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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#for all intents and purposes

everybody should be allowed at least one legal murder in their lifetime. some of you motherfuckers need to be kept on your toes. you wouldn’t be yelling at that drive thru employee if you knew they were strapped and could get away with it.

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runningaroundincirclespanicking replied to your post “Had my friend tell me that my dating life is in shambles because I am…”

lmaoooo reminds me of how my girlfriend’s mom would always tell her that you are never supposed to be fully honest with your partner and when she told me that i was like ??thfuck-dialup noise

I…… how have these people survived

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I think Northstar as a team leader is out of character. Especially considering Polaris is on the team and has been the leader of X-Factor before.

I think a few years ago I might have agreed given that he could barely even be a team player, but I also probably would have also said I couldn’t see Northstar getting married. 

Personally I think he’s sort of “grown up” since joining the X-Men and I think X-Factor is a great team for Northstar because of his past like… Someone with a history of abuse by authority figures? Openly dislikes most forms of authority? In a position of authority? On a team dealing with life and death? I’m definitely interested in that. 

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[welcome to another installment of “sometimes Jessica gets bored home alone and records half-assed music things for your entertainment”

this time it’s my attempts at guitar – By My Side from Godspell]

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Fic can be read HERE.

Hurt/Comfort, Existential Angst, Pre-Relationship, Pining. Completed. Rated: G. Word Count: 1720

Pairings: Claw Security Guard/Dimple, Dimple/Reigen Arataka, Claw Security Guard/Dimple/Reigen Arataka

Trigger Warnings: Touch-Starved, Anxiety Attack, Consensual Possession

“He didn’t touch me!” Dimple barked, fists clenched. “He can’t touch me! He can convince himself - convince me - all he wants, but I - I-I know.” With these words, the spirit’s voice wore down to shreds. He sank again, landed on their knees and hid his face in the heels of their hands. “I know better than this. I’m supposed to know better than this.”

Part 2 of The Takuya Timeline series

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