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put on a show - mason mount x reader
summary: mainly just badly written smut; you and mason having some fun while on vacation with friends, not caring at all about them hearing, which ends in them teasing you about it the next morning.
warnings: 18+ minors dni. dom! mason, sub!reader, teasing, dirty talk, pet names, daddy kink, oral (m&f receiving/69), degrading kink, praise kink, hair pulling, choking, slapping, unprotected sex, overstimulating?,,,,
word count: 4.6k
Tumblr media
“Let’s just go back earlier, Mase.” you whispered in his ear, followed by kisses on his neck. You were on holiday, just at a club with all your mutual friends. But you’d been glued to his side all evening, desperate for him to give you something since the first moment he came out of the bedroom in that outfit. Plain black trousers that looked particularly tight at the crotch, paired with a white button-up. The top buttons were undone so you could see his collarbones and parts of his shoulder if you looked from the right angle. The sight made your mouth water and a wet spot form in your underwear all evening. But to your chagrin, he didn’t really pay you any attention, because he loved to tease you endlessly.
“Or into the bathroom?” you didn’t give up, because you knew how much he wanted you too, his pants were getting even tighter as time went on. The fact that he had more self-control than you was exactly what you didn’t need at that moment, because you would have even let him fuck you right there at that moment, you were so turned on.
“Mason.” you whined, lifting your head from his neck and looking at him. By now even his arm around your waist had left you, frustrating you even more. He usually loved to tease you by kissing and touching you briefly, but not where you wanted him until he pulled away again. You would much prefer that to what he was doing today: just ignoring you completely and not giving you more than a look and his cocky grin.
“Behave, Y/N.” he grumbled before returning to the conversation his friends were having. Looking around, all the girls were having fun, inviting and trying to pull you away several times. The thought of dancing with them and teasing your boyfriend was almost good enough to agree to, but you couldn’t leave his side. He looked ridiculously hot tonight, and you knew he would easily get all the attention of all the girls in the club. Besides, you weren’t ready to give up yet, because you felt like you might explode if he doesn’t fuck you tonight.
“Stop looking so handsome and maybe I’ll behave.” you said with a pout on your lips that turned into a grin when he finally looked at you. For the first time in what felt like an eternity. “Stop being a desperate brat and maybe I’ll fuck you.” he declared with raised eyebrows, obviously slightly annoyed by you visibly begging him in front of all his friends.
His words made you groan, your hands leaving him where they were on his thigh, definitely too close to his crotch for the public to see. And the other from where it rested on his shoulder. For a moment you considered joining the girls, until another thought flashed through your mind, prompting you to head towards the girls’ toilet instead. Fortunately, because of the VIP area you were in, it was a small but private toilet.
As soon as you were inside, you pulled the straps of your dress over your shoulders, undid the bra underneath and put it in your pocket after you had taken it off. You knew you were playing unfairly and risking him not even touching you, but the opportunity was too good to say no. Once the bra was gone, you took out your phone and snapped a picture of yourself standing in front of the mirror, and before you knew it, you were hitting send. Hoping Mason would open it before you got back. So you took the time to pull your dress back up, this time without the bra underneath so that your nipples were clearly visible, something you knew would turn him on even more.
You could already see how some of the people you passed on the way back glanced at your breasts even more often than usual. The hot, but also somewhat cold air and the neon lights showed them off perfectly. When Mason came into view, he was staring straight at his phone, trying to hide it with his hands before putting it away again. His hips lifted off the stool to readjust himself, the sight making you smile. As you approached him, you moved to his side again, him still not looking at you. All the more so now that he was trying to control himself. But when you kissed him on the cheek, nipples deliberately touching his bare arm, his eyes shot down to look at you.
“What are you doing?” he hissed quietly after noticing, swallowing sharply and looking around the group to see if anyone was looking at you.
“What do you mean? I was just too hot.” you smiled innocently before sliding between his legs, leaning back against his chest and talking to the boys for the next thirty minutes or so. While Mason’s attention was no longer on the conversation, the anger inside him bubbled more and more when someone looked at your nipples. While you felt like you finally had the upper hand, which in return he didn’t like at all.
“One more round, but then I definitely have to go, I’m so pissed right now.” you heard Declan say before everyone in the group agreed. Which you were quite glad about, because there was no way you and Mason would have left earlier like you wanted anyways.
“Mason, you?” asked Dec, at which Mason turned his head to him and raised his eyebrows, not paying attention to what he was saying. “I asked you what you wanted to drink, bro.”
“Oh, right. Nothing, we’re leaving now.” he replied, not caring about the confused looks everyone was giving you both. As he jumped off the stool without saying goodbye or anything else, he quickly dragged you outside by your arm.
“Really? We could have stayed another ten minutes, it wouldn’t have made any difference.” you scoffed when you were outside, the cold night air making you regret once again that you didn’t take a jacket with you.
“I didn’t want anything to drink.” he shrugged and walked with quick steps towards the villa, because it was only a five-minute walk back. But since his legs were much longer than yours, you almost had to run behind him to keep up with his pace. All the way there was silence, no one said a word. And when you entered the house, there was still nothing to be heard. Only he went up the stairs and into your shared room, and you ran after him like a lost dog.
