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mmfbc · 19 hours ago
A Princess & his Peanut
Mason Mount x Reader
Mason takes you on a date night to Winter Wonderland and after bribing you with dessert, you agree to put some rumours to bed.
Word Count: 4692
12 Days of Christmas, Day 3 of 12 : Masterlist
Tumblr media
Friday 10th December
You stood outside the doors of the train station, scrolling through your phone as you waited for Mason to pick you up. It was Friday evening and you were spending the weekend at his, luckily you had saved enough annual leave to take longer weekends off work over the month of December, allowing you to spend more time with Mason than of recent. You stood with your small suitcase between your legs before you heard a car horn beep, your head following the noise to spot Mason’s car. You stuffed your phone in your pocket as you smiled towards him, Mason now jumping out of the car to walk over to you as you pulled your suitcase in his direction.
“Hey you” he beamed, his hand taking the suitcase handle from yours as he wrapped his other arm around the back of your shoulder, pulling you in for a kiss.
“Missed you” you whispered, nuzzling into his neck as you slipped both of your arms over his shoulders.
“Quick, get in its freezing” he nodded towards the car, pressing another kiss on your cheek.
You slipped your coat off and threw it in the back as you jumped in the passenger seat, Mason putting your case in the boot. You checked over yourself in the overhead mirror as he hopped behind the steering wheel, clicking his seatbelt back on.
“So, what are we doing tonight?” you questioned him, knowing you were having a date night but he hadn’t told you what it actually consisted of yet.
He’d told you to dress warm and comfortable but still wear something nice, so you went with black leather trousers, trainers, a black hoodie and a matching black puffa coat. He was wearing a beige tracksuit with a varsity jacket, a beanie hat, and trainers, both dressed for the current climate.
“Winter Wonderland” he smiled as he watched you fiddle with your hat, waiting for your reaction.
“Really?” you grinned, quickly flipping the mirror back up to the roof as you turned to him wide eyed.
“Yes” he chuckled, reading the excitement on your face as he leant over to give you another kiss before starting the car. He’d heard you mention it on several occasions that you had never been but always wanted to go, so knew it would be the perfect date night location and the squeal in your voice knew he’d made the right decision.
When you arrived at Winter Wonderland, you didn’t know what to expect, you’d been to your local Christmas Markets before but this was completely different. You wandered around the market stalls first, having a little catch up from when you last saw him at the weekend and then you made a plan for the night. Rides, food, ice skating and then home. You made your way over to the amusement area, deciding on which rides you wanted to go on. You settled on the Waltzers first, shuffling in the queue of people waiting to get on. Mason was stopped a couple of times by fans that were walking past, asking for selfies, and having a quick chat before he would promptly turn his attention back to you, each time pressing an apologetic kiss on the top of your head. When it was finally your go, you hopped in a cart just the two of you, Mason tugging his beanie hat down to make sure it was secure as you both grinned waiting for it to start.
You both came off the ride in a fit of laughter, mocking each other’s screams as the ride attendant kept spinning your car more often and faster than anyone else’s once he realised who Mason was. You weaved your way through the crowds of people, trying to find the next ride you wanted to go on and Mason dragged you into the line for the Ferris Wheel. You tried to persuade him out of it due to your fear of heights, but he was adamant you were going on and you pouted at him when you neared the front of the queue.
“You’ll be fine once we’re up there, you’ll like the view” he smiled, lowering his head so he was eye level with you as you were turned to face him.
“I like my feet firmly planted on the ground Mason” you moaned, frowning at him.
“Come on were next” he nudged you forward, waiting for a nod from the staff to hop into the next carriage.
You shakily climbed inside the next one that was free, holding your breath as Mason followed you in and clicked the bar shut over you both. You swallowed the hard lump forming in your throat, your eyes snapping shut as the ride moved and your pod swung as you were lifted in the air. Thankfully, there was no wind, so it wasn’t moving as much as you anticipated, but it was still terrifying.
“Open your eyes y/n” he laughed, wrapping an arm around you.
“Not until I’m back on the ground” you groaned, your head falling onto his shoulder.
“So anyway, I’ve been thinking…” he tried to change the conversation from the ride but you cut him off.
“I’m not coming on this again” you whined, gripping onto his arm.
“I’ve been thinking…” he shook his head, grinning at your behaviour, trying to continue with what he was saying, “That maybe, it’s about time we went official… like online.”
“What?” you stuttered, your head lifting off his shoulder to look at him, your eyes now open.
“You know, so people officially know about us” he smiled.
“I don’t know Mase, some of your fans are crazy” you admitted, biting your bottom lip, “They’ll want me burnt at the stake”
“There’s already rumours flying around” he chuckled, “but we’ve been together quite a while now and I think it’s about time don’t you think? It feels like I’m hiding you away”.
You hummed in response, your gaze falling over his shoulder out onto the city around you as you thought about his suggestion. You had been together officially since the beginning of March, all of his friends knew about you, his family, anybody important and vice versa, you just weren’t posted on each other’s social medias for the world to see. You hadn’t been ready for that, as much as you loved Mason and you were coping with every other aspect of his lifestyle that was a world apart from yours, his fan base could be very intense and you had been happy to keep things on the down low for as long as possible. It was never important to you and when he tried to speak about it in the past you would brush the conversation under the carpet. He was right though, there were rumours online from people spotting you out together and liking each other’s posts on social media etc, but nothing was ever confirmed, until tonight.
“Only if you’re ready of course” he mumbled, his voice snapping you out of your trance.
“Hmmm” you shrugged, your doe eyes looking at him with concern.
“How about I promise nobody is going to burn you at the stake?” he smirked, tugging on the front of your hat to pull it back down your forehead where it had appeared to lift.
“How about I’ll think about it…” you whispered, “but only if we can get dessert?”
“Deal” he chuckled, before pulling his phone out of his pocket as you reached the highest point of the Ferris Wheel.
“Are we getting off this thing as soon as we get back down?” you asked, head turning to look out in the other direction.
“If you want” he replied nonchalantly, before the flash of his phone lit up the side of your face, causing you to turn and frown at him.
“Oi” you pouted, realising he’d taken a photo of you.
“Just admiring the view” he grinned, wrapping his arm back around you to pull you closer to him.
“What food do you fancy when we finally get off this death trap?” you quizzed him, your head falling back onto his shoulder as you tucked your arm around his waist.
“Hotdog?” he suggested as he brought his phone in front of you both, causing you to frown as he flipped the camera to take a selfie, “Are you going to smile then or look miserable?” he asked.
“I am miserable, I’m on a Ferris Wheel” you joked, before smiling for his photo, watching his head nuzzle into the top of yours on the screen, his eyes wrinkling as he smiled.
When the ride finally came to a stop with you on the floor, you quickly jumped off, grateful for your feet to be on the ground. You both went off on your pursuit of food, trying to locate the stand that sold the Bratwurst’s you wanted and when you eventually found it you offered to pay for them.
“Erm no” he said, shutting your suggestion down, his finger landing on your lip as you opened your mouth to answer him back, “No, I don’t want to hear it”.
“Mason” you sighed, moving his finger as you tried to speak again.
“Sorry is somebody talking?” he interrupted, holding his hand to his ear to mock not hearing you, “Can you hear something?”.
“You’re annoying” you huffed, tapping your foot on his trainer.
“Shh it’s my date night, which means I pay. You can… win me a prize if you really want” he smiled, nodding over towards the fairground games.
“Fine” you hummed, before ordering for you both.
You waited a few minutes before you were given your Bratwursts, adding ketchup to both before turning to pass Mason his after he’d paid and you found a quiet corner for you to stand in so you could eat without being knocked into by the mass of people that were walking around.
“Bigger than your face that baby” he grinned, watching you bite into the sausage, frowning as it burnt the roof of your mouth.
“Bigger than your… “ you teased, licking ketchup from your bottom lip before you finished your words.
“Than my…” he raised an eyebrow, daring you to continue your sentence.
“Bigger than your… football boots” you shrugged innocently unable to think of anything else quickly, taking another bite of your hotdog.
“Yeah, I thought so” before realising what you had said, “In fact, no it’s not” he added whilst looking down at his feet to weigh up the size of them.
“Thought so what?” you smirked, ignoring his disappointment at your subtle mocking of his shoe size, only paying attention to the first part of his reply.
“You know what” he mumbled behind his hand, covering his mouthful of food, before swiping the ketchup from his thumb onto the tip of your nose.
“Still annoying” you huffed, cleaning it with your finger and sucking it.
“Practicing for later are you?” he smirked at the sight of you with your finger in your mouth.
“Mason Mount” you gasped quietly, pretending to be appalled at his innuendo.
“You’re the one putting your fingers in your mouth” he gasped, holding his hands in the air.
“You’re the one being rude” you shook your head, taking your last bite.
“You tried suggesting your sausage was bigger than my… sausage” he sneered, adding emphasis on the last word.
“It was a pretty big one” you chuckled as you finished your food, wiping your face with your napkin.
“What was that?” he boasted, “I’ve got a pretty big one?” he added, wiggling his eyebrows at you.
You gently shoved his shoulder as you rolled your eyes, before being interrupted by another group of fans spotting Mason and asking for a photo. You shyly smiled and stepped out of the way so they could take their turns having a selfie with him, Mason being his usual smiley self as he made small talk with them. He said his goodbyes before returning to you, his chest pressing against your back.
“I’m sorry” he mumbled into your temple as he pressed a kiss against it, his arms wrapping around you.
“It’s okay” you smiled, looking up to him over your shoulder “I’m used to sharing you now”.
“So, how’s about ice skating then you can try win me something?” he grinned against your face, arms gripping around you that little bit tighter.
You nodded and he gave you a kiss on the jaw, before taking your hand in his and leading you through the crowds towards the ice-skating arena. You both swapped your trainers for a pair of skates, wobbling as you stood up and stepped towards the ice. Thankfully the ice rink was fairly quiet, so you didn’t have too many people to worry about bumping into, but there were still people stood around the barriers watching anyone that was attempting to skate.
“If I fall and injure myself, you can tell Tuchel” he frowned as he stepped onto the ice first, hands gripping the wall as he tried to steady himself before turning himself to help you.
“This was your idea” you chuckled, holding onto his arm as you pressed your skate onto the frozen floor, before grabbing onto the side “You can’t be blaming me”.
“Yes but… now I’m thinking it was a bad one” his voice wobbling as he tried to push himself off.
“Are you scared?” you smirked, raising an eyebrow whilst you watched him try to hide the fear in his face as you stood holding the side.
“No…” he scoffed, shaking his head as his eyes focused on the floor trying to concentrate.
“Are you sure?” you probed him, trying to hide back your grin.
“Maybe a little” he muttered under his breath so you couldn’t hear him.
“Mason Mount… scared of a bit of ice” you jibed, pushing yourself off the wall in his direction.
“I’m not scared…” he moaned, now only a few feet in front of you.
“I beg to differ Mase” you chuckled, as your arm brushed his when you caught up with him.
“Stop you’ll make me fall” his tongue darting out of his mouth as he tried to focus on staying up.
“I’ve always wanted to get into ice skating you know…” you smirked, “but I always get cold feet”.
“Jesus, that was almost as bad as one of Tammy’s jokes” he snorted, his eyes now following you as you appeared to be managing to skate a lot better than him.
“I shouldn’t make jokes on the ice though” you sighed, Mason’s head tilting at your words “It might cause it to crack up”.
“Definitely worse than Tam” he chuckled, causing him to lose his concentration and his legs finally betrayed him, skidding in opposite directions as he landed on his back.
“That’s karma for making me go on that Ferris Wheel” you giggled, slowly skating your way over to him, holding your hand out to help.
“Oh yeah” he beamed, wrapping his hand around yours, “Well this is for laughing at me” he added as he pulled you down, causing you to shriek his name as you landed on him.
You pulled yourself off him as you both laughed, trying to steady yourselves back onto your feet. You both set off again trying to slowly skate your way around the rink, holding onto each other’s arms every so often as you almost lose balance, focusing on not falling over and getting around in one piece. You noticed a couple of bystanders taking photos of Mason when they recognised him, waving to get his attention trying to call him over, he gave a quick wave to them back but stayed with you.
“You can go say hi you know” you smiled, nodding over to the girls that were shouting him “You’re not very good at skating anyway”.
“I’m busy… with you” he shook his head, “Besides, I can’t leave the ice being terrible at skating”
“You can’t be good at everything you know” you laughed.
“Tell me one thing I’m not good at” he bragged, holding his arms in the air.
“Skating…” you suggested, getting brave and skating backwards in front of him, “Whilst I think, why don’t you tell me a list of things you’re good at if you’re so sure of yourself”
“Football…” he boasted, a grin appearing on his lips.
“Debatable” you shrugged.
“Golf” he added, tugging on his hat.
“Debateable again as I’m yet to witness you play” you shrugged.
“Using my tongue” he smirked, before running it over his bottom lip.
“Ok that’s one thing” you blushed, “What else?”
“Making you….” he raised his eyebrows as he dragged his words out before you interrupted.
“Stop being rude” you chastised, stopping your skates so he caught up with you.
“Go on then, tell me something I’m bad at?” he snickered, his hand finding yours as he stood in front of you.
“You’re so full of yourself Mason Mount” you rolled your eyes as you couldn’t think of anything.
“Ha… you can’t think of anything can you” he chuckled, his finger lifting your chin up to look at him.
“Can we go for dessert now?” you sighed, trying to change the subject.
He nodded with a satisfied grin that you couldn’t think of anything he was bad at, pressing a kiss on your forehead. Before you both made your way over to the exit of the ice rink, Mason asked someone to take a quick pic of you both and you tried your best to stand upright without falling, his arm wrapped around your shoulder as you tucked into his side, both smiling for the photo.
