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froggi-mushroom · a day ago
A (somewhat) Comprehensive List of Where and How I learn about Western Historical Costuming 
I have made it no secret that I am deeply interested in history and, particularly, historical costuming. And though I understand it is a very niche topic that not many people are interested in, I do want to provide a list of sources that I find helpful for learning and writing about western historical costuming. From websites and books to youtube videos and extant garments and portraiture, I aim for this to be a guide for everyone, regardless of their preferred method of learning 
My main source for general overviews on historical costuming is fashionhistory, an excellent source for overall trends of a decade with a mixture of descriptions and visual references which I find incredibly useful 
For a much more comedic and entertaining but still informative source, I’d recommend frockflicks as they’re very entertaining, often cover movie and tv show costumes and are generally a good read whilst still being informative and educational, you can really tell they know what they’re talking about 
Though not my preferred source when writing about historical costuming, the beginning of my interest in historical costuming was through being recommended certain youtube videos and youtubers. As such, I want to recommend a few youtube channels that are valuable for learning about historical costuming, particularly if you are beginning to, or for simple entertainment value
Karolina Żebrowska is my all-time favourite costume youtuber, her videos are an excellent mix of educational and comedic and it was her content which sparked my interest in historical costuming. I will always recommend her because her videos are just chef’s kiss, incredible 
Another very close second for me and someone else who also helped fuel my love for historical costuming is Bernadette Banner, she’s so eloquent and witty that her videos are so easy and enjoyable to watch for me, I highly recommend her 
Another of my favourite costume youtubers is priorattire who does videos about the process of dressing in historical costuming as well as some other goodies! I find her videos useful when writing about the process of dressing and undressing and as a visual aid 
Some other youtubers who I don’t regularly watch but are valuable nonetheless are Morgan Donner, Sewstine, Lady Rebecca Fashions, V. Birchwood, Samantha Bullat and many, many others I’m sure I’m forgetting
There are also a few channels that are more of a collective, usually in association with a museum or foundation such as English Heritage, CrowsEyeProductions and, of course, American Duchess
For writing specifically, I tend to reach for books more often than anything else, so here’s a few of my go-to books for writing about historical costuming 
The v&a’s 18th Century Fashion in Detail and 19th Century Fashion in Detail are excellent visual references for the more intricate details of fashion, with images from extant garments 
The Chronicle of Western Costuming by John Peacock is also an excellent visual reference with small descriptions which are quite useful and, if you’re specifically interested in English costuming, Nancy Bradfield’s Historical Costumes of England from the Eleventh to the Twentieth Century is also a good visual aid. On the topic of English costuming, Ian Mortimer’s ‘The Time Traveler’s Guide…’ series often contains descriptions on historical clothing which can be quite valuable and, if you’re like me and are into the very, very niche time period of 1660-1670 England, Liza Picard’s Restoration is so valuable for everyday life in London in the 1660s but also as a guide to clothing, with her detailed descriptions, it’s easily a go-to when writing about the restoration era 
Extant Garments:
I don’t have much here since I only really visit the same two sources, that being The V&A and The Met Museum though The Kyoto Costume Institute is also incredibly useful 
Those are all the sources I use regularly, as well as a range of ones that I don’t particularly but have used in the past, I hope this is valuable to at least someone and I fully encourage other people to share their own sources so that we can all learn something new about historical costuming
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em-dash-press · a month ago
Game-Changing Sites for Writers
A recent search for a specific type of site to help me build new characters led me down a rabbit hole. Normally, that would make me much less productive, but I have found a treasure trove of websites for writers.
Bring Characters/Places to Life
There are a few different places you can use to create a picture of something entirely new. I love this site for making character pictures as references, instead of stock photos or whatever pops up on Google Images.
thispersondoesnotexist: every time you reload the page, this site generates a headshot of someone who doesn't exist. This is great if you're thinking about a character's personality or age and don't have specifics for their facial features yet.
Night Cafe: this is an AI art generator that takes your text prompt and generates an image for it. I tried it for various scenery, like "forest" or "cottage." It takes a minute for your requested photo to load, but no more than maybe five for the program to finish the picture.
Art Breeder: this website has endless images of people, places, and general things. Users can blend photos to create something new and curious visitors can browse/download those images without creating an account. (But if you do want to make an account to create your own, it's free!)
Find Random Places on Earth
You might prefer to set a story in a real-life environment so you can reference that place's weather, seasons, small-town vibe, or whatever you like. If that's the case, try:
MapCrunch: the homepage generates a new location each day and gives the location/GPS info in the top left of the screen. To see more images from previous days, hit "Gallery" in the top left.