“Mason, could you wait a moment?” you called, expecting him to stop, but he didn’t, which made you groan. He sat down on the bed, took off his shoes, took out his phone and scrolled on it while you stood in the doorway. “Hello?”
“Are you angry?”
“I’m not angry.” he grumbled, to which you nodded. You walked towards him, taking off your heels in the meantime and tossing them aside. “Good. Because I didn’t do anything.”
“No?” He raised his head, tossed his phone aside and looked at you incredulously as you shook your head. “Right. You’ve done nothing but act like that in public and show your nipples to everyone in this fucking club. Oh, and let’t not forget the picture you sent me that almost everyone saw.” he stood up as he spoke as he couldn’t just sit there.
“But that’s not my fault, I didn’t—”
“That’s fucking bullshit, Y/N!” He turned to you and pushed you back against the wall beside the bed, making you yelp in surprise. “You knew exactly what you were doing, didn’t you, baby?” His voice softened, his hand slowly stroking up your body until it was around your neck. Eyebrows raised, he put pressure on the sides, wanting you to answer his question even though he already knew the true answer.
“No.” you shook your head, the innocent expression still on your face. Which always made him feel some way, but made him angry at the same time. “My God, Y/N, what am I going to do with you?” he asked more to himself than to you, thinking about how to deal with your behaviour.
“I guess you’ll have to punish me, Mase.” you whispered, looking him straight in the eye. As you did so, you could see a chuckle forming on his face, making you even wetter. Before he looked you up and down, looking at the dress that had been driving him crazy all night.
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” his eyes were on yours again, waiting for a reaction from you. His grip tightened when you didn’t answer, whereupon you knew better than to lie and mumbled a small “yes” in reply.
“Mmm. Don’t move.” he instructed you, his hand and body leaving yours as he removed his shirt, all the while maintaining eye contact. You had to strain not to look down at the exposed skin, knowing that was exactly what he wanted you to do. When he had it off, he rolled it up in his hands and grabbed your hip with his free hand to turn you around in one swift movement. As he did so and grabbed both your wrists in one hand, you knew what to expect. You felt both your wrists being tied behind your back by the shirt he had been wearing all night, and the feeling of him tightening it hard around them almost made you whimper.
“You want me to treat you like a fucking brat, huh?” he asked near your ear before you could hear him unbutton his pants as well. The sound of the soft fabric falling to the floor made you clench your thighs together.
“Yes.” you whimpered, whereupon he turned you around again, immediately bunching your hair with one hand and forcing you onto your knees. He looked down at you, smirking, for your dress had slipped over your hips and you batted your eyelashes as he took off his boxers too. As he stood before you completely naked, he put a hand around his cock, making you think he was going to give you what you wanted. Causing you to open your mouth for him.
But instead he slapped it twice against your cheek, a disappointed whimper escaping you. You tried to follow him with your lips, tired of him teasing you by touching the skin of your face with his tip. But this sight only made him laugh, pulling you back by your hair, making you look up at him.
“Now you want to be a good girl for me?”
“Daddy, please.” you replied to his sarcastic question and heard him growl in response. You opened your mouth again as he brought his tip to your lips, wasting no time in pushing himself into your mouth with all his might. The sudden sensation of him immediately hitting the back of your throat as he thrusted into your mouth made you whimper and your throat tighten around him. When your nose touched his pubic bone, he took you there for a while and pulled out again. He wanted to give you a few seconds to breathe before he continued, still in his caring way. But you, though already panting heavily, sought his cock again with your mouth and looked up at Mason with pleading eyes.
“You’re such a little slut for Daddy’s cock, aren’t you, baby?” he chuckled, hissing as you pressed a small kiss to his slit. You blinked a few times, already smudging the mascara as you nodded, earning a hard tug on your hair from him.
“Yes, daddy.”
“Mmm, I know, love.” mumbled Mason, with a smug expression on his face as you opened your mouth for him, waiting for him to continue. Which he did, slowly pushing all the way in, hips bucking as he felt you gag slightly again. This caused you to splutter around him, spit to run over his skin and your chin. The sight made him thrust again, your hair still firmly in his hand as he guided you. The other hand went down to your jaw for extra support, thumb catching the tears that fell. You whimpered and moaned around him, your jaw starting to ache from holding your mouth open and spit running down your neck, but you wouldn't have it any other way.
“Stop whining and take it like a good girl, Y/N.” he moaned, and although the sounds he made each time he felt the vibrations of your whimpering around him were so hot, you tried to stop. You didn’t really succeed as he increased the tempo and was now moving your head back and forth as he thrusted his hips at the same time. The way he was treating you and the sounds he was making as he hit the back of your throat made you sure that your panties were soaked by now. Just as your cheeks were soaked, tears running down uncontrollably as you breathed heavily through your nose and felt him twitch inside you.
“Fuck, Y/N, you’re making me cum,” he moaned, before a desperate whimper escaped his mouth as you suddenly hollowed your cheeks. You tried every way you could to help him reach his high, even as he made you feel like you could cum right along with him without him even touching you.