When you swapped your skates back for your trainers, Mason asked what dessert you wanted to get as you walked back over to the food stalls. You had a quick look around, trying to see which one appealed to you the most.
“It’s between Churros and Waffles” you turned to him, “Waffles are my fave, but I’ve never had Churros”.
“What? Never?” he gasped; mouth wide open as you shook your head “You need to get Churro’s then”
“But what if I don’t like them” you pouted.
“Then I’ll eat them” he winked, pulling a frown from you, “Ok why don’t we get both and then share…”
“I don’t want to share” you bit your lip; you’ve never been one to share food and he knew it.
“Ok fine, you try a bit of each one first and then I’ll have the one you don’t want” he promised, rolling his eyes at you with a grin.
You nodded in agreement and he disappeared, leaving you sat on a quiet bench you had found nearby. You sat and scrolled your phone, looking at the photo’s he’d sent to you from throughout your evening when he returned, with a big grin on his face.
“Right, you hold them both and close your eyes” he said as he passed you the two cardboard containers, “You’ve got to tell me which one you prefer without looking”.
You grinned, excitedly tapping your feet on the floor. Dessert was one of the little things in life that you loved, and the fact that Mason embraced it made you love him even more.
“You better not put chocolate on my face” you giggled; eyes clamped shut.
“Don’t give me any ideas” he laughed, “Open wide”.
He popped a small piece of waffle in your mouth which was dressed in Nutella and sliced strawberry, watching you with a grin as he could see you taking in the taste of it and enjoying every second.
“That was good” you hummed; eyes still shut tight even though you knew that was the waffle.
“Right next one” he laughed, as he fed you a piece of churro covered in cinnamon and Nutella, his face beaming at the sight of his girlfriend who was a couple of years older than him acting like a little girl over dessert.
“Hmm… I’m going to say I preferred the first one” you admitted, opening your eyes to look down at the two boxes in your hand but Mason had closed the lids so you didn’t know which was which.
“Ok, well I’ll give you the first one if you promise I can post the photos from tonight” he sneered, pulling his phone out of his pocket.
“That’s bribery…” you whined, pausing to think as you stared into his soft dark brown eyes before realising he wasn’t going to give up, “Ok fine”.
“Pinkie promise?” he whispered, pulling one of the boxes out of your hand to place it on his knee and opening yours, trying to take a photo of you and your hand as your eyes lit up at the waffle.
“Promise” you whispered back, gripping your little finger around his as he took the photo and laughed.
You tucked into your dessert, both of you silent as you enjoyed your little boxes of heaven. Eyes scanning the people passing by as you smiled at everyone who looked to be enjoying their evenings just as much you were. You were so happy and content at the moment, and Mason bringing you on the perfect date night was the icing on the cake. He took your empty containers to the bin with him, returning with a napkin for you both to clean up with and you stood up as so you could pat yourself down.
“What’s your favourite dessert?” you asked him as you wiped over your mouth.
“You” he quipped, wiping his thumb over a spot of chocolate you had missed from the corner of your mouth, popping it in his mouth to taste.
“That’s not dessert” you said, lightly slapping his chest with the back of your hand.
“You… with strawberries then” his face hidden from the crowds by your coat as he leant into your neck.
“I suppose that may count as a dessert” you hummed, arms wrapping around his neck to pull him closer.
“I might have some strawberries at home… you know in case I want a second one” he snickered, his lips now attaching to your neck.
“Greedy” you smirked, eyes closing as you forgot where you were for a second when his tongue teased the sweet spot on your neck.
“Have you had a good night?” Mason asked, pulling his face away so he could rest his forehead on yours.
“Mhmm” you hummed, leaning in to kiss him, “Thank you”.
“Good” he whispered as he bumped your nose with his, “So, are you going to win me this teddy before we go home then or what?” tapping his hand on your bum.
You skipped over to the fairground games, weighing up which one to go on, until deciding to play the shooting game where you have to knock down as many ducks as possible. You paid for only a handful of goes whilst you got your bearings, not doing very well at first but you were determined to come away with a prize.
“Don’t concentrate too hard baby, you’ll pull a muscle” he smirked before you turned to face him with the gun still in your hand.
“I will not think twice about blasting your head off Mount” you pouted, knowing full well the pellets wouldn’t do anything to him.
“Is that a threat?” he teased as you turned back to aim at the ducks that were moving along the wall.
“Do you want that second dessert? Stop distracting me” you smirked, biting your lip as you focused on the game.
“Why don’t you let me have a go” he asked, moving to stand behind you.
“No.. I’m going to win” you snapped, slapping more money down on the counter to buy more goes, eyebrows knitting as you tried to concentrate again.
“But I’m a top blaster” he mumbled before he was interrupted by your scream
“I did it! I got one!” you cried, before hitting another two in a row, “Oh my god, who’s the top blaster now!” you turned to stick your tongue out at him as he pulled his face.
You managed to hit enough ducks to win a small teddy, which was enough for you to gloat about ridiculously, acting like you had won the Champions League yourself.
“Come on princess, which teddy do you want?” you teased, nudging his arm with your elbow as he looked at the wall of stuffed toys.
“I’ll have that little elephant there” he pointed, before the worker passed you the velvet soft toy.
“What are you going to name him?” you asked, passing him to Mason as you whipped your phone out to take a photo.
“Peanut” he smiled, holding the teddy next to his face as you took a pic.
“Peanut?” you tilted your head as you put your phone away, a yawn escaping your lips.
“After my favourite M&M’s” he winked, and when noticing your tired face added “You ready to go?”.
You smiled to agree and linked his arm as you made your way back to the car, pulling off your coat and putting it on the back seat so you could get comfy. Mason passed you the stuffed elephant when he sat behind the steering wheel and you fiddled with the radio whilst he was on his phone, waiting for him to set off.
Your phone pinged and when you checked your phone you realised it was a notification on Instagram, a knot in your stomach as you read ‘Mason Mount has tagged you in a story’. You viewed the story, holding a breath without realising as you stared at the photo of yourself, looking out over the city from the Ferris Wheel. He’d tagged you so the world could see your name and added a small line of text in the bottom corner of the screen.
My favourite POV. London looks good from up here too.
That’s it, the world knows you’re his.
You coughed under your breath as you continued to stare at your phone, your notifications blowing up instantly and you groaned as it did.
“Put your phone away for tonight, we’ll sort it tomorrow so it doesn’t bombard you like that” he said, pulling it out of your hand to lock the screen.
“Burning at the stake pending…” you sighed, taking the phone from his hand to put down in the cupholder that was in the central column.
“Not on my watch” he frowned as he started the car engine, before patting Peanut the elephant as he set off.
You drifted off as Mason drove home and when he gently nudged you awake when he pulled up, you took yourself up to his bedroom to change into your pyjamas and then found him in his cinema room. He was lay on the sofa on his phone, his arm wrapping around you when you joined him, his chin resting on the top of your head as you tried to watch the film he’d put on. Your eyes were struggling to stay open after your long day of work, travelling and then your date night, but you were stirred when your phone vibrated next to you. When you lifted it to your face you noticed it was another Instagram notification, from Mason tagging you in a post. You opened it up as he pressed a kiss on the back of your head, his arm squeezing around you as you viewed the collective of photos he’d posted on his profile.
The photo of you both ice skating, the selfie on the Ferris Wheel and the photo he took of your pinkie promise as you grinned at your waffle, with the caption underneath…
Tumblr media
You smiled softly as you noticed the comments underneath appearing, the ones standing out from his friends the most and for the majority, lovely comments from his fans.
You decided to bite the bullet.
You posted the photo of Mason and the elephant teddy you won for him, finished with the caption;
My Princess and his Peanut x
Tumblr media
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plutosluts · a day ago
home alone season, mason mount.
xmas prompt : making you hot chocolate when you can’t sleep
his hair 😭😭😭😭💕💗💞💗 p.s. i promised @mqunts and @m4sonmount a mason fic to make up for today <33
Tumblr media
you envied mason for a few reasons — he was beyond beautiful, had people falling at his feet at every moment… and he could sleep through anything. you on the other hand could only ever sleep when your mind wanted you too, and now wasn’t one of those times.
you tossed and turned, careful not to wake your restful boyfriend next to you. your hand softly caressed his cheek, admiring how at peace he looked, even though his lips were slightly parted and his hair disheveled, but that was how you preferred it anyway.
he stirred a little, eyes still closed as he let out a small hum. you didn’t know if he was awake, but the hand squeezing your waist gently said otherwise. “why’re you staring at me?” he muttered suddenly, your hand snapping back beside your head.
you mentally cursed, not meaning to wake him up and also not wanting to get caught staring at mason whilst he slept.
“because you’re pretty and i can’t sleep” you huffed, watching him smile as a laugh bubbled in his throat, his eyes slowly opening. he finally looked back at you, smoothing the skin on your cheek with his thumb.
“i have an idea” he whispered, getting up and prompting you to follow him. you groaned as you left the warmth of your bed, body clad in a shirt of mason’s and shorts, following him as he led you to the kitchen.
“eating at 2 am? not very healthy of you, is it mason?” you teased, prodding at his naked back as he opened cabinets looking for something.
“this doesn’t leave our house, okay?” he turned around, putting up his pinky. you linked yours with his, adding a small shake. another thing you loved about mason — he was still an absolute child at heart.
“grab me two mugs, please,” he hummed, kissing your forehead and taking out the hot chocolate powder. a smile spread on your face as you put together what he was doing, and all traces of sleeplessness left your body immediately.
a few days ago, you joked to mason about living off of hot chocolate for the rest of december, something you used to do as a child. every night, your parents would make you a warm mug of the beverage before you went to bed, and your stomach fluttered at how your boyfriend was now doing the same.
grabbing two mugs as he said, you placed them beside him as he poured milk into them. you wrapped your arms around his torso, sighing into his shoulder. mason was always warm, always. one of the reasons why he always had you close to him was because he knew you had the tendencies to be cold most of the time, but his body warmth would immediately warm you up too.
“i love you” you whispered truthfully, your lips pressing kisses against his skin. he was relaxed under you touch, though his muscles tensed as he stirred the mugs.
he turned around at this, handing you your hot chocolate whilst he sipped on his, an arms wrapped loosely around your waist. “what’s got you all soppy?”
you shrugged, wiping at the milk moustache that appeared on his upper lip. “it’s cute that you do these little things for me” and at that you leant up and kissed him, humming at the feeling of them slotting perfectly against yours.
“baby, you know i’d do anything for you. including make you hot chocolate” he said, pulling away and kissing your nose, watching as you scrunched it up ever so slightly, loving the expression on you.
“would you go to winter wonderland with me?” you asked, hoping he had the answer you wanted as you’d give anything to experience that couple-y experience at winter wonderland with him.
“course i would. i bet i’d win you one of those big bears too” he smirked, yet again earning an ego boost from the way you rolled your eyes. the two of you had almost finished your drinks, not wanting to move from the embrace and instead hoping to stay like that for as long as possible.
mason set down his empty mug on the counter, now able to lean back on it and wrap both arms around you. your head nestled in his chest as always, and he twirled strands of your loose hair around his fingers.
“i’d even bring back my mop hair for you” he whispered, holding back a laugh. at that, you pulled away from him as you looked at him with a blank stare. you said nothing, ignoring how he laughed at your expression and instead made your way back upstairs.
“where are you going?” he called out as you walked away.
“to brush my teeth and go back to bed, you keep laughing” you teased, sending a thumbs up as you switched off the light. mason jumped down from the counter immediately, running after you as you chuckled to yourself. “don’t leave me here alone, what if that thing from insidious comes?” he whined.
you huffed at him, reaching the bathroom door with him still behind you. “mase, i told you not to watch it, what with your vivid imagination. besides, why are you watch horror movies when you should be watching christmas movies?”
“dec told me it had christmas features” he mumbled, trudging after you and trying to move past the fact that he was as gullible as they came.
“well i can tell you, it definitely doesn’t. besides, what happened to home alone season?” you said, handing him his brush and putting toothpaste on your own.
“we watch that every year, love, i’ve basically memorised every line” he huffed, doing the same thing as you. rinsing your mouth, you turned to look at him, how he looked so good at almost 3 in the morning you had no idea. his stubble was swiftly making its way back, much to your delight, and right now he couldn’t look any more appealing to you.
“i’d hope so” you muttered, though mason had caught from your tone that you weren’t focusing on the conversation topic, shifting his gaze from him in the mirror to you. if someone had told him that each smirk of his would earn a kiss from you, he’d be smirking all day ling, like he was now.
you couldn’t deny that seeing mason get ego boosts from the most random things didn’t turn you on, but it did sexually frustrate you as you knew he’d be so cocky about it, and never let you live it down.
“you’re drooling” he tutted, eyebrows raised as his dimples showed through his smirk. “shut up” was your response, grabbing his hand as he put away his brush and taking him back to your room.
laying in his arms whilst his breaths began to even out, your fingers traced delicately over his arms one last time for the night. “i love you, mase” you said your thoughts, sleepy voice indicating his plan had worked. one last kiss was placed on your forehead as mason thumb rubbed against your cheek like earlier. “i love you more”.
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masnmounts · a day ago
a baby for christmas - mason mount
in which your pregnancy is supposed to be a secret but mason can’t seem to keep his hands off your non existent bump
prompt 12 from the christmas special, “here, let me warm you up”
Tumblr media
"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Mason's eyebrows were tugged together in a frown as he tightened the scarf around your neck, fingers working to untuck your hair from being stuck within the material. It was what seemed like the hundredth time he'd asked that question since you woke up, that little knot of worry settled behind his eyes. You pushed up on to your tip toes and pressed a kiss to his lips, hiding your smile by biting down into the skin of your cheek.
