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#for her

“Make every effort to enter through the narrow door. “ - Luke 13:24

4x6 bible verse illustration, simple room decor.

Watercolour & pigment ink on French watercolour paper.

Original art available in my shop. Link in bio.

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Originally posted by dailydoseofanimescenery

rain rain rain..

please come and wash away all these pain,

make the skies grey like there’s no colour left to paint,

for my heart felt as though it had been taint.

All these days filled with sorrow,

and what else does it bring me tomorrow?

i know the road that leads me to her are now narrow,

but i hope she knows that all my love are hers to borrow.

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“Your southern vowels and gospel hymn laughter, fell down on me like a gentle rain from Heaven. In the softness of your rub, I felt a healing touch, so strong it could cure any ailment. To stand in your light was a Baptismal Revelation. The floods of your Love could wash out my darkest demons, in an instant. Your quietest breath, exhaled against my skin, had to be Divine. It was always, always, always, Salvation.”

- Oh, To Be Loved By You.

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Eisuke reaction Mc crying when yelled at And some dude yells at her. [I think that is called (labile)]

Hey baby, don’t cry.

I took care of it, okay? You and I both know you’re not what he said you are. You’re my woman, and it’s for a good reason. Not just anyone is capable of being as strong as you.


[Eisuke thinking]: it took every bone in my body not to sever that guy’s head from his body. But, seeing her eyes made me realize I don’t need to resort to that sort of violence. However, I will blackmail the shit out of that bastard. When will she understand that these assholes are only envious of her? Their words are not true. I can only make sure she understands she is worth more than any precious thing in this world.

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Thanks to the character remake option in GE3 I was able to create Ezra as closely as possible to how I’ve designed him initially, meaning I have a wider pool of icons to use for replies for him.

Likewise, since I have my capture card hooked up, I’ll be utilizing Code Vein’s event viewer to grab icons of Ba’al for a wider pool of icons for him as well. I feel like by having icons for immediate use I’ll be more likely to bust them out for threads rather then… rarely at all.

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I cannot tell you when it began,

Nor can I tell you when I truly realized.

But, when you gripped my hand,

I was surprised.

I can’t tell you when I noticed,

The love,

The weight of my emotions.

But, I’d be dammed,

If you never knew my devotion.

I fell in love with you,

The dark, the light,

All the repetitions, the bliss,

The fights–

I fell in love with you,

The girl who felt insecure,

The anxiety, the doubt,

Yet the feelings were pure.

You completed me,

In a way that left me baffled.

But, I started to see,

The colors, the world,

The stress no longer hassled.

The chains to bind,

My neck ever tassled.

I was yours,

You were mine,

And I know this love lasted.

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Room and Board Chapter 39 For Her

She had been real quiet since returning home from therapy. She came in, picked up Becca to nurse her. He takes a seat beside her and waits. He understands that it had to be a tough one, this therapy session.

“I ah~ made a decision.” She says after Becca has been feed, burped, and changed. She now lays content on her mam’s lap. Claire is bouncing her as she speaks.


“Reporting the rape. After she is safe, all the legal stuff done, I will report it. For her, you see. I want her to know, when she is old enough, that I did all I good to see justice done for her and myself.”

“That is very good baby. Very good. You know though that they may not be able to prove it. With all the time that has passed and..”

“They are holding something back. The police. Something only his victims know.” He takes their daughter, now asleep, and places her in the cradle. He takes his wife’s hands.

“What Claire?”

“You have never asked for details. I thank you for that. But I will tell you this. He tucked us in. After, with my head covered with my own shirt, he tucked me into bed. Neither of those details were released to the public.”

“Christ!” He whispers.

“So, when I report they can see I am not lying.”

“Yes true.” He is in a rage. He treated them like dolls, like children. He violated them and then treated them such!

“Jamie?” She is concerned about his red face.

“I am just so bloody angry and sick for you Claire. You and the others.”

“I know.”

“Sorry Claire. You need me not to be so.. Sorry.”

“I need you to feel whatever you are feeling and allow me to do the same. Please don’t censor yourself for me.”

“In that case, I wouldn’t mind so terribly much if her was strung up by his bollocks in the town square, covered in honey and bird seed so the birds and bees could slowly, painfully kill him.”

“Nice. I would like to see him choked on them but I like your way too.” He smiles at her and she smiles back. It reaches her eyes and he knows they will get though this.

“I love you very much Claire Fraser.”

“I love you too Jamie Fraser. You and our daughter.” They snuggle close together, content.

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