Atlas Obscura: hover over or tap the "Places" tab, then hit "Random Place." A new page will load with a randomly generated location on the planet, provide a Google Maps link, and tell you a little bit about the place.
Random World Cities: this site makes randomly selected lists of global cities. Six appear for each search, although you'll have to look them up to find more information about each place. You can also use the site to have it select countries, US cities or US states too.
Vary Your Wording
Thesauruses are great, but these websites have some pretty cool perspectives on finding just the right words for stories.
Describing Words: tell this website which word you want to stop repeating and it will give you tons of alternative words that mean the same thing. It typically has way more options than other sites I use.
Reverse Dictionary: type what you need a word for in Reverse Dictionary's search box and it will give you tons of words that closely match what you want. It also lists the words in order of relevancy, starting with a word that most accurately describes what you typed. (There's also an option to get definitions for search results!)
Tip of My Tongue: this website is phenomenal. It lets you search for that word you can't quite place by a letter in it, the definition, what it sounds like, or even its scrambled letters. A long list of potential options will appear on the right side of the screen for every search.
Hope this helps when you need a hand during next writing session 💛
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honeytuesday · 4 months ago
when i say mwahmwahmwahmwahmwah i am wrapping u in my love like duct tape ok? ok.
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flightfoot · 4 months ago
So who wants to bet that the first episode of S5 is titled “Adrien”?
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curiouscarnifex · a year ago
What to Eat When You Know You Need Too But Just Can't Think About That Right Now
Do you have peanut butter or another nut butter? That + an apple + crackers covers protien, fat, and suger and gets you some plant matter. Even just a spoonful of peanut butter or your preferred alternative is better then nothing
Instant oatmeal, you can add dried fruit and/or peanut butter to add calories and protein which will fill you up longer
If you have veggies like carrots, broccoli, or cherry tomatoes throw them in a bowl and you can slowly snack on them. If you've got cheese and something like pepperettes congrats you now have a meal with most major bases covered
Instant ramen + an egg + any frozen veggies like peas or carrots. Just chuck the latter two in while you boil the water. Now you have something filling with veggies, carbs, and protein and it takes about the same amount of spoons and time as normal instant ramen
If solid food or the act of eating is an issue heat up some broth add any spices you'd like and stick it in a mug. If you've got the energy smoothies and shakes also work, if not meal replacement drinks can be a lifesaver
If you've got granola and yogurt then try the two together. The fat and protein in yogurt will give you more energy and keep you feeling full longer then milk
Haven't eaten in a long time and feel too gross to eat? Try drinking something sugary, your blood sugars probably nosedived and that causes nausea, dizzyness, and other unpleasant stuff that makes eating difficult, getting something sugary into you helps correct that and makes eating easier
In general if you find eating difficult anything with protien and fat will help you feel full longer, so if your struggling to eat try and go for foods with those because its going to lessen the shitty gross "I feel to hungry to eat" feeling that can happen. The most important thing though it to get food, any food is better then no food.
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grian-love · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Found a Griub!
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lemonzone · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
So… i may be making an au… and i may need a human p03 design to do it so. Blows a kiss to the robot likers out there heres a funny little guy for you,
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jenomark · 9 months ago
I don’t know if you have done ir before but I want to request car sex with 00 line, thanks ✨
Renjun: "Have you lost your mind?" Renjun asked. With one hand in his pants, you used the other hand to open the back door. Late night parking lot sex after a get together with the boys wasn't on the agenda, but Renjun looked too sexy to pass it up. You fondled him inside of his pants, and suddenly, he was in on the plan, following you into the backseat. "Have I lost my mind?" he whispered, watching you pull up your dress and slip your panties to the side. He was bent over you, his eyes scanning the empty parking lot through the back window. Your hands were back on him, unbuttoning and unzipping to free his cock. You jerked him slowly, maintaining eye contact with him, and re-adjusting yourself to get comfortable. Renjun leaned down lower to kiss you, the leather seats squeaking with each movement. It wasn't exactly comfortable stretched out in the small backseat, but all of those thoughts left as soon as he entered you. He fucked you quickly, the fear of being caught never leaving his mind.