“Do you want me to cum in your mouth, baby? You gonna swallow it all like a good girl?” he asked, to which you nodded feverishly, wanting nothing more than that. Mason grinned at you before throwing his head back with a groan.
“Just like that, That’s it.” he lifted his head again, not wanting to miss the moment your eyes rolled back as he cums down your throat, for just the thought of it made him cum. He moaned a string of swear words and your name as he thrusted into your mouth a few more times and pulled back when he felt your throat contract around him once more. You swallowed before trying to catch your breath, leaning your head against his thigh as he tried to recover from his orgasm.
“Are you all right?” he asked, still caring about you more than anything, even at times like this. When you nodded and looked up at him, the usual smirk returned to his face. “Then stand up.” he said when he saw that your breathing was regular again.
“Good girl.” he murmured as you did as he said, whereupon he leaned forward slightly to press a kiss to your forehead. Before the mood changed again, he pressed kisses to your neck and sucked hickeys on your skin as he almost ripped open the neckline of your dress to kiss down further. Slowly, he pulled down the zip of your dress, but ended up tearing the fabric of your straps as your hands were still tied up. At the exact moment he dropped to his knees, you heard everyone else from the club come home and voices echoed throughout the house, making you whimper for him to hurry up.
“What do you want, baby?” asked Mason, pulling your panties down a little with his teeth until he switched to doing it with his hands. All the while, he never broke eye contact with you. Except for that one glimpse of your dripping pussy, already threatening to run down your thighs, making him groan as his fingers dug into your hips.
“I want you to fuck me, Mason.”
“Mm, you think you deserve that yet?”
“Yes.” you breathed, letting your head sink against the wall as he pressed a single kiss to your clit that made you whimper pathetically with need.
“I don’t think you do, Y/N.” His words made you whimper again and your hips tried to buck into his face, but before you could do that he was back on his feet, hovering over you. “From now on, if you’re a good girl and do what I say, I’ll fuck you. If you don’t, I won’t. Understood?”
“Yes.” you breathed, nodding frantically. And before you knew it, he was pulling you up by your thighs, your legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as he carried you to the bed. The feeling of his cock almost hard against your thigh again only made you want him more, and after hours your body felt so tense now that you felt like you couldn’t wait another second. Mason dropped backwards onto the bed with you above him, but instead he turned you around and pulled you up so that you were hovering over his face. When he pushed you down with one hand on your back so that you were facing his cock, you knew exactly what he wanted.
“Go ahead baby. And I don’t want you to make a single sound.” he instructed you, knowing that it would be hard for you to be quiet and give him a proper blowjob with your hands tied behind your back. But you were determined to do what he wanted, because you wanted nothing more than for him to fuck you. Just as he pulled you further down and began to circle your clit with his tongue, you also took his tip into your mouth and sucked on it lightly. The sounds that immediately came from his lips vibrating against you only wanted you to moan even more.
“You taste so fucking good, Y/N.” he groaned, holding you tight with one hand while the other parted your folds and gave his tongue access to lick up and down. You continued to take him into your mouth as you wanted to make him feel good and knew it would be easiest like this without your hands. The moment you took him all the way in, he moaned against you, deliberately louder because he knew it was driving you crazy. Not caring that he could still hear your friends’ voices coming from the hallway.
“Fuck, baby.” his head fell back on the bed and you felt cold without his tongue on you. You pushed your hips down as best you could, wanting him to continue, but he just laughed and slapped your ass in response.
“Do you want me to fuck you?” you nodded around him and he moaned again as your wetness slowly trickled down your thighs. “Then come.” and that was all it took for you to stop what you were doing, to turn around and sit over his cock, but he had other plans. He lifted you up in one swift movement and turned you both over so that you were now on your knees and face pressed into the mattress, with him behind you. You felt him slap your ass again, causing you to bite your lip to keep from making a sound.
“Now,” he grabbed you by the hair and pulled you up so he was talking directly in your ear, “you always act so innocent, but I bet you want to show everyone what a dirty little slut you are, don’t you?”
“Yes.” you managed to say, but immediately after your answer you felt him slap your arse once more and mutter a little “Huh?” because he wasn’t satisfied with your answer. “Yes, Daddy.”
“Go on then, put on a show for them and be as loud as you want.” he pushed you forward again and pulled you back by your bound hands so that you were directly in contact with his crotch. You tried to wait patiently for him to do something, and luckily it wasn’t long before he was thrusting into you, at which you were moaning into the duvet beneath you.
“I know you want to scream my name for everyone to hear.” he pulled you up by your hair again so that your sounds became even louder. And when he increased the tempo again, you were already a mess. Uncontrolled whimpers escaped your mouth, as you could never get used to the feeling of him filling you so well.
“Fuck, Daddy, you feel so good.” you moaned, followed by another slap on your ass that made you cry out. Before he increased the pace again and fucked you with so much force that you were sure your knees would give way at any moment.
