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lukelemon-art · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pages 34-36 are here!
More pages (#37, 38) on my Patreon! ✨
The whole comic is here on AO3
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bluntjustice · 15 hours ago
I wrote George arriving in Florida before he actually did. Goal from last April, accomplished.
Yes, I was genuinely worried I’d have to write George coming to Florida after he did. New worry unlocked. He gets to Florida before I can post those specific chapters.
Yes chapters.
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tiredkirbybutcurvy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚
ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚
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itsqueeruptown · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
i love the “glasses that r functionally eyes” character design so i applied it to Grine. was watching timmys streams and they were very funny to me.
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rondoel · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I did these a while ago because I liked the concept of Sander’s High: girls edition and how slightly different their highschool experience would be
but didn’t feel like posting bc you know (that previous thing i talked about) but now that they’re my characters It yeah, feels right ;D
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theadelaide-parade · 6 months ago
As of 11:50 pacific time on March 27, 2021, Critical Role is trending NUMBER ONE on Twitter right now
Tumblr media
But that’s not all. The magic man himself and his unbelievable roll are at 12...
Tumblr media
And, poetically, at number NINE:
Tumblr media
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lucilucialu · 2 months ago
i never said anything bad about jeff davis. jeff davis is my friend
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justanothersimp21 · 6 days ago
Becoming Part of the Family [Lady D x Reader]
Chapter XIII.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
You were in one of the secret passageways of the castle, hopelessly confused.
You saw one of the newer maids who seemed to be running from one of the sisters go through here and got curious as to what she was up to and followed her. Well, that wasn't exactly the case. You were actually on the run from the sisters as well.
Surprise and shock filled your veins once you realized more and more passageways opened up.
The place was like a maze.
You even lost track of the maid that you were following.
You eventually made it to what appeared to be the cellar. Your heart pounded at the overpowering scent of blood and corpses.
You reached part of the cellar where there was water around the floors. You stood still, wondering if you needed to swim through it.
Calling one of the sisters to come get you was also an option but ever since Daniela's confession of not minding if you were her second mom, you've kept some distance.
You didn't know what to think of it.
Actually, yes you did.
You were so ecstatic that Daniela thought of you as her second mom but the happiness went as quickly as it came. You started thinking about what exactly it would entail. You remembered the whole scene replay in your mind.
. . .
"Why not? I don't mind if she does think of us as her kids because I often like to think of her being our second mom."
Your head shot out of your covers and stared at Daniela in astonishment. Bela's, Cassandra's , and Lady Dimitrescu's eyes widened in surprise.
Daniela met your gaze with a little shy smile, as if just realizing what she just said out loud for everyone to hear. She fiddled with her fingers- a nervous habit that she picked up from you.
You looked at her warmly at how childlike she seemed. Though you were very happy with her confession, you didn't even know how to reply to her bold statement.
There was a tense silence.
"Lady Daniela..." You softly called, unsure what to say.
Her gaze kept flickering to you but never seemed confident to keep eye contact with you, she spoke, "You don't have to be our second mom if you don't wish to be."
It felt like knives just stabbed at your heart with no remorse at how sad she sounded when she said that.
"I-I...Forgive me, Lady Daniela," You clenched your teeth, willing to speak but it was like your jaw had a mind of its own.
Like it was locked and you didn't have the key.
What followed was some sad stares of the other two sisters as if they were willing you to agree with being their second mom. Lady Dimitrescu glared icily at you for hurting her daughters.
You watched in hopelessness as they all slowly left your room, Lady Dimitrescu glaring at you before bowing under your doorframe. Daniela was the last to leave.
Before she left, she looked over her shoulder, sending you a sad smile, "It's...It's okay."
It sounded like she was trying to convince herself more than you.
You wanted to call out to her. You wanted to tell her that you would love being their second mom but you couldn't find the right words.
And when you did finally find them, Daniela had already left, closing the door softly behind her.
. . .
It's been around almost a week of you trying to avoid the family.
Halfway through the week, you realized you were being stupid and that being away from them was doing both parties no good. The other maids were getting more hurt and killed because the sisters needed to take their hurt and anger out on something.