Jeno: His hand on your thigh as he drove was one of the sexiest things he could do. Jeno knew it, too, judging by the way he kept glancing over at you, moving his hand higher and higher up. You spread your legs in your tight jeans, which gave Jeno the open invitation he needed. At a stop light, he touched you over your jeans, cupping and rubbing you. "Unbutton them for me," he said, gruffly, his eyes frequently checking the light. "Hurry, hurry, hurry." You did as you were told, and as soon as you did, Jeno's fingers were digging inside of your underwear. "Drive." you said, clutching the side of the door as his fingers worked their magic. One hand on the wheel, Jeno kept his other hand inside of your pants. You touched his arm, the veins rising underneath his skin. You rocked your body into his hand in your seat, trying your best not to make it too obvious. At another stop light, Jeno reached over like he was reaching for your seatbelt and he kissed you. His fingers picked up the pace. You lifted your hips up, wishing that you were anywhere but on the road. "How many more miles until you can take me home and fuck me?" you whined.
Haechan: "Thank you." Haechan said, watching his managers back as he walked into the cafe. From the backseat, you lifted your body up and bent over the console to suck on Haechan's earlobe. "Not here," he said. "He'll be back in a moment." Ever so paranoid, Haechan looked all around for prying eyes in the daytime, too afraid that people would be watching him live his life. You climbed into the driver's seat, putting your ass in his face. "Darling, what are you doing?" Haechan asked. But he knew. You licked your lips and went for his crotch, dipping down low. "This is dangerous," he said, feeling your wet mouth on his zipper. "We'll get caught." You took Haechan's cock from his pants, feeling delighted when you saw that he was aroused by your sudden spontaneity. Placing your mouth over him shut him up right away. He bit down on his knuckles and watched you slobber all over his cock, his attention solely on you. You sucked him fast, bobbing your head up and down to make him come, and when he did, you let the evidence slide down the back of your throat.
Jaemin: He checked his phone and said, "We have twenty minutes. What do you want to do in that time?" From the front seat beside him, you smirked. Jaemin read your mind, looking down at you like he was getting ready to scold you. "No one can see us parked here." you pouted, touching your breasts. Jaemin's eyes followed your hands before giving the smallest of nods. You maneuvered yourself over the console and straddled him in the driver's seat, your head bent so it didn't hit the ceiling, and your knee shoved into the console. None of that mattered, for you or for Jaemin. It didn't take him long to get hard as you made out with him, grinding your body against his. He lifted you up so that he could undo his pants, his mouth greedily licking your breasts. "We don't have much time left." Jaemin said breathlessly, moving your panties to the side and lowering you onto his cock until he felt you sink all the way down. He closed his eyes and sighed, not opening them until you began riding . "That's fine," you said. "Something tells me we won't be needing a lot of it."
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onsunnyside · 16 days ago
Can we just talk about how SilverFox!Chris would fuck you veeery good😋😋😋 he’s your grandma’s neighbor and, I bet, the local eligible bachelor, and everybody believes he’ll never settle, but then you come to visit her one hot summer. And all of a sudden, those favors he does for you grandma? Hanging a bird house, mowing her lawn, fixing the barn roof? They are not so bad, because now he has a pretty eye candy in his visual, and you do too. He has this genuine kindness and charm that makes you weak in the knees.
He’s shirtless, sweaty a dirty, and you lead him to the kitchen to get him some iced water and as you bend over and that cute floral dress rides a bit up? He grips the edge of the counter so hard as he leans against it. Then you turn around and hand him the glass, and he watches you as he gulps it down. Once the glass is empty, he puts it on the counter that’s behind you, forcing you towards it and than he just wordlessly kisses you, and it’s filthy and loud which causes you to whimper and he can’t help but push his front into you. “Once I’m done here, I want you to get your butt over to my place, okay?” and you just nod your head. “And to make sure you will,” he gets on his knees and sneaks his hands under your skirt. “I’m keeping these hostage.” He says, as he slides your panties down and stands up again. He just smiles and gets back to work, when you come outside again, your grandma just gushes how sweet he is. And you’ll find out just how sweet he’s not soon enough. And he’ll realize that he’s found his match😇
Tumblr media
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doodledrawsthings · a month ago
Hello! I was wondering if you were okay with people getting tattoos of your art? / If it’s possible to pay you to do that? Completely fine if not, of course! Your art is simply beautiful and has meant a lot to me this past year. Thank you <3
Hi, thank you. I guess it would depend on what you’re getting, but if you’d like to discuss in more detail, feel free to DM me. It’s a bit difficult to give permission for these kinds of things if you’re on anon.
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tracksidequeen · a month ago
Tumblr media
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mcbride · 3 months ago
i know the title of the #Caryl spinoff!!
Tumblr media
How we feeling Caryl nation? Spec about the title of the “untitled” Carol and Daryl spinoff may be a spoiler has been going around for a long time, but it seems like more people are picking up on it now. So, I decided to make a post with my prediction of the spinoff title just in case I am right. 
