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I’ve been drawing again.

Which feels weird, because I haven’t made art for other people in quite sometime. Excuse the bad lighting; the values aren’t showing up right because the car light is kind of dim. That and… I’m not really as experienced at drawing as other parts. But I want to get better, so I’m practicing. I kind of want to write or make music, but it’s nearly one in the morning and the creative bug hit at the wrong time really.

TW: Mild Gore? There is a super undefined hole in a lady’s chest where flowers are growing. It’s not realistic, or bloody, but that imagery can still be unsettling if unprepared, I suppose.

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If I see one more XYZ ship is just as valid as ABC ship…or ‘Whatever you ship is canon’ comments I may poke myself in the eye.

Here’s the thing about shipping–ship what you want. Whatever makes you HAPPY. As long as it’s not harmful or hateful, ship as many wonky ships as you want–from yachts to dingies. However, understand that not all ships are on equal ground NARRATIVELY. In a lot of cases there are canon ships and when there aren’t, context usually paints a picture that is undeniable.

Now, this doesn’t mean one ship is BETTER or WORSE. It simply means that one is more established, or logical. I ship SasuHina. Like a mothereffer and I love the hell out of that ship. Do I for one minute think it has the same validity as NaruHina? No. Or SasuSaku? no. I ship IchiRuki. IchiHime is canon. I think that’s great for those shippers! Doesn’t stop me from shipping what I ship. But I’m also not so caught up in the idea that my opinion = or > the actual narrative.

It’s not.

Ship what you want, but don’t argue–None of them are canon or It shouldn’t be canon–because the author didn’t show them kissing or fucking or you thought the end result was headed somewhere else. If you have to bend yourself in more ways than Simone Biles to refute or prove your ship–it’s a crack ship–and those are GREAT. FFS they are often the BEST ones. Stop trying to be on the “right” ship.

Man, lately fandom wank has been depressing…

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Greetings all! Rhea, here! 🤗

I’ve been experiencing some technical issues on this blog and others that I have that’s rendered me unable to answer your asks at this time… 🥲

I’m working on fixing the problem with Tumblr Support and hoping it’s nothing serious. However, if you do see any posts that I’ve reblogged here (Which is rare because this blog is mainly for the comic I’m working on…) please let me know through PM’s!

Once again, I apologize for the delay in responses and hope to get back to posting again soon! 🙏

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“This isn’t what I meant when I said I wanted to warm up my hands!”  >0

Can’t decide if this is my sona or Chris, both honestly fit in this situation XD 

Sometimes your hands get cold and you just…stick them into your friend’s mouth.  But said friend is a dick and decides it’s an opportunity to gulp you down.  Y’know, like a dick.

Not very detailed but I had fun with this and drawing a good old fashioned mouth…honestly need to do it more bc mouthplay is the shit ngl XD.

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ghost. Tell me that you’ll stay. Devour me so sweetly. You prefer me sick this way. I’ll stay sick this way. Six feet in my guilt. Broken hinges on my casket. Playing with matches, we knew this would happen now. Watch it all go up in flames. If there’s a chance let’s bury the hatchet now. Watch it all go up in flames.Taken
Taken from myself These Pages
Won’t rewrite themselves. The way it has to end is always bittersweet. Take this. Take this away from me. Six feet in my guilt. Broken hinges on mycasket. Playing with matches, we knew this would happen now. Watch it all go up in flames. If there’s a chance let’s bury the hatchet now. Watch it all go up in flames. How did all these feelings pile up to the ceiling. Stripped of all their meaning. Let’s break them into kindling.Playing with matches, we’re playing with matches.

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okay i’m a bad swiftie but i realized like two nights ago that i hadn’t heard the bonus track from folklore aka the lakes and lichrally mama this is one of taylor’s best songs of all time like objectively not just my opinion this is easily top ten of all time

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ghost may have 1 (one) rpg party, as a treat.

- - - -

rushed to beat nkg and get fully evolved grimmchild during my second playthrough o hollow knight. No shade dash, but had monarch wings and whatever you needed to get that. Helps to position around the middle as possible.

ghost @ grimm : give me ur fuckin child

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So I have a photography blog on here that I will not tag but if u happen to find it…yay

But every time I post something I’m really proud of on there I get really excited when I get a notification hoping someone enjoyed it or commented their thoughts on it so I open it immediately…

And every. time. It’s some cringy old man commenting about how they’ll pay me money to be a “responsible sugar baby”. Like first off, what does that even mean? “Responsible”? How bout you be a “responsible” human being and stop trying to come on to random females on the internet, who you have no idea if they are a minor or not. Like seriously every time I get on it’s a sugar baby message and…

And it’s really making me sad. I want to inspire people and get better at photography but all anyone ever comments is “oh message me on what’s app if you want money for cringey conversation and sex” like stop. Please stop. I hate it. If I wanted a sugar daddy I would ask one of the other 40 year olds in my dm’s.

I should be able to post a photo of a young girl without receiving a comment for a sugar daddy every. freaking. time.

And if anyone comments a sugar baby message you will be blocked immediately bc I don’t play that.

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