“Mmm, you fuck me so good.” you whimpered as he slowed down a little, trying to hit the perfect spot inside you with slow but hard thrusts. As he did, you cried out his name as you clenched around him desperately, silently begging him to speed up, but he didn’t change a thing.
“That’s right, keep moaning my name, baby.” he took you aback as he slid two fingers into your mouth, moaning as you gently sucked on them. After he pulled them out again, you felt him caress your clit, your body feeling like it was about to explode with the need to cum around him.
“Please go faster, Mase.” he chuckled in reply, and gave you another harsh slap on your ass that made you jolt forward and clench tightly around him. But finally he did as you asked and fucked you at the most gruelling pace, making you moan loudly beneath him. You could feel him twitch inside you several times as he let profanities escape his lips.
“Cum inside of me daddy, please.” you whimpered, whereupon you heard him groan loudly. He put one hand around your neck and pulled you up by it so that you were with your back against his chest. While his other hand was still rubbing circles on your clit, causing your orgasm to approach quickly as well.
“God, you’re so fucking sexy, Y/N.” His head lowered, pressing kisses to your shoulder and the side of your neck. All these sensations caused you to clench around him again and again, your head falling back against his shoulder as you tried to delay your rapidly approaching orgasm as long as possible, but he only accelerated the movements of his fingers even more.
“You going to cum with me, baby?” you only managed to nod, unable to form any words as your mind was fogged. You could feel him so deep inside you, in all the right places, that you really lost your mind.
“Go on then, show everyone what a slut you are for me. And only for me.” he growled the last part, speaking directly into your ear as he watched your side profile and your mouth open in a silent moan. As he applied more pressure to your clit, you were already cumming uncontrollably around him, the wet sounds only getting louder as he fucked you through. He enjoyed the way you moaned his name, no doubt for everyone in the house to hear, and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t fill him with pride.
“Fuck, Y/N.” he finally groaned aggressively loud as he came as deep as he could into you. Immediately after, he turned you around and pressed a kiss to your lips to make sure you were okay. And as your eyelashes fluttered, he smirked at you and listened to your breathless whimpers as he kissed down your body.
“Mason—” your whole body twitched as he pressed a kiss to your clit and held your thighs apart with his hands. Before his tongue kitten-licked over it, making you cry out loud as you were far too sensitive. “I can’t, please-”
“I know you can cum for me again, Y/N.” he mumbled, saying nothing else and eating you out like it was the last thing he would ever do. While his tongue occasionally dipped down to lap up your cum and his own as it slowly leaked out of you. This sight surely one of his favourite sights in the whole world.
“Mason I- fuck,” you almost screamed, breathing heavily as tears rolled down your cheeks and every nerve in your body felt like it was going to explode. He squeezed your thighs comfortably, and when you opened your eyes, you saw that he was looking at you the whole time.
“Please, ‘m so close.” You suddenly felt your orgasm approaching, and your body writhed on the bed as the sounds coming from your mouth grew even louder. “Fuck, fuck, fuck—” you moaned as he sucked on your clit, and before you knew it you were tumbling over the edge again, thrusting your hips against his face as you high-pitched screams left you.
“Oh my god.” you sighed as he pulled away from you, his warmth leaving your pussy as he gently turned you onto your side. He unwound his shirt from your wrist, taking each one in his hand and kissing it before turning you onto your back again.
“They’ll never shut up about this.” you muttered as you came back down from your high. When you opened your eyes, you saw Mason lying next to you on his elbow, drawing random patterns on your stomach.
“It’s not like they never heard us shag before.”
“That’s different, at least we tried to be quiet before.” you replied, running one hand through his hair and stifling a yawn with the other. Mason just shrugged and turned his head to give you a kiss on the arm before getting up from the bed. He fetched something to clean you up with and a t-shirt from him for you to sleep in. Before you fell asleep quickly with your head on his chest.
When you woke up the next morning, Mason was still asleep and snoring softly to himself. The sight of him slumbering so peacefully with his mouth open and eyes closed made you smile. Not wanting to disturb him, but already hearing your stomach growling, you went to take a shower, then got dressed and headed downstairs, last night already forgotten.
“Well, good morning, Y/N.” Declan said as you came downstairs. He was sitting at the dining table with two of the other boys, grinning at you. You mumbled a soft “morning” back before going to the coffee machine, feeling particularly exhausted this morning.
“Had fun last night?”
“Huh?” The question stunned you a little, as you thought it was obvious that you wanted to leave the club, as you were more than bored there. You turned around, avoiding their gaze, and waited for an answer as you pour milk into your coffee.
“Daddy.” one of the boys said, or rather moaned, whereupon the others laughed, obviously enjoying themselves. As your thoughts drifted back, your face flushed as you realised what they were talking about and you suddenly wished you had stayed in bed.
“Shut up.”
“Never knew Mason has a daddy kink.” Declan laughed, and they all talked about it for the next few minutes, making you realise that they really would never stop. You just stood at the counter, watching them laugh and thinking about how you could make them feel embarrassed.
“Okay, okay guys, what did you hear the most last night?” asked Declan, who was clearly having the most fun with this situation. “Oh Mason, was definitely up there.” everyone agreed, laughing together again, making you want to sink into the floor.