"Mase, how many times have I been to a match and been completely fine?" You let him nudge his nose over yours, his eyes lowering and then you felt his hand slide over your stomach, fingers brushing your barely there bump. You watched the way his eyes lit up slightly at the feel of it against the palm of his hand and settled your own hand over the top, thankful for the fact the two of you were hidden away in the hallway and no one could see. Your pregnancy was still a secret, the two of you were still waiting to tell your parents and even then you didn't want anyone else knowing until there was physically no way to hide it anymore.
"That was before, now I need to make sure you're both okay." His words were soft, his thumb gently stroking over the material of your shirt. He lifted his head again and met your gaze, fingers on his free hand tucking your hair behind your ear. "Maybe you should have stayed home? You know how riled up fans can get, what if someone pushes you? Plus it's freezing and it's supposed to start raining, what if you get a cold?" You took hold of his hand, fingers wrapped gently around his and brought it up to your mouth, lips pressing the softest of kisses against his knuckles.
"I don't even sit with fans. You're worrying for no reason, I'm wrapped up enough to not get a cold and even if I did get a cold it wouldn't effect the baby. So stop fussing and go get sorted before everyone has my head for stealing you away." You left a kiss against his cheek, lips against the rough stubble of his beard and Mason let out a little sigh, hand pulling away from your tummy.
"I'll come and find you afterwards, yeah?" You nodded and let him pull you in for a kiss, his mouth slanting softly over yours, fingers tilting your head back. "Be careful, please."
"Yes, sir." Mason rolled his eyes and after giving you one last kiss finally let you leave, giddy smile spread across your lips at how extra cautious and protective he'd been in the few weeks since you’d found out about your pregnancy. You were slightly scared of how he was going to be when you actually had the baby.
As promised Mason made his way to you as soon as he was able to do so, body wrapped in his extra long puffer, blue hoodie pulled up over his hair to protect his head from the rain after his shower. He grinned when he saw you, lips tilting crookedly and you matched his smile when he reached you, turning your attention away from were you'd been talking with Sophia and Kai.
"Congratulations Mr Goal Scorer." You giggled when he pressed an array of wet kisses across your face, peppering your cheeks and forehead until you were trying to hide away in his coat, cheeks turning pink at his affections. When he finally gave up trying to kiss every inch of your face you peeked back up at him. “Proud of you, baby.”
“Think of it as an early Christmas present. For you,” He dropped his voice and carefully slid his hand over your stomach, eyes shining when he nudged the very tip of his nose against the side of yours. “And this little one.” Despite your grin you shook your head, fingers wrapping around his wrist so you could pull his hand away, more than aware that there were tones of people who could see what he was doing.
“We’re both incredibly happy for you but you need to keep your hands to yourself. We had an agreement.” Mason pouted and dropped his head to nuzzle into your neck, hand settling on your hip instead but you knew it would only be minutes before it started wandering again.
“Just making sure they’re okay in there.” You heard him mumble, voice muffled by you skin and then you felt his lips form a little smile before he kissed just below your ear. “Come sit down for a bit.” Mason took ahold of your hand and led you to an empty table, sitting himself down before pulling you into his lap.
A blast of cold air hit the room when someone opened the door and he felt you shiver against him, your body turning slightly further into his. “Here, let me warm you up.” His lips tilted into another smile and he pulled one arm out of his coat so he could wrap it around your body and hold it in place so the two of you could bask in his heat for a few moments before you left. You knew that wasn’t his only motive though because the second the coat hid you away his free hand made its way to your stomach.
“You know there’s hardly anything there yet don’t you? It’s just like bloating.” Mason narrowed his eyes at you, hand rubbing slow circles against your skin and you couldn’t deny the way it had you melting into him.
“My baby is in there whether you have a bump or not. I want them to know my hand.”
“I’m not sure that’s how it works.”
“It works however I want it to work.” You rolled your eyes at him and leant against his shoulder, content with letting him rub the bump that didn’t really exist yet where no one else could see. Mason pressed a kiss against the top of your head before leaning his cheek against it.
“Next Christmas we’re gonna have a baby.” He whispered, pulling you a little bit closer to him as his fingers drew shapes around your belly button. This had you smiling, the thoughts of bringing baby Mount to their very first Chelsea game making your heart flutter.
“We need to get them a stocking. And we can get them a bauble with their name on it too. Think about when it snows and we can teach them how to make snow angels and snowmen.”
“The house is gonna be packed with toys next year too.” You gave a little laugh, settling your hand over the top of Mason’s and in the moment both of you were both wishing for the nine months to fly by, eager to meet the little person you’d made.
“They’re gonna be spoilt rotten.” Mason hummed and kissed your head again before twisting his hands so he could squeeze your fingers.
“Think they take after their mum in that respect then.” This earned him a light jab to the ribs but he just laughed and slid his hand from your stomach to wrap around your waist and pull you into him for a hug. “But seriously, I can’t wait to a family with you. Finding out about the baby is probably the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.”
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this is mason mount’s world and we’re just living in it
Tumblr media
mans really out here scoring insane goals, making countless assists and went to the ballon d’or ALL IN THE SAME WEEK???
king shit and he knows it
he’s hot when he’s cocky
(gif credit to owner)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mason Mount scores against West Ham, 4.12.2021
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TOM HOLLAND meets LIONEL MESSI Ballon d'Or – November 29, 2021 ©France Football
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lütfen 3 takımda Galibiyetle ayrılsın, gece mükemmel bi uyku çekeyim 🧡💚💛❤️🖤💛
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A Mistletoe Throwback
Mason Mount x Reader
On your drive back home after Mason telling you that you would be spending New Year’s Eve at a black-tie event, you think about the first time you ever met almost one year ago.
Word Count: 6484
12 Days of Christmas, Day 2 of 12 : Masterlist
Tumblr media
31st December (last year)
New Year’s Eve.
You and your two friends had not long stepped into the packed club that you had bought tickets for a couple of months in advance. Your friends were desperate to come to the bar you were currently strutting through, the new London hotspot that was all over social media, and when the three of you had decided to see the New Year in, outside of your hometown, there was only one place it was going to be.
You’d been for a meal earlier on and as it was now nearing 10pm, you were beginning to feel the effects of the cocktails you had been drinking throughout your night so far. The three of you found your table and ordered another round of Martini’s, checking out the crowd of people that surrounded you. You spotted a couple of ‘Influencers’ on a table nearby and your friends even noticed there was a booth on the opposite side of the room with what looked like footballers from where you were sat.
When your glasses were empty after throwing back the overpriced mixture quicker than you can blink, you offered to go and order another round. You waded your way through the sea of people on the dance floor and managed to get yourself to the bar, thankful there was a stool for you to relieve your feet from your strappy stilettos which were now starting to pinch. You sat and waited patiently to be served, the bar man sending an acknowledgement nod in your direction as you sent a thank you smile back as you adjusted your black silk shirt dress, loosely buttoned so there was a peek of cleavage on show.
“Have you been served?” a voice from behind your shoulder asked.
“Not yet but I think I’m next” you replied, turning to see who you were talking to.
“You’re welcome to join our table” the dark-haired, blue-eyed male added, “There’s three of you right?”.
“Yeah… there is” you mumbled whilst scanning his familiar face, brushing off the comment that he’d obviously noticed you and the girls prior to speaking with you now.
“We’re sat back there” he nodded towards the booth you spotted before, realising he was part of the group your friend had thought were footballers.
“Is this recruitment day or something? You do a lap of the club to see who you want to invite over?” you quipped, knowing full well your friends would be skipping straight over to his table once they knew they were invited.
“Something like that” he smirked, his hand running through his slick backed hair.
“I’ll see if the girls are available then” you added nonchalantly, spinning on your stool so you could try and grab their attention.
“Are you not?” his head tilting as he asked.
“It depends who’s asking” your eyebrows drawing together slightly as you interrogated him on his motive.
“My friend” he smiled softly, his demeanour changing now he’d admitted it wasn’t him who was interested in you.
“Is your friend as sleazy as you?” you joked, waving the girls over as they spotted you.
“Quite the opposite” he chuckled, offering a hand to help you off the stool “I’m Ben”.
“Well Ben, these are my available friends. Knock yourself out” you smirked as the girls were now stepping towards you.
Ben introduced himself to your friends and they both were very smitten by his good looks and charm, you had to admit he was an attractive guy, but there was something you couldn’t put your finger on with him. He invited the three of you over to the booth again and the girls seemed more than happy to follow him over, shooting you a wide-eyed look of excitement as you trailed behind.
Ben brought you over, pointing out the names of his friends as they each stepped out from behind the table to greet you, telling you to help yourselves to drinks, until the last guy nearly choked on his rum and coke when you spoke to him.
“Shit, sorry” he mumbled as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, “I’m Mason”.
“Are you okay?” you smiled, noticing his cheeks flushed.
“I think so” he nodded, his warm brown eyes staring at you as he tried to calm his breathing after embarrassing himself.
The three of you slid yourselves into the curved suede seats that surrounded the table filled with large bottles of Vodka and Rum, along with the biggest bottle of Tequila you’d ever laid eyes on. After their quick introductions, you established that Ben was in fact a footballer, as were a couple of the others, Mason, and Reece, and then there were a couple of other lads who’s names you didn’t quite catch over the loud music.
Ben poured you all a drink, joking that he worked quicker than the bar man after he found you sitting on the stool looking lost. He asked you where you were from, if you’d ever been to London for a night out before and what your plans for the next day were, you telling him you had a train booked to go home late afternoon after recovering from what you hope will be a hangover. As you and Ben laughed and joked on a friendly level, him confessing that one of your friends was his type, you could feel Mason’s eyes on you from the corner of your eye. Each time you would turn to look at him his head would whip away, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he nervously swallowed back the awkwardness of being caught.
Ben excused himself so he could go and dance with your friend who he seemed to have taken a liking to, leaving you to swirl your straw in your glass as you watched them, noticing Mason slowly shuffling up the seat to your left. He was handsome, a short scruff of a beard dressed his face, his hair was fairly short but fluffy, a dark chocolate brown, and he had the biggest whitest smile you’d ever seen, when he wasn’t choking on his Rum of course. You noticed he was confident with everyone else, but every time he looked at or spoke to you, he turned into a nervous wreck. You’d never imagined a footballer would feel nervous talking to you so you found it endearing.
“I didn’t catch your name” he shouted over the music as he leant into your ear.
“Because I didn’t tell you it” you reminded him, pulling away so you could see his face.
“I’m Mason” he smiled, his eyes flickering down to your lips.
“I know. You told me before” you replied, not wanting to give up your name to him just yet.
“Are you not going to tell me yours?” he mumbled, fidgeting with the hem of his black t-shirt as you were beginning to intimidate him again.
“You’ll have to work harder than that for my name I’m afraid” you sighed, picking your drink up from the table.
“Do you smoke?” he quizzed, chewing the inside of his cheek.
“Nope” you shook your head, and when he didn’t say anything else you repeated his question back to him as small talk, “Do you?”.
He shook his head, and watched you take a sip of your drink, “Do you want to get some air?” he asked.
“Are you asking me to come out with you?” you replied, realising his motive when he nodded.
He led the way onto the much quieter outside terrace, turning around every few steps to make sure you were still following him. He found a table tucked away in the corner, looking over the skyline as he rubbed his hands together to warm them.
“You have really nice eyes” you admitted to him, catching him off guard.
“Yeah?” he responded, a shocked tone in his voice.
“Nice jacket too” you added, noticing the Burberry logo that was stitched into the light-coloured bomber, spotting the sharks that were weaved into the design.
“You know great white sharks have up to 300 teeth” he blurted out.
“What?” you muttered, taken aback by the randomness of his fact.
“Nothing” he blushed, taking a nervous gulp from his now nearly empty glass.
“Did you just tell me a fact about sharks?” you scoffed, raising your eyebrows at him as you took a sip of your own drink.
“No, I don’t know what you’re talking about” he shook his head, trying to laugh it off.
You spent the next ten minutes talking about where you had both been that evening before you met, your drinks now empty, and Mason offered you his jacket when he noticed you shivering.
“Anymore random facts about sharks on offer?” you winked, threading your arms through the sleeves.
“You know their tongues almost never move” he finally said after a long pause, his eyes gazing at your mouth as you grinned.
“What about yours?” you smirked, testing his reaction.
“What?” his mouth dropped.
“Your tongue” you breathed a laugh, “Yours moves. I’ve seen it darting out of your mouth countless times tonight already”
“Oh” he whispered, running his tongue along his lower lip as his cheeks turned crimson.
Mason must have asked you a couple dozen questions about your life and things you liked, what your favourite type of food was, your favourite breakfast, your favourite film etc, all of his questions surprising you as you continued to chat away from the others. You knew footballers had bad reputations, they were young, hot, and rich which meant they had girls throwing themselves at them, but Mason seemed different, really different.
“Shall we go back inside?” you suggested, noticing you’d been away from the girls a while.
He agreed and stood up. You slipped his jacket off thanking him for lending it you as he’d tried to hide that he was freezing without it, all for the sake of you being that little bit warmer. As you made your way back into the bar, you both bumped chests as you tried to pass through the door at the same time. His eyes lowered to your mouth as he watched you glide the tip of your tongue over your lower lip, a sudden rush to plant his lips on yours.
“Can I kiss you?” he whispered, leaning towards your face so you could hear him, his heavenly aftershave catching your attention just as much as his question.
“Maybe at midnight… if you find some mistletoe” you whispered into his ear.
“Where am I supposed to get that, Christmas was six days ago?” he muttered, swallowing the lump in his throat.
You shrugged your shoulders and walked away from him, leaving him stood in the doorway bewildered. You joined your friends back in the booth, noticing Ben and Reece had managed to charm them both as they had coupled off, practically sat on both of the boys knees as they flirted their arses off. You poured yourself another drink as you joined in the conversation with the group on the odd occasions they managed to pry themselves away from each other, all whilst Mason was nowhere to be found.
