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sexytwink7 · 2 months ago
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This ones for that special daddy looking for his forever bttm. ❤️🍑💥
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groovybabe77 · 9 months ago
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littlehippiebitch · 3 months ago
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🌹🌹Happy Monday pt. 2🌹🌹
I need my ass grabbed on fr.
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compromisedlezlove · 4 months ago
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Property of @pandacat420
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sabinasoubrette · 2 months ago
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If ya wanna see more from this corset (and those TTs😉) head to IG: @Sabina.CurvyPinup
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hiddxnfairy · 3 months ago
Thank you so much for 500 followers, eventually I’ll figure out how to make it a sound but for now, enjoy 😘
Just me, my vibe, and I
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mischievoussub · a month ago
I want a dominant who will take pictures of and with me. Film yourself punishing me, and make me watch it later as a training video. Take pictures of my butt because you think it’s cute when I’m bent over. Film yourself sliding into me after teasing.
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khaayleesi · 5 months ago
Drooly flower
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maniccosmicsiren · a month ago
How to Care for your Daddy:
Daddies do so much to keep everyone together. They do and worry about so many people and things that sometimes they can get super burnt out. Your Daddy's self care is just as important. Sooo, time to start a list.
1.) Make sure he eats enough
2.) Make sure he is well hydrated...(especially if he has been filling you up all day long, grape flavored pedialite is a good bed for replishment).
3.) Make sure he has time for a nice long shower. Sometimes a good long steam is all he needs to recharge.
4.) Challenge him to a teeth brush competition so that he remembers to brush his teeth before bed.
5.) Comb his hair while you want his favorite show or movie. Even if it's short, it will feel super relaxing.
6.) Give him soft kisses on my brow when it looks furrowed and stressed.
1.) Help him plan time with his friends. Insist he get out of the house, or make him a snack plate while he plays video games with his friends (this is a nice bonus to makes sure he gets enough food, plus who doesn't like a charcuterie).
2.) Try to keep track of family events and make sure he is present for them. Keeping up with family socialization is important.
This one sucks, it's all about chores and the boring adult stuff. But it has to get done to keep the world going smoothly.
1.) Follow his rules (Sorry fellow brats, when he is overwhelmed or stressed, this is the best way to let him know he doesn't need to worry as much about you and can focus on his needs too).
2.) Help with his least favorite chore.
3.) See if there are errands, or phone calls you can make for him to take it off his plate.
4.) Communicate your needs (always).
1.) Does he have a therapist? Make sure he goes.
2.) Is he prone to melancholy? Make him a gratitude journal he can reflect on positive things in.
3.) Make a journal for the both of you. Write letters to each other when talking is harder, or time is limited.
4.) Simply ask about his day, and how he is doing.
1.) Challenge him to strategy games (chess, or portal2, stratego, etc).
2.) Get a really difficult puzzle to do together
3.) Do the daily crossword
4.) Find a phone game that challenges your brain
5.) Insist on watching a new documentary one a week, to learn new things (or how it's made is another great show).
This is always a very personal thing, but, if you share the same beliefs, help plan time for connection, worship, circles, whatever you need. If you don't share the same beliefs, find ways to support his. Learn about the traditions and practices and incorporate them into your world together. It helps to keep Jim aware of his spiritual needs, and helps you understand him better.
Okay yay! That's all, go take care of your Daddy.
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