“I heard my name?” Mason’s voice suddenly rang out in the room as he came in the door, he could only make out his name, but not what they were talking about in detail. He immediately walked up to you when he saw you, pressed a kiss to your head and put an arm around you.
“Yeah we all did last night.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mrs Champions League  Six time Champions League winner. 59 goals in 61 Champions League games (All-time record). 6 UWCL Final goals (the first player to score in four Champions League finals since Alfredo di Stefano).
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I mean it| Mason mount smut
Tumblr media
Notes: IM BACK BITCHES!! This is my first smut in like weeks omg, the saucy gifs are back btw ;) Im so sorry I have no idea what this fic is lmao, it was supposed to be this dom cocky mase fic but needed up being really fluffy smut lol! hope you guys like it though xox (also sorry of there is any mistakes)
Blurb: One where you realise friends with benefits never works, or does it?
Warnings: smut, lots of swearing, dom male, throat grabbing, degradation towards female, ends with really sweet fluffy smut though!
Tumblr media
“Don’t you dare walk away from me when I’m talking to you, y/n!” Mason shouts back at you, anger laced within his tone.
You had just dramatically stormed out of his car that he had just parked on his stupid driveway, that led to his stupid house.
“There’s nothing else to say.” You shout back. Crossing your cold bare arms over the exposed skin of your chest. Suddenly wanting to cover the intimate part of your body that your dress had failed to cover for you tonight.
You slammed the front door behind you, not bothering to take off your heels, just letting them click across the white marble floors as you stormed your way through to his kitchen.
You sighed from exhaustion as you grabbed a glass from one of the cupboards. The alcohol that had flowed through your veins hours prior is now gone, leaving you pissed off, embarrassed…and awfully sober.
Your ears pricked up at the sound of Mason opening his front door that you slammed in his face. You heard him pull off his trainers, as he made way to follow you into the kitchen.
You were just trying to avoid another screaming and shouting argument. Just like the one you both had shared in the car on your drive home from a shared friend's birthday celebration, held in a club.
Technically, he hadn’t done anything wrong, except for the fact that he wasn't yours.
You and Mason had been having this sort of friends with benefits relationship with each other for around four months months now. It was like you both do relationship things without being in a relationship, plus the sex. You both did say you didn't want the commitment of a relationship when you started this, and you were fine with that..
Fine until a friend of masons had shared some information with the rest of the group. Telling a story about the girl Mason pulled when they went to Paris for some fashion shoot a week prior.
It was never said that you couldnt sleep with other people, it wasn't like there was a legal document on the rules of your relationship, but for some reason, and with a little help of alcohol, the anger within you took over.
Conversing your plan over and over in your head now sober, you realised how much you fucked up. You clearly had hurt his feelings, all because you were just balancing out the double standards. He can sleep with other women, so whose he to not let you innocently flirt with some random men. After all, you were a hot, single woman.
He threw his keys on the counter top, making his way around to you as he rubs his red red face.
“You're just being dramatic.” You mumbled.
“Me? Dramatic? Y/n you were grinding up on other men in a club…in front of me!” He was pissed.
“Yeah, well maybe if you paid me some attention instead of practically throwing yourself at the skinny blonde model that was latched to your arm, i wouldn't have flirted-“
But he cut you off, storming around the kitchen counter, his destination set to be you.
“Oh shut the fuck up!” He shouted, throwing his head back.
He had never shouted at you like this before, and as much as it really turned you on, you could help but fear maybe you had pushed him too far this time.
Once he had fully stormed around the counter, now facing you, his hand had quickly found your throat as his fingers wrapped around the base like a glove, using the pressure of his palm to tip your head back so he was looking down at you. Smirking, he could feel you gulp in his palm, this satisfied him as all the power was now In his hands as you suddenly fell quiet.
“You want some attention, yeah? I'll give you some attention. Slut.” His last words shocked you, sending a direct pool of wetness straight to your desperate core.
He saw the way you whimpered at the use of the pet name, continuing to hold his eye contact with you as he knew exactly what you wanted.
And he was going to give it to you.
His hand that wasn’t gripping your throat fiddled with the hem of your dress. His fingertips lightly skimmed the insides of your thighs, as he continued to have your head pressed back.
“You want me to fuck you like the desperate whore that you’ve been acting like all night? Is that what you want?”
You quickly nodded as Mason continued to squeeze your throat until it was bruisingly tight, he then quickly let go, pulling back as he took a step back to examine your overly exposed body leaning back on his kitchen counter.
The position in which he had been playing with the hem of your dress allowed Mason to have a little peek at the underwear you had been wearing underneath.
He saw the color and immediately knew that no matter who you flirted with, you would still be ending up screaming his name that night. As he stood and examined you a little longer, the Mason pulled his gaze off your bare thighs, biting his lip as he nodded toward the doorway.
“Upstairs. Now.” 
You had tried to act all innocent, batting your eyelids, but Mason saw the smirk that toyed on your lips as he followed you out of the kitchen to the stairs.
He watches as you come to a hult by the door, starting to untie your heals.
