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#for once in my life
hajskaeg · 5 hours ago
Just finished my meeting and I told her my plan and she didn't hestitate for a second before saying "I'm contacting (lady whos in charge of my educstion or whatever) and telling her to contact you so you can apply to this new school as soon as possible"
We are doing this babes
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winepresswrath · 6 hours ago
hello! for future reference, what do you think about people sending you vaguely salty asks that are sort of discourse-adjacent? i don’t .. think any of my opinions are even that bad or bashing and I do try to be fair but I am definitely a little frustrated (at fan behavior specifically) and if you don’t want people to dumb in your inbox I totally understand
Hi anon! I don't mind, but I may not answer if I'm not up for it or I don't think I've got anything useful to say in response. I may also not notice that it's supposed to be discourse adjacent salt, depending on what it's referencing- I'm pretty out of touch right now. I genuinely am not actually sure what is currently happening in the fandom. If it starts to bother me I'll let you know!
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sebbyvettel · 10 hours ago
Absolutely broken down because I have just realised how messed up my relationship with my parents really is and how I was brought up. I started to cry just because my boyfriend picked up on the fact that my effort has gone down this semester at Uni and I full on expected a lecture about how lazy and ungrateful I am but instead he just asked me if I am ok and suffering from burnout or something more. And for the first time I was able to admit I’m not feeling too good to someone and didn’t feel like I was going to be shouted at for it and instead I was supported and listened to and now I can’t sleep because I can’t stop crying 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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dilitiria · 11 hours ago
okokok tiny uh . . . thing ? ? regarding this blog && my activity on tumblr as a whole ! ! my mental state is a whole bucket load better && slowly this place is becoming less scary to me again , which i’m very thankful for. so ! ! i have decided to come off my tiny hiatus && stop being solely queue based , but . . . my activity may still be spotty. my health is not good , it’s actually very bad && fluctuating a lot so . . . writing when i am dizzy / lightheaded proves to be very difficult. i think it’s mostly due to stress && underlying anxiety regarding something serious i need to sort out in my life , or such is what i hope.
hopefully when i sort this issue out my health picks up to a stable place where i can manage it && not hide under my blankets to try stop my head from spinning (´-﹏-`;) but ! ! yes i will be more active again && return to my babbling about isolde ! !
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icebizzle · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
this is why the doodlepage went up a third time, lol
i swear, i promise, he doesn’t get Icy-big. he stays “compact” most of the time, anyway
i promise, lol
...he’s a good boye, i swear, guys
he picks flowers and goes fishing, yanno? he doesn’t always make people explode in a rain of hellfire, or eat them, like.
it’s fine!! :’)
#kimmy plays ff14#aymeric is gonna FREAK OUT#this is what happens when you hit on a freaky monster guy ok bud. you invite him over for dinner and to stay over#.....listen guys if i'm gonna have a scuffed babs/icy knockoff i'm going FULL HOG on it ok#and he STILL doesn't get icy big. icy big is eating galaxies or whatever. don't worry about it. it's fine. IT'S FINE#so in the story at one point aymeric comes back and is fucking hanging out with the player character and i just fucking DIED#confirmed elf boyfriends now. this goofy npc has worked his ass off within the game's boundaries. i concede. i will ship for once in my life#and kimmy don't ship. kimmy has an ace bus of stupid memes not a god damn SHIP. i don't ever ship. i barely ship my own ocs#there's a select few ocs i ship. like two of the monster office monsters who are a confirmed couple. i ship that. that's good. but like#established media? h e l l no. and yet here we are. with little mister aymeric begging. pleading. 'please let's have dinner. let's hang out'#it makes me angry. but also laff. and it's cute. but i don't think he realizes what he was hitting on lmao#and zair is still ace despite everything. because of course he is : )#i guess he's just homoromantic ace? or. hm. i dunno. he doesn't really GO LOOKING for anyone. aymeric just kind of pushed hard#this is a lot of tags. i've got one more thing though#this is probably zair's true size. him staying compact all the time makes him tired#like if you clenched your hand into a fist as hard as you could. it gets tiring after a while.#he doesn't 'relax' in populated areas usually. or will try to find a secluded area or some place where he can at least lie down during#despite him like. being a monster that eats people and/or blows them up he'd rather not cause a ruckus all the time#explody time is ruckus time. any other time is not ruckus time. vampire-like people-murder is like a stealthy thing usually#not that it needs to be but he prefers it that way. this might be where the high intelligence stat shows up too
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v-pet · 16 hours ago
i already brought this up earlier but god im so fucking constantly irritated with how my household is right now... literally want to just be left alone for like 2 weeks so i can do my own things.. and not have someone come vent about their day at me at all hours or try to make me visit with my cousins ive said maybe 2 words to my entire life or eat dinner on my own terms or not have my entire daily schedule upheaved and then get yelled at when im irritated that my entire daily schedule has been upheaved