You decided to head onto the dance floor on your own, feeling the effects of another two tequila shots, as you found yourself surrounded by a blonde guy that was trying to get your attention as you danced. You weren’t interested, politely trying to ignore his advances as he asked if you wanted a drink. As you gave up with the dancing, your heels starting to pinch your toes again, you turned to head back to the booth, noticing a certain somebody looking at you.
You blushed as you wondered how long he’d been watching you, but your eyes fixed on his as you made your way over to him, stopping only when your chests were almost touching.
“It’s nearly midnight” he murmured, his voice low and his eyes darker than earlier.
“So it is” you smirked, looking up to him through your lashes as the DJ began to countdown to midnight from ten.
“Do I get that kiss then?” his eyebrow quickly raising as he posed the question to you.
“What about my ultimatum?” you shot your question back.
He pulled his hand from behind his back, and there sat between his index finger and thumb was a sprig of mistletoe and you couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle as you were shocked he’d actually managed to find some now Christmas had passed.
“Where did you…” you began to ask as you looked up to him, but before you could finish your question, his lips were on yours just as everyone cheered Happy New Year!
His free hand wrapped around the back of your neck, pulling you in closer, deepening the kiss and you melted into his mouth. You slung your arms over his shoulder, your fingers sliding into his hair as you revelled in the moment. He didn’t kiss like the shy personality that nearly choked on his drink when you first spoke to him, his kiss was dominant and he knew exactly what he was doing with that tongue you’d been catching glimpses of throughout the night.
“You’re supposed to kiss under it” you breathed as you pulled away, his forehead resting on yours.
He lifted the mistletoe above your heads, catching his arm raising from the corner of your eye and you giggled before kissing him again. You had to hand it to him, he was wooing you and you were falling hook, line, and sinker for it. At least for tonight you thought anyway.
You spent the next hour sinking back more Tequila with the rest of the table, Mason’s demeanour had done a full 180 since you first met him, whether that was the alcohol or the fact that he’d now managed to kiss you, you didn’t know, but he no longer seemed nervous. His arm draped over the booth seating behind you, his finger lightly brushing your arm as you begged him to do another shot, both squirming as the Tequila burnt your throats.
“Are we going back to mine then?” Ben asked as he stood up, the lads agreeing with him as they all finished their drinks.
Your friends were more than happy to continue the night back at Ben’s house with Reece and Mason, and you agreed to go too, knowing full well what was going to happen. Three girls and three guys, it doesn’t take a genius to work it out but you were never going to see any of them again, so why not take full advantage of three footballers wanting to party with you until all hours.
Your friends, Ben and Reece jumped in a taxi and you and Mason jumped in the one behind as there weren’t enough seats for all of you in the first one.
“Ben and Reece seem nice” you hummed, staring out of the window as the car set off.
“What about me?” he asked, wrapping his arm around you knowing you were cold from being outside for a few minutes.
“I guess you’re alright” you quipped, thinking he was absolutely more than alright.
“Tough crowd” he laughed, “Didn’t see you forcing anyone else to do Tequila shots with you though”.
“Beggars can’t be choosers” you shrugged, trying to hide a smirk.
“Oh yeah” he whispered, lowering his face into the crook of your neck, “Begging?”.
Your heart nearly pumped out of your chest and your eyes blew wide as his hot breath brushed over your skin, his arm tightening around your shoulder to draw you even closer to him.
“I don’t beg” you managed to just about say, as quiet as a whisper.
“You will” he growled, his lips attaching to your neck as you tilted your head back.
“I’m not the one that nearly choked on their drink when I spoke to you” you boasted, keeping your voice low to taunt him.
“First begging and now choking, you’re gonna have to stop putting images in my head” his voice vibrating against your skin as he continued to pepper your neck with kisses after every other word.
You tried your best to keep your cool but he was making it extremely difficult, you were flustered, your stomach doing somersaults, and every time he spoke against your neck it would send a pool of heat to your underwear. He’d hardly even touched you and you already knew you were wet, your body craving him from his mouth on your neck alone.
“Do you live far from Ben?” you enquired, your eyes flickering open as he pulled away.
“No why?” he breathed, licking his lips as his eyes flickered over your face.
“Do you want to go to Ben’s?” you posed the question to him, insinuating you had no desire to go.
“Do you not?” he mumbled against your lips.
“I don’t think so” you whispered, biting your lip coyly.
Mason asked the taxi driver to change the destination on his SatNav and sent a quick text to Ben to say he was going straight home, you sending a similar text to your friends to let them know you wouldn’t be turning up and you’ll call them later, or maybe in the morning.
The taxi pulled up and Mason opened his electronic gates, you gulping back your nerves as you laid eyes on his extremely large house. He thanked and paid the driver as you awkwardly waited on his doorstep, all of a sudden sobering up and beginning to regret not just going back to Ben’s with the girls.
“You look nervous” he smiled, slotting his key into the front door, nodding as he pushed it open “After you”.
You stepped into the hallway, your stilettos tapping on the marble flooring as he switched the lights on to reveal the huge space. He locked the door behind you and told you to follow him as he walked towards the back of the house. You were at a loss for words as you took in his impressive home, slowly walking into his large open plan kitchen to find him looking through a cupboard.
“Do you want another drink? Anything to eat?” he asked, scratching the back of his head as he opened the fridge.
“I’m not hungry thanks but I’ll take a drink” you replied, placing your phone and bag down on the kitchen island so you could inspect the room further.
“How come you didn’t want to go to Bens?” he asked as he cleared his throat, passing you the Vodka he’d just poured you.
“Thought you could tell me some more facts about those sharks you keep talking about” smiling as you sat yourself down on a stool.
“I’m not David Attenborough” he nervously laughed, leaning against the counter next to you.
You couldn’t work him out. When you first met him he was nervous and shy, not somebody you would typically ever consider getting to know, but then he’d give you glimpses of him being so much more than that. You were unsure of how the night was going to pan out as he stood awkwardly staring at his drink as you reached down to take your shoes off. Your own thoughts plagued your mind, did he have it in him to get you to beg like he’d said earlier, or were you going to be ringing for a taxi to Ben’s to avoid any more of this awkward silence.
He turned to watch you fiddle with the straps of your heels, struggling to undo them before he offered to help, lifting your foot to rest against his stomach as he toyed with the tiny buckle on your ankle. Goosebumps dressed your body at the feel of his touch on your legs and you observed him contently, the tip of his tongue peeking through his lips and his eyebrows drawn together as he concentrated on removing your heels, managing to undo one before popping your shoe on the floor. He repeated his actions with your other foot, glancing at you every now and then as he took his time, his soft smile making your heart thump loudly in your chest as you swallowed dryly despite having a drink in your hand.
When he placed your other shoe on the kitchen floor, he stood back up straight his hands resting on your thighs as his eyes found yours again. You were both a little drunk but you could still cut the sexual tension with a knife. You instinctively parted your knees so he could step closer, his hips settling between your thighs and his hands moved up to your hips, thumbs brushing over the silk material of your dress. His lips brushed over yours, before ghosting over your jaw and the shell of your ear. Your breathing began to deepen as your eyes flickered shut at the feel of his hands caressing your waist, he pressed kisses down your neck as you tilted your head back for him and your body felt just like it did in the taxi earlier. He brought his face back to yours and his lips fell onto your mouth in a gentle kiss, his stubble tickling your face as his tongue slipped into your mouth softly. There was nothing rushed about it, your arms found themselves over his shoulders and you buried your fingers into the back of his hair, lightly tugging on the soft brown strands, not wanting him to ever stop kissing you.
Now you were away from the busy club, you noticed the smell of his aftershave more, the rich aroma turning you on further as his delicate hands dipped under the hem of your dress at the sides of your legs, your thighs almost quivering as you anticipated where his fingers would be soon. Your grip in his hair tightened as your kiss began to grow more intense, breathing a moan into his mouth as his hands pushed higher up your legs, your dress bunching up almost revealing your underwear. You pulled his jacket off him slowly, his hands detaching from your body as he freed his arms from the sleeves, dropping it to the floor as he quickly snapped back to you, his lips caressing yours as your hands now pulled at the bottom of his t-shirt until he pulled away and stopped you. He breathed heavily, resting his forehead on yours as your wide eyes looked at him unsure of why he wouldn’t let you remove his top.
“You sure about this?” he whispered, one hand cupping your jaw, his finger tilting your head up to him slightly.
You nodded, you wanted nothing more. His hands flanked your hips, pulling you closer to him on the stool and he lifted your legs around his waist before wrapping your hands around his neck and lifting you up. You leant into his chest, your arms gripping him tighter so he could carry you up the stairs, the butterflies inside your stomach were making you feel nauseas as you hazily took in his home from over his shoulder. He pushed his bedroom door open with his foot and threw you down onto the bed and your dress had hitched up to your hips, your black lace underwear now visible as he pulled his t-shirt over his head quickly. Your eyes widened as you gazed at his body, the slight definition of his abdominal muscles, his defined arms, his shoulders, his ever so slightly tanned skin, a picture that would be carved into your memory forever. He knelt on the bed, his legs between yours and his body hovering over you as he held himself up with one arm, his eyes burning into yours for a moment and you got lost in them.
“Do you know how much I want you?” he breathed, lowering his face so his lips brushed yours.
You didn’t reply, you couldn’t, you were lost for words as you felt his groin press into you. Your breathing shallowed as he began to slowly undo the buttons on your shirt dress, kissing along your jawline and down your neck as he did.
“I’ve been thinking about doing this all night” his voice low as he pushed your dress open once most of the buttons were undone, your matching lace bralette now on show as his kisses lowered to your chest.
You arched your back, tilting your head the same way as his tongue glided over your skin, his hand now gripping your bare waist as he moaned through his kisses.
“Are you going to tell me your name yet?” he murmured as he brought his face back to yours, reminding you that you’d been avoiding telling him your name all night.
You stared back at him in silence, your name on the tip of your tongue but a smirk appeared on his face when he noticed you were dumbfounded.
“I can’t fuck you senseless if you don’t tell me your name” he growled, his tongue skimming his bottom lip as his eyes darkened.
“Y/N” you breathed, feeling like you had just confessed a sin.
“Y/N” he whispered back, biting his lip as he said your name, a name he’d been waiting all night to hear.
He undid the last button on your shirt and pulled back from you to sit on his knees, his fingers hooking under your underwear as you helped to pull your legs from out of the lace. He stood up from the bed undoing his jeans as you lay propped up on your elbows, wearing only your bralette and your silk dress draped over your shoulders, your arms still covered. He stepped out of his jeans, revealing his white Calvin’s and the sight of his hard bulge made you clench as you waited for him to return to you. He settled back onto the bed, his hands weaving behind your knees so he could throw them over his shoulders, his head resting between your thighs and his stubble gently scratching them.
“And you remember my name?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.
You nodded, watching him lower his head as he continued to make eye contact with you. You could feel his heavy breathing pouring over your skin, his lips less than an inch away from where you were craving them.
“Say it” he breathed, his eyes glancing down to your pussy before looking back up when he heard you.
“Mason” you whimpered, desperate for him.
“Good” he praised, pressing a kiss onto your pubic bone. He shifted himself slightly, chest laying on the bed as his face stayed between your legs, his fingers gripping the back of your thighs before he added “Because it’s all you’re gonna be saying all night”.
Your head fell back onto the bed as he swiped his tongue from your entrance to your clit, moaning as he tasted you. He swept his tongue over you slowly, your chest raising as you inhaled a deep breath as he swirled over your clit again, before gently sucking and then returning back to your entrance. He continued to tease you with his mouth as he slipped two of his fingers inside of you, intensifying his already impressive technique to bring you to your high which was building up pathetically quick. Your fingers found themselves in his hair as your other hand clutched onto the duvet underneath you, your orgasm fast approaching as he continued to flick his tongue over you whilst his fingers pulsed inside. Your legs tingled as you began to chant his name through your breathing, letting him know you were almost there. He steadied his pace, not wanting to rush you through it and as you cried his name one more time, louder than you had so far, you clenched around his fingers as you came, pulling a groan from his throat as your thighs squeezed around his face.
With your vision hazy anyway, you kept your eyes closed as you tried to calm your breathing, you felt his stubble brush against your hips as he left a trail of kisses up your body whilst he lifted himself back up to your face. His still wet lips kissed yours, leaving the taste of yourself on your mouth as he pushed the waistband of his boxers down, grabbing at the base of his dick as he stroked it over your entrance and up to your clit, coating it as he bit his lip at the sight of you underneath him. He pushed himself into you slowly, his hand now lifting your leg up around his waist so he could push deeper.
“Fuck Mason” you moaned as he stretched you out, his movements slow as he began to thrust.
He let out a pent-up breath as he heard you say his name, his eyes dancing over your face as he watched you react to his dick drawing in and out of you, showing him you were enjoying every second as you bit your lip. He began to quicken his pace, causing you to cry a number of expletives, grabbing onto the edge of the bed as he thrusted in and out of you perfectly.
“You look so good moaning my name” he growled in your ear, his hips snapping back towards you with an extra forceful thrust causing you to moan it again.
“It’s about time you moaned mine” you sneered, grazing your tongue over the shell of his ear as he buried his face into the crook of your neck.
He pulled out of you and flipped you both over, rolling onto his back so you were on top. He pulled at the sleeves of your dress that were still covering your arms, throwing it across the room and he admired your body from the new angle. You leant down to kiss him as you reached beneath your legs to guide his dick back into you, a groan falling from his lips as he entered you again. His hands found the strap of your bra as he unhooked the clasp, your arms wiggling out of it before that too was tossed onto the floor with your dress. You sat up, letting him watch you bounce on his dick, his hands on your hips and eyes full of lust as you rode him.