“Y/n. I said go upstairs.”
You didn't even move another muscle before dropping the black wired lace wrapped around your ankle, walking up the steps.
He watched as you moved, agonizingly slow up each step. He refrained from making a sarkey comment because he knew your reply would be the heels, and he wasn't going to carry you up the stairs either, he was willing to make you grovel, just like you had done to him all night.
After making your way up the stairs you sat on the end of his bed, looking up at him as he closed the bedroom door.
“I'm not your slutty sex toy, or your whore. I don't have to listen to you, you know.” You sneered at him, causing his eyebrow to lift as he walked up close to you.
His finger found your chin as he raised your head so you would look him in his eyes. 
“You don't own me, Mason.” 
The cocky smirk on his face told you to carry on, but no more words left your lips as you fell quiet once again.
He scoffed before he placed his hand down next to you to balance on it on the silk black sheets of his bed, leaning down close to your flushed face. He moved so his hot breath was fanning your shoulder as his hands traveled up your bare thighs.
“I don't own you. But I do own this.” 
You could feel his smirk as his nose grazed your shoulder the same time his finger tips grazed your throbbing clit over your embarrassingly wet chelsea blue thong. The bud of your clit throbs against the pressure of his index finger, as Mason could have sworn he felt a pulse there.
Nevertheless, he proved what he needed just by your reaction to his simple touch. He scoffed as his other hand fiddled with the straps of your dress that were loosely hanging down on your shoulder.
“You're right y/n, I don't own you. I don't control your actions either, so it's definitely not me that makes you call me up at three in the morning so you can feel me inside of you? Begging me to come over just so i can fuck you.” 
“Because deep, deep down, you know no one has ever, or will ever, make you feel the things I make you feel, make you scream my name just to cum.”
Mason scoffs with a smirk at your flushed cheeks, his hand stops caressing your shoulder as he brings his fingers up to push back some of your fallen hair behind your ear, before he carries on.
“You're a whore for me, y/n. And I bet right now, you're dying to feel me inside of you? Right?”
His fingers slowly pushed your thong aside as his fingers traced up and down your soaked slits. As he started to make slow, smooth circles around your clit causing you to throw your head back in pleasure.
You tried to subtly spread your legs for him, but he had caught on to your wave of pleasure as he pulled away. Causing your eyes to snap open and immediately look at him.
“Tell me why you acted like a brat tonight?” He says in a shallow whisper.
After your long reply mason places his forehead on yours, “Y/n?”
“I didn't know we were sleeping with other people.” You mumbled, putting your head down, refusing to make eye contact with him as Mason stood back up straight, before joining you next to the bed.
“Me neither.” He shrugged so innocently, a huge juxtaposition to the way he had just spoken to you.
“What? Ben said that you got with some famous model in paris-” But mason cut you off, an almost offended look on his face.
“I didn't sleep with anyone y/n. I havent had sex with any girl other than you since we first started this- this weird thing we have going on.”
The room fell quite for a moment as you felt a wave of embarrassment fall over you. You couldn't go through with it, you went a model, you went a sex toy and you did have feelings. Feelings for the boy sat next to you, and it was tearing you apart.
“Mason, I need to go.” You said, standing up, pulling your dress strap up and the bottom of your dress down.
“Please drop me to the train station, you don't have to drop me all the way home-” You quickly mumbled, looking around you to make you look busy, but in reality you didn't want to look at his face.
Mason cut you off as he stood up, grabbing your wrist, pulling you back. There was a long silence, all to be heard was Mason's loud breathing and the sudden gulp from your throat as he lightly smiled before crashing your lips together.
The kiss was one for the lips, the kind of intimate kiss so you could touch the other. The kiss was perfect, it was little but everything. It made you feel everything, and that scared you. When mason pulled away the first thing he could see was your wide eye gaze, now it was his turn to feel embarrassed.
“I just have one question, you don't have to answer it. And if you really want I'll get in the car and drive you straight home right now. But y/n, why would you be mad if i had sex with someone random girl?”
“Because- because” You sigh, taking a deep breath in hopes to stop your awful stuttering.
“I dont know!” you shout, “I can't do this mason!”
“Can't do what?” But you cut him off, throwing your hands in the air.
“This, I can't do this anymore. It hurts mason. When i stay here, in your house, for like three days and all we do is have sex and watch movies on the sofa and you cook me pasta. Then I go home and you won't call me until you need me again, but then when you do call I get this feeling and I just-” You stop for a second, steadying your breath.
You just sigh falling back down on his bed.
“You know how when we first started this, everyone said, ‘friends with benefits never work because someone always end up falling in love and getting hurt.’” You said.
Mason just sits back down next to you in silence, remembering when Ben had told him that when he told him about his situationship with you.
“I don't want to end this, y/n.”
You were about to protest before mason took one of your hands into his, “Y/n. I'm not going to hurt you, I swear.”
“But you will-”
“I can't, not when you could hurt me just as bad.”
You turn to look into his gorgeous chocolate brown eyes, the ones that made yours sparkle, the ones you had grown to love.
“Do you still want to go home?”
“I don't think so.”