The sisters sometimes sabotaged your chores as well, hoping to gain your attention but you continued to ignore them and fix their messes before leaving shortly after. You didn't spare any smiles or warmth as you used to, opting to remain professional.
You almost broke when Cassandra was about to burst into tears when she showed you a new painting of the family and didn't receive a praise from you. The delicate and precise swirls on the canvas had you stunned.
But what had you almost start crying was how you saw your own face in the background dusting a shelf with the Dimitrescu family looking at you with signs of a smile on each of their faces.
You recalled her words before she showed you the painting and how timid she looked, "Look, I made another family painting..."
You weren't stupid, you knew what she was implying.
She saw you as part of the family and proved it by adding you into one of her paintings that was solely based on her family.
You saw how glassy her eyes got when you didn't respond after staring at her painting for so long. She quickly shook her head and put the canvas behind her back, shielding it from your view.
She looked so upset.
Clearing her throat, Cassandra mumbled, "I knew this was stupid."
She shifted into her fly shroud and quickly left, taking the painting with her. You watched after her in despair.
You care about each of them so deeply.
You scoffed at yourself, your nails digging deep into the palm of your hand.
How can you claim to care about them so much when you're currently the cause of their pain right now?
But don't they understand that this is hard for you too?
You would love to become part of the family but you had an issue.
You were scared. No, not scared- terrified.
Every single person you've ever loved had left you. Your mother, your daughter, your uncle, and even your past lover.
One by one, they left. Each one hit you harder than the last.
What if one day, the Dimitrescus find another maid that are more suitable for their needs and they end up dumping you like your ex lover did?
Like you were some kind of object that they use to play with before deciding that you weren't what they wanted all along?
It would destroy you.
Just imagining it was enough to want to do yourself a favor and slit your own throat.
Soon enough, the daughters took their actions up a notch to catch your attention, leaving small cuts on your body. They made it pretty clear that they would hear the sound of your voice one way or another though they never even dared to hurt you fully. You never cracked though.
It was actually the reason why you were currently down in the cellar, through the secret passageways. You had a run in with Daniela.
She was hellbent on making you produce any sort of sound and her vocal threats- though were obviously fake- still stung you. You did what you did best when you felt hopeless, you ran.
She chased after you, screaming out apologies and begging you to stay and say anything.
It pulled at your heartstrings yet you continued running, eventually losing her when you followed a different maid who was running from Cassandra into the secret walls.
You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard a splash, indicating that something or maybe even someone had fallen into the water. The cellar reeked so badly, you scrunched your face up in disgust and went back the way you came.
Uneasiness filled your body at not being the only thing in the water if you were to swim through it.
The dirty passageway led you under the floors of the castle. You had the castle already mapped in your head and you figured you were under the main hall.
You could swear you hear screaming coming from just right above you, Cassandra's maniacal laugh following the screams confirmed it. She found the maid. Her prey.
"Now, where is she? I won't ask you again, pet," You stopped in your tracks as you heard Cassandra question the maid harshly.
From the scared stutter in the reply, you knew the maid didn't know who or what Cassandra was asking about, "I-I don't know, L-Lady Cassandra."
"My sisters and I's personal maid-- Y/n," Cassandra snarled, annoyance in her voice at having to explain, "My sister lost her temper and because of that, we're currently searching for Y/n. Now. Where. Is. She?"
A whimper left the maid's throat and you suddenly heard the sound of a limp thump right above you. You lowered your gaze and kept walking down under the floors of the castle, already knowing that Cassandra killed the maid at your expense.
Guilt filled your body but not enough for the sisters to use it to track you down.
You sighed and tried to find the exit so you could finally get out of this maze of secret passages. The day had soon ended and nighttime fell, yet you were still hopelessly lost. You were never good with directions, it had taken awhile to map out the main parts of the castle when you first arrived.
Eventually, it was very early in the next morning and you had woken up, startled to see you were lying on some wood floor instead of being in your bed.
You relaxed when you remembered the day before and rubbed your eyes tiredly. You were currently in between the library walls.
"Y/N?!" You fully awoke at Daniela's screams which came from the other side of the castle.