The Dixons? NAH. It’s kinda tacky for a zombie show. So I’m putting all my money on:
Do I even need to explain why it would be spoilery? I think it speaks for itself. Am I absolutely or am I totally wrong? Sound off in the comments! Leave your best guess! I wanna hear it! Come on!!!!!!!!
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communistwilbur · 4 months ago
because come on. you cannot lie that a lot of white girls only like yuzuru cause he falls right into the category of very pretty east asian man who white teenage girls fawn over. it absolutely ist fetishization. i can tell this because 1. i've been in the fs community for YEARS. i can notice this stuff and 2. most of the white girls who started liking yuzuru a week ago are kpop stans. also 3. ive liked kpop since 2013 and have been part of the community on and off ever since. and yuzuru falls right into the category of a guy who could very well pass for a kpop member.
cause that's the thing, white people won't care for asians they can't fetishize. yuzuru is dainty and has a small build, he is light skinned, button nose, perfectly straight hair, all the things weird 15 year old koreaboos think is The standard for asian men.
this is not to discredit yuzuru as a skater: i think he is one of the most brilliant skaters of ALL TIME, the guy is genuinely a genius. and i don't think all his popularity comes only from his looks! ofc lots of ppl appreciate him for his skill! but you cannot deny that part of yuzurus fanbase, most especially younger ones, are only there for his looks.
if yuzuru had still the same athletic skill, same personality, same everything, but was darker skinned, had a wider nose, wasn't as slim, didn't have perfectly straight hair (all things nathan chen does have), he wouldn't be as popular among 15 year old twitter stans.
and again, this is NOT and NEVER WAS a critique on yuzuru. he is AMAZING, as a skater and as an individual. this is a critique on how these ppl will only care for asian people when they are attractive to them. if you can't fetishize them, they won't care for them at best, and despise them at worst.
it is absolutely disgusting. they wont remember about yuzuru's (or nathan's, or anyone in that fucking olympics for the matter) name next week, and they'll only do so when 2026 comes again, if they ever do. because they don't care for the sport, they barely understand how it works (and that's not to discredit newbies, it is a hard sport to get your head around, but these people have barely an ounce of interest in having further knowledge on this shit), they're only here so they can add another asian man to their stan list.
this isn't even only an issue with asian men as a lot of kpop stans also despise a girl from the kpop group kep1er for being "ugly", when her crime was not fitting with the expectation of how an asian woman should look. (i'm not even saying this because i like her or kep1er, on the contrary, i actively dislike the group but not because i think they're ugly or some shit like this).
either way. this is all to say most yuzuru stans on twitter are all white teenaged girls who are either weeaboos or koreaboos and that influences how they see any asian men they deem attractive. and that we should listen more to people who actually give a shit abt yuzuru for his skill instead of ppl who r only here for his looks.
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nix-that-rad-lass · 7 months ago
Hot take, but I think radblr needs to hear it:
There shouldn’t be so much shame in re-identifying your sexuality after you have done some serious questioning.
There have been a few handfuls of women on here who identified as lesbian and later came out as bi, or vice versa.
I understand how, outside of the lesbian and bisexual communities, that’s harmful, but we are in this together and frankly the women who go through this get too much hate.
Yes, it’s irritating. Yes, it can paint a bad picture of us. But I’d think female solidarity comes before this.
The women who do this soul searching, who rip themselves apart, go over their past, relive their trauma, only to feel fear at living, speaking, and identifying properly because a bunch of so-called radfems get pissy that, oh no, people change! People sometimes don’t know who or what they are! People can have trauma that causes them to identify a certain way!
You accept detransitioned women, acknowledging many transitioned to escape oppression or trauma, but you can’t do the same to just... not be a shithead to women who had difficulty with understanding and labeling their sexuality?
In light of the stuff regarding badfem, too, you can say “yeah I figured that much...” and sure that’s rude but good fucking god y’all went insane. Unhinged. The cruelty towards her was insane. It makes you no better than her at her worst.
The way you all treat women who reidentify their sexuality after coming to a better understanding of themselves is fucking disgusting. How dare you call yourself a feminist only to turn around and be so unimaginably cruel to other women?
I’m not saying someone who deliberately ID’d as the wrong sexuality go gain access to their spaces is a good person, but for fucks sake it’s not that hard to not be a shitty asshole. It’s not that hard to say “hey this really could hurt our community so please be aware of that, but I appreciate you being truthful and no longer pretending to be something you’re not”
You can say you dislike someone’s actions without throwing away your humanity for a few wokie or rudefem points.