Mason smiled before leaning in to kiss your lips, kissing them passionatly with a force and energy you had never felt before as he continued to push his lips onto yours. Letting his tongue slide across your in such a gentle manner you couldn't help but moan into his mouth as you latched onto his shirt. 
Mason continues to kiss you as you pull yourself up the bed, you head resting on his pillows as he continues to hover over you. He pecks your lips in between you catching your breath. The then attaches his lips to your neck, lightly sucking under your ear and down to your collarbone, right where he knew you liked it.
Your hands run through his thick long hair, pulling at it slightly as your legs spread more so mason can slot himself in between you, your legs wrapping around his back as the tip of your heels graze his lower back.
He was in bliss listening to the sweet moans coming from your mouth, he loved the noises you made, and most importantly he knew that he loved you.
After licking a long stripe up your collarbone mason pulls away, his eyes scratch to your puffy red lips to your glossy eyes. 
“You're the most beautiful girl in the world, you know that right?”
You didn't reply to him but he could feel you smile on his lips as he leaned down to peck you a few times.
You arched your back slightly, pushing your lower stomach into the dent in his jeans.
“Mase.” you moaned into his ear, letting him know what you wanted.
Mason pulled away before pulling your bunched up dress from the top of your thighs and over your head, before removing his own tshirt and unbuttoning his pants.
Once Mason was cald in only his pants he watched you pull off your bra before he leaned back down to kiss your lips, squeaking your chests together as he wanted to feel you as close to him as humanly possible.
“Fuck.” He exhaled while looking down at your naked body.
“Are you sure?” He looks down at you, he didnt want you to think you were his sex toy, you were so much morw than that to him.
With your sweet beckons in his ear, Mason leans down to kiss over the bruises he had already left on your neck, distracting you as his tip slowly pushes into you. HIs thrusts were painfully slow at first as the tips of your heads rested on each other as you were both looking down at his dick slowly entering you as he slowly drags it out. Waiting for you to feel comfortable, he adds a small amount of pressure to the thrusts making you moans in his ear.
“Let me hear you, y/n. I need to hear you.”
With every movement mason makes you coulndt help but grab his shoulder can moan lightly into his ear.
You could hear his slight curses in your neck as he buried his head into your neck, the chilling s ould of your name leaving his lips caused you to raise your hips. An abundance of moans left your lips as the feeling of mason deep in you.
Your eyes rolled back at the intimacy and pleasure that was rolling through your body, the sligh pants of masons opened mouth moans wetting your shoulder as you turned your head to continually kiss his temple.
This little act of intimacy waas what pushed Mason over the edge as he rested his forehead on yours to look into your eyes. The sound of harsh skin slapping echoes through the air and you both continuously moan into eachothers mouths.
“I love you.” He couldn't hold it in anymore, not when it had been tearing up at him for months.
“I so fucking in love with you, y/n y/m/n y/l/n.”
You giggled on his lips before pecking them gently, “I love you too, mason tony mount.”
After that you fell into a state of love and bliss.
The feeling of such passionate love sending you into a spiral as you felt your eyes roll to the back of your head when masons fingers had started to slowly rub circles around your clit.
You both breathed in unison to the sound of harsh skin slapping as your heals continued to scratch down masons back.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, mason-” You moanded out, the feeling of your orgasm start to bubble in your stomahc sending you over the edge.
“I know, I'm with you, I'm with you.” you heard him moans into your ear.
“Don't pull out.” You quickly moaned in a strained voice as masons could have sworn he was sent to heaven there and then.
You both came in unison, the feeling of masons' warmth filling you up was enough to make you scream, especially when he continuously thrusted into you so he could push himself further into you as possible.
When you were both too sensitive to continue mason pulled out, he watched himself slowly trickle out of your before using his two fingers to push it back in. You moaned at the contact of his fingers, before he lightly kissed your temple and ran to grab you one of his shirts and some tissue.
Once you were both cleaned up there was a silence that loomed, you didn't know what to say now the high had dropped.
“Did you mean it?” You turn to face him, the both of you sitting up resting against his headboard.
“Of course I meant it.”
You smiled up at him before pecking his lips. “Good, because I meant it too.”
Mason's hand came to rest on your shoulder as he rubbed some of the fallen mascara from under your eyes.
“I never wanted you to ever feel like I used you, y/n.” Mason looked down at you, you could see the sympathy in his eyes. This was a side to maosn you had never seen before, the soft loving sex, and now you had a feeling he was about to open up to you. It warmed your heart that he trusted you enough to be able to act like this around you.
“Sleeping with you was the only way i knew i could be close with you, and im so so so fucking sorry you felt like a sex toy.”
You giggled at the world before nesseling your head into his shoulder.
“I really am in love with you y/n. I mean it.”