She sounded so fearful, your motherly instincts kicked in.
You immediately stood up and tried to find any weakened wood of some sort that you could easily break to get to Daniela faster. You would've done this last night but you didn't want to break anything. Yet right now, you don't find yourself caring.
You finally found a little hole and looked through it to see bookshelves on the other side. You let out a deep breath and rammed your shoulder harshly into the hole. After the third try, you broke through some wood and ended up on top of the library floors.
Letting out a groan of pain, you held your shoulder. A sudden scream of terror from Daniela had you on your feet again quickly, your shoulder forgotten immediately.
Fear made you run faster as you exited the library. The sound of Daniela's frightened yells and shouts mixed with angry flirting worried you further.
"Don't you love me?!" She growled.
You eventually found yourself in the kitchen to see Daniela swinging her scythe slowly at a man. She looked so frustrated and upset when the man kept dodging her swings easily.
It was obvious the man was a vampire hunter.
You gave him a quick one over. He was just a little shorter than Daniela but he held a gun and was using the cold to his advantage.
He seemed to be taking pleasure at her weakness, "Aww is someone weak against the cold?"
Anger filled your veins at his remark.
One of the kitchen windows appeared to be shot open, the cold air blew inside causing Daniela's movements to be sluggish and you noticed several of her flies fell to the ground.
Her body seemed to be getting frozen which made you panic.
You searched the dining room for something to knock the man out with. The two people in the room didn't even notice your presence.
You needed to hurry because Daniela definitely wasn't going to last long in her state.
You quickly picked up a knife from the counter and snuck up behind the man, jabbing the knife straight into his back. He let out a pained scream and fell to his knees. You grabbed the knife again and continuously kept stabbing him. The man soon stopped yelling and writhing.
Daniela took advantage of this moment and quickly sunk her teeth into his neck, drinking up as much blood as she could.
You had to physically pull her off when she took more than a considerable amount and carried her in your arms, rushing out of the freezing kitchen. She was usually cold but the skin on skin contact with her felt like you were touching dry ice- so cold that it burns.
She was whimpering and small tears left her eyes though she didn't say anything to you, opting to bury her face into your neck.
Guilt and anger filled your body, if you had gotten there faster then Daniela wouldn't be in the state she was currently in now.
Your blood ran cold when you thought that since Daniela seemed to be alone, did the man manage to get to Cassandra and Bela? Even Lady Dimitrescu?
No, of course not. There's no way. They probably went to a meeting or something.
You lightly tightened your hold around Daniela as you carried her in you arms. In response, she tightened her own hold on you, her arms around your neck almost choking you.
She tried to bury herself in your scent, nuzzling as close as she could.
You eventually made it to her room, you tried to place her on the bed but she refused to leave your grasp- instead choosing to cling onto you.
You gently sat down on her bed and rubbed her back up and down with one hand while running your fingers through her hair with your other.
A soft whine left her lips as she pulled away from your neck and locked eyes with you. Her amber emeralds still looked shaken with fear and uncertainty, "Mama?"
Your breath got caught in your throat as your heart raced.
She pouted up at you, tears gently streaming down her face, "I'm cold."
"I know, sweetie," With intense care and warmth, you gently wiped away her tears with your fingers and kissed her temple, "I'm so sorry."
She let out a little gasp, her eyes brightening a bit, "You...You finally talked..."
You hummed and got under Daniela's covers while she straddled you, not willing to let you go- not that you minded. You gathered her in your arms, peppering her face in light kisses.
Her light crying soon subsided into light giggling. Her regular cool body temperature returned after awhile. You weren't sure how much time had passed.
The two of you weren't sleeping.
Both of you had many questions to ask one another but neither of you could bring yourselves to ask them.
So the two of you opted to just hold each other closely, saying nothing.
"DANIELA?!" The silence was interrupted by Lady Dimitrescu's worried voice, "MY LITTLE DOVE, WHERE ARE YOU?!"
She probably found the broken window and the dead body that the two of you just left in the kitchen.
"DANI?!" Two other voices joined their mother in yelling, fearful of what happened to their baby sister.
You were about to get out of the bed but Daniela wouldn't get off of you.