Not to mention the sheer amount of young radfems- those under 25- who don’t have a ton of life experience, who have grown up in a neoliberal vs conservative environment, who were often part of the trans cult, who have faced more trauma from male peers, have been groomed by society, forced to adapt to pornified world... it’s not surprising that so many young women mis-identify themselves because the lines have been terribly blurred, women on all sides of the political spectrum are facing oppression and cruelty, that so many women are trying desperately to escape their innate or true sexuality.
Straight women face abuse from radfems on here, called fuck cattle, dick worshipers, and handmaidens. Add to this porns sexualizing effect on bisexuality/lesbianism, and yeah, you’ll get a handful of straight women identifying as Bi. The answer is not to make radical feminism more hostile to straight women!
Bi women face shit from literally everyone on here, but most notably lesbians on radblr. The attempt to discard their attraction to men, coupled with the cruelty towards bi women, yeah a lot of them are gonna ID as lesbian to escape that! The answer is not to be more hostile to bisexual women and febfems
There are NGS lesbians, who have often already faced trauma, who have already hated themselves, and felt that disgust, have ID’d as bi or straight, and yet gold star puritans come out of the woodwork to be assholes to them. Yet again, the solution is not to make this community more hostile towards them!
If you want to stop women from falsely identifying as an inaccurate sexuality, the answer is to be accepting and supportive of women taking the time to understand themselves and/or potentially experiment. The answer is NOT to fucking shame and silence women who are struggling to properly identify themselves because of shitholes like you, not to mention the nightmare that is queer and trans politics, AND conservative and right wing bigotry.
Radical feminism is supposed to be a haven for women to find safety and community in a quest for female liberation. It’s not supposed to be a circle jerk of some women thinking they’re better than others for something out of their control!
For fucks sake, it is not that hard to grasp!
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highways-are-liminal-spaces · 5 months ago
I haven't gone to see it yet but I just thought you should know there is a giant ass soda bottle sculpture in Oklahoma
Tumblr media
Omg I love this immensely, what a weird design. I need to see it, preferably at night when it's lit up like that.
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fossilcookie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
What’s stopping my lovely followers from being like Golden Cheese the Chad?
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nikkywrites · a year ago
Reblog if it’s ok if I tag you in tag games
I don’t have nearly enough people to tag and I don’t want to tag the same few people, so reblog to let me know if it’s alright! It’ll probably be mostly writing tag games and I need/want to get to know more writers so this knocks out two birds with one stone.
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hoseokah · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
smiley yoongles in today’s vlive ♡
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theotherjourney7 · 4 months ago
“UK energy prices increased by around 50% yesterday (3 February 2022) but the cost of producing most energy has not increased. Nuclear and renewables cost the same to produce, for example. So, the price increases deliver very large profits to some energy companies. Why is Sunak happy about that?
The problem is energy is priced at the cost of the most expensive unit sold. As a result, Russia can push up gas prices and create an economic crisis in the UK. If we had a nationalised energy system that supplied our energy at the average price we could avoid this.
Instead of our energy being priced at the cost of the most expensive source available we’d instead pay the price set by a basket of energy sources. We’d see nothing like the proposed cost increase as a result, and the crisis for families across the UK could have been avoided.
This, though, would require the government to admit three things. First, the energy market does not work so, second, energy privatisation was a mistake and, third, the state could and should do this job because it can do so better than any market system.
Our government is not going to admit that. So, instead energy companies are going to be allowed to profit, 5 million households are going to be in fuel poverty and a wholly inappropriate and unfocused support system is going to deliver a bizarre package of support.
In that case there is one conclusion to reach. Because the government prefers its pro-market dogma to helping deliver what’s best for the people of the UK we’re going to have a massive cost of living crisis from which profits will flow to a few, inevitably.
I believe in markets when they're the right mechanism to use. When they are they can work to benefit us all. But artificial markets for energy that deliver worst possible outcomes for people and best possible outcomes for companies are just wrong, and that is what we have.
The right response to our energy crisis is not to keep existing structures going. It is to accept that the energy market is failing and to bring the state licenced profiteering to an end and rebuild an energy system run in the interests of people and not profits.
The political party that says so is onto a winner. They should be taking note. The energy system we have cannot continue. Who will have the courage to say so?“-Richard Murphy
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vethbrenatto · 5 days ago
Did you change your name back from Loqatiousseelie? Please let people know with like an update or something next time. it took me 20+ minutes to find your blog again...
my dude i did...............
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