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marionacaldenteys · 2 days ago
@FCBseny: Alexia's message to the fans…. “They are the PRIDE of the club”
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eloisecore · 16 hours ago
instagram blurb
pairing - friends to lovers mason mount x rockstar gf
faceclaim - jennie kim
authors note - the instagram au’s make a return as im too harsh on my own writing! hopefully the mason series ‘dress’ will start soon once i stop critiquing myself so much
Tumblr media
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mmupdates MASON AND Y/N OUT IN LONDON TODAY! sent in from @masonfan5
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y/nfan8 they own my heart
masonfan7 can they just date already
↪️ y/nfan2 ik im sick of waiting
masonfan9 they’re actually my parents
↪️ masonfan6 you do realise their just friends???
y/nfan3 wish i was in his position
↪️ masonfan4 ikr y/n DATE US!!
y/nfan12 she is the MOMENT!!
masonfan11 i want to be her
Tumblr media
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y/nnews in y/n’s newest album (vinyl edition) mason’s face is pictured on the inside
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masonfan6 he’s her fucking muse!! IM DEAD
masonfan8 i seriously want someone to adore me as much as these two adore each other
y/nfan9 first he dedicates a goal to her and now she does this!!
↪️ masonfan9 ikr how many more hints do they wanna throw! just tell us your together already
y/nfan14 literally just finished listening to her album… and i swear these songs are all secretly about mason 😭
↪️ y/nfan16 this album better not make me cry
↪️ masonfan10 oh be prepared girl it’s so tear jerking
masonfan18 i want what these two have!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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y/nmasonnews mason with fans right before he made his way to y/n’s show!!!!
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y/nfan16 he’s so supportive i love him!!
masonfan12 the way everybody freaked out when he walked into the venue!
↪️ y/nfan6 omg ikr and what y/n said i was bad laughing
↪️ masonfan8 for anybody that wants to know what she said it was ‘mason leave your stealing all my fans’ 😂
y/nfan7 i love that he tries to go to as many shows as he can!!
↪️ masonfan1 omg ikr!! literally best friend goals
↪️ y/nfan8 BeSt FrIeNdS… sure
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masonmount y/n, i adore you!
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masonfan1 the polaroids!!!! why is nobody talking about the polaroids
yourinstagram i adore you more mase, thank you for being my inspiration.
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masonfan8 when will it be my turn
y/nfan12 HELLO MY PARENTS!!!!
↪️ masonfan4 they have to be dating!! just give us a confirmation already guys i beg!!!
masonfan5 okay but since nobody else will say it. look how gorgeous she is!!!
↪️ y/nfan8 nobody else can do it like her
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yourinstagram thank you for loving me
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masonfan12 OMG OMG OMG OMG
masonfan2 we’ve literally been waiting for this moment for years
masonmount olive you so much 🫒
↪️ yourinstagram honestly you and your puns
masonfan7 5 fucking years ive waited for this to happen!! and honestly the wait was worth it
masonfan9 someone be the mason to my y/n
↪️ y/nfan2 screw that i want someone to be the y/n to my mason
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streetcircuits · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
nico schlotterbeck of sc freiburg drinks water lewdly after the end of extra time of the dfb-pokal final against rb leipzig at the olympiastadion berlin, 2022.05.21
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sonnystuff · a day ago
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Premier League 21/22 Golden Boot winner. 👑
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aboutlali · a day ago
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nah they are my favorite duo 🫶🏻
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once-blue-always-blue · a day ago
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certifiedl0vergr1l · 21 hours ago
🤍 Hi M’loves 🤍
My holiday is so good rn I am loving life - our room has this cute ass balcony and I’ve claimed it as my picture spot for the entire trip…
Im also loving the mase and summer content it’s KILLING me 🧎🏽‍♀️
Tumblr media
A mutual who stalked my personal insta said I’m giving ✨masons type✨ and now I refuse to believe otherwise.
BUT on and ending note I have so many fic ideas that you’re gonna love & I can’t wait to get home to start writingg !! THANK YOU ALL FOR 250 FOLLOWERS LIKE WTF ILY ILY <333
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italynt · a day ago
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After eleven years, AC Milan are the Champions of Italy once again 1️⃣9️⃣ 🥹
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messfc · 2 days ago
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marionacaldenteys · 2 days ago
@FCBseny: @brunavilamala’s kiss, @AitanaBonmati’s detail … You have to VALUE what is being done.
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draikaesehoch · 2 days ago
so weird how there was no dfb pokal final this year
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thomas-mvller · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pedro Neto (3’) Sadio Mané (24’) Mohamed Salah (84’) Andy Robertson (89’)
Liverpool FC | 3 - 1 | Wolverhampton Wanderers ᴾʳᵉᵐᶦᵉʳ ᴸᵉᵃᵍᵘᵉ ⁻ ᵐᵃᵗᶜʰʷᵉᵉᵏ ³⁸
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hotsprs · a day ago
god, blue looks so good on us.
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sportsmancrush22 · 15 hours ago
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i-invented-the-smirk · 12 hours ago
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This happy face brought to y’all by the fact that I found out Nick Foles was released from the Bears today. (I don’t know when it happened, I just found out about it today)
For the record, I still have zero clue why I hate him so much, but seeing his face on the sidelines pissed me off. The Bears are probably tied for third in teams I care about but I still had weirdly strong negative feelings about them signing him.
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mysharona1987 · 14 hours ago
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