"They'll come look for me in here eventually. Please...don't leave me alone?" Daniela mumbled, "I don't want to be left alone again...I can't."
You stopped your actions at her vulnerability, there was a physical shake in her voice. Your hands dropped to your sides as you went still.
"Please hold me?" She whispered, not looking into your eyes, unsure if you'd follow through with her request.
You wrapped your arms around her again, and sighed in content when she buried her face into your neck, "I'm not going anywhere, sweetie."
She relaxed against your hold and you felt her smile against your skin, a small purr escaping her.
The two of you looked up when you heard the clicks of heels and the sound of buzzing thundering down the hall leading to Daniela's room.
The both of you don't tense up at all, in fact, both of you were happy that the three returned from wherever they came from.
Lady Dimitrescu entered first, bowing into the room, her worried eyes finding you and Daniela cuddling on her bed.
She looked confused but the relief was clear in her voice, "My little dove, what happened? There was a manthing in the kitchen and the window was shot open, I assumed the worst happened."
"He managed to sneak into the castle while I was distracted," Daniela mumbled quietly, "I eventually felt his presence in the kitchen and met him there. He was actually aiming to shoot me but he shot the window instead...Y/n saved me."
"You're never one to get distracted, not when someone invades the castle," Her mother frowned and walked to the bed, running her fingers through Daniela's hair softly, "What caught your attention?"
You felt Daniela tense at her mother's question, pulling away slightly from your neck.
Daniela's gaze flickered over to you before she found a sudden interest in her nails.
"Daniela," Lady Dimitrescu's voice held an obvious warning.
Daniela licked her lips as she fiddled with her fingers.
You gently rubbed her back up and down.
She relaxed and sighed, "I was looking for Y/n...I wanted to apologize for my behavior towards her yesterday."
Lady Dimitrescu blinked and her gaze flickered over to you, to already see you staring back at her. A crooked smile was on your lips.
"The three of you are getting too close to this human," Lady Dimitrescu stated, her voice was slightly cold, "So much so that you're starting to forget to take care of yourselves."
"Don't act like you don't care for her too, mother," Cassandra's sharp voice carried over from under the doorframe, "We all saw how worried you were when you almost drained her and when she got attacked by that lycan."
You looked over to see Cassandra and Bela entering the bedroom, one of them staring their mother down while the other quickly joined you and Daniela on the bed.
Bela buried her face into your collarbone, breathing in your scent deeply.
"I'm not saying I don't care for her, darling," Lady Dimitrescu sighed, "I'm just worried that this will end up hurting us in the end. She still hasn't said if she wanted to be your second mom yet."
You flinched, causing Daniela and Bela to pull away from you. You also met the staring eyes of Cassandra and Lady Dimitrescu.
They all looked at you expectantly.
Tensing up, you started feeling overwhelmed and your gaze flickered to the door.
Should you run for it?
"Don't even think about running again," Cassandra warned, blocking your view of the doorway, "There is no way I'm losing sight of you again after how you escaped us yesterday."
"You managed to escape Daniela and Cassandra?" The lady of the castle looked impressed.
You rubbed your neck, "Yes, my lady."
Cassandra and Bela gasped.
"You spoke!" They shouted in unison.
Daniela chuckled, "She actually talked to me first before you guys came in here."
The two sisters glowered at Daniela in slight anger and...jealousy?
Just before they can get into an argument, you whispered out softly, "I need to explain something to all of you, my ladies."
Everyone's attention was immediately on you again. They all looked curious.
"I would like to share my past, it'll help with my reasoning as to why I hesitate to claim the title of second mother. If you'll allow me?" You nervously muttered.
The three daughters nodded their head at you encouragingly, Lady Dimitrescu sat down on the bedside- everyone keeping a close eye on you.
You let out a shaky breath, "Okay, I suppose I'll start this story just before my mother's death..."
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maderilien · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here's some light-hearted 'look at me (with your eyes closed)' fanart—the poncho is back with its original possessor :D also featuring Shakespearean Din having a mild identity crisis, and of course some Boba/Vader because these two ships are both #1 for me right now ♥
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