“Fucking hell” he breathed, watching your hand fall between your legs to pleasure yourself.
You continued to fuck him, the look on his face and the noises coming from his mouth encouraging you even more as you slowly swirled your fingers over clit, your legs beginning to shake underneath you as you felt your high building again. He could feel you beginning to clench around him again and he knew he was getting close himself so he pushed you off him, moving you onto your knees so he could fuck you senseless just like he said he would. You arched your back as you waited for him to enter you, unsatisfied with now feeling empty, longing for him again. He leant down to swipe his tongue over your pussy, before lining himself up with you. His fingers dipped into your hips as he did, a breathy moan leaving his throat as he pushed himself into you even deeper than before. With your fingers lost in the duvet, you tightened your grip on the material as he buried himself in you. He thrusted agonisingly slow at first, trying to drag it out for the both of you as you were close, until you pushed your hips back into him quicker, letting him know you wanted more.
He quickened his pace, slamming into you just how you wanted and needed him. You reached between your legs again so you could push yourself over the finish line and Mason’s hips began to falter as your body shook when you came, clenching around him as you did. The feeling of you tightening around him pushed him over the edge too, throwing a few last thrust inside you as he came and his hands dug into you as he did.
You let your forehead fall onto the bed out of exhaustion and Mason stilled inside of you for a moments as he hung his head trying to catch his breath. He slowly pulled out of you before falling onto the bed, one arm on his chest and the other lay across the other side of the bed.
You lifted yourself off your elbows and climbed off the bed, Mason nodding towards the landing as he knew you were searching for the bathroom. Whilst you sat on the toilet all you could think about was how much of a dark horse he was, a couple of hours ago he couldn’t even say hello to you, never mind put on a performance like that. You got yourself cleaned up and then tip toed back to his room, chewing on the inside of your mouth as you stood naked, feeling vulnerable as your eyes were scanning the room for your dress amongst his clothes. You were waiting for him to give you a clue as to whether or not he wanted you to leave now, but you were non the wiser.
He’d manoeuvred himself under his duvet when you stepped back into his room, now lay on his front with his arms under the pillow. He turned over his shoulder as he heard you reappear, a sleepy smile tugging at the corner of his lips which was visible from the moonlight that was coming through the windows due to the curtains not being drawn.
“You okay?” he whispered, pulling back the duvet on the empty side of the bed as an invite to join him.
“Mhmm” you hummed, sliding under the duvet next to him with a sheepish smile.
“Glad you didn’t go to Bens?” he smirked.
“Possibly” you replied as you bit your lip.
He wrapped his arm around your waist to pull you in closer to him, and your hand instinctively cupped his jaw as you admired his tired face. He pressed a kiss to your lips as his fingertips lightly stroked up and down your spine. You could have stayed there forever, but you knew in the morning you would be leaving, never to see Mason again and boarding a train to go home.
“Happy New Year y/n” he whispered, pressing a kiss onto your forehead before you both drifted off to sleep.
You woke up the next morning, your head pounding from the one too many Tequila’s last night and you sighed as you came round to the fact you were far away from home and you had no idea where the girls were. You noticed the bed was empty, sitting up to naturally look for your phone and realising you left your bag downstairs in the kitchen when you got here. You quickly shuffled out of bed, finding your clothes folded neatly on top of the suede chair in the corner of the room. You pulled on your underwear and buttoned your shirt dress up, glancing at your sorry state in the mirror. You wiped away the mascara under your eyes, before threading your fingers through your hair to try and tidy the birds nest it resembled, to no avail, and made your way downstairs to try and find your bag so you could order a taxi to leave. As you stepped down the grey carpeted stairs, you noticed your shoes were sat in the hall, next to a pair of Mason’s trainers. You hastily walked through the hall, hearing the soft sound of the TV on in the kitchen and you closed your eyes for a second, building up the courage to head in, grab your bag, say goodbye, and ring a taxi from the doorstep.
Mason noticed you stood in the doorway, your eyes frantically searching for your bag, whilst his eyes were admiring the way you look, even with last night’s make up clinging onto your face.
“Morning” he smiled, turning to flick the kettle on.
“Just trying to find my bag” you mumbled, fiddling with the sleeve of your dress.
“It’s on the table over there” he nodded over towards the large dining table that sat in the room, “I put your phone on charge for you too as it was sat on the side, thought you might want to let your friends know you’re okay, I’ve not spoke to Ben yet”.
“Thanks” you smiled, making your way over to grab your phone and bag from the table. You quickly glanced at your phone, noticing you had several texts from the girls asking how last night was and saying how they were spending the rest of the day in the hotel room, suffering with hangovers in bed so there was no need to rush back before the train later.
“Everything ok?” Mason quizzed, stirring a teaspoon in the two mugs which had gone unnoticed by you.
“Anyway, I best get going” you stuttered, shoving your phone in your bag.
“Oh” he gulped, the tone in his voice sounding shocked as the teaspoon clanged on the side of the mug when he let go of it, drawing your attention to the two cups and not one. “I was going to make you breakfast” he admitted.
“Do you not want me to leave?” you asked, the disbelief of what he had just said obvious on your face.
He shook his head, a soft smirk on the corner of his lips as you put your bag back down on the table.
“So I remember your favourite breakfast, but I can’t remember if you have sugar in your tea or not” he asked, picking the teaspoon back up to continue stirring the teabags in the mugs.
You answered, putting an end to his dilemma, and he hummed as he continued making your drink. You walked to sit on the bar stool, remembering him taking your shoes off on the same one last night, your cheeks flushing as you had flashbacks of your antics. He passed you the mug of tea, sipping his own as you thanked him, before standing in front of you, his free hand pushing your knee apart from the other so he could slot his hips between your legs. You set your tea down on the side, your still sleepy eyes looking at his and he leaned into your face, his mug resting against his chest as he did so.
“What do you say about a shower?” he breathed against your jaw, pressing a gentle kiss on your cheek.
“Do I need one that bad?” you joked, knowing full well you did as his face returned to your view.
“I think we both do” he winked, bringing his tea back up to his lips as he raised his eyebrows.
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truth or shot - marcus rashford
in which you get snowed into your best friends flat and after a couple shots of vodka and a round of truth one of you finally confesses your feelings
prompt 11 from the christmas special, “i think we’re snowed in”
Tumblr media
"I think we're snowed in. There's no way you're driving in that." Marcus' voice was final and held no room for any real argument as the both of you stared out of the window of his flat, snow falling in sheets of white, wind billowing so hard you were afraid the windows would fall in. The storm had hit unexpectedly, you'd thought you had at least another hour or so until it reached its peak, giving you enough time to get home but that hadn't been the case and now you were staring down a wall of complete white flakes.
"I have work in the morning." You complained, lips turning into a slight pout as you threw yourself down on the sofa, feet dangling over the edge. Despite the lights from the Christmas tree and the TV, the room was still relatively dim and it got even darker when Marcus pulled the curtains closed and sent you a pointed look.
"I highly doubt the school will even be open. Have you seen how much snow we're meant to get?" Of course you had, it was all everyone had been talking about for days. The impending storm that was meant to leave feet of snow it's wake, you just hadn't really believed it was going to happen but given the way it was raging outside right now it seemed plausible. "You'll be lucky if you go back to work at all this week."
He settled at your feet and pulled your shoes off, dropping them to the floor as you watched him, his eyebrows raising when he caught sight of your socks. He playfully prodded the bottom of your foot until you shifted away from him, a soft giggle bubbling from your chest. "Why are you wearing Man U socks?"
"They were at the top of my drawer and they're comfy, do you know how warm these are?" You pushed yourself up off the sofa, socked feet padding softly against the laminated flooring as you made your way over to the kitchen, lips pouted in contemplation. Marcus watched you carefully, trailing behind you, gaze locked on the way you searched his his cupboards.
"What are you doing?"
"Where's all my vodka?" Marcus frowned, leaning back against the kitchen island, hands against the edge and you had a struggle averting your gaze when you glanced at the veins in his exposed arms. Marcus was undeniably attractive and as much as you hated to admit it about your best friend, there were times when you wanted nothing more than to forget you were just friends and beg him to have his way with you. It was a constant fight between giving into your inner urges and possibly having the best night of your life and potentially ruining your ten year friendship because Marcus didn't want you like that.
"Your vodka? I'm sure I bought it."
"Yeah but I usually drink it. Where?"
"Fridge, in the door. Why do you want vodka?" After pulling the bottle from the fridge, fingers clasped around the neck you threw Marcus a grin and wiggled your eyebrows.
"Drinking games, duh. If I'm stuck here all night I wanna at least make it interesting." At his look of uncertainty you sent him your best puppy dog eyes, lips pouting as you stopped directly in front of him. You skimmed your fingers over his and watched the way he swallowed thickly, throat bobbing ever so slightly. "C'mon, you won't be training tomorrow and it's been forever since we got drunk together. I promise I'll try not to throw up in your shoes this time."
He let out a breath and swiped the bottle from you, nudging you out of the way with his hip. "If you do you're paying for a new pair." Which is how you found yourself tipsy and half naked on Marcus' living room floor, Christmas songs ringing in the background and an almost empty bottle of vodka set between you.
Marcus was equally as unclothed, wearing only his boxers and one sock and the sight alone made it difficult to keep your giggles at bay. He kept shuffling awkwardly, subtly adjusting his underwear and trying in vain to keep his eyes locked on yours, heat flooding his face whenever he glanced down and let his gaze linger on your lacy bra. His dirty thoughts were running riot and in his slightly inebriated state he was afraid he was going to spill something he shouldn't. Like the fact he's been in love with you for years and right now all he could think about was what was underneath the extremely thin material you were wearing.
You'd been playing forehead detective, one of you writing a persons name on a post it and sticking it to the others head, giving them clues until they guessed right. For every wrong guess once the allotted time was over you took a shot and had to remove a piece of clothing. Neither of you had done very well, the alcohol in your system muddling thoughts and names until Marcus tried guessing that OJ Simpson was married to Marge Simpson. It was a mess all in all but the slight smirk that started tugging the side of your mouth made Marcus a little wary.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" You shuffled a little on the carpet, spinning the bottle cap on the tip of your finger, eyes darting down to his exposed thighs. You wet your lips before glancing back up at him, ignoring the buzzing thoughts about how strong those thighs looked and all the sinful things you wanted to do involving them.
"I'm bored of this game, I wanna play Truth or Shot." Marcus cocked his head, leaning back a little against the front of the sofa, his eyes roaming your face.
"Truth or Shot?"
"You ask a question, the other either answers it or takes a shot if they don't want to."
"How drunk are you trying to get me?"
"Drunk enough that I can dress you up in that Santa costume I bought you last year, I'm still waiting to see it." Marcus shook his head and grimaced at the thought of the present you'd gifted him the previous Christmas.
"That suit is never coming out. I'll take it to my grave if I have to." He took the bottle from near your leg and poured two shots, sliding one across the floor to you as you moved a little closer to him. "What are the rules?"
"No rules other than you drink if you don't answer."
"So I can ask you whatever I want?"
"Yes but I don't have to answer." He gave a soft hum at that, hand rubbing against his jaw as he thought about starting off with an easy question or at least one you wouldn't avoid before he got to the real stuff. His lips tilted into a smirk. "Do you fancy Jesse?"
This made you laugh, eyes crinkling at the sides as you gave a slight shake of your head. You'd expected him to dive straight into dirty secrets, not to ask if you had a crush on his best mate and you were only slightly disappointed that he hadn't asked something a bit more daring. If he thought you were going to start off easy he was sorely mistaken.
"No," He opened his mouth to argue because he'd seen the flirty messages the two of you exchanged, he remembered distinctly telling Jesse immediately that you were off limits. You held your finger up to get him to stop. "I used to have a teeny tiny crush on him when you first introduced us but not anymore."
"You know you're not allowed to lie in this game?"
"I'm not lying! Don't worry, if I wanted to get with any of your friends I'd let you know, I'd need all the intel." Marcus pulled a face, gaze lowered to his shot and then he suddenly drank from it, reaching back for the bottle to re pour.
"I'd appreciate if you just didn't date any of my friends." He mumbled, thumb swiping over his bottom lip and you noticed the odd set to his shoulders and the way his eyes had darkened ever so slightly.
"You're not allowed to just randomly drink your shots, Rashy, you have to save them." You tilted your head at him. "Why can't I date your friends? Some of them are pretty hot." You watched his eyes narrow, finger swirling around the opening of the bottle.
"Is that your question?"
"Yes. Do you have a problem with me dating your friends?" You wanted him to say yes but not for him to say because it was to protect you. You wanted him to say yes and admit that your feelings for him weren't one sided, that he felt the undeniable tension and from the way he kept looking at your boobs you had a very strong feeling that he did.
"Yes." His answer was quick, no hesitation involved and it made your heart rate spike slightly. You shuffled closer until your knees bumped against his, his eyes darting down to where your bare skin met.
"I don't think it's your turn to ask a question is it, darling?" The term of endearment rolled so easily off his tongue and your breath hitched in your throat at the cocky tone he'd suddenly adopted, the look on his face equally as egotistical. Marcus cleared his throat and leant forward a little, eyes dark on yours. "Did you specifically choose strip forehead detective to tease me with that little number you're wearing?"
His gaze slid once again to your chest and you looked down too, adamant to hide your smirk because maybe that had been part of your reasoning. You glanced back up and raised one eyebrow.
"I wasn't aware I was teasing you."
"That's not really an answer."
"Fine, no, I didn't." Marcus knew you well enough to know that was bullshit and he matched your raised eyebrow.
"Are you lying?"
"Maybe. But that wasn't your chance for another question. You stole my turn." You nudged his leg and he just rolled his eyes, nodding for you to get on with it. "Why don't you want me dating your friends?"