All i want to do. Is sit in my room. Alone. Work on commissions. And go make a frozen meal for myself when im hungry. Sleep when i want. Thats it. Is this really so much to ask
#i would still feel this 100% if i wasnt moving out in a few months like this is just a weird fucking time in this house#but GOD if it isnt making me want to move out Literally This Second SO fucking bad HFSJFH#this sounds SO fucking bad but . i kinda want my in-hospice gma to just GO already . so my life can go back to normal for 3 months#like.. shes not gonna get better.. shes already seen everyone that matters to her (my cousins and aunt).....#every day this keeps up is another day we have to host family during a pandemic..#or have my parents be stressed from a combination of her dying + having to be around moms sister a lot#which like.... its so much. guys its so much. she lives for drama. and im so tired of everything on that side of the family#and i was never a fan of my dads side of the family either . so. LOL#a part of me does wonder if ill get any inheritance but thats going to be entirely at my mothers discretion#inheritance would be niiice since im moving out soooon.. buut my mom has implied shes putting it all towards house and cards#which like... yeaaah i guess.. im trying not to get my hopes up but it just does sound very nice ;;#even if it was just a token amount... every bit counts.. but it probably isnt likely#my mom: you know we APPRECIATE you SO MUCH this house would FALL APART without you#also my mom: *doesnt give me my full stimulus check and never goes out of her way to actually make me FEEL like im appreciated in any way*#besides just saying it once a week whenever she sees me looking irritated...#my parents: i dont understand why you want to leave?#also my parents: *have placed this household on my shoulders for the past 3 years and never once compensated me for any of it*#this doesnt count as parentification because im the youngest but GOD if it doesnt feel like theyre treating me like a roommate#rather than their kid..#none of my brothers were ever held to these same expectations i am. gee i wonder why#fucking christ. one of my brothers STILL LIVES HERE and he doesnt have the same expectations i do#if i ever bring it up my moms just like 'oh you know how he is. he wouldnt remember to do this. he wouldnt do it right. etc'#hes almost fucking 30! and you cant hold him to the same expectations youve been holding me to since i was like 19? ok ok ok ok ok#sorry lads we are VENTING today#i know i complained about people in this house venting to me so it is a little hypocritical i guess#but i genuinely feel like a wild chimpanzee right now like the vibes here are just RANCID lately#i have to yell about it SOMEWHERE but if i tell my mom ANY of this she'll just be like#'its a hard time for all of us' 'you know he doesnt mean that' 'this is a lot for us too yknow'#like jesus christ stop INVALIDATING my FEELINGS... you get so mad when dad does it to you but then you do it to me!!#let me COMPLAIN thats all i want to do is JUST TALK ABOUT IT. dont tell me its not a big deal because I KNOW. let me COMPLAIN though
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samuyed · 22 hours ago
#life update!#hot cheeto girl and I moved in together at the beginning of the month#originally was supposed to be until June then may then shit kept happening and we had to be out of our respective places asap#the apartments really cute I am so happy to be living in a new place and living with then#and once again I must say#were literally doing everything a domestic couple#are doing just without the label LOL#which is fine cause neither of us are really seeking out others#in not as good news#everything continues to be an absolute shit show at work#people getting fired on a monthly basis not sure who's gonna show up#and then the one day I need to take off for mental health i still get no less then 4 phone calls from my coworkers#because they no work life boundaries and think I'm gonna pick up the phone on my one off day to talk about work drama#and the only coworker left who is more experienced than I am is all but begging me not to leave and find a different job#because she knows it's understaffed and awful and theres no infrastructure so if I leave#but that's not my responsibility that's the bosses fault for being a micro managing asshole who can't keep staff for more than 3 - 6 months#so I'm just biding my time until I get a job offer then I'm putting in my two weeks to be courteous#on more hopeful news I interviewed for the old position I was doing and will hear back by the end of this week#hopefully#fingers crossed for me because Friday really showed me I deserve so much better than this clinic can give#like yall literally NONE of my other 4 coworkers showed up and I was the only one#i had to do ALL reception duties for 8 hours by myself barely a lunch break and still do my own job on top of it#i need and deserve a better job
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snowcatmoon · 22 hours ago
i spent a really long time feeling neutral about the colour green and thinking “well it’s not as good as blue or purple” but actually all of my best and most popular moodboards have green as the base colour. plus i love the woods. so i think green is officially one of my fav colours now
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retro-rezz-the-est · a day ago
idk why i’m feeling like this rn but i’d kill to have a friendship/have friends like the one(s) that these five girls have:
Tumblr media
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