade> selling pickaxe for 4032 oak logs
<BadBoyHalo> oh wow, you must not have really wanted it foolish z_z
End ID]
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noodleydoo · 3 hours ago
This is a bit of a rant, but I really wish people would stop acting like the dsmp is ending, or needs to end, etc. And to clarify, this isn’t directed at the ccs— ccs like Wilbur, Tommy, Ranboo and Tubbo are perfectly valid for wanting to finish their character’s arcs and put an end to their lore, and I even agree with them that it’s about time their character’s stories end. But that doesn’t mean the smp as a whole should end, and I’m tired of people acting like it should.
The smp is nowhere near ready to end, not when Michael mcchill literally only just begun his lore, several new people only recently got added to the smp, Sam is in the middle of an important character arc, and Dream is planning to release several short lore videos in the future.
And that’s not even considering Techno and Punz, Foolish and XD, Sapnap, George, Karl, and so many more.
The smp as a whole does not surround Wilbur and the bench trio (though they are still important members and their presence will be missed) and I wish people wouldn’t act like it did.
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eveningev · 13 hours ago
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okay so i was chilling and this
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patchesstan · 2 days ago
i'm obsessed with foolish having his own little harem bc he's the hottest cc and everyone knows it
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zenaeco · 2 days ago
If they actually went through the effort to take the sand from las Nevadas I would be losing it-
Imagine Q waking up one day seeing all the sand gone, checking the security footage and seeing Techno, Phil, Eryn and Ponk yoink it all.
Foolish would be fucking devastated but impressed at the same time given how long it took to place all that sand.
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420technoblazeit · 4 hours ago
and like. honestly if the dream smp changes in the sense that there's a different main cast that's fine too. some people like karl, foolish, and hannah are still obviously very committed to their lore it's just that the server might look a little different from now on
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crimmy-cram · a day ago
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sleepybluesoul · a day ago
Foosh comforting a stressed out Punzo 💕
AKA Kissgate
AKA Punz having moodswings
Punz: What the fuck?! (several times)
Foosh: I can leave?! *leaves*
Punz *in chat*: COME BACK
Foolish: They always come crawling back.
Punz: *mwah*
Foolish: Awwww! Aww! Oh shit, oh shit! Holy shit! Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.
Foolish: Oh, Punz! Good morning.
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belovedgamers · 4 hours ago
Foolish yesterday at 2 am: I HATE Minecraft. No more Minecraft for me. Valorant ONLY!! No more building I am RETIRED
Foolish today:
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rainia · a day ago
the next dsmp arc features massive build-off between c!Techno and c!Foolish to see who can create the most outrageous sandstone creation. but then !! Techno gets disqualified for copying someone’s build block for block. the plot twist is that foolish created the build techno copied… not only that, he was in on it the whole time,,, he just wanted someone else to be a building buddy…. .he only exposes Techno, because the copied build was one block off. Foolish couldn’t stand it 😔
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imstillwandering · 8 hours ago
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i present to you... a day in tubbo’s life! (one of many, with nothing out of the ordinary)
[ reblogging really helps out!! :) ]
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elfchaos · a day ago
The new Las Nevadas lore will be Quackity trying to make Karl and Sapnap jealous with his constant flirting with Foolish
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wetchickenbreast · a day ago
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saw Foolish_Gamers at the lego store today
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Here hav comik
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oddluver · a day ago
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zenaeco · a day ago
This is mostly my wishful thinking but, have you noticed how the narrative in the DSMP shifted from politics to supernatural occurrences?
Back in the L’manberg era all we had to worry about were factions, mere mortals, fighting one another over land and power.
With the introduction of the egg (not counting the Dreamon spin-off) we got the first glimpse of what’s to come, one after another the puzzle pieces became clearer. Dreams revival book, Demi-god Foolish who lost his powers, XD’s sudden involvement within the main story, the goddess of death showing herself and now Technoblade is building “something” in the new dimension.
I really hope it has something to do with the Blood god. It would go with the current theme of things, but knowing how the creators don’t communicate much- it’s really unlikely. I’ll keep my fingers crossed in hopes to get more godly lore :)
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punzop · a day ago
foolish and punz being giggly :]
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