He watched you closely for a few seconds, gaze darting between your eyes and your lips and he tried his hardest not to look any lower than that. He was weighing up his options, he could either tell you out right how he felt or he could wait and needle answers out of you to see if you felt the same. He let out a little sigh.
“Why do you think?”
“You can’t answer a question with a question that’s not how it works.” Marcus narrowed his eyes at you.
“You said there were no rules.”
“These aren’t rules, they’re just basic know how. You need to answer properly or drink.” You locked your eyes on his, skin prickling slightly with the way he was looking at you and you wanted him so desperately to tell you he felt something for you. Anything at all. He could tell you he simply just wanted you for sex and you’d fall at his feet, any part of Marcus he was willing to give you’d happily take. Anything that wasn’t just friends.
“I just hate the thought of you with my friends.” His answer was slow, voice quiet and you barely heard him over the wails of Slade playing from his speakers. He dropped his gaze from yours and instead let it linger on the bottle. “I hate the thought of you with anyone actually.” Your heart gave a little thump and his eyes darkened significantly when he looked back up at you.
“I think it’s my turn to ask a question.” He leant forward a little, hands planted on the floor on either side of your legs and stopped just centimetres away. “If I asked you to kiss me right now what would you say?” Tension was thick in the air, years worth of hiding how you felt about each other crackling around you and when you let your eyes drop to Marcus’ lips you realised there was no way you were leaving his home until you kissed him.
“Yes.” Your tongue darted out to wet your lips and Marcus couldn’t tear his attention away, his pulse ticking rapidly as he tried to calm himself down, thoughts flying around in his head. He tried not to think about the fact you might only want to kiss him because you’re slightly tipsy and it would make the evening more interesting and instead just focused on the fact you wanted to kiss him in any capacity. You leant ever so slightly closer to him and brushed your fingers over his arm. “I don’t wanna play this game anymore.”
Your breath hit his lips and his tummy flipped, body heating up as he moved even closer, his lips now ghosting yours as he spoke. You were breathing in every breath he let out and the air seemed to buzz with energy, the song fading out into the distance because all he saw was you. You were all that mattered in that moment.
“Why not?” The slightest brush of his lips against yours had your breath hitching and your eyelashes fluttered when he brought his hand up and trailed his fingers across your jaw. You closed your eyes and leant into his touch.
“Because I want you to kiss me now.” The words had barely left your mouth and he was slanting his lips over yours, his hand sliding into your hair. He made a noise low in the back of his throat, hand tilting your head further back as you got lost in his kiss. No matter how many times you’d thought about kissing him, nothing would ever live up to how it really felt. His lips were soft and warm and your head spun when he gently licked your bottom lip, your hands sliding over his arms and across his shoulders.
The kiss wasn’t long enough, you never wanted him to stop brushing his lips over yours, you never wanted to forget the taste of his tongue but he was pulling away and leaving a line of kisses over your flushed pink cheek. He gently stroked your cheek with his thumb and your entire body felt tingly just from that one motion, your blood pounding in your ears as you tried to get your tummy to stop flipping. Marcus was already watching you when you opened your eyes again, slightly out of breath and each one he let out was warm over your lips and made you want to pull him back in.
“Why did it take you so long to say that?”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ALEXIA PUTELLAS llega a Sevilla con el Balón de Oro ©YouTube
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svyry · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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teammessi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LIONEL MESSI Photoshoot of the 2021 Ballon d'Or ©F. Seguin / L'Équipe
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bcnchilwell · 21 hours ago
Ben Chilwell | All Too Well (Part 2)
song recommendation: Two - Sleeping at Last
part one | part two | part three
Tumblr media
word count: 2,150
November - the first i love you
three weeks during
"stop it! ben im- i'm serious! stop!" you mutter, gasping for a breath between the chorus of laughter.
bens fingers run around your neck, his skin brushing over your most ticklish spots. he hovers over you as you lay on your back, crumpled white bedsheets underneath you. with the smell of lavender lingering, you wail your legs as he moves his pads down to your underarms, his eyes crinkling as his voice booms with hysteria.
"im glad you're- you're finding this- funny." you chuckle hypocritically, trying to squirm out of his hold. ben continues to wriggle his fingers, now moving them down under the oversized shirt you stole from him, tracing his fingertips down your sides and over your stomach.
"im going to-to-burst!" you exclaim, tears rolling down your heated cheeks. finally, ben gives in, collapsing on his back next to you. eyes to the ceiling, he holds his bare stomach, numb from laughter pains.
"your face was a picture." he breathes, catching his breathe. he runs his to tongue over his lips, sighing as his pulse starts to resume to its normal pattern.
"i'll get you back one day, benji. just you wait."
turning to your side, you face him, fingers twiddling the warm sheets. studying him, you notice the way his nose flicks, freckles spread like stars across his skin. he's burning, you can tell from the flush on his forehead, his cheeks. there it was once again, the fire.
"good job im not ticklish." ben says, shuffling to his side.
with your faces only inches away from each others, his eyes meet your gaze. he smiles softly, reaching his hand over to your face. he traces his thumb over your lips, across your cheekbones, jawline. you were right, he was searing.
the moment felt so fragile. blinds closed, sunlight from the early morning bleeding into the room. ben only in his boxers, you draped in his clothes. hair messy and untouched from the night before, the pounding sound of your heart echoing in your ears.
perhaps this is the very moment they write ode's about.
"what're you thinking about?" you question, clasping your hand over his.
he raises his brow, his dimples making a reappearance.
"you really wanna know?" he returns, the hazel colour in his eyes glistening. he's reluctant to blink, trying to capture as much of you as he can.
you nod, teeth tugging on the skin inside your cheeks.
it's written all over his face, he's scared to damage the story. hesitant, he blinks, taking a sizeable breathe.
"i love you." he whispers, lacing the few hairs that shape your face around your ear. he rests his hand on your neck, his eyes desperately trying to find your thoughts in your gaze.
beaming, you inch closer to him, his hand falling from your neck and clasping to your side, pulling you in closer to him as your leg folds over his torso.
"and i love you, chilwell."
for what seems to be a lifetime, it falls silent, the only sound being heavier breathing from the both of you. eyes still burning through yours, ben leans into you, his lips linger over yours. he squishes his noses softly against yours as his thumb cups your face, electric pulses passing through your veins.
he presses his lips to yours, holding for a few moments before pulling away. regaining his breath, he crashes his lips to yours once more, the taste of the strawberry jam from his breakfast tingling on your tongue as his traces over your lips. you push into him, every kiss getting deeper.
you could feel the love spilling into your mouth, every touch trapping more and more butterflies to the pit of your stomach.
finally, you pull away, eyes opening. ben focuses on you once more, lips illuminating red after the kisses he planted on them.
"my angel." he mumbles, lips tugging into a lazy smile.
"always yours." you reply, pupils dilating.
"promise?" he inquires, holding his pinky out to you.
you lift yours, pulling them both together. wiggling your hands as you seal the promise.
December - dinner with the 'rents.
one month during
BUNDLED into layers of wool, coat tugged around your body and scarf wrapped carefully around your neck, you stand hand in hand, both shivering on the doorstep of his parents house.
"are you sure you want to do this?" he mutters, the breath escaping from his lips forming a cloud of condensation as he exhales.
you sigh, nodding your head towards the door. "absolutely. we got this, together."
ben grins. "right then, let's do this."
he squeezes your hand, one, two, three. your shared way of quietly saying i love you.
as the only warmth you felt tingled through your palm, you watch as he presses his finger against the doorbell. the tune chimes through the house for only a couple of seconds, door bursting open as you're greeted by his mum.
"you're here!" she exclaims, gesturing you both into the house with her hands.
she wears a red and green plaid shirt, an apron looped around her neck. mini christmas trees dangle from her ears, hair tucked neatly behind them.
with the smell of cinnamon instantly flooding your senses and mariah carey blasting from the kitchen, you step inside, dropping bens hand. She wraps her arms around you, her skin warm to the touch as her cheek squishes against yours.
"merry christmas, mum." ben cheers, placing his hat and coat on the rack by the front door. she lets go of your hold, skipping over to her son who's now stood, his blue chelsea christmas jumper on show.
you pull your own jacket off, unraveling your scarf whilst watching as she throws herself around his neck. his eyes close, delicate lashes resting on his freckled cheeks as his body steals the warmth radiating from her.
"oh just look at you both. it's so lovely to have you here."
the pair pull away from each other, ben returning his eyes to you. he looks full, content. as though his chest will burst at any given moment with the love he holds for both of his favourite women.
ben swills his wine around in his glass, back leant against the kitchen counter. eyes creasing at their sides, he belly laughs at a joke you told seconds ago from a cracked you pulled-and won.
"it's not that funny benji." you snicker, placing the joke in the bin. you unfold the paper hat that fell out of the cracker and place it on his head, trying your hardest not to rip it or mess his hair up.
"look. it matches your jumper." you beam at the boy, silently clapping your hands as you examine him.
"a crown fit for a king." he states, holding his head up proud.
"but every king needs a queen," you comment, pointing to the empty space on the top of your head.
he nods, placing his glass on the counter. his eyes scan the room in search of another cracker, face lighting up as he notices the box full of them by the fridge. he ambles over to them, rummaging in the box before picking one up and holding it out to you.
you grab it, tugging it towards you.
"kings always win." ben chuckles, throwing his arms up.
you sulk, arms folded as he proceeds to announce the joke.
"who hides in the bakery at christmas?" he asks, eyes lifting from the paper, fixing themselves on you.
you shrug, eyes widening as though to prompt him for the answer.
"a mince spy!"
you step towards him, nudging him with your elbow.
another wave of giggles leave his lips.
"my queen," he says, unfolding your paper hat and placing it on top of your hair. he bows, holding his to save it from falling off, on to the floor. "you love it really."
"i suppose i do." you curtsy, holding out your pretend skirt.
"well now we're officially king and queen, we better seal the deal." ben skips to the doorframe, standing under the mistletoe hanging above him. he gleams, fingers wiggling for you to come and join him.
"true. that's a written law i think." you join him, his arms wrapping around you. placing your hands around his neck, you lean on your tiptoes and kiss him. and again. and again.
his wine stains your breath, his mark being left on your for at least another couple hours or so. though you knew you'd be stealing plenty more kisses throughout the evening.
"i'd better start cleaning this mess up." bens dad says, scanning his eyes over the dirty plates and glasses scattered across the table.
"i'll help you." taking the last sip from your glass, you stand, bens legs untangling themselves from yours under the table. starting to gather the plates, his dad follows you, collecting cutlery from his side.
hands full, you waddle into the kitchen, placing the washing into the sink.
"you're good for my boy," bens dad says, putting his dirty plates onto the counter. you turn, startled.
"oh sweetheart, the way he looks at you. he hasn't looked so happy since- well i don't even know."
he beams at you, walking over to the sink to start the washing up. moving out of his way, you stand next to him, arms folded.
"weird question. what was his ex like?"
ben's dad pulls his sleeves up, dunking his hands into the bowl. he takes the sponge and splashes the warm water over the plates.
"we actually never met her. they were together nearly nine months, and not once did we see her in person."
he takes the plate out of the sink and places it onto the drying rack, shooting a smile over at you as he proceeds to clean the next plate.
you don't reply, but stand thinking about the reasoning behind his choice. perhaps she just didn't pass the test like you did.
"you're amazing, y/n. honestly, you're welcome any time. you pass our approval."
he laughs, wiping his brow with the back of his hand.
"thank you, mr chilwell. you're too kind. thank you for having me today."
thoughts whizzing through your mind, you exit the kitchen, back to the dining room, in search of more empty plates, returning back to help papa chilwell clean them up.
January - the birthday supernova
two months during
"He's so corny having fireworks at his own birthday party," ben insists, eyes glued to the sky bursting with colours.
"he's not even out here to watch them."
you're stood huddled, arms linked together. inside, the house is bustling with people you hardly knew-you're only here because it's mason; he'd never let you live it down if you didn't turn up.
the garden is fairly empty, only a few people stood lingering with red cups in their hands, some with cigarettes burning.
"they're been going all night. he'll catch them at some point," you say, squeezing him arm. "did you manage to find him earlier?"
"indeed. gave him his gift, said hello to a couple of the boys then told him i'll come back to him later. i'd rather be with you anyway."
he moves his eyes to you, watching as you admire the pinks and purple bursts.
the final bangs flash through the sky before it's over, or at least until the refil them.
"holy shit," you gasp, "did you just see that? tell me you just saw that." you unhook yourself from him, pointing your forefinger to the sky. a burning star flashes across the blank canvas, sparks flying behind it. ben moves his head towards where you point, but it's too late, he's missed it.
"what was it?" he mumbles, eyebrows furrowed as he tries to spot something, anything.
"a shooting star," you start, hands rubbing together.
"i've never seen one before."
"did you make a wish?" ben questions, his hand resting on your lower back.
"shit," you curse. "it was over in seconds." you reply, frowning.
"what would you wish for if you could?"
"i'd wish to spend every single day for the rest of my forever with you." you turn to him, your finger booping him on the tip of his nose.
ben blinks harshly, long eyelashes fluttering. his dimples make a show as he scrunches his nose.
"now that's one hell of a wish. think i'd second that to be fair."
you stare for a few moments. oh god, please. you beg to yourself, for as long as venus burns, let me be yours.
as the fireworks continue their bursting in the sky, the silence between the both of you is interrupted, your attention turning back to mason's ridiculous idea.
eyes now glued to the sky, ben takes your hand;
one, two, three. squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.
i. love. you.
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mmfbc · 6 hours ago
The Naughty List
Mason Mount x Reader
Mason adds you to the naughty list on the morning before his match, and then you go Christmas Shopping together after the game.
Word Count: 5196
12 Days of Christmas, Day 4 of 12 : Masterlist
Tumblr media
Saturday 11th December
The morning after your perfect date night at Winter Wonderland, you woke up to Mason’s alarm harassing your eardrums. You both fell asleep on the sofa last night downstairs, Mason nudging you awake at 2am when he woke up with a stiff neck and you both trawled upstairs, undressed yourselves half asleep before collapsing in bed. You let out a quiet groan, burying your face into the pillow as you pulled the duvet to cover you from the shards of light peeking through the curtains. You felt Mason roll over and hit snooze on the alarm, before turning back, snaking his arm over your waist, and dragging you closer to his body. He pressed a lazy kiss on the back of your neck before his gentle snoring resumed. You both fell back to sleep until his alarm was ringing in your ear again twenty minutes later, a large sigh coming from Mason when he had to reach back to the side table to turn it off.
“How is it time to get up already?” he moaned as he turned back to you.
He propped himself on his elbow and pulled the duvet from over your head, watching your eyebrows knit together as the light hit your face.
“Stop” your voice hissed at him.
“Wake up” he demanded in a whisper as he wanted to spend some time with you before he left, his hand pulling you onto your back.
You shook your head, trying to cover yourself with the duvet again. You’ve never been a morning person, Mason established this very early on in your relationship and you were usually pretty grumpy until you had a coffee in your system but that didn’t stop him from annoying you in the mornings when you stayed over.
“If I’ve got to get up then so do you” he whined, his hands holding onto the duvet at your chest so you couldn’t lift it up again.
“That’s not fair, it’s my day off” you grumbled, your eyes flickering open as you felt his hands wondering down your body, “It’s not my fault you have a silly job kicking balls around at the weekend”.
“Watch it” he smirked, his thumb brushing over your hip, hooking his finger under your underwear.
“Or what?” you replied through a yawn, rubbing your eyes with the heels of your palms as you tried to hide back a grin.
“I take you to Winter Wonderland and this is what I get in return?” he pouted, “A girlfriend with an attitude. Do I not get treated to a kiss before I have to get ready and go?”
“I won you Peanut last night. Don’t say I never treat you” you quipped, moving your hands from your eyes to the back of his head, your fingers playing with his messy hair whilst you began to wake up properly.
“Oh yeah my mistake. Go ahead, have an attitude problem for the rest of the day if you want. Peanut the elephant will more than make up for it” he mocked, his fingers squeezing at your hip to add emphasis to his sarcasm as he rolled his eyes.
“Get off me then and let me go back to sleep” you gently pushed his chest in jest, rolling back onto your side as you pulled the covers over your shoulders knowing he was never going to let you snooze.
“Wakey. Wakey” he shouted, whipping the duvet off your body and it landing at the bottom of the bed, just about covering your feet as he shifted onto his knees.
“Masonnnn…” you complained, before he interrupted you.
“Princessssss…” his voice mocking your whinge as he grinned down at you.
His hands quickly rolled you onto your back, legs falling either side of his so he could slide you closer towards him. Your hands rested above your head as you lay half naked below him, the chill of the room causing your nipples to harden and you focused your gaze on his dreamy brown eyes that were staring down at you.
“Leave me alone” you pretended to whine as your eyes darted over his body, your mind occupied with the semi hard bulge in his boxers.
“You want me to leave you alone?” his hands softened and his smile dropped, assuming you were being serious.
“Mhmm” you hummed, biting your lip as you spread your legs a little further apart but he missed your teasing as he was too busy letting out a yawn with his eyes scrunched shut.
“Fine” he shrugged nonchalantly, his grasp letting go of your hips as he went to get up.
“Wait” you smirked, lifting your legs as a barrier to stop him shifting off the bed.
His hands dropped to hold them at his side, his eyes falling back to you as he raised a brow.
“I can’t have an attitude for the rest of the day if…” you paused, linking your legs around his waist to yank him down to you.
He stopped himself falling onto your chest with his hand at the side of your face, the other brushing over your neck. His eyes scanned your face, nose almost touching yours as he waited for you to say something else, unsure of what you were about to suggest as you lifted your head, lips brushing his ear.
“If… you fuck it out of me now” you whispered, your teeth gently dragging over his ear.
His hand gripped your neck, pressing you back into the bed and he moaned into the kiss when his lips attached to yours. His tongue invaded your mouth and you arched your back as it did, your chest pushing up to his. He pressed his hips into you, his hard dick restrained by his boxers rubbing against your underwear and his lips trailed down your neck and chest, gliding his tongue through the small dip in your breastbone.
“You’re going to make me late for work” he growled, the hand on your neck now snaking down your body to your inner thighs.
“Oops” you replied, acting coy as your fingers got lost in his hair.
“You’re a bad influence” licking his lips as he looked up at you through his lashes.
“Monkey see” you breathed as he moved your underwear to the side, “Monkey do” you moaned when his fingers gently brushed over your clit.
He brought his lips to your nipples as his fingers dipped inside of you before rubbing them back over your clit again. He circled over it, your fingers digging into his shoulder blades before he sat up on his knees. He pulled his dick out, lowering his boxers just enough to free it, and he lined himself up with your entrance. He didn’t have time for foreplay or removing your underwear, he was already going to be scolded by Ben for not being ready on time, but he couldn’t resist you so he had to make it quick. He slowly thrusted himself in you, his hand moving your thong to the side further so he could look down to see where you met. You moaned his name as he stretched you out, your hands falling over your breasts as you stroked your fingers over your nipples. His focus darted between your face and your pussy as he snapped his hips back and forth, biting his lip as he could already feel his high building. He spat on his fingers and began rubbing over your clit again, your moans increasing as he buried himself inside you at the same time.
His phone started ringing, presumably Ben to say he was waiting outside as he was giving Mason a lift today. His eyes shot over to his bedside table and he growled in frustration, before looking back to you and giving a more forceful thrust.
“See… I’m fucking late” he snarled, pulling out and flipping you over onto all fours.
“Shut up and fuck me… for fuck sake” you demanded with a hiss, arching your back as you dropped your chest to the bed.
His hand grabbed your underwear again as he pulled it to the side, before he snapped his hips against you, his dick slamming in even deeper before. His fingers dug into your hips and arse cheeks, threatening to bruise your skin as he continued. His phone started ringing again, a frustrated moan leaving both of your lips when Ben didn’t seem to be hanging up this time. You were close enough to reach it and his eyes widened when you swiped your finger across the screen.
“Don’t you fucking dare” he warned, the pace of his thrusts increasing when you lifted it to your ear.
“He… won’t be… long… Ben” you whimpered between his snaps, before hanging up and throwing the phone across the bed.
“You’re a fucking nuisance” he sneered, grabbing a fistful of your hair to use as leverage.
“Don’t pretend you don’t like it” you groaned, teeth biting down on your lower lip.
“Of course I do… that’s why I’m late” he said through his clenched jaw as he chased his high.
Yours was building and your legs began to go weak underneath you, you slipped your hand between your legs so your fingers could stroke over your clit, bringing you closer to the edge.
“Fuck Mase” you cried as it took over moments later.
You continued to moan as you rode it out, clenching around him as you came, which induced his own release. His hips faltered when he spilled into you, his body glistening with sweat as he puffed out exhausted breaths. The hand that was digging into your hips melted into a soft touch and the fist in your hair loosened, letting you relax into the bed as he pulled out of you. You rolled onto your back, Mason wiping his forehead with the back of his hand as he dropped down next to you, his arm resting over your waist as you both controlled your breathing.
“That kind of behaviour will get you on the naughty list you know” he smirked, pressing a kiss to your temple.
“Maybe I like being on there” your fingers tracing his arm that was draped over you.
“Yeah… I like you being on there too if I’m honest” he grinned, bumping his nose on yours when you turned to face him.
He gave you a quick kiss before propping himself up on his elbow, pouting as he remembered Ben was waiting outside for him.
“I’d love to spend the rest of the day in bed with you, but I’ve got to go to my silly job now and kick a ball around” he smiled, lifting your hand to his mouth to kiss it before standing up.
“Go, before Ben rings again” you nodded as he pouted, apologetic for leaving.
“I don’t think he’ll ever want to ring me again after what he heard” he shouted as he stepped into his en-suite.
Mason quickly got himself showered and ready to head off, Ben still sat outside waiting for him to drive to Cobham training ground where the team would discuss todays match before heading to Stamford Bridge in a few hours. You jumped in the shower once he’d left, getting yourself ready for the day and headed downstairs to make a late breakfast. Mason’s parents and his brother were attending today’s game and they were picking you up on their way past as your tickets were seated together. You gathered your things, including your Chelsea shirt and ticket, and waited outside as Mason’s mum text to say they were just pulling up, locking the house up with the spare key he’d left out on the side for you.
You caught up with them in the car about how you had been since the last time you saw them a few weeks back, discussing Christmas, telling them all about Mason choosing his Christmas Tree and also about your night at Winter Wonderland. You loved his family and they had treated you like you were part of it from day one, Mason’s brother joking about how you had finally stopped being a coward about going public.
When you arrived at Stamford Bridge you sent Mason a quick text to say good luck, just as you always did before every game.
[You] Good Luck. I love you xxx
[Mason] 💙
You chatted with his dad about one of Mason’s Christmas presents that he was trying to arrange on your behalf as you found your seats in the stands, only a few rows back from the subs bench. You attended as many matches as possible, so it was nothing new being there, but your heart still flipped and your cheeks still flushed when you saw him step on the pitch. You believed it was a feeling that would never leave you, seeing the love of your life walking out to do his silly job and kick a football around, in front of thousands of fans that admired and adored him almost as much as you did.
As the game finished with Chelsea securing a win, you all made your way to the side of the players tunnel, waiting for Mason to exit the pitch after giving his shirt away to a fan in the opposite stand. Mason and Ben both walked over to you, still heavily breathing, their hair soaked from a mixture of rain and sweat but huge proud grins dressed on their faces.
“Well done” you mumbled against Mason’s lips as he scooped his arms around you.
“Thank you baby” he whispered, pressing a kiss to your lips and then your cheek before pulling away for a quick moment to greet his family.
You gave Ben a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, congratulating him on his goal. Mason’s touch instinctively turned back to you as he stood at your side, wrapping his arm around your shoulder as he spoke to his dad about the statistics of the match. When his dads focus turned to Ben, Mason pulled you in closer to him and pressed a kiss on the top of your head, your arms settling around his back.
“You know, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing you play” you admitted, biting your lip as you squeezed your hold around him tighter.
“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing you in my shirt” he grinned, his forehead lowering to press on yours.
“Alright get a room” Ben moaned, pulling a laugh from Mason and his family, “He was already late because of you this morning”.
You blushed. You didn’t care at the time you answered the phone, but the thought of Mason’s family knowing the details of your bedroom antics earlier that morning mortified you. Mason noticed and told Ben to be quiet before he asked what your plans for the evening were.
“Doing a bit of Christmas shopping tonight, and then I think we’re having a Christmas movie day tomorrow aren’t we?” Mason asked you, squeezing his hand around your shoulder.
“Mhmm” you smiled, “Mason seems to think The Grinch isn’t the best Christmas film”.
“What?” Ben gasped, “Of course it is”.
“No, you haven’t heard what I think is the best yet” Mason shook his head, trying to reason with you both.
“Doesn’t matter Mase, nothing beats the The Grinch” you grinned, looking up to him frowning.
“But Elf is my favourite” he grumbled, not happy you and Ben were outnumbering him.
“Yeah…. that’s not the best though” Ben laughed, still agreeing with you.
“It is” he scoffed.
“Listen to your girl Mount” Ben shouted, as he headed off down the tunnel to the changing rooms, “Make sure he gets me something good for Christmas y/n” he winked.
“You can wipe that smile off your face just because ONE person agrees with you” Mason pouted, tapping his finger on your smug smile.
“Are we getting tea whilst were out tonight?” you replied, his finger still resting over yours lips as you spoke.
“Yeah, I’ll meet you at home and then we’ll go straight out okay?” he smiled, replacing his finger with his lips on yours.
Mason disappeared down the tunnel after saying his goodbyes to his family and they dropped you back off at his house whilst he finished up at Stamford Bridge. You removed your Chelsea shirt that you had worn over your hoodie and sat on the sofa in the kitchen, catching up with your messages whilst waiting for Mason to get home.
“You ready?” he shouted as he stepped through the door an hour later.
You jumped up off the sofa and turned the TV off as he appeared in the kitchen, greeting you with a grin as he looked for his car keys.
“I’ll drive” you yawned as you stretched your arms above your head.
“It’s ok… but how are YOU tired?” he chuckled; eyebrows raised.
“Somebody had me up at daft o’clock” you mumbled, pulling your head through your bag strap so you could cross it over your shoulder.
“Somebody?” he gasped at your choice of word, opening the fridge to grab a bottle of water.
“Somebody really annoying…” you walked towards him; palm held out as you asked for a water.
“I thought we got rid of that attitude this morning?” he raised an eyebrow, his head peering around the fridge door.
“Did we?” you shrugged, reaching for the water he was passing you.
“Oh…” he pulled the bottle away from your hand to his chest, “Guess I didn’t fuck you hard enough”.
“Guess you didn’t” you replied trying to grab for the water again before he lifted it in the air out of your reach, “Pass me the water please”.
“Nope. Attitudes get you nowhere” he quipped, grinning as he backed away from you and then vanished from the kitchen.
You rolled your eyes and followed him; the front door open as he was walking over to his car and you locked up behind him. You hopped in his car, clicking your seatbelt on in silence as you waited for him to start the engine.
“Santa won’t bring you any nice present’s if you keep up with this attitude baby” he hummed, turning in his seat to face you.
You shrugged your shoulders as he stared at you trying to keep a poker face, resting your head back in your seat, pretending you just wanted to get going.
“What do you fancy later?” he asked, popping the bottle of water onto your lap for you finally.
“You” you replied, removing the lid, and taking a swig.
“You treat me like a piece of meat” he scoffed, his hand now behind your headrest as he reversed off the drive.
“It’s how you deserve to be treated” you smirked.
The bottle was pressed against your bottom lip as you were about to take another sip, when Mason quickly reached over and squeezed his hand around it, purposely forcing the water to shoot up into your face. Causing you to squirm, slapping his hand away before using your sleeve to pat your face dry.
“What did you do that for?” you shrieked, trying not to laugh.
“It’s how you deserve to be treated” his tongue darting out of his mouth as he sniggered, “You shouldn’t play games with me baby”.
After removing your jumper and holding it against the car heaters to dry off for what felt like forever, you arrived in London to do your late-night Christmas shopping, hopefully buying your last bits for your family and Mason the same. You strolled around the shops, you deciding to buy aftershave or perfume for anyone you was yet to buy for, plus a bottle of something they drank. You finished up paying for your latest purchase and as the retail assistant passed you the Selfridges bag, Mason reached out to take it from you, adding it to the several others he was insistent on carrying.
“I don’t know what to get Jaz” he grumbled, waiting for you to put your purse away.
“I can carry a few bags Mase” you frowned at him once you had zipped your handbag up.
“Never mind that, you need to help me with presents” he nodded his head, encouraging you to walk ahead of him through the busy store.
“Well… what did you get her last year?” you quizzed him, as you weaved through other shoppers.
“Shoes I think” he said as he chewed his lip trying to remember, “I think Mum told me she’d mentioned them so that was easy enough, but not this year”.
“Is there anything she needs?” you probed, heading over towards the shoe department of the store.
“I mean you can never have too many shoes” Mason joked as you were well aware of his trainer obsession.
“What about a bag?” you suggested, picking up a pair of designer trainers as you spoke with him.
“I don’t think I’ve bought her a bag before actually” his head tilting to the side pondering over the idea.
“There you go then” you smiled, picking up another pair of particularly nice trainers that caught your eye as you admired them.
“You like them?” he asked, noticing you were looking at them longer than any others.
“Mhmm” placing them back down on the shelf quickly when you spotted the price tag, “Lets go look at the bags then”.
Despite being with Mason you still worked your fairly normal job and earnt pittance in comparison to him, which didn’t bother you but when it came to shopping, your budget definitely didn’t stretch anywhere near to the same as his. He wouldn’t even look at the price of things when he was out and he was always offering to buy you anything you liked, but you would always decline, telling him you would rather he take you out, experiences over materialism you always said. Obviously there were gifts he bought you against your will, if there was something in particular he knew you really loved, like the small Gucci bag you fell in love with that went perfectly with a dress you had bought for a friend’s birthday to which he surprised you with on the night, but for the most part he was respectful that you didn’t want him to shower you with gifts every week.
“What style do you think?” you asked as you headed over to the opposite side of the store.
“Trainers I can do; bags are not my forte” he sighed.
After much consideration between the two of you, Mason finally decided on a mini black Chanel bag that you both thought would be the perfect bag for his sister to add to her wardrobe. As you were heading out of the store, Mason dragged you over to Cartier so he could ask about having a piece he already owned adjusted. As he delved into a conversation with the staff, you wandered over to one of the glass counters as you gazed over some of the jewellery on show, not wanting to comprehend some of the prices for the small dainty pieces on display, a couple of the bracelets looking similar to the ones Mason owned.
“You ready?” he asked over your shoulder when he was done, his voice startling you, “What you looking at?”.
“Overprized metal” you muttered, breathing a laugh to yourself.
“Not a fan?” he nudged you as you turned to leave.
“A little out of my price range Mount” you rolled your eyes, a smile tugging the corner of your lip.
“Where are we going for tea then?” he changed the subject, which was welcome as your stomach was grumbling.
“Can we just go to Nando’s?” you asked, hoping he would agree as you hadn’t been for a while.
“Shall we go to the one near home then, less busy?” he proposed, you nodding in agreement so you could get out of the city centre.
On the drive back to Surrey, you and Mason spoke about your plans for the following weekend as you were staying again due to Declan organising a games night at his for the Saturday night which he insisted you could not miss.
“So, I’ll come Friday and then shall I go home Sunday after your match if it’s your night out?” you asked, referring to his Christmas team night out with the Chelsea squad.
“I mean if you want to nurse me back to health on the Monday when I’m hungover…” he chuckled, “but you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to”
“If I stay, I could pick you up… if you wanted” you offered.
“You don’t have to do that, it’ll be late” he smiled, resting his hand on yours that was draped over the central armrest.
“I don’t mind” you shrugged, “I probably won’t be able to sleep until your home anyway”.
“If you want to… but if you change your mind just let me know” he replied, “You better have some good hangover remedies to hand”.
“Oh I can think of a few” you smirked to yourself before he shot you a glance, visible from the corner of your eye.
“Oh yeah?” the tone in his voice insinuating he’d asked you a question.
“Paracetamol and McDonalds” avoiding eye contact with him as you sniggered.
“Oh I’m sure that’s what you meant” he rolled his eyes, toying with your fingers.
He pulled up at the Nando’s which was only a short drive from his house, and you managed to get a table straight away, tucked away in the corner of the restaurant. When Mason went to order, you quickly replied to a few messages from your family and friends, checking in with you about your weekend and also asking you to pass on their regards to Mason after his game.
“So have you finished your shopping now?” you asked him, putting your phone away when he returned.
Since the start of your relationship, you made a mutual agreement to never be on your phones when eating, whether that just be at home or out having a meal, and it’s something you had both always stuck to.
“Just got a couple more to sort out for a certain somebody” he smiled; eyebrows raised as he insinuated he was speaking about you.
“I hope you’re not going overboard Mase” you grumbled, knowing he would buy you the world if you would let him.
“Nope. Only girls on the nice list get spoilt” he smirked, taking a sip of his drink and you knew he was lying.
“Why don’t I believe you?” you sighed.
“You’ll get what you deserve” he shrugged, dipping his finger in his drink as you watched him curiously.
“Mason I can’t..” you huffed before he cut you off.
“Stop moaning” he flicked the droplets on his finger towards you, “I’ll spoil you if I want to. Try and stop me”.
“But I can’t spoil you the same…” you muttered, resting your chin on your hand as you frowned.
“It doesn’t matter, besides you spoil me every day” he grinned, before faking a heave as he cringed at his own words.
“Can I request one thing?” you asked, his eyebrows knitting at your question, “You have to wrap whatever you’ve got me yourself. I don’t want something your mum has wrapped or a professional gift wrapper” you added.
“I mean, it will look like crap but ok fine” he shrugged.
You both finished your food, telling him you had finally found a dress for the New Year’s Eve party you were going to as you were stacking your empty plate on top of his, asking him what the suit he was having tailored looked like.
“It’s been nice having you around a lot more recently” tapping his foot on yours under the table to get your attention as you looked at the photo of a suit on his phone that he was showing you.
“Oh yeah, not getting sick of me yet?” you replied, raising your eyebrow as you passed him his phone back before he put it away in his pocket.
“Maybe a little…” he smirked, “But seriously, it’s nice coming home to you”.
“Yeah I must admit, I’ve enjoyed spending less time at work and more time with you down here” you confessed.
Your job definitely got in the way of your relationship sometimes, generally working 9-5 Monday to Friday but having to cover Saturdays every few weeks which made seeing Mason at the weekends difficult, especially as he struggled to travel to you with his busy schedule too. It wasn’t exactly a job you loved, you didn’t hate it either, but it paid fairly well and until recently you were quite happy with it, but you had started to look into going back to University to do something completely different.
“Quit” he shrugged, causing you to snort a quiet laugh, “Seriously, quit”.
“Mason, I can’t just quit I have responsibilities” your eyes rolling.
“I can help…” he began, and you cut him off before he could finish, knowing exactly where he was going with the conversation.
“Mase, I know you can, but I’d hate to rely on you” you sighed, “You know I would”.
“I know. I just hate seeing you do something you don’t enjoy” he pouted.
“I’ve actually been thinking about University” you confessed.
You told him all about the two courses you had been reading up on recently and then the option of going part time at work. You told him that the University in your hometown offered the course as well as a few others across the country, Mason taking a particular interest in this part, asking if there were any down south or in London. You laughed and informed him there were and his eyes lit up at this, but you added that student accommodation didn’t appeal to you and you much preferred the idea of something closer to home so you could commute daily before you changed the subject, asking Mason if he was ready to leave.
You pulled your coat on and left the restaurant, your tiredness creeping back in now you were back in the comfort of Mason’s car. The heated seats made you drift off for the short journey home, Mason turning the radio down as he noticed you were starting to lightly snore with you chin resting on your chest.
“Come on sleepy head” he whispered, quietly nudging you awake as he turned the engine off.
You dragged yourself out of the car as you yawned, walking to the boot to meet Mason to help him with the shopping bags.
“You go get sorted in bed, I’ll get these and sort my stuff for the morning” he instructed.
You made your way into the house and grabbed a quick shower before throwing on a pair of pyjamas and diving into Mason’s bed. It didn’t take long for him to slip under the duvet behind you.
“Night baby” he whispered, his arms wrapping around your waist, “I love you”.
“I love you too” you replied, your voice faint as you were drifting off.
“I wish I could fall asleep like this every night” he mumbled into your neck, pressing a kiss against your skin.
“Me too” you managed to reply before you fell asleep.
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plutosluts · 17 hours ago
wrap you up, marcus rashford
xmas prompt : wrapping presents with them
MARCUS !!!! MARCUS <333333 MARCUS %%%%
Tumblr media
aside from your birthday, christmas had to be one of your all time favourite holidays. just the feel of people being so merry, exchanging gifts with one another, having your family over while everyone laughed and talked about god knows what… it all felt so homely to you.
and since this was yours and marcus’ first christmas together, you were determined to make it the best one ever. starting with buying his present. marcus was a humble person, he’d told you that you didn’t need to get him anything, but when you said that that meant he couldn’t get you anything either, he seemed to change his mind.
you spent days on end trying to find the perfect present for him, yet nothing came to mind. you even had a lengthy conversation with his mum, her claiming he could be ‘picky when he wanted to but when it comes to you, he’d cherish a piece of coal like it was gifted from heaven itself’.
that comment stuck with you for a while, you loved mel with all your heart, and could never thank her enough for gifting the world with marcus. so you had to make this gift a meaningful one, to show him just how grateful you were to have him in your life.
that same day, marcus and you spent the night on the sofa, your head resting on his chest whilst peaky blinders played on the tv, his hands running through your hair and occasionally twirling strands around his fingers.
“what’s going on with you?” he mumbled suddenly, bringing you out of the clam trance you were in. you hadn’t even realised that you zoned out on him, only paying attention when his gaze flickered to you.
“thinking about your christmas gift, you’re a hard person to shop for” you huffed, earning a chuckle from as he switched from playing with your hair to fiddling with your fingers.
“i already told you, you don’t need to get me anything, i’d be happy if you got that fucking radishford thing from aldi” he smiled, noticing how your eyebrows quirked up.
“i already have one upstairs…” you remembered, heading to ikea one day to see it alongside some other stuffed plushies.
“you didn’t”
“oh, i did. it resembles you a lot, you know” and that earned you a tickle fest from him, your shrieks going unheard from him as his fingers tickled all over you.
⋆˚ ↯
“don’t peek” you told him, his hands up in surrender as he tried not to look at what you were getting out of the bag.
today you and marcus had finished buying everyone’s gift as both your families would be spending the holiday with you two. you were currently seated on the floor with him, wrapping utensils and tape scattered all around you.
“can’t you just tell me what it is?” he said, his chin resting on your shoulder, still trying to get a look. you shook him off, shooing him back to his side. 
“you still have gifts to wrap,” you pointed out, smiling as he finally stopped pestering you and resumed wrapping a gift he got for one of his brothers. the christmas music in the background had the two of you humming along, settled in the christmas spirit.
you looked over your shoulder, envying marcus’ neat wrapping, whereas you had just rolled the present in wrapping paper, secured it with tape and added tinsel on top. you could hear him laughing at you, watching you struggle with a bit of tape stuck in your hair.
“let me help you” he beckoned you over, and you situated yourself on his lap whilst he got to work untangling the tape from your hair. you used this as your chance to snoop around his pile, spotting a few boxes but you couldn’t tell which one was yours. “i thought you said no peaking?” he smirked, a smug expression plastered on his face as he smoothed your tape free hair away from your face.
“that applies to you, not me” you stuck your tongue out at him, breath hitching when his hands squeezed your hips. your arms tangled around his neck, your wrapping forgotten as your eyes flickered between his extremely kissable lips to his eyes, and he did the same.
though the moment was short lived when he decided to grab a nearby bow and stick it on your forehead. and you couldn’t even say anything, because a flash went off in your face, marcus siting there with a huge grin on his face as he looked at the photo he just took.
“my favourite all time present” he whispered, kissing your warm cheeks all over. coincidentally, you and marcus met on his birthday, and he and everyone around you always referred to you as his best present, because you’ve always been by his side, for as long as he could remember.
“can i wrap you up in this?” he asked hopefully, pointing to the reindeer decorated paper. you scoffed, your hand cupping his cheek as you thought about the restless nights you were going to have, thinking about the gift exchange you and marcus were going to have.
“can i get a clue to my present?” you asked. it was his turn to scoff now, distracting you from your question by kissing your lips, the faint taste of peppermint candy canes on them. your hand crept to the back if his neck, pulling him even closer to you and tugging lightly at his curls.
“god, i love you” he mumbled into your mouth, his words sending vibrations through your lips slotted with his and your presents long forgotten.
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